Latest Osteoporosis News: Americans “Too Dumb” To Recognize Medical Conspiracies, Big Pharma Finds Sneaky Way To Expand Osteoporosis Diagnosis Parameters, New Study On Bone Flexibility Threatens The Establishment, And More! - Save Our Bones

Frankly, some of this week’s osteoporosis news is downright offensive.

Just when you thought the Establishment couldn’t get any more outrageous, they top themselves. Instead of looking at the validity of scientific theories that question their authority, they’ve just decided you’re simply not smart enough to understand scientific thinking.

Also, Big Pharma is getting sneakier about increasing osteoporosis drug sales. But there’s good news as well – brand new research confirms what the Osteoporosis Reversal Program has been saying for years: tensile strength is key in preventing fractures. Unfortunately, this study could be swept under the rug, because it could signal the end of drugs that attempt to “cure” osteoporosis by only increasing bone density and worsening tensile strength. Time will tell…

As you can see, this week’s news is definitely interesting!

Half Of Americans Believe In At Least One Medical “Conspiracy” (Because They're Dumb And Not Educated, According To The Medical Establishment!)

It looks like the Medical Establishment is getting desperate.

A University of Chicago survey shows that people are thinking for themselves. But instead of refuting people’s scientifically-backed, evidence-based beliefs, they’re labeling these beliefs as “conspiracy theories.”

News Excerpt:

About half of American adults believe in at least one medical conspiracy theory, according to new survey results. …
J. Eric Oliver, the study's lead author from University of Chicago, said people may believe in conspiracy theories because they're easier to understand than complex medical information. …

For the new study, Oliver and his colleague used data from 1,351 adults who answered an online survey between August and September 2013. The data were then weighted to represent the U.S. population. …

For example, three times as many people believe U.S. regulators prevent people from getting natural cures… They include the theory that the government knows cell phones cause cancer but does nothing about it, that genetically modified organisms are being used to shrink the world's population, that routine vaccinations cause autism and that water fluoridation is a way for companies to dump dangerous chemicals into the environment. …

The survey results suggest people who believe in medical conspiracy theories may approach their own health differently, the researchers said. …

Oliver said the findings may have implications for doctors.

Instead of viewing patients who believe in conspiracy theories as crazy, he said doctors should realize those patients may be less likely to follow a prescription regimen.

“‘It's important to increase information about health and science to the public,’ he said. “I think scientific thinking is not a very intuitive way to see the world. For people who don't have a lot of education, it's relatively easy to reject the scientific way of thinking about things.’”1

In other words, the researchers think uneducated people are the ones who reject conventional wisdom.

In fact, the opposite is true!

What the researchers don’t realize is that the so-called “conspiracy theories” are clear evidence that the general population can think scientifically and therefore, can read right through the misinformation that’s being fed to them.

Take, for example, the belief that “U.S. regulators prevent people from getting natural cures.” This is not a conspiracy theory; U.S. regulators (namely, the FDA) do in fact prevent people from getting natural cures, and here’s how.

The FDA’s definition of a drug forces companies to go through an “approval process”. And the approval method for drugs is so complex and expensive, that makers of breakthrough natural cures often can’t get the funds to go through the onerous approval process.

On the other hand, Big Pharma has billions of dollars to get their (often dangerous!) drugs “approved”, so doctors can prescribe them because they are “safe”. Unfortunately, the drug approval process is notoriously corrupted, and typically, it is only after the drug does its damage that the FDA suddenly admits there is a problem.

Take another example: the belief that “water fluoridation is a way for companies to dump dangerous chemicals into the environment.” This is historical fact, not conspiracy theory. As I write in the Osteoporosis Hydration Protocol, the bonus report on water and water safety included with the Osteoporosis Reversal Program:

… in 1939, …biochemist Gerald J. Cox, sponsored by the Aluminum Company of America (ALCOA), experimented with fluoride in laboratory rats and concluded that fluoride reduces cavities. He then proposed that the U.S. should fluoridate its water supplies, something that would turn the tables around for the aluminum and fertilizer producers. Instead of having to pay to get rid of the fluoride waste, as these companies were forced to do, with this new proposal municipalities would buy the fluoride from the companies in order to add it to the water supply.”

The bottom line is, the Medical Establishment does not like for you to think for yourself. They’d rather label you as ignorant and uneducated, because that is the only way they can explain your rejection of their “science.”

With the Osteoporosis Reversal Program, you have all the education and knowledge you need to know the truth about osteoporosis, and to make your own informed health decisions.

Big Pharma Finds Clever New Way To Sell More Drugs: Expand The Parameters Of Osteoporosis Diagnosis!

The National Bone Health Alliance (NBHA) has recently expanded its criteria for an osteoporosis diagnosis. This means more people will be diagnosed, which paves the way for Big Pharma to sell even more osteoporosis drugs. Don’t be surprised about this! Members of NBHA include several pharmaceutical giants, including Merck and makers of DXA scan machinery, such as Hologic.

News Excerpt:

The National Bone Health Alliance (NBHA) Clinical Diagnosis of Osteoporosis Working Group recommends expanding the criteria for making a diagnosis of osteoporosis to include all post-menopausal women and all men age 50 and over who are demonstrated to have an elevated risk for fracture. …

‘Identifying people at risk for fracture helps prevent future fractures, which is the key to sparing many older Americans from the pain, suffering and reduced quality of life associated with broken bones and producing enormous cost savings for the healthcare system,’ said Ethel Siris, MD, director of the Toni Stabile Osteoporosis Center at Columbia University Medical Center, New York Presbyterian Hospital, chair of the NBHA Clinical Diagnosis of Osteoporosis Working Group, and member of the NBHA executive committee. ‘By expanding the clinical diagnosis of osteoporosis, our goal is to create a new understanding of what the disease represents, allowing older adults with an increased risk for fracture to be appropriately diagnosed and treated for osteoporosis, and to ensure those adults who clearly suffer from osteoporosis are diagnosed.’

The standard criterion today for diagnosing osteoporosis among post-menopausal women and older men in the U.S. is a T-score of less than or equal to -2.5 at the spine or hip as measured by bone mineral density (BMD) testing. The NBHA working group recommends continuing to use T-scores as one method for diagnosis, but expands the criteria to allow a diagnosis for individuals who have experienced a hip fracture and those with osteopenia (low bone mass) who suffer a spine fracture, shoulder fracture, pelvis fracture, and in some cases wrist fracture. Having any of these fractures after minimal trauma is associated with a high risk of additional future fractures.”2

As Savers know, T-scores are only one aspect of bone health anyway. Tensile strength is far more important in preventing fractures (as we’ll discuss later in this post). The Medical Establishment focuses on the scores because they need a set of criteria for “diseases” and to prescribe drugs.

Now those criteria are being expanded, opening the way for even more doctors to “treat” their osteoporosis patients with prescription drugs.

What they fail to recognize is that both bone density and tensile strength can be increased with a pH-balanced diet and targeted exercises. You have a natural option so you don’t need to fear fractures and dangerous drugs.

Finally! New Study Confirms Lack of Bone Flexibility Causes Fractures

This is huge news, but it bears clarifying that at Save Our Bones, we’ve been saying this from the very beginning. Now thanks to a brand new study, Mainstream Science is finally starting to catch up with us.

This discovery has the potential to re-shape the osteoporosis landscape, but my prediction is that it will take a long time. Why? Because it forces Big Pharma and by extension, the Medical Establishment, to change their approach on how to treat osteoporosis.

News Excerpt:

New findings show that much of the mineral from which bone is made consists of ‘goo’ trapped between tiny crystals, allowing movement between them. It is flexibility that stops bones from shattering. [emphasis mine]

Latest research shows that the chemical citrate — a by-product of natural cell metabolism — is mixed with water to create a viscous fluid that is trapped between the nano-scale crystals that form our bones.

This fluid allows enough movement, or ‘slip’, between these crystals so that bones are flexible, and don’t shatter under pressure. It is the inbuilt shock absorber in bone that, until now, was unknown.”3

While the exact nature of this “goo” is a recent discovery, the role of flexibility in preventing fractures is nothing new to Savers. As I write in the Osteoporosis Reversal Program,

Bones are made up of 65% mineralized collagen that gives bones their solid infrastructure and 35% collagen matrix shaped like a crisscrossed protein, similar to a beehive. The collagen matrix is made of nutrients and minerals that give flexibility to the bones so they can resist breaking.”

Time will tell whether this information will give rise to a whole new class of osteoporosis drugs or simply get swept under the rug. Of course, any change in the way osteoporosis is treated by Mainstream Medicine will take time, because new drugs will need to be patented. Current osteoporosis drugs – particularly bisphosphonates – actually harden bone, rendering it less flexible.

Savers can look at this knowledge and take comfort in the fact that, by following the Program that focuses on all the important bone health components, including tensile strength, they’re doing the right thing for their bones. 

Till next time,


1 “Half of Americans believe in at least 1 medical conspiracy theory.” March 19, 2014.
2 “National Bone Health Alliance Clinical Diagnosis of Osteoporosis Working Group Position Paper Published by Osteoporosis International.” Digital Journal. March 19, 2014.
3 “Shock-absorbing ‘goo’ discovered in bone.” Science Daily. March 24, 2014.

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  1. Claire

    Hi Vivian

    have you heard of WAY-316606, a new osteorporosis drug that is having a side effect reported of curing or reducing baldness promoting hair regrowth.
    Interested to hear, do you have any views?

  2. Janet Bailey

    I am in the UK.

    Sorry, this is really long. If it is too long, please delete it.

    I developed very rapid scoliosis with a C curve in my back reaching 59 degrees in 18 months. I know I didn’t have it before, as I wasn’t bent and the first sign was feeling my back “expanded” all down my left side when I lay in the bath or stood against a wall about 4 months later. The expansion seems to be due to the twisting of my spine which has pushed out my ribs when viewed from behind me.

    This followed 4 weeks of tube feeding as part of recovery from an oral surgery operation – the hospital said there was no milk-free tube feed – not true when I got home and looked in the National Formulary. I have a fairly severe milk protein allergy and, after giving me a feed containing milk which I brought back within 2 minutes undigested, gave me a fat-free vitamin supplement (only – no other food) which had clear instructions on it I found later saying “not for sole nutrition”. I suspect it was acid and that my bones were stripped of calcium to maintain my body pH – and of course fat soluble vitamins like vitamin D wouldn’t have been absorbed without fat. NB the cancer is gone as far as I know, it was really small and was fully removed I was told and I didn’t need radio or chemotherapy, so it isn’t cancer causing this.

    Anyway, the purpose of this post is to say that, having harmed me so much, the only clinic I can get to in my home town (a large city) after 18 months of trying was the one which dispenses the bisphosphonates etc. My GP assured me that this was not all this clinic did, but that they would help me with the scoliosis. When I suggested the bisphosphonates might not be good for me following oral surgery with bone removal, the Consultant tried to make me take one of the other synthetic drugs. After your advice, I wouldn’t have taken any, but trying to be diplomatic what I actually said was “Please can you monitor me first to see how I am doing with diet, before I take one of these drugs”. The Consultant did take bloods from me, once, but all I got from her was a letter to my GP saying my calcium was normal (no other results from the bloods were kept – I rang and asked) and I was discharged from her clinic, and without the DEXA scan I had asked for. I had to ask to be referred to a named Consultant in a city 30 miles away to get my Scoliosis diagnosis; nothing has happened following that but at least I got a diagnosis and know the extent of that. I have lost 6 inches in height and this is continuing – so I can’t be doing as well as I think I am.
    I will push again for the DEXA scan, and for blood monitoring, but it is such an uphill struggle.

    I am just so grateful for all your information which hopefully will stabilise my condition, though I am now so bent that I get really tired and find living and doing the amount of exercises I should really difficult. But I don’t have pain as long as I move slowly and don’t jar my back. Before the operation and the bad tube feed I was not bent at all. The new exercise lying on your back with weights looks good as I can do that as long as I do it before my back compresses, which it does when I am upright for any time.

    I feel very let down by our National Health Service, which I have paid into all my life. It seems totally ruled by the drug companies – that’s what our “doctors” do now, almost wholly just dispense drugs and act as “gatekeepers” to hospital services, when they should be looking for what has caused our conditions and what natural methods could improve them.

  3. frances

    Hi Vivien,I’ve been following the saveourbones diet for around 3yrs paying special attention to red veg and fruit tomatoes etc I’m now getting reflux have you any idea s
    What I should do to combat this. I’ve had osteoporosis for 10yrs

    • Janet Bailey

      Have you looked at food combining (not mixing protein and carbs at the same meal) and leaving long enough between meals – possibly 4 hours ?
      Food combining is a good way of cutting down on acid foods too, as fruit and veg (apart from things high in carbs like potatoes) are always OK, and you combine these with either protein or carbohydrates but not both. I found “Fit for Life” by Harry and Marilyn Diamond explained this well. Not new book, but really good. Cured my migraines too !
      (NB I am on a largely wheat free diet as well but never cut anything out totally as this can lead to a severe reaction if you eat it by mistake – with milk I stay within 1 flat desertspoon yoghurt max per day or I have problems; I suspect lots of people react to the new proteins in GMO bread wheat).

  4. PERBHOO Mariaye

    Hi Vivian
    I really thank you for your advice. As bone diseases and problems are most common in our society may be due to the facts that we are not aware of proper meal and benefits of so many things around us which may consume to maintain our body more healthy.
    Something I would like to share and if you can help me. I am in my late forties and it is now that i am suffering from a continuous problem of my lower teeth more specifically that is having more and more scale. It seems that i visited the dentist a bit too late. He says that i need to have a complete cleaning of my teeth twice per year. It is really a bad sensation when you go to the dentist for these things done as i have very sensitive teeth though he compliments me that i have good teeth. Please tell me if you have solutions to prevent those scale entering underneath my teeth daily to help my teeth as they are going to become loose if i dont take instant action.
    I use a waterpik daily before brushing my teeth at night and what can i eat for example to prevent this problem to occur.

    • Janet Bailey

      Hi, the Dental Hospital here says plaque can form in 12 hours – so you need to clean your teeth within this period. I try to clean mine after each meal and also use inter dental brushes (here in the UK the ones I know about have the brand name Tepe, but there will be others) and this keeps on top of the scale well.

  5. Beverly

    Vivian I would like to know if i light dose of the female hormone patch would intensify my IBS. I have had this for some time but with more stress in my life which i have tried to lessen along with” terrible “hot flashes day and night. I thought the patches might not irritate my stomach lining as much as the pill. i have tried natural from the health food store .. I have to watch what i eat. how is mix for food combinations. I’m really at my wits end . what do you think. I work out exercise regular as i have 5 grandkids and we go to the park . I work out with them climbing the stairs to the slide climb the monkey bars. walk , run, do line dancing evey Wednesday . I’m ready to throw in the towel. any help ?any idea’s? thank you for your time…

  6. Beth Guiseley

    All this news is disconcerting, all the more reason why I would like my copy of the three pieces in the program. Has it been lost?
    Please answer to my e-mail. If you can not find the order, let me know that, too so I can reorder.


    • Customer Support

      Hi Beth,
      Please check your e-mail for a message from our customer service! 🙂

  7. shula

    Dear Vivian

    Good to know that 35% of our bone-collagen is in charge of flexibility. However, to my understanding – the other 65% includes calcium, stored there, to be transferred to the blood, in case needed. What happens when these calcium reserves are gradually (and sometimes quite quickly) being eliminated? Will be good to hear you thoughts on this.


  8. Hellen

    Hi Vivian…..i Was diagnosed with osteopenia after having a hysterectomy and a year after taking drug called Fosavance, i NOW have osteoporosis…..HELP!

  9. Ms. L. Carmel

    Hi! Vivian,

    Thank You Very Much For Keeping Us Informed About All The New Happening In Your Save Our Bones Articles.
    Keep Up The Wonderful Work You Are Doing.

    Until Next Time – Take Care, And Stay Well.


  10. Norman

    I have recently started to make and consume KEFIR yogurt. Because the farm up the road from me has started to sell un-pasteurized milk i am using this.
    Normally i do not take any milk and very little dairy product but as this KEFIR has gone through a change and converted to a unique type of yogurt will it still have a negative effect on my bones?

  11. Sherrine

    I do believe bone flexibility is a key and also staying active and keeping your body in pH balance. My doctor has tried every scare tactic he could think of. One “goody” was that I could pick up a bag of groceries and break my wrist. I can’t wait to tell him I just finished lifting and spreading 50 bags of mulch in my gardens….and I’m 67 years old.

    Thank you, Vivian!


    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Sherrine, I wish I could be there to see the look on your doctor’s face! 🙂

  12. Crete Sham

    Thanks, Vivian, for keeping us informed about all the latest developments about which others would prefer us to be ignorant!

  13. marcia hunt

    Is there anyone out there willing to share their books for a little while so I can make copies of important information. I can’t afford to buy them. I am 74 and have severe osteoporosis.

    • L.D.

      Hello Marcia, Please go through this site and you will be able to get much of what you need for starters. I too am not deep pockets and until someone comes forward to share, you can sure get lots of great information right here…Good luck, you will be fine… L.D.

  14. L.D.

    Greetings Vivian and community, The post today is timely. A very close friend who’s mother has had terrible health issues for a long time has now been diagnosed with Dermatomyositis….. The doctors want to put her on IVIG, short for some horrible poison I’m sure. There are 3 others taking this “experiment”. The cost can be as high as $50k per dose. A two day program to get her going… OMG!!!! I’m passing on as much information as I can to the family in hopes there is another, safer way to help her… She’ll be 73 this year and as we all know, once your age begins with 6 or higher we become guinea pigs… Let us Pray very hard!!!!! Any good and solid information will be very welcomed… Thanks very much!!!

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      L.D., I am glad you’ve joined the Save Our Bones community! I encourage you to research the “IVIG” you mentioned, and share the information with your close friend’s mother. I truly hope you can find the information you’re looking for, and that your friend’s mother will be unafraid to make her own health decisions. Good thing she has you and your friend for support!

      • L.D.

        My friend and I are researching like fiends and she will be the one to share with her mother and father. We all want to be well and enjoy the later years as well and safely as we can. Big Pharma only sees $$$$$$ and not people. At least in this country and that I feel is very sad and, shameful… If there are alternatives available we “WILL” find them…..Thanks for all you do…..

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