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In some ways, it seems a bit redundant to talk about the “negative side effects” of Reclast – after all, even the short-term, positive side effects (such as high scores on bone density tests) are ultimately negative. By forcing density, all osteoporosis drugs eventually cause bone to become too hard and prone to breakage; by preventing the normal wearing down and re-building of bone, these drugs “force” your bones to hold on to old bone cells. This negatively affects your bones’ integrity.

Reclast’s “Firsts”

The negative side effects of Reclast are, in many ways, the same negative side effects you can expect from any osteoporosis drug, although with a few rather frightening variations. Reclast, for example, was the first osteoporosis drug to be implicated in the formation of osteonecrosis of the jaw (ONJ). It’s also the first osteoporosis drug to be implicated in renal failure and kidney damage, as I discussed in this post: ‘Alert: New Life-Threatening Reclast Side Effects'. And finally, Reclast was the first osteoporosis drug to be given by infusion, meaning it’s administered directly into the bloodstream once a year.

From another angle, Reclast is not the first osteoporosis drug to induce negative side effects. In fact, most of these drugs, particularly the bisphosphonates, are essentially the same. Yet the drug companies introduce “new” ones like they are somehow an entirely different option. Maybe this is because the drug companies know that patients are clamoring for safer alternatives to existing osteoporosis medications, given the negative side effects of all these drugs.

A Drug by Any Other Name…

Big Pharma only has so many hands to play in their drug-manufacturing card game. They come up with variations of dosage and form, but the danger and risk are still there. A good example of this is the way Reclast and Zometa are marketed.

Zometa is used as a cancer treatment, specifically to prevent bone complications in female cancer patients.

Many osteoporosis patients have no idea that these two drugs are, in fact, the same thing: Zoledronic acid. The only difference is that Zometa is given in 4mg doses, whereas Reclast is given in 5mg doses. Both are administered intravenously.

Why subject your body to such drastic medication for osteoporosis? It’s not even a disease!
There’s just no sound medical reason to use a drug as powerful as Zoledronic acid to treat osteoporosis, no matter what the drug is called. Osteoporosis is not a deadly disease. In fact, osteoporosis is the result of an imbalanced system, and that balance can be restored when you follow the Osteoporosis Reversal Program.

The negative side effects of Reclast are just so numerous and serious that it’s impossible to justify the risk of taking such a medication for a non-disease. Instead, nourish your bones and enhance your health through Save Our Bones. It’s scientifically-proven and completely free of drugs. It’s the safe alternative to medication that osteoporosis patients have been seeking.

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  1. Rod allen

    I advise everyone do not have this infusion i had mine on wed by 3 am thurs i had fever and the worst bone pains ive ever experienced. By lunchtime thurs i thought i was in my last hours on this earth every part of my body aching severely its now sat and after taking the max ibrufen i could possibly take fever is going still have dizzy headaches but have now got the worst bone pains in back chest arms knees and feet i have no strength and can hardly walk if i ever get over this im going to punch my consultant straight in the mouth

  2. Lorraine Novak

    I received a phone call from the doctors office that after a CT Scan to check my kidneys she wanted me to go for blood work and she wants to put me on a yearlong injection of Reclsat. I have osteoporosis in my spine and old and one new fracture,but I have a history in my family of heart and kidney problems.I have heart problems myself and have had many uti’s over the years.I have had major surgery on my left eye in May and struggle through each day.I don’t dare take anything like Reclast.

  3. Ruth

    I had breast cancer surgery March 8, 2018 and the oncologist wants me to take Reclast, because he says if the cancer spreads it would go into the bones. I had a normal bone density test March 27, 2018 and it was normal. No osteoporosis or osteopenia. What is your opinion?

  4. Mary Newton

    I had a Reclast infusion a week ago and have a headache ever since. Tylenol doesn’t touch it. I wish I had read the side effects warnings before I agreed to receive it.

    • karen

      Mary Newton: I had the worst headache of my life—I am 60–and had an MRA which showed an aneurysm (intact, not burst) and like you have had a headache ever since having the infusion. I was hospitalized three days with the worst joint pain—every part of my body and I could not make a fist for 8 days and could not even hold my phone. The neurologist compared to my MRA two years back (I had a concussion) and found no aneurysm and I believe it was likely caused by Reclast, or the dehydration it created (my doctor did not advise me to hydrate before hand) or by the sudden raid on all the calcium in my body caused by the Reclast. I have new knee pain and feel like my knee with break every time I use stairs.

  5. Renee Hill

    I am an active, healthy 57 year old woman. I have postmenopausal osteoporosis and osteopenia. I have had 2 treatments of recast with no side effects. I have my dexa scan coming up this month. So are you saying that proper diet, exercise, and healthy choices rules over another recast treatment? I want to do all the activities I enjoy without worrying so much about osteoporosis!
    Your thoughts ?

  6. Marsha Schenker

    I just had a parathyroid removed and have osteoporosis. Now the doctor wants me to go for Recast. After reading everything on line I am petrified to do it. I don’t know what to do. Help! Marsha Schenker


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  9. Miriam Magri

    I believe I already did..I too did Reclast but will not anymore…my question is with Prolia, & with Forteo sine my bone density came back in the danger zone..
    What is your take on either one, since they are suppose to help with bone growth,

  10. Mrs. Rose Kallyan

    I am a 76 year old female who has received the fifth dose of Reclast. I had a two year vacation from this drug. It is now seven weeks since my infusion and am still experiencing severe joint and muscle pain. My BP has elevated and my hair loss is significant. I suffer with spinal stenosis and have a severe scoleosis. There are times when I experience a dizzy feeling. I have not had a pain free day since the infusion. I take Hydrocodone for the pain in my back. The relief lasts only a short time and I hesitate to take more than the prescribed dose. I am a very active female, walking two to three miles daily. Since the infusion I can not go for my usual walk. I am tired most of the day and can not seem to motivate myself. Is this common for the length of time that I am feeling this way?

  11. flora hairston

    I’ve just learned of the negative effects of reclast from this site. I am extremely disturbed. I have had injections two years in a row around 2006 and 2007. I took actonel for many years. Probably close to 10 years. I am beginning to get stiffness of the left side of my jaw. My lower back teeth sometimes ache and sensitive. I am wondering by I am having so many problems when I really make a great effort to take proper nutrients and diet nutritionally. My mission is to recover my health.

  12. Catherine

    Hi think all your information is thought provoking, but do you have any advice on bone cancer and zometa, would the save our bones program work for secondary breast to bone? thank you

    • Glenda Schoon

      I have already fractured 5 times. Will this still be OK for me.I have hyperparathyroidism. The Dr. wants me to take the affected gland out which has a small tumor. Is it wise to have the surgery and then follow your program? I am scared to death of reclast, and I have already had side effects from prolia

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