Recent Study Confirms That Osteoporosis Drugs Are Useless - Save Our Bones

The mainstream medical approach to osteoporosis is flawed. It focuses only on improving bone density numbers while turning a blind eye to other crucial bone health components. As long as a bone scan shows even slightly better numbers after a course of osteoporosis drugs, the treatment is said to be “successful.”

Fortunately, “Savers” already know that bone health is about a lot more than just density. In fact, how fast you lose and replace bone can be a more accurate predictor of your bone health.

A recent study, which (not surprisingly) has been completely ignored by the Medical Establishment, confirms this very clearly. In fact, if doctors would know about this study, they would immediately understand that osteoporosis drugs can actually do more harm than good – and I’m not referring to the side effects here.

Before we get into the details of this fascinating study, here’s a quick refresher about…

Bone Turnover: the Rate of Renewal

I know it sounds contradictory – how can bone loss indicate healthy bones? It has to do with how bone renews itself.

If you already have the Osteoporosis Reversal Program, you’re familiar with this premise: that for your bones to be strong and healthy, they need to replace old bone cells with new ones. This is where bone loss is vital. This process is called the “turnover rate” or bone remodeling, and it’s essential to the quality of your bones.

Osteoporosis drugs stop this process, so the bones end up packed full of old, worn bone cells that normally would have been shed. Yes, these worn-out cells “count” toward higher numbers on the bone scan, but they are not healthy cells.

Finally! Study Confirms Importance of Bone Turnover

The University of Eastern Finland published an intriguing study that affirms the importance of bone turnover. The study participants were children, but the principle of bone quality and renewal applies to all ages.

Looking at bone samples on a microscopic level, researchers studied changes in the children’s bone cells that provided information about bone metabolism and remodeling. The authors of the study observed that “…various changes related to bone microarchitecture and turnover may be more important predictors of fracture risk than lowered bone mineral density alone.”1

In other words, bone density is not “all that” when it comes to bone health. Bone turnover rate is also indicative of bone quality and, subsequently, fracture risk.

The study goes on to point out the flaw in modern-day methods of osteoporosis diagnosis that focus solely on bone density:

“…the present diagnostics based on the measurement of bone mineral density predict fractures only moderately.  In addition to decreased bone mineral density, changes in bone quality could explain increased fragility related to osteoporosis.”1 (emphasis mine)

Your Doctor Will Never Tell You This: Bone Quality is More Important than Bone Quantity

The Medical Establishment is far, far behind in this regard. As mentioned earlier, the impetus behind osteoporosis drugs was and is to increase bone density, period. Quantity, or the number of densely-packed bone cells, is the ultimate goal. This approach completely disregards the importance of bone turnover, tensile strength, and overall quality of bone.

From the get-go, the Osteoporosis Reversal Program offers the correct information:

“It makes sense to postulate that peak bone mass is not a true reflection of bone health and that attempting to accurately predict future fracture risk by mainly using bone density scores as an indicator may often lead to flawed conclusions.”

You may wonder if the Medical Establishment will embrace this latest news and seek out similar studies on postmenopausal women. Not likely. To do so would reveal how needless osteoporosis drugs are, and thus destroy Big Pharma’s hugely profitable osteoporosis drug industry.

“Savers” Are Way Ahead of the Game!

If you are following the Osteoporosis Reversal Program and keeping up with the latest information by subscribing to our e-mail updates, you have yet another reason to rejoice! You’re far ahead of the game, because you already know that “…there is a lot more to healthy bones than just bone density.”2 This Finnish study provides even more assurance that ditching drugs is the right move.

Don’t Get Me Wrong – Bone Density is Still Important

Please don’t misunderstand the message here – bone density has an important place in managing osteoporosis. But the key is to increase or maintain bone density and quality through drug-free methods, not density that’s artificially induced by dangerous medications and reduces the quality of bone.

Many in our community have increased their bone density following the Program, and if you’re not on the Program yet, you can too. I want to encourage you to read some of the inspiring testimonials on the Real Life Results page. You can read the personal stories of those who increased their bone density with the Osteoporosis Reversal Program.

Bone Quality Goes Hand-in-Hand with Bone Density

The Medical Establishment completely separates these two concepts, and they’re flat out wrong. Because bone quality and density are integral facets of overall bone health.

That’s one reason why the Densercise™ eBook System is a companion to the Program. While nourishing your bones with nutritious foods and supplements, Densercise™ will help you achieve the strength, balance, and increased bone strength you need to prevent fractures. And it only takes 15 minutes a day, 3 days a week.

As always, the Osteoporosis Reversal Program and the Densercise™ eBook System are risk-free. If you are not satisfied with Densercise™ within 60 days, for any reason, simply let us know and we will refund your money.

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Till next time,


1 Tamminen, Inari S., et al. “Altered bone composition in children with vertebral fracture.” Journal of Bone and Mineral Research. September 2011. Vol. 26, Issue 9, pp 2226-2234. Web.
2 The Osteoporosis Reversal Program, Chapter 2, page 31

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  1. Joanie

    Is there anyway you can reduce the effects of Prolia in your and how long will it take to get your body back to normal when the 6 months is up.

  2. Rick

    I have just discovered through a bone density scan that I have osteoarthritis. The Doctor also informed me that I have some sort of fracture in my spine, and i’m at a loss as to how this could happen. I should also mention that I am disabled (spina bifida) and approaching 60 years of age.

    I have already been suffering from chronic back pain for almost 30 years – so long that I forget what it’s like to be pain free. I’m presently in hospital for another issue, and a Doctor here wants to prescribe Risedronate. I’m so confused and flustered and messed up lying here, I’m at my wit’s end! I’ve already told him “no” to this pill once, but he and his colleagues say they’ll be back next week to discuss it further. This pill, to me, is a major inconvenience, and the side effects – many of which I already have, scare the crap out of me even more!

    Any advice, anyone? Thanks for taking the time to read this. Made me feel better just to get it off my chest 🙂

  3. Patricia Oakley

    A few years ago I was prescribed Fosamax because my bone density was slightly low, after 6 weeks of taking this I developed bad tummy symptoms and immediately stopped taking Fosamax. Apparently Fosamax inflamed and scarred the colon which has caused a narrowing and I am still suffering years later. I no longer take any bone density medication!!

  4. Janet

    Two years ago, I had a bone density test. Because of the readings which indicated osteopenia, the female doctor put me on Actonel. For ONLY 2 WEEKS on this med., I had a dull pain in the back of my head and simply felt older and weaker! I stopped taking the drug and called my doctor to tell her so and she told me that my symptoms from this medicine were very, very RARE – as though I ‘made up’ my symptoms! She referred me to a bone specialist. This female doctor agreed with me that through diet and exercise, that I would be ok. I think she knew I did my research – thank you Vivian! Now recently I had my yearly exam and was asked by the female NP when my last bone density test was. In my chart, it was listed as 2 years ago and she told me it was time. I reneged on that and she said to perhaps do on my next visit – in one year. So to that I asked, if the test shows I have osteo-anything, what would you do and she replied ‘start you on Actonel’ etc!!! The cycle that I refuse to be a part of again!! I thank you Vivian for your shared knowledge, once again Most sincerely. JD

  5. beverly kendall

    Vivan im having hot flashes day and night. Im taking no hormone replacement as my doctor wants me to take .3mg of premarin but i do not want to take the Premarin. i had a complete hystrectomy at age 35 now im 66 I have your save our bones program. i just need help getting a good night sleep and for these awful hot flashes day and night to stop. Any info / help would be greatly appreciated. Waiting anxious for your reply. Thank you for any help and your time.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      I am sorry you’re dealing with that issue, Beverly! Do you have access to a qualified herbalist, or have you looked into hormone-balancing herbs online? It’s possible that herbal teas or supplements might help you bring balance back to your hormones as you go through this change. Best of luck!

  6. Mary Sapp

    Dr. Goldschmidt, your Save our Bones Book has been a great help to me in dealing with my osteoporosis. It has become my bible. It has kept me from using the Bonivas which caused my jaw ache…..taking Prolia etc. Still working on a supplement to build bones. That is a puzzle. Keep up the good work and thank you.

  7. Bonnie

    I experienced another heart breaking interaction with the medical community today. A doctor with a “god” complex. I’m so glad that I found Save Our Bones, and now I’m looking for other good people that are open minded and realistic about over-all health, not tied into the big pharmacy companies, and honest enough to continue learning and studying.

  8. Lowana

    Hi Vivian..I have been off Actonel for some time but my doc. says that in ones 70’s (that’s me) our bodies don’t make new bone that true?

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      I disagree with your doctor, Lowana! Bone remodeling is a life-long process. Too many people over the age of 70 have successfully increased their bone density with the Program for that to be true. 🙂 You can read their testimonials here:

  9. shula

    To my understanding, bone-exercises are helpful because they stimulate the bone to grow. However, each person needs different types of exercises, different strength- level of exercises, for different length of time, different number of repetitions, different times per week. Does anybody knows more on this, and is willing to send more information? I know I’m doing more then the average, still – continue to loose bone.

    Thanks to anybody who can contribute

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Shula, you are right on track – and that’s one of the reasons why I created Densercise to be easily customized to individual needs and abilities. 🙂

  10. Pamela Farrell

    After taking fosavance for 7 months and becoming increasingly unfit ie stomach upsets, jaw aching,headaches etc skin problems probably the worse I have been off the drug for 2 months now and feel like a different human being.

    • Jeana

    • Wlnvow

      I have one more question. As far as I uoedrstnod, they also offers such kind of treatment as Russian Saunas The Banya In my opinion it is very interesting! Has anyone tried it? Who has heard about

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      I am so glad you’re feeling better, Pamela!

  11. Avis Mawson

    I don’t think my Doctor cares about my bones. He gave up on me when I wouldn’t continue to take his “crummy” drugs which made me so sick to the stomach that I couldn’t function. I feel better by just watching my diet. Thanks for this article – I enjoyed it.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Avis, your doctor probably does care, but he/she is just trained to prescribe drugs to “cure” the problem. As you’ve discovered, there’s no need to experience side effects like nausea in order to strengthen your bones!

  12. Bev

    Is TrueOsteo, Advanced Bone Support by NatureCity still your choice for a calcium supplement?

  13. Leslie (Ms. L. Carmel)

    Hi! Vivian,

    I Really Need To Do The Densercise Program. How Do I Get Myself Motivated To Do Them.

    I’d Really Like My Significant Other To Do The Densercise Program, Plus The Whole SaveOurBones Program With Me. But I Can’t Get Him Motivated!
    Please Advise!

    And Thank You Very Much, For All You Do. Take Care, And Stay Well.


    • Rubye

      I to need to find someway to motivate myself. I’m 71yrs old and live alone. Any tips would be very much appreciated.

      • Lowana

        Just say to yourself..”I will not go to bed tonight until I have done my exercises”.

        It’s as easy as that..good luck, and don’t stay up too late.

  14. Sandra Pecorino

    My primary care Doctor told me my bones were in such terrible shape that
    I needed to be put on Forteo right away. With this medication you have to inject yourself everyday for two years. I started it in April 2013 and
    by the first month I was experiencing bone pain. I called my Dr. her answer was this is just part of the process and to just continue taking it.
    I have to say I was very confused but I went with my own instinct and
    stopped the Forteo. I was luckey enough to find your take on opteoporisis
    which made a lot of sence and am now following your program.

    Thank you for being there

    sandra J. Pecorino

  15. Jan Hettich

    I took Recast for 3 yers, 3 years ago,How Long doesge out of It take to get out of my syestem ?

  16. Beth

    I take Bone-Up by Jarrow for my Osteo……what do you think?

  17. Deborah

    I feel healthier when I’m drug-free, amd gave up HRT and Fosamax years ago. My bone density is lower (I now offically have osteoporosis), but I’ve never broken a bone, even though I’ve taken some bad falls in my active athletic life.

    I have a question: Do estrogen products that are inserted into the vagina (to increase lubrication) share the dangers of HRT?

  18. E. Kind

    I am 90 years old and have been on the calcium and Vit.D for about five years. I finally quit the calcium and Vit D after a bout with kidney stones. Am I too old to try and reverse the osteoporosis damage to my spine?

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Kind, I can’t predict exactly what the Ssve Our Bones Program will do for you, since there are so many individual variables. But the Program is designed for all ages, and it is my opinion that you’re never “too old” to embrace a healthy lifestyle and enjoy life!

    • Rosemary

      I don’t know if I would blame the Vit. D for the calcium buildup. I do know it should be taken with K2. I too got a kidney stone last year, I stopped the calcium but kept taking the D3 and k2. I had to give up spinach, but replaced it with kale and yogurts.

      I just read about a food project, women who reported eating 10 prunes a day had stronger bones then women who didn’t eat prunes. 10 prunes seems to be a lot.

      There was some report a couple of years ago about prunes not being the right choice for BC survivors. I forget what it said exactly about the why.

  19. Kelly

    I have been on this program for several years and successfully built bone mass back after stopping reclast I took from going into osteoporosis after cancer treatment. 1 1/2 ago, a broke the top of my foot and it is still not totally healed. Drs. determined that I am now back into osteoporosis and are insisting I take a Relcast infusion. I have that scheduled in two weeks. I am scared to death of this stuff and don’t want to do it, but I am really being pressured by my PT and physician. I need some advice!

    • Cindy

      I’m not a physician but I firmly believe and practice “If it doesn’t seem right to me or for me, don’t allow them to pressure you”. My endocrinologist and my PCP have both tried to get me to take drugs for the osteoporosis condition. I tell them that “I won’t do it”. They tell me “I have to”. No I don’t have to. We all make our choices with information provided by physicians and others. It is your body and you have to live with it forever so it is totally your choice to make. Good Luck.

  20. Karen Stryker

    So glad not to use Fossmax or Reclast any more thanks to you! Juicing veggies really helped me. Dr Gerson’s ‘Beautiful Truth’ and ‘Dying to Have Known’ videos were very helpful. You seem to use similair concepts. My son who is a doctor, brain washed by the prescription drug world, by the goliath AMA, who needs to be corrected. Any suggestions??????????

  21. Marie Wilson

    Hi Vivian – Great article! I have seen proof of this because there is an 84 year old woman in my fitness class. She has been on Fosamax for over 20 years and her lastest bone density showed that her bones were literally crumbling. She is now trying exercise. Keep up the good work!

  22. Priscilla Nystrom

    I was put on Fosamax for 9 yrs. with DEXA exams every two yrs. After 9 years my scores of bone density were getting worse not better! My Dr. took me off Fosamax and put me on Actenol for one yr. had another DEXA, only an a slight improvement was seen. In the meantime I had had a broken kneecap and a fx to my left metatarsal of my left foot. My bones were not stronger like the Doctors want you to believe, they had only leveled out. That’s when my doctor wanted to try Forteo, three years ago. I told her I would not use that drug and would stay with Actenol. I went home started research and found you under a search of Osteoporosis and that was the day I quit taking any bisphosphonates! I have been eating better and break free three yrs. this month! Thank you Vivian for being there when I needed you! Priscilla

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Priscilla, this is wonderful news! I am so glad you found the courage to do your research and take your health into your own hands. 🙂

  23. Terry

    Vivian, thanks for passing this along. It once again strengthens my resolve to never take the osteo drugs again. Big hugs from TN.

  24. Carol Grant

    Vivian, Please run the information on purchasing vitamins again. Thanks!!

  25. Rosemary

    I had the joy of getting breast cancer after taking estrogen replacement for years. Guess what? The first thing the Dr. tells you to do is stop taking the pill. That is not the way to get off the pill. When I stopped taking the pill, I never flashed much …luckily.

    The women who only took estrogen without the progesterone faired better. My sister in law took just estrogen and didn’t get BC.

    We can’t replace everything by just taking a pill. There are consequences and when a Dr. handed me a script for bone health, and I took it, I was very thankful the side effects kicked in early and I went off it. Will I ever learn?

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      I agree, Rosemary – we can’t just replace everything with pills! Some hormones naturally decline as we age; it’s a normal biological process.

  26. Jo

    I believe that many of the clinical studies that have been done in the last 10 years have used markers of both bone formation and resorption to determine the effect that the osteoporosis product is having on bones. The problem with markers is that it is not standardized as of yet so many clinicians do not know what the relevance of the measurement is as of yet. The markers simply determine if there is more building or removing of bone going on in the skeleton. While bone density has its weaknesses, it still is the only standardized tool we have today. Quality is a important component as well, and to the best of my knowledge, bone strength is a combination of both quantity and quality. Some pharmaceutical companies have been talking about this for a number of years!

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      The key is bone resorption coupled with new bone formation as an ongoing process… Osteoporosis drugs force bones to alter this important process. And this applies to more than just bisphosphonates.

      • Jo

        For a patient that has lost a significant amount of bone or who has had low trauma fractures due to osteoporosis, anabolic therapy increases formation over resorption, yet resorption increases as well. The net gain in both increases new formation while still allowing old bone to go through thee resorption process as well. Additionally there were multiple bone biopsies that were taken from average responders that showed the health of the new bone that was formed. Good stuff, yet unlike any of the antiresorptives!

      • Beth

        I am taking Bone-Up by Jarrow for my osteo…what do you think!!!

  27. Jeanne Brilhante

    I have told many friends about the Osteoporosis Reversal Program. I hope it helps many people and gets them to stop the harmful drugs.

    In one Email it was mentioned to go off Hormone replacement, even bio-identical. I’m so used to feeling “normal” that I’m having a difficult time with being so hot all the time. Flax seed doesn’t help. Is there anything that will help with this? I am considering going back on if symptoms persist through the winter.


    • DIANA

      Jeanne, I have had horrible hot flashes for 20 years. I’m 73. And I’m not kidding about how bad my hot flashes were – I felt different in my head, always could tell when one was coming on, drove my husband crazy with complaining about them. I’d had all the blood work and tests for various things and everything normal.
      I couldn’t take estrogen or phyto- estrogens on account of b.cancer. The only time the flashes stopped was when I had back surgery (this year)and was recovering – have no idea why other than diet as I barely ate anything, had no appetite. It wasn’t temperature related because I went outside in the hot Florida humidity to walk. I have long suspected that sugar is what caused my hot flashes but I loved sugar. And ate things with sugar like desserts anytime anyone asked me. I didn’t add it to tea or coffee or cereal but I’d add it to spaghetti sauce and I loved Tapioca and chocolate pudding and pie (not all the time but enough to where I was eating too much sugar). Anyway, since I got better from surgery and better from breast cancer 3 years ago (& read that cancer likes sugar) and my stomach was really empty (I’m 110#) I thought I’d try and be good and just not touch sugar.
      And I’ve succeeded -I had no problem because I hadn’t eaten any for at least 2 1/2 months. I was basically on a bland diet all that time. I have not had a hot flash at all in the daytime since and in the evening when I’d be on the computer like now, I had been having hot flashes almost every 10 minutes and I had a fan by my desk. Well the fan fell off and broke so I can’t use it anymore and we talked about getting a new fan but it has not been necessary. I’ve also turned on the ceiling fan just in case and I keep it running. I’ve been on a good diet of greens, salads and Vivien’s recipes & other natural foods but I had been eating like that all along for 2 years, so it’s not the salads that stopped my flashes. I feel it’s the sugar that I stopped eating.
      If you do not eat sugar at all then my suggestion won’t work for you. I hope you find some relief without having to go back on HRT. My cancer doctor says his patients have good results with Black Cohosh. It’s a phytoestrogen so I didn’t try it myself. By the way my breast cancer was discovered 2 or 3 months after I’d been switch to bioidentical hormones. So you know I suspected them. But there is no proof and doctors tells me the cancer could have been growing for 5 years.

    • Raymonde Savoie

      Evening Primrose Oil in capsule form is very helpful, but so is staying away from sugar, caffeine, and processed foods to stop those hot flashes.

      I’ve been doing this for years and so have my friends, and no hot flashes- ever. If one of us runs out of EPO, the hot flashes do return. Give it a try, it’s not expensive and so worth it!

    • Trudy

      I had the same symptoms after I had to quit HR patches because of impending surgery. The hot flushes subsided after a little while. However, I stayed off HR because of the risk of breast cancer, which really alarmed me. HR certainly does help with bone building. My GP put me on the HR patches (Estalis) specifically for this reason. Together with Vivian’s diet advice it worked really well and I achieved a good result in my last dexa scan. I just hope the next scan – without HR – will be as good!

    • Aileen

      Have you tried Wellsprings ‘Twenty to One’ cream? I find it excellent.

      • Terry

        Aileen, was interested in Wellsprings but see they don’t ship to the USA??

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