Say Hello To Aloe For Your Bones - Save Our Bones

I love doing yard work. It not only gives me an excuse to take a break and enjoy the beautiful Florida sunshine; I also find it relaxing and rewarding.

A couple of years ago I’ve planted a lemon tree on my front lawn, along with a fragrant Confederate jasmin. In my backyard, there’s a thorny raspberry bush and a miniature mango tree that I planted a few years ago.

My patio is decorated with two beautiful pineapple plants and – my absolute favorite – a large thriving aloe. You probably know that aloe is a lot more than just a decorative plant. Besides offering effective sunburn-relief, it has tons of nutrients that can help you build your bones.

A Plethora of Foundation Supplements

Aloe vera is alkalizing and its gel is rich in vitamins and minerals. Here’s a snapshot of the Foundation Supplements it contains. Get ready, because there’s a whole lot of them!

Vitamins: B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B12, choline, and Vitamin C.

Minerals: Calcium, zinc, magnesium, copper, and manganese.

Besides the amazing array of micronutrients, a study conducted on humans published in the Phytomedicine journal has shown that aloe gels:

“…Improve the absorption of both vitamins C and E. The absorption is slower and the vitamins last longer in the plasma with the Aloes.”1

Both these multitasking vitamins are valuable bone-building partners. You can read more about them in my recent blog posts titled ‘New Study: Is Vitamin E Linked to Osteoporosis?' and ‘How Much Vitamin C Should You Take for Your Bones?'.

More Nutrients, More Health Benefits

Aloe vera gel also contains Vitamins A and E, plus the minerals selenium, potassium, and chromium. Also, a wide variety of anti-inflammatory compounds that boost collagen growth and the immune system plus block the production of certain irritants are present in the gel. Aloe gel is rich in digestive enzymes and lignins, the latter allowing the gel to penetrate deep into the skin layers, helping to heal wounds and burns, and soothing skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis.

And I bet you your doctor never told you this: Aloe gel naturally contains salicylic acid – albeit in rather small amounts – so it’s Nature’s own aspirin. While studies have shown that synthetically manufactured aspirin increases urinary excretion of Vitamin C by as much as 50% – thus reducing Vitamin C plasma levels – as I mentioned earlier, Aloe gel actually enhances its bioavailability.2

Till next time,


1 Vinson J.A. et al. “Effect of Aloe vera preparations on the human bioavailability of vitamins C and E.” Phytomedicine. 2005 Nov;12(10):760-5.
2 Basu T.K. “Vitamin C-aspirin interactions.” International Journal for Vitamin and Nutrition Research Supplement. 1982;23:83-90.

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  1. Allison Lynn Sears

    Vivian you are a true Blessing. A true Hero and Champion to heal thisers. What a gift you have. than you.
    I have a friend, I call y sister who is 79 and she is in such tremendous pain because of Osteoporosis. Convincing her that Homeopathic ways is the best. She is listening. Closing and telling her to get her daughter to your site. Hope.’
    Thank you and praise you.

  2. Agha ishfaq

    Aloevera juice can be use in night time @ 10:00 pm or not I want to use at the night can u please guide me

  3. Glenys

    I one is hypothyroid should they use aloe vera? (This was also Anne’s comet.)

  4. Anne

    Does aloe vera juice affect the thyroid.

  5. Maria J.Mckenney

    Dear Vivian thanks por ALL your concejos, you are de blessing , if I don’T anser often is that my computor is not good, or I don’t have time and olso I don’t feeling well. Gracias Vivian, lOVE, mjcm

  6. Elaine Schaeffer

    I have been using the brand from wal mart Fruit somthing I forgot but my herb lady said it was not that good. So I am trying her and this one does not need refrigeration. It is called George ‘s 100% aloe vera,always active aloe, fractionallly distilled liquid from alos vera leaves. It say it is bitter free- true, no unpleasant taste- true, no preservatives?, no additives? Does this sound good. did not see organic. It say they selected one particular variety of aloe barbadensis miller? Thanks

    • LamarCarnes

      Medical Science has proven that taking Aloe Vera Juice can cause life threatening problems and certainly many other problems needing medical attention to be brought back to normal health. Things like lowering of potassium levels, causing a paralysis of the stomach muscle area causing slow digestion, liver damage, you name it. It is NOT good for internal use at all. For external use it is a good healing ointment. I cannot understand how these companies produce this stuff selling it to the public and it harms people. IT – Aloe Vera- also interacts with certain drugs causing serious problems. Man I would get out of this business or a law suit is coming your way. I just learned of all of this and I had been taking it and not much at that, but it made me have a spasm in my esophagus and caused my bowels to slow down and not digest my food properly. Now I am going to have to be treated for this problem and it caused me to be hospitalized thinking it was a heart attack and then I had to have a esophogal test etc.! All because of Aloe Vera! I just may sue the product company for not adivsing of all of this on their labels!

      • Anne

        It’s working for a lot of people so have to disagree with your comment Lamar. You just have to make sure you get the real stuff.

        • Weinette Pierre-Louis

          I personally knew someone who had a brain tumor. Doctor gave him 1 year to live. He took one spoon of fresh aloe vera blend with honey every day. Tumor gone; that happened over 26 years ago and the person is still living now.

  7. sandy

    What is it i can take as i am going to have knee replacement?

  8. Lynda Brunais

    Hello Vivian,
    I would like to know if TrueOsteo by Natural city is a good choice for taking calcium. Its organic. Calcium is made from rocks. Since rocks not a whole food source your body not used to digesting and using calcium found nearly in all supplements. TrueOsteo a plant calcium powder. That is proven to actually increase bone density, not just slow bone loss. Also my concern is taking calcium supplements without vitamin K2 can be dangerous to your Heart Health. The new culprit for bone loss is cortisol. Sensoril has been proven to reduce cortisol levels 24%. TrueOsteo has sensoril 250mg. What do you think? tks, Lynda

  9. yasin

    Iam not suprised at all by your rich and deep all round filtered and neetly
    selected items to exhaute your self in order to mail to us to help us to
    orientate our selves to keep an eye on latest sicentifs reserch and medical
    My deep (as the ocean) respects and(as wide as the ocean) regards
    to you Viv.

  10. Jane

    Have been taking New Chapter organic freeze-dried aloe vera that has no additives for my stomach and dry eye.
    It is wonderful to know it also works on osteoporosis…thanks! Am believing this form is equally beneficial, am
    I correct?

  11. Nu Ly

    I know Aloe Vera a little, it is good for skin. I abandoned to take the
    health products several years, before I was a member of USANA products.
    In here, I can’t find a natural remedies doctor,only the doctor uses the
    herbals, for some reason, I would like to try True Aloe.
    Thank you very much.

  12. Pam

    Every time I try any aloe supplement (always a pure source without additives) I get a gut ache and then loose bowels. I’ve tried it a number of times and it always happens. Any suggestions?

  13. gia

    I have a big Aloe Vera plant in my back yard. How much aloe vera can I use to one cup of smoothie?

  14. Elef

    Dear Vivian, thank you for your article on the benefits of Aloe Vera and for all your articles.
    I have a plant of aloe in my appartement but I don’t know how to proceed to make it eatable. Please tell me.

  15. Maria J.Mckenney

    ThANKS vivian. Yes I uso alot of SAVILA – ALOVERA. I alwais have plantas at home or in my back yard,t yo uso las hojas mucho . Gracias VivAN.

  16. Pat

    Excellent article on the properties of Aloe Vera. BUT you could have taken your research one step further to discover the GREATER properties of another Aloe plant “Aborescens.” Much more superior to Aloe Vera.
    It’s ultimate value is realized after five years of growth. The most important factor surrounding Aborescens is that its offshoots MUST be cut off at approximately 5 – 6 inches in length. If not, these offshoots Will kill the host (their mother).

    I’m sure that I will NOT hear back from you AGAIN, as I have not heard from you regarding my previous help full hints.

    Take Care Vivian


    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Interesting! While it’s impossible for me to reply to every comment, rest assured that I read them all :). Keep them coming!

      Warm regards,


  17. Leslie (Ms. L.)

    Hi! Vivian,

    Thank You VERY MUCH For Giving Us This Very Informative Article About How Aloe Is Good For Our Bones And Contains So Many Great Vitamins And Nutrition!


  18. Annamay Brown

    Thank you again, Vivian for some valuable advice on Aloe Vera.I am looking for some advice for my Son: One year ago he had an operation on his skull for a brain tumor on the menenges(brain lining), he managed to come through the operation successfully but has suffered from epileptic seizures at night when sleeping. He just had a CAT scan a week ago and the Doctors told him that the piece of skull that they had to remove from his skull to get at the tumor, has never healed and that he has some fluide in there that has to come out and he has to have another operation. He is a smoker,so I think this might have contributed to the skull not healing properly. He is going to quit smokeing, and I’m wondering what kinds of food should he eat to heal his skull up again.Please send any information you can and I will gladly send a cheque in the mail for the cost. Thank you,from Annamay.

    • Carole

      Hi Annamay,
      I’m just catching up with Vivian’s newsletters so ama bit late and I hope you manage to read this.
      It is also for everyone who smokes.
      The multitude of pure poisons which are in the majority of cigarettes are astounding and not fit for humans and it beggars belief that such a substance was ever passed!
      These poisons STOP the healing in the human body-period!
      So if anyone is in poor health and still smoking they can expect even more poor health – Not healing, and anything else they do on top of this is like putting a plaster on a tumour. You MUST stop injesting this poison through your lungs and into your bloodstream NOW!
      Then tackle the healing process of the Body. You would not give poison to a child would you? Then why are you taking it willingly?
      Incidentally it’s mainly the stuff produced for the masses which are toxic, the big fat hand rolled and air dried(expensive) cigars do not appear to have the same toxicity, so its alright for the wealthy who can afford these (but give the rubbish to the masses to consume into their bodies), who have all the advantages to eat and drink and obtain plenty of fresh air, which the majority of ordinary people do not have but who nevertheless require for good and optimum health.
      In other words treat the ordinary man and woman like mugs and SELL them anything including poison. Just imagine they even manage to get us mere mortals to pay them to poison us!
      All the Very Best to both of you.

  19. Shula

    Thanks, sounds like a magic-plant. Shula

  20. mary

    I have decided to purchase this aloe vera product and see if it helps with my psoriasis. It sure can’t hurt.

  21. ponnamma cherian

    Hello Vivian,
    I take Alovera everyday.See the supplyment i take is Mannatech Product.Our Flagship product called “Ambratose” which is the 8 sugar and it build up your immune system.One of the sugar is called Mannose is taken from the Alovera inner leaf. One other thing is that more than two days after picking up the leaf there is no nutrition in the leaf.So our company freez dry the leaf.My understanding is that what we buy from the store is only sugar water.
    I grow a plant in my Apt.

  22. Vincent J. Giliberto

    I read your article about organic Aloe Vera gel. I’ve been taking two ounces of organic Aloe Vera juice (Lily of the Desert). I was told at Whole Foods where I shop that it was better than the gel.
    Your opinion.

    • lillian reed

      I too take Lilly Of The Dessert Aloe Vera Juice and shop at Wholefoods in Vancouver Canada should I be taking the “gel” instead? they do not have “True Aloe Vera as you suggested in Canada
      Hope To hear from you soon

      Best Regards

      Lillian Reed

      • Anne

        I tried the gel. The juice works better.

  23. maggie loftus

    morning vivian hi its maggie loftus Kitimat BC. ive bean taking aleo vere juice for a year or so, started off with 2oz and now i take 4 oz a day,the Aleo vera juice i take is Lily of the Desert, all ways make shore its certified, Lily of the Desert contains 99% organic ingredients, yours Maggie Loftus Kitimat b C 05/04/2012

  24. Avis Mawson

    I was introduced to Aloe when my husband and I used to go to Palm Springs every year. If you just use it for burns it’s worthwhile having in the house and the plant is very easy to grow. For burns you manage to get while cooking are handled so easy with Aloe. It seems to soothe immediately.

  25. Louise Stewart

    Hi Vivian;

    Just thanking you for the information on aloe vera.

    Had some idea of how good it was but now we all can

    benefit from it more.

    Louise S.

  26. Carol Reed

    Hi Vivian, I take 81mg,baby asprin a day for my A-Fib,will Aloe work the same for me?

  27. Bunny

    I would preder to drink Aloe vera juice each day. Can you recommend one and how much I should drink?

    • Scott from NatureCity

      Hi Bunny!

      NatureCity also offers an Aloe vera and cranberry juice concentrate. You control the strength by adding more or less water! Unlike other aloe juices, the nice thing about it is you know exactly how much Aloe vera you are getting in each serving. You can learn more at, go to products and select AloeCran.

      Hope that helps!
      Scott from NatureCity

      • Kay

        Vivian’s followers are trying to keep cranberry intake to a minimum as they are acidic. Will try just aloe vera juice.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Hi Bunny – Any organic aloe juice without additives would be fine. And you could start with about 2 oz added to juice or water (or in a smoothie).

      • Glenda Dionaldo

        how can extract an aloe vera,or procedure on making a juice,more power,i have a rheumatoid arthritis,am taking prednisone underdose,how can i stop taking asteroid?more power from philippines

      • Pam

        I am presently taking A.M.P. Floracel for my colon health. All my pain has disappeared, and I feel 100% better! I was concerned about aloe vera latex used for occasional constipation. I read it can cause kidney damage along with other side effects, if used constantly. Can you explain if the aloe vera you recommend contains the latex? Thank you.

  28. Marcia

    Yesterday, I had a follow up appointment at a reknown college University Medical CenterOsteoporosis Clinic. I had gone a year ago, with a hip t score of -3.1. A local doctor had wanted me to go on Forteo, and I didnt want to because it caused bone cancer in rats. I fouind Save Our Bones, which gave me the courage I needed to say no. I went to see a local Natural Medical Doctor who put me on a gluten-free diet. My doctor at the Medical clinic and my own primary care doctor were supportive of the change. I went gluten free and changed my weight work out. I have gluten sensitivity and not celiac disease.

    Within 3 months, my nxtelepeptide test went from a high of 52 to a 23! They said my bone loss was suppressed. recently, my Synthroid level for my hypothyroid went from .175 micrograms to .100, and the best of all-my t scan reduced as well. According to the tests, my doctor at the Med Center told me that my results were WONDERFUL. I no longer have Osteoporosis, I have Osteopenia, and that my results are more in the normal range. She said to keep doing what I’m doing and to see her in two years. I can’t tell you how important it is to have doctors who are open to natural remedies. I take Osteoprime Ultra by Therapeutic Therapies(3 twice daily) along with 2000 units of vitamin D twice daily. I would run to your local bookstore and gluten free area. I also did a complete blood allergy test to see what else I was allergic to. I am still off eggs and dairy. I have seen other improvements as well-no more sinus infections, back and shoulder inflammation is gone, etc. It isn’t difficult at all. Just be steadfast to be healthy. More people are gluten free now.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      I’m really happy for you, Marcia. So you completely reversed your osteoporosis in 3 months! Congratulations, keep up with the Program, and thanks for sharing your great news with us 🙂

    • Annie

      Hi Marci,
      What is nxtelepeptide ??
      I do not have allergies, or a thyroid problem, and gluten does not bother me. Although I do not eat wheat very much.

      What is “Osteoprime Ultra by Therapeutic Therapies”, and where do you buy it at? Is it a type of Calcium!! ?

      I do take vitamins and 5000 iu of D3 aday, and have found that
      Throme liquid K2 MK-4 takes the calcium to your bones and not your Arteries.

      What else are you taking that you now have Osteopina?
      Do you think taking something for your thyroid is what has helped for your bones, as having a thyroid condtion can rob your bones of calcium..

      Thank you,

  29. Emelita Madaya

    Dear Vivian,

    Thank you for the information. We had lots of aloe plants in our yard before but never give importance not knowing of it’s health benefits so I have to grow more to use in my smoothies. From now on I will use these.

    Warmest regards,


  30. Annie

    I have planted a few pots of Aloe vera in my garden. I learnt that but it has anti-cancer benefit and it’s good to treat pimples. Normally we use to boil the gel with honey dates and apples or pears for about half hour. May I know will the boiling process kills its natural nutrients?

  31. Ghassan

    Indeed, Aloe Vera is a wonderful plant. The problem with finding the right one in the market is that some companies do not use the most important part of it while others know what to do. You have a layer that is next to the outer skin, then the whole of the inside. This is in addition, of course, to the organic point. Both of these points are behind the huge difference in price between what is available (in addition to the marketting skills… and greed!)

  32. Rachel de rienzo

    Thank you for that interesting article about aloe Vera. I have had it before for digestion problems but never realised it was good for my osteoporosis as well. I was on a month’s course of Omeprazole for heart burn which cleared it up very well. Then I read how bad Omeprazole is for people with osteoporosis so I looked for natural remedies. I bought bottles of Aloe Vera juice from the health shop and added a bit to my fruit juice every morning abd found it to be very beneficial.

  33. Dhruba Kasaju

    Dear Vivian,

    Thank you for your information. I am using the stuff grown in my garden and is ofcourse very useful in many aspects.

    With warm regards,


  34. Jan

    Hi Vivian – Several weeks ago now you mentioned not to juice beetroot and brocolli together. I make a raw salad for myself using approx 1/3 – 1/4 cup of each. Should i not have these together or does this lesser amount not pose the same health problems are using larger quantities that you do when juicing – Tks Jan

  35. Feona

    Hi Vivian – I was intereste to see that aloe contains salycylic acid. I’m allergic to aspirin, so should I avoid this plant?

    • Sonshine

      I also am allergic to aspirin…true allergy not stomach irritation. Some years ago, my doctor tried the natural salycylic acid thinking my body might tolerate it better. It worked for a short time then I had the same reaction although, thankfully, milder. So, I am interested to hear your reply about aloe! Thank you.

      • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

        Feona and Sonshine, Aloe contains very small amounts of salicylic acid, so you shouldn’t be concerned about the allergy. In fact, aloe soothes the digestive system… exactly the opposite of what aspirin does! But just in case, try a small amount to see how you feel at first.

        • Feona

          Thanks Vivian, I’ll try just a little. I also have a true allergy – the back of my nose swells up as it does when you start a head cold. It’s not stomach irritation, unpleasant though that must be.

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