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In the Osteoporosis Reversal Program I dedicate an entire chapter to the discussion of all the osteoporosis drugs, including Fosamax and its generic formula alendronate sodium. This is a popular bisphosphonate drug widely prescribed by doctors and advertised on TV and other media outlets.

Marketing ads for this drug offer no information whatsoever on what bisphosphonates are really made of, and for a good reason. You’ll know why once you read an excerpt from the Introduction to an article by the late Dr. Herbert Fleisch titled “Bisphosphonates: Mechanisms of Action”. It was published in the prestigious Endocrine Reviews in the year 1998. Dr. Fleisch was a Swiss pioneer researcher on metabolic bone diseases whose work led to the discovery of bisphoshponates as osteoporosis drugs.

He writes that:

“Bisphosphonates were used in industry, mainly as corrosion inhibitors or as complexing agents in the textile, fertilizer, and oil industries. Their ability to inhibit calcium carbonate precipitation, similar to polyphosphates, was put to good use in the prevention of scaling. Only in the past three decades have bisphosphonates been developed as drugs for use in various diseases of bone, tooth, and calcium metabolism.”

Isn’t it amazing that mainstream scientists openly admit the industrial origins of these drugs? And wouldn’t you expect that they would think twice before they even considered such toxic chemicals as potential bone health solutions? Obviously, that is not the case because thanks to several not-so-coincidental sequence of events, bisphosphonate drugs became instant best-sellers, raking billions of dollars to their manufacturers.

The story of an osteoporosis drug as told by Mr. Allen Dronate Himself

The first mass-marketed bisphosphonate was alendronate sodium, branded as Fosamax and promising to cure osteoporosis, a brand new bone disease as defined by the World Health Organization in the early 90's. Approved in the US on September 29th 1995, Fosamax has made billions of dollars to pharmaceutical giant Merck. Its patent expired in February 2008, and since then, generic alendronate sodium is widely available and still used by millions of women and men all over the world.

So who better than the obnoxious Mr. Allen Dronate himself to narrate his meteoric success story (as you can see, I’m in a lighthearted mood today). This is how it all began…

Forget my humble origins; they don’t mean a thing!

Hi there! I’m Allen Dronate, one of the luckiest and richest guys you’ll ever meet. I used to live in dirty workshops, grimy warehouses with heavy machinery, fertilizer manufacturing plants, and other disgusting industrial places. I was handled by careless mechanics and factory workers, and I hated every minute of my life, including them! But hey, why should they care about a worthless chemical that costs pennies?

AlendronateBut one day, my life took a sudden 180 degree turn for the better. I don’t want to waste my time getting into details, but thanks to a bunch of brainy “Einsteins” led by my hero, Dr. Fleisch, I became what I was meant to be: a high class money-making machine, getting respect and the royal treatment I always deserved.

You see, scientific studies show that I can somehow increase bone density, at least for the first couple of years, and once this was rubber-stamped by a well-known government agency… money has been pouring out of peoples’ pockets like hot lava from a volcano!

I really don’t know exactly what to do, except that I’m supposed to destroy osteoclasts – if I find them. I don’t even know what those lowlifes look like, so I attach myself to bone and hope for the best. As far as I know, all I have to do is mess up normal bone metabolism, and voila! Mission accomplished. I can also wreak havoc in people’s digestion, cause joint and muscle aches plus a whole slew of other nasty side effects…

But, who cares? I certainly don’t. Nobody can see me there anyways. Some party-poopers claim to have seen giant osteoclasts around me, but if you ask me, they're totally insane. No wonder just about everyone in the medical field ignores them.

Hey docs, continue to keep your eyes and ears shut and those prescriptions coming… I’m working out a deal to get my first Rolls Royce next month.

It’s ALL about image, NOT substance

It’s a good thing I already have an extremely low opinion of all you people, otherwise I’d be upset at the bad rap I'm getting lately, especially from that lady Vivian from Save Our Bones. She keeps saying that there are better drug-free ways to increase bone density and she’s probably right, but hey, she could ruin my lifestyle. So get lost, lady, I need to Save My Profits!

I’ll tell you the secret of my success, and listen well, before I regret that I told you this. It’s all about image. You see, from the moment medical scientists considered me a valuable prescription drug, I had a complete makeover. I became a neat little tablet inside fancy-shmancy packaging. With this new image, my popularity just kept growing. Before I forget, here’s a shout out to those marketing guys for the great job they’re doing. Hey guys, Allen Dronate loves ya!

And what I life I have! I’m given the “white glove treatment”… literally. Lab workers sometimes even wear masks when they handle me. No more dirty warehouses for me. Now I live in a clean laboratory and my name's all over well-known medical publications.

If there’s one thing I learned from hanging out with scientists is that most of them are quite gullible… they believe in their own one-sided “studies”. Good for me, bad for the people… but who cares?

Oh, and I met an over the counter wonder, Tyla Knowl – my new girlfriend. She's all mine, that is if I can keep that slimy Rick Last away from her. You know, the one for “women on the go”. Hey Rick, they’re on the go all right …straight to the hospital they go, you loser. But I digress. I want to continue talking about what’s really important: moi…

So what’s wrong with chemicals anyway?

Listen, I may not be the nicest guy, but I’m filthy rich; and that’s what really matters. Sometimes I feel a bit of remorse about what I’m doing. But then, I remember that the same agency that approved me approved many other drugs and more than 3,000 chemicals used as food additives. So what can one more do, in the greater picture of things?

I don’t know what the future will bring, but for now, I’m living the life… And as long as humans continue to gamble with their health, I’ll keep raking in the big bucks. So long, losers.

So there you have it from Mr. Allen Dronate himself. Pretty shocking stuff huh… good thing you know better.

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  1. Deanna

    Vivian, after a Bone Density Scan last spring, I was diagnosed with osteoporosis in my left hip and upper thigh. My Dr. prescribed Fosamax tablets which I took from May to October, when I decided, after much research on the drug, to stop taking. I am now 77 years old and have been taking 90-200 mcg of K2 along with 5000 iu of D3 since October of last year. My Dr. suggested I consult with endocrinologist regarding treatment options to Fosamax which I did recently. All my blood tests were fine on calcium and other levels, except my D3 was above the standard range top number. I have reduced my D3 about in half for now and continue the K2 as well. However, the endocrinologist talked me into trying the liquid form of Fosamax since I have a bad gag reflex and have trouble swallowing pills at times. She pretty much scared me regarding the fact that I am considered high risk for bone fractures now. I have not yet started the liquid Fosamax as my gut reaction is not to take it. Doctor also mentioned my Medicare might not pay for other osteo meds until Fosamax proves to be a problem for me. What is your opinion on K2/D3?

  2. Karen Russo

    I’m sorry, but I took Fosomax for 3 yrs back in 2003 & NEVER had any problems. Also, my oral surgeon’s assistant told me the first Half of the pill has a half life of about a few hours but the SECOND half of the pill has a half life of 15 YEARS?!!! How the hell does THAT make sense?!!! It doesn’t!

  3. Adam Lallana

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  4. mason


    Mason Noah
    I was diagnosed with RA at age 50. Now I’m 55 and I was in pain constantly, not to mention the intense fatigue. I was on Remicade, Arava, folic acid, and Percocet. It started in my neck and spread to both hips, hands, feet, back and just in the last two months, to my knees. I purchased RA herbal remedies online from a great herbal home called GOOD HEALTH HERBS HOME,I only used the herbal remedy for 5 weeks, my RA disappeared.pleases anyone out there going through RA pain don’t hesitate to purchased RA herbal remedy from GOOD HEALTH HERBS HOME,contact details wwwgoodhealthherbshome .com . I am so grateful i find a miracle cure. I feel like i am 30 years old now,am so strong and healthy ..

  5. Judy H Wendkos

    Hello, I was put on this drug, Fosomax for at least ten years to prevent Osteoporosis after I was taken off Premarin and Provera when I was over Menopause. Then my doctor told me that there were some problems and he was taking me off of it and my dentist was shocked that I had been on it for so long just to avoid Osteoporosis. Well, I was diagnosed with Osteoporosis soon after…so much for drug to prevent it. I had had very helpful info coming from Saveour bones program but in the meantime, I have undergone left knee total replacement after Meniscus repair, Anterior Cervical disk replacement in no. 7, left knee infection after 3 yrs which meant the removal of my first knee replacement due to a procedural clean out, was without a new knee for about 5 months, then finally this year early had the total knee replacement Revision and still suffering a bit of pain after 7 months after surgery. I was put on Protonix for the past two years and read the consequences of staying on it too long due to causing more brittle bones so I just underwent Assisted Robotic Hiatal Hernia Repair and Nissen Fundoplication three days ago and still am told to remain on the medication for a while to avoid acid reflux …My GERD was severe which happened after the neck surgery even though I had had a little amount of acid reflux, but not every meal. I eat very well, organic greens from our garden, everything organic, almond milk, fruits, chicken, fish, etc. And it is very disheartening to be taking medicines that ruin your health eventually. I can hardly bare hurting from Arthritis without taking Celebrex. Anyway, just wanted to share. Oh, the last bone density test I took turned out to be Osteopenia most likely from the nutrition I have been on. Can’t wait to get exercising again.

  6. Julie

    My mother is 89 and was told by 3 doctors to get on fosamax, we went and got the script and filled it , kept putting it off , start taking it weekly,that is, we had decided to start treatment tomorrow and I again looked up the drug and I had before and decided , together with my mother that it seemed okay, but now that I look at your site as well as many others , we will not use this drug. Thank you for the information, I would hate for my mother to go through the pain described here.

  7. Sufferer of fosamax

    This medicine is a poison and am really surprised to know that none of the healthcare providers are informing their patients of its life threatening side effects. If someone is looking for a review on this drug and confuse weather to take it or not, please don’t kill yourself. This drug is dangerous and should be eliminated from the market.

  8. Paula P.

    Hi Vivian,
    I am so confused right now. I tried your program for 2 years & my bone density scan got worse with each year. I am now 58 years old & spine went from -2.8 to -3.0. My doctor convinced me to take Fosamax since my scans only got worse with each year. He said since I was till young he could not support me to not take anything while my bones continued to get worse. He said he has his wife on the same drug. I have been on it now for almost 2 months & I have so far not had any side effects. I love being holistic but I need to do something. I have taken been taken TrueOsteo for almost 2 years now but again not seeing any results according to my bone density scan. Please advise what I should do. I of course want to be drug free but worry about my spine.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Hi Paula,

      Please don’t think that following the Program was for naught! Bone density is just one aspect of bone health. Mainstream medicine focuses so much on density because it needs numbers (i.e. fixed parameters) to prescribe drugs, so most doctors follow the same protocol. While density is an indicator of bone metabolism, the main focus of bone health is simply to prevent fractures, and less dense but healthy and renewed bones have better tensile strength than thicker, denser, older bones.

      Also, please don’t forget that machines are not accurate, which means that your DEXA may not reflect a good comparison.

      So hang in there and keep nourishing your bones with excellent nutrition.

      • Paula P.

        Hi Vivian,
        Thank you so much for your reply. I was speaking with an Orthopedic doctor & asked him about Fosamax. I am getting a burning constantly in my thought since taking it & don’t like it. I have stopped it & hope it will go away. This doctor also said there was no proof to this drug doing anything to help the bones & he would not take it if it was him. I am reading more about Vitamin K & Magnesium. Can you tell me the daily amount for Magnesium? I eat lots of green vegetables but wondering if I should start taking a supplement from VitaCost since I am going to order the Vit K. Should I still take the TrueOsteo or the
        Vitacost Calcium (from Dicalcium Malate) with Vitamin D3 & Magnesium instead? I appreciate your help. Thanks so much.

  9. Julie

    I am 53 – a six year breast cancer survivor and just started taking Fosamax for 5 weeks- I have a stress fracture in my foot and both of my feet hurt and it’s hard to walk at any pace. My hair stylist was shocked to see me at my visit today and said my hair is so thin! She asked me if I was taking any new meds….only Fosamax. Anyone else have these symptoms? Uugghh!

    • Betty Lamb

      I started to use fosamax a year ago and noticed my hair was thinning. My doctor increased my folic acid and my hair is starting to thicken up.

    • Sufferer of fosamax

      Hi Julie,

      My mom was hospitalized after taking her 2nd dose.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Hi Julie,

      First of all, congratulations on winning the fight against breast cancer! Second of all, research has shown that hair loss can result from bisphosphonates like Fosamax. You can read more about that here:

  10. Jodi

    My mom (96) now was put on Fosamax back when she was in her early 70’s on the 3 pill she became legally blind, it’s macular degeneration, but prior to taking the fosamax her eyes were fine!!! I now have severe osteoporosis at 58 and refuse to take anything. I took up running 5 years ago now and I run up to 20 miles per week and will not stop. I am hoping with running, biking and your exercises I reverse this curse!

    • katie Ruberti

      Hello Jodi,

      My name is Katie. I am not real skilled with the computer, but can email. My Doctor recently recommended taking Fosamax for my osteoporosis. I am only 55. I have a neighbor who had problems with it and have read horrible things about it.

      Would love to hear your story. Kate

  11. Ann

    I took Alendronate Sodium (Fosamax) for total of 5 weeks for osteopenia and develoved severe muscle/bone pain in most of my joints, especially hips and knees. I’ve been suffering with this pain now for 4 months and it does not seem to be decreasing. My doctor put me on prednisone for short term and the pain totally disappeared, but returned when I came off prednisone. Do you have information on this severe muscle/joint pain side effect and long term prognosis? I was a very fit active 55 year old but now feel like I’m 90. This condition has really decreased my quality of life.

    • naresh

      Tyr Dr. Gupta’s Aquatic yoga for chronic pain (my eBOok

      it improve the resiliency of bones, joints and brain.

  12. NAS

    This website gives a lot of information on natural and homeopathic treatment options which is interesting to read through all the comments mostly driven by fear created on this site about fosamax and other drugs to treat bone loss.

    This site rails against the drugs citing toxicity and further bone damage but does not give any actual clinical study results, drug stats or labeling info or warnings on the label examples or references.

    Given the FDA has approved these drugs there would have to be clinical data to have the drugs given the thumbs up.

    I am looking up info on bone restoration or regeneration and came by this site which is alarming the bone loss patient population against using FDA approved treatments.

    While i respect this sites host opinions she needs to back up the rumors with facts and stats from the clinical data.

    Assuming longterm use of these drugs causes some side effects, what is the risk to reward ratio for short term use?

    I am all for natural remedies, i have RA so this site is popular it would seem for giving info on alternatives to drugs we need a fair and balanced unbiased data to make an informed decision on drugs like fosamax benefits and side effects it does not sound like a black or white situation its more of a grey area somewhat murky on what the FDA says and what this site says they are in violent opposition. Conflicts of interest arise with drug profits and drug manufacturers and websites like this one dependent on cash from its users and ad revenue for internet advertising, so we need more info not hype good or bad pro or con on this sites methods for bones and on the drugs clinical data.

  13. Elaine Fastow

    My mother’s doctor has been prescribed Fosamax. Mom is 91 years old. She has had some fractures. Neither my sister nor myself want her to take this drug. The home health nurse who did the eval used scare tactics stating that if she did not take the drug she would probably experience more fractures.

    Vivian, about 12 years, my obgyn tried to prescribe a bone drug. I refused. I also found another doctor. Your newsletter, publications, etc. have been instrumental in my health care decisions. You do a wonderful service for which I and many of my friends are grateful.

  14. Jawbone Near Gone

    I was diagnosed with very grave prostate cancer from 1996-1997. After about five visits to minor and major cancer institutions with nearly all in concert of stating that I was at best having only 3-5 years to survive. Well, I turned them all down and went for special hormonal treatment with some occasional chemotherapy. Fortunate for me, I am nearing 18 years of treatment…constant treatment. It s rough and the side effects have been aplenty. One side effect was osteoporosis. I was going to go natural medicines on that disease but somehow took to taking bisphosphonates. They really didn’t seem to help at all and I had vicious cramps so bad that I couldn’t stand the pain. Yet, I took the dangerous drugs, Fosomax, Aredia and Zometa, for a number of years. Then all hell broke loose some eight years ago – I discovered a strange hole in the lower part of my right side jaw. I was like stunned and mortified.

    Follow up was tentative as most of my caretakers were dispensing bihphosphonates with reckless abandon. I switched to natural medicine but it was too late. Even though my bones did improve and I could train boxers again, the hole in my jaw grew to huge dimensions.

    Finally, a caretaker admitted that I now had ONJ Disease, Oh yes, that evil hole was getting bigger and there is no medical protocol to help. If your wondering, ONJ stands for Osteonecrosis of The Jaw or simply stated: Death of the Jawbone until it eventually eats up the jaw or it rots off. Why? Because it is radioactive. When mixed with the germs in one’s mouth, it takes off like a bolt of lightning, damaging and destroying teeth along with jawbone. All a dental surgeon can do is close the hole slightly s it needs to drain and order Chorhexidine Rinse to kill germs in the mouth.

    My long-term suffering with this monster of a disease is ongoing. The half life of those drugs will never fade out in my or other victim’s lifetime. and oh yeah, who wants to kiss and love a man with a hole in his jaw and being partially disfigured as teeth rot away and change one’s natural figuration. More sad news, after the hole enlarged to over two inches in width and two and a half inches in length, it became near impossible to break down and chew food and a serious loss of weight occurred.

    Moreover, the rotten teeth have had the crowns eaten away. A dental surgeon of any worth will not extract the other half and roots as ONJ is an opportunistic disease- that is, once a pit is made in the jaw, the disease rushes in must faster than its normal destructive pace.

    One has no chance at beating this nasty, horrific disease which IMO and many other medical authorities professional analysis, comes about because of the long term taking of bisphosphonates. Oh, sue them? Well, they are multi-billionaire companies with powerful attorneys and will waste the average Joe or Jane who do not have the resources nor the huge amounts of money to sue them. In a few cases, some brave attorneys have challenged them and won a few cases in various states. But not so fast. Even though a few victims attorneys have won up to three million in court, the companies like Norvatis have their lawyers appeal and even appeal again if necessary to the higher courts.

    I had a case go to the highest court in my state where it was dumped (Thrown out if you will). And you can Google to see how the major pharmaceutical companies support certain courts around the country. Therefore, one is beat before he even files a lawsuit. Darn, I am broke from cancers of myself and my wife, of trying to get decent care for Parkinson’s Disease, IBS, Osteoporosis, ONJ, Heart Stint, Kidney problems, and another pre-cancerous operation. My life savings have dwindled to less than a used automobile.

    Can you imagine how depressing it is to have trusted physicians who gave me (us) the wicked drug that doesn’t even work so as to make more money. Last but not least, the powerful parent companies who have conned or fooled the world of patients that doc’s have prescribed these cheap tricks of no help. Currently, I am 80 years of age and now on 6-8 thousand IU Of Vit D a day with appropriate Calcium.

    If only myself and other ONJ victim’s could have had the truth of these gutter drugs before we were told to take them. What a sinister hurt for us. But nobody can turn back time. So, all I can do here is say, “Beware All Bisphosphonates.” Please, Beware.

    • Jawbone Near Gone

      Oops, I just want to apologize for not editing my post. I do believe it is basically readable.

  15. judy

    In November, I began taking Fosimax for bone density. After 1 month, I was experiencing eye pressure and had a pressure test from my eye doctor. The pressure was increased and I visited a specialist who diagnosed glaucoma. The only change medically that I had was the addition of Fosimax (which was red flagged at my eye doctor’s office) I took myself off it and began a daily eye drop to decrease the pressure in my eyes. After a month, the pressure decreased so I decided to run my own test on the Fosimax and began taking it again. Another eye pressure test in two weeks showed the pressure elevated. I am convinced the Fosimax caused the increase. My eye doctor was concerned that I went off it but my eyes are too important to risk problems from other meds and I feel better concentrating on diet and exercise, leaving the meds out. I will receive a bone density test this summer and await the results but, in the meantime my eyes are adjusting to the new drops and are improving – pressures almost normal. Is there any research that Fosimax can cause these problems or is it coincidence? Judy

  16. Bea Toews

    I do like the autobiography of the drug. It’s very amusing and very American in the exaggerated style and tone, and that’s appealing.
    Could I also have some facts? What does the drug do? What is the formula? With what does it bind? How can it be beneficial for the first few years and not after that. While I was entertained by the post, I don’t feel informed.
    Please help. I would like to know why the drug is dangerous.

  17. Joan

    have found your articles very informative I have been on actonel for 3 years and because of you I have decided no longer to take the drug. However since this drug stays in your body for a long time how will I be able to build new bone. Also I don’t know if I missed it but I have not read anything about taking calcium

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Joan, congratulations on your decision!
      I understand your concerns about the drug staying in your body. The half-life of bisphosphonates is approximately 10 years, meaning that it takes 10 years for the body to get rid of half of the drug that attached itself to bone. As you know, these drugs stop normal bone metabolism, namely bone remodeling, but as it gets released and less is attached to bone, normal bone remodeling resumes at one point. The question is WHEN will this happen. As with everything else in the human body, this varies with each individual. According to a Harvard Medical School study (also mentioned in the book), pre-drug bone metabolism is restored to “normal” levels in an average of five (5) years.

      So it’s impossible to pinpoint exactly when you will get there, but rest assured that at one point this WILL happen and you will be noticing some improvement! Hang in there!

      • Betsy

        Vivian I started to take Fosamax a week ago. The doctor scared me enough and promised after 3 years I would be off the treatment. I took the once a week treatment , so I have only taken one pull. Just one pill. 48 hours later I had trouble swallowing! I got pain in my leg bone, my arm bone, I got head aches which I never get and two of my toes went numb. I started reading the side effects sadly after I took the pull but as soon as these strange symptoms started coming on. I am 69, don’t drink or smoke, average weight and in good health and now I am scared about what this one pill has done to me!! Of course I will never take another pill, but I want to know what the half life is of just one pill? I still have the pain spots which seem to move around my body, it is still hard to swallow and the head aches move around the head and it has been only five days since I took the wretched pill. Thank you for all you have written about this.

        • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

          Betsy, the half-life of bisphosphonates is approximately 10 years, meaning that it takes 10 years for the body to get rid of half of the drug that attached itself to bone. As you know, these drugs stop normal bone remodeling, but as it gets released and less is attached to bone, normal bone remodeling resumes at one point. Precisely when normal bone metabolism will resume for you varies with each individual; but according to a Harvard Medical School study, pre-drug bone metabolism is restored to “normal” levels in an average of five years. So hang in there and nourish your body and your bones!

  18. Catherine

    I have been using a Vibration Technology platform [invented by a Russian to combat bone loss on the International Space Station] for over a year and this spring I stopped my Fosomax. My recent bone scan has gone from a T score of -2.4 [osteoporosis is 2.5] to -2.0 I can hardly wait for the next one to see what being of the poison has done. Thanks Vivian for your terrific program.

  19. Rehana

    For stronger bones take
    Vitamin D and B
    Deficiency of these two causes all major ailments.
    Fruit and veggies
    Are great for good health
    They restore bones
    Stress free life keep you on your feet

  20. C.Markey

    I was on Fosamax from 1995-2007. During that time I developed numerous fractures of my Vertebrae,had 3 Kyphoplasties in 2001. Another Fracture vertebra 2006, Kyphoplasty.
    2007, fracture of Femur. Dropped from Class Action suit against Manufacture by Attorney. My fracture was not in the exact place the Law Firm was interested in.

    December 2011, L.Sacral Fracture: February 2012, Rt. Sacral fracture. May 2012, Re-fracture Rt.Sacrum.

    Rheumatoid Arthritis was diagnosed about the same time as the Osteoporosis.

    I was treated with Forteo from 2003 for 18 months. December 2011-July 2012, additional 6months Forteo.
    RA has been in remission since 2009. MRI of Hands determined Degenerative Arthritis. Degen. Arthritis very painful with swelling and inflammation of joints of hands, elbows and knees.
    Off all chemotherapy and Meds used to treat this RA.
    i am a resilient optomistic person I use a walker for moility outside the home.

  21. Sara

    No one talks about this. I will like some information regarding a daily injection Forteo.
    Thanks Vivian!

    • Patti

      Sara – you must be new to the Osteoporosis Reversal Program cause Vivian has talked about Forteo several times. Lab rats contracted bone cancer from Forteo yet it’s still on the market. I was on Forteo for 5 1/2 months and it took a full year for my body to recover. My D3 levels dropped to 15, my thyroid levels dropped. After 2 months of daily injections I was becoming lethargic and couldn’t concentrate. I finally took myself off the Forteo since my doctors would not and changed to a new doctor who helped restore my health. Stick to the Save Our Bones diet! Don’t use any osteoporosis drugs!

  22. Velma Sturm

    Vivian: Enjoyed your story of Fosamax. Let’s end the Pharma drugs “Scam!

    You do have a great sense of humour! Thank you!

    Velma Sturm

  23. kay

    what is the best calcium to take? does one absorb better than another one? what do you know about MCHC(MCHA)? Does it absorb better than calcium citrate?

    • deborah

      Take Organic calcium!

    • Christine Hinsch

      Vivienne – Do you know about the Juvent machine – Motion Dynamic Therapy? – It is similar to a Power Plate. You stand on it for 20 minutes a day. I have purchased your book, and have been off Fosomax for 3 years.

      I have been advised that this is helpful in strengthening bones.

      With thanks.

  24. joyce mccarter

    thank you for the funny publishing ,and thanks to you i,m not taking any of the bone bulding drugs that are out there, although the Doc gave me a pre. . thank you,, joyce Mccarter

  25. B Hammer

    I am 77 years old, suffer from copd,and prednisone induced osteoporosis. I was advisd by my physician to get a shot of Reclast. I did so and suffered many of the side effects, I will not take another- my questioi is can the effects of one shot be reversed? Are my bones permanently damaged? If I stop taking prednisone, can my bones recover from the damage done by long term (3 years) of prednisone? Thank you for any help you might give,

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Yes Hammer, the effects of one shot can be reversed. The best way to do that and to counteract the effects of prednisone is to follow the pH-balanced Osteoporosis Reversal Program. And if you’d like a “jump start” on clearing the Reclast from your system, check out my 7 Day Rapid Cleanse at

    • Ellen Gillis

      I am on prednisone for COPD and concerned about osteoporosis. How can I best prrotect myself and maintain good bone quality? Thanks

      • Jeanette

        Hello Ellen I have a lot of compassion for you. The prednisone is simular to the dexamethazone that I have been on for cancer the last 5 years. I am also taking another steroid, Aromisin. Until I took these drugs I did not have osteoporosis. Now I have to be extra careful about diet, exercise and calcium/vitamin supplementation. We have a disadvantage (handicapp) and have to be much more careful than everybody else. God Bless. Jeanette

      • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

        Ellen, as I suggested to Hammer, the best way to ameliorate the effects of prednisone is to follow the acid/alkaline balanced diet advocated in the Osteoporosis Reversal Program.

  26. adam

    Read this VERY intersting report by a 20 year veteran of the FDA, and VIOXX whistleblower, about the agencie’s innefectiveness in regards to drug safety; EYE OPENING to say the least:

    • Jeanette

      Adam My Mother almost died from Vioxx. She was bleeding to death internally. She had a nasty ulcer in the duodenum. Gratefully, her Dr. found it, cautherized it, and she survived. However, later, the osteoporosis, for which she took the vioxx, caught up to her and she passed away after breaking the femur 2X. God Bless Her in Heaven! Jeanette

  27. MARIA

    I am seeing an acupuncturist & Herbalist for my osteoarthritis. He recommended that I take 1 table spoon of Fermented in vinegar Black Beans for calcium. Can You give me your feedback on this.

    • Sarla

      It’s an eye opening article. Great service you’re doing. we’re at loss what to believe and what not to.
      Thank-you for the information.

  28. Mary

    I took Fosamax for about 2-3 months and developed an ulcer….I am still on anti- acids, but since following Vivian’s suggestions, I am feeling alot better…

    One thing we can all do to promote Vivian and her good works, is post this information on our Facebook pages for our friends to see…Just hit like, log in to FB and the link will be on your page….I do this often, feeling that if I just help one person, it will be well worth it… I have a friend who tells me she is going to have to start doing something, wants the information and enjoys reading the article… So spread the word.!!


  29. Helen

    Thanks again Vivian for another great article on osteoporosis drugs. I am so greatful for the Save Our Bones program and for all the information, recipies and exercises your send to me absolutley free. You and your program are great!

  30. Robyn

    Dear Vivian

    Four years ago I had a bone ultrasound (as I dont like Xrays) with a T Score of 1.8.Two days ago I was dreading the thought of having another test as I thought it would be worse(both of my parents had osteoporosis).
    Imagine my surprise when she gave me the results. T Score 1.8 I had not lost any bone and my % Age Matched has increased from 86 to 93.She said that at my age 61 I should have lost at least 5%. She asked me what sort of calcium I was taking and I told her none,I only have milk in my tea and coffee. The only supplement I have taken for 3 years is two 3mgs of boron daily.I have a normal (no junk food)diet and I work as a cleaner.
    I hope this information is of some use to the Save Our Bones Community


  31. Marie

    My Mom has been on Fosamax for 4 years. I recall that she was very weak and had terrible rashes all over her body for 6 months. She had gone to Disneyworld with my sister and while she was there she had a terrible gum, bone and tooth infection. Also, at that time, she developed a baldspot, the size of a quarter, just above her ear. My nutritionist first informed me of the dangers of Fosamax 3 years ago. I informed my mom and the Dr. said to keep taking it for 5 years, then she could go off of it. He has since retired, as of 12/10. She has 9 mos more to go. … Then what! I am so worried.

    • A.E. Alderson

      If you can change it, why do you allow your dear mother to continue in this vicious path for continuing ILL HEALTH???? With these discouraging symptoms it is imperative that someone who cares about her DO something about taking her OFF this BAD BAD JUNK- Fosamax!! FIVE years–she could be DEAD if you delay any action. I will pray for God’s wisdom for you and for her!!!

  32. Joyce E Hall

    After reading your funny Story Vivian, I am sad. To many Good People are being HAD. The right direction is to walk this way. That is to say “I’m saving my bones the Vivian Way”…I’m about to go out for a walk and get some natural vitamin D. Psycologically better each day and the only money I have to pay for my treatment is for the food I would eat anyway. My bones don’t grown when I walk a mile or two. I’m eating lots of good food, and I think the more I read the more I find my condition is getting better all the time. I am looking forward to my next Bone Scan in December 2011. I will continue the Save my Bones Program for life. This is the BEST WAY for me to improve my bone health. I’ve done research everyday and I’ve decided to stay. It works if you do it the Vivian way…..

  33. anne deeves

    I have read this blog with great interest as I have taken Fosamax for 15 years straight after breaking a hip way back in 1996 – requiring a steel one – and bone density said I had Osteoporosis. I had stopped once before for six months but I was so afraid of breaking another bone that I went back on it. Yes I get some heartburn – went to a specialist – had no esopogeal problems. But I often need half a Tum at bedtime for mild heartburn. I quit taking Fosamax after recently reading Vivian’s blog. I will get the book and start her new treatment idea.
    In 1998 I had breast cancer – Stage 0 – did 3 surgeries – lost lymph nodes for no reason – and had 50 readiation treatments. I took Tamoxifen for 5 years which reduces one’s bone density. The Fosamax was suppose to offset it so my doctor did no more bone density tests. In fact I just had one last fall and have not enquired about the results yet.
    On top of all that in 2004 I acquired COPD (I did smoke for about 20 years but had quit in 1982..go figure. So I take these inhalers (which may also reduce bone density – I am not sure).
    I had gotten into exercise mode after breaking my hip. So I did 4 years of Step Aerobics until my breast cancer surgeries. Now I have gone to Curves for the past several years and hope this has helped. I feel better. Like others of you, I suffer from joint pain mostly in my wrists and one finger – I think it is related to playing my guitar so I play less but still take lessons to keep up a little.
    I worry all the time about the effects of all these drugs.
    Now I am going to get Vivian’s book and try a new approach to life.

    Good luck to all of you. Sounds like we need it.


  34. Eileen

    THANKS for your great re-do on Sally Field’s ad.
    EVERY time I see her in that ad, I feel such disappointment that she chose to “fail her fans” with misinformation. They could not have picked a better person to rep that product…unfortunately. Remember when Sally, accepting some actress award, said …”You like me, you really, really like me.” I don’t anymore, and always find myself saying outloud, to my TV, shame on you Sally.

    • Betsey Spiller

      My doctor gave me a prescription for Fosomax 1 1/2 years ago. I did not fill it. I have not been back for my annual physical since then and I would like you to email a very short statement listing all the side effects of the drug so I can take it to my appointment. Most of what you send is excellent, but too long to print out. Thank you.

  35. Dulce

    Hello to you all,

    Today I had a birthday so I am now 81yrs young.
    I really think it is up to us to gage what our Doctor says & make the decision. Fosamax is a deadly drug as is all & osteoporous is a name the drug companies use to scare us but we should get on & enjoy life.


    • Jeanette

      Dulce Thank you for your wise comments! Happy Birthday! I admire you and hope I too can be there some day. I am 65, a 2X cancer survivor, and now trying to get by with this broken vertabrae, etc. The osteoporosis did not kick in too much until after the chemo, steroids, etc. I try to stay grateful. Jeanette

    • A.E. Alderson

      Dear Dulce–Happy Birthday!! I am so thrilled when I read a story like yours, where YOU made the wise decision to get off bad drugs!! I was prescribed one of the drugs for my bones,(Evista) so glad when I read that they were all bad and made the decision to NOT take them. Took the drug for almost two years. I am thrilled to read many many articles that tells us not to use these bad drugs!!! Thanks for sharing and God Bless you!!

  36. Mrs Mary Turner

    Really puzzled and worried. Do these articles and comments include ALECDRONIC TABLETS which I am taking?
    Mary (England)

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Hi Mary,

      Did you mean alendronic acid (aka alendronate sodium)? If so, yes, that’s the generic name for Fosamax.

  37. Riitta Hoepfner

    Hi Vivian
    I love blueberries but I noticed that according to your book, they are acid forming. However, the list I got from the naturobath doctor, indicated that they are alkaline. I only eat wild or organic blueberries. Does that make a difference?

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Hi Riitta,

      Wild or organic blueberries may have fewer toxins, but they’re still acidifying. Keep in mind that acidifying foods aren’t BAD, and many of them have beneficial qualities. It’s all about balance. Go ahead and enjoy your blueberries, but balance them with alkalizing foods.

  38. Nima

    I have to come off from my once a month tablet of Boneviva-Iam going for Dexa Scan after 14th Dec. I would like to know how to leave this-meaning just stop it or drop one month-off and on. I have gain some density since 2006 I am taking it but my throat and feet is on fire usually for one week or so and I do not sleep well-makes me tired and feverish.
    Any suggestions—

  39. Allison Ifferte

    I honestly believe many people do not know of your program…Most women fail to do the research and think the doctor are the answer.

  40. barbara jones

    I am sick of Medication. A few years ago I took tamoxificin to prevent breast cancer and it caused uterine cancer. After I recovered I was prescribed fosamax and now I am recovering from a broken femur in my left leg and a fractured femur in the right leg. I had to have a steel rod put in the left leg and will have a rod put in the right leg month. I’m too young for this mess.

    • A.E. Alderson

      Dear Barbara–as long as you take these crappy drugs to “help your bones”– my suggestion….get OFF them NOW— take responsibility for your own health— you will only continue to be so susceptible to bone breakage–how many more real stories do you need to read? For your own sake–quit them now!!! When a Dr tells me just take this or will “Protect this or that” I RUN like crazy. IF we do not act on our own behalf and GET INFO, then it is our own fault if we kill ourselves!!! Get Smart–I Pray you will.

    • Jo Bolt

      If you’re susceptible to breast and uterine cancer you may be short of iodine. Have a look at if you want to find out more.

  41. catherine smith

    Vivian, I did enjoy the story on bone density meds.I am glad, I went off Actonel, 3 weeks ago. My doctor had said, I would lose, all that I had built up, with taking the Forteo, for 13 months.But will take my chances, with calcium etc.

  42. Elizabeth

    I read all the questions, and find them interesting, it would be helpful, if when you publish the question if you would publish the answer at the same time. Elizabeth

  43. Cecile

    Thanks, Vivian, for all the e-mails. I agree with you 100%. I don’t take those drugs….they make me sick! I did take Strontium for 2 years and my bone density test went up significantly. But I see that your don’t agree with Strontium because it builds bones the way Actonel and other meds do, so I won’t take it anymore. I plan on getting your program, but right now, I’m on a high protein diet to lose about 45 pounds…that seems to be the only way for me to lose weight. I know it’s not good for the bones, but after I’m down, I will go on your program.

    • john allen

      Cecile, and others, if you want to lose weight naturally you should eat the “natural hygiene” way.
      Its been around since the 1920’s, with Dr. Shelton.
      Proper combination of foods will aid digestion which will automatically reduce weight. You really are what you eat. Check out “fit for life” or “great taste no pain” Another topic that is not mentioned enough, especially where weight is a concern. Check out the National Health Association.

  44. Jessie (Mia)

    I send for your program today and can’t wait to recieve it. The doctore scared me half to death my t-score was -2.0 to -2.5 he told me that I need fosmax. I got the drug ,did not take it, called my friend upset she gave me your web-site. Thank God for both of you. The doctor told me my spine was so bad that I could have a spinal facture any time. Had me in tears.With Gods help and yours and lots of pray I know your program will work. Thank you
    jessie (Mia)

  45. Catherine

    Hello Vivian ami glad i found your programme. Its only been a few weeks and i no longer have the joint pains i had.I feel better in myself. When the weather turned rainy etc. i was really suffering but to my suprise not now.So something has happened for my good. Thank you i am following your diets to the best i can do and its working.
    Thank you so much. Dr not impressed.

  46. margaret ann

    Dear Vuvian,
    Severe osteoporosis (25% in the lumbae region) has now developed after taking letrozole against breast cancer – lumpectomy and removal of lymph glands up to my shoulder on left side (Jan 2008). Prognosis poor.
    In June 2010, I cracked several ribs, after a fall. Prescribed fosamax, but had to give it up after two once-a-week-doses because of unbearable side effects. Intense migraine and pain, nausea and active sickness, acute diarrhoea, unable to eat. the pain was so intense that I just wanted to die. I stopped the fosamax, and told the doctor I couldn’t face taking any more.
    Doctor suggested I be switched to one of the new drugs, that are not bisulphonates. Specialist then presribed actomel, and said that bisulphonates are the best thing for me. The side effects are less intense : just dull headache, difficulty in swallowing, dry throat, sore right jaw, soreness and pain through my digestive system, jaw pain extending into my neck, can hardly eat solid food, eyes affected. He says I am to stay on it for life! What a prospect!
    I look forward to receiving your book, so that I can quickly learn a healthier way to get my bone density back. I am 74 years old tomorrow, and was otherwise healthy.

    Margaret Ann

  47. Judy

    I was on Fosamax, and I stop taking them. I found out my D was very low,I am takeing one D3 RX, once a week, my doctor put me on 50,000 units! will the vit.D3 help?


      i also hae been put on 50,000 per week vitamin d-3 for osterporsis. my dr.says he also takes it for is osterporsis. i take for 5 weeks – go off for 5 weeks and then see if it helped. comment?

  48. bj hutter

    Unfortunately for me, my gums have receded tremendously due to the use of FOSAMAX… The bone loss in my mouth, I am convinced was due to the use of this drug along with the gum recession!!!
    At sixty years of age and otherwise in excellent health, this nightmare for me will never end. I cannot believe the expense in the near future what this drug will have cost me, both financially and emotionally!
    Please everyone, do not take this drug…

  49. Bonimo

    I was on Merk Fosamax for eight years doing ok until I picked up my prescription One day and thought the packaging had been changed as my chemist had covered the name over with their instruction labels. I took them for six weeks then found my arms, legs, and body were covered in sores that would bleed I had a large one on my throat and several on my face. My doctor thought the one on my face was a basal cell carcinoma, and I was sent to a dermatology unit for a biopsy, the result was sent to India to be written up and returned confirming it. But the surgeon who performed the biopsy phoned me to say she had put it under the microscope again and said it was not. But when I went to see her I said I know what it was! it was the Generic alendronate that had been sneaked in on me because one of my friends who had osteoporosis and had been taking the Merk Fosamax for six years was given the generic one and broke out in the same condition as me, but because her doctor would not change her back onto the original she fared far worse and to this day has never really recovered from it. I think to many drug companies jump on the band wagon as they say to make a fast buck and care nothing for the damage they do.

    • Maire Allen

      The letter above was mine written a few years ago, it took six months to get rid of the side effecs of the genetic drug. But, I went back on the Fosamax and 2012 I picked up my prescription and found the packaging had changed, after three weeks I had a breathing problem that was like a Asthma attack, then the next month I felt as if I had weevills crawling under my skin on my neck and shoulders. then I felt as though the blood in top of my arms was boiling and throbbing, two weeks later I broke out in sores, I imediately stopped the Fosamax, and six months on I am just about getting back to normal.I am convinced the tablets were changed, I contacted the RMHA, and spoke to a lady called Alison Bunce, she seemed concerned and said to send her the remaining fosamax and box, which I did. but a week later she contacted me and said the leaflet instruction in the box said side effects could produce breathing problems and rashes. So no change there ie: they work for both sides. but I will never take these drugs again.

      • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

        What a story, Maire – I am so glad you are on the mend now! I wish you a full recovery and thank you for sharing with the community.

  50. Ms. L. Carmel

    Hi! Vivian,

    I Really LOVED That Osteoporosis Drug Story. It Was Very Cleverly Narrated By Mr. Allen Dronate.

    I Have A Question! I Took Hormones For Years After I Had A Total Hysterectomy. I Started On Premarin In Coated Pill Form, And Then Went To Estradiol, Also A Coated Pill. Then My Doctor Told Me To Wean Myself Off Of The Estradiol, Once Off, I Stayed Off For About Two Years; But I Was Having A Lot Of Pain When Having Sex. So I Went Back To My Doctor And He Told Me To Try The Cream Version Of Estradiol Under The Name Of Estrace 0.01% Cream. And It’s Been Helping My Sex Life, But I Wonder If It Is Going To Cause Problems In The Long Run, Because It Does Have Unpleasant Side Effects. Do You Know If There Is Something I Can Take, Or Do As An Alternative, That’s Safe And Without Side Effects? If You Do, Please Let Me Know What It Is. I Would Appreciate It Very Much, If You Would.
    Thank You Very Much, In Advance, For Your Help And Input On This Matter.

    LOVE, MS. L.

  51. Joan

    Hi Vivian

    Thanks for the funny story that is a good way
    to get a message across Thanks for the emails


  52. deb kauffman

    Hello everyone

    I have been diagnosed with osteoporosis about 4 months ago. Today (July 8,2010) I went to see my bone doctor. I am what you call a rapid loser and my bone density in my spine is now at -2.5. I am 55 years old and post menopausal.
    The Doc gave me a script for Actonel. I told him that I am very hesitant to take these drugs and his response to me was “Do I have to take you over to the surgical wing at the hospital where patients are with broken hips.” I have been on numerous sites for osteoporosis and I want to try anything else besides these drugs. Any advice out there!

    • Audrey

      Hi Deb:

      I read your message with great interest. I am 51 years and was diagnosed with osteoporosis of the spine and osteoporosis of the hip. My mom has very bad osteoporosis and my doctor said I was going to like my mom. I refused to accept this. I was on Actonel for the past 2 years and my bone density decreased. I purchased Vivian’s book and did some research on my own. Weight-bearing exercises, resistance exercises are important. So is eating the right foods (akaline vs acidic). I drink distilled water at home and bottled water while at work. I’ve also been taking Ezorb Calcium. You can google it and read the research that they have done and decide whether it is something you want to try. You might also consider going to a naturopath.

      Good luck!

      • JoAnn

        I also found EZorb on line and have been taking it for 3 months, as long as I decided to go off Osteoporosis drug, follow Vivian’s advice etc.

        Can’t wait to see what next Bone Mineral Density will show.

      • deb kauffman

        Hi Audrey

        Thanks for sharing your information with us. I have been trying to find the best calcium supplement to use. I would like to know how long you have been taking EZORB and what else you take since it does not contain any of the minerals that are used with calcium such as magnesium etc. I have checked out their website, but not sure if I want to buy it yet.

  53. Cora

    Hey Vivian,
    I have this post under the Sesame article but thought my question worthy of added exposure.
    I have read your book and am following your advice.
    I have yet to see any suggestions concerning the use of organic green super foods. You know .. the powdered greens to be mixed in with juice. Being rich in Chlorophyll, mineral,etc, you would think using “greens” would be good for maintaining the acid/alkaline balance. Should I continue using it or save my money?
    Keep up the fine job. It’s encouraging.

  54. Tom

    I am a Heart transplant patient for over 19 years now and I am 72 years old! I have loads of experience dealing with Doctor’s and its always the same wanting to give you another prescription for what ever ails you.I was on Fosamax for about 3 years and stopped as I found out that this drug is bad!In March I had a bone density test and THe Dr. said come back next year for bone density test and I said is that really necesary and he said ok two years and I requested a copy of the test and the Dr that read the test said minimal .002 grams and has no meaning or concern! You gotta watch them!

  55. Nu Ly

    One wants to make a million but disregard the health of others, it is so sad. I like the truth and nature.

  56. Kathy

    I entered a question on an earlier email and don’t know how long you check each one, so, I am asking again. I would like to know if one can fool an acidic meal by following it with lemon water(if so, how much lemon juice), or vinegar in water? I find it difficult at times to have the proper ratio three times a day and would love to know if we can get around that with a simple solution on occasion?
    Thank you! Kathy

    • Mary

      Good question…I would like to know the answer to this too…



    I am 81 yrs of age and have broken my back twice in the past 12 months. Surgery each time. I was recently put on Forteo, took it for 2 months and read your reveiw and gave it up.Could not afford $886.26 a month either. In the past have used Fosmax,and Boniva. The Dr. told me I run the risk of fractured hip and death shortly afterward…trying 80/20 and being very very careful walking. Work in the garden as exercise.

  58. Michele Rossato

    I am 36 years old and have had Rheumatoid Arthritis for over 15 years. I was taking Prednisone for this time of 10mg per day. Recently I fractured my femur and was required to have a bone density test. This turned out quite bad with a spine T-score of -2.30 and hip T-score of -2.88. I have since reduced prednisone intake to 3mg per day and will be off it in 2 months time. Dr wants to start me on Fosamax or Actonel. I would like to know if my bone density will increase just by stopping the prednisone without taking any fosamax or actonel. Thanks for your information.

  59. Christine

    Way to go Vivian – I am so glad I had the good sense to check out these drugs before accepting what my doctor was telling me and so glad I found your site. Keep up the good work.

  60. Sophie

    My husband and I just loved your amusing story with pictures.

  61. Rosemarie Lee

    I have a bone density score of -4plus in my spine and -3plus in my hips (severe osteoperosis) I had been on Fasomax for about 7yrs and decided to STOP! My scores did not get too much better. Will this program help me now? I exercise about 3-4 times a week (cardio and weight lifting) Am in otherwise excellent health (no drugs)

  62. shuli Sade

    Dear Vivian,

    Recently I heard that Natoo, Japanese form of soy beans can help Osteoporosis.
    What do you think about it?
    Thanks and all the best,

    Shuli, NY

    • Sheryl Ann

      Natto is a Japanese food made from fermented soybeans. I have read that people should only ingest fermented soy & that any other type is not good for you & may actually even be quite harmful. Until recent times only natto or other types of fermented soy were used in Oriental. Apparently, tofu is supposed to be quick new on the dietary scene in comparison to natto. Since most soy is now GMO, make sure your natto is organic as the jury is still out on the possible effects of GMOs. And if you get real Japanese natto for safety’s sake make sure it was jarred & shipped out of Japan nuclear incident.

  63. Serah Pelis

    My radiologist tried to coerce my into taking Reclast 6 mos. ago. I have severe allergies and MCS – I’m certainly not going to take anything which has a half-life of a year. I talked him into letting me try Strontium. What is your opinion of it?

    • Barbara

      In the first place, I am a lay person and do not have a medical degree or any medical knowledge.

      Having said that, from what I have learned in the past about Strontium from Internet chat is that it produces false positive readings on Dexa scans because Strontium is heavier than calcium and apparently shows up as a different or “darker” image on the Dexa test. Dexa exams were not really meant to test for Strontium anyway. Also, the techs who give the exam have to be told that you are taking Strontium and they have to try to adjust the machine for that purpose. The tech I talked to didn’t really know how to do that, nor did he know anything about Strontium.

      I didn’t take it because the results would show that my bones were better than they actually were due to the Strontium. I also didn’t want to grow Strontium in my bones rather than calcium because I didn’t feel that I would ever have a good Dexa exam reading ever after taking Strontium. So I didn’t even want to start it when I found out all these things.

  64. ken

    hi Vivian,had osteoporosis for the past 14 yrs have taken most of the biophosphates on the market,l am 52 male,took tablets 39yrs- came off after 18mths because of usual side affects stomach,joints,etc bone loss still occured-48yrs tryed injection pimidronate over 24mths regained 6%-again came off because side affects spashims,joints,extreme tiredness etc.been off drugs for 2yrs and my last scan showed a increase of 16%- my bone density is still 40% down when compared to someone my age.any idea as to why the sudden increase,my doctor says it is the biophosphates still working, l have my doubts as l only put on 6%when on the drug,would be grateful for any advice.ken

  65. georgia

    The Fosamax metaphor is absolutely entertaining humor.
    Two weeks after tooth fillings,[too late for me.
    The FDA put out a warning …not to take take Fosamax prior to dental work nor 2 weeks after dental work.They did not say why,but I researched the web and found out I had developed Osteocronosis of the jaw bone.[bone rot].That was 3 years ago,today,my lower teeth are wobbly,lose and will probably fall out with no pain.[Chemical prescriptions are deadly,don`t be stupid !]Wake up & use logic.



  67. Merl

    Who cares about a bunch of cranky old ladies anyway. We are going to make millions with bad medicine. This attitude is so sad; nlsl–not laughing so loud.

    • Jennie Gravis

      People have got to learn to be proactive in their health. Many times doctors have no clue about the prescriptions they are prescribing for you or the side effects. There are some who don’t care either. The almighty dollar clouds the vision for many. When I read some of the testimonials on the internet of the side effects that Alendronate and other so called bone builders was causing women,I couldn’t get off of it fast enough. When I started reading other people’s accounts of their side effects it scared me to death because I had already started experiencing some of them, even though I had been on Alendronate no more than 6 months. I had achy bones and my left thumb felt like it had been broken. I had acid reflux, my vision had gotten worse, and my hair seemed to be thinner. That was after 6 months. Scary, scary, scary. I wish physicians knew and cared about what they precribe to their patients, but many really don’t.

      • Claudine Boothe

        I had to laugh when I got a report back from my doctor after a recent Scan for bone density. It said that my bone density was ok … pretty much the same as it had been several years previous … so to keep on taking Fosamax. I had quit taking it 5 years ago (after 1 year) because of side affects. I’m doing well now and use exercise and diet instead of chemicals. Money in my pocket instead of “theirs” and good health to me!

  68. Merl

    Careerism is a problem that also pervades the physical and mental health care world. Drugs are developed; worthless advice is given and sworn by; just so companies and stockholders can cash in; and stupid people can publish to keep their jobs; or advance their careers.
    Of course we who know better are treated like idiots and outcasts if we dare question the purveyors of this useless pablum. So, like the philosopher Socrates said, we must question authority. Stay educated; avoid bad drugs and products; disregard bad advice; and heed good advice. And, remain educated enough to know the difference.

  69. marksattler

    hi vivian laughter is the best medicine dont get much from my gp i love to see truths revieled

  70. Shirley Bell

    I had the Reclast infusion November of 08 and it is past time to do it again. I have severe Osteoartritis, Fibromylgia and Sjogrens Syndrone. I have had a Cervical Fusion & Disctomy. My back, knees and hips hurt a lot. My doctor says I have it in every joint I have. I didn’t want to do the Reclast but she talked me into it saying my health was too bad not to do it. My question is, would you do it if you had my health problems. She said she would. I have been going to her for over 20 years. She is a Rhumotologist. I know I have spelled some of the words wrong. Sorry.

    Thank you so much,
    Shirley Bell

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA


      I look at it differently: you have too many conditions that don’t need to get aggravated with drugs that can potentially worsen the symptoms you already have. You might want to ask your doctor if she even remotely thought of this possibility.

  71. patricia m barclay

    So true, but depressing

  72. Judith kessler

    Thanks for the info to determine I’m better off without faximax. My knees have gotten real bad, and sometimes my legs feel for a moment they are going weak. I breathe deeply and I’m then ok.I no longer get heel spirs, I,m really careful now about what I put in my mouth.Thank you for your web site.

  73. Irma


  74. Esther Crnkovich

    I have been taking Boniva for several years. I have noticed I was losing my hair. After reading some of your comments, I quit taking it. What would you recommend taking to fill the need of calcium in my body?

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      First, you have to make sure you’re not losing the calcium you already have. Then, supplement with an organic form of calcium (or amino acid chelated calcium). Calcium citrate is the best inorganic option.

      • Norma Johnstone

        Your comment says to make sure we are not losing the calcium in our bones that we already have. Well, I am doing all I know and I think I am missing something. What is the key?
        Please advise.

  75. Mary Anderson

    Vivian: I can’t thank youo enough for all the information you have provided. I have been completely relieved from severe pain in the bones of my arms – can even raise my arms now to take care of my hair since I have stopped taken fosamax. It took a while for it to work out of my system but I am most grateful to feel back to normal. You deserve the best in life.

  76. Nancy Millway

    Hi Vivian, I too liked your story, it is satirical but with a very clear message, – DO NOT TAKE BISPHOSPHANATES, they will not assist your bones!. I referred my sister to your website, and as a result she has stopped taking Alendronate. Since then, she has realised that a number of problems with joints have probably been the result of taking the medication.
    In my Australian edition of the Reader’s Digest, for January 2010, there is this snippet of information, which your members may find interesting:
    “Studies suggest that plums may be the best fruit for strengthening our bones. In animal studies, dried plums (prunes) not only prevented bone loss, but also reversed it. Preliminary research in postmenopausal women suggests prunes may have the same effect in humans.
    What makes them so special? Plums are high in disease-fighting antioxidants and are a good source of boron, potassium, and Vitamin K – all of which are important for bone health.”
    Alongside the above information a new variety of plum, the Queen Garnet,”is being heralded as fruit royalty”. It has been developed by Queensland’s Department of Primary Industries(DPI), “and it’s being hailed as the next superfruit. The dark purple skin and flesh are loaded with anthocyanin, the antioxidant that gives blueberries their colour.” A DPI researcher has said that the fruit has”more than double the antioxidants of regular blood flesh plums and as much as five to ten times more than red skin, yellow flesh plums”.A Queen Garnet weighing 100g apparently contains about 250mg of anthocyanins, and the typical Western diet just 100-200mg of anthocyanins a day.
    Tests have been done to process the fruit as juice, dried fruit, canned, and powder (as antioxidant)and it seems a small amount of fresh fruit will be available next month (February)in the markets, presumably here in Queensland.
    I just hope the farmers who grow the fruit reap a suitable reward for their efforts.

    • mary gray

      I live in Victoria (Australia)Does anyone know if these plums are available yet? If so, where? Also can Queen Garnet plum trees be purchased anywhere?

    • Kathy R.

      In the Bone Health Rev. book both blueberries and plums/prunes are under the acidifying fruits. The antioxidants and bone strenthening benefits seem outweigh the negative acidity if you keep them in the 80/20 range of your diet. Especially since plums/prunes are a good source of boron, potassium, and Vitamin K – all of which are important for bone health.” We really have to be watchdogs and use the food guide in order to keep our diets 80/20. And not forget the benefits of some of the acidifying foods as well. Thanks for sharing this information.

  77. Helen T

    Have just had right breast removed. Left is already gone. Went to hospital and oncologist recommended arimidex on a daily basis for 1-3 yrs. Side effects keep popping up. After MRIs and CT etc. he is recommending Zometa an infusion drug for bones. I am reluctant to start another medication that is going to give me symptoms I don’t need – bone a muscle pain, blurred vision. I already have this due to taking cataract medication Cospost and Travatan Z. It’s an absolute merriyoround.

  78. Irma

    Vivian, I am very thankful for all the information about osteoporosis. I took Fosomax for about 1 year; then y tried Actonel for another year. Actually, I am not taking any drugs, because of the side effects. Now I am
    eating healthy foods and exercise regularly.
    Thank you for yuor advice Vivian.

  79. anne olssen

    Hi Vivian:

    What a hilarious story and very sad as well. What do you think of the recent report I saw on TV that taking these terrible drugs could actually help by preventing you from developing breast cancer? I am sure there are some believers out there but NOT ME! Keep your articles coming. Have a great holiday and a very happy, healthy and safe new year.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Yep… and I bet arsenic would also get rid of breast cancer… it’s so sad that modern medicine seems to lack basic common sense…

  80. Jean

    I first started on Didronel PMO
    Fosamax next, Actonel and then Boniva all have the bisphosphonate in them and have been on all these different drugs for over twenty years, two years ago almost, I stopped, don’t take any more drugs for osteoporosis but eat what I know to be of benefit for this disease. Jean

  81. Gayle Everett

    I have been taking fosomax or actonel( on my GP ‘s and my rheumatologist’s advice) for nearly 10 years. I now have necrosis of my heel bone and can only walk with pain and cannot do all the activities I had planned for my retiremeni. I have been through a bone graft and joint fusio with little success. I was horrified when I read about what I have been putting in my body. I have stopped the actonel and am about to tackle my doctros about my decision

  82. Doris

    I was on Forteo for 20 months. I could not walk as far as before I started on Forteo and all my muscles hurt. The bone scan that I had after the last treatment showed that my bones were worse than before. Than the doctor wanted me to go on infusions of Boniva every three months. I refused and so he handed me a prescription for yet another drug. I tore it up when I got home. This was two years ago. It took me well over a year before I started feeling better. Please don’t let the doctor scare you into taking these drugs.

  83. Erlinda Siaton

    I changed PCP in 2009. My PCP respected my opinion and she won’t prescribe me drugs. She advised me to continue doing what I was doing, that is: reading your book and follows your recommendation. My daughter an M.D. specialized in Rheumatology, worked with Orthopedics refused to talk to me about your book. I thought she believes in medical books that she reads. She also planning to teach after her fellowship and do research. My other son is a director of medical research in one of the big pharmaceutical company, and both of them have the same opinion. So I am the bad sheep here. Thanks again for sharing your new findings about saving our bones. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

  84. Monica Phillips

    Thanks for all your articles. Happy Christmas and all the best for the New Year. Monica

  85. selma327

    I have been using Fosamax for at least 10 years
    and my bone density is worse.

  86. Susan Lillard

    I don’t have Osteoporosis, I have Rheumatoid arthritis and I
    need to increase bone density. The doctor wants
    me to take Fosamax and I did, my jaw bothered me and he still wants me to try it again.

  87. Joan Dyer

    I was given Prednisilone for Polymyalgia and calcium tablets every day with Actonek once a week for 17 months. Now that I have finished this course of treatment I am suffering terrible pains in my tendons and an MRI scan has confirmed changes in the tendons. I suspect that the steroids plus the actonel have caused this problem. Any thoughts?

    Thanks Joan

    • Mazhar

      I need either Boniva or prlioa. As I have read the side effects of these drugs, I have not thought I should get it. I am glad I read your column today. I would like to know what I can do with supplements and nutrition to heal. Thanks

  88. Carol Malesky

    I have been sick with something else for almost
    2-years and take Prednisone. Prednisone makes
    me sick with weak legs and makes my body feel
    horrible every day and the RH Dr is trying to
    get me off of it because my sed rate is below
    normal now. The RH has been trying to tell me
    to take all kinds of bone pills for my osteoporsis but I am allergic to all of them so far. Now they want me to try Reclase and I am afraid once I get injected because it is for a year it will be too late to stop the side effects and they don’t say anything about
    that. I had sore muscels when I was on Actonel
    4-years ago and stopped after 3- weeks and I
    am glad I did. I tryed Fosomax by my RH last
    year and had chest pains and hair loss after
    one month my hair came out on the brush a lot and I stopped taking it after I read about hair loss in an article on the computer that
    someone else had hair loss from it and after about 5 months my hair started growing again and I have my hair back so it was not the Prednisone that did it because I am still on
    10 mg of Prednisone weaning off it gradually.
    Now the new Dr RH that I have is also prscribing reclast and said it has been out about 10 years and they all say it is great and they never mention side effects and it says it might effect the jaw. I am not going to take anything especially while on Prednisone because my body already hurts me
    while on steroids. Somebody should also say
    something about what long time use of steroids
    does to people.


      why are you taking prednisone?

      It is dangerous to take it long term.
      It is terrible for your bones.

      Do a Google search about it and read everything you can about it
      as well as all the other drugs.
      type in side effects of each one
      and a lot of info will come up
      look at a lot of health info.

  89. Julie

    Great article Vivian. I will share it with friends. Keep up the good work.

  90. Amitie-

    l enjoyed that. Thanks Vivian.

  91. Margie Shiffman

    Vivian: You are something else. This is clever and funny, but I took Fosamax for 11 years till I found you. Now I am following your diet and feel great! I got rid of of something that could have caused trouble. Thanks, Vivian. Margie

  92. Babs McColl

    I was on actonel for a few years, started asking my doctor questions because I had dental appointments and was frightened..after looking in his book, he told me to not take actonel for a fortnight before, and a fortnight after my treatment. As it happened I was not well and my dentist sent me home, but was concerned I was on actonel.

    I had severe back pain, and after an x ray from a visit to another doctor, I have multiple fractures on one side of my back. I fell down the stairs end of Feb last, but no pain until recently! I have now been prescribed Protoles but although my doctor says he has done trials on this, am not happy about taking it as it contains aspartame! I have kept away from this substance in all foods, only to be forced to take it in medication. I do want to try your programme but I am scared to come off the medication.

  93. Marysia Dunlop

    Hi Vivian 🙂

    Thanks for that article, it is funny but very serious. I’m glad I found out more about the Bonviva that I used for three years, I just wish it had been sooner.To think I was putting something that was probably used for cleaning the toilets into my body to help my bones, really makes me feel sick. We trust our Rheumatologists to do the very best for us, but if they read all the relevant information that you are writing about, I am sure they wouldn’t prescribe nearly as many of these poisonous drugs. We all now have the right to choose. Thank you again.

    Marysia 🙂



      Thanks to Vivian we are now well aware of the dangers to our health.
      You can only help yourself better, by becoming informed. REad about these drugs. Do searches on Google about other health issues you have.
      They all sort of become related.
      DO think of strengthening your body with exercise. When you strengthen your CORE muscles they help support your bones better.
      Research ph acid/ alkaline that will give you a lot of good information. kl

  94. Maureen

    I would love to send this to the Dr who is trying to push these drugs onto me. LOL
    So very true and honestly stated.

  95. Una

    Your book is helping me understand why I have had heart problems. I am trying to follow your suggestions but being coeliac and with kidney failure as well as osteoporosis, I have to be very careful.The diet can only be helpful. I have refused to take Actonel for some time now but I know damage has been done. Thank you for persevering with me to take notice. Una

  96. Genevieve Smith

    This new article written by Allen Dronate is so horrible, it almost
    sounds like it couldn’t be true. It seems sad that there really could be a person who really is not interested in helping us and is more interested in being rich. Well, I certainly will not be taking Fosamax.

  97. Kathleen Koonjy

    Great work Vivian. I love reading all the comments. I supposedly have osteoporosis but have declined to take any of the so-clled drugs because of a bed reaction years ago. I take my calcium and vitamin D and do my exercises and I feel great and hope for the best. thanks for all your help Kathleen

  98. AnnaSofia Allar

    My mother, who will be 89 on Thursday, was prescribed Fosomax and faithfully took her poison. When she was diagnosed with esophegal problems and started loosing her voice I finally convinced her that the doctor is not always right. The ear, nose, and throat doctor told her that she had irrepairable damage.
    Years ago I went to an alternative health care center where seminars instructed on the damaging effects of many drugs. I listened closely and have stayed away from drugs.
    It is easier to go to a doctor and get a pill than it is to do the things that you, Vivian, suggest, but your suggestions make much more sense and my body is worth the effort.
    Thank you, Vivian. Keep up the good hard work.

  99. Dulce

    Hi! Vivian,

    Great way to make us wiser & realise our bodies are not guinea pigs. We have the right to make choices.

  100. Anne Pedersen

    Hi Vivian;

    I just love your story, and I’m going to share it around 🙂


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