The #1 Reason You Shouldn’t Consider Using Osteoporosis Drugs - Save Our Bones

When I was first diagnosed with osteoporosis, my doctor handed me a prescription for Fosamax.

I tore up that prescription and never touched the medicine. My gut told me not to take it. And for good reason…

It takes about 5 seconds of searching on Google® to find a long list of horror stories about drugs like these.

What is supposed to help you can make things even worse… much worse.

You see…

Doctors Are Put in an Extremely Difficult Position

If a patient receives an osteoporosis diagnosis, they really have no choice but to prescribe a drug.

If they don’t and their patient suffers a fracture, they could lose everything!

Now I’m not a doctor. And that affords me the ability to tell you the truth.

The truth is that if you want to prevent or reverse osteoporosis or osteopenia, then you will want to stay FAR AWAY from prescription osteoporosis drugs.

Despite what it might seem…

You Are Not Helpless At All in the Fight Against Osteoporosis or Osteopenia

In fact, you are very much in control! This is what most people don’t know.

If you decide, like I did, that prescription drugs (and their side effects) are NOT an option, then you need a solution to pursue instead.

Unfortunately, making a choice like this can make dealings with your doctor extremely uncomfortable. Doctors don’t really appreciate being questioned. You can’t blame them. It’s just the way they’re trained.

I received an email from a Osteoporosis Reversal Program follower not long ago who explained she had to hide a secret from her doctor. She wasn’t taking her medication but she was following our program! When she showed signs of improvement…

He Thought It Was the Medicine!

I’ve created a special report titled “Doctor Communication Tutorials” that shows you how to speak to your doctor to make it clear how you’re going to proceed. And so you don’t need to keep secrets about the decisions you make.

The report is not for sale. Instead, it’s included free when you order the Osteoporosis Reversal Program.

Get started today and you can be ready with the information before the next time you speak with your doctor.

And for my in-depth reviews on the most popular osteoporosis drugs, click here →

I guess it shouldn’t surprise me that doctors think the Osteoporosis Reversal Program is magic. From their perspective, I guess that’s exactly what it looks like!


P.S. Here is another comment we recently received about a “surprised” doctor!!

“I followed your save the bone program and just had my yearly bone density test……Yea!!!!!!I no longer have osteo. Thanks again for your inspiration.. Your book is most helpful…..I was determined not to take biophosphates…..I have been smiling ever since I got my report……My Dr. was really surprised. He was shocked….Thank u”

-Gloria K

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  1. Nancy

    I was diagnosed with osteoporosis just recently and I am only 56. I am doing everything in my own power and researching everything I can get my hands on in order not to take drugs. I took fosamax for 5 weeks and went off of it after it made me feel horrible. What I find really disturbing is that you claim to have some secret solution to osteoporosis yet you are asking people to pay for it. And you wonder why people are taking the drugs their doctors are giving them? Because insurance and Medicare and Medicaid pays for that. Your “solution” comes out of pocket. It’s not only rich women who get osteoporosis, it’s the poor as well. What a scam. There is no “secret”. Eat well lots of veggies and low acidity, get enough calcium (throughout the day) and vitamin D, get enough rest and weight bearing exercise daily and be diligent about it. Take care of yourself and research holistic ways to fight osteoporosis on the Internet.

  2. Benita

    I am a 77 year old female. I’ve been on in the past foxamax, Boniva and Actonel. My bones ever since menopause have gotten worse and now my T score is -3.2 … two years ago it was -2.8. Now my new doctor, a rheumatologist encouraged me to take the Prolia shots. I am afraid of getting jaw necrosis some day. Soooo….i started concentrating on getting more calcium rich foods like broccoli, sardines, now almond milk, almonds and I read all labels for their calcium levels knowing I need 1200 mg a day and I take a gummy vitamin that has 800 iu of vitamin D. I walk on the treadmill 5 times a week. Have gotten some good responses re the Prolia from my Next Door app. So I’m of the mind to give it a try. I had been drinking one cup of lactate milk in the morning but I would use chocolate syrup in it and I took a Caltrate chewable twice a day but my bone density worsened over the two year period. What should I do differently.

  3. lial

    Forgot to say I have been recommended prolia , then Forteo but both scare me as I
    was on Fosamax 20 odd years .Since had various breaks . Would rather follow a good diet Try to take plenty of salads & fibre ,as i have a long ,slow bowel prob. too Going to start on MCT. Oils Want to take Vit. K & Borin + other things mentioned , Have seen them mentioned by a good Dr. on the net. Would like to know if the milk ban applies to all milk, Almond Coconut, Soy, & non-pasteurised fresh milk ?? I also take good fats such as Avocado, butter, eggs,Nuts & have been taking full cream pasturised milk. & walk 1/2 hr daily plus pilates but recently fractured another vertabrae { Compound }I think I put too much strain on it maybe , I’m 78 .Can’t find when looking again your section where U have listed all your to take dietry to take items in 1 section . Don’twant to lose weight . Already lost 1 stone in hosp. Couldn’t eat for 1 week there Break plus bowel trouble due to medication made me very sick as did their bowel treatment .I’m frightened of losing more of that vertabrae & finally having top &bottom disks meeting

  4. Wilma Rios

    Vivian I want to know what is the level for the calcium

  5. Pam

    Why is it that most professionals that are involved with osteoporosis find themselves offering everything under the sun at high costs to those that are osteoporotic. The pricing is outrageous. I’ve been on other sites that charge just as much or more. It’s like taking advantage of all of us.

    I have to study your program before I can purchase it.

  6. evelyn

    I would like to have your program in a paper book copy,but i have sent you 2emails already questioning that possibility over the digital acess and havent gotten an answer.

    • Sherry Corson

      I would also like to have this program in paperback form. So I can take notes and not have to read it from my phone or computer!!

      • Diane

        I would like to have the paper back copy of Save Our Bones so I can give it to my doctor. She wants me to do Reclaust but I am afraid of it & all the other medicines that are suggested.
        I am very sensitive to everything I take. Please respond.
        Thank you.

        • Joan

          I am in the exact same boat. My doctors want me on Reclast. I do not want to take it. I’m fighting with them. What to do?
          The benefits outweigh the risks, I keep hearing!!!! Necrosis of the jaw is RARE, etc.

          • Deb

            It is not available in paper format. I opened mine on the computer and printed it out.

  7. Deborah P

    I am taking letrozole – 2 years. Into 5 year regimen. Bone loss is beginning and I was diagnosed with osteopenia. Taking Actonel for 4 months now. The pain is excruciating to say the least especially in my rib cage and jaw afraid of jaw bone rot etc. I eat healthy diet of leafy greens and other calcium, bit D3, magnesium- rich foods. I don’t want to live in excruciating pain so I try everything I can. Dr has taken me off Actonel for a couple of months to “see what happens”, which is not a reassuring response. What am I missing here?

  8. Israel Naftali

    I’m 53 years old man. Working as a gardener for 19 years in Lower Galilee (Israel) – daily physical work, sun,… One year ago diagnosed osteopenia T score was -2.3 in vertebrae. I have a birth defect – two semi-vertebrae in lumbar and thoracic part. All hormonal tests are normal. But urine calcium in 24 hours is high (443 instead until 300). I don’t smoke; use to drink about 250 ml dry wine with dinner or 500 ml beer daily. Recently diagnosed two left kidney stones 3-4 mm. During this year I took Bone Maximizer III (calcium from MCHC with D-3) 660 mg Ca daily plus 800 IU D-3 and opti MSM – 1000 mg daily….
    In last test February 2016 T-score is -3.3 in vertebrae.
    I refused to take any prescription osteoporosis drugs.
    My question – how I can reverse Ca into my bones without damaging kidneys?
    Because the first advice to fight hypercalciuria is to reduce Calcium intake, but I need Calcium to rebuild my bones!
    What’s the best solution in my case?
    I will highly appreciate your reply!

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Hi Israel,

      It’s especially important to take a calcium that is bioavailable, such as calcium derived from plants (particularly algae). You can get by with taking fewer milligrams because it’s so well absorbed. 🙂

  9. Rose J. Rutman

    I have osteoporosis and I finally took the bisphosphonate Prolia which is administered in a 6 month injection. OK! Now I get why my doctor insisted I take te shot! In March 2015 my doctor whom I have trusted and worked with for years insisted that I take the 1st dose and in November 2015 insisted I take the 2nd – I bet she is intimidated by fear of lawsuit if I should have a fracture. What I’m now very concerned about is that an uncomfortable lump appeared on my left foot on the inner side above the instep several months ago and i am now feeling that Prolia could be responsible. I will assuredly NOT continue with it! Altho I am scheduled for a BDT in April BUT is there anything I can do NOW to counteract its effects??? I am 71, I work in my office 4 days/week, I walk and exercise almost daily, I take a good calcium, I am not overweight. I would very much appreciate your reply….

    • Joan Grant

      I have had three Prolia injections over an eighteen month period much to my regret. I have had R.A for a few decades and only recently decided to Google Prolia because what I was experiencing felt in no way connected to R.A symptoms. The side effects that I experienced were severe bone pain through out my body which Panadeine Forte had no effect in relieving the pain, dizziness ( had three bad falls ), constantly felt as though I had had a few too many and no, the Panadeine Forte didn’t cause the dizziness, Tremors and tiredness. This dangerous Drug should stop being prescribed and used on Guinea Pigs – Patients. Joan

    • Julia Brennan

      Aged 70 and recently diagnosed with severe Osteoporosis with negative -3.5 bone density following an accident (dogs attack) i received my first Prolia injection. Would like to know of potential side affects and if indeed Prolia plus high calcium diet is the answer. Searching for foods containing high calcium is difficult and do you know if some calciums are better absorbed than others?

  10. Miriam Magri

    I was recently told by my Rheumatoid Specialist to try Forteo since it is the best, or Prolia.. I rather go with Prolia..What is your take on either one..since they are suppose to promote bone growth…by bone density came back in a danger zone..
    since I have had 2 sciatic SURGERIES, I had stopped exercising , because of the pain…now I started again, & will push forward with walking & working out slowly; regardless of pain, since I see the bone density is because of lack of exerciser for the past 4 – 5 years
    Thank you for your input…

  11. Patsy Workizer

    My Rheumatologist has suggested Reclast to strengthen my bones which according to
    information on the Internet has dangerous side effects. Would you please give your
    opinion on the procedure?

    Thank you,

    Patsy Workizer

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Hi Patsy,

      Good for you for doing your research first! You’ll find lots of information on Reclast on this site. Here’s a link to the search results for “Reclast” to get you started:

  12. Asha

    I have been reading your comments I have severe osteoporosis fractured both hips
    Chronic respiratory 2, sleep apmia,thyroid borderline, cholesterol border, BP, I’m taking all med even I refused my daughter said I have to take. I believe in herbal medicine and tried but after some time I give up. Do you think your project with save
    Bone can help?? I have stopped taking protelos, aspirin, and simvastatin. My GP said
    Bz of these drugs my report on blood is almost normal so continue it. My BP was not
    that bad I used to take remipril 5 mg. Now I am taking 10mg. Can I stop remipril? Any
    substitute? How to control BP? I feel very weak. Any suggestions please guide me.

  13. Marlene

    My bone density=Osteoporosis range. Over the years I watched my bone density get worse so I finally decided to try a Reclast infusion a year ago and ready to take another one soon because I’m a very active 70 year old- a black diamond skier, bicyclist doing 25 miles a trip, daily exercise with light weights, a yoga and Pilates student and I STILL have bad bones! I don’t want to give up these activities. I researched different kinds of calcium thinking that might help. Do you know anything about the different effectiveness of Calcium Aspartate Anhydrous and Calcium Citrate? Calcium Citrate didn’t seem to do anything. Any suggestion? Thanks!!

  14. Helen Wolfe

    Hi – I was prescribed Fosamax about 8 years ago after a bone density test showed I had osteopenia at age 50 years. After two years on Fosamax I had chest pains and problems with my digestion. I had a hiatus hernia, caused by Fosamax. I ceased taking Fosamax and am pretty much right again. I did weights at the gym for quite a few years, now I have started yoga. Haven’t had another bone density test and don’t plan to.

  15. Dianne

    Am in remission from Stage 3 ovarian cancer for more than 3 years (following extensive surgery & chemo in 2011). However, in July 2013 I broke my hip & had partial hip replacement. Had physical therapy in the hospital & afterward & my mobility seemed to be improving until I began taking PCP-prescribed alendronate sodium in January 2014. Have had increasing pain & decreased mobility ever since. Walk with a cane outdoors & during this nightmarish PA winter even have a lot of pain & some difficulty walking indoors. Stopped alendronate 10 days ago. Hope it isn’t too late.

  16. ebere

    hey this program may be helpful but what are the the aim and objective of it all thanks

  17. Wilma Poole

    I am very interested by your comments and recommendations for osteoporosis which I have and my Dr. is recommending Prolia. I was on Fosamax for many years and saw no improvement and when my friend had severe dental problems from it’s use I stopped immediately. I have been doing a 45 minute pool regime for over 20 years but understand that is not as helpful as I had expected.

  18. Glenore

    I notice in all the comments that no answer was given for people with osteoarthritis. Is the program suitable for this ailment?

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Hi Glenore,
      While the Program is specifically geared toward managing osteoporosis, many people in the community have found relief from arthritis symptoms while on the Program. This is because both conditions can benefit from a more alkaline body pH, and showing you how to achieve that pH which is exactly what the Program is designed to do! 🙂

  19. Andrea Silver

    I, fortunately, do not have Osteoporosis yet, but my friend’s doctor wanted to put her on medication – after reading the side effects, she has decided not to take any drugs at this time – thank you for your knowledge – I have printed the information out for her as she has no computer – thanks again for making people see the light

  20. Gail Sims

    After having a Dexa Scan, I was told that I was at a -4.4…severe osteosporosis. I have experienced several fractures in my back. After all the research I have done, the side affects of the shots given for this scare me to death! Is there any hope that your program could help someone with a -4.4?

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Gail, I am so glad you’re a part of the community here. 🙂 It’s impossible to predict precisely what the Program will do for each individual – there are just too many variables! But I can tell you that your body was made for health, and I firmly believe in the body’s ability to thrive when it’s given what it needs. 🙂 Keep doing your research, read, explore, and don’t be afraid to take your health into your own hands. Believe in your bones and yourself!

  21. Marie-Helene Leger

    Last year my PC told me that i have osteopinia and there after osteoporosis. He had given me bisphosphates wich I did not take but he doesnt know that I dont take it. I cant take calcium supplements as well. I was put on a regimen of 50.000 iu vit D weekly due to vit D deficiency. 3 months ago my pc told me that my blood calcium level and B12 are too high So he took me off of calcium supplements but every foods or products have calcium. Since I am not taking calcium supplements I dont know how I can treat my osteosporosis. I was recommended to take Biosil , Hyaluronic acid and strontium. but with strontium I have to take calcium and D with it, however the multivitamin I take has 250mg calcium: to your knowledge, is 250mg sufficient to take strontium? I am looking forward for your reply .Thank you for your dedication and time. I also appreciate the infos of this wonderful and important Forum… I learn a great deal from it.

    • Mary R

      If you are taking vitamin D, it is very critical to also take vitamin k/k2 to prevent calcium from leaching out of the bones into the bloodstream and increasing cardiac risks. Doctors have jumped on the vitamin D bandwagon without doing the necessary research about these issues.

      Look for books about vitamin k/k2on Amazon to find out how this may help you.

  22. Marie-Helene Leger

    Last year my PC told me that i have osteopinia and there after osteoporosis. H had given me bisphosphates wich I did not take. I cant take calcuim supplement as well. I was put on a regimen of 50.000 iu vit D due to low vit D. 3 months ago my pc tolad me that my calcium level as B12 are too high according to my blood test. So he took me off calcium supplements but any foods or products you eat have calcium. Since I am not taking calcium I dont know how I can treat my osteosporosis. I was recommended to take Biosil , Hyaluronic acid and strontium. but with strontium I have to take calcium, however the multivitamin i take has calcium: 250mg. Is it enough to take strontium? I am looking forward of your reply .Thank you for your dedication. and I appreciate the infos of this wonderful and important Forum…

  23. Big

    I have just been diagnosed with Osteoarthritis and in searching the net to see what is available I have stumbled upon your solution for Osteoporosis. Is there a similar regime for my condition?

  24. Annette Phillips

    Hi –
    I was diagnosed with Paget’s disease (a bone disease) in my back, which is treated the same way osteoporosis is. There is absolutely NOTHING else to treat Paget’s but these bisphosphonate drugs, and I do not want to take them! They wanted to give me an IV infusion of Reclast, but I read too many horror stories and I don’t want it! I was wondering if there were any alternative treatments or remedies I might be able to try, and if anyone knows anything about it. Thank you!

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Annette, I am sorry you’re dealing with Paget’s disease! It sounds like you have a lot on your plate.

      The Osteoporosis Reversal Program is not designed for Paget’s, but it might be worth trying it. The worst “side effect” would be a well-balanced body pH, with all the benefits it has to offer. Scientists don’t know the cause of Paget’s, so there’s no known ‘cure’ other than the commonly-prescribed medications, as you pointed out. Perhaps you could seek out a wholistic doctor who could offer a different opinion.

  25. Irene R. Edwards

    Please cancel my subscription as I am discontinuing my use of credit cards, Amex, etc. Thank you.

  26. Lois Bateson

    Dear Vivian. I have been on your SAVE OUR BONES program for several years now and will be forever grateful for your diligent research into all the pros and cons of preventing and treating osteoporosis. It gave me the confidence I needed to jettison the Forteo RX that was recommended to treat my -3 SD bone density. What a pleasure it has been to build the delicious smoothies I now drink daily instead of injecting myself with drugs.
    Happily, I still am an active, mobile 84+ and take only a minimum of pharmaceuticals, namely Synthroid and eyedrops for Glaucoma, both of which I like to do without if I dared. Any advise me on this? I have been a “naturalist” since jumping on Adele Davis’ bandwagon in the 40’s so am game to try an alternative plan. Thanks again for your expertise and support. Lois

  27. Cathy Li

    In 2007, I had pneumonia, and because of hacking cough I broke my ribs. So, my family doctor sent me for an x-ray that’s when I found out I have osteoporosis from waist to my upper body part, and osteopenia , waist down. For 5 years I had been taking Fosamax and just changeed to Actonel in 2012. My done density didn’t changed all these years taking these meds, and I am due for another bone density test this coming August.
    I am glad to find a healthy way of saving my bones. Thanks…will definitely follow your program.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Cathy, I thank you for finding us! I wish you full health and success on the Program. 🙂

  28. Claudia

    I don’t want to take the meds. I already have two fractures pilvic. I am trying to decide what to do. I am so glad I found you. The Dr. Gave me meds. I came home and looked it up. I just can not take anything that is poison .my bones are so brittle I can break a hip turning over in bed. He scared me so bad. I will not take the meds. You said you were scared also. I don’t feel so alone now. I have been on bed rest for 8 weeks. That goes against every thing I believe, but it hurt so bad to walk. Now I am able to walk again. I may be slow but I am walking. I have always tried to follow a good diet , exersice, and keep my weight down to a healthy size. It appears it did not work. I am 69 years old. This happened getting out of bed. I did not fall. I am almost afraid to move. Thank you for such great information . I will journey on.

  29. Cynthia Douglas

    What is the difference between osteoporosis and osteopenia? Also, what’s considered normal T-scores……I’m new to all of this. thanks

  30. Krista

    Hello, I am a new breast cancer survivor and being post menopausal, my oncologist gave me an aromatse inhibitor (A.I.) with a major side effect of osteoporosis. I wasn’t happy with the decision to take that drug since my bone density test showed I had osteopenia already. Within 10 days, my bones were aching terribly (not good for a high-energy DJ), so she changed me to another A.I. with different enzymes. After 6 weeks with no problems, she gave me a shot of Prolia. I was MISERABLE immediately. Apparently the side effects I was experiencing was from the A.I.-Letrozole, but they ALL were exacerbated ONLY by the Prolia, so NO MORE PROLIA SHOTS. After stopping my A.I. for 6 weeks, the Prolia waned in my system and I’m no longer having problems…just eating a bunch of antacids as well as my daily vitamins and suppliments and I haven’t had any more side effects from the A.I. since starting up again.

  31. fe

    I have had given to my Osteopenia with Osteo*Essentials* tab . is it right doctor?

  32. fe

    i have given osteo -essentials for my osteopenia.

  33. sandra

    ihave ostroperois and was given prolia 2 mos ago, it has side effects
    im not happy with, the problems ihave fibro ,cfs injuries are worse
    plus insomia and do not want any sleeping pills etc,
    i was told ihave a choice either take it or let my bones break so i took it
    and due for next one in june, really dont feel i will carry through with that again,
    your book sav our bones is a diet and alot of thesefoods i cant have,or do i eat on a reg basis , i eat when im hungry, which this past week only eating oatmeal bars and yogart, so ? if your program would work for me to be honest
    if it would id try to follow it
    thank you much for your info

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Sandra, I am sorry you had that experience with Prolia! Good for you for taking your health into your own hands.

      If you choose to try the Program, you don’t have to do everything that’s in it to improve your bone health. 🙂 Even if you add a few elements of the Program to your diet, and get the proportions MOSTLY right, you should see improvement!

  34. marg

    Hi Vivian–

    Have been receiving your info for several months and especially enjoy the nutritional advice. I was more fortunate than you in that my primary physician also uses homeopathy and shared with me a strong distrust of the Fosamax meds. When my bone scans indicated decreasing density, he suggested strontium, which I’ve been using with calcium in the Garden of Life Growbone program. My last scan showed normal density. I’ve also given up red meat, flour, and most dairy products and eat fresh fruits and veggies as you recommend. Are you familiar with the strontium in use for better bone density? If so, have you found any problems with it?

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Hi Marg,
      The small amounts of naturally-occurring strontium found in most algae-based calcium supplements are not a problem, but I do not recommend a separate strontium supplement. 🙂

      For more info about this,you might like to read this blog post:

      I hope this helps!

  35. Grace

    Unfortunately, I just recently had breast cancer. Now that the surgery, chemo and radiation are over, I am on a pill – arimidex for the next 5 years. This drug eliminates whatever estrogen the body has left so that it doesn’t feed any cancer cells that still may be left in my body. Do you still guarantee that your program will help my osteoporosis under these conditions?

    • Susan

      Hi, Saw your post re estrogen and must comment. I have severe osteoporosis, and my Mom told me about bio-identical hormone replacement therapy. Bio-identicals are the same hormones your body makes. I use Estradiol in patch form. My mother has been using it for 40 years and though she is 76 now, she has the bones of a 35 year old. The study regarding HRT was horribly skewed, and is not accurate. Do NOT take any of the synthetic hormones like Premarin – they do cause cancer and blood cots but bio-identicals do NOT. If you still have a uterus (I don’t) you’ll want to take a bio-identical progesterone like Pro-gest. It’s made by Emerita. Every woman should be taking both as soon as there is even a hint that she may be in menopause.


      • Veda Sullivan


        I take about 250Mg of Algae Calcium a day and trey to get the rest from food. I feel that any calcium coming from rock or bone is harmful and taking to much is not healthy. I recall that most of the rock and bone calcium does not get absorbed into the bone and ends up in the bloodstream causing problems. I feel comfortable taking a plant based calcium. I take Natures way organic Alive bone max absorption. I do not take the recommended 1000mg I feel less is better. I also take extra k-2 and D3. I am not a big milk drinker and would rather get calcium from plants. Take a look at a plant based calcium there are plenty out there, you may like them too.

    • sodie

      I too am on letrozole (hormone receptor) for breast cancer. Was given a Prolia injection and also have osteopenia. Did not like the pain in my jaw that has occured off and on since taking the Prolia, so don’t think I will agree to taking it anymore. It can be so confusing. I don’t want to end up frail and possibly disabled with osteoporosis. Don’t want to take calcium supplements, they’ve recently come under fire as has milk and dairy products. How do we get enough calcium? I don’t think leafy green vegetables will supply enough.

      • Veda Sullivan


        I take about 250Mg of Algae Calcium a day and trey to get the rest from food. I feel that any calcium coming from rock or bone is harmful and taking to much is not healthy. I recall that most of the rock and bone calcium does not get absorbed into the bone and ends up in the bloodstream causing problems. I feel comfortable taking a plant based calcium. I take Natures way organic Alive bone max absorption. I do not take the recommended 1000mg I feel less is better. I also take extra k-2 and D3. I am not a big milk drinker and would rather get calcium from plants. Take a look at a plant based calcium there are plenty out there, you may like them too.

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