The Save Our Bones Daily Double Challenge: Day #4 - Save Our Bones

Challenge #1

What: Celebrate spring with a glass of your favorite red wine.

Why: Even though all alcoholic drinks are acidifying, red wine contains the bone healthy polyphenol resveratrol, a potent water-soluble antioxidant. Besides the health benefits of resveratrol – including the much talked about “French Paradox” theory – studies on laboratory rats have found that this potent antioxidant also inhibits bone loss.1

As I write in the Osteoporosis Reversal Program, polyphenols play an important role in bone health by helping with the production of osteoblasts, cells that deposit new bone. Bear in mind, however, that wine is still an acidifying drink, so consume it in moderation.

How: Resveratrol is found in grape peel and grape seeds, grape juice, peanuts, and some berries. Red wine is also an excellent source of resveratrol, but not all wines contain the same amount. Wines made with Pinot Noir grapes, which are native to the Burgundy region in France, contain the highest resveratrol levels. What’s more, Pinot Noir grapes grown in colder climates produce more resveratrol than those grown in warmer climates. Other red grapes contain good levels of resveratrol, but to get the maximum benefits, pick wines made with grapes grown in colder climates. So sit back, relax… and enjoy a delicious glass of red wine.

Challenge #2

What: Indulge in delicious dark chocolate as a pre-workout power food.

Why: Dark chocolate contains loads of bone healthy polyphenols that are also excellent for your general health. More recently, University of California, San Diego researchers have found that epicatechin, a flavonol compound found in chocolate, enhanced muscle performance in laboratory mice by increasing mitochondrial activity in their muscles.2 Mitochondria are inside each cell and their job is to produce energy.

While chocolate is acidifying, you can reap the benefits of epicatechin with a very small portion that can be easily balanced with an alkalizing food. According to the study researchers, as little as a half of one square of a typical chocolate bar can help intensify the effects of a workout.3

How: Approximately 30 minutes before you exercise, eat one square of dark chocolate, with a minimum of 70% cacao. Make sure it is low in sugar and that it doesn’t contain High Fructose Corn Syrup (now also labeled as corn sugar). Or if you prefer, make this delicious and energizing drink:

Chocolate Champ


1 1/2 teaspoon cocoa powder, raw unsweetened and preferably organic

1 teaspoon coconut oil, preferably extra-virgin organic

12 ounces almond milk or your favorite milk substitute

Stevia, to taste


Mix well with a whisk or in blender until it foams.

Optional: sprinkle with cinnamon 

Now you’ll have all the energy you need to exercise for your bones. And if you haven’t yet, give the Densercise eBook a try.

Densercise, in a Nutshell

  • All 52 Densercise moves are illustrated and include instructions so there’s no guess work and you can clearly follow along.
  • A complete, full-body exercise system for your bones.
  • It clearly walks you through a complete 4 week exercise schedule.
  • Thanks to the super-targeted Densercise moves along with the Density Training Method, you only need to practice the moves for 15 minutes a day.
  • Each day has 3 moves that target different muscles and bones.
  • Everyday is different so you never get bored with the same old routine.
  • The Densercise eBook features a variety of weight bearing, resistance, flexibility moves and more, making it the most complete bone exercise system to date.
  • Plus you’ll get instant access to the Densercise Online Video Collection. Each move is demonstrated on video making it even easier for you to get started.

And now, the Densercise eBook is available at 60% off the regular price. Get started today.

So “spring forward” for your bones!


1 Z.P. Liu, W.X. Li, B. Yu, J. Huang, J. Sun, J.S. Huo, and C.X. Liu. “Effects of trans-Resveratrol from Polygonum Cuspidatum on Bone Loss Using the Ovariectomized Rat Model.” Journal of Medicinal Food. Spring 2005, 8(1): 14-19.
2 Nogeuira L, Ramirez-Sanchez I, Perkins GA, Murphy A, Taub PR, Ceballos G, Villarreal FJ, Hogan MC, Malek MH. “Epicatechin enhances fatigue resistance and oxidative capacity in mouse muscle.” J Physiol. 2011 Sep 15;589(Pt 18):4615-31.

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  1. Janet

    I have just found this site and am impressed by the content and help I feel I am going to get.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Welcome, Janet!

  2. Lorraine Hatfield

    Hi Vivian! There are now two flamingos regularly cleaning their teeth in this household. Great idea!

    Thought you might like to know about this water. I’m very lucky because the factory where it is made is about 200m down my street here in Sydney, Australia! I drink it regularly as part of my “savingmybones” routines.

    Best wishes

  3. Leslie (Ms. L.)

    Hi! Vivian,





  4. kay

    I sunburn easily, even with my 15-20 min of daily sun. How can I prevent sunburn during beach vacation with grandkids?

  5. Lois Williams

    Most intrigued with your book and after 2yrs. on an expensive RX that hasn’t done anything dramatic am excited about trying diet and exercise to strength my weak bones. Love recipes but at age 84 I would love to see some simple menus so I didn’t have to strain my aging brain to put a meal together.

    • Lois Williams

      I’m’ excited about your book. After 2 yrs of taking an expensive prescription to restore weak bones and not experiencing any great results am going to try your diet program. My 84 yr. old mind would appreciate some simple menu plans.

  6. Maurine Karadimos

    Interesting articles from others that I read. I am curious also about the calcium Ezorb. Should we just continue taking Calcium Citrate? Or, should I be on another brand? Maybe they are all the same?

    Good to hear from you re: Calcium, and THANKS!

  7. Nu Ly

    I don,t drink wine neither chocalate, even I know both are good for health. I have a question in my mind, I have a small appetite, ” How can
    I eat so many foods for my bones? ”

    I am very appreciated your hard work.

    • carol lynn

      Eat between your main meals. remember it takes 2 hrs to digest your food so don’t start before 2 hrs have passed for your snack. A snack can be a piece of fruit, but I only eat one kind, don’t mix them or a potato with beets on the side. I eat every 2 hrs

  8. Selma

    Thanks, Vivian,

    We are using baking chocolate bars to avoid sugar in candy bars.


  9. Kelsey Fickling

    How lovely, red wine AND dark chocolate – really they are my two favourite things – how did I ever get osteoporous?? Thanks again Vivian for your great efforts. Many Blessings, Kelsey. Australia.

  10. Kathlene

    Do the components in red grape juice have the same effect as the red wine???

  11. Shula

    Thanks 🙂

  12. tom burr

    My dear lady you have taken on and releated your knowledge well. My lady losing to cancer has made one lonely soul. My bones are telling a story of a life working strong, now my labors are talking very strong to me.At almost 80 I still put up wood for the winter, like 15-20 cords. Now its more then a tough job it is structual pain 24-7. My problem I live on $1,000.00 a month so I’m out of reach for your well known help and cures. Just to let you know keep up the great work. I’m sure many have had their lives come back to a good renewing and fruitful life. regards Burr

  13. Louise B.

    I hear so many commercials about pharmaceuticals for osteoporosis,,, then follow the warnings. My God (excuse me) why would anyone even want to ingest these. Its like jumping out of the frying pan into the fire.
    Vivian, thank you for speaking up and informing us on the wonderful alternatives. I’ve changed my diet a lot and do the exercises, I feel great and am very grateful to have found you. I share your information with my friends too.
    Keep up the good work

  14. marilyn

    I am so excited to start the program- I only wish someone could tell me some multivitamin brands that contain the most foundation supplements!!

    • Pam

      You might check out “Bone-Up” by Jarrow. This should be available in nutrition stores and co-ops.

      • Mary Kay Rudeen

        Vivian does not recommend Bone-UP she said.

  15. Ramona

    I was diagnosed w/ osteopenia 4 years ago. For the first 2 years my bone density decreased but then I read your book made many of your recommended lifestyle changes. This years result show an increased bone density! I gave up cokes, dramatically increased fruits/vegetables, decreased sodium, added more exercise, cut back on meats and transitioned to plant based calcium and it paid off without using any drugs. I feel great. Thanks so much!

  16. Barbara lawrence

    I’ve often read that eating fruit along with other foods is not healthy and that fruit should be eaten alone. I would love to have your thoughts on this . Barbara

    • carol lynn

      Only eat 1 kind of fruit as your snack between meals. Remember it takes 2hrs to digest your food.

  17. Mary Kay Rudeen

    I just read a lot of information on Ezorb and would like to know if Vivian recommends this organic calcium. Sounds pretty interesting for the bones!
    Thanks, Mary Kay

  18. Marlene

    I have been taking E-Zorb calcium supplements but my doctor feels that Nu-Skin’s LifePak Prime is the best to take. Is anyone familiar with Nu-Skin products in this regard?

  19. Patricia Harding

    All of your information is so good. I have and am still saving all your emails and articles. I still need to get my blood platelets up to normal so that the Dr. will slowly take me off Prednisone, but my posture is very good and my bones must be strong now, because I missed a small step in our garage and fell full weight on the cement floor landing on my left hip and elbow and did not break a bone. I do have a huge black and blue spot on my hip, but I presume that is because of my diagnosed ITP. Thanks for all your wonderful research. Quite a while ago I did purchase your Save Our Bones program and enjoy it very much. Thanks again, Pat

  20. Christine

    Dear Vivian,

    Do you have any plans to publish a paperback or hardback version of the Densercise ebook? I would prefer a book to the ebook. I expect there would be the demand for it.

    I have also just had the results of my bone density scan. My hip has improved by 8%( It was -2.5 but is now -2.1. however there was no significant difference with my spine.

    I enjoy reading your messages and find them most informative.

    Many thanks
    From the UK

  21. Doreen

    At one time I received a video from you of a company that was selling a book for lowering cholesterol and high blood pressure without drugs. Is it possible for me to see it again?


  22. Joel M. Wilson

    You have mentioned now and before the benefits of red grapes. Green grapes are noticeably cheaper – (at my local supermarket) – by a whole dollar per pound. Is there a noticeable health benefit difference between green and red grapes that justifies the extra cost?

    Joel M. Wilson

  23. Allison

    Dark Chocolate is one of my favorites. Now, a yummy drink, I’m sure to enjoy!! Thanks so much for all your healthful information. Alley***

  24. nadine

    Vivian- you have made life with osteoporosis so much easier and comfortable with your newsletters. Thank you so much. It was a shock to learn I have been using Ensure and Soy milk to my detriment. What a blessing you are.

  25. Gail

    Calcium Aspartate Anhydrous aka EZorb, is a new generation Calcium Suppliment I have added to my diet. I understand this form of calcium is known as an organic calcium compound, created in nature through a number of land-based plants… I have added EZorb to my daily vitamins, along with using your Save Our Bones program of 20/80 (my best is about 30/70). I have been apart of your ‘SOB’ program for three years now and feel great. Of coarse, I also include bone strengthing exercises most days. What is your opinion on EZorb calcium? I look forward to hearing back.. Thanks, Gail

    • Luc Chene

      Dear Gail,

      Ezorb is a fascinating calcium supplement. The calcium is chemically bound to an amino acid (aspartic acid), what is called a covalent bound. When it dissolves in water Ezorb remains as one molecule, the amino acid and the calcium bound to it surrounded by water molecules. Most other calcium supplements when dissolved in water (or acid stomach if carbonate), the calcium is dissociated from the rest of the molecule, so it is calcium surrounded by water ant the other part of the molecule surrounded by water molecules.
      When the Ezorb is absorbed, it is the whole molecule that goes in the blood, then in the cells. Then when in the cells, enzymes detach the calcium from the amino acid. The calcium is then used for bone strengthening and other functions. The marvel in this lies in the fact that this calcium does not need vitamin D, nor magnesium to absorbed. Also, it’s absorption is not hindered by anti nutrients.
      Vivian has no definite opinion on the matter, but I am seeing she cashes in with increasing sponsored links to various healths books or supplements or treatment. is dedicated to treating osteoporosis naturally and is run by Dr Susan Brown (PHD not MD). Her program is non profit, hence unbiased.

      • Gail

        Thank you for your response Luc. I had hoped that Vivan would have a positive response to E-Zorb… Along with the Save Our Bones program and this new Calcium.. It seems like a no brained to stronger bones and better health. Have you heard of any adverse reactions from E- Zorb?

      • Pam

        Hi Luc,

        I have read Susan Brown’s book called Better Bones; Better Bod. In what ways are Susan Brown’s and Vivian’s programs different from one another?

        I been told that Better Bones Program packages calcium and strontium together in a compound, and I have heard that these two should not be taken together. They recommend taking them at least two hours apart as they compete with one another.

        Could you comment on that, please?


  26. Teri

    I so appreciate the insightful, studied and educated information, recipes, tips and exercises! I’ve ordered two sets of saveourBONES, one for me and one for my sister. Since learning that my Dexa Scan showed T Scores of -3.5, my doctor immediately tried to write a Rx for Fosamax, I said NO Way and found Vivian! That was 3 years ago. Since that time I have adopted a VEGAN diet and am also following DR. ESSELSTYN’S “Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease” plan, essentially no oils-none. The good news is that I feel great and have been able to get my weight at target. . .I am so happy to see spring come, plant my garden and wear-out a couple pairs of walking shoes!!!! A sincere Thanks to Vivian!!!!

  27. Rosa Belmont

    Thank you Vivian for all this good information it really helps me a lot

  28. Ita

    thank you.Ita.

  29. Barbara Smith

    If you eat raisins do you get the benefit of the grape peal? Thank you for you for all your excellent information and help! Barbara

  30. Janie

    Please Unscribe me, can’t find where I can do that.
    Thanks very much, regaurds Janie.

    • Shirley

      To unsubscribe, go back to your email and scroll to the bottom to find link to discontinue receiving messages from Vivian. (But I don’t understand why you want to do that when she provides so much helpful information!)

  31. Karin Bailes

    Please can anybody help me. I have been taking Calcium Orotate for some time now because when I read about it it makes a lot of sense because of its unique absorption power, bypassing arteries, liver etc. But, I now experience brittle nails. Isn’t that a sign of calcium deficiency? I am very confused.
    Thank you.

    • Jose L Suescun

      Brittle nail is a sign of EFA (essential fatty acids) deficiency. Do not take fish oil. You will be shocked by this: according to the last research, EFA from fish are detrimental to your health. You should instead get “parent essential oils”, coming from vegetables like flaxseed. You can get “Barlean lignan flax oil” from It is prepared according to Dr. Joanna Budwig’s strict specifications. I took it and my blood pressure drop to 120/70’s. Dr. Budwig (6 times Nobel Prize nominee) cured cancer with flaxseed oil and cottage cheese.

  32. ABIMANU mathoorasing

    I am pleased to learn the importance of dark chocolate with a minimum of 70% of cacao as well as red wine in moderation for the bone structure.I heard about the benefits of dark chocolate and the red wine before,but I did not know the why,now with your research and explanation, I am a bit wiser.My appreciation of your invaluable help to keep our bones healthy and, of course, strong.
    Keep the fantastic work going on for us,please.
    My warmest thanks to you Vivian.


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