The Secret Jayne Never Told Her Doctor - Save Our Bones

Today I’d like you to meet Save Our Bones community member Jayne P.

Jayne wrote to tell us about the secret she’s been keeping from her doctor. And I want to share it with you just in case you ever deal with a similar situation.

Now before we start, I want to be clear (again) that I’m not anti-doctor. Doctors play a very important role when people are in need of true medical care.

When it comes to bone health, however, I think it’s pretty clear that doctors are in the dark. They have been brainwashed by the drug companies who are constantly whispering in their ears about the latest and greatest drug.

And that’s probably why Jayne chose to keep her doctor in the dark. It’s just easier sometimes.

Here’s Jayne’s Story, in Her Own Words

“My second dexa scan came back with an improvement of 10% in bone density. The doctor thinks I take Evista but although they are prescribed for me I throw them away, I do this to avoid being bullied into taking them. So why the increase in bone density? I can only assume that it is due to my daily walking with the dog for an hour and a half and my dancing which is a major part of my life. I have adjusted my diet since reading Save our Bones and have a well balanced diet and a Gold Standard Multi Vitamin supplement. What else can it be? I am so glad I read your book and decided to avoid the nasty drug remedies.”

Jayne P.

Doctors Train to Treat Disease…

…They do not train to promote health.

Doctors have been told that osteoporosis is a disease (it is not), and they treat it accordingly.

So when you show up in front of your doctor and start talking about natural alternatives to drugs, things can get a bit uncomfortable.

And that’s why I created a special part of the Osteoporosis Reversal Program called Doctor Communication Tutorials: How to Talk to Your Doctor About Your Bone Health Alternatives.

Inside I talk about the 5 personality types that are common to doctors and how to effectively approach each one about alternative options.

The fact is, a good doctor can be a powerful ally in your fight against osteoporosis. But you have to approach things correctly to avoid meeting resistance.

I show you how to do it in Doctor Communication Tutorials, which is included when you order the Osteoporosis Reversal Program today.

I’m looking forward to hearing your success story soon…


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  1. anjana linton

    Hi Vivian,
    After lots of research I found your site. I had fallen and broken my right leg and wrist[surgery and 7 screws and a plate]…my Dr wanted me to get on the bone meds…she was really upset with me not to go on it… she said she has put her mom on it and she is doing fine….
    I soon begged my husband to help me get on this program and be on it till my next dexa [i was in osteopenia] which was in 10 months.
    So after eating well and keeping my ph alkaline and taking better bones builder my dexa in aug came out way out of osteopenia and Dr was very happy… she was not interested on what I did …. I was ready with all info but she was not interested to know…”only keep up with what you are doing as it is working”….
    So I am so thankful and doing well… though it was hard to be on it as I had few side effects….. so I have scaled it down to 6 pills instead of 8 pillls.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Welcome, Anjana, and thank you for sharing your story! I hope your doctor took note of what you’re doing to help your bones. 🙂

  2. Pam

    I finally found a doctor who isn’t trying to convince me to take the “junk” medications. I had 3 who kept trying. This one, when I said I refused to take any osteoperosis stuff I heard under his breath “good”. So relieved.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      That is wonderful, Pam. Finding the right doctor is so important in your bone health journey! I am so glad you kept looking until you found a good one. 🙂

  3. Linda

    I would love to hear from people who have had experience with Forteo. My Dexa scores are very bad – I’ve been in the “red zone” since I was first tested 8+ years ago. My kidneys fail to retain Calcium. My doctor says I need to do something while hoping that a better treatment will come along. A year ago he told me that any gains from Forteo will be lost when I stop taking it, plus the cost may be prohibitive. I’m a vegetarian and consume lots of alkaline foods. Any advice for those of us with kidney issues like mine?

    • Mel Nelson

      I hear your concerns. I’m hoping to have the money to join Save Our Bones soon. I’ve lead a very active life and then the wheels seemed to fall off. I’ve had 2 major spinal surgeries the past months, a 4 level lumbar laminectomy followed by a 3 level lumbar spinal fusion. I’m not a little over 5 months out and it’s been a challenge. I’m still active daily, going to 24 Hr Fitness 4-5 times a week, doing PT, weights and cardio. I got on Forteo about 4 months ago and my body just didn’t want to take the resultant side effects and pounding daily…as bad or worse then chemo I’m advised. Forteo was prescribed by a Internationally known specialist and will see him in about 2 weeks, to share my thoughts and hopefully begin to reap the rewards of Save Our Bones.
      Because of all the medical issues, I’ve been unable to work and find myself scratching to just get by fiancially. I feel confident this too shall pass. Unlike most of the lady members in Save Our Bones, I’m a 67 year old man who is normally estimated to be about 50 – 55 years of age, because I suppose of my active and mostly healthy lifestyle, so I thought. I lost both my parents last year, and my father had extremely debilitating spinal issues. I suppose his genetics have been most of my issue. To my surprise this past March, my bone density was noted as severe osteoporosis, – 4.6 in my hip and about half that in my wrist. I hope to turn this around before it’s too late. I just keep reminding myself to Keep the Faith.
      Please Have a Great Outcome. I’ll be in touch if you’d like to connect.

      PS I’d like to see Vivian stay more involved in the responses. 🙂

  4. F.M

    Nancy, I so agree with you!
    Jayne, please reconsider telling your doctor how you splendidly turned around your dexa scores!!! I understand what you mean as I have sometimes chosen not to disclose that I use homeopthy sucessfully to treat myself.
    However, you need to take the glory for helping yourself naturally and not give false acclaim to the detrimental drugs. This will, as Nancy stated, give false data regarding these drugs. The more doctors get to hear about their patients taking control of their own health and doing their own research it may force them to open their minds and change direction.
    Thank you Vivien for all your enlightening knowledge.

  5. Nanci

    I, too, stopped taking the OP drug my doctor prescribed (Boniva). After 6 mos. of monthly pills, I took myself off after I developed a rash and also, further research made
    me fearful of other side effects. The main research that took away my hesitancy of stopping my OP drug was the fact that these drugs basically mimic bone growth. The bone remains brittle, but extra weight is added to the weak bone. This is not improvement. Women were falling and breaking their femurs (!) I admit that I am predisposed to find natural alternatives. When I get a sore throat and feel ill, I don’t run to the doctor; I take garlic. At the moment, I’m using ACV to treat the rash I got from the Boniva, and also coconut oil rather than running to the dermatologist. I am not vilifying doctors here. They have needed skills for medical reasons. It’s just frustrating that doctors have little knowledge of preventive medicine/therapies. When I stopped my Boniva, I told my doctor upfront. She listened to my reasons and didn’t try to dissuade me, except to say that she wants to ensure I don’t have a catastrophic fall. If she didn’t accept my decision, I would find another doctor.

  6. Kalia

    I’ve stopped the Allendronic Acid doctor gave me ,as I know all these drugs just are killing the bones ,as I had terrible pains in the hands .Now I’m well and I’m taking all the good food for the bones plus my supplements ,everything the bones need ,most of all exetsicing and weight lifting as much as I can .
    I’m sure I will improve as I’m sure taking the drugs for osteoporosis will harm and kill the bones in the end

  7. Ann Shelley

    I stopped taken my medication for my osteoporosis I ate only food with high calcium and vitimim d. I am suffering now with upper back pain.. Ann shelley

    • Leslie

      Why buy them at all? I tell my Drs. that I won’t take them, I’m the boss of me. 🙂

      • Linda D Moore

        Oh Leslie, you made me laugh. This is my mantra…….I’m the boss of me!!!! I hire my doctor to advise me on my healthcare not to make decisions for me. I did my research before meeting with my doctor and I told her what I was doing and asked if she had further suggestions. She advised meds and I told her I had no interest in taking them. I’m my own boss but it would help if doctors began getting on board with this!!!

      • Leslie

        Went to the wrong place, this is for the lady who buys them and throws them away.

        • Cherry

          THANK YOU so much for all the free information!

  8. Patrick McDermott

    To ayne P.

    It’s great your going a Natural route and seeing success. Regarding disposing of your Meds, I hope you are disposing of them properly. They should never be flushed down the toilet or down any drain as the Meds will get into our Water Supply.

    Meds already are in every watershed in every major city. They are in our bodies even if you never took any Meds. They have been found in breast milk. The contamination came from the Tap not from ingesting Pills.

    The Officials in charge of our Municipal Water supply are not doing anything about it including failing to educate the public. In many cases they’re not even testing for medication contamination. You can look it up.

    The recommended Med disposal method is to mix unwanted Meds into soiled cat litter or coffee grounds.

    I realize you may already know these things but not everyone does.

    • Jay McKay

      Why not take them back to the drugstore? They’ll dispose of any drugs. Even OTC ones.

      • Susan Di Santo

        Nope… i tried to return an unopened tube of Voltarol and prescribed tabs the next day… Chemist wouldn’t take them….shocked that. Boots UK nationwide policy is refusal or disposal of all returned/unused meds since they don’t know how they’ve been stored. They don’t even pass them on to Medicines Sans Frontier and recycle for 3rd world use. DUMB…. or just that the pharm. industry is pivotal for the UK economy and political share (even tho we don’t have med ins. [yet] like the US.

  9. rob adkins

    The comment ann posted was very angry sounds like she desparetly needs a hug. What do you want your getting free lifesaving information what more do you want. This site is free vivian goes to a lot of trouble to give you daily news!!!

  10. KZ

    Hi Vivian…and all

    UK lady diagnosed with OP just before Christmas .
    Doctor gave me one weekly Alendronic Acid tablets and two daily chewable calcium and vitamin D tablets.
    The vitamin tablets contained sorbitol which made my tummy rumble, then I started to feel full and had problems with digestion, from my throat to my tummy.
    Phoned the doctor who told me to
    stop taking the weekly AA tablets with the comment , yes the AA tablets can cause a problem…!
    So the only pills I take now is one vitamin d3 with calcium and magnesium from a health shop,
    on the label it says take three a day but hate taking big tablets so just manage the one.
    I consider myself to be a healthy eater, only eat fish meat, seeds , nuts.
    Cut out bread with added sugar.
    Love your e-mails and try to exercise everyday .
    At times feeling very anxious about my health, still having digestion problems ( doctor gave me pills for this )
    anyone had the same problem ?
    Warmest wishes

  11. vivian

    my 36 yr old son has osteoporosis due to the large & long intake of prednisone. He is susceptible to all side reactions the medications prescribed offer…what do you suggest? most of the medications are geared toward females

    • Nanci

      Vivian- Do you mind my asking why your son was prescribed prednisone?

  12. Customer Support

    No problem, Ann. 🙂 It’s actually quite easy to unsubscribe yourself – just click on the blue link at the bottom of any of Vivian’s e-mails that says “Change subscriber options.” That will take you directly to the Unsubscribe page.

  13. Judy Roz

    Love Love all the emails and have passed on to many friends. Right now living frugal as a retiree, I have to depend on finding the Vivian’s in the world on internet to help with issues. I met a wonderful lady in Fl who hooked me up to this site. She told me about an iodine test to see if that is the issue. Does one have to buy your book or program to find this out? I have been vegan for almost 4 years and only buy organic. I do not eat soy and have issues about absorbing nutrients. I am with NAET doctor to rid allergies which hopefully take care nutrient issue. Will you be willing to share trough your emails about how to find out if iodine is the problem and not just C, D, and calcium.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Welcome, Judy! I suggest you start with a simple search of this website – just type “iodine” into the Search box at the top of the page, and you’ll see everything I have written on that topic! 🙂 And please feel free to sign up to receive my free newsletters, e-mails, and updates. The subscription is free – just sign up at this link:

      Best wishes on your health journey!

  14. John

    Reply to Lee..i had much health problems including a super bad..pain ..pain was 9 out of 10..i was looking for a wheel chair or excape from the planet.. leg knew.. joint..was super bad…pain level 9..out of 10..mainly caused by much soy..use to use much baby formular for milk.. and wheat..did not help…test all food now before eating..wheat since also genetically modified here.. was bad for leg and overall health.. ..had condition 10 yrs..could not is now like it was when I was at high the body can heal it Vivien says.. if we get rid of toxin have right foods,,,right plan knolege..practices..i put also put away many things say 20 foods..also sugar.salt but use much raw foods also spices after I have food not cook spices.. use much greens after food cools..root vegies like potatoes..only best olive oils…Put away..chemicals mould solvents from my foods environment…metals too…so gave up all processed cluding all genetilly modified foods corn canola etc..& wheat..over a yr,, lost all need for use of medicen or pain killers..
    Did read Hulda Clack book 4 times..The Cure for all deseases…other 4 times also…George Malkmus book..”Gods way to Ultame health..The Breuss cancer cure book..did read books 4 times each put a lot of info to use..they all attack a bit different way/angles….one is in to raw uncooked animal foods.. other in herbs..low protein fasting.. other..into.. low toxic low solvent low..metal..low parasite bacteria virus life style.. diet..also hulda makes used 9 volt..zappers to kills sickness..parasites bacteria..cancer..etc..
    I lost all pain no need of medicen lost 15 kg took a young wife…my pain level now 1….but leg is fully healed..but still have a stiff neck….I still need to put many of the books info into practice…
    i cook in glass only use plasic spoons.. have improved my food water use & no toxins at washing.. use now home made soap and borax for all my washing..all of it..
    Hildas book is the best health book in the world..but the other books supplement hers..i plan to read it 6 times..plan to live to few areas do not agree with have my own “Low” Diet/life style.. plan..
    ..blessing John..u need to read huldas book at least 2 times same with bring change..4 times is this site says to have a super low alkaline diet..but also..minium grain animal foods..
    i some times drink boiled goats milk..also eat fish.. but only once every 3 weeks..when I come to town..if eat high acid animal grain food long enough specially genetically modified foods like soy wheat..on my leg I start to find sore spots on my leg joint..George says no..animals foods..only 20% cooked foods..Hulda says to boil yr milk..i do not use cows milk..also use a little goats milk..when in town as a meal..since fairly clean from solvents use the long life one..milk is acidic so will waste some of yr bones and teeth..also grains do the same..root veges are good also greens and fruites… most cold cerials have solvents toxins mould..mould is a super toxin..only use grains u boil…no… cold cerial… no bread.. other area of problems is teeth fillings. metal fillings..are not good..also solvents…in all personal washer solutions powers soaps shampoos..etc.. too may to list even tooth floss..has mercury..also mecury is many things.and metals…nickel from stainless steel..breeds bacteria so I use no stainless steel..for foods..or washing hands.. or any metal even my knifes are Huldas book first… also Viviens book is excellent..sorry no time to correct spelling..Take care John..

    • Peter Hutchison

      While i hope John continues to enjoy better health there are some contradictions here. Plastics of all sorts would not be plastic without the addition of some pretty unpleasant chemicals which can leach out into food. The plastic itself is a chemical too, So is soap however you make it and it will probably contain contaminants you don’t expect unless you use analytical quality chemicals to make it. Borax is another. The world is full of chemicals and we are entirely composed of them.
      Much of the improvement in his knee is likely to be due to losing 15 Kgm.

  15. maree

    I have tried several book sellers in South Africa and non of them stock the SaveourBones Programe

    I do not want to buy it on the internet because fraud on credit cards in South Africa is extremely high.
    At the moment I am fighting a Danish company that took over ZAR1000 from my credit card.

    I have even tried… where I can usually get overseas productions.

  16. Nancy

    The only thing bad about Jayne not telling the doctor she wasn’t using Evista is that her improved bone density may still be attributed to the drug and reported statistically. This would influence reports about the effectiveness of the drug, thus harming more women in the long run. Best to always be honest with your doctor.If the Save our Bones program (diet and exercise) were the true reasons for bone density improvement, Jayne’s doctor should be told. That would strength the case for natural treatment in the long run!

    • Nanci

      I totally agree, Nancy! Ten years ago I was put on Actonel because of my Osteopenia
      results from the DEXA. (age 55). I took myself off it due to side effects after 18 mos. Then I increased my hiking, biking and dancing. The followup DEXA showed improvement. Hopefully that doctor was impressed at the turn-around I had without OP drugs. We HAVE to own up to our process to make a change in this OP drug culture!

  17. Ed Whitford

    How about someone getting druigs for an old head injury. Thanks! Ed

  18. Lee LeBlanc

    Vivian , On December 2nd 2012 I turned 80 years of age ! About 15-20 years ago I was diagnoden with Spinalm Stenosis by an Orthopaedic doctor! I received no advice , no treatment or suggestions as to what to do to help myself!!I am now in my 22 year of gym exercises which I’m sure has helped but my right leg has atrophied over the years so thatso that now both legs now ache so at night so as to deprive me of much needed sleep!! My knees (especially the right) are arthritic which doesn’t help the problem !! problem!! Do you have any suggestions? Thanks ,Lee

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