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Question & Answer #1

I wonder if you address the needs of the Type 2 Diabetic. The fruits which are recommended raise my blood sugar levels too much. Are we stuck with just the vegetables?


Dear Irma,

The Osteoporosis Reversal Program doesn't specifically address the glycemic value of fruits. But there are so many to choose from that it should not pose a problem at all for you to pick the ones that have a low glycemic value so your blood sugar won't spike.

And to make it even easier for you, here's the list of fruits with the lowest glycemic index (from lowest to highest):

  • Cherries
  • Grapefruit
  • Apricots (dried)
  • Apples
  • Pears
  • Peaches
  • Oranges
  • Grapes
  • Kiwi
  • Bananas

How's that for delicious alkalizing choices?

To your taste buds!

Question & Answer #2

In a 24 hour urine test my doctor said I spill too much calcium into my urine and not to bother to take calcium supplements because I’m not absorbing them. Should I not take any calcium supplements?


Dear Margaret,

Barring any endocrine or renal abnormalities, calcium spilled in the urine is typically a sign of an acidic body environment. Now, I don't know if you are following the Osteoporosis Reversal Program. If you are not, chances are you have an acid pH, and your body as well as your bones are desperately trying to stay afloat to reach the desirable alkaline levels.

As I write in the Osteoporosis Reversal Program, scientific studies show that acidifying diets high in animal protein, starches, processed foods and chemicals cause the body to use the available calcium from the bones to neutralize the acidic attack. And because this is not a normal process, calcium is unfortunately wasted. So it ends up being excreted in the urine.

Should you “bother” to take calcium supplements? If the pH is not corrected, it's the equivalent to solving a hemorrhage by giving a blood transfusion. In view of this, you must first correct the pH imbalance with easy – and might I add delicious – nutritional changes. Then you'll be able to fully get all the bone-healthy benefits of the vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants your bones crave.

Believe in yourself… always,

Question & Answer #3

You advise not taking more than 500 mg of calcium at a time. Does this just refer to the calcium in supplements or does it also include the calcium in food? For example, could I take my supplement at the same time as having a tub of yogurt? If not, how long should I wait after eating yogurt to take my supplement?


Dear Bev,

The maximum amount of supplemental calcium efficiently absorbed in the gastrointestinal tract is 500 mg. But the same does not apply to foods. In fact, your best bet is to take your calcium supplements during meals; just spread the intake throughout the day.

Warmest regards,

Question & Answer #4

My dexa scan report this year showed that my lower back reading was unchanged but my hip status had worsened. The reading in 2008 was a T score of -1.88 and this year is -2.3. Can this be right?


Dear Linda,

Bones are living tissue and they are constantly changing – for the better or for the worse – so those readings are possible. The good news is that you can turn this DXA (previously DEXA) around if you set your mind to do it. What's more, you don't need dangerous drugs or complicated equipment to do it.

Should you decide to bring your bone health to the maximum level of success, you can then try the Osteoporosis Reversal Program.

Think of your health as your greatest treasure,

Question & Answer #5

Potatoes are a favorite food. Why does cooking with the peel on make them alkaline vs. acidic. Does this mean that in order to get this benefit, you have to eat the peels?


Dear Barbara,

Excellent question! The most valuable – and alkalizing – nutrients in potatoes are found closest to the peel, so I always eat them unpeeled. And let's not forget that potatoes are rich in alkalizing potassium. They're also a good source of vitamin C, vitamin B6, copper, and manganese, all of which are Foundation Supplements listed in the Osteoporosis Reversal Program.


Question & Answer #6

Hi Vivian,
I have been on Fosamax for just 10 months. I think I am having side effects from this drug. I have not felt like myself that past two months, burning in stomach, aches and pains occasionally,pain in joints in hand and appetite changes. I will stop taking it immediately. How long will it take to get out of my system. I called the doctor and she said stop taking it for 3 weeks, I think it will take longer to see if it is actually the Fosamax. I do not plan on going back on it. I will go the natural route.


Dear Janice,

I hope you are feeling better after stopping the Fosamax. The side effects you've experienced are very common, unfortunately. In fact, it is quite surprising that so many people are actually able to tolerate bisphosphonates!

If you have the Osteoporosis Reversal Program, you know that until recently, these chemicals were mainly used as corrosion inhibitors, scaling agents, and as components for the textile, fertilizer, and oil industry. I also explain that the drugs are excreted by the kidney via the urine, but that some of it attaches itself to bone, with a half life of 10 years. Fortunately, once the drug is stopped and new bone is formed, the latter covers old bone, rendering the chemical inactive. According to a Harvard study, normal bone remodeling resumes gradually, and achieves normal levels within a few years. The individual variations are impossible to predict.

To answer your specific question, the general consensus supported by studies conducted by maxillofacial surgeons is that once the drug is stopped, it is eliminated from the bloodstream in approximately three to four months.

Keep building your bones naturally!

Question & Answer #7

I just talked with my doctor who is trying to get me to start taking Prolia, even though I have tried other drugs in the past such as Fosamax and Forteo, all of which caused some unpleasant side effects. In our conversation, I shared with her that I was scared to try anything else, and that this drug has listed some awful side-effects. She told me I was at high risk for a hip fracture in the next 10 years, (and her discussion included the usual scare tactics of the risk of going into nursing home, dying of pneumonia, etc). She told me that my risk was ‘high’ and then said there was a 6% chance I would have this hip fracture in 10 years, and that anything over 3% was high. My question: is this really a HIGH risk, 6%? Is that the same as saying I have a 94% chance of NOT having a fracture? This does not seem like a high risk to me! I asked if there were any chance that my bone density could be reversed and improve, to which she said ‘no.’ Is that true? I seem to remember that your site had testimonies that refute her answer. What is going on with my doctor!!??


Dear Alice,

Did your doctor ask you to complete a FRAX questionnaire? It's a recent computerized test designed to predict fracture risk based on more factors than just bone density… and yes, you guessed it… yet one more tool to prescribe osteoporosis drugs. Whether you completed FRAX or not, the bottom line is that it's really impossible to accurately predict fracture risk. And as I write in the Osteoporosis Reversal Program, studies repeatedly show that the majority of fractures occur in people without osteoporosis!

But don't get angry at her; she is simply regurgitating what she was taught in Medical School. You see, doctors are led to believe that the body doesn't know how to heal itself and thus, the only solution is to take synthetic drugs. And when it comes to bone health, doctors tend to think that the skeleton is practically like “dead” tissue.

But this is not so. Bones are actively renewing themselves… if they are supplied with what they need. And as you write, many members of the Save Our Bones community (including myself) have effectively gotten rid of osteoporosis without taking drugs.

Keep asking questions… always.

Question & Answer #8

Do pH strips either urine or saliva give a good marker for the body’s acidity level?
Also, does the lemon juice you add to water have to be fresh lemon or can it be reconstituted? How much should you add to be effective? I have read about alkaline water, does the lemon water work just as well?

-P. Hillman

Dear P. Hillman,

The strips that measure pH are the best way to test your pH at home. Just remember that there are fluctuations in your levels, so don't get discouraged if you don't get good readings every time. Even stress can acidify your pH!

Lemon juice added to water is valuable if it is freshly squeezed, and retains maximum value for about 30 minutes. You can add a few drops to one glass of water; there's no need to measure. Lemon juice adds a negative electrical charge to water, converting it into a magnet that attracts positively charged acidic toxins in the body. It is a very powerful aid to reach your alkalizing goals.

All my best,

Question & Answer #9

I would like to know if boron is helpful for osteoporosis. I am taking 600 calcium + 400 vitamin D with minerals 3x a day. Boron is included in the minerals as sodium borate 250 mcg in each tablet. After taking Actonel for 6 years I've been off it for almost 2 years and will have a density test in October.


Dear Marge,

Boron is an important trace mineral as it relates to bone health, since it is involved in Vitamin D activity. It also has an effect on the way the body handles magnesium and phosphorus. But it can also increase estrogen levels, even though the increase is negligible in comparison to estrogen supplements. Check with your doctor before taking large doses of boron.

In supplements – including multivitamins and minerals – boron can also be present as an amino acid chelate (ascorbate, gluconate, aspartate, and citrate).

In celebration of natural bone health solutions,

Question & Answer #10

I have been taking a product from China for over one year. It is called Xianling Gubao and is the leading osteoporosis drug used in China. Do you know about it?


Dear Pat,

Xianling Gubao is a blend of several herbs typically used in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) to treat a wide variety of conditions. As you write,Tongjitang Pharmaceuticals sells Xianling Gubao mostly as an osteoporosis and arthritis drug approved by the Chinese drug regulatory agency.

Studies have shown that this plant-based compound prevents bone resorption and increases bone density in post-menopausal osteoporosis. While using herbs instead of synthetic drugs is certainly a step in the right direction, altering normal bone metabolism is not a good idea. And like bisphosphonates, Xianling Gubao does just that – minus the nasty side effects. So at best, it can offer a temporary osteoporosis solution. I'll explain.

As I write in the Osteoporosis Reversal Program, new bone deposition happens only after bone resorption. In other words, old bone needs to be removed so new bone can be formed in its place. When this cycle is altered by external factors, there is a temporary decoupling of the resorption/deposition cycle.

But it seems that bone cells can be fooled… but not for long. As soon as they catch the drift – that something is tampering with their natural environment – they simply go on strike. So we are basically fooling ourselves if we think that we can fool them.

Pat, if you are looking for a long-term osteoporosis solution, I suggest you don't waste your money on exotic drugs. A nutritional, lifestyle, and exercise program is your best bet to restore your bone health. In fact, if you haven't yet, I recommend you listen to my video that explains the RESTORE principle of natural bone health. It's chock-full information that you can use right away, and it's free.

To your bone-smart health!

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  1. lesley

    Can you tell me if True Lemon is good to use. I know fresh lemon is best but this is in packets and good for taking places. It is in granulated/concentrated form Ingredients citric acid malic acid Lemon oil lemon juice ascorbic acid. Also Monk fruit for sweetening? I can’t stand the taste of artificial sweeteners and have seen good reviews on it but don’t want to get it if not alkalizing. thanks

  2. Marie Luangraj-Hall

    Hi Vivian,
    Me and my 11 year old son just stopped drinking milk. We are looking for an alternative since we cant’ get enough calcium in our daily food intake. Is Usana Calcium or Algaecal better for us.


  3. bea

    hi vivian can you tell me where i can get algaecal cal.thank you bea

  4. Diane

    After 14 years on Fosamax, I stopped Oct.2, 2011 and started your plan to build bones. Within the first month, I experienced real joint/bone pain and stiffness for three weeks. I’m drinking lots of water with lemon hoping to rid my body of the drug Fosamax too. Has anyone else had this experience?

  5. Susan

    Hi a cookbook would be great can anyone suggest one please?

  6. Magdalena Eureste

    Thanks for all the information you give us. About a year ago, I started taking bone drugs but had a severe reaction, and thanks to you I stopped taking them immediately. I followed your advice on how to deal with doctors. I have a question regarding Weighted vests. Do they build bone mass and increase muscle strength?

  7. Nancy Ghiretti-Horowitz

    I have hyperparathyroidism which has resulted in my having osteoporosis. I have your save our bones book, which I feel has helped me to stabilize without further lower readings for the past two years. I am contemplating surgery to remove the malfuntioning parathroid gland. Do you think this will reverse the bone loss and improve bone density, or should I continue as I am doing? I am 61 and hope to live many more years with healthy bones.

  8. Tery

    Vivian, I have a questions about something I saw at GNC. they have Something called Instaflex Bone Support. It sounds like a good product but I really don’t want to waste the money if it will not do what it says. Do you know anything about this product.

  9. Beret Dickinson

    Thank you for all your health information you so diligently share with me. I have changed the way I think about doctor’s recommendations in regard to pharmaceutical help. I do have a concern that you might address for me. I have extreme reflux in my varicose veins. I am considering having the procedures that vascular surgeons perform, one called Venus Closure and the other is with a foam injection that causes the veins to collapse. I would like your comment on these procedures and if you know of anyone who has had it done and their outcome. Thank you. Beret

  10. Helene

    I have not downloaded your book yet, but will do very soon. Pse to advise about taking Protos ( strontium ranelate) for osteoporosis. My Dr prescribed this but its making me nauseous so I reduced to half the dose. Now I’ve stopped completely.

    Thanks, Helene

    • Donna Doucette

      My naturalpath doctor took me off Actonel and has me eating alkaline, calcium,D,K and strontium by AOR. is strontium good? I have found contradicting books and charts for alkaline/acid foods. Do you have a true alkaline chart?

  11. Nu Ly

    I cannot get the PH strips even I ask the pharmacist.

    I am very interested to read your answer all the questins, and see how many I can work out?
    Vivian, Thank you.

    • Jane

      I found them easily on the internet. Just Google Ph Strips to buy.

  12. Monique

    He Vivian,

    Thanks again for all the helpful and informative information. I have a question,though,regarding potato peels. I have read that we should not eat the ”green” part that is often found under the skins of many potatoes (probably because they have been exposed to light ?) Therefore, I have been removing the skins or checking very carefully for any ”green” discoloration. Please advise.

    Monique O’Rourke

  13. Marie

    Thanks Vivian for the continuing support and flow of information.
    Again, re: lemon juice: I usually pour hot water over lemon juice and drink it like a herbal tea. got thinking: is the heat destroying or the good stuff? Should it only be drunk warm or lukewarm?

  14. Lynn

    Hi Vivian,

    I saw a supplement called Arthri D claiming to help all act and pains of athritis and restore the fluids between the joints in our knees.Do you recommend this? Will it help my osteopenia?

  15. Connie

    lemon is acidic or not?

    • Marie

      although lemon juice may taste acidic, at the end of the day it has an alkalizing effect on the body

  16. lis addison

    I would appreciate your comments, Vivian, regarding ‘Algaecal Plus’. Is this a superior form of calcium? Is it more bioavailable? If so, what should the daily supplement be?
    I really appreciate your ‘Ten Questions’column. Thank you so much for your informative e-mails. LA

  17. june ross

    Great website – I am learning so much. Re potatoes in their skins I think that here in the UK potatoes are sprayed to stop them from sprouting, and probably have other chemicals while growing. On balance which is better – to eat treated skins or avoid potatoes altogether. I didn’t realise that they are acid- forming

    • Annie

      June, That is why is is important to buy Organic white, or red potatoes.
      Yarms do not have to be organic.

  18. Sandy

    do you have any comment on hyperparathyroidism in relation to osteoporosis and is this very common. I read about a surgical group who seems to do a lot of surgeries to remove adenomas. My PTH is high but so far, my sodium was only noted to be high one time, which was 15 years ago. My endocrinologist is pushing the meds which I have refused to take, thanks to reading your posts! I am awaiting repeat sodium levels to see if the parathyroid gland could really be my problem. My dexa scans just get worse after exercise and increase of calcium like I was told to do. So I have ordered your book and if no surgery is required for me, I will be doing your plan as soon as I get it in. Thanks for your help

  19. Victoria

    I would like to ask whether in your opinion, Strontium is an important part of supplementation for bone health. I have read lately that it is even better than calcium etc. What do you think? Many thanks

  20. LESLIE

    Hi! Vivian,


    LOVE, MS. L.

  21. Helen

    Thank you, Vivian, for all your excellent advice. My bones thank you, too!


  22. Molsy

    Hi Vivian, I read your question answers series on a regular basis. I am happy to find there are alternatives to taking tablets for human problems. I would like to know if you have got any solutions for hot flushes. I have been suffering from hot flushes for the last 2years. This effect my sleep and work. Pls let me know if have found any solutions for this problem. Thanks, Molsy

    • Judy

      In reply to both Molsy and Monique from their queries in April, 20ll re. acid reflux: A drink of raw apple cider vinegar and honey in water, 3X/day, eliminates hot flushes. The dose is 1 -2 tsps. each of the ACV and honey in 8 oz. of water. (Some use 2 Tbsps. ACV and eliminate flushes in 2 days.) Stevia (a natural powdered sugar subst. from the health food store, if desired, may be used instead of honey to sweeten the drink. Both the ACV and honey should be raw, for the enzymes, and the water used should not be hot, so as to preserve the enzymes. This info. appears with great testimonials in the book The Miracle of Apple Cider Vinegar by Paul Bragg,D.N. and Patricia Bragg,D.N. Lemon juice might do the same thing. Please excuse me if Vivian has already replied. I’m new to the internet and may have missed her post.

    • Monique Perron Vallée

      I had hot flashes big time, especially at night. I took a herbal supplement of sage. It worked like magic. But then I read in an old ”Nutritional Healing” book that sage can interfere with mineral absorption. I stopped, worrying about my osteopenia. Back with the night sweats. Any knowledge of interaction with calcium?

    • Marsha

      I was having the same problems until I stopped eating any any type of potato. I believe it is related somehow to the thyroid which has balanced in the process of taking our potatoes.

    • Helen

      Hi Molsy,
      Taking vitamin E about two hours before bedtime helped alleviate the night sweats. I took 600 or 800 IU. I started with 400 IU and increased it until I got to the amount that worked for me.

      Good luck! And this too shall pass.

  23. Ginger Mild

    I started your dietary guide lines a week ago and already I feel better. However, I have asthma and need the medication. Will this interfere with the balance of the diet. I do have osteoporsis and have never taken any drugs because I am terrified of all the side effects. My doctor has tried to talk me into the drugs but I will not take them. Any help you can give me will be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you,

    Ginger Mild

  24. Becky

    I read a recent article that said avocados were excellent for bone health. Do you agree?

    • Isobel Mc Donald

      First of all – we love you tomato recipe – I grow a lot of my own fruit and vegetables and seldom cook tomatoes, but there is a definite permanent place for your tomatoes now.
      After 12 years of first Fosamax and then Actonel I have been 6 months without them now and feel great – I hadn’t realised that the vague aches and pains were not normal until now – when they no longer exist.

  25. Carolyn

    Hi Vivian

    I too, want to thank you so very much for your tireless research and reporting on this bone problem so many of us have. I have been following the Save Our Bones program for 1 year now. I’ve lost weight, but feel great and full of energy. Plan to have another DEXA Scan next Jan. to see if there is any improvement. Keep up the good work, so many of us are relying on you. Thanks, Carolyn

  26. Daisy Bruderer

    Regarding one of the questions about loosing calcium in the urine, I would like to comment that I had the same situation (worse, because also protein was also in my urine), my Dr. told me that he was puzzled after he did many tests and could not find the cause of the problem. So I went to my knees and prayed to the Lord Jesus for an answer: This was what I found in a literature from a Dr. Williams (I believed came to me as a miracle): I DI NOT HAVE ENOUGH GOOD BACTERIA IN MY GUT. I knew this was my case because I took 15 days of 6 each day pills of antibiotics to kill H. pilory that could not be killed. So my other Dr. recommend more antibiotic when the test came still positive. So I went again to my knees to my trusty Dr., the Lord Jesus, and he sent a woman with a remedy (in a prayer meeting I attended). I took this remedy for 3 days (or 4) and praise the Lord, I was cured of this horrible bacteria (that can lead to cancer in the stomach. After two more tests, I am happy to report that both tests were negative. This is the remedy: Make a little bit of organic carrot juice in the juicer; measure like about an ounce and mixed with already very well crushed garlic clove, mix well and take it in the morning in a EMPTY STOMACH. You will feel a little but if could take so can you. Wait about 30 or 40 minutes and then continue with your eating as usual. Hope it will help may of yous.


  27. Judy McKee

    After reading your book I will soon start taking the AlgaeCal Plus and stop taking the “rock” calcium. Does the AlgaeCal Plus also replace the Women’s One a Day vitamin? Should I only take the AlgaeCal Plus twice a day and no longer take the multivitamin with it. In looking at the bottle it appears that the AlgaeCal Plus already contains some of the multivitamins and some magnesium. Is the AlgaeCal Plus alone plus a good healthy diet sufficient for a 58 year old with osteoporosis? Thanks, Judy McKee

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Hi Judy,

      AlgaeCal is a great product, but it’s not intended as a complete multi-vitamin, and it’s missing many of the Foundation Supplements.

    • Jo

      I hope Vivian answers this. It’s so confusing as to what is “enough” without overdoing. All I heard was how superior coral calcium was compared to other kinds of calcium (as well as being affordable). Now I think I read that Vivian doesn’t recommend this. Please reply.

  28. Evanir

    Dear Vivian,
    Thank you so much for such wonderful advice. I have been doing your program and eating a lot of alkalizing foods plus taking AlgaeCal Plus. But because of a serious auto immuyne disease, in order to be able to breathe and eat I have to take prednisone for 3 years now. My bones have suffered terribly, but it is a catch 22. My DEXA shows -4.2, terrible. My endocrinologist prescribed Forteo, saying that it is the only drug that works when people have to be on steroids. I have been taking the daily shot for 2 months now. I know it is harmful, but I don’t know what else to do. Because of severe asthma, my exercise is limited. Is there anything I can do? I would be so thankful if you could give me some hope, you know so much, Thanks,

  29. jean hagberg

    i am off all the bone drugs. how do i get off the acid reflux drugs? i take generic omeprazole. i have osteoprosis. getting worse in the hip. i can usually go off a day or so, but by 3pm i start taking tums. which is worse? i am studying your save our bones program book right now.

    • Alex

      Green smoothies – that is fruit and green leaves blended together – help to ease this! THey will help improve hydrochloric acid levels in the stomach too improving digestion all round too. Read “Green FOr Life” by Victoria Boutenko. Good stuff i reckon.

  30. Evanir

    Dear Vivian,
    Thank you for the wonderful advice. What can a person do, if I don’t take prednisone for a serious auto immune disease I don’t breathe and can’t even eat. Now my T score is -4.2 and the endocrinologist prescribed Forteo, supposedly the only one to help people on prednisone. I started 2 months ago and no side effects, but I know the long term is not good as you explain.Is there any hope for me? I follow your program and eat large amounts of alkalinizing foods and take AlgaeCal. Any advice would I would so thankful. Evanir

  31. Ginny

    I have a t score of –2.5 lumber and -1.41 hip.
    As WELL AS trying to look after my bones I also suffer from candida overgrowth which gives me chronic backache and itching AND A BOWEL WHICH IS WINDY AND LOOSE. I have tried verything, fasting, starch free diet, mycopryl, Nystatin, probiotics. All to no avail. Any suggestions would be welcome.

    • Alex

      Juicing and blended foods and making sure you get enough sleep. Take a simple probiotic with every juice/blended meal. Avoid gluten – esp bread! Bread is the culprit for me with flatulence. YOu want to help your body by giving it easy to digest food high in enzymes – fresh fruit and veg, blended finely in a quality blender. Rice – cook it very well. DOn’t rely heavily on it, but it’s friendly for the gut. Can you eat fresh fish? Avoid processed food. This would be my advice. Get that sleep! Massage your abdomen after a bath. Get your gut alive and working well! Good luck.

  32. Sherrine

    I was diagnosed with a moderate case of osteoporosis four years ago and was put on Evista. I have had two scans since and am continuing to get worse. In my searches for answers, I see that Prilosec can cause osteoporosis. Is this correct? I started having the bone loss when I was prescribed Prilosec. Now, my latest t-score was -4. Needless to say, I am upset, since I have been religously taking calcium citrate with D, extra D3 supplements, magnesium, and walking at least one mile a day. Don’t forget the Evista, either!

    I stopped taking the Prilosec today and plan on trying your program. With a loss as severe as mine, can I possibly get back to good bone health? Also, I had a bad fall last June and didn’t break any bones. I’ve never had a broken bone so I really am having a hard time understanding this!

    Thank you for such an informative site!

    • Annie

      You did not say how much of the vitamins your taking!
      I would try the Calcium Vivian talks about.
      My Dr. says to take 5000iu of D3 aday. Also K as it absorbs the calcium in the bones. although as I said, I would take the Cal you are taking.
      There is now allot of talk that taking the wrong type of Calcium is going to the heart, and Clogging it up!

  33. Connie

    Dear Vivian,
    I have your book ” The bone health revolution”. There are a lot of recipe. They are great. What is the difference between this book and your another book of ” Save our bones Program”?

  34. Bettie

    I am having a hard time finding the exact vitamins & minerals listed in my Save our Bones program. I would like to know where to find the ones listed and which ones I should take. I have osteoporosis, but I am also hypothyroid and take synthroid for this. I cannot use a lot of soy products. I would like to be able to find all the supplements listed in my Save our Bones manual.

    • Annie

      Soy is NOT healthy and does cause Thyroid cancer and other cancers.
      Soy was suppose to be gown to feed, Cows, pigs, chickens etc to fatten them up.Soy is cheap to feed animals with. Its also fattening up people
      Monsanto owns soy, and its all GMO food. “Fake”.

      If you want to stay away from Soy, you might want to buy Eggs from chicken that eat organic soy free food, and chickens that live outside and eat the bugs. They are called, Pastured organic soy free chicken eggs.
      If the meat your buying is also feed Soy, your eating it in your food also..You can buy Organic meat. I noticed Costco Is now carry Organic meat. But I would ask if it has soy in it, from what there being feed.
      I would think Whole foods have meat etc, with out being feed Soy!
      Also check all the ingr in the foods you buy.

  35. Eve Garnier

    Dear Vivian, I am really interested in what you have done. I recently thought I had a sciatic prpblem as the doctor said due to the pain in mylower back and leg, she gave me stretchs to do and 3 weeks later I still need the heating pad to warm back my to relieve the tension. I have Osteoporosis and had to limit my calcium intake due to the Dylantin level being increased up to 22. Now this was awhile back. I started taking 500 mil of calcium with Magnesium and my levels are running 11. to 12 for my Dilantin which is low for me, my body perfers 15. Anyway, what would you recommend for my calcium supplement? I read the one suggestion about breaking in up thru the day. Calcium does make me very relaxed. Also, I was put on Vit D because it was very low it is now 90 which is high, i still take my multivitamin. I really want to feel better, I am educated on Alkalin, my husband passed away in 2005 from lung cancer. Please advise and i will watch your video. Thanks, Eve Garnier age 72

  36. Nancy O'Connor

    After being on your program for almost three years and walking for an hour each day, I no longer have osteopenia! My dexa-scan showed my bones to be in the normal range. I also use reverse osmosis water and add reconstituted lemon juice. Is this alkalyne, or does the lemon have to be freshly squeezed? I’m still confused about that point. I LOVE your book, Vivian, and wish more doctors would read it.

  37. Dominique

    Hello Vivian,
    My sister who also suffers from osteoporosis told me that her doctor (in Belgium) put her on Evista, to counteract the damages. What is your take on this. I just broke my wrist recently, and wonder if this is due to my osteoporosis and not only to a bad fall.I’m looking forward to your answer. Thank you.

  38. Hazel McBrine

    I am trying to follow the program. I was taking Usana supplements along with extra V1tamin D3 but have stopped because I am allergic to Lanolin & wool. The hives & itch have improved. Is there a supplement you would recommend that contains Vitamin D3 made from fish oil? I’m considering taking AlgaeCal without the extra strontium. I am 81 years old. I lost my balance & landed on the bumper of the car. I bruised my kidney & ribs – no fractures.

  39. Bonny

    Hi Vivian:
    I just found out that my arthritis in my left hip has progressed to the point that the surgeon is recommending a hip replacement. I also recently had my bone density test and the reading for my left hip is now at -2.3. My doctor said we would do another bone density in a year & if it has decreased more, we would need to look into treatment. I want to delay having a hip replacement as long as possible but I am concerned about the bone density in my hip. I have ordered the Save our Bones program and have been watching the foods that I eat for some time now. I do eat very healthy and I exercise 5X per week with deep water exercising and weight strengthening as I cannot walk for long periods of time anymore. I have switched to a plant derived calcium product now.I am taking Webber Naturals Osteo Joint Ease for the inflammation but I am not sure what it is doing for my bone building. I try to avoid taking advil or aleve (which the surgeon has recommended daily) unless absolutely necessary. I have heard about shark cartalidge as helpful for arthritis but again, I wonder what it will do to the bone building. Is there anything I can take for arthritis that will not have a negative affect on my bone density?

  40. Mary Anderson

    Dear Vivian: You are a gem. I just read about comments to you from a lady called Alice and her situation related to mine completely. She was very reluctant to take Prolia and I have been in the same situation. I have had the same problems with Fosamax, Boniva, etc. so the doctor now wants me to take Prolia. After reading about the side effects, I have refused to take it. He also told me of the broken hip situation, etc., eventually leading to death which is very frightening. Your suggestions are very important to me and I can’t thank you enough for the great advice. I have several of your books and am trying to follow your advice. You are very appreciated.

  41. Elaine Schaeffer

    ty. a friend of mine is thinking of taking the fosamax. i have talked them out of it once but they are not improving and do not know what to say anymore. I will not take the drug and i hope he does not. i was glad to read that a short term try will come out of you system in 3 to 4 month and i also have the cleanse your body recipe you gave. He had his back worked on with filler i think place in the back but believe there is more going on and hoping he will soon go back and see what can be done. this doctor did not give him the fosamax but a va doctor did and i do not beleive it is the best thing until he find out what all is pain is before he start something with side effect. he already has things that has the side effect that fosamax says it can cause. such a worry. ty

  42. dominique beynel


  43. Becky

    I would like learn how salt intake effects bones.
    Thank you.

  44. Jean

    Again, thanks, Vivian for caring and sharing your expertise! (But I’m still waiting for an answer on Ezorb calcium). I want to add, my heart and prayers go out for Maggie, a 79 year young woman, now battling ovarian cancer. I’m a 79 year old breast cancer survivor. Best wishes to you, Maggie. If you’re feeling 60 as you say, you’re a step or two ahead of me!

    • Bettie

      I have Ezorb also,but have been afraid to take it, but I read in our Calcium pamplet from Save our Bones that the calcium asparate was a good calcium to take. I thought it might be the same as the sweetener aspartame and was afraid to take it. I would like to hear what Vivian has to say about taking Ezorb also.

  45. Mindi perkins

    Please comment on E zorb, which is what I have been taking for some time now. My doctor said I was getting too much calcium after using a 1,600 mg supplement plus what I got in food and ended up with two small kidney stones. E zorb is supposed to be highly absorbable and guaranteed not to cause stones.

  46. Nancy

    Hi Vivian,
    My doctor keeps trying to push fosamax. 2 years ago I had a bone density test and it came back-2.6 I tried fosamax but my gums started bleeding which I told him He said there is no evidence it came from that. What do you suggest I am so against this drug

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      I suggest you check out my free Natural Bone-Building Handbook so you can make educated decisions. 🙂

  47. Pan Awsumb

    excellent information. thank you!!!

  48. joyce

    YOu did not answer if reconstitued lemon juice works well in water. I buy filtered water & wil it be better to add a couple drops of RealLemon lemon juice from a bottle to it?
    Thanks very muchQ
    Joyce S.

    • Patricia Adams

      Hi, Add few drops of FRESH lemon juice to your glass or bottled water. It’s better than reconstituted juice. It tastes very refreshing too.

    • Nancy

      Hi Joyce:
      She actually did say that “freshly squeezed” interacts with water and is best if used within 30 minutes. Hope that helps. If you are looking for natural solutions, anything processed would likely not be as effective.

    • Susan

      I want to know too. I’m used to carrying a reverse osmosis filled water bottle around 24/7 with reconstituted lemon juice. Is that acceptable, and is it only good for 30 minutes and after that it’s not alkaline anymore? This water question is really important when we go to all the trouble to lug it home.

  49. Monica


    I have been diagnosed with osteoarthritis last year. I have mild bone spurring making it difficult to walk. I now walk with a limp. I am also overweight by 150lbs. I begin almost 2 months ago using a product called supple in which I ordered online from Have you heard of it? The arthritis seem to have been spreading to my hands too. Since taking supple I am having less and less of this. I am even able to write again and opened a jar yesterday which I had not been able to do before. Can you take a look at this supple product and tell me what you think?


    • Patricia Adams

      I too have tried supple. It taste great but it did nothing for my pain. I took supple for 2 months and then stopped. Maybe I stopped too soon. Please let me know the length of time you used Supple. Thanks

    • Carole

      Hi Monica,
      Just a point of interest. Make sure(if not already) that you don’t take white bread or white sugar. These are absolutely deadly and give the joints a great deal of pain. I suspect it’s the bleach in the stuff and human stomachs were not made for this.
      I suffered for many years with pain in my joints and when I stopped the above, the pain left. You have to give it a little time to get it out of your system though. Hope this helps. Carole

  50. Lynne


  51. Maggie

    Vivian, I am on my second chemotherapy round for ovarian cancer. I am 79 years old (but feel like 60!). What do you recommend that I should eat and drink to overcome the chemo side effects, usually fatigue and tiredness.
    Thanks! Maggie

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA


      Try to get rid of the toxins as quickly as possible. Try a nutritional detox along the lines of my Rapid Cleanse. But check with your doc first. Feel better soon!

  52. Nancy

    Is coconut water alkalising or acidifying? I have read conflicting reports on this.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Alkalizing… and yummy!

  53. Sharon

    Vivian, What do you say about taking Flex-a-min?
    I take the triple strength with joint flex of Flex-a-min. It has the Glucosamine HCI,Chondrotin Sulfate Complex (chondrotin sulfate, collagen, citrus bioflavonoid,MSM,boswelia serrata, silica, hyaluronic acid) and aflapin boswellia serrata extract. It also has 2000 iu of vitiamin D3.

    I started taking it because my hips really hurt. Even at night when I’m trying to sleep. The reviews on the internet sounded good compared to other joint relief supplememts. At first, I thought they were working but I’m not so sure now. Do you have any suggestions that might help me? Is it really good for my bones to be taking the Flex-a- min?

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      The ingredients are excellent for arthritis and the supplement you are taking is certainly a much better solution than taking pain killers. If your hips hurt for no apparent reason, you might want to consult with a physical therapist. Sitting for long periods of time shortens the muscles and ligaments around the hip area, which can become painful. There are great stretching exercises you can do to prevent this.

  54. Frank Periard

    I love fish,especially ocean fish,but with so many chemicals found in our waters these days,how safe is fish from China which is found so plentiful in our supermarkets? Package labeling is very confusing,one side says”product of Canada” and the other side says”China”
    The only fish that I can trust at this time are canned sardines in oil which must be the ” Brunswick” kind,no others.
    The reason I’m asking is because my wife has Osteoporosis and I with Osteoarthritis and we both enjoy our fish and at 80 years old we definetly need our fish oil..
    Being a volunteer driver for the Canadian Cancer Society,I see so many people affected with cancer,and because of so much chemicals being absorbed by the food we eat, it makes me hesitate to eat fish from China,knowing how polluted their waters are.[ body waste from boat people etc.etc.] Yuk.
    Flo and Frank.

    • JoFranc

      My Natural Dr has me on Krill Oil. I have read very much about it so I completely agree. Check it out. Buy a truly reputable one.

    • Linda

      I know what you mean. Just to suggest to you that we were in the same situation and we have found from Costco, Wild Alaskan Sockeye Salmon, Product of USA and we also buy there Wild Mahi Mahi Product of Equador and the Brand is Olivia. Before finding this just recently, we bought Wild Pacific Salmon with a sauce (these fish are all frozen), Brand is Captain HighLiner. We called the 800 # on the package to find out where it was caught and it was from out east – I believe. Alot of Captain HighLiner is Product of China so you have to watch.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      I don’t blame you for your suspicions… and I haven’t researched fish contamination in depth. However, it may be a good idea to supplement your diet with fish oil. But check with your health practitioner first.

  55. Marcia Biskupski

    Here’s a mystery! Why does Vit D make me shaky and drop my blood sugar? This only happens with oil based vitamins,ie.,D, E, fish oil.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      You are probably referring to a sudden blood glucose drop, and I can’t answer why this happens. However, studies have shown that both Vitamin E and Vitamin D may improve insulin action and decrease average blood glucose levels. 🙂

  56. Sherry van Kerkwyk

    I have a T score of -3 and am 63yrs old. The doctor prescribed Protos which I took for a month and stopped taking after stomach upsets. Another doctor suggested Fosamax. I bought the drug, brought it home and never opened it after reading about the side effects. Instead I spent hours looking on the internet for a healthy hopeful solution and ran across the Save Our Bones website. What a relief. Thank you so very much! I toast you with my rice milk as I’ve given up wine and caffeine. By the way I feel great and after I have another scan I’ll let you know the good news. Cheers! Sherry

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Fantastic story – thanks for sharing – and I toast you back with my carrot juice!

      • Patricia Adams

        Hi Vivian, Thank you for all the information that you give us so freely. I drink 1 cup of coffee daily. Is that bad for my bones? Am I robbing my bones of calcium? Thank you

  57. Robina Salter

    Good morning Vivian,
    Congratulations once again on a brilliant, balanced, and extensive knowledge of all that influences the life of our bones.
    Always, my best wishes to you and your great and intelligent gifts to the world.
    Robina Salter

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA


      I really appreciate your kind words about my work!

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