Weekend Challenge: Core And Rib Strengthener - Save Our Bones

This weekend, we’re going to focus on the upper body, core muscles, and posture from a new angle.

I really like exercises that emphasize the core muscle groups, because a strong core builds strength and balance from the inside out. This promotes excellent posture, which in turn enhances breathing, opens the ribcage and chest, and aligns the thoracic vertebrae.

Also, it’s been scientifically proven that a strong center greatly decreases your chances of falling, since it improves balance. So I can’t wait to share an exciting study with you that confirms this.


Your core muscles cover a lot of ground. When you think about it, just about every time you move you engage some or all of the core muscles. Turning, twisting, bending, standing up, sitting down…all involve these central muscles. Even breathing involves the diaphragm, also a core muscle.

If you feel yourself going off balance, it’s your core muscles that kick in to fine-tune your balance and pull you back into an upright stance. These muscles work all the time to keep you standing tall, sitting up straight, and going about your daily tasks.

Today’s exercise, The Core And Rib Strengthener, strengthens the core and improves posture, thereby preventing falls that could result in fracture. As mentioned earlier, research clearly shows that strong core muscles reduce your chance of falling significantly, as we’ll look at in more detail later.

First, let’s get to the exercise.


For this weekend’s challenge, you don’t need anything other than a chair, preferably without arm rests.

  1. Sit up straight in a chair with your feet flat on the ground. Engage your core muscles – that is, tighten the muscles of your torso and abdomen to pull in your tummy and sit up straight.
  2. Relax your shoulders and place your hands behind your head. No need to overlap your hands; just your fingertips will touch the back of your head and neck.
  3. Keeping your knee bent, slowly lift one foot about 12 inches off the ground, and then lower it back down.
  4. Repeat 10 times (or as many as you feel comfortable with), then switch sides and repeat with the other leg.


  • As you lift your foot, keep the other foot flat on the ground.
  • Make sure your core muscles stay engaged throughout the exercise.
  • Feel free to adjust the height of the lift so it’s comfortable for you – 12 inches is just an estimation.

Over 500 Studies Confirm Core Muscle Strength = Better Balance And Fewer Falls

When German researchers reviewed 582 studies on the topic of core strength, balance, and falls in older adults, they discovered a consistent conclusion: stronger trunk and core muscles correlated with better balance and fewer falls.1

The report went on to note the role of core strength training in enhancing overall balance and functional performance. And of course, exercises like the Core And Rib Strengthener are just the thing to achieve that strong trunk and core that prevent falls that could result in fracture.

Proper posture is an integral part of this picture as well. Strong central muscles are essential for healthy, youthful posture that promotes balance and prevents kyphosis, the rounding of the upper back also known as Dowager’s Hump.

If you have the Densercise™ Epidensity Training System, then you know how many “Densercises” are devoted to core strength training, balance, and posture. That’s not all, of course. Densercise™ offers many targeted moves that strengthen bones and muscles from every possible angle.

Regular exercise offers so many benefits; better balance, improved posture, and decreased risk of falls and fracture are just a few. And Densercise™ offers them all!

Enjoy your weekend!


1 Granacher, U., et al. “The importance of trunk muscle strength for balance, functional performance, and fall prevention in seniors: a systematic review.” Sports Medicine. July 2013. 43(7):627-41. Doi: 10.1007/s40279-013-0041-1. Web. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/23568373

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  1. Ita

    Thank you, Ita.

  2. Sheena

    Hi, only got around to emailing you today.

    Thank you Vivian for getting such specific exercises that we can literally do any where…I am known in my bank for starting to do exercising in the queue or in their chairs, the results are amazing, I get healthy, my bones get stronger and I get instant help from the bank employees :=)

    But truthfully these type of exercises do amazing things for my body and I do do them all day long, wherever I am.

    All the way from South Africa

  3. Rajesh

    Hi Vivian!!
    Thanks for the good exercises.
    Iam at very initial stage of Ank Spon can you suggest some good exercises, my age is 56 Yrs.

  4. diana marcantonio

    After following your program for over 1 year here are the results of my latest bone density test. Lumbar spine 1.8 previously 1.5 (lost bone density there). Forearm previously 1.1 now 1.2 (again lost bone density). However left hip was 2.5 now 2.2 gained bone density. What can I do to get better results? Following diet as best as I can,exercise and walk 2 to 5 miles 5 days a week. Now what do I do?

  5. Jaqueline

    Osteoporosis Canada (BoneFit) would not recommend this hip flexor exercise since we get plenty of practice and strengthening where it involves the hip flexors (primary to this exercise). Better to perch on the edge of the chair, and lean backwards on the chair, followed by returning to an upright position. Just a thought ……

  6. rosemary

    hi, I have much problem following a fall which dislocated my shoulder. Unfounately, a week later i started to feel pain when walking and after investigations i was diagnosed
    with a narrow spinal canal, but no actual treatment. I have only one lung due to Lung Cancer so cannot do heavy exercise. I have a walkng frame and stick. Any help you can offer would be most appreciated. I am trying your chair exercise. thank you for reading this.

  7. Carol

    Great exercise Vivian. So simple and l can do it which really cheers me up.!Thank you for sharing. x

  8. Annette

    Is there any thing to do for your tail bone. Mine hurts so bad when I’ve been sitting and can hardly stand up . I’m very active and don’t understand y this happens.

  9. marge201

    Very nice. Vivian, these exercises are most appreciated. Thank you!

  10. Teresa ochoa

    It is a great idea to do different exercises, and this one in particular, is very good for many of us, keep Sending exercises, I am trying all of them. Thanks Vivian

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Yes, variety is important, Teresa!

  11. Chloa Smith

    I like this! It simple, but you really feel the effects.

  12. Carol

    Thank you Vivian, this is a good one for me!

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      I like this one, too – it is very simple but challenging in a good way!

  13. Ghislaine Gasper

    Is she leaning back on the dossier of the chair or not?
    Really appreciate waking up to your exercises on saturday morning.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Hi Ghislaine,

      I am glad you like to “wake up” to these Weekend Challenges. 🙂 You don’t lean back in the chair; you stay sitting up straight throughout the exercise.

  14. anna.t

    Thanks once again for the timely reminder.

    • Shirley

      This exercise is just what I needed today. Seeims I bruised the ends of my ribs while moving laundry from washer to dryer. Had cificulty picking up anything that I dropped on the floor. Any twisting motion was painful. This exercise was oerfect. Felel better already. Thanks, Vivian

      • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

        That’s wonderful news, Shirley. And you are welcome, Anna!

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