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It’s busy here as usual as I’m wrapping up some exciting upcoming projects.  I truly never expected such an overwhelming response to my book and my website.  It turns out that spreading the truth about Osteoporosis is a full time job… and I love every minute of it.

Our circle of friends is growing by leaps and bounds and I’m thrilled to share this special announcement with you.

Over the past year, I’ve been hard at work expanding the Save Our Bones website.  The end result is something that I would have loved to have when I was diagnosed with Osteoporosis a few years ago.  Finally, SaveOurBones.com is a comprehensive resource and support center for you and others that are seek natural solutions to Osteoporosis and Osteopenia… and it’s just getting started.

Now when you visit, SaveOurBones.com you’ll notice a brand new design with links that guide you through the new pages of the site.

Here on the Save Our Bones Blog, I post the latest articles, news, updates, videos, and much more.  You can interact with me and others in the Save Our Bones community by leaving your comments on my articles (at the end of each blog post you’ll find the “Leave a Reply” form). I think you’ll benefit from it greatly.

Stay tuned, because there’s more to come in our bone health revolution.  Let me assure you that I couldn’t do all of this without you.

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  1. Annlouise Cirelli

    I am not sure that there is anyone who has worked as hard as I have on avoiding those osteo prescriptions and staying natural. I have prednisone induced osteoporosis. I took prednisone for outbreaks of Crohn’s colitis without knowing what it was doing to my bones. (Ironically, I did the impossible, and with the help of my doctors and supplements, withdrew from remicaid infusions and have been in remission from the Crohn’s colitis for years. I tell you this to underscore my seriousness and determination to avoid drugs.) I have worked hard and closely with my GP osteopath who has prescribed everything from supplements to exercise to diet. My most recent venture was trekking to his office 2x a week to use his vibrating plate machine. The best I can do is minimize my bone density decline to “slow”. I am 65, and now forteo for 2 years with prolia as follow-up lifetime maintenance is being discussed. I am VERY active and otherwise healthy, and am reluctant to succumb to a less active lifestyle because my bones are declining. Is there special natural advice for those of us who have osteoporosis because we used steroids, and who have been doing all of the “right things” for years? Is there a special regimen for this type of osteo? It feels as though I am fighting something more difficult and more endemic than the typical age-induced osteo. Thank you.

  2. Roxy

    Just wondering if there is somewhere that members talk daily? I haven’t been able to get on to Facebook with Save Our Bones or find anything where people are corresponding with one another. It would really be helpful.
    Thank you

  3. Roxy

    I am wondering if you could recommend where to purchase supplements that you use. Would be of great relief if did not have to go through each one and research. I have purchased the calcium you recommended and just have to do research on rest.

    Also trying to get linked up with you on Facebook but only one came up with a couple hundred people and no response to me joining. Do I need to look under something else?

    Thank you for all of your research.

  4. Bobbie Gullo

    Have you any information on Enzoplex, a natural pill to combat arthritis pain? Are there any negative side effects for a heart patient?

  5. Deb

    Hi, I came across your site while looking for a natural way to treat bone density loss. I was diagnosed with estrogen and progesterone positive breast cancer. My oncologist is talking hormone blockers (Tamoxifen or Femera). If I have to take one I am leaning towards Femera. One of the side affects is loss of bone density, so the oncologist is recommending Prolia or Boniva – I don’t like the side affects of either. What I am reading on your site makes perfect sense to me, so I was wondering how I would implement your program to get the biggest benefit? Anxiously waiting your response. Thanks Deb

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Welcome, Deb! I am sorry to hear about your diagnosis, and I wish you a successful resolution.

      Femara and other estrogen-inhibiting drugs do have a negative effect on bones, so that’s actually even more reason to follow a pH-balanced diet as it can counteract some of those effects. In this way, the Osteoporosis Reversal Program can offer protection against bone loss caused by Femara – it’s a better option than yet more prescription drugs, which add to the toxic load.

      The Program aims to retain the necessary minerals in the body so as not to deplete bones. It does this by maintaining an alkaline blood pH. In fact, some scientists believe that an alkaline pH not only helps retain important minerals, it also may stave off cancer from recurring. So it may have a double benefit.

      But please keep in mind that I am not a doctor; especially where cancer is concerned, it is important to consult with your oncologist who is aware of your personal situation. This is something that only you can decide. Take the time to research your options, and then make your own educated and knowledgeable decision.

  6. Bonnie Ellis

    Hi – I have both the “Save our Bones” and the “Boneappetit” books. I have decided to discontinue osteoporosis medication (Alendronate in my case) after a bone density test showed that my bone density had continued to decline from the previous test a year earlier. During that year I experienced several fractures, including a spinal vertebrate compression. I really hope I never have to experience that much pain again. I also have rheumatoid arthritis and this seems to have blurred the doctors’ (four of them) handling of my treatment, as they sometimes don’t seem to know which condition is affecting my pain levels. I have only been on the SOB (oooh, that doesn’t sound quite right, does it?) regimen for about a month. I am hoping for the best, and I DO think I am feeling stronger than when I started.

    Now, I DO have some problems with some of the “Boneappetit” recipes. The “Best salsa” recipe (p.32 )just seems to be a jumble of the ingredients – it seems to have practically no liquid. The recipe called “Ground turkey with tomatoes” (p.112) has a similar problem. The “Cream of tomato soup” on p.46 seems to me, to have practically no taste at all – it certainly does not taste much like tomato. I HAVE found recipes that I like, of course, and I am doing my best to come up with my own combinations. I can only hope that you are right with regard to how quickly the SOB program stops bone fractures.

    I am quite enthusiastic about this program because it is quite clear that the medical profession is broken. Drugs, drugs, drugs. There has to be a better way for many conditions not just osteoporosis. Thank you so much.

    Bonnie J. Ellis, Sussex, NB, Canada

  7. Carol Nickle

    I read Vivian’s book three years ago and have made several healthy lifestyle changes, including more alkaline foods and yoga therapy. My last bone density test revealed significant improvement in my hip score. My question is whether nutritional drinks such as Boost or Ensure would be considered acid or alkaline.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Carol, first of all, congratulations on improving your bone health and density!

      As far as Ensure and other similar drinks, I do not recommend them, and here’s why: take a look at the ingredients, and you’ll see that the first five (after water – and it doesn’t even say “filtered water,” so assume it’s tap water) are corn maltodextrin, sugar, milk protein concentrate, canola oil, corn oil, soy protein Isolate, all of which are acidifying. In addition, the corn maltodextrin, corn oil, and soy protein isolate are most likely derived from genetically-modified (GMO) crops. And corn maltodextrin is a refined sweetener similar to High Fructose Corn Syrup. As if this were not enough, Ensure contains “natural and artificial flavor.”

      In short, drinks with an ingredient list like that are acidifying and not good for your bones or your health!

      • Anne

        Hi there I am new to all this. I have decided not to take drugs for my osteoporosis and would like to read your program. Is it possible to buy a hard copy of this as I prefer books to ebooks
        Kind regards

        • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

          Hi Anne,

          Welcome! The Program is available in hard copy or in digital format. 🙂 You can learn more about it here:


  8. Shahnaz Azam Raja

    Hi Vivian. I am so glad to be able to communicate with the “Savers” community. “Happy New Year and Happy New Bones”

  9. Nancy Herrera

    Dear Vivian:
    It is been about 3 years that I came across your program. the results are been very good my back fracture has heals it and the diet was the answer to my uncertainty how to deal with it. Also exercising is been great part of my rehabilitation (how I called)The updates keep me head of my doctor plans to prescribe me drugs for my osteoporosis. Thank you. Nancy. (from Australia)

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Thank you so much for that note, Nancy. How wonderful that the Program has kept you ahead of the game! 🙂

  10. Janet

    I just found this site yesterday and I am very worried about taking osteo meds. I took two doses of Actonel (one a week) and my back and knees hurt a lot! Related? I really hope that I have found the right place for help. Obviously my GP is not going to be helpful here. My first concern is what kind of water to drink. At home I use a brita filter and at work WA2. Perhaps these don’t remove the flouride that is so bad? How do I know if the distilled water is okay? And buying water is definitely going to make me drink it less. I drink a lot of tea too and I guess the heat concentrates the floride. I thought I ate healthy, now it seems so daunting to change my lifestyle again.

    Scared in North Vancouver.

  11. Nancy Roberts

    Thanks a lot for sharing this Vivian.Highly recommended for those who has an osteoporosis and even to us.Thus, this help us to prevent and become aware of what an osteoporosis is and how can a person avoid or at least lessen the burden for those who want’s to rebuilt their bones with essential supplements at hand.

  12. joyce

    Would cottage cheese that is cultured with the same cultures as yogurt still be considered an acidifying food or would the culturing process and probiotics make it alkalizing?
    Thanks for your program!

  13. nadine


  14. Amy

    I just started your program. I am not sure about estimating the alkaline foods versus the acidic. I am using a serving as 1 Alkaline (Alk)or acidic (ac) food. For example, one serving of meat or poultry or fish would be 3 oz. For example if I had a chicken salad made up of (2 cups (2 leafy veg) servings} of raw spinach (2 ALK), 1 (1 veg serving) tomato (1 ALK), 1/2 C (1 veg serving) pepper (1 ALK) and 3 oz (1 meat serving)chicken breast (1 AC), this would = 4 alkaline (ALK) foods + 1 acid (AC) food or 80:20 ratio. Is this correct?

  15. Fran

    Hi Vivian

    Can you help a 64 year old IBS sufferer, Osteoporosis sufferer without a gall bladder please?

    IBS has been the bane of my life since I was 15 years old and for the most part I manage to control it but since being diagnosed with Osteoporosis late last year, I’ve tried to help myself in a natural way. I was prescribed Bonviva, took the first dose and boy did I suffer and said never again to these drugs. About two months ago I decided to add some almonds and walnuts to my diet but increasingly started getting diahorrea to the point where I was getting scared to leave the house. Stopped them last week and felt better but then I had a Kiwi fruit last night thinking the Vitamin C would be good for me. Another mistake. Now I’m totally confused as I don’t know which way to go. My Doctor this morning told me to avoid milk, yoghurts and cheese and suggested I go down the natural route but I know this is going to be expensive and at the moment money is tight. What can I eat without causing all these aggravations?

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I’m sorry at the moment I’m not in a position to buy your book so rely on all the information you give me on a regular basis through emails.

    Many thanks

  16. Gillian Wray


    I have chronic liver disease due mainly to my having abused alcohol for over 15 years! I am now free of this hideous drug and have been for over 3 years I also have osteoparosis ,also probably due to alcohol, but my GP has stopped the Calichew that I have been given for 3 years and he said there is evidence to prove asparteme will do the reverse of helping to rejuvenate my liver function but he cannot think of any calcium aid that does not contain it. He has not substituted the calcichew.
    Do you know of any calcium or suppliments that I can use without asparteme/

    I eagerly await your reply.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Hi Gillian,

      Congratulations on overcoming your alcohol issues!

      You’re better off without an artificially sweetened inorganic calcium carbonate supplement, which is what Calcichew is. Your best bet is a product that contains Algaecal, a patented organic, plant-based calcium.

      • Bonnie J Ellis

        Regarding plant-based calcium products, GOOD LUCK. They are VERY expensive. I just ordered and received a three-month supply of “True Osteo”. I contains Algaecal and a few other things.

        The basic cost was $85.00. By the time shipping was added, it was $115.00. That’s US. I’m in Canada. Well, add the exchange for Canadian currency AND the $30.00 for it going through Canadian customs (because it might be considered a drug”?) the total was over $180.00 Canadian. Awwwwwk!

        So, this is not possible for me, and I suspect many others. When something else comes on the market, please let us know!!!

        Bonnie J. Ellis.

  17. Gaye Smith

    I am working on the Osteoporosis Reversal Program but am not consistent. I need the support of others. Being able to communicate, will give me strength, and encouragement.

    Thank you.


  18. Wilma Olive

    I have your book “The Bone Health Revolution”. What great information!! Thank you for all the research you have done to help those of us with bone problems. I was absorbing every word in your book when, unfortunately, family stress entered my life and my health was placed on the back burner. Thank goodness, things have quieted down now but lately I have become fully engaged in supporting an elderly family member along with two aging friends. I now find myself, at age 79 to be having back pain every day making it difficult to start my days. I have not had a bone density test since July 2008 when it showed the lumbar spine from L1 to L4 to be very osteoporotic – T score -4.1. Do you think it is too late at my age to get back on track? Would your new book “Save our Bones Program” along with your book “The Bone Health Revolution” which I already have, help me? As I refuse to take biphosonates, my supplements are calcium and magnesium. I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you, Vivian.

  19. Vivienne

    I have not received any email notices in over a month which is surprising. I usually got one every other day or so.

    I am missing out on anything.

    Thank you.

  20. Supra shoes

    Thanks for this useful article.

  21. Katye Steuckrath

    Hello- I have a question, but it’s not about osteoporosis (which I have) but it’s about Rheumatoid Arthritis. I was diagnosed with RA last August 2009. I believe I have had it since 2008 or so, but August is finally when I went to a doctor. Is there any literature on RA as there is on osteoporosis? I would appreciate any information. My doctor put me on a drug. I took it for six days and started getting a rash, just on my torso, strange. It looked a lot like a poison oak rash. Anyway, I continued taking the medicine for two more days and decided to stop because of the severity of the rash. I finally called my general practitioner and when I saw him he put me on Prednizone regimen for 10 days. Anyway, when I got to my RA doctor, he decided to wait for three months before I should start another medicine. Well that is next month, February, and I am afraid to start another medicine. I have been reading extensively about the drugs for RA and all of them seem to be quiet hazardous to the body. I am 59 years old, in good health, 5’7″, and weigh 138 pounds. Can you give me some suggestions or books to read that I can try and come up with some ideas on what to do. I really appreciate your time. Thank You

  22. constance

    I wonder what you think about AlgaeCal which is calcium, vitamin D and Vitamin K. They also recommend strontium.
    My main problem is trying to lessen my acidity.

    • Jenny

      My GP has prescribed alendronic acid and Calcichew Forte for my osteopaenia. I have decided not to take the biphosphonates and I am not happy about Calcichew as it is just calcium carbonate and also contains aspartame. Instead I am taking algae calcium but am confused about how much to take. The recommendation on the bottle is 2 capsules per day but this only yields 400 gm calcium. Is this enough and how much magnesium should I take with it? I also take Vitamin D and the other supplements you recommend. I would be very grateful for some guidance.
      Thank you for a brilliant website.

    • Vicky Nizri

      Dear Vivian,

      I bought your book and read it from beginning to end and started following your advice immediately. However, I never got your letter with the contact information you were supposed to email me after buying the book.
      I would like to ask you some questions, for instance, about the water filter you recommend that eliminates fluoride. Where can I get it? You also mention that you will soon be recommending specific brans of supplements. Where can I obtain your recommendations?
      Thank you very much,
      Vicky Nizri

  23. Aline

    I am 38 years old and I was diagnosed a month ago with having osteopenia.I have been on hrt drugs for over 10 years becuase I went into early menopause.My doctor wants me to go on Actonel I am not interested in taking more meds and to hear the side effects of it scares me.I started taking the bone building vitamines is there anything else I should take for a suppliment? I am also having a hard time balancing my meals.I look forward to hearing from you. Aline

  24. nicole

    Hi Vivian,
    I came across saveourbones a couple of weeks after I had my aclasta iv injection.Ever since I have had problems with my teeth still don’t know if it is my teeth or gums am right now on antibiotic.the dentist thinks it is a gum infection I am in terrible pain.Was wondering if there is anything I can do now if it is a sideffect from aclasta.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA


      The infection is most likely not related to the IV infusion… I am sure the antibiotics will help you.

  25. suzanne

    I have been on Actonel for more than 5 years.
    My bone density reports have gone progressively downward for spine, and have sometimes improved for hips.
    I came to the saveourbones site today, as I prepare a folder of information to send to my doctor. I want to go off of the drug.
    The doc wants the BD reports and wants me to do another BD to compare the old BD reports to.

    I had just started the 1x month version at the beginning of November, which is a higher potency than the 1x week version. Since that time I have experienced nausea every day, 2 to 3 times a day or more.

    The information on this site is interesting, and because it is only publicizing information and not advertising supplements, it has more believability than some other sites I’ve been on.

  26. Lorri

    I have RA and supposedly I have ostopenia. I took Foxamax for 4 months before I stopped taking it because that is the only change I had made in my diet. If I bump myself my skin rips open and I bleed profusely. After two months I still bruise easily but my skin donesn’t rip open. Do you think this condition is caused from taking Fosamax? I have read everything I can get my hands on and nothing talks about thin skin or blood thinning?



  28. lana noonan

    my bone density test last week showed a increase in bone loss, and my doctor wants to maybe start me on Evista. However, I have a family history of bloodclots, and don’t plan to take this medication. Any comments?

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      My comment is: Way to Go, about not taking the drug. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do anything for your bone health… so I recommend you get started on a natural bone building plan.

  29. Neal Briggs

    I have read your save our bones book, I am 54 and have osteopenia. I have taken biophosphonates for 3 years and my bmd has stayed the same or gotten worse. After reading your book, I quit the fosamax in March this year and I have tried your recommendations on diet. I have trouble with too much gas and loose bowel when I am eating much of vegetables and fruits. I find a 20 or 30 percent is all I can take. Also any vitamin supplement results in foul gas like I get with the diet of fruits and veg. Any ideas? I have a ph ranging 6.8 and higher.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Hi Neal,

      You might want to try natural digestive aids, such as HCl Betaine. And you also may want to gradually increase the amount of foods that cause you problems. Last but not least, there are some organic supplements, including liquid organic supplements, that might help you get over the problems.

    • sherri

      you do not have osteoporosis…i am glad you stopped taking those drugs! Good for you!

  30. Norah Schwartz

    Thank you so much for your website. I have not had a chance to read your book, but look forward to it. I am also a researcher (medical anthropology and public health), and have always believed in ‘natural medicine’. Two years ago I was diagnosed with a very aggressive breast cancer (BRCA-1) and was told by both allopathic and naturopathic physicians that I needed to have chemotherapy to save my life. The chemotherapy had wonderful results and I have been cancer free for two years. I had osteopenia before starting chemo and severe osteoporosis runs in my family (whether due to genetics or nutrition is moot at this point–I don’t want to break bones!). I follow Dr. Andrew Weil’s nutritional program and am satisfied with it. My naturopath recommended that I take strontium. The research and usage in England is on strontium renalate (sp?). I can only find strontium citrate in the US. Do you know how I can order strontium renalate–and should I even be concerned about the difference? Also New Chapter has a fermented product out on the market which mixes strontium w/calcium. Can you comment on this? The literature suggests taking them separately for maximum absorption.
    Thank you so much! Good luck with your projects.

    • Claire Drummond

      I obtained the prescription of strontium ranelate (I’m in the UK), but found that it contains 20mg aspartame in each sachet – I had not found this in the internet descriptions of the composition of the drug, except one obscure one that I found eventually.

      I have not taken the prescription. I have reason to believe aspartame is seriously injurious to health and would not contemplate taking a daily dose of it, google aspartame for some of the information about it’s history, research and people’s experiences.

      I telephoned the manufacturer and there is no version of the drug available without aspartame, and judging by the lack of interest in my request that they consider providing one without aspartame, little likelihood that they will. I believe that they are the sole provider of this drug, at least in this country.

      I’d obviously be very interested to know whether there is any other source of approved strontium ranelate that does not contain aspartame because I have allergic reactions to citrates. It is incredibly disappointing when you consider that aspartame is not an active ingredient but added as a sweetener.

      However I am encouraged by this site to reconsider entirely whether even if I could find strontium without aspartame, I would want it. I am now interested to revisit the work I have done on diet, supplementation, exercise, relaxation, work life balance, meditation, and look at the programme suggested here. I have an issue though that is that there are many foods that I have an excema reaction to, and would not be able to include in my diet, and some that are listed here probably quite rightly as inhibiting calcium absorption that are staples in my restricted choice of foods.. ho hum.. back to the drawing board

  31. Michelle Rabin

    What a pleasure to hear that someone else is aware of the wonderful alternative solutions to osteoporosis. I too suffer from this disease and have worked very hard to build bone back. Through exercise, nutrition and stress reduction (I’m a psychologist), I was able to stop the loss. Yes, I was checked for malabsortion but that didn’t appear to be a problem. No family history. I got this disease as a result of taking too much thyroid medication. It’s a long, sad story. It wasn’t until I took strontium citrate, 454mg daily, that I was able to increase my bone density. My 2 year gain was 15% and 16% for hip and spine. I’d welcome the opportunity to talk with you about the mission we share. My partner and I are attempting to coordinate a research project with 1000 women with holistic treatment which includes strontium citrate. We are also both using the Juvent vibration machine which is another wonderful alternative to pharmaceuticals. I share your concerns about the current available drugs. I look forward to hearing from you.

    • Claire Drummond


      I’d be very interested to hear about your study, are there articles on this?

    • sherri

      where is this reasearch project taking place?
      I would be interested in knowing.

      • Roxy

        I too had density increase using Strotium BUT discontinued as it makes bones brittle, hard on the outside and soft on the inside, not strong bones. Is not recommended by Save Our Bones from what I read.

  32. Dedee

    I too have severe osteoporosis. I am 57. I have radically changed my diet. Lots os smoothies with kale and collards. I am also using a vibration machine made by Freemotion. I would like to know what strontium citrate is? Is it a calcium? I have not had my bones checked since I started. I have never taken a bisphosphinate. I have ordered the book.

  33. Denise Faron

    Nora this is my first time to this web site. Your comment especially captured my attention since I just began listening to a fabulous book
    “What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Breast Cancer” by Dr.John Lee you might want to check it out.

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