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Osteoporosis Nutrition

Brand New Study: This Amino Acid Builds Your Bones In Many Ways (And It’s In Yogurt, Chocolate, And More!)

Today we’re going to take a look at taurine, an amino acid that brand new research reveals plays multiple and amazing roles in bone health. Although taurine is the most abundant intracellular, sulphur-containing amino acid in the body, its importance in overall health hasn’t been explored until recently. In fact, its role in bone health has been discovered this past … Click to continue →

Introducing The Bone-Healthy Hot Dog

July is National Hot Dog Month in the U.S., and, not surprisingly, Americans consume huge amounts of this backyard grill favorite. Believe it or not, Americans eat around 818 hot dogs per second between Memorial Day (May) and Labor Day (September). That totals around 7 billion (this is not a typo)! Unfortunately, commercially sold hot dogs contain a number of … Click to continue →

The Top 4 Most Common Bone Calcium Killers (#1 Is In Water Pipes But It’s Not Fluoride)

Getting plenty of bioavailable calcium is crucial for reversing and preventing osteoporosis and osteopenia. But even if you’re taking supplements and eating calcium-rich foods, there are certain substances that can deplete your bones of calcium. Today we’re going to look at these four common calcium antagonists and how to avoid them. Cadmium is a naturally-occurring metal that is molecularly similar … Click to continue →

WARNING: Eating This Way Could Unknowingly Decrease Your Bone Density

Today’s post looks at the important yet seldom (if ever) mentioned role the hormone ghrelin plays in bone health. Known as the “hunger hormone,” ghrelin is a peptide produced by the digestive system in response to low blood glucose and low glycogen. So what’s the link between this hormone and your bones? Amazingly, ghrelin has been scientifically proven to increase … Click to continue →

Build Your Bones With This Berry Delicious Summer Treat

As we're quickly approaching the middle of summer in the Northern Hemisphere, today's post is about a delicious bone-healthy fruit that's in season now. It’s listed as an alkalizing Foundation Food in the Save Our Bones Program, and despite its sweet taste, it’s low in sugar and high in Vitamin C. I’m thrilled to give you all the practical information … Click to continue →

8 Amazing Uses For Bone-Healthy Coconut Oil (#2 Will Surprise You)

Summer is the perfect time of year to turn your attention to personal grooming. The warm weather means hot days at the beach, by the pool, and otherwise outdoors, which can damage your skin and your hair if you don’t take the necessary steps to protect it. The problem is, a lot of personal grooming items – such as hair … Click to continue →

How To Make Sure Your Bones Will Get Enough Of This Foundation Supplement (Hint: It’s Not Related To Dosage)

Chances are you’re already taking the Foundation Supplement we’re going to discuss today. But the “kicker” is that no matter how much of this mineral you take, your bones can’t retain it unless certain key organs are functioning well. I’m referring to magnesium, a mineral that is blatantly ignored by the Medical Establishment with regard to osteoporosis. But the fact … Click to continue →

How To Bake A Bone-Building Brownie (Yes, You Read This Right!)

Here in the Northern Hemisphere, summer is in full swing. In the USA, that means celebrating the 4th of July with cookouts, picnics, and other celebrations. Of course, sweet treats abound at all these festivities, including an American favorite: the brownie, a moist, chocolate, cake-like dessert that is perfect for picnics. With their very high sugar content and white flour … Click to continue →

Could This Silent Organ Malfunction Impair Your Bone-Building Efforts?

Getting plenty of Foundation Supplements is certainly important for building your bones. But have you ever considered what would happen if your body wasn’t absorbing and utilizing them? Chances are you’d lose bone density, because the nutrients you’re ingesting wouldn’t be getting to your bones. Today’s post is about this issue, particularly the absorption of Vitamins D and K, both … Click to continue →

The Ultimate Alkalizing Dish: Prepare It In Minutes And Get 10 Foundation Supplements

Today’s post is about a simple raw dish that takes just minutes to prepare, and is 100% alkalizing. I called it the Bone-Building Acid Neutralizer because it’s designed to eliminate bone-damaging acid build-up in your body and to balance the pH of any acidifying food you’re eating during a meal. Plus it contains no fewer than 10 Foundation Supplements, and … Click to continue →

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