Are They Right About Milk? The Milk Myth Revisited - Save Our Bones

I always find it thrilling when I learn that the Save Our Bones community continues to gain more and more recognition. And we must be doing something right, because this past summer, the Nutrition Action Healthletter (NAH) – the “largest circulation health and nutrition newsletter in the North America” (their typo, not mine) – ran a feature in an attempt to debunk my article about milk.1

At first I thought I’d just let it slide, but since quite a few members of the Save Our Bones community came across the article and asked me about it, I've decided to address it.

In its critique titled “Dairy, Hero or Villain?” the author bases his premise on a few quotes and studies, concluding that “eating dairy foods does not appear to harm bones.”2

Excluding the fact that the quotes and studies cited deal with “animal protein” and not specifically milk, they pale in comparison to the amount of research which proves that the exact opposite is true.

And I’m not talking about obscure publications. If you have the Osteoporosis Reversal Program, you know that in its Bibliography there’s no shortage of mainstream scientific sources about this topic.

And here’s an amazing coincidence. On August 26th, the Johns Hopkins Health Alerts publications posted an article that could be …

Straight out of the Osteoporosis Reversal Program

Titled “Rethinking the Role of Protein-Rich Diets in Osteoporosis Prevention”, the authors write that,

“Beyond ensuring the strength of the skeletal system, protein and calcium also play an important role in regulating the delicate balance of acids and bases in the blood. When the blood becomes even slightly too acidic, calcium – which is alkaline – leaches from bone to neutralize the acids in the blood, a process that can lead to a reduction in bone mineral density. The problem is that the typical American diet is high protein — rich in meat, poultry, fish, eggs and dairy. When your body metabolizes these foods, they are broken down into sulfuric and organic acids that raise the acidity of the blood (digestion of cereal grains like rice and wheat also produce acidic compounds).”3

Science or Smear?

For some mysterious reason, it seems that the NAH is eager to turn a blind eye to the link between osteoporosis and milk. But it doesn’t really matter, because as I’ve shown you today, we are not alone. Slowly but surely, the correct information is filtering through.

So let’s raise our milk (substitute) glass for a bone health toast!

Till next time,


2 Schardt, David. “Dairy, Hero or Villain?” Nutrition Action Healthletter. July/August 2011.

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  1. Donna

    Again Vivian Goldschmidt is quote mining as she failed to mention that in the article “Rethinking the Role of Protein-Rich Diets in Osteoporosis Prevention” Johns Hopkins finishing summary was: “Bottom line: Until the debate over the roles that protein and other dietary components is clarified, your best nutritional bet to maintain the health of your bones is to get the recommended 1,000 to 1,200 mg of calcium daily — from milk or another calcium-rich source — and to eat a balanced, varied diet.”
    This changes the meaning of the whole article. Did anyone else notice that Johns Hopkins also mentioned the negative affect of meat and egg protein as well as cereal and wheat’s. Surely these products should not be eaten as well? Many studies have found that milk and other dairy products help to reduce the negative affects of high protein acidic diet and should be eaten alongside meats, wheat’s and cereals as part of a healthy diet. Johns Hopkins then goes onto say that older women should have a daily intake of “6 ounces of cereals, breads, rice and pasta (at least half of which should be made from whole grains); 2.5 cups of vegetables; 1.5 cups of fruit; 3 cups of low-fat or fat-free milk, yogurt or other milk products; and 5 ounces of fish or lean meat or poultry. Your intake of vitamin D is important, too. Aim for 400 to 1,000 IU per day, depending on your age.”

    • cassafrass

      It would be nice if they would specify what the other calcium-rich sources are, like dark, leafy greens, etc. My almond milk has more calcium than dairy milk does. It’s frustrating that dairy is so iffy but Americans are told to chug it down, seemingly most likely because of the dairy industry’s involvement in government-funded programs.

  2. penelope

    people! we should be very worried about GMOs in food! and
    you are getting plenty in your foods without knowing it. Who wants
    to eat vegetables injected with pesticides, herbicides, viruses, etc.
    Not much wonder there is so much disease and getting worse in this
    world. Say No to GMO, and say NO to vaccines! (they want to sterilize
    people as there are too many “useless eaters” in the world)
    also, I heard produce from the states is all irradiated….which means
    you might as well eat cardboard as all nutrition is dead.
    Man is destroying this beautiful planet and poisoning all the food
    and us along with it. Good luck people.

  3. Giovanna UK

    Dear Vivian, I am following your programme although unfortunately not entirely as I work long hours and when I go home in the evening I do not have the energy to do the excercises unfortunately. My question today is about cheese: can we eat cheese? I used to have strong nails when I used to eat it but since I stopped drinking milk I have stopped also the cheese and I noticed my nails are always breaking and have a horizantal line across. I am following your diet but found impossible to find the right amount of vitamins/supplements that you suggest… Is cheese ok in the diet? Many thanks for everything, all the information you sent us is fantastic! Kind regards, Giovanna UK

  4. Hilary lazarus

    I have the worst bone density reading. Older than an 85 year old lady and I am 56.
    I have drunk 3 liters of milk from when I was 5 to 50. If the theory about have milk strengthened bones is true, my body would be able to hold up 2 buildings. It’s a pity I am a milk casualty, not asset. My discovering you was a real eye opener
    After so many broken bones.
    Thank you for highlighting this

  5. silvia

    my question about the spinach is good or bad for the bones

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Hi Silvia – Spinach is an excellent, alkalizing food that contains several important nutrients.

      • Linda Mills

        I have read that Spinach inhibits calcium. Is this true?

        • Nancy Kratohvil

          Spinach inhibits calcium absorption, so don’t eat it at the same time as your main calcium sources. It’s great for you at any other time, maybe two hours away from the calcium intake.

  6. Paul Foshee

    I have Bone Spurs on both my little toes, is that too much calcium? And do you know how to get them off? Here is an address that says they can dissolve them


  7. juvy

    Dear Vivian,

    First of all I will greet you Merry Christmas and a very prosperous new Year 2012. I do not have bad comments only all good ones. Thank you for all your informations.I admired all of them.I thank you with love from the buttom of y heart.

    But I have a veryimportant question.Regarding Milk.Cows Milk is not good,What about GoatsMilk or Sheeps Milk. Please juvy,xxxxxxxxx

    • sean

      dear vivian,there is a fact i want tell to you.Milk is only for babies.If u insist to drink animal milk u need to bear the side effect that will occur when ur metabolisme is low.Human can easily achieve optimum health by doing 2 things only.Eat right and excercise…eg.raw vege and fruits

  8. Margaret Jones

    Since plain yogurt is okay to eat, what about nonfat cottage cheese and nonfat buttermilk? It seems they are similar in makeup to yogurt and tend to soothe an upset stomach.

    • sean

      dont eat oily things like cheese or oil.U will definitely suffer health poblem.

    • Barb

      I too am wondering about non-fat cottage cheese. There is no mention in the book about it.

      • Bob Pritchard

        A lady Dr in Europe studied Fats for 30 years. She spoke about taking . Flax seed oil. fish oil and said they need a phosphoris protein to emulsify them. She though about it and came up with something every one around the world has access to .. Low fat cottage cheese. and it works well. I have Reflux due to hiatius hernia. weak stomach sphincter. Projectile vomiting as a baby. well the cottage cheese settles the oils and I don’t have the oily tast with it. With matured cheese. cheddar cheese .?? upsets my joints. ?:( allergy to them. in my old age ;(

        • Dora

          I have had a lot of stomach acid in the last few years and I was diagnosed with acid reflux. As I had been previously diagnosed with osteoporosis, I started to add more cheese to my diet considering that I did not eat nor like milk and yoghurt. Of course, I kept a balance between alkalizing and acidifying foods. My osteoporosis improved and I have osteopenia now, but I want to improve even further.

          As I knew that milk is not good for our bones, a week ago I decided to stop eating cheese. Since then, I have not had any acid problem, no coughing at all (I used to cough all the time), and I can even laugh now without coughing as before plus I do not need to clear my throat. This is simply amazing, I made the change for my bones and I ended up solving my acid reflux, at least for now.

          • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

            Hi Dora,
            It’s interesting how even small habits can affect our overall health, for good or for bad! I used to suffer from acid reflux myself, but found the condition disappeared once I was on the Program. 🙂

  9. Paul Foshee

    I got off the Zometa yesterday (every 3 month dosage) and was called by my Dr., but I didn’t talk to him. I went on the internet and found a new calcium product EZORB ( Please check it out and tell me if it is okay, since I won’t be taking any more Zometa, it has a 92 per cent
    absorption rate according to the ad.

  10. Nu Ly

    I stopped to take Fosamax one and half year,
    Next week, I’ll get a BMD scan, hoping for the best.

    • Bob Pritchard

      Fosamax. stops the bone cells from dieing. But this is wrong as the bone cells need to die so new cells can be made in their place. as with all cells in our body. so if taking Fosamx for 10 years your bones will be 6 to 10 years older than you. in old age you will more likely break bones because all the old cells are like a dry sponge. ??? like Osteoporosis. ???

  11. Joan

    Hi Vivain.Everything we eat seemes to have a lot protein in it is it true that a lot is bad for bones trying to balance it at the moment would love an answer thanks love all the comments.

  12. vicky yurich

    I personally worked with the late Dr,Charles Attwood,15 yrs ago, I remember buying him a childrens backpack,a COW,cute as can be and filling it with rice milk,ect,and him using it in france for a conference on Milk! It made a statement! The effects of milk are acumalitve,and the American people need to realize that there Dr,s are taught that milk is a staple that has calciam, NOT True! Thats all they know,they cant rock the boat,of the ones that control (fund) there education,to keep us eating Milk,Beef, taking drugs,to keep this circle going, we all know one bad apple gets tossed out! SOOOOO people we have the knowledge and choices to change our lives and our childrens habits ,knock that cycle right off dead center,Love you Viviian! I learn alot from you and share it every day, love yours bones in faith,Vicky Yurich!

  13. robert of richland


    There is much ‘scientific’ error out there. some examples:

    Anti beef people–they look at the effects of commonly consumed beef and see health problems. The reason is that ‘commonly consumed ‘ beef is Feedlot beef, they feed the animals much low-quality food, much of which is not intended for cow food. Cows are grazers of grasses. If you feed them all these things that are not for a cows digestive system, including grains, and you ‘care’ for them deplorably, house them in inhospitable conditions, give them many chemical shots trying to keep them alive ’til market-time–Yes, that beef is harmful to people.

    Anti bread people–You take a wheat, mess with it to get it to produce higher yields, or less straw, make it resistant to weed killers, etc., then grow it on worn out land that requires chemical fertilizers, bug killers, weed killers, etc–then remove most of the main nutrients from it and ‘enrich’ it with chemicals and put many things in the bread-mix so it will have a long shelf life (& other things, probably many of us do not even know of yet!)–Yes, eating this unhealthy concoction will give you a ‘wheat belly’, diabetes, and much more–I call it ‘feedlot bread”.

    Anti milk people–You take a cow and house it deplorably in a feedlot, feed it food a cow is not designed to eat, homoginize and super (or even plain) pasteurize it, yes, it is harmful to people. If you grass feed the cows, treat them & house them properly, use sanitary practices, so the people can drink RAW milk, the product is healthy.

    robert of richland

    • Jeanne

      What about RAW milk? Why don’t you mention the difference?

      I agree with you about regular milk, but science shows RAW milk is a whole different story. So I have to agree with the above poster:

      “If you grass feed the cows, treat them & house them properly, use sanitary practices, so the people can drink RAW milk, the product is healthy”

      Raw milk is actually one of the best things you can take for osteoporosis!

      • Bob Pritchard

        So true … BUT one fact remains. MAN is the only mammal on this planet that continues to drink milk after being weaned. and it’s not Human either. I have been a milk drinker all y life. drank too mush as a teen ager on a dairy farm. gummed up y liver and gall bladder and received a deuodenal ulcer for my trouble. The Dr gave me Mylanta. to dissolve the acid and protect the ulcer. But one time the ulcer was so bad I took too much Mylanta ??? I was passing big lumps of chalk. >> even though I’m a man I would still rather have a baby than that . the chalk was hard & the back passage is not designed for that . I went on to lemon juice to nutralise the stomach acid and the other nurients helped to heal the ulcer and detox the liver/gall.

  14. HelenR

    What is your stance on strontium which is recommended by some for increasing bone density?

  15. Marilyn

    Hi Vivian,

    How do you feel about drinking Ensure? To get more protein in my diet, I drink the high protein shake with only 5 grams of sugar.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Take a look at the ingredients for the High Protein Ensure, Marilyn, and you’ll understand why it’s not a good idea to drink it.


      Water, sugar, calcium and sodium caseinates, corn maltodextrin, soy oil, soy protein isolate, cocoa powder, corn oil, canola oil, soy lecithin, natural and artificial flavor, carrageenan, potassium citrate, calcium phosphate, sodium citrate, magnesium chloride, magnesium phosphate, salt, choline chloride, ascorbic acid, ferric phosphate, dl-alpha-tocopheryl acetate, zinc sulfate, niacinamide, calcium pantothenate, manganese sulfate, cupric sulfate, vitamin A palmitate, thiamine chloride hydrochloride, pyridoxine hydrochloride, riboflavin, folic acid, chromium chloride, biotin, sodium molybdate, potassium iodide, sodium selenate, phylloquinone, cyanocobalamin and vitamin D3.

      (Note, besides sugar listed as the second ingredient and the use of ‘artificial flavor’, soy and corn ingredients are typically GMO or genetically modified, unless the product is organic, plus soy protein isolate is an alternate name used for MSG.).

      • Bob Pritchard

        And the soy turns the men into pansies. :(( and if the young men drink too much soy etc the have a low sperm count and the wife’s are upset why a baby is not forth coming.

      • Joey

        Any corn since 1970 has been genetically modified

  16. Anna

    I’ve been wondering about the value of commercial Coconut Milk, so called. I am 82 and have a recent -4.1 whatever it’s called off my lumbar spine. Hard to believe – I’d had a quite bad fall in July wich resulted in a ocncusion (and 6 days in hospital) but no bones brorken, only a tiny crack in pelvic area. Many thanks to Vivian for all her work and her concern for everybody. Anna V

    • Bob Pritchard

      Coconut water/milk. must be fresh coconut . and 100% fresh virgin coconut oil is an excellent oil/fat to consume for many reasons. Loosing weight for one.

      • sherry rojas

        can you address the value of food combining …no protien with starch carbs.
        no carbs with fruit.
        no melons with other fruits, I eat that way ,drink 21 liters of coco water fresh ,unpasturized. keep my colon clean and moving, 63 and in perfect health. if I had anymore energy!!!!! wow . I know that if I misscombine I become acidic. and of course their you start the whole process again …. so.. as a food combiner , and a person who follows your line of thinking, I ask that you address the subject of proper food combining..thanks vivian ,,, sherry C.H.T.

      • Bob Pritchard

        a very short chain fat that goes straight into the Gut . blood stream and into the tissues. .very quickly. “does not need to be digested.” . one of the most saturated fats but excellent value in our health .

  17. LynnCS

    Hi Vivian. I appreciate the info on Milk. Thanks. When I tried to post earlier, I got a notice that I had posted that before, but…I don’t remember it so I am going to try to ask again. With all you are teaching me about taking calcium, I am wondering if I can get all the Calcium, Mag, D, and K2 in my diet. My tests are all good. I eat only vegis and some fruit, and have osteoporosis. Thank you for considering my needs. Lynn Scott

  18. althea hill


  19. Shula

    Thanks 🙂


  20. Patricia Bashford

    Just wondering where Rice Milk fits into the story. I am lactose intolerant and have been drinking Rice Dream because it tastes good and I like it on my cereal. Are you saying I should not rely upon cereals, too? Thanks for your input and all your wisdom. Pat

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Rice milk is a fine substitute for dairy milk, Patricia. The quote about cereals was from an outside source, but yes, most grains are acidifying. But keep in mind that nothing is off limits on the Program — it’s all about balance. You can continue to enjoy your cereals as long as you balance them with other alkalizing foods.

      • Bob Pritchard

        Please be awary of the sunflower oil in alternate milks. . Too much of some of the flower oils has been known to affect the retina of the eye. . . . . Perhaps Vivian can comment on the commercial oils. a lot of them are not good at all. esp Margarine. not biologicaly active in that form. better Butter . sparingly and /or advocardo in place.

  21. Lilo

    Hi Vivian,

    I also grew up on milk and dairy. My father insisted we kids drink all lots of milk, have butter and cheese. Today at 73 years young I have osteoporoses. According to the doctor my bones are like glass!!
    Thanks for your Save our bones program I am more positiv that I can reverse the density of my bones. I am glad I found your site.
    Regards, Lilo xxx

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      I’m glad you found us too, Lilo! 🙂 And I know you’ll be able to regain your bone health through the Program. I look forward to hearing about your progress.

  22. Helen Edel

    I found out I have Osteoporis about 5 years ago. I was told to take Fosmax. I took it for several months and than decided not to take it anymore. My Doctor was not happy. I try to follow your book now. But am wondering if I should eat anything with soy as I had a radiation treatment several years ago and had my thyroid removed. I have soy protein. My daughter says I should not eat anything with Soy in it. Is she right?

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      I don’t recommend soy products, Helen, due to their phytoestrogen content and the fact the the majority of soy crops are genetically modified. As to whether you need to avoid soy completely due to your medical issues, you should check with your doctor.

      • Bob Pritchard

        In Asia. They ferment soy and the products that makes is beneficial. not raw soy. same as Tomato. cooking multilies the Lycopene

  23. LESLIE

    Hi! Vivian,

    Thank You For Setting Things Straight About If Milk Is Good For You Bones Or Not!

    LOVE, MS. L.

  24. Jackie

    I read the Nutrition Action Article and was quite surprised by it’s findings. It also states that almond milk(which I switched over to since reading Save Our Bones)has no calcium which is a load of ?? as it has 30%DV right on the nutrition facts.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Actually, Jackie, plain almond milk doesn’t contain much calcium. A lot of commercial almond milk products contain added calcium, usually calcium carbonate.

      • Bob Pritchard

        The Almond milk I buy in Australia has no oils and no added Calcium. I like the tase too. I seen another brand in the shops last week and it has oils and added calcium and added sugar . :((

  25. Sara Alcoff

    Dear Vivian,
    It’s great that the prestigious John Hopkins is talking about alkalizing! I’m substituting my milk with almond milk which should not be as acidifying as milk. But i wonder what you think of drinking raw milk? I know whey is alkalizing, but could milk that is not pasteurized contain more enzymes that will facilitate the calcium absorption? Thanks so much for your help.

    • Amodia

      I honestly don’t reemmber leaking all that much milk from the opposite side while nursing… maybe just a trickle at let down? I’ve heard that it happens though, so let us know if it works out! :)Also, forgive me if I’m being dense, but I’m not sure how this will help when pumping or building supply?

  26. esther

    What Calcium Magnesium supplement product do you recommend for Osteoporosis?

    • Margo Crouch

      i have had GREAT success with a product from Nutrametrix
      “Calcium Complete”. it is in powder form that you mix with water to make it “isotonic”- meaning liquid form – nutrients are more directly absorbed and you actually absorb most of the calcium. little do people know that much of the

      • Margo Crouch

        calcium in pill form doesnt get absorbed because of digestion. also NO STOMACH UPSET. this along with Viv’s program & yoga/exercise 2-5x wk had increased my #’s so much my dr’s jaw dropped! i get it fr her or online at
        i also use their Isotonix (resveratrol) which dropped my chol 20 points
        it may seem expensive but in long run it’s a bargain-better than meds!

        • Bob Pritchard

          One thing to know .. It’s not Chol that contributes to heart disease but “Inflammation” too many acidic foods. A heart surgeon in Canada stated that after 5000 bypass surgeries and studing his patients . that Inflammation was the only constant . Balance your diet . leave cholesterol alone . the liver makes chol for damaged bloodv essels . the level will go down with correct balanced foods. No inflammation the liver lowers it’s production.

  27. Marge Peters

    I had open heart surgery in April, to replace a valve. I was put on Warfarin to prevent a blood clot. However, I cannot eat green veggies while on Warfarin, no blueberries or cranberries. What do you suggest I do. I loved salad, and only eat the head lettuce now.

    • Fernanda

      I tried almond milk this past year and had a saiilmr experience great with cereal, terrible with coffee! I also tried coconut milk a few months ago, as in the drinking kind in a carton, as opposed to the can. Much preferred the almond, but I think I’m most in favor of plain soy milk.

    • Lori


      I am on warfarin for a short time as a preventive measure after bunion surgery. When I did the other foot I developed a blood clot. The doctor’s at the anticoagulation clinic that I go to said to not change anything in my diet. I eat tons of greeens! They told me to continue eating as much as I wanted and they can adjust the warfarin accordingly. I would check back with my doctor if I were you. Best of luck to you!

  28. William Tarr

    After having parathyroid surgery I was diagnosed with osteoporisis and put on fosamax. I have a hiatal hernia and the pills would sometimes stick there and cause me problems. I started getting pain in my neck (sic), and severe pain in my lower jaw, and teeth. I went to the dentist who said nothing wront with the teeth, it is probably the Fosamax. I quit taking fosamax, and the Dr wanted me to go on Reclast. (the jaw and tooth pain went away after stopping Fosamax.
    I researched this problem on the web and found in addition to your site, other professional opinions against using this type of medication.
    I never started Reclast, but began a dietary approach to improving my bone structure.
    I havent had the follow-up bone scan to date, but will have it early next year. Hopeing for the best!

    • alex

      this is want i tell people medications can be good can be. but what the side affects are is what the medication is for example right here with fox.if peple would read and demand there full disclosher pamflet they would read that the side affects is what the medication is suppose to take away. from a concerned citizen

      • Bob Pritchard

        Fosamx stops bone cell death . ?? but cells need to be replaced with new cells. >> do you want to be 55 y ol with bones of an 80 y old. Look to your diet in Viv’s Save the bones program

  29. Angela Gipson

    I used to use soy milk until 2 yrs ago when I started Vivian’s program and now use almond milk. However, a friend has told me that she would never drink almond milk because all almonds in the US are heavily sprayed with pesticides that are known carcinagens. Is this true? I love almond milk and I’m a vegan.

    • JJ


      • JudyK

        Silk is not generally organic. I buy it anyway because I like the almond unsweetened original. The calcium in it is carbonate (not easily digested by older folks). The Vitamin D is D2 and that is the synthetic kind. I take calcium citrate, magnesium and 5,000 units of D3 daily.

  30. Joan Kirkby

    The portion of the article you posted says calcium is alkaline. This puzzles me. If so, why would drinking milk cause any problem?

    • alex

      i would like to answer for now and not all calcium supplements are the same i know of maybe two calcium prodtcs one can take. others work different something to remember that yes are bones are calcium based etc.. but this does not mean that calcium supplements will better are bones besides there has been information as of recent to show calcium products for most may cause heart attacks. vivian protocol is fine if you have issues that need attention asap. but for long term thats were my opioion is different almost all soy is/has gmo which is fake food unless you believe and agree with fda and monsanto etc……..than thats your choice

      • Bob Pritchard

        When you eat acid based foods the blood becomes more acidic. what happens . the blood takes Calcium from the bones to alkaline the blood . look to your food .. which are acidic and which are alkaline. must be balanced. Acidic foods > acidic blood . Inflammation of our blood vessels. this inflammation is the culpret that gives you heart attacks.

  31. Shelby

    Waiting for my book to arrive.

  32. Marilyn

    I have been faithfully following Vivian’s program for the last two years since I was diagnosed with osteoporosis in 2008. My hips are fine but my spine was -2.8. I recently had a DEXA scan last month and my spine is now -2.9. My hips continue to be fine. I was discouraged that my reading didn’t go lower. But then again, it only jumped l/10 of a point. I am 61 years old. I know I have not done much in strength exercises due to a twisted spine injury back in 2002 and am limited to certain exercises. I do walk alot. I am also thin build which does not help me. Of course, my doctor wanted me on drugs but I refused. I will continue with Vivian’s program because of the success it has given others and I am all for natural prevention. I just hope my next reading will be better.

    I drink almond milk, eat yogurt, LOTS of vegetables, and whole grains, and a little meat. My husband usually remarks on how much “color” displayed at meals due to all the vegetables. I hope to increase my strength training and I trust my chiropractor to help me with the right exercises for me.

  33. alex

    well there is big differance if you talk about 100% organic raw grass-fed milk or chesse etc…big differance am not saying that am 100% for dairy but i dont push it away i know its helpful and could do us very good. also if your liver is not operating very well you will not break up the protien so there for since protien has to be broken down into glucose it does not get metabloize correctly which then theres more acid in the body a rise of insulin issues as well which just these two things alone can cause as time passes bone loss etc….theres a choice we can make to look and promote studies showing how a vegan way is good for us or not.whey protien powder is fine if you choose it but you need to get the right kind which is not easy to find in stores at least in south florida so you want unadulterated 100% or wild grass-fed cold processed whey protein for more information please ask. from a concerned citizen

  34. Leslie

    For as long as there are humans walking this earth, there will be debates on what is good or bad for us. We will believe what rings true to each one of us and on occasion we will indeed change our minds.
    For most of my life I didnt pay the least bit of attention to nutrition and I’ve paid dearly for it.
    I was never much of a milk drinker but intake of other acid producing items were the norm. I thought because I was very physically active I was immune to osteoporosis. I was truly shocked to the core when I learned different.
    In April of this year my oncologist check up revealed I had compound fractures of my spine. X-ray showed my bones are so damaged the orthopedic Dr. said they were like styrofoam, not as good a chicken bones.
    I was put on D and calcium supplements, exercises and sent on my way with a pamphlet about Forteo.. Thanks but no thanks on the Forteo.
    I’m adjusting my diet to more alkaline and seeing improvements. Once I got the chart in my head, I could finally see that I’ve been sabotaging myself for probably 50 or more years.
    I dont expect a miracle but I do believe with all of my being that I can restore my bone health to much better condition and share what I’ve learned with others..
    Thanks Vivian, guidance and good sense is what we need and you are showing the way…

  35. Julie

    I just want to vent. I am SO jealous! My mother-in-law drinks, smokes, adores meat and potatoes, exercises only by doing ADLs, and has perfect bone density as evidenced by scans and constant falling without fractures. I’m a vegetarian who doesn’t drink or smoke. I exercise daily. I have lacy bones. We both drink coffee in moderation.It isn’t fair.

    • Susan

      Yeah, I know. It beats the tar out of me too, that I have friends that eat pure crap and don’t exercise, and their bone density is normal. Who said life was fair?

      • Susan

        And a lot of those “normal” bone density women are on HRT, which I won’t touch with a ten-foot pole because of the cancer risk, so pick your poison, huh?

  36. Roz

    I use cows milk in making kefir.
    Is this not a good idea?

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Roz, fermented dairy products are just fine! I talked about this in Vivian Answers Day #12 (

      • Bob Pritchard

        Amazing how many products when cooked or fermented are suddenly very good for you. . but when raw they are toxic. …this knowledge is Good.

  37. Cathy Court

    Well done, Vivian. It’s really good to know that the scientific community is catching up with you. Luckily I’ve never liked milk anyway. Rice milk makes very good millet porridge.

  38. Trudy

    I grew up on milk & dairy products which did not help me in my later life when I developed osteopaenia. Thanks to Vivian’s book/guidelines, I was able to reverse this situation. I test the food/drinks I consume with litmus strips. Milk definetly comes up ‘acidic’, natural yoghurt, certain cheeses, quark do not.
    There goes the ‘milk is good for your bones’ myth!
    Cheers Trudy

    • Shelby

      Where do you get the litmus strips?

      • Trudy

        I get those in a Health Store; I live in Australia.

      • Anna

        One can get litmus strips in any drugstore, I think. That is where I get mine. Anna

  39. Alexandra

    OK if high protein is bad for bones how is it that Whey powder (which I thought was high protein) is good for bones? I have a whey and fruit juice smoothie for breakfast and have recently been eating “LoCarb” whey powder bars as snacks. What do you recommend for breakfast and snacks?

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Alexandra, while I still don’t recommend a high protein diet (and believe that the Standard American Diet provides emphasizes protein entirely too much), we do need some protein, and whey is a bone health, alkalizing way to get it.

    • Susan

      I eat four fruits, some almonds maybe, sunflower seeds and oatmeal with almond milk and honey. More fruits and veggies and nuts and seeds for snacks, raisins, etc., the alkaline stuff, but sneak in also healthy acidic foods like blueberries and walnuts when you can. Get the book. It’s all outlined

      • Trudy

        I eat walnuts regularly & after testing with litmus strips, they register as alkaline! Vivian listed them as acidic in her book.

        • Abdul

          all the right words, touched your arm at the right times, got you hawfaly home (the bar near his place, at closing) and then to his place. He got you to leave (ostensibly after sex wrestling ? C’mon, Kate, just tell us you did him), and got you to go away for good after insisting you see his FB page.This is step by step from one of those How to Get Women websites, right? And the most important step, for those kind of guys, is getting you to leave, after the boinking.Maybe its penance for being so mean to those other loser guys .Cheers!

        • Lori

          How do you test a walnut with litmus tape? Doesn’t it have to be liquid?

      • Sue

        I have organic outmeal with chopped almonds, flaxseed, raisins or chopped dates, sometimes honey, half water and half almond milk almost every morning for breakfast with a banana and a few strawberries. It’s so filling and yummy. For snacks during the day, I have sunflower seeds, nuts, fruit, and sometimes a dish of plain yogurt with honey and fruit. Cut up veggies are always in the fridge for snacks. I also sneak in some healthy acidic foods as Susan does. I enjoy eating this way and will never turn back! I’m looking forward to my next DEXA in May.

        • Anj

          I understand the juengmdet after looking at his Facebook page; I’m a person who believes that the company one keeps can be a major tell-tale sign of their own personality. Hunting pictures, now that’s definitely an individual preference. I’m an outdoors type myself, including hunting and fishing, so I would have been less juengmdetal of bloody carcasses.

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