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Getting plenty of Foundation Supplements is certainly important for building your bones. But have you ever considered what would happen if your body wasn’t absorbing and utilizing them? Chances are you’d lose bone density, because the nutrients you’re ingesting wouldn’t be getting to your bones.

Today’s post is about this issue, particularly the absorption of Vitamins D and K, both crucial to increase bone density. You’ll discover which organ is involved in the uptake of these vitamins, and exactly what you can do to keep it functioning in top shape for maximum nutrient absorption.

Why Are Vitamin D And Vitamin K So Important?

While calcium gets most of the attention as it relates to bone-healthy nutrients, Vitamins D and K are every bit as vital. They’re so crucial, in fact, that if you’re not absorbing them, you can’t build bone.

So if think you’re doing “everything right” for your bones, but you’re still not seeing the results you want, inadequate absorption may be the culprit.

Vitamin D regulates calcium, and it acts as both a hormone and a vitamin. When sunlight hits your skin, a Vitamin D precursor, which is manufactured by the liver, changes to Vitamin D3. The liver then plays another role in converting the D3 into a hormone. Amazingly, Vitamin D even helps prevent falls.

Vitamin K is equally important. In fact, it works with Vitamin D to regulate osteoclast production. (Osteoclasts are the cells that remove worn bone to make way for new bone cells to be deposited.) Vitamin K also acts as a cofactor in a biochemical, calcium-binding process called carboxylation, which occurs in the liver.

You’ll notice that the liver was mentioned in relation to both vitamins we’re discussing, and here’s something your doctor will never tell you…

Proper Liver Function Is Vital To Bone Health

In addition to the functions noted above, your liver produces bile. This is required for the digestion and absorption of fats and fat-soluble vitamins like D and K. In fact, the liver is responsible for converting the food you eat into nutrients your bones need. Without that vital function, your bones simply can’t receive the nutrients required to stave off osteoporosis.

You may not have realized how important your liver is. But amazingly,

Your Liver Affects Every System In Your Body

There’s a reason why it’s called the liver – it literally allows you to live! Here are some other functions of this organ:

  • Manufactures proteins, enzymes, hormones, and clotting factors and the cholesterol necessary to transport these substances to the proper place.
  • Cleans the blood of toxins, poisons, and byproducts of metabolic processes (such as ammonia from protein metabolism).
    Processes everything we take into our bodies, whether ingested, inhaled, or absorbed through the skin.
  • Acts as a storehouse for crucial substances that, when released, can save your life. Vitamins, minerals, and glycogen are all held in the liver as “emergency” stores.
  • Detoxification: the liver filters out contaminants and toxins, such as:

    -Food additives
    -Drugs and medications

  • Notice your liver treats all drugs as toxins, including osteoporosis drugs. It also filters out alcohol as a poison. Ingesting, inhaling, or absorbing anything on the above list (and more) can compromise your liver’s function and health.

    In addition, digestive function tends to decline as we age, further compromising your liver. But research strongly suggests that age itself is not so much the culprit as disease.1 And disease does not have to be an inevitable part of aging!

    The Function And Health Of Your Liver Can Be Boosted Regardless Of Your Age

    Let’s talk about some ways you can promote the optimal function of this important organ.

    First, you can boost bile production. One of the best ways to do this is to incorporate plenty of bile-promoting foods in your diet. The following foods are the best to achieve this goal, and they are also Foundation Foods in the Osteoporosis Reversal Program:

    There’s More You Can Do To Help Your Liver

    In addition to eating bile-promoting foods and being careful not to take in too many toxins from food and the environment, it’s important to do a thorough cleanse at least once a year. A healthy liver produces plenty of bile and is not compromised by toxic overload.

    OsteoCleanse™, The 7 Day Bone-Building Accelerator, is scientifically-backed and designed to do just that and more. Even if you’ve never taken osteoporosis drugs or medication of any kind, an annual cleanse is very beneficial. Toxins in the environment are inevitable, and now you know that keeping your liver in top shape is fundamental for building strong, flexible bones that resist fracture.

    In just 7 days, OsteoCleanse™ takes you through 6 easy steps to eliminate drugs and toxins from your system. It’s a digital ebook (not available in as a print copy), so you have instant access to the information and can get started minutes after your purchase.

    Although OsteoCleanse™ is easy to follow, it is extremely effective. You can safely do it several times a year if you like, and it doesn’t involve starving yourself or taking any exotic or difficult-to-find supplements. It clearly guides you through a gentle cleansing process that will maximize your liver’s efficiency and accelerate your bone-building success.

    Please click here to learn more about OsteoCleanse™, The 7 Day Bone-Building Accelerator, and start building bone faster than you ever thought possible.

    Till next time,


    1 Russel, Robert M. “Factors in Aging that Effect [sic] the Bioavailability of Nutrients.” Journal of Nutrition. April 1, 2001. Vol. 131 no. 4 13595-13615. Web.

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  1. bettie

    can any of your programs help my r a

  2. Pat

    Hi I need info on what I have been told. I had a very bad dexa-scan so they just put me on prolia. I told them about True Osteo I was taking and not crazy about osteo drugs. They advised me best way to go is for 1 year continuing true osteo, addt’l calcium and vit D and if all looks good then drop the Prolia. What say you? How would this be effected by a cleanse?

  3. Len

    I recently learned that calcium supplements can cause prostate cancer.
    Any comments?

  4. Leslie (Ms. L. Carmel)

    Good Afternoon Vivian,

    Thank You Very Much For Letting Us Know About Why Vitamin D And K Are So Important To Our Bone Health.
    And For Telling Us That We Have To Keep Our Liver In Good Healthy Condition, In Order To Keep Our Bones Healthy As Well.

    Thank You, As Always For All You Do. And Until Next Time – Take Care, And Stay Well.


  5. Nancy Brewer

    I have crohn’s disease and osteoporosis. I’ve incorporated the save our bones lifestyle into my daily diet and exercise routine over the past two years. I have a bone scan 4 months from now and I’m hoping for some improvement . I just found out that some severe bouts of vomiting that I thought were crohn’s related were actually symptoms of a low functioning gallbladder. I am curious to know if the inability to release bile properly could be related to the absorption issues caused by poor liver function – and then of course, I’d like to know what to do about it?

  6. Marlene Villar

    Hello Vivian,
    Thank you very much for this excellent info. I truly appreciated everything you share. Have a wonderful evening.
    Take care always. Marlene

  7. LynnCS

    Vivian. I eat a basic high whole food, plant based diet. I get my good share of greens and fresh vegis and some fruits. My doctor wanted me to take K2. It gave me heart palpitations. Can I get enough from greens and other vegis? I need your help. Thanks, Lynn

  8. Lizzie

    HYPOCHLORIDRIA or ACHLORIDRIA where insuff HCL makes it impossible to absorb some vits/ minerals. Ironically the parietal cells in the stomach neeed zinc and iodine/iodide to produce HCL without which these and many other nutrients will not be utilized.
    Seemingly a high prop of over fifties have this condition……is this a conrtibutary factor for osteopaenia/ osteoporosis. Apols for spelling

  9. Rita

    love your approach to bone health, however it is difficult for me to follow it all as i have colitis. too many fruits, vetetables and nuts are really hard on my problem. also i need to put on weight as i have lost too much due to it.
    anyone else have similar problems? and what do they do?

    • Benilda Giasi

      Hi, Rita.
      Please check out Sherry Brescia’s website, Her program is geared for good digestion and has helped many people with colitis, Crohn’s, IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), acid reflux, etc. She has a free four-day program that you can try to see if it will help you. I’ve been eating the great taste no pain way since she began the program in 2008 and have never looked back. I was beginning to get bloated, put on weight, my cholesterol was beginning to creep up and my blood pressure was starting to go up also. When I read her information on her website, I had one of those Aha! moments and went with it. So it won’t hurt to check it out and maybe if it’s for you, it will help you.

      Good luck,
      Benilda Giasi

  10. Pamela

    _Hi Vivian
    You truly are a wonderful person the time you spend researching all this information so we can do our best to try to keep our bones strong and healthy
    Keep up the good work
    Pamela U.K

  11. Alice Lawson

    I just read on a heath website that you should not take calcium within four hours of taking snythroid (or similar thyroid drugs) as the calcium will not absorb correctly. I have been taking synthroid and True Osteo at the same time, so guess I will have to change my tactics!

    • ruth

      I just learned this past winter that I should not be taking calcium within 4 hour of the thyroid medication. No doctor or pharmacists ever told me. It was Von in the states that their pharmacists put it on my bottle. came back to canada and have told every doctor and pharmacist I have talked to about it. doctor said ,they leave those things to the pharmacist. I do believe my pharmacist wanted to hide behind the counter as if it was not a big thing. I was put on 3000mg of calcium. and 1000mg of vitamin D. bone density did not come back with a good report. over three years of taking it.
      the reason for such a high amount of calcium is when they removed the thyroid, the doctor just happened to take some of the parathyroid.I live in canada so they just did not tell me. I found out when I asked for the pathologist report.


  12. Kelsey Fickling

    Vivian I only have an Ipad now and can’t download the Osteocleanse. How can I buy it? Thanks.

    • Suzy

      I have an iPad, too, and with Kindle (free), I can download PDF documents to my iPad. Maybe you could try that, Kelsey.

      Just a thought…

      • Kelsey Fickling

        Thanks Suzy, I’ll talk to my technical person (my Grandson) I’m in Australia. Kelsey

  13. Miriam Roberts

    Thank you very much for your emails regarding saving our bones. They so helpful and I find each email so interesting.

    Once again many thanks


    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      You’re most welcome, Miriam!

  14. Mina

    Hi Vivian
    I bought the oesteocleanse a few weeks back. I didn’t realise it was a digital book and didn’t download. How and from where can I download it now?

    Your help with this would be appreciated

    • Customer Support

      Mina, please check your e-mail today for a message from our Customer Service department. We’ll be glad to help you with your download. 🙂

  15. Bo Dela Haye

    goodmorning Vivian,

    Every morning a tea spoon of lemon and x tra virgin oil ( one of each ) seems to keep the liver clean?
    This is what a orthomolecular therapist adviced me.
    What do you think of this?

    Kind regards,

    Bo de la Haye

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