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A brand-new study by scientists at Columbia University Medical Center paves the way for doctors to prescribe even more bisphosphonate drugs. Researchers found that certain variations in specific genes actually increase the risk of developing one of the most devastating side effects of bisphosphonates.

These findings allow doctors to screen patients so as to discern who would be the most likely to suffer from Ostenonecrosis of the Jaw (ONJ). So basically doctors can readily prescribe the drugs to patients who don’t have the gene variations.

Doesn’t it look as if they’re trying to protect the bisphosphonate business, which already rakes in $4.2 billion per year?1

After the “phossy jaw” that plagued the match manufacturers in the 1800s, osteonecrosis of the jaw (ONJ) entered the realm of obscurity. It became a rare disease, almost a curiosity. But with the widespread use of bisphosphonates, there came increasing reports of ONJ, and now scientists have discovered a genetic link that increases your risk for this ravaging disease of the jaw.

Where’s the Evidence?

Incredibly, the Medical Establishment still claims there is no definitive evidence that bisphosphonates raise the risk of developing ONJ. They ignore important studies like the one done in 2008 by the University of British Columbia and Vancouver Coastal Health Research Institute. Undertaken in response to academic papers linking bisphosphonate use to ONJ, this study found that bisphosphonates actually triple the risk of bone necrosis.2 In fact, this particular study is the largest one done on bone necrosis and bisphosphonates, but the Medical Establishment still ignores it – and there might be a monetary reason for that. You see, the British Columbia study was the first actually to explore the connection between bone necrosis and particular brands of bisphosphonates.

Sounds like some companies don’t want their brand names smirched.

But the bottom line is, ONJ is real, and it is devastating.

The Genetic Connection

Various studies have pointed to the possibility of a genetic factor in the risk for developing ONJ, but the latest research goes deeper than previous studies. Researchers analyzed the genomes of the participants, and the scope of this is important. The human genome is all of your hereditary information, found within your DNA, and it gives a more complete reading of your genetic information.

What they discovered in this study is that bisphosphonate users with a variation in a particular gene – specifically, the RBMS3 gene – were almost 6 times more likely to develop ONJ than those individuals who did not have this variation.3 Variations in two other genes, IGFBP7 and ABCC4, are also implicated in increased ONJ risk.

What’s the point of this research? According to the medical establishment, it’s…

…To Prescribe More Bisphosphonates!

As ridiculous as it may sound, doctors are jumping on this research not as a warning against prescribing these drugs, but as a way to streamline and customize prescriptions. If a patient with osteoporosis is shown not to have the risky genetic variations, then doctors would not only be able to prescribe bisphosphonates, but they’d also be able to use this genetic information to convince the patient to follow the drug protocol.

And the same information could be used to encourage dentists to go ahead with oral surgery they would otherwise refuse to do on patients taking bisphosphonates.

Wasted Resources

All of these amazing technological advances – looking at genes, for instance, and being able to see variations of incredibly small proportions – are being misused. Why expend resources to discover who is most at risk for developing horrible drug side effects when natural, drug-free treatments like the Osteoporosis Reversal Program already exist? It’s a complete waste of time and technology to take such advancements and use them to discern who might develop ONJ from a drug that’s been shown repeatedly to be completely unnecessary.

Sadly, Big Pharma, aided by the Medical Establishment, is casting about for a way to stay in business – big business. Instead of using these incredible research tools for delving into truly helpful research, such as a deeper understanding of the body’s amazing ability to heal itself when given the right conditions, some of the most detailed and prominent research is focused on promoting Big Pharma and its products.

Doctors have been told that osteoporosis is a disease (it is not), and they treat it accordingly.

If you're one of the many thousands of people from all around the world who follows the Osteoporosis Reversal Program, then you're not a willing participant in their scheme, and can be proud that you've taken care of your bone health yourself.

But if you're not on the Program yet, showing up in front of your doctor and talking to him/her about natural alternatives to drugs, can get a bit uncomfortable.

The Secret To Effective Communication With Your Doctor

And that’s why I created a special bonus as part of the Osteoporosis Reversal Program titled Doctor Communication Tutorials.

Inside I talk about the five personality types that are common to doctors and how to effectively approach each one about alternative options.

The fact is, a good doctor can be a powerful ally in your fight against osteoporosis. But you have to approach things correctly to avoid meeting resistance. And another added benefit is that you can use the same tactics to effectively communicate your “unconventional” natural bone health approach to family and friends.

I show you exactly how to do it in Doctor Communication Tutorials, which is included for free when you order the Osteoporosis Reversal Program today.

And thankfully, studies that support natural treatment for osteoporosis are out there, and more than 100 of them are cited in the Osteoporosis Reversal Program. In fact, the Osteoporosis Reversal Program is a comprehensive, scientifically-backed program that shows you step-by-step how to re-think your bone health, slow down and stop bone loss, and rebuild your bones – all without side effects.

The only “side effect” from the Osteoporosis Reversal Program is a healthy, strong-boned you!


1 Nordqvist, Christian. “Bisphosphonates Worth Taking Despite Tiny Thigh Fracture Risk.” Medical News Today. May 2011. Web.

2 University of British Columbia. “Popular Osteoporosis Drugs Triple Risk Of Painful Bone Necrosis, Study Finds.” ScienceDaily, 15 Jan. 2008. Web. 24 Nov. 2012.

3 Columbia University Medical Center. “Genetic variation that raises risk of serious complication linked to osteoporosis drugs identified.”ScienceDaily, 28 Jan. 2012. Web. 24 Nov. 2012.

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  1. Manju Srivastav

    The t score of my radius is-5.9
    Iam going to be sixty this conversation is a life saver
    Thanks a lot

  2. Joyce K

    My brother has multiple myeloma and has had about 6 doses of Zometa and his teeth are shifting but not loose. He had an infection in wisdom tooth ,they did rootcanal because of possiblity of ONJ. Can saveourbones program turn this around? I have the program and am trying to follow it. My brother is thinking of stopping Zometa. The half life is 10 years,so wondering if it is too late to do save our bones program. Will that help at all?Trying to figure out what he should do . Would it help to take bonestrength by new chapter and ubicquinol 100mg (solgar brand). Do you have any info on treatment for multiple myeloma? Have you heard of Avemar ? Any suggestions would be helpful. Thank you for all your help.

  3. lynette

    Dear Vivian,
    i am to have another bone denstiy test next month and my specialist is suggesting that he will recommend Prolia for me. i have had one injection of Aclasta in 2009. i have severe back pain casued by two pressued nerves at F2 and F3 and scoliosis and the surgeon will not operate. I am 77 yrs old. my GP is now referring my to a Pain clinic as i cannot take heavy pain medication. your comments please.

  4. .Martha

    I just senr you E mail about my Arthritis. My first note. I got A note as soon as i sent it which said second request Not so was my first. Martha

  5. .Martha

    Vivian I have arthriris in my right hip. Can you give me any suggestions on that? Thank you Martha

  6. Lois

    Hi, I saw something on one of your emails about how to cleanse bone density drugs out of your system. Could you please post information on this again?

  7. Barbs Davies

    I am 65 years old and for the last 6 months my Doctor has prescribed My Doctor first prescribed colecalciferol strong Tablets 50,000IU (PSM) 1 tablet to be taken on the first of the month. I am too scared to take them – are they safe??? I have supposedly got osteopenia..please help Vivien.

  8. Leslie (Ms. L.)

    Hi! Vivian,

    I Don’t Understand What ONJ Is! What Happens To Your Jaws If You Happened To Get ONJ? Please Tell Me More About It! And I Thank You Very Much, For
    All You Do!


    • Customer Support

      Leslie, you might benefit from the Search feature at the top of the page! Simply type in your topic (in this case, ONJ) and click on the Search button. Then anything that Vivian has written on that topic will come up. 🙂

  9. Faith Motyl

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    thank you

    • Customer Support

      Hi Faith,
      I’m afraid you’ll have to change your email address yourself – but it’s really easy.

      1. Simply scroll down to the very bottom of any email from Vivian
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      I hope this helps! If you need further assistance, please drop us a line in Customer Support (just click on the smiley face in the upper right hand corner).

  10. Valerie Saenz

    Almost in tears last friday when the doctor told me: “it’s not a matter of if you will have a bone fracture but when”. Needless to say i left the office very discouraged. I have purchased you book and try to eat healthier foods. In my research to reverse my osteoporosis i have come across a supplement named Ezorb and was wondering if you are familiar with it.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Valerie, I am sorry to hear that your doctor said that to you. 🙁 Please don’t be discouraged – you have the Program, so you have everything you need to strengthen your bones!

      As for Ezorb…Ezorb calcium (aspartate anhydrous) is a combination of a calcium atom and l-aspartic molecules bound by chelation. The makers of Ezorb don’t say where they get the calcium molecules from. They could be inorganic, but we can’t find out for sure. Ezorb basically is highly absorbable (which is good) laboratory-made calcium in chelated form (w/ l-aspartic molecules). The makers of Ezorb call it an “organic compound”, perhaps because the body processes it as though it would be organic.

      I hope you are encouraged!

  11. Lois

    My last bone density showed that I had 2 vertabra that were in the osetoporesis range. At the time I had 3 physicians who all praised Prolia – in the end I did end up taking these injections. Now I have had 3 root canals on teeth that showed up with an infection AND have developed TMJ on both sides of my jaw. I know that TMJ is not ONJ, however, is this just the beginning and can the infections in my teeth be related to Prolia? I am very concerned and have purchased your book and am trying to follow an alkaline based diet. Your comments please.

    • HelenDundon

      I was on bisphosphonates for 15 years then on Forteo for 2 years and then one injection of Prolia. I, too, have a dental problem which caused me to have a root canal since no dentist will take the chance of extracting the tooth because of ONJ. I wish I had known about the adverse effects long ago. Instead I believed I was doing the right thing for my health.

    • Mary Greene

      I have just had a bone density test and was told by my Dr. to get shots of Prolia every months 6 months because I have osteoporosis. After reading your comments, I definetly will not do than. Thanks for your story

  12. Laser

    What test determines whether one has the variation in the RBMS3 gene? Is this test widely available? Do many physicians know about it?

  13. vince bossley

    Recently read Dr. Colin T Campbell’s ‘China Study’. What a revelation to discover that all those folks in China (and elsewhere) living on a plant based diet as opposed to a animal/dairy based diet, can get as much protein as from the animal/dairy diet.
    And, the plant protein is just as good as animal/dairy protein and far less dangerous for exposing our systems to all the degenerative diseases we suffer from.
    Very valid case for changing over and I am certainly beginning to adjust my diet accordingly.

  14. bea

    hi i sent for the detox last week and as of dec 13 i have not received any information on it you have my money now i want my book thank you bea there is so many things i have sent for and i have never recieved i would like a reply rightaway thank you

    • Customer Support

      Bea, I am so sorry for any inconvenience or delay! Rapid Cleanse is an e-book, so it should have been delivered to your inbox already. We will be glad to help you locate your order(s) – Customer Service will send you an e-mail shortly to help out.

  15. Diane E. Shupe

    Is Actonel one of these drugs?
    I was on fosamax for years. Now prescribing on monthlyl pill. $ 120.00

  16. bula chick

    I had my DEXA . then a call from the doctors office”you are holding your own BUT we need to talk about you going on Fosamax!! No I will not take any drugs. Well I have my mom on it! End of phone call!!!

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Hang in there, and keep “holding your own”!

  17. Susan Makridis

    I already have the Save Our Bones program but would like to have your new offer for the Dialogues with Doctors – is that possible to receive it. I would hate to be penalized by being a current holder of this book and not receiving your “free” offer of this new book. My endocrinologist is a firm believer in “pharma” and since he is the third endo doc I have tried I am getting frustrated in arguing against the drugs – which I no longer take! SM

    • Customer Support

      Susan, you’ll find Doctor Communication Tutorials on page 262 of your Save Our Bones book. 🙂

  18. Avis Mawson

    Thanks Vivian. As I told you previously been through the phosphate wrinkle and jaw problem Won’t do that again.

  19. Shula



  20. Joan

    Second request, I would appreciate your opinion on taking Evista. Thank you.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Joan, I posted a reply to Jan below on this very subject! That information on Evista should help answer your questions.

  21. gail glasgow

    I have not received an answer to my question as to why I have not received the dencercise program. I submitted my request after the special offer was made. Please advise.
    gail glasgow

    • Customer Support

      Hi Gail,
      We are glad to help you with your Densercise order. Densercise is an ebook, so it should have been delivered to your inbox. Someone from Customer Service will contact you right away to look into this for you.

  22. Madelyn Guthrie

    Your program has been a life saver to me. I walk a mile or more every
    day and feel much stronger.

  23. gail glasgow

    I requested the Densercise book weeks ago when the special offer was made, but never received it. Could someone explain if orders are taking this long or if mine was somehow overlooked. Thank you.

  24. Madelyn Guthrie

    I was on several different medications that were supposed to save my
    bones. I am 86 years old so they were prescribed when the first ones
    came on the market to save my bones. As each new one came on the market
    it was sure to be better than the one I was taking since there was little
    inprovement in the bone density test taken. There seemed to be very little information indicating that you should take the second look at what you were taking until much later and when I did the decision I made was to seek more data to decide what I should do. The final decision was when the
    solution was that I should take the one that required taking a shot every day. I had begun to find more information and I knew that it was important for my health to seek another way. That was when I found Save Our Bones. That was the best decision I ever made.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      We’re so glad you found us and are part of the Save Our Bones community, Madelyn!

  25. Margaret Dzwilewski

    The densercise offer got away from me before I could respond. How may I learn about this and purchase this book? I have osteoporosis and went to physical therapy for back strengthening exercises, but there was such an overwhelming amount of exercises that I don’t get to all of them. My husband said it would be a great Christmas gift for me. Please let me know how I can buy your wonderful exercise book. Thank you. Margaret

    • Customer Support

      Margaret, please drop us a line in Customer Support and we’ll be glad to help! Just click on the smiley face in the upper right-hand side of the page.

  26. Jan Diamond

    Vivian, my Doctor just recently prescribed Evista which generic name is called Raloxifene-Oral…… What is your impression of this med. I have osteopenia and recently was suggested I not take Bisphosphonates any longer.

    Jan Diamond

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Hi Jan! Evista is a selective estrogen receptor modulator (SERM), which means it is supposed to act like estrogen in the body. The problem is, it doesn’t. Instead, it selectively “chooses” some tissue in which to act like estrogen while neglecting others. Talk about setting the stage for imbalance!
      You can read more about it here:

  27. jj

    Recently revealed emails show Merck mocked and belittled patients who developed ONJ. .

    • cath

      Many thanks for this info went to your link found it very important, info should be given when docs prescribe these awful drugs. Both my sister and myself were taking these drugs because my sisters T score was -5.6 and mine was -3.4 as my sister lives in France she gets tested every 2 years, in England you get 1 test the first so you have no idea what is going on in your bones. Both Took drugs for about 1 year until I found the S.O.B.c stopped taking the drugs immediatly, bought the book my sister eating only foods and plan recomended by Vivian, T.scores had risen by her 2nd test. it works. (she is intolernt to taking calcium tablets) No reason why mine shouldn’t have risen as well. Thanks to Vivian for her time and effort.

      • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

        Cath, thank you so much for sharing that wonderful success story about your sister! I am so glad to hear about how the Program has helped you both.

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