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Today you’re going to discover something amazing: you are not stuck with the bones you have, even if you have a family history of osteoporosis.

According to an innovative branch of science known as epigenetics or epigenomics, there are easy lifestyle changes you can embrace that actually alter the expression of your genes. And here’s the good news: this applies to bone health as well.

Let’s begin by taking a look at epigenetics and what it’s all about.

Epigenetics: Beyond The Genetic Code

“Epi” is a Greek word meaning “in addition to” or “beyond.” Epigenetics refers to biological phenomena that circumvent the genetic code. An example would be identical twins who are genetically the same, but one twin inexplicably develops a chronic disease such as rheumatoid arthritis. Another example is a caterpillar morphing into a butterfly – the insect is genetically the same, but extremely different in appearance.

The genes themselves do not change. What can change is how those genes are expressed, or “switched on.” Some genes can be switched off as well. This is brought about by a variety of environmental factors, including diet and exercise.
And that’s where bone health comes in.

Epigenetics In Relation To Osteoporosis

As Savers know, bone is living tissue – specifically, it’s connective tissue that renews and remodels itself continuously. This process is very intricate, involving many cellular and biological mechanisms – including gene expression patterns which account for the activity of bone cells.

Scientists have identified various genomes associated with bone density, but these genomes “only explain a small fraction of the bone mass variation observed in the population. …In fact, epigenetic changes regulate gene transcription, but there is also growing evidence for an influence of genetic (i.e., DNA sequence) variants on DNA methylation and miRNA-dependent mechanisms (‘genetical epigenomics’),”1 says a recent study on the topic.

In other words, research points to interplay between genetic and epigenetic mechanisms.

This means you can actually alter your genetic expression, because by applying easy lifestyle changes…

You Can Influence Which Genes Are Switched On And Off

Savers are well aware of how diet and exercise can dramatically improve your bone health, actually reversing osteoporosis. And it’s no secret that regular exercise prevents many chronic diseases. But scientists have been baffled as to the mechanisms behind this.

The answer lies in epigenetics. Incredibly, research indicates that exercise actually promotes genetic modification. According to a 2014 study,

“Current research data suggest epigenetic modifications (DNA methylation and histone acetylation) and microRNAs (miRNAs) are responsive to acute aerobic and resistance exercise in brain, blood, skeletal and cardiac muscle.” 2

In addition, a University of Virginia study actually identified two genes that regulate bone density.3 But not surprisingly…

The Medical Establishment Is Using This Information To Develop More Drugs

As their arsenal of drug options for osteoporosis is rapidly shrinking, Mainstream Medicine is even more desperate to find the “miracle” osteoporosis drug. In fact, they are hoping to develop a medication that will target these two “bone density genes” mentioned earlier, in an effort to manipulate bone density artificially. Such an effort will take many years, of course – and ultimately, like all osteoporosis drugs, it will fail to stave off low bone density.

Because one thing is clear: the Medical Establishment fails to realize that the body is designed to do this naturally!

If you’re following the Osteoporosis Reversal Program, you are well aware that drugs are not the answer to better bone health. As the research clearly shows, adopting a regimen of regular exercise affects genes naturally, in concord with your body’s natural processes, to help you build strong, flexible bones that resist fracture.

How Exercise Affects Gene Expression

So what does it take to alter your gene expression? The key is to practice exercises that apply the correct mechanical stimulation to your bones. Those must be based on Wolff’s law, which states that targeted stimulation (in the form of weight-bearing exercise) improves bone density and health. Let’s take a closer look at how this works.

Bone morphogenetic proteins, or BMPs, actually regulate bone mass by influencing the function of osteoblasts, your bone-building cells. In fact, a breakthrough study shows that mechanical stimulation (not chemical, as with drugs), when applied during the growth phase of bone remodeling, actually upregulates the morphogenetic protein BMP-4, “resulting in increased proliferation and differentiation of osteoblasts.” 4

This means that the correct mechanical bone stimulation increases bone deposition, which translates into denser and stronger bones.

So when you tie it all in, you have a powerful way to build your bones regardless of your genetic makeup!

The good news is that exercise is something you can get started on immediately. You don’t have to wait decades for Big Pharma to develop the latest gene-altering drug (what a scary prospect!).

The breakthrough Densercise™ Epidensity Training System actually meets these criteria.

So if you haven’t yet, you can get Densercise™ right away and start the targeted mechanical stimulation that builds strong bones…right down to your genes.

Till next time,


1 Delgado-Calle, Jesús; Garmilla, Pablo; and Riancho, José A. “Do Epigenetic Marks Govern Bone Mass and Homeostasis?” Current Genomics. May 2012; 12(3): 252-236. Web.

2 Denham, J., et al. “Exercise: putting action into our epigenome.” Sports Medicine. 2014 Feb; 44(2): 189-209. Web.

3 Messner, Larry D., et al. “Bicc1 is a genetic determinant of osteoblastogenesis and bone mineral density.” Journal of Clinical Investigation. 2014; 124(6): 2736-2749. Web.

4 Young, Rebecca L. and Badyaev, Alexander V. “Evolution of ontogeny: linking epigenetic remodeling and genetic adaptation in skeletal structures.” Integrative & Comparative Biology. 2007; 47 (2): 234-244. Web.

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  1. Jeny Houston

    I have read that using a power plate can help improve bone density. Is there any evidence to support this? If so, could anyone recommend a particular type – make or model?

  2. Josiane Turner

    Hi Vivian,
    How beneficial is yoga for our bones?

  3. yvonne wong

    Is it a choice to have ‘ Prolia (denosumab) injection’ if you have a 28% decrease in your overall bone density, treatment for women at high risk for fracture or fall , for every 6 months. Please help.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Yvonne, I believe it’s always your choice whether or not to take osteoporosis drugs! I encourage you to research Prolia (there’s plenty of information on this site!) and make an informed decision. There are viable alternatives to drugs for building your bones! 🙂

  4. Leslie ( Ms. L. Carmel)

    Good Morning Vivian,

    WOW! Who Knew That Epigenetics Could Do All These Things, In Relation To Our Bone Health.
    Thank You Very Much For Sharing This Information With Us.

    Hope You And Your Family Are Doing Well. My Family And I Are Doing Well Ourselves.

    Well, Got To Go For Now. Until Next Time – Take Good Care Of Yourself, And Stay Well.


  5. Susan Johnston

    Thank you so much for giving me the size of the Densercise download!

  6. Susan Johnston

    As I have limited download capacity in my monthly agreement, can anyone tell me the size of the Densercise program purchased on line?? I don’t want to exceed my limit if I can help it!! Thank you.

    • Joan

      Susan I am just back from a 5 day detox program I was reading a book there on osteoporosis @ it said that distilled water was not good for your bones I was taking back by the comment.

    • Customer Support

      Hi Susan,
      Densercise is 4,835 KB. 🙂

  7. shula

    Thanks for the explanation. Wish it was that easy.

  8. Susan Remek

    Joe Mercola recently published material claiming that it is dangerous to drink distilled water–that such water robs the bones of minerals. Have you revised your thinking about distilled water? Why or why not? Thanks, Susan Remek

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Hi Susan,
      From a chemical standpoint, distilled water is pure H2O. And it is neutral to acidic pH, leaning more towards acidic. We can drink pure water (i.e. distilled), and it is more beneficial than mineralized water with inorganic minerals. Given the different points of view on water, a prudent idea is to not drink only one kind of water. You can sometimes drink spring water, like Dr. Mercola suggests lately, and drink some distilled water as well, or reverse osmosis water. 🙂

  9. Ethne

    Hi All,
    I am in need of advise concerning a painful swollen last digit(closest to the nail) on my left hand and a recurring mucoid ganglion cyst- less painful on the same digit on the right hand.
    I do have osteoporosis of the lower spine with spondylolysthesis L5S1 and osteopenia of the hips.
    I am following an alkaline diet and exercises for bone density, also swim 3-4 times a week.
    My main problem is my finger at the moment- tried rubbing in Diclofenac gel, s gel with glucosamine/ chondroitin , Devils claw & othet ingredients- help slightly.
    Is probably osteo arthritis starting

    • Teresa

      I’ve seen at least 4 people with arthritis pain problem removed by taking celery seed capsules. One lady had terrible back pain and was also taking celery seed capsules for arthritis in her hands, but started taking curcumin once a day and doesn’t even need the celery seed capsules any more. The curcumin takes care of both for her….and the celery seed capsules relieved the arthritis pain for the other ladies within 15 minutes.

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