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Good things come in small packages. And when it relates to preventing a devastating cancer, this popular saying rings especially true. A recent study conducted by Ohio State University professor Dr. Tong Chen has unlocked yet one more benefit of strawberries: they may be a valuable weapon to combat esophageal cancer.

This comes as no surprise to those who believe in the power of natural antioxidants. But findings that overshadow drugs, more than likely will ruffle the feathers of mainstream medicine. Because in view of their failing efforts against this deadly disease, it turns out that a fruit can beat synthetic drugs. Indeed, strawberries – and not drugs – may very well be the best way to…

Help Prevent Esophageal Tumors

Results were just presented at the 102nd Annual Meeting of the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR). They show that eating strawberries helped prevent early esophageal lesions from developing into tumors. In Tong’s own words, “preliminary data suggests that strawberries can decrease histological grade of precancerous lesions and reduce cancer-related molecular events.”

These are great news, especially if you suffer from GERD or Barrett’s Esophagus, which you may have developed from bisphosphonates, the most commonly prescribed osteoporosis drugs. As I wrote in a previous blog post titled “New Year Off To A Bad Start For Osteoporosis Drugs”, osteoporosis medicines such as Fosamax and its generic alendronate, Boniva, Actonel, and Didronel may be linked to esophageal cancer. In a letter published by the New England Journal of Medicine, Dr. Wysowski of the FDA writes that these drugs can cause an inflammatory condition known as esophagitis.

All Gain, No Pain

In addition to this newly discovered benefit, strawberries are also an excellent source of the powerful antioxidant Vitamin C (ascorbic acid). In fact, ounce for ounce, they have more Vitamin C than oranges. If you have the Osteoporosis Reversal Program, you certainly noticed that strawberries are listed as a Power Food. Besides its antioxidant role, Vitamin C is crucial for collagen production that helps maintain healthy bones and joints.

And polyphenols – potent antioxidants also present in strawberries – increase the production of osteoblasts, which are cells that deposit new bone. In the Osteoporosis Reversal Program I give detailed information on plant polyphenols and their proven role in bone health.

Another important nutrient amply found in strawberries is the mineral manganese, catalogued as a Foundation Supplement in the Osteoporosis Reversal Program. As it relates to bone health, manganese is necessary for the synthesis of connective tissue in cartilage and bone, and is involved in protein synthesis.

And here’s a list of other valuable nutrients present in strawberries, albeit in much lesser quantity than the ones I’ve already mentioned. All of them, by the way, are Foundation Supplements that nourish your bones:

  • Vitamins B2, B5, B6, and B9
  • Vitamin K
  • Magnesium
  • Copper
  • Omega 3 Fatty Acids

Believe it or not, that’s not all. In fact, these tiny gems can do even more. So here’s…

One More Secret About Strawberries

Move over, ibuprofen, aspirin, and the rest of the non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs)! The phenols in this stubbornly healthy fruit reduce the activity of the enzyme cyclo-oxygenase (COX), which is exactly how NSAIDs block pain caused by inflammation. But of course, unlike these drugs that send thousands to the ER, strawberries don’t cause stomach or intestinal bleeding.

So now that you know how valuable these berries are, let’s explore how you can get the most out of them.

Practical Buying and Storing Tips

  • Avoid the giant variety; medium-sized berries are the tastiest.
  • Check package thoroughly to make sure there is no mold.
  • Try to get them organically grown or you may want to grow your own. Pesticide residues have been often found in strawberries.
  • To wash, run some cold water on them and pat dry; then remove caps and stems.
  • Wash just before eating, or you can cut them and use in fruit salad. They retain nutritional value.
  • Keep refrigerated at all times.
  • You can freeze strawberries for up to one year, preferably whole, because they retain more Vitamin C. Wash and remove caps and stems, sprinkle with lemon juice, and place on flat pan in freezer. Remove when frozen and transfer berries to a heavy plastic bag. Place back in freezer.
  • Great Taste and Good Looks Too!

    You’ll probably agree with me: strawberries are one heck of a good looking fruit, and delicious too. With their quirky shape and texture and their bright ruby-red color, they can make any dish look attractive and festive.

    So here’s one of my favorite bone-healthy alkalizing strawberry recipe:

    Beauty and the Feast Salad

    4 Servings


    1½ pounds mixed salad greens or lettuce
    1/2 pound turkey or chicken breast, cubed
    2 cups cherry or grape tomatoes
    4 green onions (scallions), chopped
    1 cucumber, chopped
    2 cups strawberries, sliced
    1/2 cup almonds, sliced or chopped


    Toss all ingredients in large bowl and sprinkle with olive oil and lemon juice to taste, or use your favorite salad dressing.

    And don’t forget to add lots of Vitamin L, for “love”!

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  1. Af

    Thank you for this important information. Since you elated in your message that the culprit could be due to GERD and Barrett picked from treatment with alendronate, in your opinion, what responsibility does the drug manufacturer has in this issue.

  2. Letha Sheldon

    I took Fosamax and then Actonel for 9 years. Have been off Actonel for 3 years. One of my cheek bones is larger than the other. Could that be caused by those drugs? I sometimes have a fleeting pain in my jaw also; not very often

  3. Shirley

    I love strawberries, but I have diverticulosis and can’t eat berries or seeds. Is there any process I can use to remove seeds?


  4. Laura Wilensky

    Hi Vivian,
    My husband just bought a bottle that alkalizes water using a mineral cartridge. We have well water that is slightly acidic. Are there any studies that you know of on whether it would be beneficial in conjunction with the Save Our Bones program? It’s still within a trial period. I am skeptical.

  5. Clara Goodman

    I have already began picking strawberries for this year an enjoying them. It is also good exercise. Getting that vitamin D outside also helps.

  6. Pauline Rotta

    I recently read your comments/reply to a question regarding Strontium. I’ve been taking a Garden of Life RAW Calcium algae product. It has 3.8 mg of Strontium in it. I’m told that algae calcium contains a small amount of Strontium. They also sell another product call Vitamin Code Growth Factor S which is Strontium 680 mg. I do not take this due to your comments on Strontium. Is there an issue with the 3.8 mg in the RAW Calcium algae product? If so, can you recommend some algae calcium products? Thank you.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Pauline, the small amount of naturally-occurring strontium in algae-based calcium supplements isn’t a problem. For more info, read my recent blog post about strontium: https://saveourbones.com/strontium-demistyfied/

  7. dave

    chen used freeze dried strawberries not fresh.

  8. Anna

    I was diagnosed with osteoporosis two years ago and have not gone on bisphosphonates because of your book and recommendations. I am glad I didn’t, because now after having acid reflux problems, I had an endoscopy done and was diagnosed with Barretts Esophagus. The bisphosphonates would have have made it worse, in my opinion. Now, I am having pain probably due to the biopsies which were done, and am not sure how to get it under control without taking Omeprazole and other acid reducers. What would you recommend?

    • Nancy

      Anna, There are groups on Facebook you could join to get a lot of information. Just type in Acid Reflux or Barretts Esophagus and join a couple. You’ll learn a lot! You need to not eat things like acidic foods, tomatoes, citrus, carbonated water, caffeine, etc. until you are healed.

  9. Nu Ly

    Thank you so much about the information strawberries, then, I’ll going to eat them more

    Have a happy day.

  10. anna

    recently read about remedy for acid reflux…2 Tbsp of applecider vinegar in a glass of water (warm) ….it works!

  11. mary ball

    This is a lovely recipe Vivian. Never thought to use strawberries in a salad. I just love ’em!
    Many thanks again.

  12. Millicent Wilson

    Dear Vivian, I’ve read all your emails since buying your book and appreciate them. My doctor prescribed Fosamax for me, but I refused to take any drugs, so just rely on the information you send regularly. Thank you so much. Great news about strawberries!

  13. catherine smith

    I went on Google and put in,new surgery for acid reflux.A lot of things come up,if anyone is interested in researching it.My doctor had told me about a surgery that involves putting beads around a valve,(I believe)but I also saw a video on one kind of surgery.On the same page that tells about all the surgeries for acid reflux,there was a book advertised, called HEARTBURN NO MORE.It was written by Jeff MARTIN AND teaches the only Holistic System in existence.It teaches how to permanently cure your acid reflux and heartburn.The book is $39.97.I cannot afford this book and don’t know, whether it is helpful or not.This is, just another thought.It would be nice, if it is true, but who knows.

    • Carolyn Thompson

      Vivian, do you know anything about this book or it’s methods?? I agree with other reader that we do not have the money for all these books, but do need the help if they actually work. Please answer as I have bad acid reflu, just had endoscopy —put me on Zantac 300 mgs. Already taking Dexilant 60mgs. want me to see what happensw 10 days out. on 6th day now. still bad constant burning behind my collar bone since about 6 week and bad chest burning occasionally. Please help. Anyone else out there , email me or answer with help on this blog.



  15. Helen

    Thank you so much for all the great tips which are surely appreciated!

  16. Martha Unger

    Hi Vivian,
    I have Diverticul and I have had several bouts with Diverticulosis because of what I ate being that it was nuts,popcorn,cabbage,,strawberries all of which I love and tomatoes also what do you suggest I do so that I can Eat all of the above? I also stoped taking Fosamax two years ago and my Dr. put me on another drug I have Rheumatoid arthritis,Osteoporosis and when I read your save our bones I also stopped that also. I do have your book.Please reply.Thanks

  17. Victoria Bartell

    Vivian… what do you know about the information that says you should NOT combine fruits and vegs for optimal digestion? I noticed you combined the strawberries and lettuce in this previous recipe. I’d love to hear what you think about this. Thanks… Victoria

    • Kay

      Yes, I would like to know also, and if we have 5 total re: food combining and separating fruits from vegetables to aid in digestion, and also not eating starches with protein, as many nutritionists were advocating this long before they were on to alkaline diets for Osteoporosis. Thank-you, Vivian.

      • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

        Hi Victoria and Kay,

        Food combining theory isn’t part of the Save Our Bones program, and I don’t feel that it’s necessary in most cases. But if you choose to follow a food combining protocol, you can certainly do that right along with my program.

  18. Colleen

    Hi Viviene – love your work. I have been reading a little about a study in Cananda on Nitroglycerine ointment in treating osteoporosis. I would really value hearing your comments on this. Thanks for all you do.

  19. Yvonne

    I have followed your comments on drugs, products and food for over a year now and just want to say how valuable your articles are. It is great to know there is someone out there providing useful information and unbiased commentary who is not in the pay of some money making enterprise. Thank you.

  20. Nadine Brooks


    What is “B-9”, (in your article). Never heard of “B-9” and where is it found.

  21. Carole

    Good to hear so many people winning the fight, but may I suggest a read of the effect of microwaves on water. It is a real eye opener because with this happening to water what is happening to our bodies which are largely water in content? Books are available on the Internet about the effects of all sorts of negative things on water. I got rid of my microwave as a result. All the Best, Carole

  22. Shula

    Great information on strawberries. Thanks, Shula

  23. Joan

    Just planted some some Strawberries in my back garden thanks for recipe looking forward to summer love them happy days

  24. Pat Graves

    Reading the other comments. I had foot surgery the end of Decmber and developed acid reflux, I believe from lying horizontal most of the first three weeks of recovery, with my foot elevated and iced. Was on PPIs but did not want to continue indefinitely. Whenever I stopped taking omeprazole, the acid came back. Just this past week, I have tried adding grapefruit and pineapple, raw to my diet and not eating the three hours before bed. I got acid reflux at bed time. That seems to work. I have been heartburn free for 6 days now.

  25. Pat Graves

    Good to know something that tastes so good is also good for you.

    Question: I recently read that you should not tank calcium supplements with a multi-vitamin as something in the multi blocks absorption of calcium. But the article did not say what. I had been taking my calcium at the same time, at breakfast. Now I have been trying to remember to take it at a different time, but often forget. Have you heard this? What ingredient in the multi blocks calcium absorption?

  26. June Glover

    I was very glad to read the article about the extra health-giving benefits of strawberries. I love them and used to eat them whenever I could but I cut down a lot because I thought they were very acid. In fact a doctor told me years ago that I should not eat them too often as they are very acid.

    So are they acid forming or are they like lemons and actually have an alkaline effect on the body?

  27. Karen Stryker

    Pls help! I was on fosamax 2 yrs and Reclast infusion 1 yr and now have Barretts esphogus. I stopped my simivastatin, vitamins, citrus, occasional wine, took azithromycin (stop bacteria) in hopes my extreme dry throat and chronic bumps would get better, but they have NOT. My older brother died from esphogus to lymph to brain cancer in 1 month and I’m scared. My younger brother died from stroke and my 91 yr old mom has only me left to take care of her. I’m 60.Suggestions???

  28. susan tristem

    Brilliant – just eaten a bowl of strawberries ..
    Also have been taking Fosamax (now not!!)
    Sue Tristem

  29. mary

    appreciate you offering recipe – but – as far as I have ever been taught, fruit should be consumed minimum 30 minutes before other food, so I would never include it as you have in your recipe.

  30. Lynn

    I love strawberries and eat them often.

    I would like to address the point you made about the osteo drugs causing one to develope GERD. I stopped taking the osteo drugs 2 years ago and still suffer from too much acid. I would think that if you stop taking whatever is irritating your stomach, that the acid problem would cease. For me, that hasn’t happened. In fact, the acid problem is causing me breathing trouble. Any thoughts on this problem?

    • Carole

      Hello Lynn,
      I too suffered form reflux for years until I wised up about eating far too many acidic foods and not nearly enough alkaline. Study Vivian’s book about this as all the foods are listed. If you are even a stone overweight then the stomach pushes up onto a valve which is in place to keep the stomach acids in but this pressure pushes against it and allows the one way valve to open and a regurgitation of acids occur. Eat smaller meals at a time so that you don’t overload the stomach. Drink more pure water, most folk don’t drink enough and I eat a few almonds if I feel the slightest signs happening. I also eat an apple for this. Hope this helps, as I have found it to. Carole

  31. Joyce E Hall

    I just bought the most beautiful box of strawberries. I served them to my friend for breakfast. I plan to eat a few myself. Thank You Vivian for being on top of”Breaking News” This kind of breaking news is just wonderful for me and my Bones. Of course I’ll share this good information with everyone I know. Have a great day and thanks for sharing such great news. Joyce H

  32. Helen

    Glad to know about strawberries, and glad to see your warning about using organic instead of pesticide-heavy berries.
    Please write on Soy milk and products as a replacement for milk in osteoporosis people WHO HAVE HAD BREAST CANCER. I have heard from friends that soy mimics estrogen receptors and therefore can cause breast cancer.

  33. Dijana

    Thankyou so much for this info on strawberries re oesophageal cancer. I am about to be tested for this and while i haven’t taken the drugs i am nervous re the possibility. Good to know i can start eating strawberries in abundance now to help me in the meantime. I thank you for sharing this very much.

  34. Elizabeth M. Wright

    Oh yes, I forgot to tell you, if you eat some fruit BEFORE eating any meals, it prepares your stomach for the food coming down…
    Believe me, it works !!!
    Blessings… Elizabeth W.

  35. Elizabeth M. Wright

    I discovered years ago that eating a handful of strawberries stopped my headache…
    Also, deep breathing helps while eating the strawberries.
    Hope this helps…
    Blessings… Elizabeth W.

  36. Robin

    I hope nobody gets the idea that eating tons of strawberries is going to be the cure all for any type of cancer. It is ONE tool to help. However, a plant based diet, exercise, water, sunshine, and an attitude of gratitude is what will prevent cancer. We pay so much money for cancer research, when prevention is right at our fingertips.
    Something to chew on.
    Health and lifestyle coach

    • Dijana

      couldn’t agree more Robin. It is simple really isn’t it. Such a complex body has such simple needs to stay healthy.

  37. Jeanie

    Just had for breakfast a mix of frozen strawberries,raspberries and blackberries.
    Put into a small dish add a teaspoon of honey and microwave for 1 minute then put thick natural yoghurt on top yummy.

  38. Irma

    Thank you Vivian for the info about strawberries, I will force myself to eat them more often. Thank you for that delicious recipe.
    My regards,

  39. Kathryn McIntee

    Thank you so much for all your very useful information it has been a great help to me.

  40. Margaret

    Dear Vivian,

    After many years on PPis now Nexium and a badly damaged Esophagus is there a safe natural way to control Acid Reflux. I do not have trouble with acid reflux this request is for my sister. Hope you can help. Regards Margaret

    • Cathy

      Hi Vivian, I too suffered from acid reflux and was on the PP Prevacid. Someone told me about digestive enzymes which can be found in some multivitamins or you can also purchase them alone. They work great for me and a natural way to solve the acid reflux problem. I also changed my eatting habits – I have to keep reminding myself not to eat so fast and chew my food well. It really does make a difference. Perhaps Vivian can get into more detail about digestive enzymes. Good luck to your sister.

      • Melanie

        I had acid reflux years ago. I took digestive enzymes to help and than I took a product called Intestinal repair complex for a few years and than only took it when I started to feel it coming on. It made things clear up. I also use it occasionally if I get an upset stomach which goes away within 15 minutes of taking it. Nexium and other PPI’s actually remove the good acid from your stomach so your food cannot digest properly.

      • Robin

        I think what needs to be addressed is WHY you are getting acid reflux in the first place. Do you eat heavy meals at night? Are you drinking a lot of coffee? Whats in your diet? Are you overweight? Nothing happens without a cause. We just dont ‘get’ things happen to us. You may want to assess your diet and lifestyle and ask yourself what could be causing the reflux.


  41. Liz Peck

    I can’t wait to try this recipe – when will your recipe book be available?

  42. Marysia Dunlop

    Hi Vivian 🙂

    Thank you very much for your email today. Very informative as always. I do like all of your recipes. I am so glad that I love strawberries 🙂

    Have a very nice day
    Marysia 🙂

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