ALERT: Reclast And Kidney Failure - Save Our Bones

As I write in a recent blog post titled ‘Alert: New Life-Threatening Reclast Side Effects', the most commonly reported Reclast side effects – ranging from joint and bone pain to osteonecrosis of the jaw – pale in comparison to the most recent concerns regarding kidney impairment and failure.

In the same post I quote an article about a US consumer group urging the FDA to warn physicians and patients of the dangerous and sometimes life-threatening renal toxicity associated with Reclast.

Per the FDA’s own posting this September 1st,

“FDA continued to note reports of renal failure to the Agency's Adverse Event Reporting System (AERS) after the March 2009 label revision. A follow-up review in April 2011 showed an additional 11 cases of fatal acute renal failure and nine cases of renal injury requiring dialysis after Reclast infusion.” 1

So what has changed? Not much, except that the risk factors which could lead to kidney failure will be added to the drug’s label from now on. Because in view of this possible side effect, new risk guidelines to screen patients before administering Reclast have been established “to reduce the likelihood of adverse events occurring and help ensure the safe use of Reclast.”1

Notice that the word “reduce” is used instead of “eliminate”. Not very comforting, to say the least.

New Label Warnings Open to Interpretation

In an attempt to identify risk factors that cause nephrotoxicity, the brand new guidelines establish testing for creatinine clearance, a kidney function marker, both before and after the Reclast infusion “to assess how well your kidneys are functioning.”1

It also advises physicians to:

“Continue to screen patients prior to each administration of Reclast to identify those with underlying acute or chronic renal impairment, advanced age, or dehydration. Patients with underlying renal impairment appear to be at highest risk for kidney failure. Reclast should be used with caution in this population.” 1

Doesn’t it make you wonder how a health practitioner would interpret “use with caution?” But why struggle with the doubt, if there is a…

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  1. Michele Nichols

    I, Michele, went to my physician yesterday and we discovered that I have a kidney disease. I have been receiving Reclast twice 2011, 2012. I never had a kidney disease before and my physician who is not the one who prescribed Reclast didn’t say a word about this medication. I shall talk to the doctor who prescribed it.
    I thank you very much to write about Reclast. I remember that the nurse told me to drink a lot of water during the injection which I did. Michele

  2. Doffo

    Vivian, I enjoy reading everyone’s comments but wonder why you don’t reply when people ask you a direct question? It is usually something that I would like to see your anwer to.

  3. Mary Young

    Hi Vivian

    Is the drug Aclasta the same as Reclast? I am assuming it is because of the similiarity in the name. My doctor suggested that I have an intravenous dosage once a year as I have adverse reactions to any of the so called bone building drugs such as Fosamax, Actonel, Evista and Protos, each and every one of these drugs caused nasty side affects. Proves what you say about them is very true. Told my doctor about bisphosphonate being poisonous and he agreed with me! Just said that if they were causing my system to be posoned!!! we had to try something else, put me on Evista and after three months, same thing so then the Protos and again after a few weeks my system started to react and I even suffered nausea with this one. NOW he suggests the once a year Aclasta (20 minutes of infusing poison into my system). I am amazed as he agreed with me when we talked of the poison to my system with bisphosphonates being the cause. Just going to stick to your diet and advice with exercise etc. more rigidly. I am proof positive that these drugs have dire side effects, even before I had your book I had suffered from taking them. Just hoping and praying that my next bone density is better than the last and it is due before Christmas. Keep saving bones (and people). Regards Mary

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Yes Mary, Reclast is marketed as Aclasta outside the U.S.

  4. Tamara

    Dear Vivian
    Pleas advice what is the time duration between taking calcium and milk for better calcium absorption?

  5. Beryl

    Hi Vivian,
    My Dr. has just asked me to take a shot of Prolia every 6 months. I told him I didn’t want to because of side effects. He said “there are absalutly no side effects with this drug” and that I should go on it right away. I told him I wanted to read up on it for myself first. He said ok. I have been reading about people who have taken Prolia and some say it’s a good drug while others say the worst thing they ever did was to take it. Vivian can you give me anything I can use to convince my DR. to let me try a natural way first. I have never had back pain and I don’t want it to start with a needle. I need help!!

  6. Carol Reed

    I have followed your program for about two years now but haven’t done so well the last six months. My last bone density test showed that my osteoposis is getting worse in both hips.Could the five different medicine I take be part of the reason why my bones aren’t getting better.Multaq,spironolact for the heart,levothyroxin for thyroid,pravastatin for cholesterol and I just found out that I have sleep apnea and I take pramipexole for restless leg syndrome. I am back on the save our bones program again but really getting worried about my bones and don’t know what else to do. Carol

  7. Marlene

    My main meal of the day is a plate of roasted vegetables. They are absolutely delicious and very filling. Is it necessary that 20% of my meal be acidifying foods?

  8. Carol

    My mother is 88 and has been advised to try Prolia for her osteoporisis. She was not found to be a good candidate for Reclast which they also wanted her to try. Her Dexa score was -2.7. She can’t walk much because of scoliosis and spinal stenosis. Any advice for her?

    • connie

      I was considering taking Prolia until I read the very serious side effects.

      That was enough for me. The doctor told me that the only side effects were skin rashes. He didn’t mention how serious the skin rashes were. Not only that, the skin rashes were the least of the serious side effects.

      The rest of them scared me half to death. Make sure you read “all” of them.

      • connie

        By the way, I take Boniva iv push.
        every 3 months. it takes a minute to get in the vain.

        The side effects are pretty bad, but not as bad a the Prolia.

        Nothing’s that bad.

  9. Jan

    Hi Vivian,
    I was diagnosed with osteoporosis two years ago and unfortunately took fosamax for 10 months. By that time my left leg had become very weak and my left hip was almost imobilised. I ceased foxamax, bought your book and I think everything you have said makes perfect sense to me. My symptoms have improved, but are not completely better. Last week I had my two year dexa scan, and was so happy with my results. Bone density in both hips had improved by 20.4%, now osteopaenia. My spine bone density improved 6.6% and now within the normal range. The radiographer was amazed at this result, she had never seen such an increase before within the first two years. I was happy to tell her how I achieved this result. I really love your program Vivian and will continue it as a way of life. Thank you so much for your fantastic advice, I hate to think how I would be if I had continued with fosamax.
    Warmest regards.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      That’s fantastic news, Jan! Thank you so much for sharing your results us.

      I’m sorry to hear that you were yet another victim of these drugs, but you’re certainly on the right track now. Keep up the great work! 🙂

  10. Nu Ly

    I stopped to take Foxamax for one year and four
    months, now, I feel better, even my bones are not strong enough, because I hardly follow all
    your advice in diet, my blood ph just reach level 6, I should make more effort. Thank you
    for your E-mail

  11. barbara

    I have osteoporosis and was on Fosamax which didn’t work so after a year I was worse and put on injections daily I can’t remember the drug. Didn’t work so I was given Reclast and after a year was better now osteopenia and had Reclast again. It is time for another dose and I am worried because I just had blood work and was told I had a high protein level and that interferes with kidney function and after reading this ad I wonder if the Reclast has something to do with it. I also have Celiac Sprue disease, Gerds, chronic esophogitis, chronic gastritis, chronic pancreatitis, ulcerative colitis, fibromyalgia,neck and back problems – bulging discs, two fused. In other words I am in a MESS.

  12. Pat

    I am so glad that I have refused to try the Relase.


  13. Debbie Moore

    I can’t take any calcium product on the market..they all give me a “grumbling” kidney & pain so I learned may years ago to avoid any commercial calcium products. Even as a young person I couldn’t drink milk shakes etc like others as my kidneys played up & they are otherwise normal kidneys. Thanks so much for all your warnings & info. Most grateful.

  14. Delores Price

    I have your book and it is wonderful, so much good information. Thank you!!!

  15. jdial

    Thank you for referencing the study you mentioned in this article, Vivian.

  16. Norma Smyth

    I have severe osteoporsis. Have had several fractures over the years. Am 85 years old and very active. Last bone density was worse than preious one. I have been on Fosamax for 20 years. Just stopped taking it recently. After taking some tests, am going to doctor’s appt. and he had mentioned two possibilities he might be recommending. Either Evista or twice yearly injection Prolia, which was FDA approved in June, 2010. Would love to hear any feedback on this. Am contemplating not taking either. Have your book, and trying to follow some of the food program. I do not take any medication unless I absolutely have to. I can not lift weights but I walk every day. Would like to hear from you before my doctor’s appt. next week. Thank you.

  17. robert

    These drug companies are criminal. Osteoporosis likely worsened from their drugs, but now they want to give me their bisphosphonates to fix what they caused. NO WAY. Merck, maker of fosamax also made Vioxx, remember that drug that gave tons of people heart attacks? Yea. Follow Vivian’s plan. Follow your own advice. Even question Vivian’s advice at times. Really. And if you are following Vivian’s advice and it’s still not working, keep pluggin’ but dont blame yourself, just be vigilant, get pushy with doctors and demand that you get checked out for endocrine and gastro challenges. But do NOT just hand over your total trust to anyone.

  18. Patricia Ducey

    You go Vivian. Your advice is fantastic. As one doctor said “I am a reluctant patient”. That’s because I refuse to take any of the medicine they want me to for my bones. I exercise and lift my 10# barbell everyday and take your advise.


  19. carol mills

    Vivian, I am on Cumiden for 11 years and it is destroying my bones. The Doctor just gave me Boniva and I am not happy about it but what else can I do. Thanks-Carol

  20. Avis Mawson

    I was signed up for Reclast some time ago and came in contact with a woman who had it and it froze her jaw and she was in constant pain. I phoned the people who handled the product and they said that was a very unusual complication but that did not convince me so I cancelled the plan to have it done. I sure am glad I did. Thank you Vvivian for keeping us aware of these terrible complications It really is appreciated. Avis

  21. Judy Bergsrud

    I take three capsules of Jarrow Formulas Bone-Up with Vitamin K2, potassium citrate and boron. Also has Vitamin D, magnesium, zinc, mangnese. What do you think of these capsules?

    • Diane Matyskiewicz

      I have also requested what you think of taking Bone-Up Vivian and to date have not received a reply. I continue taking it because that is all I have used for the last few years. Not so sure about switching at this time. Bone-Up is quite popular and recommended by Naturopath(s) although it is quite expensive. Apparently it is no longer allowed in Canada (comes from US) because of something in it (not sure what that is) that is not questionable.

  22. Ernie

    How is deficiency in vitamin K2 determined on an individual basis?

  23. Joyce Hall

    Vivian thanks for the most current information on a very bad drug. It is disturbing that even a personal physcian will perscribe without researching the drug side effects. I have been smart enough to continue to use your “SaveOurBones” program rather than use any of these horrible drugs. Thanks for these updates. It only goes to show that these drugs couldn’t have had any Long Term Testing or studies before fluding the Drug Markets. If a doctor suggests any drug to me, I check it out before getting it filled. In doing so I have saved alot more than just my bones. “Buyers Beware” means all of us. Reclast and Kidney Failure going hand in hand and it wasn’t even an issue or thought before allowing it to be marketed for good bone heaalth? Joyce H.

  24. Louise Stewart

    Hi Vivian all of you,

    Just can’t believe that doctors would still
    prescribe reclast when it could cause the
    patient’s death!

    I am benefiting from your emails. Hope others
    are listening too.

    Thanks. Louise (from NB. Canada)

  25. Marilyn

    I see that the “Osteocare” that Sandra takes has hen’s eggshell in it! Is that a problem? Wouldn’t it mean that it cannot be taken by vegans or those with allergies to eggs?

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      That would be correct, Marilyn. In addition, eggshells contain inorganic calcium carbonate, which is not the most effective type of calcium.

  26. R Wagner

    I know Advil is not good but what can I take to kill pain.
    Thanks Vivian.

  27. Irene

    After taking Actonel for 6 mos.,several of the finger joints just below my nails enlarged,wanted to “crack”. since I don’t take any other meds.,I believe related to the drug. Stopeed and it slowly went away.

    • Joy

      I’m glad you commented. I have the same problem and was wondering what might be causing it. I quit taking Actonel some time ago because of all the complications but I did not make a connection between Actonel and a cracking finger joint (which I did not have in the past). The mystery may be solved but it is still annoying (and disturbing as I can’t help but wonder what other hidden problems the drug may be causing).

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      I’m so glad you paid attention to that initial symptom and stopped the drug before experiencing worse side effects, Irene.

      • robert

        Yes, listen to those symptoms. Dont let MD’s tell you it’s nothing. It’s like smelling smoke from your car’s engine and having a doc say it is nothing. Trust yourself.

  28. Carol

    When will people start realizing that when you have osteoporosis it doesn’t mean that your body is lacking drugs. Thanks for all your information Vivian!

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      That’s absolutely right, Carol, and you are most welcome! 🙂

  29. Sandra

    Hi Vivian

    I’ve had your book for a couple of years and since following your programme (with particular emphasis on exercise) my first year, my bone scan showed no bone loss and my second year showed an increase of 4.1%.

    My consultant initially thought there was something wrong with the scanner!!! I believe I can reverse it, but my consultant said I will need to be on drugs by the time I’m 60. I’m 55 and have no intention of killing myself with drugs.

    I have an allotment and do many hours of heavy digging etc. and purchased a treadmill. I make sure I do over 5000 steps a day and that way I can monitor if I’ve done enough exercise throughout the week.

    I don’t eat meat (only fish), butter, milk, or cheese. I have plenty of fresh vegetables, take an osteoporosis supplement, kelp and fish oil.

    I feel so lucky to receive all this wonderful advice that you kindly send out regularly.

    Many many thanks Vivian for taking my fear away.

    Kind regards

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      That’s fantastic to hear, Sandra, and you are ever so welcome! Thanks so much for sharing with us, and keep up the great work!

    • Elsa Boynton

      Hi Sandra,

      What osteoporosis supplement do you take?


      • Sandra

        Hi Elsa

        I take Osteocare – 2 tablets a day with food.

        They cost less if you buy them online.

        Good luck

  30. Celia

    I like to read all of your emails which you send me every day. I wish everybody can have an emails from you before they take any of these dangerous drugs. continue your good work.

  31. Daniele

    I can add an adverse reaction of reclast
    One of my friend devellopped severe osteoporosis and arthrosis of the carpe and metacarp bone with necrosis of the sheats of the palm muscles
    And had to have surgery with bone grafts to restaure the flexion of her fingers
    Although I had told her to stop all antiosteoporosis so said drugs she did not trust me just because I am an ophthalmologist and not an endocrinologist
    Now she is so sorry she did not follow your program

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      I’m so sorry to hear about your friend, Daniele!

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