Save Our Bones Bulletin: City Officials Caught Lying About Lead In Water Supply; New Injectable Cement To “Treat” Osteoporosis, Just-Published Research Reveals A Protein That Regenerates Bone, And More! - Save Our Bones

It’s time for another Save Our Bones Bulletin. This time, I bring you unbelievable news about tap water safety, injectable bone “cement,” and the latest research on a protein called NELL-1 and how it influences bone remodeling.

Yes, it’s been an interesting month, so let’s get started with the latest osteoporosis news.

1. Still Think Your Tap Water Is Safe? Think Again: Officials Deny Lead Contamination Of Municipal Water Supply

If you’re still drinking tap water, think again, because this story clearly proves that besides the toxic chemicals purposely added to it, we can’t trust its quality. High ranking city officials were caught lying about their city’s water lead contamination. Even when an unusually high number of children in Flint, Michigan tested positive for excessive lead in their systems, the truth was the last thing on officials’ minds.

Relevant Excerpt:

“Michigan state officials insisted that the water supply in Flint was safe even though they knew an unusual number of children had suffered lead poisoning, according to a scientist who helped blow the whistle on Flint's water crisis.

Through a public records request, Marc Edwards, a civil engineering professor at Virginia Tech, uncovered a July 2015 memo warning of elevated lead levels in Flint kids’ blood. …

Edwards led a team that conducted its own analysis of Flint's water, reporting high lead levels in early September of this year. …

The government continued to insist that the water was safe until a Flint pediatrician with the Hurley Medical Center reported later in September that the water change corresponded with a significant spike in lead poisoning among city children.

However, the memo obtained by Edwards suggests the state knew about the lead poisoning weeks earlier, yet continued to say the water was okay.”1

Lead’s harmful effects are well known. Yet the cover-up still happened and would have been effective if not for the investigative efforts of one scientist. If this is the case with lead, imagine how silent the Establishment must be regarding fluoride. For example, we don’t know how well they’re able to control the levels of its ‘supplementation’.

And in the case of fluoride, the Establishment can take a different road of deception: they can simply keep telling people it’s perfectly safe (and healthy!)…except it isn’t.

If you’re one of our regular readers, you know how dangerous and toxic fluoride ingestion can be, particularly for bone health. With water being vital for survival, it’s more important than ever to find safe sources of pure, fluoride-free water.

Savers following the Osteoporosis Reversal Program know that distilled water with a few drops of lemon juice is recommended for optimal bone health (contrary to rumor, distilled water does not leach minerals from bone).

In contrast, a vast number of studies have shown that ingesting fluoride increases fracture risk – the studies are so numerous that it’s impossible to cite all of them individually here.2 But the evidence is clear: fluoride is not meant to be ingested, period. And if government officials are lying about lead, you should be very skeptical of their claims about fluoride safety.

2. The Future Is Now: Injectable Bone Cement

Back in 2009, I predicted a fanciful, futuristic osteoporosis treatment that involved injecting cement directly into bone. It turns out that this concept isn’t so fanciful.

French researchers have now developed a foaming agent that can be injected directly into bone.

Relevant Excerpt:

“Researchers in France have developed a special kind of injectable foam that could be a significant help in repairing bones damaged by degenerative diseases such as osteoporosis. …

The new CPC mixture is macroporous rather than microporous – the larger holes make it better at reinforcing mature bone and reinforcing it in a faster time. As it can be applied via a syringe, it means minimal discomfort for the patient, and none of the inconvenience or risk associated with a larger operation. …

The magic ingredient turned out to be a special hydrogel that acted as a foaming agent and created air bubbles within the original mixture. When the hydrogel was mixed quickly with the base CPC, the new foam was the result, and it could be particularly useful for repairing the flexible and spongy tissue that typically degenerates in the bodies of osteoporosis sufferers.”3

The development of this substance almost sounds like an accident. Regardless of how it was discovered, I can assure you that I would never consent to such a procedure, especially not for a condition like osteoporosis. I can only imagine how such a substance would disrupt normal bone remodeling, and there is the potential for the cement to leach into the bloodstream, joints, and elsewhere.

It just doesn’t make any sense to inject a synthetic material directly into bone for a “non-disease” like osteoporosis when natural, nutrition-based options exist to build bone safely and effectively.

3. Discovery Of NELL-1 Protein Will Likely Lead To Yet Another Osteoporosis Drug

NELL-1 is an osteoinductive protein – more correctly, it’s a protein coding gene whose expression promotes bone regeneration.

Relevant Excerpt:

“To investigate the use of NELL-1 in bone formation, the researchers started by exposing adult stem cells that have the ability to create the bone-building osteoblasts, known as mesenchymal stem cells, to NELL-1 in the laboratory. The team found that mesenchymal stem cells exposed to NELL-1 in the laboratory created osteoblasts that were much more effective at building bone.

Next, the researchers administered NELL-1 intravenously in animal models and for the first time showed that NELL-1 could have this same effect on mesenchymal stem cells within the body. Furthermore, the team found that NELL-1 reduces the ability of osteoclasts to resorb bone. The study showed that this dual effect on both cell types significantly increased bone density.

‘Our findings are exciting because they have big implications for possible clinical application in the coming years,’ said the study’s first author, Dr. Aaron James, chief resident in anatomic pathology in the David Geffen School of Medicine.”4

It’s inevitable – the path taken by mainstream science leads to the development of a new drug or “clinical treatment.” It’s too bad that the researchers didn’t look further into NELL-1 and what triggers its expression or suppression, and what lifestyle factors might influence its levels and disrupt the delicate balance between bone loss and bone gain.

However one of the study’s senior co-authors, Dr. Chia Soo, did mention something regarding the balance between osteoblasts and osteoclasts:

“For the millions of people living with osteopenia and osteoporosis, and others with bone loss, the function of these cells is out of balance.”

I do agree that osteoporosis is caused by an imbalance. But I don’t agree with the mainstream approach of “correcting” an imbalance without addressing the cause. Such tinkering is a recipe for disaster, yet it’s the basis for so many osteoporosis drugs and treatments.

For example, what other roles does NELL-1 play in the body? How will injecting it upset those other processes? Like the bone cement, it just doesn’t make any sense to introduce foreign substances into bone, especially when there is a better way.

The Osteoporosis Reversal Program does not advocate taking osteoporosis drugs of any kind. Instead, the Program is based on the premise that your body can balance itself when given what it needs – pH-balanced nutrition, regular exercise, easy lifestyle modifications and a positive outlook.

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Till next time,


1 Delaney, Arthur. “Michigan Ignored ‘Conclusive Evidence’ Of Flint Lead Poisoning, Researcher Says.” The Huffington Post. December 22, 2015. Web.


3 Nield, David. “This new injectable foam can repair and regrow degenerating bones.” Science Alert. “December 24, 2015. Web.

4 Vogt-James, Mirabal. “UCLA study reveals bone-building protein’s impact on bone stem cells.” UCLE Newsroom. June 29, 2015. Web.

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  1. Sharon

    I went off the boniva because of jaw bonepain, then my hips started hurting like crazy.I also had breast cancer last summer and am on armidex which is suppose to cause joint pain. I also have osteoporosis , osteoarthritis , and bursitis . I have psin. My regular dr. Called me in a steroid for psin. It is helping so far. What should I do.

  2. jeanne

    on 1/9/16 I ordered densercise money was taken out of my account but I have not gotten book Have emailed them but no reply yet please help

    • Customer Support

      Hi Jeanne,

      Please check your inbox for a message from Customer Support. We’ll make sure you get your digital materials right away!

  3. JJ

    I thoroughly enjoy reading the bulletins that you send out. I have been pouring over your material since I received the Save Our Bones Book and program. It is enlightening. You have listed Rice (all) and Rice Cakes as acidifying, and yet you have listed Rice Milk as alkalizing. Is there something in the processing of the rice milk that allows it to alkalizing or is this a misprint. Rice has always been a staple of mine, and I have made my own rice milk. In Asia rice is a dietary mainstay, so the high amount of rice consumption does not contribute to an acidifying condition resulting in bone loss since in Japan, they have a low rate of osteoporosis.  I realize there are many other food factors in that diet. My diet is a lot of rice and beans. ? I am a vegetarian and do not and have not had dairy in over 30 years. So I am wondering about the rice milk and why it is ok and Rice is not. It seems to be some interesting facets of this that I am missing. Thanks for some insight and clarification to this. JJ

    • Nichola

      I’ve been on an alkalising diet for several years now (long before I found this website, so I’m glad to see it promoted here). There are difference opinions in what constitutes acid and alkaline forming foods.
      I like the chart on the energise for life website

  4. Janet Santti

    Don’t believe everything you read in the newspapers or see on tv: The attached report from Kettering University explains the true situation in the Flint water supply. The lead contamination is not from the water supply but rather from the outdated distribution pipes which contain lead. The problem is not consistent throughout the community and is found in many cities throughout the country. At the end of this post there is a link to the report from Kettering University.
    Kettering is the former GMI or General Motors Institute in Flint Michigan.

    To Friends and Family,

    This came to me today from retired Navy Captain Tom Cerny, who is the President of the Flint Retired Men’s Fellowship, a group of which I am a member. The attached report was issued Monday January 25th, so it is right up to date AND is from one of America’s foremost engineering and management schools. –Dan


    Thank you for this attached, exhaustive critique of the water situation, which is being overblown to sell newspapers and TIME magazines, and has everybody watching the news shows. About 20 years ago I changed a solid lead line at my late Mother’s 1925 GM-built house on Wolcott Street…but it was a sink drain line, not an inlet line. However, I am aware that many of these old houses WERE built with underground lead water lines.

    “Facts” don’t sell as many news shows and newspapers/magazines as “emotion” does.

    I will pass this attached report from the President of Kettering around to family and friends who have called me from as far away as Oregon, and family from as far away as New Zealand. Thanks again. —Dan Bower

    Hello Gentlemen–attached is the memo I mentioned this morning by Dr Robert McMahan, President of Kettering, to students, parents, and the university community. It provides excellent background and factual evaluation with documentation, of the water quality issues confronted by Flint and Kettering’s practices. Several of our members brought copies to the meeting. We think you will find it informative and a refreshing change from the hype and misinformation so prevalent in media coverage. For those who might find it easier, below is the link to the article on the Kettering web site.

  5. Meg

    Just a heads up…it is not “Link”, …it is Flint, MI.

    And thanks for all the latest ‘super’ osteo drug. What will they come up with next? m

    • Customer Support

      Thanks for catching that, Meg! We’ve corrected the typo. 🙂

  6. DAB

    If the old bone is not being removed as well, which I believe this statement says
    “Furthermore, the team found that NELL-1 reduces the ability of osteoclasts to resorb bone.” then that means the old brittle bone is staying in the body, right?
    Over time that could create a problem.
    Also does NELL-1 build bone where it is needed or every where?

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Hi DAB,

      Yes, you are absolutely correct! All artificial means of “building” bone rely on this principle of altering normal bone remodeling rather than bringing it into balance through nutritional means.

  7. Lori

    I read that eating 10 prunes per day can help promote bone growth. What are your thoughts on that?
    Thanks for all the information- I own your entire program!

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Hi Lori and Linda,

      Prunes are high in polyphenols, but they are one of the few fruits that are acidifying. There are some other concerns about eating large amounts of prunes (or any food) daily – moderation and variety are important for optimal bone health. 🙂 You can find a more in-depth discussion of this topic at this link (the topic of prunes is covered in Q&A #7):

    • Linda

      Yes! Please someone answer this question! I too have read that and am eating 6 per day now. YUK and if I take a probiotic I have NO gas! amazing. Right now, if someone told me to eat dog doo, I would. I want to beat this osteo

  8. A commenter

    I would like to know why my comment about the bone cementing procedure was deleted. I would hope that you are open to constructive debate on issues.

    • A commenter

      My apologies–I see the comment again now. Web glitch?

      • Mer

        Thanks for talking on that subject. I look forward to this coming in the future.

  9. A commenter

    The bone cement that you mention is typically used not to treat osteoporosis but to repair fractures, and only in specific circumstances. For example, compression fractures in the spine can be excruciating, and will take weeks to heal. The bone cementing procedure (osteoplasty) can provide immediate relief from that pain–especially helpful for patients who do not tolerate pain meds well. I am all for diet and exercise as the primary tools in treating bone loss, but please be careful to be accurate. When I read articles like this on your website it makes me wonder what other medical info is being presented in a misleading manner.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Yes, at this time, the new bone cement is not being used to treat osteoporosis. But the potential for this to be used as a treatment in the future is significant. If you’ll take a look at the article, you’ll see that the lead study author, Pierre Weiss, says, “”We think this could be a good biomaterial, perhaps with active molecules, to act against osteoporosis locally.”

      • A commenter

        Thank you for responding. I appreciate your willingness to discuss this. On your suggestion, I did look at the article. The article also says, “Based on tests carried out with rabbits, the foam does cause new bone to form and leaves no toxic effects on the body. But plenty of additional tests will be required before the substance is used on humans.” I thought the part about the foam causing new bone to form was interesting. Do you have any more info on that? It seems they are a long way from using this on humans.

        I very much agree that we all have to exercise due diligence before accepting new procedures. My concern is that readers may reject this procedure outright, when there are circumstances when it can be helpful. In the case of people whose bones are already seriously damaged by osteoporosis, who are in severe pain and need some immediate help, this procedure can provide some relief. Hopefully, they will use it in conjunction with improvements in their diet and exercise routine to build bone long term.

  10. Lyn La Roche

    Dear Vivian,
    On 18th January, my husband ordered a digital copy of Bone Appetite and paid for it through Paypal. We received the receipt the next day for Order No:A1A 201601181955-100812 but still have not received anything else. During the past few years we have twice ordered these books to be shipped to us in Australia and have twice had to cancel the payment because we did not receive the order. We did not think we would have this problem with a digital copy. Please look into this as soon as possible.
    Sincerely Lyn La Roche 28th January 2016

    • Customer Support

      Hi Lyn,

      We’ll be glad to help sort out your order! Please check your inbox for a message from Customer Support, where these issues are typically handled. 🙂

  11. Beverly

    I think well water which we have and is checked annually would be preferable to distilled water. My concern with the distilled is the packaging which is always plastic. Water stored in plastic always has that “plastic” taste which I think means that some chemicals are getting into the water.

    • Quebec City

      As a biochemist, I would not drink distilled water, it really leaches out minerals and is really not natural in the sense that it does not exist as such in nature.
      Pipes in which distilled water runs degrade much faster than those in which ordinary tap water runs.

    • Jennifer Fenderbosch

      Contact and make distilled water daily. We turn the machine in at night and have fresh distilled water in the morning. It is great for plats and animals too.

  12. Catherine Charlton

    I have applied many times to receive your free books in the form of an email but so far I haven’t received anything. I am willing to buy what is on offer other than these but need to read the free ones first. Please send me what you promise. I have advanced osteoporosis.

    • Customer Support

      Hi Catherine,

      Please check your inbox for a message from Customer Support, where these issues are typically handled. Thanks for your interest in drug-free options for saving your bones!

  13. Ann Michael

    Years ago I was diagnosed with osteoporosis and had numerous bone density tests that confirmed that diagnosis. Recently a new bone density test with a new doctor and new machine confirmed I have osteopenia. My question: do different machines measure differently? or could I have improved.

    • Linda

      I’m am so happy for you that you have an improved score. You have lived my dreams and prayers for myself. Yes, you can have a different reading per machine used but not usually a significant change like you have had! so, Congrats and further blessings to you !

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