The Fall Bone Connection - Save Our Bones

Fall is in the air, at least here in the U.S.. And as days are getting shorter, nature signals that it’s a time for retreat and renewal in preparation for the restorative rest of winter that will bloom into a spring awakening.

Deciduous trees change color and shed their leaves, creating a kaleidoscope of brilliant colors (as well as piles of leaves to be raked). If this didn’t happen, there wouldn’t be any room for new leaves and blossoms, and we’d just end up with trees crowned with old, wilted leaves. Fortunately, nature is much too smart to let that happen!

The retreat/renewal cycle also happens with our bones, except that the cycle of bone remodeling occurs year-round rather than seasonally. Just as the brilliant foliage of spring would not be possible without the paring down process that happens in the fall, new bone growth can only happen when old bone tissue makes way.

Your Body Knows What to Do

If we give our bodies what they need, they function beautifully as designed. It is only when the resorption/deposition process becomes unbalanced that there is a problem.

Just as spring leaves are stronger and healthier than fall leaves at the end of their life cycle, new bone is stronger and has more tensile strength – the ability to resist stretching or pulling – than old bone. And as you probably know by now, tensile strength is a primary concern when it comes to preventing fractures.

Bones typically don't break because they are not thick enough; they break because they are not resilient enough (in other words, they lack tensile strength).

Your DXA score (T-score), which is so heavily relied upon by the medical establishment, focuses mainly on density, which does not necessarily translate as strength; it simply translates your results into a number. Not surprisingly, several studies point to the inexact science of measuring bone density.

But mainstream medicine focuses disproportionately on density because it needs numbers (i.e. fixed parameters) to prescribe drugs, thus ensuring most doctors end up following the same protocol.

While density is one indicator of bone metabolism, the main focus of bone health should be to prevent fractures, and as I explain in the Osteoporosis Reversal Program, less dense but healthy and renewed bones are less prone to break than thicker, denser, older bones.

To learn more about the remodeling process, take a look at ‘How Your Bones Renew Themselves: An Inside Look'. If you haven’t already read it, I think you’ll enjoy this lighthearted but informative post starring Oscar the Osteoclast.

Don’t Mess With Nature

Putting aside the potentially devastating side effects of the osteoporosis drugs, a larger issue is that they only work temporarily – at best – during the short decoupling of bone resorption and deposition. You see, most prescription drugs kill off osteoclasts, those necessary destroyers of old bone to make room for new, healthy, and resilient bone. The drugs take the hazardous view that by eliminating the ability of osteoclasts to destroy bone tissue, they’re helping bones maintain their density.

The glaring problem with this approach is that by killing off osteoclasts, the drugs interfere with the normal bone remodeling cycle and make it practically impossible for newer, stronger bone tissue to be built. This might explain the recently discovered side effect of atypical femur fractures, by the way. While purporting to improve “density,” these drugs do nothing to improve bone strength — resulting in dense, brittle bones that are even more prone to fracture.

As I write in the Osteoporosis Reversal Program, picture a thin but supple and moist tree twig that has been saturated in protective oils. Then compare it to a thick slab of old dried-up wood. Of course this isn’t an exact comparison, but it might help to clarify why a thick, hard outer bone layer can actually be more fragile than a thin but well-integrated whole. Prescription drugs are obviously not the solution.

So What’s the Answer?

The Osteoporosis Reversal Program, with its eating guides, Foundation Supplementation guidelines, exercise and lifestyle recommendations, is designed to facilitate the natural bone remodeling process. Even if your system has gotten out of whack through medication or diet, you can get back on track and regain your bone health.

So as winter approaches and you curl up in front of the fire, close your eyes for a moment, and picture those osteoclasts doing their work so you can build stronger, healthier bones. And for now, I'll leave you with this breathtaking video — enjoy:

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  1. jacque

    totally awesome bird dance!

  2. vicky

    Dr Vivian I can’t tell you the comfort in my heart when I read your articles. Full of common sense and faith in “anthropos” = person itself. Our body has healing mechanisms that if left undisturbed can function enviably perfect – to the dismay of pharmaceuticals. My grandma was 100 old never had osteoporosis or anything similar to that. Actually there is a saying from her age: “we are good old bones”. In her circle – in village – NOT even ONE suffered ever a broken bone – although they worked heavily out in the fields…. It seems that modern maladies follow a premeditated pattern and are the outcome of medical practice and negative medical suggestions – I am grateful to people like you, who honor their solemn oath to serve the people, honestly and naturally. You are first HUMAN and then a true DOCTOR!!!! May God bless you enormously for the great service of enlightenment and truth on a very painful subject! Warmest greetings from Greece, Vicky

  3. Elizabeth M. Wright

    What a fastinating video of the flying “starlings.”
    I imagined myself as a seagull watching and would definately take shelter
    in a sheltered bush or tree. Good photography… Thanks…
    Elizabeth W.

  4. Linda

    On a recent visit to an allergy specialist I was told that I should not be taking calcium nor vitamin D as they increase the risk of heart attack.

    I take Coral Calcium (2 x 500mg per day and Vitamin D3 (2 x 10 ug (400iu) per day). What is your view on this.

  5. D.

    Please refer to the article in the BERKLEY WELLNESS ALERTS (University of California) JAN. 7, 2012 regarding DANGERS OF SALT and its impact on bone health.

    One more thing people should know!


  6. Cindy

    I have been reading your Densercise eating manual and am dismayed to find that you highly recommend consuming whey protein after exercising. Whey protein is one of the main causes of dairy allergies, as is casein, which is present in a lot of whey powders. Isn’t there something else you can recommend as an alternative to help nourish our muscles as well?

  7. bea

    could you tell me what your ph balance should be also what number should your bone dencity be. thank you bea

  8. Pennyann

    I too have stopped taking Actonel(over a year ago) as am convinced it was the cause of buzzing/tingling in shin bones & backs of hands & wrists, & was told it’s peripheral neuropathy, for which no “cure”, so just deal with it in my own way. Am due for Bone scan in N. year.

  9. Sharon

    I stopped taking Boniva six months ago after being on it for two-and-a-half years. Wondering now how long it will take to get my body back on track. Is there any research on this?

  10. Willa Richey

    I am trying to follow the 80% alkaline, 20% acidic, but it is a struggle; however, I have determined that taking the prescription drugs is unacceptable. I feel much better on the days when I achieve the 80/20. I also have an acid reflux problem (which has improved) and hypoglycemia which I control by diet, requiring me to eat meat or fish at least once a day for the protein. Do you have any advice on how to achieve balance? I have your book and have told others about it.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Eating meat or fish is fine, Willa. Just look at the portions and balance out a meat or fish meal with plenty of alkalizing fruits and veggies. Perhaps a large salad, a side of veggies, and some fruit for dessert. 🙂

      • linda

        I think its interesting that sherry brescia recommended-you said eat fruit as dessert she says eat fruit only by itself and 3 hours after a meal-I get so confused about how to stay ph inline and what to eat and when to eat-you all don’t make it easy -we have to buy all your book, tapes and etc. If we could reverse osteoporosis-just give us something easy and simply like you say. Please respond.

  11. Barbara Dallimore

    Vivian: I left these questions on another page of yours – is spelt alkaline or acidic – it is shown in both columns in your second book (I have both). Also, does Levothyroxine for alleged low thyroid, contribute to bone loss? If so, what should I do other than continue to try to follow your 80-20 routine. Thanks for your help. Barbara

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      I apologize for the error in the book, Barbara – spelt is alkalizing. And your thyroid medication won’t affect your bone health as long as it’s given in the proper dosage.

  12. theodoros

    Still afraiding to decite what to do.Doctors say go on with your drugs.So it is so difficult to decite.allthow i believe and trust Vivian however i don not do the first step.

  13. JJ

    Yes, an amazing and beautiful sky dance – but starlings are a disaster to other birds and are devastating America’s song bird populations.

  14. Avis Mawson

    I don’t have much to say except WOW!!! We have a lot of starlings here in Victoria, B.C. Canada and they do swarm. Amazing aren’t they? That was a wonderful film. I shall keep it in my “Bag of Tricks” Thanks Vivian.

  15. Elaine Schaeffer

    Thank you. Good video. Still healthy and no drugs. Talked one person out of taking the fomax.

  16. Louise B.

    I love being part of the Save ou Bones Community. I’m grateful that someone can help us see through the jumble of information that’s splashed all over the media. It can be scary.

    PS I enjoyed the starlings on their migration dance.


  17. Gerri D.

    Hi Vivian,
    A few years ago I was diagnosed with full blown osteoporosis. I was on Fosomax and Boniva and suffered terribly while taking them.Nothing changed the numbers.Osteo was getting worse.I found Vivian and abandoned all medications and followed her advise in her book.Just had another bone scan and although bones are thin ,bone strength has increased.I give the credit to Vivians treasure of info concerning bone health ,and E-zorb calcium.
    Thank You Vivian .I could never have done it without you. Sincerely,Gerri D.

  18. Shula

    Amazing video. What was that, birds?

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Shula, the birds are cute little starlings 🙂

  19. Jane

    Thanks Vivian – I always enjoy receiving your informative emails and I loved the starling video – amazing!

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Yes, Jane… I find it breathtaking…

  20. Dina

    Thank you again Vivian for restoring common sense among the bewildering amount of mis-information in this area. It proves to me over and over again that my decision not to take prescribed Actonel and to follow your guide to bone health was the right one. Keep up the good work!

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA


    • percy


      • Luc Chene

        I have been taking Ezorb for the past 6 months among other things and increase my BMD by 9 % naturally. Ezorb is a true organic Calcium compound, the whole molecule enters the bloodstream and goes into the cells where enzymes detach thr Calcium from the rest of the molecule ( an amino acid, aspartic acid), Thus this Calcium needs no Magnesium, nor vitamin D for absorption. (Still Magnesium and vitamin D are needed by the body)
        If you need more info I am at
        PS I am not in business.

  21. Nu Ly

    Dear Vivian,
    I have never read such good e-mail, I think if
    your powerful knowledge of bones can spread in
    Australia, the government can save muh money.
    You like the sun, give us warm and shine.
    Thank you so much.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      I’m glad you enjoyed today’s blog post 🙂

  22. LESLIE

    Hi! Vivian,

    This Article Gave Very Good And Complete Advice. And I Thank You VERY MUCH For Sharing It With ALL OF US!


    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      You’re welcome, dear Ms. L!

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