The Genetically Modified Foods That Affect Bone Density - Save Our Bones

If you are following the Osteoporosis Reversal Program, then you’re familiar with the 80/20 diet – 80% alkaline and 20% acid-forming foods. And you know the importance of a varied, healthy diet to achieve your optimal health. But what if some of those foods – including some considered healthy – are actually undermining your alkalizing and health-promoting efforts?

And worse, some of these same foods actually cause damage not only to your bones, but to your internal organs as well.

It’s in the Genes: Genetically-Modified Organisms (GMOs)

Recent studies have blown the cover off of the GMO controversy, and have show that GM foods cause damage to internal organs, including the kidney and liver. I’ll address this research in more detail later. First, let’s take a look at what foods are commonly genetically modified.

Major GMO Crops Around the World

It’s important to know what crops are genetically modified so you can make informed choices about what you eat. Here are some of the major crops that are GMOs:


More than half the world’s soy crops are genetically modified, making it the most likely food to be GMO. This includes all soy products, including soy milk and soy sauce.


Maize is corn grown for animal feed. People then eat the animals that have been fed GMOs.

Canola Seed/Rapeseed

In Canada, GM canola is widespread.

Sugar Beets

Sugar beets grow more slowly than the weeds around it, so a version of the plant that is resistant to weed-killers has been developed.

Coming soon…

White Potatoes


Both of these foods are slated for genetic modification in the near future.

GMOs and Your Health – Vital Organ Damage

The news about GMOs causing vital organ damage has filtered out to the mainstream media around the world. In the United Kingdom, the Daily Mail reports the results of a study that adds “to the evidence that GM crops may damage health…”1

The International Journal of Biological Sciences (IJBS) released a study which examined how GMOs affect the health of mammals. Specifically, researchers found that genetically modified corn, when fed to rats, resulted in some disturbing effects.

Not only were the rats’ kidneys adversely affected, but their livers suffered damage as well. The heart, spleen, adrenal glands, and even blood cells were all affected.

“We therefore conclude that our data strongly suggests that these GM maize varieties induce a state of hepatorenal toxicity,” the study concludes. “Our analysis highlights that the kidneys and liver as particularly important on which to focus such research as there was a clear negative impact on the function of these organs in rats consuming GM maize varieties for just 90 days.”2

“Hepatorenal toxicity” is kidney failure resulting from liver disease. The rats did not have liver disease before the study.

What’s 90 Days in Human Terms?

Note that the rats fed the GM corn developed kidney and liver damage within a mere 90 days. That amounts to about 10 years in human terms. When you consider that liver and kidney damage can be life-threatening, that’s alarmingly rapid!

GMOs and Your Bones

What does this internal organ damage have to do with bone health? The answer is: plenty!

Your Kidneys: Champions of the Acid/Alkaline Balance

Silent and hard-working, your kidneys are responsible for excreting excess acid from your system – a crucial role in maintaining a body environment that’s alkaline and bone-friendly. There is just no other way to get rid of the body’s excess acid.

In addition, your kidneys maintain the acid/alkaline balance another way: they control the reabsorption of bicarbonate. Bicarbonate is an alkaline substance present in the blood that acts as a buffer against acids in your system.

Your kidneys are like the conductors of an acid-alkaline orchestra, directing the musicians to make sure the music stays balanced and harmonious. Without the proper functioning of the kidneys, your acid-alkaline balance is thrown off, thereby robbing your bones of their density.

Unfortunately, such kidney problems are on the rise.

Over the last decade, incidents of acute, life-threatening kidney injury have actually doubled, and they continue to increase 10% annually – a “staggering revelation,” according to a study from the University of California.3

When you put together the increasing infusion of GMOs into the human food supply and the evidence of GMOs causing liver and kidney damage, such a sharp rise in the incidence of kidney damage is no surprise.

Let’s Not Forget the Liver

Remember that the rats in the IJBS study experienced kidney failure resulting from liver disease. If you’ve followed the Osteoporosis Fresh Start Cleanse, the 7 Day Bone Building Accelerator, then you know that the liver is important with regard to bone health as well.

The liver is responsible for detoxifying whatever enters your body, whether you eat it, breathe it, or absorb it through the skin. It produces essential body chemicals and proteins, including albumin, which helps retain calcium in the blood. The more toxins that the body is exposed to, the harder the liver must work. When your liver no longer works effectively, acidic toxins accumulate in the blood, and the kidneys try to pick up the slack.

And when these organs falter, your bones suffer.


1 Derbyshire, David. “Fears grow as study shows genetically modified crops ‘can cause liver and kidney damage.’ Daily Mail Online. January 1, 2010. Web.

2 De Vendmomois, Joel Spiroux, et al. “A Comparison of the Effects of Three GM Corn Varieties on Mammalian Health.” International Journal of Biological Sciences. 2009; 5(7):706-726. doi:10.7150/ijbs.5.706. Web.

3 Hsu, Raymond K, MD, et al. “Temporal Changes in Incidence of Dialysis Requiring AKI.” Journal of the American Society of Nephrology. Pub. October 11, 2012. Web.

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  1. Derrick Bronstad

    cheapoair promo code

  2. Joe Kamalay

    Your marketing technique is tried and true: construct a straw man that is the root of all the problems and sell a solution. But the knowledge basis of your thesis is flawed. Your ideas that internal organs are adversely affected by our food relies on a single study on the effects of one corn line, a study that differs from the hundreds of safety tests done previously and that has been repudiated. Then you extrapolate from internal organ effects to bone effects (not shown) in order to tie into your program. Your straw man is “GMO food” even though you have to know that the only thing these crops have in common is plant genetics. Even with a single crop plant, every genetic event the plant breeders use to produce seeds is completely different and can’t possibly have the same effect. While I applaud your efforts for better bone health, I find your attack on plant genetics, on the integrity of scientists, and on the food industry to be deplorable. Frankly, you’re lucky they don’t sue you for slander.

  3. Georgiana

    I have osteoporosis and have your book, thank goodnesws. What about taking betaine hydrochloric acid for better absorption of nutrirnts from our meals. Is this a good idea?

  4. Deepika

    Thanx for such nice and useful information.

    my 4.5 years old daughter is suffering from Osteogenesis Imperfacta.

    Can u pl guide me in this manner.

    Thanx n Regards

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Deepika, I am so sorry to hear of your daughter’s condition! However, osteogenesis imperfecta is a genetic condition, and it’s quite different from osteoporosis. Osteogenesis imperfecta is not within the research perimeters of the Osteoporosis Reversal Program. I hope you’ll work closely with a qualified health practitioner for solutions for your daughter!

  5. AT

    Thank you for the information, but you have to admit it is very dipressing
    GMOs, pesticide, atibiotics, hormns,etc.etc… It is dipressing! There is only so much one can get in organics and not to mention they are so expensive….well thanks anyway!!!

  6. Bobbi

    Hi Vivian,

    What do you recommend for a cleanse product? You mention Rapid Cleanse in this article, did I miss something? Probably did, sorry! 🙂

    Thanks for all you do & keep up the great work. I know we all appreciate it.
    Bobbi Crosby

  7. Gail

    Hi Vivian,
    Thanks for all the great info and the comment section. I too though wonder about the strontium, as I’m dedicated to taking the Algaecal program since my osteo is pretty bad, and have recently started the exercises you had on here earlier. Dr was very discouraged that I didn’t go his route onto the the Prolia shots.

  8. Nu Ly

    How do I distinguish the products into organic and GMO? thanks.

  9. Leslie (MS. L.)

    Hi! Vivian,

    This Was A Great Article, With A Lot Of Valuable Information In It!

    I’ve Got Questions Though! What Do You Do When You Want To Buy Organic Foods, And Foods That Haven’t Been Genetically Modified, When Your Spouse Refuses To Believe That It’s Not That Serious To Buy Foods That Have Been Sprayed With Pesticides? He Says All You Have To Do Is Wash Them Off Good And Dry Them With A Clean Paper Towel Or A Dish-Towel! But I’ve Read That Even If You Did Wash And Dry Them Good That The Pest Can Seep Down To And Through The Entire Food That You Are Eating! Is This True?
    Please Let Me Know. OK?

    LOVE, LESLIE, (MS. L.)

    • Stella

      If you capitalise every word, it makes it very difficult to read.

  10. TERE

    I just saw that the first doctor that went against the genetically modified crops now retired his opinion because he found no danger in them NOW WHO IS RIGHT TERE

  11. Elsie

    Vivian, what is the name of the calcium supplement that you recommend taking? I live in Canada and don’t know if it is available here, but it is in the U.S.A.

  12. Judith

    If you have to take steroids for health issues and have severe osteoporosis how can diet stop the power damage of steroids. I am taking Actonel and following your routine and diet as well as lift weights three times a week, because steroids is not something I can control taking. I feel the Actonel can block it better than just diet.
    Do you feel this is a reasonable solution?

    • Michelle Myers

      Could you please comment on whether taking Phillips tablets (magnesia) has any harmful effect on the acid/alkaline balance?


  13. Susan

    Dear Vivian,
    Can you please tell me if Strontium is safe to take for bone-building? I do pay attention to alkaline food intake, eating foods that are calcium rich. Does Strontium have the same debilitating effect on the body as the products created by the phamaceuticals? Thank you for you answer.

    • Heather Sharpe

      I too would like to know more about Strontium carbonate having been recommended it from two sources, one of whom is a nutritional G.P. who has helped me so much to get over CFS. It would seem to have very positive effects on bone density .

  14. Rosemary

    From what I read about GMO produced corn and soy…about 90% of it grown here in America is a GMO product. Local growers are our best choice. Anything called organic shouldn’t be a Monsanto produce.

    It’s terrible what our government (FDA) allows in our food stuffs. High fructose corn syrup to me is just a double whammy of poisons. I haven’t had a piece of corn in years and I won’t buy anything with soy, soy oil, or soy lecithin that’s listed on the label. Watch out for soy being used in vitamins too as fillers.

    I write to companies about how they can call their product “organic” if it has soy listed in the ingredients. Our Gov’t allows up to 5% of the product ingredients to be non organic and still be considered “organic”.

    Soy gets good press, but there is nothing good about it since they began growing it with a boatload of pesticides covering it all.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Good for you for making your voice heard, Rosemary! Great idea to write to the companies.

  15. ruth Henderson

    I have had a thyroid removed, it seems they also removed the parathyroid. which I am required to take large about of calcium 3000 mg. I have cut back and I worry about it I also take D3.I am wondering if i will alway have to take this much Calcuim?

  16. Shula

    this is important information. Thank you, Vivian


  17. Hope Rhode

    Is there anyway to know which organic products are not GMO…rice and soy particularly.

  18. Ita

    thank you.Ita.

  19. Martha Pahler

    you forgot the major GMO already out there effecting all of us. Wheat!!

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Actually, at this point, GM wheat is not grown anywhere in the world…but unfortunately, scientists are working on it!

      • Elsie

        GMO wheat is grown in the U.S.A.

      • Cheryl

        Another health info web post I read several weeks ago stated that as much as 95% of the wheat grown in the US is genetically modified, and contains new proteins previously unknown to our digestive systems. That could possibly be a catalyst for the current increase in gluten sensitivity. I was thrilled to find whole wheat flour at my local Walmart last week from farms in Montana, labeled non-GMO.

      • Joy

        It appears that Martha is correct about the wheat. Check out “Wheat Belly” by William Davis, MD.
        Thanks for all the info you provide, Vivian!

        • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

          Yes, wheat was genetically modified early in the 20th century, but not the way GMO foods are now. 🙂 Rather, wheat was modified to cause it to grow shorter, ripen faster, and have more glutenous proteins (which makes it much harder to digest). So while it’s true that all wheat we consume nowadays is genetically modified, it’s not made to have the pesticide inside of it, as is the case w/ corn, soy, etc.

  20. Colleen

    How do I know which produce in the grocery store is GMO? Not all types of fresh produce are available as organically grown.

  21. Mary Lou Dolan

    Do you have insight on bone spurs. I am helping a client that has had kidney stones 10 years ago and now heal bone spurs. My thinking is it is diet related and an imbalance of calcium and the other necessary nutrients to support calcium getting into the bones therefore calcium is depoited as spurs. He needs the other minerals in his diet increased. My thought if you can add anything I would appreciate your viewpoint. Very little help in any books or the internet, Mary Lou

    • paula blake

      Hello Mary Lou,
      Before I discovered Save Our Bones, I was taking high dosages of calcium a few times a day thinking it would build my bones. Then I discovered a bone spur on my wrist. It became very painful. I went to the bone doctor, and he told me these come with age, and gave me a wrist brace. I wore it, and felt like an old lady (around 60 at the time, but it made me feel 90.) Then, when I found Vivian, and learned the ‘good news’ about veges. etc. kicking the milk and coffee habit, I changed my life. I got off those calcium pills, and guess what?
      The bone spur is gone. I am sure it was from pumping all those calcium pills down my throat thinking I was building bone. I was! In the form of bone spurs! Go figure. Hope this helps? Paula Blake

  22. Pat Barmore

    I read about supplementing magnesium levels with a specific low sodium full spectrum mineral supplement called Pat Anderson’s Concentrated Mineral Drops which you add to water. 2 milliliters (I think that’s about a dropper full) equal 200mg. magnesium, 580 mg. dioxide, 5 mg. sodium, 40 mg. sulfate, 1.25 mg. lithium, and 1 mg. boron.
    I read about this supplement on the Jigsaw Magnesium website. Would this be helpful or harmful for the bones?

    Thanks so much for all you do!
    Pat Barmore

  23. Donna

    Vivian, your article mention rice. Is it all types of rice? We eat brown and red rice and love it.


    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      At this point, the genetic modification of rice is just beginning – so it’s not certain which types are GM or going to be GM. We’ll keep an eye out as specifics develop, and in the meantime, we can choose to purchase organically-grown rice! 🙂

  24. Genny

    Please tell more about lemon

  25. June Glover

    Well – I’m not surprised at what you have to say a out GM Foods. Quite a number of years ago people were campaigning against it here in Britain but the government took no notice despite the fact that mad cow disease was being blamed on animal feeds. Will they never learn?

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      How frustrating! Hopefully we can work together to get the word out. 🙂

  26. Sharon Fritchie

    Hi Vivian, I am learning so much from your program and all the wonderful emails you send. Today you talked about the value of mushrooms. I love them and would like to share with you how I prepare them. Since they are mostly water, I never wash them. Instead I take a paring knife and stick it under the cap, grabbing the top layer of thin skin and peal it back. They peal so easy, just like a banana. What you end up with is a clean mushroom without washing it. I have also found that cooking them on higher heat, keeps them from turning watery.

    • val s

      I heard that putting mushrooms out in the sun builds up their vitamin D content. Googled it.

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