These 4 Bone Damaging Foods Attract Mosquitoes And Their Diseases - Save Our Bones

We all know that mosquitoes are one of summer’s biggest nuisances. Their bites not only cause intense itching, but they can also carry various diseases.

In fact, chikungunya, a mosquito-borne disease that causes fever, joint and muscle aches, and headaches has recently spread to the USA (more on this later).

To keep these annoying insects at bay, you may think you have no choice but to douse your skin with toxic acidifying insect repellant.

Fortunately, it’s not so, because today you’ll discover an easy, non-toxic way to lessen your chances of attracting mosquitoes without using any sprays, lotions or creams.

Spending Time Outdoors Is Good For Your Bones

Summer is a welcome season of warmth and sunshine, when you can be active outdoors. It’s the perfect time of year for engaging in your favorite bone-building, weight-bearing activities. And getting the sunshine provides the Vitamin D your bones need.
Unfortunately, being outdoors also exposes you to annoying mosquito bites.

The Dangers Of Mosquito Bites

Mosquito bites are more than just a nuisance. Mosquito-borne diseases include:

  • Chikungunya is the recent viral invader mentioned earlier. It’s spread by the Asian Tiger Mosquito and the Yellow Fever Mosquito, which breed in containers of water near human dwellings (making them hard to eradicate by widespread spraying). The first cases in the Western Hemisphere were documented in December 2013, and as of last month, July 2014, Chikungunya were reported in 35 U.S. states.
  • Malaria is an ancient disease that was once common in the southwestern United States and still kills children and adults around the world. Spread by the Anopheles mosquito, it’s actually caused by a parasite that is developing resistance to traditional drugs used in treatment.
  • Dengue is another mosquito-borne virus that’s become more serious and frequent in recent years. It’s spread by the same mosquitoes that carry Chikungunya, and there have been large outbreaks in Puerto Rico, south Texas, Venezuela, Florida, and Indonesia from 2001 to 2010. It causes severe headache, especially behind the eyes.
  • Yellow Fever is relegated to tropical areas in Africa and North and South America. This liver-damaging virus claims about 30,000 deaths worldwide each year.
  • Encephalitis has various types, such as Eastern Equine and St. Louis Encephalitis. It can not be spread from direct contact with an infected human or animal; it must be spread by mosquito bites. It can be very dangerous and lead to permanent brain damage.
  • West Nile Virus is actually another type of encephalitis, and can result in meningitis. This disease made its first appearance in New York in 1999, and it’s become very widespread, with more than 65 species of mosquito and bird species testing positive for the virus as of 2014. It can also be fatal.

Obviously, the best way to avoid contracting these diseases is to avoid exposure to mosquito bites. But before you reach for chemical repellents that are full of bone-damaging toxins, consider using natural or homemade mosquito repellents which can be remarkably effective. I've shared my favorite homemade formula with the community in a previous post.

In addition, there are other non-toxic, natural things you can do to keep mosquitoes from being attracted to you.

Turn Off Mosquitoes By Avoiding These 4 Foods And Beverages

Did you know that certain foods and drinks can make you more appealing to mosquitoes? As incredible as this may sound, this is true, and you should avoid eating and drinking them while outdoors (especially in the evening when mosquitoes really get active).

  1. Dairy products: If you’re following the Osteoporosis Reversal Program, you’re already avoiding milk and most other dairy products. Dairy products make you irresistible to mosquitoes because they stimulate your body to produce lactic acid, which attracts these annoying bugs.
  2. Beer and alcohol attract mosquitoes, but as of yet, scientists are not really sure just what it is about alcoholic drinks that draw these pesky critters – it might be the increase in body temperature these beverages induce.
  3. Sugary Foods: Hold off on cakes, pies, and other sugar-rich indulgences when you’re planning outdoor activities. Large amounts of sugar are not only detrimental to your bones; they give you a sweet taste that attracts mosquitoes.
  4. High sodium foods: salted potato chips, pickles, salted nuts, and so forth also increase your lactic acid output. Fermented foods like sauerkraut and kimchi are also attractive to mosquitoes – not only are they salt-rich, but they are also full of lactic acid. It’s not a bad idea to avoid high-sodium foods anyway; too much salt is bad for your bones.
  5. Exercise Attracts Mosquitoes!

    You probably noticed the prevalence of lactic acid in the list above. It’s a substance your body produces not only when you eat certain foods. Lactic acid also accumulates in the bloodstream when you exercise.

    During physical activity, the need for energy increases. Glucose is broken down and oxidized into a substance called pyruvate, which produces lactate at a rate so rapid your tissues can not break it down fast enough. Thus, lactic acid begins to accumulate in your tissues and is secreted from your skin, attracting mosquitoes.

    Aside from weight-bearing activities, Savers can do the Densercise™ Epidensity Training System outdoors, since it doesn’t require any special equipment. But during the hot, mosquito-intensive days of summer, exercising indoors may be a better idea.

    Or make sure you wear light colors (dark-colored clothing attracts them), avoid the above foods and beverages, and spray on a natural repellent before engaging in outdoor exercise.

    Other Factors That Attract Mosquitoes

    In addition to eating certain foods and being physically active outdoors, there are other factors that determine how appealing mosquitoes find you.

    For example, larger people tend to emit more carbon dioxide than those of a smaller build.

    As noted above, dark clothing – especially dark blue and black – also increases your chances of attracting mosquitoes, as does the quantity and type of bacteria present on your skin. And finally, genetics can’t be ruled out as a major contributing factor to mosquitoes seeking you out.

    How To Accelerate Your Bone Density Increase In A Toxic World

    While avoiding chemical “bug sprays” to protect your bones and your health is a step in the right direction, toxin exposure is inevitable. Your neighbors may spray pesticides on their lawn, or you might work in an office where they spray air freshener all the time, to give a few examples.

    Also, air pollution from car exhaust, cigarette smoke, “outgassing” from synthetic building materials, and so forth creates another avenue for toxins to enter your body and increase the workload of crucial detoxifying organs, such as your kidneys and liver.

    The bottom line is that avoiding toxins to the best of your ability is not enough to ensure your bones can thrive and maintain or increase their density.

    To really give your bones the boost they need to increase density and strength, and to accelerate your bone density increase, a periodic body cleanse is crucial.

    The Osteoporosis Fresh Start Cleanse: The 7 Day Bone Building Accelerator is designed to do just that.

    The Osteoporosis Fresh Start Cleanse: The 7 Day Bone Building Accelerator, is a comprehensive but simple cleanse that shows you how to rid your body of environmental toxins and even osteoporosis drugs in just seven days, helping your bones remodel more efficiently.

    It also maximizes your kidney function, ensuring more efficient pH-balancing so your bones can retain the calcium they need to become strong and stay fracture-free.

    With six easy steps, the Osteoporosis Fresh Start Cleanse clearly explains exactly what you need to do to accelerate the bone-building process in just seven days, while giving your bones powerful antioxidants and bone-nourishing nutrients derived from foods.

    If you haven’t checked it out yet, please click here to learn more about this quick, simple, and extremely effective cleanse.

    Till next time,

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  1. Marlene Villar

    Dear Vivian,
    Thank you very, very much for a timely e-mail regarding
    mosquitoes. I truly appreciate everything you
    continue sharing to all of us on different topics.
    I have faith and believe that in HIS own timing through
    SAVEOURBONESPROGRAM, I too will reverse my bone
    loss, despite that I just started this program on April 8,
    2014. Thank you for the New expanded edition of your
    May GOD richly bless you and your family. Have a wonderful day and take care always. Marlene

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      You have an inspiring attitude, Marlene! A positive, determined outlook is a great way to start your journey to bone health. 🙂

  2. cindy

    I have always taken b-complex and I never get bitten by mosquitoes. The rest of my family do get bitten by the pesty bugs and none of them take B-complex. My husband has lots of bites on him this year and today decided to take my advice and take B-complex.. It will be interesting to see what the outcome is

  3. Marlene Douglas

    Dear Vivian, Thank you as always for the wonderful information you provide. I am wondering if you have any information about Fosamax/Actinal being connected with the onset of Chronic lymphocytic leukemia which I have just been diagnosed with? I have found some suggestion of a link on the internet but felt you would have more concrete knowledge about this matter. I certainly do not trust the drug companies to allow more adverse publicity to become available. Hoping to hear your opinion soon. Kindest regards, Marlene

    • Janet

      Hi Marlene, I dont now the answer to your query but my Brother has this disease 17 years ago. He had treatment and bone marrow transplant and has enjoyed good health for many years. He now has osteopenia and his consultant advised him not to take the drugs but to consider looking at his diet first. He was given no explanation for this advice. I wish you all the best for your future.

  4. Leslie ( Ms. L. Carmel)

    Good Evening Vivian,

    Thank You Very Much For Telling Us All About Those Pesky Mosquitoes. I Do Try To Stay Away From Milk Products. I Drink Almond Milk. And I’ll Try Not To Eat A Lot Of Sugary Foods, I Don’t Drink Alcohol That Much, Just Once In A While When I Go Out To Eat. And I Try To Stay Away From Salted Potato Chips, Pickles, Salted Nuts, And I Don’t Usually Add Salt To My Food.
    One Good Thing Is That Mosquitoes Don’t Usually Bite Me. I Guess They Don’t Like Me!
    Thank You Very Much, As Always For Your Very Informative And Interesting Articles.

    Take Good Care Of Yourself, And Stay Well.


    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Sounds like you are on the right track, Leslie! You are fortunate that mosquitoes leave you alone. 🙂

  5. Sandra

    Besides garlic, what are some other foods that repel mosquitos?

  6. shula

    Interesting information, Thanks.

  7. Leslie Bates

    Is yogurt safe to eat regarding mosquitos?

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Hi Leslie,
      While plain yogurt is alkalizing and bone-healthy, it it still a dairy product, so it may attract mosquitoes. 🙁

  8. Carol

    I purchased the Osteocleanse diet document but am confused as to how to implement the diet so I’m not wasting food or spending too much money. I don’t live close to stores that sell organic foods so must plan wisely and purchase what as much as I need at one time. My job keeps me pretty busy and my time is at a premium. Is there any way an example of a daily plan for the week be laid out with alternatives listed in parenthesis?

  9. Gloria

    Sauerkraut is good for your bones, google it. Why are you telling us not to eat it

    • MW

      She is not telling you not to eat it, just don’t eat it if you are going to be around mosquitoes, apparently.

  10. marlene

    It was said that the Hungarians that help to build the Suez canal were less affected by their use of paprika. Just a thought.

  11. Fenella

    The mosquitos that bite are female & are attracted by estrogen in the blood as well as carbon dioxide exhaled. This is why some women get bitten a lot.

  12. Lowana

    Re the Mossies…Vitamin B1 is great..start taking a week before you expect to be exposed to mosquitoes and keep taking it according to directions. I first put it to the test in New Zealand when midges were problems..then when I left that area I stopped taking B1 and within 4 days..the midges were all over me. Back here in Australia I use it to repel mosquitoes and it works very well for them too.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Interestingly enough, Lowana, skin patches containing B1 (thiamine) have turned up in various stores, claiming to repel mosquitoes!

  13. Marianne

    I am getting ready to go to Texas. The last time I was there the mosquitoes nearly ate me alive. The bites not only itch, they get very hard, dark red, and swell. To say the least, it is miserable. I was actually dreading going to Texas because of the mosquitoes. I am definitely in that 20% the mosquitoes love.
    Thank you so much for this information. I actually already have all the ingredients so I am gong to make some repellant.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      That does sound miserable, Marianne! I am so glad you’ve joined us and discovered some non-toxic ways to keep those nasty bugs away.

    • Jos

      Marianne use applevinager on the bites.

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