Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Never Take Osteoporosis Drugs - Save Our Bones

If you were diagnosed with osteoporosis, chances are you got a litany of reasons why you should take drugs to treat this “disease.” Most likely, your doctor also mentioned all sorts of horrible things that could happen to you if you don’t take the drugs.

What’s interesting is that most doctors won’t tell you anything about their harmful side effects. They leave that up to the consumer – you – even though the doctors are supposed to be the experts!

But since you’re here and reading this, you are one of the consumers who is an expert – an expert on your own bone health.

So to counter some of the scare tactics and drug-pushing mantras of the Medical Establishment, today I am bringing you the top five reasons never to take osteoporosis drugs.

Reason #1: Drugs Are Synthetic Chemicals That Work Against the Body

There is a misconception that drugs heal the body. They don’t. Drugs can only temporarily mask symptoms – and not always. What’s more, they artificially mimic healing by counteracting the body’s processes. I’ll explain…

Osteoporosis drugs “work” by stopping bone remodeling, which is the body’s finely-balanced process for renewing bone. This process goes on continually, with crucial vitamins, minerals, enzymes, proteins, and various other substances all coming into play. Osteoclasts (bone-removing cells) and osteoblasts (bone-building cells) work together to tear down and replenish your skeleton.

Bone Loss is Only Half of the Remodeling Equation

That’s right – you have to lose bone to build new bone. Like any building project, demolition is necessary to remove old structures before building. Imagine what a mess the average city and neighborhood would be in, if we simply tried to build on top of old structures. It would be unstable and unsightly.

When bone cells wear out, they need to be removed. Osteoclasts do this, and then osteoblasts put new bone cells in their place. Thus, your bones are always being rejuvenated, and they are able to stay strong and flexible.

Osteoporosis drugs stop the entire process, not allowing old bone cells to be shed, so bones become thick and brittle, composed almost entirely of worn-out cells. Yes, the bone may appear denser, but the bone’s tensile strength is greatly compromised, ironically, making bones more prone to fracture. This is what happens when synthetic chemicals work against the body.

And this is precisely why…

Reason #2: All Osteoporosis Drugs Have Bad Side Effects

You may be wondering which osteoporosis drug is safe, and whether or not a particular drug has side effects. Unfortunately, a safe drug without side effects simply doesn’t exist.

All osteoporosis drugs, regardless of which company manufactures them, have bad side effects.

What’s So Bad About Them?

All osteoporosis drugs can induce life-changing side effects. Many of the side effects and the resulting conditions are irreversible. Let’s take a look at some of the most significant ones.

  • Osteonecrosis of the jaw (ONJ) is a terrible, difficult-to-treat, and potentially disfiguring side effect of bisphosphonates. This disease was first noted back when match factory workers, who handled white phosphorous daily, developed the tell-tale symptoms of ONJ, called “phossy jaw” back then: jaw pain, infection, abscesses, and rotting jaw bone. Bisphosphonates, being phosphorous-based, have a similar effect.

    The Medical Establishment’s response was to put black box warnings about ONJ on all bisphosphonates. The sad reality is that most people who raise concerns about such warnings will have their fears brushed off by their doctor.

  • Atrial fibrillation (fast, irregular heartbeat) is associated with bisphosphonates, a side effect confirmed by recent research. Just this month, scientists at the Maimonides Medical Center in New York published a meta-analysis showing that bisphosphonate use increases the risk of serious atrial fibrillation by 40%.1 “Evidence from RCTs and observational studies suggests a significantly increased risk of AF requiring hospitalization,”1 researchers conclude.
  • Esophageal cancer risk is greatly increased with the use of bisphosphonates, especially Fosamax. According to an analysis of the FDA’s database (the adverse event reporting system, or AERS), nearly 75% of bisphosphonate-caused esophageal cancer were directly attributed to Fosamax use.2 Alarmed by what they found, the researchers concluded that “Increased awareness and vigilance is needed for patients receiving oral bisphosphonate therapy.”2

“Increased awareness” and shunning these dangerous drugs is exactly what the Osteoporosis Reversal Program – and this website – are all about!

Sadly, This is the Most Ridiculous and Ironic Side Effect

Perhaps the most ironic (and ridiculous) side effect of osteoporosis drugs is increased fracture risk.3

The ostensible reason behind taking drugs for low bone density is to decrease the chances that one of your bones will break. That’s what makes this side effect so ironic!

Atypical femoral fractures are the most common break associated with osteoporosis drugs, and especially bisphosphonates. These are referred to as “atypical femoral fractures” because they are just that – not typical.

The femur is the strongest bone in the body. Under normal conditions, it doesn’t simply snap. But when it’s been made brittle and hard by drugs, it can break near the head of the femur when you’re doing simple, everyday things.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that the drug has been pulled from the market, or won’t be prescribed anymore. Instead, the Medical Establishment thinks their tracks are covered if they simply put a warning on all bisphosphonates, like they did for ONJ.

Remember, These Are Just the Biggies…

The list of annoying and even debilitating side effects also includes nausea, flatulence, blurred vision, joint pain, muscle pain, and abdominal cramping. They may not sound that bad in print, but if you’ve tried to live with one or several of these effects, you know how devastating they can be.

Reason #3: Quite Often, Osteoporosis Drugs Don’t Work

I actually hesitate to use to term “work” when describing any osteoporosis drug, which is why I often put it in quotes. If the drug is supposed to improve bone health, then it doesn’t work at all; it fails miserably. And even if it “works” according to medical protocol – that is, it effectively increases bone density scores in some people – there is still a high price to pay, as discussed in Reason #2 above.

We also talked about how osteoporosis drugs, in a pharmaceutical sleight of hand, can appear to increase bone density by halting healthy remodeling.

Many in the Save Our Bones community have posted that they’ve been taking osteoporosis drugs for many years to no avail. In fact, many have had to go to the emergency room because of the effects of these drugs.

Why take the chance? The price of osteoporosis drugs is just too high!

With the Osteoporosis Reversal Program, you can achieve significant results without taking chances with your health, body, and well-being. Many have done so, and I invite you to read their stories here.

Reason #4: Drug “Approvals” are Meaningless

A drug has to be “approved” by the FDA before it can be put on the market. Have you ever wondered why such dangerous drugs get approved, especially when they have side effects worse than the condition they are intended to treat?

Take, for example, the osteoporosis drug Forteo. This drug is a synthetic form of parathyroid hormone, which, oddly, is known to break down bone in conditions like hyperparathyroidism. Yet mysteriously, the Forteo injection causes abnormally rapid growth of bone cells, resulting in a very frightening side effect: osteosarcoma, a form of bone cancer.

Despite the fact that how Forteo “works” was a complete mystery, and despite this potentially fatal side effect, Forteo was approved by the FDA.

Another seemingly “natural” drug not only may cause cancer; it’s also entirely useless in increasing bone density.

I am referring to calcitonin or calcitonin salmon, the fish-based nasal spray, pill, or injection that doesn’t even “work,” and may actually cause cancer in those taking the drug in pill form.4

How Does This Make Any Sense?

The FDA was put in place to monitor drug safety with the public interest at heart. Unfortunately, the reality is much less philanthropic than we’ve been led to believe.

The FDA has forged a disturbing connection with Big Pharma that means two things: more money for them, and harm to your health.

You see, Big Pharma pays “user fees” to the FDA as part of the Prescription Drug User Fee Act of 1992. The intention of these fees was ostensibly to speed up the drug approval process so the United States could keep up with the rest of the world. Not surprisingly, in this game of “catch up”, the only winner is Big Pharma.

In addition, executives with the FDA and Big Pharma are caught in a revolving door as they work for one and then the other. For example, FDA executive Keith Webber left the regulatory agency to work for drug company Perrigo. And on the flip side, Dr. Lawrence Yu, an executive for 8 years at the pharmaceutical companies Pfizer (Upjohn) and GlaxoWellcome, left and joined the FDA. These are just two examples of many.

The Latest FDA Scandal

A recent public records request led to the revelation of hundreds of e-mails between the FDA and various pharmaceutical companies. They also revealed something about how the drug approval process works…and how corrupt it really is.

When a drug is up for approval, the FDA holds a panel, in which clinical trial evidence is discussed. In this most recent scandal, painkillers were the topic of discussion, and much of the discussion took place not before the panel, but behind closed doors.

You see, a select few individuals on the FDA panel’s steering committee met in private with Big Pharma employees to draft documents that would lead to approval. They were effectively bypassing the panel votes.

How did the FDA decide which drug company’s employees got to attend the secret meetings? They chose those who paid, of course – as much as $25,000 to attend one meeting. Shameful!

The question of approval for osteoporosis drugs could be answered easily if only Reason #5 were understood.

Reason #5: Osteoporosis, as Stated in the Osteoporosis Reversal Program, is Not a Disease

This is one of the main premises behind the Osteoporosis Reversal Program.

“…you don’t have a disease and therefore, it is not ‘your’ osteoporosis or ‘your’ bone disease. Your bone loss is a direct reflection of your biochemistry.”

These words are found in Chapter 1 of the Osteoporosis Reversal Program. It refers to the true cause of osteoporosis: an imbalance in the body’s chemistry. Therefore, achieving biochemical balance is the core of the osteoporosis solution. And no drug can do that – only you, by taking your bone health into your hands and with the necessary knowledge, can achieve the ideal state of acidity/alkalinity that your bones need to thrive.

The Osteoporosis Reversal Program, with its comprehensive yet easy nutritional and lifestyle guidelines, is designed to help you achieve that balance and reverse osteoporosis or osteopenia once and for all.

Please click here for all the details about the Program.

Till next time,


1 Sharma, Abhishek, M.D., et al. “Risk of Serious Atrial Fibrillation and Stroke With Use of Bisphosphonates: Evidence From a Meta-analysis.” CHEST. October 2013. 144(4): 1311-1322. Web.
2 Edwards, Beatrice J., et al. “Bisphosphonates and esophageal cancer: A RADAR report.” Journal of Clinical Oncology. 2012 ASCO Annual Meeting. Web.
3 Shane E. et al. Atypical subtrochanteric and diaphyseal femoral fractures: report of a task force of the American Society for Bone and Mineral Research. J. Bone Miner Res. 2010 Nov;25(11):2267-94.
4 Perrone, Matthew. “FDA panel sees risk in long-used osteoporosis drug.” Associated Press. Google News. March d40593c619

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  1. Mary

    I am a 68 yr old female with a very small frame.
    About 2 yrs ago my bone density revealed osteoporosis. I tried strontium and red mineral algae, but did not take the full dosage. After 2 years there was a slight improvement so I am now take the full suggested dose. A few months ago I passed out and suffered a compressed fracture of the lower spine, after breaking my knee cap in a freak accident. That is when doc issued the 2nd bone scan. He says the improvement (9.7%) in the lower spine is because of the compression when I fractured the back. I had a 2%-3% increase in other areas which I contribute to the supplements. However he wants me to get a Zoledronic Acid injection yearly, because my digestive system can not tolerate Fosamax.
    I want to keep taking the supplements with proper diet and exercise for another year or so then take another bone scan before I take Zoledronic Acid. Doc says if I break a hip, I would be immobile so my overall health will go down very rapidly.
    I researched the med and I don’t like the side effects listed.
    I feel pressured to make a decision soon. Do you think waiting a year or two is acceptable?

  2. Joan Levin

    I made the most colossal mistake of my life allowing docs to put me on Prolia in 2012. It didn’t even do much to stop bone loss.

    In 2018 because of a change in doctors at the university clinic where I was seen, there was a delay of a few weeks in getting a shot and in that time I had three vertebral compression fractures leaving me, a year later, in pain most of the time. I document what happened to me in my blog

    The doctor who gave me Prolia had NO help for me when this happened. I had to find rehabilitative help (physical therapy, etc., on my own). They just put me right back on Prolia again when my pain was at its worst, and now I cannot get off it. No one seems to know how to do this safely without breaking more bones. I feel like a fish stuck in a gill net and the drug is creating other problems for me, such as with getting needed dental work done.

    I’m working hard to get better with NO help from the doctors. I wish to heaven I knew in 2012 what I know now about all of this! All I can do now is let others know what happened to me in hopes that this will not happen to anyone else!

  3. Sherry G Skillwoman

    Dear Vivien, I share your concerns re the Drug Industry & re the poor cost:benefit ratio of the current osteoporosis drugs with significant side effects. I also share your focus on lifestyle factors like weight-bearing exercise & healthy diet. My intro to natural food benefits was back in the Adele Davis days & I used to run ultra marathons. However, my DXA scans indicate that in general, my osteoporosis is worsening, so I continue looking for less harmful treatments that truly are effective. It concerns me when I look up your alma mater & see that they do not offer an MA like you claim. It is especially important that alternative practitioners state their background/credentials accurately & do not overstate their expertise, as this discredits alternative approaches. Please reconsider.

  4. Millie

    I have been trying to follow the Save our Bones program, but at my most recent scan the hip was listed as osteopenia, but the spine was osteoporosis. My doctor says I am at high risk for fracture. I do not want to start taking drugs. What is the single most important thing I can do to build bone density in my spine?

  5. Peggy Kappeler

    I had a bone scan three weeks ago. My doctor told me that I have osteoporosis and sent a prescription telling me to start taking Fosamax, 70mg. I was out of town at the time and when I got back to the Assisted Living facility I live at, the Nurse gave me a printout for Fosamax. Just reading the side effects scared e to death I’m on a lot over other meds which I have to take with Yogurt due to a swollowing problem, so when I read that one of the side effects was a difficulty swallowing I called doctor to see what I could do, they never returned my call. After that spent a whole day researching osteoporosis, including your column. I talked to my daughter who is a nurse and she mentioned Prolia. I called the doctor again and his nurse and she said she would talk to him. I read u onProlia, and one again, I was scared! I called the doctor again and just left a message saying that I would not take anything. The next day his nurse called me back and started talking to me about Prolia as if she never got my last message! I just told her, once again, that I would not take anything. It was like she couldn’t believe it! Thank you so much!
    My problem now is that my daughter, the nurse, refuses to support me in my decision! More than anything, I’m feeling so sad that I have no one to talk to.
    The only person I can trust right now is my psychiatrist, whom I’ve been seeing for 25 years now. The problem is that he is retiring in a month. I feel so lost.

    • Annette Richardson

      My mother took fosamax for years and passed away from gastric cancer at 80, her mother lived to 94 and took nothing. My Mom’s doctors had her on so many different medications it was ridiculous! She suffered from do many of the side effects mentioned for fosamax. She also almost kidney failure from an osteoarthritis drug called relate that she took. I am 60 and they wanted to put me on fosamax. I said no way!! I am so very sorry you daughter is being non supportive. I understand how you feel whole heartedly. Personally, I believe much of the medical community is in bed with the pharmaceutical companies. I will never take any prescription medication long term unless it is a life or death situation or for palative care. I am so sorry you feel alone, I’d give anything to have my Mom back.

      • Annette Richardson

        Sorry about the typeos above, but the osteoarthritis med that had my Mom close to kidney failure was relafen (nabumetone). Don’t take the meds!!!

  6. Jyoti Namaye

    Dear Sir,
    We thank you to update this above important details.
    Before 8 month, I got positive report of Osteoporosis.
    I am taking medicines advised by my doctors but still i feel pain, shevering, weakness,etc…. which made my daily rooting work very difficult.
    And now my Dr. suggested Robinaxol.
    Please advise me as now i got stuck how many tablets should i intake???
    Because i been not over-up from this weakness.

    Please advise.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Hi Jyoti,

      I’m sorry, but we’re not set up to advise you regarding medication…on the contrary, the Save Institute is all about drug-free options for osteoporosis management.

  7. ernie solsvik

    You are all fucking liars and crooks, like Thanasis at the Uncle’s Pete’s café.

  8. Bola

    I just come across your write-ups, questions and answers on osteoporosis. I have been on prescribed drugs. Sincerely, I don’t want to use drugs again but don’t know how to get out of this osteoporosis of a thing. Please what supplement can I go for

  9. Andrew


    I certainly appreciate the work that you have put together on this website, and there is a wealth of information regarding osteoporosis and available treatments. With that said, your stance on osteoporosis medications is completely misguided. As you know, these sensationalized claims have a strong impact on public perception and we should always stick to the facts. I would love the opportunity to discuss point by point the flaws in your article if you desire.


    • Cassaundra Gilchrist

      There are well meaning academicians out here who trust Big Pharma. Tgey also belirve in Monsanto and otger high powered lobbyists. People need to hear and listen to tgeir bidies, medical histories and true non medical trials run my those paid by tge sponsors to be product. It is a DOCUMENTED fact that most medicines a re poison no katter how the dosage is presented. two drops of lead in water is two drops of lead. Thanks for your research for actual betterment of health.

    • Peggy Kappeler

      I can’t believe how you a man, could believe that ALL of these MEDICATIONS are safe!!! After reading all this research about these medications, why don’t you take them???

  10. Beryl

    I too have osteoporosis. I have also opted to not take drugs. I was diagnosed a few years ago and did take them for a time. A couple years ago I had a serious flare of ulcerative colitis and had to use prednisone to get it under control. I went with the gaps diet and studied and learned many things about diet and ph values. During my healing I used bone broth and am convinced it played a huge roll in my recovery . I am totally drug free.i have since read that the health of your nails is related to bone health and when I was using the largest amount of broth was also when my nails were in the best shape ever. This could offer people an option that carries many favourable effects.

  11. Terry

    I was on 4 different meds for 5 years for my osteoporosis.Pills gave me heart burn so bad I could hardly stand it. Infusions were ok with no side effects, that is until I lifted my leg and my femur cracked in half. I wouldn’t advise anyone to take any of these medicines. I feel Iike I was used as a guinea pig and my dr. got paid on both ends, by me, ins. co and probably the pharm. co. that pushed it, and she probably has stock in big pharm co. too.So disillusioned with my dr. of over 25 yrs.

  12. David

    Everyone should read the book titled…..The Magnesium Miracle & the section on Osteoporosis….

  13. Larry Cook

    All you care about is furthering your own agenda. Your “analysis” is full of half-truths. You are preying on the gullible and using the insane mistrust of “Big Pharma” to get women to follow your course of action. You are irresponsible and it’s reprehensible that you truly don’t care about the harm you’re undoubtably doing by convincing many women not to use medicine to help them cope with Osteopenia and Osteoporosis. Your pinhead’s view of medicine reflects an ignorance that I doubt is yours. I think you’re a cynic who wants to talk people out of using effective drugs because they get in the way of your agenda. The idea that drugs are “synthetic chemicals that work against the body” is a childlike view that’s as arrogant as it is wrong.

    • Nancy

      Larry Cook – I was diagnosed with “osteopenia” ove 10 years ago. I “coped” by going on a very healthy diet with many bone enhancing food choices (2 green smoothies a day, prunes, figs, almonds, fresh fruits/vegetables, lean proteins) and exercise, lots of exercise. Never took any of the drugs recommended for my “disease”. Supposedly I was in danger of my bones breaking for no reason at all. Despite all the scary stories, I have never broken a bone in my life, even though I take 9-15 group exercise classes a week, take regular walks, and have even taken a couple of dandy falls. That’s how I “cope” with my “osteopenia”.

    • Peggy Kappeler

      You, SIr are an Idiot!!! Would you let your wife, daughter, or mother take ay these medications??? Of course, you being an idiot, probably would!

    • Kathy

      I cannot find credible evidence that drugs help osteoporosis in anyway. Most often the side effects are much worse than any benefits. They have been proven to put a veneer of healthy bone over unhealthy bone so that bone density scans look good. What advantage could this possibly have? I do not have an answer but I am skeptical about synthetic drugs being of any benefit to the body. I have a feeling that stem cell research will one day prove successful on regenerating bone. I hope so.

      • Jane

        I think Larry works for Big Pharma, how many men read up on Osteoporosis?

  14. Dave

    Shame on you for trying to scam people out of their money and HARM them by discouraging appropriate treatment of osteoporosis. My mom did your program instead of prescription medication then got a hip fracture and died, but not before you got a substantial amount of her money. I wonder how you can sleep at night

    • Peggy Kappeler

      Another, man with no brains, making asinine statements! Maybe your mother would still be alive if you had supported her choices!

    • bella

      people..encourage your friends and family to get a bone test way before 50!!!!!!!!!!!
      40 is a good starf so if you need to up vit intake. Wish I had of gotten a bone test earlier!!

  15. Michael Scott

    “There is a misconception that drugs heal the body. They don’t. Drugs can only temporarily mask symptoms – and not always. What’s more, they artificially mimic healing by counteracting the body’s processes. I’ll explain…”
    Tell that to kids who have been saved from Leprosy.

    • Dana

      Yes, and I am sure she won’t seek medical attention the next time something runs amok. What a distressing and sensationalist piece.

  16. Mary E McMains

    I am 83 yrs old & have been fighting osteoporosis for several yrs.Recently my doctor prescribed Prolia & I was finally accepted under a plan.I had my first injection in July & am supposed have my six month injection in Jan.Since my first injection I have had a real immunity problem & have had 5 or 6 bad bladder infections.I was always put on antibiotics & I feel it has weakened my immune system.

    • Mary E McMains

      I don’t think I will get another Prolia injection,I would rather try natural ways such as exercise & healthy foods.I have worked very hard in my life & still work hard. I have pain in my back & hip but still do all of my own duties.I also take vitamin supplements through Dr.Whitaker & some additional ones too.What do you suggest?

  17. Ruth Arnold age 77

    I was just diagnosed with osteoporosis and was prescribed a drug called Alendronate 70mg. I was not told the extent of my disease, whether I had holes in my bones the size of a pea or a dime. I was very surprised to find this diagnose after a bone density test.

    I have fallen a lot in the past 3 years because of poor balance. July 23 of this year I misjudged a step and landed very hard on cement. I had a bruise on my hip the size of 2 softballs that lasted about a month. After that I had pain but no sign of breaking.

    After I read the side affects of the drug I decided to do some research because to me it sounded like I was going to be swallowing lye! I am so happy that I found this web sight, I feel really inspired by the content and maybe I will get some sleep tonight. Thank you

    • Peggy Kappeler

      Good for you! Did your doctor ever tell you that osteoporosis IS NOT A DISEASE??? It’s the truth!

  18. Maribel

    Hi Vivian. I am 47 years old and at 45 was diagnosed with Osteoporosis. My first year I ate very healthy and did all the right things, vitamins and high calcium and vitamin K foods intake. I’m thinking I got it after I had to have a complete hysterectomy due to malpractice, but that’s a another story. This year my bone density is worse. They predict in 10 years I’ll have to have hip replacement. I have been taking Evista for about 3 years and now they came up with generic and I’ve been taking that one for about 2 now. My primary Docter tells me I have to take these now like forever. I had stopped taking them for over 6 months because of I prefer to go natural building of bones. She said that was the reason I am now in worse condition. What are your thoughts on Evista/Generic for it? What is your opinion on best way for age and bone condition to improve? Respectfully.

    • Mary

      Evista gave my sister a huge blood clot that broke off to her heart and lung. She had taken it 15 years! Doctors told her the Evista most likely caused the blood clot and took her off of it!

    • Peggy Kappeler

      Don’t let your doctor bully you in to taking anything you are not comfortable with! Do some research all of these osteoporosis meds. Also, please read up on osteoporosis. You’ll be surprised to learn that osteoporosis IS NOT A DISEASE,,


    Perform you’ve little free time to go out and search for dates inside clubs as well as coffee houses? Have an individual tried to find dates nevertheless you’re fed up with dating people within the same team?

    • Sharon


      I’m 55 and was just told today that on top of my Crohn’s, Lupus, Sarcoidosis & Asthma that I’m anemic. ..again and I have Osteoporosis due to ovarian failure. … I’ve been trying not to cry.

      I’ve been online looking up what to do and ran across this site. I’m scared. I’ve never had a broken bone and now it looks like I’m at high risk. And before today, one of my doc’s was going to put me back on steroids.

      It just seems like everything has side effects. I don’t know what I’ll do if I get 1 more major disease or medical problem.

      I keep reading about bone building meds. Do ANY work?

      Are there Specialists that work just with Bones? And Osteoporosis?

      Can your program help someone like me?

      Please feel free to contact me. … I’m very depressed right now, but trying to hide it.

      I hope someone out there can email me a suggestion.

      Thank you.

      • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

        Sharon, my heart goes out to you! I know this is a scary time for you right now, but I want to encourage you to hang in there. You’re obviously doing the right thing already by researching how to manage your health yourself.

        The pH-balanced diet that’s described in the Program is beneficial for all body systems. So you really can’t lose!

        Remember, your body was made for health, not disease.


    In relation to designing an online site many creative designers don’t location any thought into how the major search engines work. This is actually poor in this era.


    Sports activities nourishment is definitely an essential element which extremely decides the actual progress from the teenage sportsperson in his/her favored sport.

  22. Arlette

    I Took Alendronic Acid once a week 70mg also prescribed calceos 2tabs a day after taking A/A for 3weeks my throat swelled Trouble swallowing,stopped Taking it .

  23. JBBW

    Vivian, please supply your medical credentials. I am concerned you are giving out false information. I know you are providing incomplete information regarding Forteo.

    • Peggy Kappeler

      I think YOU should do more research o all osteoporosis medications as well as the awful side effects!!! Also did you know that osteoporosis IS NOT A DISEASE???

      I’d like to see your credentials as far as giving false statements!

  24. Georgette

    I was recently told that I have osteoporosis in my left arm, and the dr insisted that I take estiva. A few short weeks later, I slept through the night, got up for about an hour and had to go lay down and slept all afternoon, that happened twice, also my ankles have been very swollen, I have been off the medication now for a week, and the swelling has not gone away. Also I have been putting on weight like crazy, 20 pounds, and I believe most of it is water. Those bone drugs are evil!!!!!!!!!!

    • JBBW

      For anyone who was thinking about taking any advice from this web site seriously please take a look at the disclaimer at the bottom of every page.

      Basically, it says that you should go see a *real* doctor and take their advice.

      • Helen Bruce

        It’s a shame that anyone even looking for alternatives should go so far as to suggest a person seek out medical quackery! They are the ones responsible for the pool health that the entire planet is experiencing now! First off is that Dr’s have NO clue as to how to prevent anything! They have no respect for the human body. They continue to believe in a system that is barbaric because they “practice” medicine designed by people who are into sickness care and customers. I commend all who are willing to seek out alternatives and better yet, the “real reason” we are such an unhealthy nation. Helen

        • Gina

          Yes , we are poisoned for profit and Hippocrates would be apalled .
          Big Pharma and others (Monsanto, Bayer etc.) are extremely powerful and have no regard for the harm they do to everything on this planet.
          The late Dr. Andrew Moulden realised how exposure to vaccine ingredients is the main underlying cause of many diseases which are increasingly prevalent today – read the Vactruth Interview with Dr. Moulden which explains the mechanism of harm , from clinically silent to death.

  25. Marci

    Just wondering if anyone has had success with or knows about Strontium. It’s an element/supplement.. not pharmaceutical drug.

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  28. Cathy

    What I want to know, “Vivian,” is what qualifies you as an expert on osteoporosis and bone loss? I’m sure your MA (Master of Arts) doesn’t qualify you for the advice your peddling on this site, but money is always a good incentive.

    • Pat

      Recently heard from The Docs on TV, forget the calcium. We need vitamin K2 which is in certain cheeses like Gouda and Brie and in fermented foods. Supposedly K2 puts the calcium in the bones and keeps it out of the arteries. Check it out.

  29. Greg House

    Please stop your damaging, self-serving pseudoscience. ONJ and atypical femoral fractures occur in ~1/10,000 patients per year compared with 20% who suffer from fractures neck of femur without bisposphonates.

    • Peggy Kappeler

      The only negative responses about the dangers of osteoporosis medications have come from men!!! Would you take Viagra if it had all these dangerous side effects??? You’d just go crying to mommy! You are an idiot!

    • Cathy

      Good luck getting a response. She only seems to respond to those who leave positive comments about her “program.”

  30. r capalbo

    Has anyone heard of PROLIA? My gyno is suggesting this for me based on my recent bone density tests.

  31. Jennene

    I am so over the medical profession insisting that you go on drugs for bone density. What about recommending diet and exercise. The side affects of these drugs are numerous.

  32. Shelba Pollic

    For some time my doctors have been warning me about the conditions of my bones. I tried the Fosomax for a few years and then began battling reflux issues!
    Finally I stopped taking that drug.
    For a year I have been reading your helps in saving my bones – changing my diet, dropping usage of caffeine, eating organic as much as I could find and doing more exercises for relaxation.
    In December 2015 I woke up with severe back pain and within a few weeks they found my back to have 3 compression fractures and other fragile conditions. All doctors agree that I should be on Forteo! For years I have refused to take prescription drugs and now I feel I am going to be forced to take Forteo. I have always been extremely active doing aerobics, some weight training, doing yoga and have walked at least two or three miles a day. I am 75 years old and frightened about what I should do. I have your great books and reading them fervently. I need help! Shelba in FL.

    • Peggy Kappeler

      Please DON’T let let anyone BULLY you into taking ANY medications that make you feel unsafe! The ONLY thing these POISONS will do is kill you!

  33. mary

    What about Fortoe

  34. Jasson smith

    So, quick question. You say that forteo causes cancer like osteosarcoma. How does it actually do this in humans if it was once seen in lab 44 Fischer rats? Nothing to date has been shown in humans and the onky drug in its class to grow new bone.
    Just curious

    • Peggy Kappeler

      You’re a man!!! What do you know???

  35. Anna

    Hi Vivian, I am 64 years old woman and have done for the third time in 12 years the bone density test. The diagnosis ” osteopenia” in 2003 became” osteoporosis” in 2011 with an 8% chance of having a spinal fracture and 1% of having a hip fracture within 10 years. Those numbers changed with my latest bone density test( last week) from 8% to 11% chance of fracture in the spine and from 1% to 2% in the hip. I have a very small bones and I am on the thin side. I have a very rare sensitivity to most medicines including everything which contains hormones( soy as well) of some sorts. I do not metabolize medications because I do have some defective enzymes that do not work properly. I read about your program but before I purchase it I need to make sure that hormones ( isoflavones or ipriflavones or any other type) are not a part of the ” cure” in your program. I do not want to waste my money on something that I would not be able to adhere. Thank you so much. Look forward to hearing from you . Anna

  36. Shirley Weed

    I have friend ; one day she just standing talking on the phone,and both her femur bones broke !!!!!!!! WOW all from the drugs !!!!!!!! My doctor keeps trying to put me n them —- NO WAY —

    • Judi

      greedy quacks get paid to put you on all the drug. please avoid all drugs, if you can. Many drugs are counterfeit also.

  37. Brigid Sharratt

    Hi Vivian Regarding your comments on exercise, I have done masses of exercise :hockey, squash , gym teacher and still play Table Tennis and ski and eat a healthy diet but unfortunately seem to have inherited my mother’s osteoporosis. When I said I wasn’t going to take Fosamax my doctor said that yes I am doing all the right things but it;s like having bricks to build a house but no builder to build it and that my diet alone will not build the bone I need . Please advise

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Hi Brigid,
      Your doctor probably hasn’t heard of epigenetics, which refers to biological phenomena that go beyond the genetic code. Your behavior – especially exercise – can influence which genes are “switched on” or not. It’s fascinating! You might like to read this article on the topic – it should answer many of your questions, and help you next time you talk to your doctor. 🙂

      • Jen Mathew

        Hi Vivian, I’m sure her doctor has heard of epigenetics since genetics is a standard part of every basic biological and premedical study, though it is not a part of any master of arts I’ve ever seen. That’s probably why it’s pretty clear that while you can talk about epigenetics to fill pages, you don’t actually understand what it does. Proper exercise can definitely help with bone density. However, that does not mean it’s changing your genes. I’ve read your pages on epigenetics in relation to why you try to convince people. You misquote, paraphrase out of context and generally don’t understand what you’re saying, which is unsurprising considering your complete lack of medical qualifications.


        You say you are doing everything right naturally but your doctor says that’s sometimes not enough. Why turn to someone with no medical knowledge who is telling you that what you’re literally already doing will work if you pay them to tell you to do it right? This pages claims that simply eating natural and healthy diets with weight bearing exercise are enough to increase your bone density. If that was always the case, you wouldn’t be in the shoes you’re in now. Please trust your doctor, or by all means seek a second opinion from other MDs, a DO or even a chiropractor if you’d feel safer getting a qualified medical opinion from someone uninterested in ‘selling drugs for big pharma’. Please do not risk your health and safety to people like this woman. I am all for natural healing and have been practicing it myself for years, but there are times when medicine is necessary and you seem to be having one of those times. Please allow yourself to be treated. Best of luck, Jen Mathew, BS.

        • Peggy Kappeler

          Who are you to think people should take your advice? Have you EVER taken any of the SO CALLED medications for osteoporosis? I thought so. Just keep your mouth shut and mind your own business!

  38. Lori

    I have a question. Against my better judgement, I took Boniva along with my holistic approaches to osteoperosis. 2 months ago, about 2 hours after I took the Boniva pill, I began experiencing severe hip pain. There was no doubt it was a direct result of taking the pill. I have not taken the pill for 2 months. When will this severe hip pain go away? WILL it go away? I am in constant pain!

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Hang in there, Lori! Your “better judgment” was correct, and you’re listening to it now. Only good can come from that! I encourage you to check into OsteoCleanse (under Products) which is designed to remove osteoporosis drugs from the body. Your bones are fully capable of recovering given time and good nutrition. You’re on the right track!

  39. lynn metzger

    i took forteo drug injections for 1 1/2 yrs. 9 years ago i am having all the side effects. docters say no way is it forteo. i believe it is.

    • Marian

      I took Reclast via IV three yrs ago and developed a bad ras with hives on my neck and chest. Now my Dr wants me to take FIRTEI. I’m hesitant about doing it although I picked up the first presciption to bring to the Dr’s ofc for a demo on taking it. What specific foods can I eat. I’m not overweight and I walk an hr three times a wk for exercise?? Any suggestions will be appreciated.

  40. Joan Hunt

    I stopped taking “Actonel” when I read your comments about it. And now you say it gives you AF. I have been hospitalised 3 times this year with AF and am taking medication for that? What’s the misinformation I’ve not been told about that?

  41. shula

    How difficult to decide. What can one do when being on the best alkaline diet, avoiding any bad food like coffee, tea, sugar, salt, sodas, meat, and others, and eating rich calcium food like leafy greens, every day, and taking supplements, and still continuing to loose bone year after year? Is there something else that can be done?

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      I understand your frustrations, Shula (and Betty and Debbie).

      Because you have the Osteoporosis Reversal Program, you have all the tools and information you need. I know it can be difficult and confusing, but no one can make the decision for you about how to proceed. Every situation is different, so take your health in your hands, learn as much as you can, and remember that knowledge is power. You’re the only one who can make the ultimate decision about how to proceed.

      But please keep in mind that there is much more to bone health than test scores! Bones typically don’t break because they are not thick enough; they break because they are not resilient enough (they lack tensile strength), as I write in the Osteoporosis Reversal Program. Drugs increase density without improving tensile strength.

      And small variations in DEXA readings could be machine-related (even if you were tested using the same brand of equipment), or could be affected by the amount of lean tissue you may have developed while on the program.

      Here’s why:

      DEXA scanners beam X-rays at the lumbar vertebrae and the hip to measure the shadow cast by the bones. Software in the machine estimates the amount of calcium in the bone based on the darkness of the shadow. This means that DEXA scans are not three-dimensional; they are two-dimensional, like a plain X-ray, so it is very “insensitive”. This two-dimensional reading, therefore, causes errors in the “reading” of actual bone density.

      Let’s say a woman has large vertebrae and she’s tall and big-boned. The DEXA X-ray beam must travel farther to get a reading on her bones than on a woman that has smaller bones (because it only detects two-dimensional distance). Meanwhile, the smaller woman could have more calcium in her bones and more resilient and healthy bones. The DEXA scanner cannot detect this. So DEXA scans measure quantity of bone rather than quality.

      The T-score does not tell you if the bone is strong; it simply places your results within a certain age and gender group. And several studies point to the inexact science of measuring bone density.

      Mainstream medicine focuses so much on density because it needs numbers (i.e. fixed parameters) to prescribe drugs, so most doctors follow the same protocol. While density is one indicator of bone metabolism, the main focus of bone health is simply to prevent fractures, and as I explain in the program, less dense but healthy and renewed bones have better tensile strength than thicker, denser, older bones. If you are following the program, your bones are healthier, whether or not that is reflected in the scores.

      The bigger question is not whether there could be positive results from the Osteoporosis Reversal Program in a certain period of time. It is about what is your true bone health philosophy. It is impossible to predict what will happen in your own particular case. So the inescapable question is whether you formulate your bone health philosophy based on potential results or based on your thoughts about what’s best for you. Much like with any other important decision in life, a careful analysis of the situation and possible different outcomes is an excellent idea.

      And please realize that drugs, whether prescribed or over the counter, may help temporarily (or more likely, may just appear to be helping), but there’s always a price to pay.

      My bottom line advice is to relax, enjoy life, and keep up with the program and everything else you are doing.

      I hope this helps, and best wishes going forward!

      • Giovanna

        Dear Vivian, thank you so much for your reply to Shula, Betty and Debbie. I now feel better after feeling totally devastated just after the bone scan I took last week (after 1 year) and having been told by my doctor that my osteoporosis has declined even more and if I continue to refuse the drugs I will definitely break my bones and become curved down in my spine. I left my doctor in tears and scared. I must say that I did not following your programme very much because of spending too many hours at work sitting in front of a computer but now I will definitely re-start your programme and apply it religiously as I do not want to take the drugs and feel so scared of breaking my bones in I do not take them. Thank you so much Vivian for your words of encourangement! All the best to you and everyone following your programme!

    • debbie

      I, too, am experiencing the same problem … following the guidelines and still losing bone mass. What am I to do?

      • Betty

        I notice Vivian that you seldom reply to those who are having problems on the SOB program but often to those who are doing well. I haven’t had a bone density test since being with SOB for less than a year I guess but on Sept 24 2013 I suffered an extremely painful wedge compression fracture in L2 after a very powerful sneeze. In October I visited hospital emergency 3 times for terrible vomiting and constipation and on the third time the xray showed I had a bowel obstruction. Now after surgery I am recovering at home hoping the spine is healing satisfactorily along with my bowel. But there is discouragement about my back and I will have a bone density test in the near future. I also have lost a lot of weight due to restricted IV and ice chip diet and now can only eat smaller portions for awhile. I am sure my doctor will want to present her case for osteo drugs, but I am so apprehensive about such a choice. Any comments. Thanks….

  42. Marc

    Hello Vivian,
    I have found a grain at our local organic shop called ‘Teff ‘, they sell it as a flour and
    I have been told it is high in calcium and a good source of vitamin c.

  43. Ann

    Vivian – My husband was diagnosed with small cell lung cancer, and has been prescribed Xgeva injections for a “hot spot” (possible malignancy) on a rib bone. While Xgeva is not in the bisphosphonate class, the list of adverse events are similar. Your comments please. Thank you.

  44. Robbie

    What is the best calcium to take?

  45. Crete Sham

    Hi Vivian! I have just written a long email to you,but was told yo give a valid email address! Please could you check whereI went wrong! And sedition can retrieve the email. Thanks! Crete Sham

  46. Leslie (Ms. L. Carmel)

    Hi! Vivian,

    I Won’t Take Any Osteoporosis Drugs, No Matter What. And As I’ve Told You Before, I’m Trying To Get Off All My Prescription Drugs. I Just Have 3 More To Find Bone Healthy Replacements For. And I Know Things Will Keep Getting Better. Now If Only I Had The Money To Get The ‘Save Our Bones’ Program, Then Everything Would Be Perfect!

    Thank You As Always For All Your Very Helpful Articles.
    I Really Enjoy Them.


  47. Sue

    Hi Vivian, I am still wondering what you think of the drug zomeda.? Does it really help prevent tumors from forming in the bones or is it a typical biophosphate drug with the same side effects.? The oncologist seems to think it is necessary in preventing bone tumors

  48. Nancy

    I don’t think the term “side effects” is a good description of the results of taking drugs. It sounds too harmless. I have trained myself to say “adverse effects” instead. I think it is more accurate. It isn’t like getting your salad dressing on the side so you can choose whether or not you want to use it. So-called side effects are effects, nothing side about them!

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Good point, Nancy!

  49. nancy hughes

    Thanks for your update Vivian.I am determined to persevere in spite of hearing about someone who had lost 3 inches in height due to having had part of her spine removed because of Osteoporosis.Sometimes not being on the drugs makes me feel that my doctor some day may say “we told you so”.However I’m so glad to know that my score recently was -2.4 down from -3.9.Thank you so much for all your reassurance.

    • Billie

      Was recently told I have severe osteo with a -3.2 T score & now need to decide what treatment is best. I do NOT want to take drugs so am wondering what you did Nancy to get your T score down? I walk everyday, am not overweight, eat healthy & take calcium & D supplements so this came as quite a shock to me! Would welcome any advice.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Thanks for being part of the community, Nancy. I am glad you can come here and feel reassured! 🙂

  50. Mary Anderson

    Dear Vivian: My doctor has been giving me Prolia for the last 1-1/2 years. This requires an injection every 6 months. I fell and broke my
    hip and when that happened, he prescribed Prolia. I took an awful fall
    and felt anybody would have broken a hip had they fallen that hard. Anyhow, the injections are now being turned over to someone special to administer them and I am not going to get them anymore. I have a
    feeling the change may have something to do with a special study of
    results. After reading your important information, I do not want to harm
    my bones anymore and want to let nature take its course by following
    your program. I am particularly careful about my diet and do as you have suggested. Thank you for all your good advice.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Best wishes moving forward, Mary! I hope your fracture is completely healed.

  51. Micky

    Hi Vivian, firstly thank you once again for all your valuable information. I too like some of the others find your comments about the FDA very disturbing. Who can we trust in the medical proffesion. I took an osteoporosis drug for about 8 weeks, then came across you Vivian, and stopped right away. That was 3 years ago, and my GP hasn’t mentioned it at all during the odd times I have been back to the doctors for other things. Is this because I live in the UK and we have the NHS ( National Health Service) here, which we pay for through our national insurrance stamp when we work, untill we retire. So we can visit our GP anytime and not pay. So maybe the doctors only perscribe the drugs they think are necessary, as their practice are paying for the drugs, not the patient.

    Hope this makes sence, a bit long winded.

    Kind regards

  52. Pauline Fabok

    Reading this article and some of the comments….it all sounds so familiar…I too have osteoporosis, my sister and my mother had it quite bad…she did what her doctor told her – took the Fosomax and after about 6 yrs being on it had trouble swallowing and dry mouth always…one day she turned a certain way, broke her hip and had surgery and passed away a year later…
    My doctor warned me to get on Fosomax immediately – every year having bone density done because of my mother’s history…but I declined and refused to take the Fosomax…a few years ago I went for my yearly check-up and he told me if I didn’t take Fosomax or Actonel there was no reason to have a bone density test done – that it was a waste of time and I haven’t had one done in 5 years now…but I do follow the Save Our Bones program and now I don’t care what a bone density will tell me because I feel healthy and am confident I am doing the best I can for my bones!

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Your bones will thank you, Pauline!

  53. connie

    When I told a bone Dr. that I would never take any of these bone drugs because of the side effects and that in the end it made the bones brittle, his answer was ” Well, brittle bones are better than no bones at all.” We parted company right then and there.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      I don’t blame you, Connie…that’s quite a statement from your doctor!

  54. Phyllis Walters

    My most recent appointment with the “bone guru” in Detroit, ended very badly. He told me (after nearly 45 minutes of trying to convince me to take the drugs) if I didn’t take the drugs I would fall, break a hip and die within six months. I am a breast cancer survivor and when faced with the prospect of chemotherapy, no one ever said to me, “if you don’t take these drugs you will die”. Unbelievable that this “bone doctor” would say this to me and yet admitted that, “yes, bone fractures do occur over time”. I told my primary doctor what had taken place and told her I would NEVER go back to this “bone doctor”. Keep up the good work Vivian, women need to understand about all of this from body chemistry point of view.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Phyllis, I am so glad that you were in the “expert seat” during that appointment! 🙂

  55. Janet UK

    To my regret ,I took bisphosphonats for 4 yrs. and after reading your programm, I stopped them! I was also taking prednisolone for polymyalgia and after 5yrs. stopped that also! Was hard doing it alone! After about another year and never visiting my GP, I hurt my back badly! I think it was an old injury but feel it was the effects of the bisphosphonates! That was May this year and the very kind GP that is helping me now is weaning me off steroids as I had to go onto them again! He did want me to have bisphosphonates again but I declined! I have now found a vegetarian version of vitamint D3 on Amazon which is much better than prescribed tablets for the bones! I only weigh 61/2 stone but I’m getting stronger! Lucky I found your programm when I did! Many thanks Vivian!

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      I am glad you’re here, Janet!

  56. Terry

    Good Morning Vivian,

    When I read about the “closed door” meetings it really make me disgusted. I’m am so tired of all the sneaky, dishonest and greedy organizations. How can we trust our doctors with these guys pushing and shoving their drugs through them. This is so frustrating. I have to keep reminding myself to relax, I don’t need the stress. What I do need is a doctor who will look outside the box with me in mind! Thanks again for the wonderful information!!

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      I hope you can find such a doctor, Terry! They are invaluable.

  57. cath

    Hi Vivian, I just have to leave a short note to say thank you for all the hard work you do and your team, in saving us time and energy. I would not be able to find out the information that you give us, this is so important to us in saving our bones and our general health, not to take any drugs without checking first even thou they have been sanctioned by the FDA. I find this very disturbing. I am sure many others feel the same way. Many many thanks. cath England

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      You are welcome, Cath. My mission is to inform others so they can take charge of their own health! 🙂

  58. Crete Sham

    Dear Vivian, many, many thanks again for all your inspiring advice. I did stop those dreadful drugs , of my own accord. That was before I “met” you! I only hope that it was not too late, as I had already been on them for many years. Anyway, you have vindicated my decision, and proved me right!! I am now dedicated to continuing the fight!!
    Love, Crete

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      I am truly glad you found the Save Our Bones site, Crete! It’s never too late to adopt a healthy lifestyle and nourish your bones. 🙂 Best wishes on your drug-free journey!

  59. Ingeborg Klose

    I have been diagnosed with bad osteoporousis of the left hip – however now I have pain right down to my knee and the right side is also playing up. I feel my legs getting numb sometimes and have difficulty standing and walking for long times at a stretch.

    What should I do? I cannot really exercise because I have too much pain. When I’m sittling I’m OK but when I stand the pain comes

    Please help
    I live in Bangkok Thailand

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Ingeborg, I am so sorry you’re dealing with that kind of pain! Remember, though, that I am not a doctor, and I am not familiar with your medical history. Do you have a naturopathic physician you could talk to? He or she could examine your history, discuss your symptoms, and hopefully come up with a treatment plan you’re comfortable with. Good luck!

      • pam

        To me it’s important to do what you can. Start small and build a little at a time. If a few feet is all you can walk then keep track of how far you go and each day add a foot or two. Before long you will be able to add more walking and even other exercise. Keep going a little bit at a time.

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