Weekend Challenge: Cervical Curve Normalizer - Save Our Bones

This weekend I share with you an easy move to restore the correct cervical curvature of the neck and more. Exercises like the Cervical Curve Normalizer have been scientifically proven to correct FHP, or Forward Head Posture, which is a significant contributor to kyphosis (Dowager’s Hump).

Avoiding and preventing kyphosis is not the only reason to cultivate good posture and correct spinal curves. There are some surprising benefits to proper posture that I’m thrilled to share with you in this post.

Let’s start with some of the reasons why it’s important to have a healthy cervical curve.


The human head is surprisingly heavy (it weighs about 10 pounds). If you practice poor postural habits, which is easy to do in this day and age of hunkering down over electronic devices, and you don’t take steps to preserve the curve of your neck, the cervical vertebrae press closer together. They may even rub together, causing pain and tightness in the neck. Compressed vertebrae may even fuse, greatly inhibiting your neck’s range of motion, causing stiffness and pain.

This restricted range of motion can not only be a literal pain in the neck, but it can cause painful tingling sensations and weakness in your arms and hands. And the misalignment can lead to abnormal wear on the vertebral joints, setting the stage for arthritis.

Also, when your head is poked forward and down, as in FHP, your upper and lower back have to compensate for the skewed curve (or rather lack of a curve) in your neck. This can, of course, cause pain and discomfort in both areas of the back, and contribute to hunched, rounded thoracic vertebrae, a decreased curve in the lumbar vertebrae, and rounded shoulders.

Neck Exercises Improve Cervical Curve (Lordosis), Study Shows

Researchers performed a comprehensive evaluation of 131 chiropractic patients, ranging in age from 11 to 92, in the US, Canada, and Russia. The angle of each patient’s cervical curve was measured before any treatment was undertaken, and then measured and evaluated again after undergoing a particular set of neck exercises.

Amazingly, after just one exercise session, participants showed significant improvement in cervical lordosis, with a mean percentage of 58% improvement in cervical curve.1

“An important and pertinent finding from this study was that the changes in the cervical curve and forward head posture were produced within five minutes without any other therapeutic intervention”1 other than the exercises given to the participants.

While the participants in the study used a weight on the forehead, the principle is the same: exercises to restore the cervical curve had immediate results.

So with the Cervical Curve Normalizer you can take immediate action to restore and align the vertebrae in your neck.


You’ll need an ordinary hand towel or a thin bath towel.

  1. Place the towel behind your neck.
  2. Bring the two ends of the towel forward over your shoulders and pull the towel forward slightly.
  3. As you gently pull the towel forward, nod your head up and down slowly. Lean your head back into the towel so you’re doing a “big” nod.
  4. Repeat this nodding action about 20 times.

To round out your targeted exercises for this area, try following the Cervical Curve Normalizer with another Weekend Challenge, the Thoracic Spine Strengthener, which works the upper back to help postural alignment.

Posture Is About More Than Just Looking Good

How you hold your head, shoulders, and spine has a tremendous amount of influence on your health. Of course, as Savers know, aligned bones receive weight-bearing and resistance stress in the right places, stimulating growth and strength. And you’re also aware of how posture improves appearance, energy levels, and fosters confidence. But you may not be aware of other seldom-mentioned ways that posture affects your health.

Here are just some of the positive functions proper posture plays in your overall health.

  • Arthritis prevention is of significant importance as we age. As noted above, keeping joints aligned prevents the onset of arthritis.
  • Correcting your posture throughout the day provides some subtle but effective toning exercises for your back and abdominal muscles. After all, holding a good postural stance involves pulling your tummy in slightly, tucking in your rear, holding your shoulders back, and keeping your head up. That’s all accomplished by working your muscles.
  • Good posture promotes healthy nerve function by relieving muscle tension and freeing up any pinched or compressed nerves.
  • Breathing is greatly enhanced by proper posture. Your lungs are not pressed down, your chest is open, and your midriff is not compressed. Deep breathing is an important aspect of alkalizing the body, so this is no small perk of good posture.
  • Your bones, muscles, and joints will be relieved of the strain, pressure, and tightness that can occur with postural misalignment and FHP, preventing pain and discomfort.
  • You’ll feel more confident and positive, because the data shows that those who walk with a confident, head-up gait actually have more positive thoughts and improved mood. So good posture actually makes you happier!

As you can see, there’s a lot more to good posture than just appearance. Exercises that correct posture, like the Cervical Curve Normalizer, have tangible benefits that go beyond bone health.

Postural Exercises Are Included In Densercise™

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And you don’t need expensive, specialized equipment with Densercise™. You can “Densercise” in your own home, indoors or out, in all seasons. It takes just 15 minutes a day, three times a week, and to accelerate your results, you can vary your “Densercises” with Weekend Challenges.

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Densercise™ is a very convenient way to reap all the rewards of exercise!

Have a great weekend!


1 Saunders, E., Stephen, D.C., et al. “Improvement of Cervical Lordosis and Reduction of Forward Head Posture with Anterior Head Weighting and Proprioceptive Balancing Protocols.” J. Vertebral Subluxation Res. April 27, 2003. PDF. https://posturecrown.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/11/Research-study.pdf

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  1. sharon

    I have been on breast cancer drug femara for just over two years. Gone from above normal density to osteopenia in that time. Can you stave off getting worse while on these drugs? just started two half hour walks with 7 kilo weight belt and half hour weight resistant aerobic workout – will do this seven days a week – being pushed to go on biphosphonates – determined to not take them – still have over two years to take the femara though – really grateful for any insight from anyone

  2. Joanie

    I have been receiving your e mails for quiet some time and I wish I had taken more notice.
    I was told I had osteopenia in my hips and osteoporosis in my wrists and lower back 7 months ago.
    I was panicked into have a Prolea injection by being told to be very careful not to fall over before I had it.
    How I wish I hadn’t as I have not been well since, the worst symptom being a uti within the first 6 months then another one 3 weeks after the second injection, I am now wondering how I will get through the next few months until this medication starts to leave my system.

    i just wanted to warn other ladies about this drug.

  3. annabelle

    Thank you. Feel better already!

  4. marlyn pruder

    Please send me the OATMEAL RECIPES.Mine are gone fer

  5. Winseypoo

    The weekend challenges are brilliant – thank you. I do zumba and have a go at powerhoop but these exercises are good to pop in between when I feel the need and don’t ache or feel too tired. They make me feel that I AM trying. Doctors keep pushing the pills and they think I’m mad not to accept but I was ever the rebel and will continue to do things my way. My body is my temple – well perhaps a crumbling church but the sentiment is still the same. Keep up the exercises!

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Hi Winseypoo,

      You are most welcome, and stick to your convictions about osteoporosis drugs!

  6. Barbara

    I’m 82 years old and am recovering from spine fracture surgery 16 months ago. I also have curvature of the spine – 7/8. I also took Forteo for 7 months in 2015. Has your program been helpful for older people with these conditions including Osteoporosis.?

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Hi Barbara,

      Welcome! Savers from all over the world of various ages and health challenges have had success on the Program. I encourage you to read the Testimonials on this website – I am sure you will find successful Savers who have similar backgrounds! Here is a link where you can read their stories:


    • Winseypoo

      Barbara, I also have curvature and a wedged vertebra. Eat well, keep alkaline as best you can and do whatever exercises you can manage. Above all, keep smiling, it works wonders!

      • tania hoschel

        thankyou so much, dr vivian. loved those exercises

  7. Mcsulli

    I have three questions. Not related to the topic today but not sure where else to ask them. 1- is the recommended 1200 mg of calcium in addition to that which you get by food? Or is 1200 the sum total of all? 2- is the green tea concentrate with no fluoride that which you find in a bottle with a dropper at a health food store? If not, what exactly do I ask for? I love green tea and have been drinking it for many years! 3- my hisband found a chart on line that puts blueberries in the alkaline category and you have it acidic, as well as a few other items. Why would that be? I am commited to your program by the way.

  8. Florence

    Thank you so much Vivian for your very holpful exercises. Do you happen to have any for the shoulders and elbows? I would be most appreciative.

  9. Barb nolan

    I thoroughly enjoy your very educational 7 informative articles
    Wondered if you have any exercises for prevention & correction of Lumbar lordosis

  10. Wynn kenny

    Why cannot I purchase a download of ‘densersice’ here in the UK? I follow all your excellent articles on my I phone and would love to have everything in one easy reference.

    • Customer Support

      Hi Wynn,

      Thanks for your interest in Densercise! Because the material is delivered to your inbox as a digital download (in PDF file format), it can be downloaded anywhere in the world as long as you have a computer with internet access. 🙂 So your UK location is no problem!

  11. Penn

    Oops so sorry …. I spelt your name incorrectly. Sorry Vivian.

  12. Penn

    Thank you Vivienne for the most useful and helpful emails. Very informative and always a healthy reminder to check and strengthen posture. Exercises are also simple so that encourages me to work at it.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      I like simplicity in exercises, too, Penn! It does make it encouraging. 🙂

  13. Mechthild Kaliski

    Thank you, great exercise !! Since I read in bed a lot, this is perfect compensation!!

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      It sounds like this exercise is a good fit for you, Mechthild!

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