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Do you remember that old television show, “Who Do You Trust?” The show was entertaining and lighthearted, but it raises an important question. Exactly who can you trust, especially in this internet age, where we’re incessantly bombarded by a confusing amalgam of “expert” opinions?

At birth, we innately trust our parents. And that trust generally continues unless or until we’re given reason to question it. Then we are taught to trust the “experts” – our teachers, our investment advisers, and… our medical professionals.

But most of us were never taught to trust ourselves. And when we do assert ourselves, our beliefs are often put down by “experts” with superior credentials who in essence pat us on the head and want us to believe we don’t know “enough” to compete in their arena.

Why Am I Talking About Trust?

I get questions every day from community members who are confused by conflicting information they’ve read online or received from their doctors.

I created the Osteoporosis Reversal Program not to present myself as the expert with all the answers, but rather to present and empower you with information on osteoporosis. To encourage you to see yourself as the expert who is the only one who can make the ultimate decisions about your bone health.

If you trust in your own wisdom, you won’t take any “expert” on faith (including me!). Upon reviewing all the information, you'll see how the solution to your bone problems is a lot simpler than the “experts” would have you think. That's precisely why you find a Bibliography with more than 100 scientific references in the Osteoporosis Reversal Program.

Do Doctors Have All the Answers?

We would like to think so, and it would indeed be comforting to believe that doctors hold the key to our wellness. It is difficult to break our trust in doctors; most of us have had this trust instilled in us from childhood. And many doctors certainly do nothing to dissuade us from thinking we should trust them implicitly.

As I write in Doctor Communication Tutorials (one of the reports included in Osteoporosis Reversal Program), perhaps it's not a coincidence that

…the word ‘doctor’ is from the Latin verb ‘docere’, meaning ‘to teach’, and from ‘doctus’ meaning ‘having been taught'.

In other words, doctors are meant to teach and we're meant to learn from them. Unfortunately, it's becoming harder and harder to find doctors who actually teach instead of merely prescribing drugs in haste.

So while most doctors are dedicated and well-meaning, in reality, they can't possibly have all the answers!

What Do Doctors Know That You Don’t?

Doctors do have a lot of valuable knowledge, but it’s not always applicable to your circumstances, nor is it always complete and up-to-date.

In the case of bone health, you are completely focused on your condition and dedicated to researching the best options.

Your doctor, on the other hand, is constantly bombarded with a huge amount of information on multiple conditions… and much of that information comes directly from the drug companies.

Trust Yourself

When it comes to your bone health, you, as a Save Our Bones community member, know a lot and should trust yourself. Here are just a few reasons:

1. You take the time to research for your particular situation.

2. You, and only you, are aware of everything that’s going on in your life, including other physical conditions.

3. Without question, you know yourself better than anyone else can.

4. You are the only one who is specifically focused on your needs.

5. You are intelligent. Trust that intelligence. Regardless of your formal education or career path, you have the capacity to understand what’s going on.

6. Last but certainly not least, as a member of the Save Our Bones Community, you are getting up-to-date, well-researched info on all things osteoporosis.

You’re In Control

I’d like to end with another quote from Doctor Communication Tutorials:

One of the biggest paradoxes in life is that when we are faced with important choices – a time when we most need to use our common sense and ingenuity – we are typically not prepared or equipped to make them. For example, we usually have to choose a career or our lifetime companion when we are young and inexperienced. And when it comes to health issues, we most often have to choose our path to health when we’re overwhelmed with the bad news of a diagnosis or the worsening of a preexisting condition.

But nothing should stop you from breaking out of the mold to obtain the necessary information that will help you make intelligent decisions about your bone health.

With the Osteoporosis Reversal Program and the ongoing support you get through this blog, you have all the tools and information you need to trust yourself and regain your bone health. I know it can be difficult and confusing, but if you trust in yourself and apply what you learn, you will make the right choices.

Every situation is different, so take your health in your hands, learn as much as you can, and remember that knowledge is power.

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  1. Linda wickstrom MSN

    Should i take the pills (I ordered the powder) – and add hyaluronic acid 100 mg andalpha lipoline 50 mg and alpha lipoic pluslutigold lutein 20 mg andzeaxanthin 800mcg. Eyes and bones – and after 44 years i have to try and keep up with the young nurses on the open heart unit and they are threatening to get rid of us who have been there from day one so they can hire the new grads for less money, I slipped on the step going into the hods=spital and broke 4 ribs and my nose plus two 4 inch high on my thighs — do not get hurt at s hospital – two people walked by and did nothing – so ya see i must keep working – its only me and the rats are starting to win HELP linda

  2. Rowland Fujii

    I recently read about strontium. what is your
    opinion about some people saying calcium supplements not even good for you.

  3. Fran

    Hi Vivian,
    Thank you for being there for us to have a little hope. I say, little as my osteoporosis is now severe. Before it was -2, had a lot of stress in my life in the past 10 months, lost 22 pounds and the result is now severe osteoporosis. My endo urges me to take Forteo that I have no other options. What do you think? Is it too late for me and I have no other options to take this drug. I have your book not quite done with reading it as I am so depressed. Is severe osteoporosis is good with your program.
    Thanks for your time.

  4. Kim

    Speaking of Trust and always being open to Truth Seeking for oneself…

    Do to natural aging… with my metabolism natural slowing down, post menopausal mild reality symptoms, on set osteoporosis and not desiring HRT as “the alternative.” All consequences of hormonal changes, I am going to be trying out on myself and for myself (not only have I adjusting my nutrition intake and exercise)…but a natural supplement I stumbled across in my truth quest called Macafem. Vivian, let me know your input to this Hormonal Balancing Supplement.
    Kim, Ohio

  5. clm

    Has anyone really gotten rid of osteoporosis using this program?

  6. Nu Ly

    ” Knowledge is power “, it’s true.

    I’m improving in my health since I follow your
    program. That I should trust myself and trust
    Your program, thank you.

  7. Eloise Price

    (comment for Vivian,not for blog)
    I have your”Save our Bones” program but I was in the hospital and they found that I have 2 small blood clots in my lungs so I am now on Warfarin and cannot eat the leafy greens that I need.Can you help me with a diet that will help my bones,keep my cholestrol under control and also help keep my weight down.I appreciate all the good information you send us each week on email.

  8. Susan

    What now? A connection between thyroid problems and nuts? At least almonds/almond milk and thyroid disfunction?
    Any informed responses to that comment at the top?
    Are we solving one problem only to cause another?

  9. Judy Kraemer


    I have been taking greens+ bone builder that has all minerals that you mentioned from save our bones. Also take red algae as well.
    I need some feedbacks if Im doing right to take these.

    last year I had a bone density and they said I have an osterpina but no measurement at all. My doctor said that I didnt take any HRT due to my hyperscomy. I refused to take HRT and they reccommended me to take Actonel so I research and found you … I brought a book from you. I have not touch actonel at all… I m trying to follow like 80 percent and 20 percent…
    Im still learning to adjust my eating habits.

    also facial comestic I use vitimin C as you reccommended.

    Hope to hear from you soon

  10. gloria

    Hi Vivian,
    It’s true; you don’t know who to believe. Now they are saying that you can eat all the eggs you want. I started eating more eggs. I recently had a Doctor visit and found out that my chloresterol was high. He said, don’t eat eggs! I also was told that I had a heart murmur and have to get an echo cardiogram. All I can say is that God is the best Physician and my hope is in Him!

  11. Denise Sanders

    Dear Vivian, I needed this just now because I was watching a video conversation between two health experts on a particular subject only to realize their hidden undertones were meant to think they knew everyone’s diagnosis and try to get people to buy their products. I felt so disappointed that my trust had been broken b y this practitioner I really believed in and was learning from had done an interview of such negative power! I tried to reply, but they will not accept it! I am so sorry that they did not choose to listen to my comment that maybe could have helped them understand and regain my trust in them. I have total trust in you Vivian! I am sincerely grateful to you. Blessings, Denise Sanders

  12. Naomi Sensenig



  13. CK

    This was an excellent article about trusting ourselves and what’s best for us. Thank you so much. You’re articles and comments are so very inspiring!

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      You are most welcome, CK! I’m so pleased to hear that you find inspiration in my articles. 🙂

  14. carmen

    This is very helpful information since I was diagnosed with Osteoporosis (-3.5) sepecially on my right hip that I forgot i fractured when I fell 2 yrs ago

  15. Joyce Hall

    I was given a battery of Bisphosphonates to try out the very day my doctor looked at the Dexiscan. I was confused and in shock about what I had just seen and heard. I really didn’t understand HOW this horrible Malady had taken residence in my bones. I had the Butts to refute the possability that I had Osteoporosis. But I am a walker, But I dont smoke, But I eat healthy, all the right foods, and I diet. Of course I never thought about feeding my bones or healthy bone dieting. Or what’s Acidic? Alkaline?,Bone foods? I am so glad that I took the time to get online and find something and someone that knew what I was going through. Someone that had first hand experience with her own Bones/Bone Scan. I am proactively seeking to turn this diagnosis around. I am proudly using the “SaveOurBones Program”. I am learning to eat better, exercise more, and share more,. I am learning to research those things I don’t understand with someone who does understand. I believe in what I am doing. I will know more about results when I go back for my recheck in November. Thanks Vivian for your support, with the SaveOurBones Program. Having something to follow is so important to me.. I am sorry that you have the same malady. It is because of your malady or in spite of it, you have developed a fantastic program for everyone to follow. It is encouraging to “Follow the Leader” as she supports her own bone health. She leads each of us down her path of “stronger healthy bones for everyone”. One rule does apply, follow,follow,follow; Follow the SaveOurBones Program. I’ll buy that! Joyce Hall

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Good for you for refusing the drugs. And I’m so glad you found us! You’re definitely on the right track now – Just continue to trust in yourself. 🙂

      • Tomasz

        I are literally bnwsoirg for the internet more than 3 hours today, yet I not ever found any interesting content through yours. It is moderately deserving plenty for me. In my estimation, if all site owners and bloggers made good message as you did, the net will be a lot more than helpful than ever before.

    • Frannie Weber

      Thank you for sharing. I had a dexa scan, with spine at -2.5, and am a wreck wondering if I should take drugs, follow SOB plan, or do both? Please let us know your November results. Best of luck,

      • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

        Frannie, I do understand that this can be confusing and upsetting, but continue to trust in yourself.

        If you are following the Osteoporosis Reversal Program, it is more than likely that your bones are in excellent shape. Remember, mainstream medicine needs numbers to diagnose and to prescribe. As I write in the Osteoporosis Reversal Program, bone quality is a lot more important than bone density.

        • Jodie

          Holy cocsine data batman. Lol!

    • Lynn C

      I would be very interested in finding out your results in November. I went thru an early menopause at age 35. I have been taking all the supplements they have recommended for over 25 years. I also have been an avid walker doing 2 miles at least 5 times a week up bun buster hills! I developed Osteopenia and it got better when I took the Bisphosphonates but then with all the bad news about them, I discountinued taking them. Now I have severe Osteoporosis in my spine. I am too damm young and active to have this. So I am going to get on either the daily shots or the brand new twice a year shot (not Bisphosphonates) thru my specialist. Never knew anything about alkaline or acidic environment so will have to research that and the biodentical harmones.

      • Susan

        Lynn, please rethink the twice a year shots. I have no idea what they are, but there ain’t no shot out there that remodels bone in the correct fashion. And please look at the side effects. It’s just not worth the risk. Get on the plan, work the plan. You can turn it around naturally.

  16. LESLIE

    Hi! Vivian,


    LOVE, MS. L.

  17. Marce Welch


    You have changed my life in such a good and important way, Vivian. I am an English teacher and offer one correction in this excellent, inspiring article. In the 3rd paragraph, “Why Am I Talking About Trust?”, you need to omit the last word, “contains”. I would like to forward this article to friends, but because of that error I will not do so. Please correct it ASAP if you can. It goes without saying that with the valuable information you are imparting, the text should be carefully edited. I’m sure that you do this, but the one error did slip through! I hope you take this comment in the manner in which it was intended. I have shared your wonderful news with so many friends, including my reluctant doctor. I carefully follow your advice and have brought my T scores up 8% across the board! Thank you for having the courage to share this news with all women!

  18. Angela Wynne-Robinson

    Thank you Vivian for your advice in ‘trusting yourself’ to make decisions for your own health.

    After being told I had osteoporosis and given Bisphosphonates I went back to the Doctor and told them the side effects were too great. I was given various other brands to try. They all made me feel so ill that I decided my own body was telling me – this is all wrong – I am harming myself and I could no longer continue with these drugs.

    So I now try not to worry so much and to eat healthily -with not too much meat etc and walk more and I also enjoy line dancing which is low impact activity & hopefully will improve my bones. Life is what we make it & those drugs were ruining mine.

    Thank you for all your support & encouragement and your Save our Bones book which has been so helpful in guiding our lifestyle.


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