A Bone Healthy Dynamic Duo #2 - Save Our Bones

A couple of months ago, I gave you my first Double Delight – apples and cucumbers. I was thrilled to see how many of you loved this simple treat and requested more alkalizing snack combinations.

So… here’s Double Delight 2, another easy and refreshing snack idea. The ingredients are simple: celery and red grapes. As with cucumber and apples, this combo is yet another alkalizing Superhero, full of bone-smart nutrients. And both ingredients are Foundation Foods in the Osteoporosis Reversal Program.

I’m always on the lookout for new bone healthy treats I can share with you. As we journey to bone health together, it’s important to be reminded that a pH-balanced lifestyle doesn’t have to be complicated, and there’s nothing boring about it!

I discovered this new combo when I was chopping celery for a dinner salad and munching a few red grapes. As I was eating one of the grapes, I popped a bite of celery in my mouth, and wow – what a sweet crunch!

As with the previous Double Delight, this odd couple gives you…

Double the Nutrients!

Celery, with its delicious crunch, takes a justifiably starring role in many recipes. It’s a great source of Vitamin K, and also contains a good amount of folate (a B vitamin), both of which are Foundation Supplements.

Celery also contains luteolin, a seldom-mentioned but potent antioxidant. Luteolin has actually been found to be more potent than Vitamin C in reducing DNA oxidative damage.

And red grapes are an excellent source of boron and manganese, both Foundation Supplements. Resveratrol, a powerful polyphenol, is found in the skin of red grapes.

To enjoy this delectable duo…

Just Break off a Stalk, Pop, and… Crunch!

For an alkalizing taste treat, take a bite of celery, pop a grape in your mouth, and savor the taste! Or, if you want to be a bit more adventurous, spread a bit of almond butter on the celery stalk and top it off with a row of red grapes – this makes a great party appetizer!

A Note About the “Dirty Dozen”

If at all possible, get organic grapes and celery. Of course, it’s always preferable to use organic produce, but it’s more important for some foods than others. The Environmental Working Group (EWG) has put out a list of the “Dirty Dozen” – fruits and vegetables that contain the highest level of pesticide residue. Grapes (especially imported) and celery are both on that list!

You can see the Dirty Dozen as well as the Clean 15 (produce that can safely be purchased non-organic) here.

If you can’t find organic grapes or celery, then make sure you wash them very well. Because plain water isn’t enough to get rid of the pesticide residue, use either a commercial “veggie wash” or a mixture of white vinegar and water. Just mix equal parts of vinegar and water, spray on the fruit, rub it in thoroughly, and rinse.

“Double” hugs,

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  2. Dee

    Hi Vivian and Readers, Your alkalizing snacks are great however I am so cold I am looking for something hot to eat.Any ideas?

  3. gloria

    hi vivian, i don’t know whether my messages are going through. i seem to have accidently deleted your last email on ‘detoxification
    in a month..’ could you please send it again. thank you. gloria

  4. ebm

    appreciate what you do for the public. All yours and Cannone’s articles are
    sooo lengthy, repetitive, sell, sell, sell and click this for that, it’s
    hard to find the time to go through all of it. I do not have time to read
    100 pages online/your book. Is there a condensed version of what you offer
    for us who have been into wholistic living for quite a while? If not, I am
    thinking of unsubscribing for lack of “sitting on my butt at the computer”
    Thanks, Elke

    • LynnCS

      How about printing them out and reading them while you’re on the treadmill? Where there’s a will, there’s a way!

  5. Nu Ly

    I cannot eat celery, it’s too hard for me. I usually use juice extractor
    to extract celery one week 2 or 3 times. I didn’t eat grape, they have much sugar, because I am older person.

    Thank you very much & happy New Year

  6. Marge Peters

    I have a problem. I am on Warfarin and all the vegetables I love have Vitamin K, which I cannot take. What vegetable or fruits do you recommend? Celery is definitely out.

  7. Muggie

    Hi Vivian

    Happy New Year and thanks for the latest on celery, apples, beets. I have now started eating more apples. Easy to eat for a quick filler. Just home from the Scottish borders after holidays and started munching a Cox’s apple and feel quite happy with myself. Instead of eating chocos! I noticed my joints were troubling me and guessed it was the sugary rubbish!! Back to the healthy lifestyle.


    • ebm

      you are lucky to get Cox apples. We ate them in Germany
      where I grew up and they are soooo delish. Have not found that variety here in the US.

  8. Loretta

    Delicous combination and easy to have prepared to reach for instead of a less healthful snack!!! Never knew celery was packed with good nutrition. Have added a few whole almonds until I buy almond butter.
    Thanks Vivian for putting together tips and info to share – it helps so much in keeping on the program.

  9. Goldie

    I want to Thank you very much for all the tips information etc. especially
    about washing grapes and celery. All our grapes and celery are imported.

    • LynnCS

      I can’t get organic grapes here either. The celery is usually cut down and old when we get it. I want to say thanks also for the vinegar and water idea. It helps a lot. I might be able to justify buying grapes now. I know they are so good for you. Going to make a big juice with lots of celery. I too never knew celery was so good for us. Thanks Vivian.

  10. Deborah P.

    this morning I shredded celery & red globe grapes placed it in a bowl & added 1/4c. of chia gel(coulda added more). WOW, Vivian like the combination you gave.TY

  11. LynnCS

    Thanks Vivian. I just tried to make some almond butter with some almonds I already had soaked. Didn’t work great, but I need to lighten up on the almonds, anyway. The celery and grapes are delicious as is. I can’t imagine going back off raw any more. Just hope I am getting the right amounts of the things I need. I am usually do put some celery, apple and cucumber in my smoothie. Just have to get some grapes. I haven’t been able to find any organic ones around here. Soon. Have a great new year.

  12. Dulce

    Hello Vivian
    I wish you & family a very happy New Year. I would like to know if you know anything about PPS as after 80 years it is ravaging my body.


  13. Shula

    Thanks, Happy New Year, shula

  14. Jackie Waite

    I’ve been diligently doing the exercise where I lie on my stomach and do an angel fly. I do it every other day for 3 reps of 10. I’ve even got my husband (the golfer) doing it for spine strength. Thank you so much Vivian for all your great tips. I’ll be chomping on celery and red grapes instead of cookies in the new year. God bless

  15. Jean Blackard

    The combo of celery, almond butter and grapes sounds great. I’m going to try it.

    I have also found a healthy snack that is easy to make. (Amy Goodson’s peanut butter balls.) It includes 1/4 cup honey, 1 cup raw oats, 1/2 cup peanut butter and 1/2 cup non-fat dry milk or protein mix. Mix together, roll in balls and refrigerate. I dipped some of mine in melted dark chocolate, and also rolled some in cinnamon. It’s a yummy and healthy snack.

    • ebm

      Since 1975 when I went to my first wholistic MD, I’ve
      been taught not to eat raw grains but to at least soak
      them overnight before eating raw. Your recipe uses raw
      oats. Please read up on this.
      The second item is NEVER to combine fruits and veggies
      in the same meal for digestive reasons, exceppting
      perhaps apples in juicing veggies.

  16. Lori

    Vivian, I learned on the website on Sherry Brecia (which is where I was introduced to you) to never combine fruit with any other foods. Here you are combining with vegetables, are you saying this is ok?

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Hi Lori – Unless you have digestive issues, I don’t think it’s a problem to combine fruits with other foods. I recommended Sherry Brescia’s Great Taste No Pain program, which advocates the type of food combining you suggest, for those who do have digestive issues.

      • Lori

        Thank you Vivian!

  17. Diane Martinson

    I have discovered that most of the alkalizing foods are low calorie so I have lost some weight, probably because I have had to cut carbs, this is great for those who want to lose weight but I can’t afford to lose weight so can anyone give me any suggestions on some fattening alkaline foods?

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Hi Diane- You can add more complex carbs that pack calories, such as bananas, grapes, alkalizing beans, green peas, sweet potatoes, potatoes with peel, etc. And you can up the calories of the acidifying foods. For example, replacing chicken with beef. What also helps is having multiple snacks throughout the day.

      If that doesn’t do it for you, you could try temporarily switching to a 70/30 alkaline/acid balance, so as to increase consumption of higher calorie foods (pasta, brown rice, bread, etc.)

  18. Avis Mawson

    Here I am again with my questions. I was told that a diabetic shold only eat 4 grapes a daay because of the sugar content. Is this true?I really enjoy the cucumber ad apple but can I eat grapes? Sounds delicious. I’ve been hunting for a reason to eat grapes ever since I attended a Diabetic Information Meeting so if you can tell me that grapes are not damaging to my blood sugar I’ll be one happy camper.

    Thank you very much and HAPPY NEW YEAR.

    • Mary

      I am pre diabetic..I have to watch the amount of grapes I eat or it spikes my sugar… I do love celery..Just watch the grapes and limit them….I know they taste good and we all like them, but they do contain sugar…


    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Hi Avis – Please consult with your doctor about specific foods that are an issue with your diabetes. Grapes are fine for most people, but for individual health concerns, it’s important to check with your health practitioner.

  19. Shirley Wehrs

    I was taking Actonel for 3 years and with Vivin’s suggestion stopped taking it. I probably should have slowly gone off it, but did not, did it “cold turkey”. It was one pill per week. I was getting painful shin aches in my legs. These stopped after a couple of weeks, and with regular exercise and watching my diet, I have had no ill effects, actually had a bad fall on our staircase with no broken bones to reprt ! I can heartily recommend her book.

  20. Nancy Rondeau

    Yes, they are delicious and refreshing too boot. I have always loved celery anyway. Always loved apples and also cucumbers. But we eat them together? Thanks for the great advice.

  21. Dolores

    I will try the celery and grapes. I do like the apples and cucumber. I have a question about taking BioCitrate Strontium. The lady at the health food store said it’s the natural form of Fosamax. Is this a healthful way of helping my bones.

  22. Allison

    I have found an Organic “All Natural” Veggie Wash. Made with Organic Citrus to wash fruits and veggies!! It also has a Good Housekeeping seal on it. I would love your comment on it. Do you think its safe to buy?
    Looking forward to the celery & Grape crunch. Thanks Again, Viv

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Your organic veggie wash sounds fine, Allison. There are many good veggie wash products on the market. I gave the vinegar/water “recipe” as an alternative for those who either can’t find a veggie wash or want to save a little money. 🙂

  23. Linda

    Hi Vivian, can’t wait to try this with almond butter!
    I’ve been looking for any comments you’ve made about taking a little vinegar to help with digestion. I heard this someplace, maybe it wasn’t you. I also remember (I think) you said not to take antacids because the calcium neutralizes stomach acids. I’ve had a lot of burping recently, and thought it might be related to poor digestion, or taking calcium at the wrong time. I’ve been careful to take small bites and chew thoroughly (thanks for reminder!), which helps a little.
    I know Vivian’s too busy to answer all these questions, so if anyone wants to respond, I’m trying to learn as much as I can. Thanks!

    • Marie

      Linda, for years I’ve been taking an old remedy for indigestion that was introduced to me by my mother. Stir 1/2 to 1 tsp. apple cider vinegar into a cup of water. Sip it. You will probably burp once, but you’ll feel relief right away. I usually sip this with a meal that contains red meat or a lot of carbs and have no indigestion. I also use the unpasteurized variety such as “Braggs” apple cider vinegar which is found in health food stores. A side note: I used this remedy through my PMS years to relieve lower backaches. Worked like a charm.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Hi Linda – Sherry Brescia is my “go to” expert on digestive issues. 🙂 For more info and a free report, go to https://saveourbones.com/great-taste-no-pain/

      • Linda

        Thanks for your help, Vivian and Marie. I love to check out all the information I can find.

  24. Linda

    I cannot tell if a cucumber is waxed or not. How do you tell?

    • Deborah P.

      I usually buy english cucumbers wrapped up in cellophane. NO wax or ask the produce person. When the cucumber has a shine its probably waxed. I did a search on waxed produce you may want to do this, Linda. Good luck

  25. tussy

    Is osteoporosis the same as arthritis.

  26. Feona

    Yum, Vivian, I’m just about to go food shopping, so I’ll make sure I include those two! I’m a big fan of apple and cucumber already, especially Egremont russet apples and English cucumber. I recommend that particular combination if you haven’t already tried it.

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