Bone Health Exercise: Femur And Leg Strengthener


The Femur And Leg Strengthener is a weight-bearing exercise that strengthens the femur (thigh bone) and increases mobility in the femoral head. It also works the all-important core muscles and … Continue Reading →

Save Our Bones Bulletin: Sugar-Altering Chemical May Be Next Osteoporosis Drug, Protein That Regulates Inflammation Linked To Bone Density, New Bone Glue In Development


In this month’s Save Our Bones Bulletin we’ll traverse the twisting molecular labyrinths of sugar chains on the surfaces of stem cells to learn about their impact on bone cells. … Continue Reading →

Weekend Challenge: Dynamic Arm Strengthener


This Weekend Challenge addresses the often-overlooked triceps, which are the muscles along the back of the upper arm. With “sleeveless shirt season” right around the corner here in the Northern … Continue Reading →

Is The Sugar In Fruit Bad For Your Bones?


Today’s article addresses a question frequently posed by Savers: does the sugar content of fruit outweigh the benefits of its bone-healthy nutrients and alkalizing effect? Sugar, if consumed in excess, … Continue Reading →

Weekend Challenge: Core Toner And Waist Shaper


Summertime is right around the corner here in the Northern Hemisphere, and that means more opportunities to wear bathing suits and light clothing. So in anticipation of the seasonal change, … Continue Reading →

4 Safe And Natural Supplements For Seasonal Allergies


The longer days of spring bring warmer weather and budding flowers. But they can also bring annoying allergies. If the spring air, thick with pollen, sends your senses reeling, you … Continue Reading →

Weekend Challenge: Dynamic Posture Corrector


This weekend’s challenge is a postural move that extends the thoracic vertebrae and flattens the upper back. It also expands the rib cage to encourage deep breathing. You’ll need a … Continue Reading →

New Study Confirms That This Type Of Anti-Inflammatory Diet Prevents Fracture


The Save Institute has long held that proper nutrition is an effective tool for reversing bone loss and preventing fracture. In this article, we bring you a brand new study … Continue Reading →

Weekend Challenge: Functional Lower And Upper Body Strengthener


This weekend’s challenge is a low-impact move that requires very little space. It works the arms, abs, legs, hips, and shoulders, and the only equipment you’ll need is a couple … Continue Reading →

Glutathione Cofactors: How They Protect Your Bones And How To Get Them


Savers know about the power of antioxidants to protect their bones from free radicals, but one stands above the rest: glutathione. Known as the Master Antioxidant, this compound not only … Continue Reading →

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