All About Your Biological Clock, Your Bone Health, And Overall Health – Is There A Connection?


Just last month, a quarter of the world turned their clocks back one hour as daylight saving time concluded for the year. While many celebrated the “gained” hour by enjoying some extra sleep, few may know that our bodies must readjust our biological clocks. All human beings, and most living organisms are dependant on a circadian rhythm. From the Latin … Click to continue →

Weekend Challenge: Seated Knee Stabilizer And Strengthener


I hope everyone had a great week, and that you’re all ready for this weekend’s challenge! As its name implies, the Seated Knee Stabilizer And Strengthener is an exercise that you can conveniently practice while sitting down. It increases your knee mobility and stability by working your quads. And if you suffer from knee pain, this low-impact exercise is perfect … Click to continue →

What Do The New High Blood Pressure Diagnostic Guidelines Have To Do With Osteoporosis?


Two medical organizations conspired last month to give 30 million Americans a high blood pressure diagnosis overnight. Inciting an immediate, far-reaching epidemic sounds like the work of a villain, but it’s business as usual for Big Pharma and the Medical Establishment. Today we’ll look at the recent change in the recommended diagnostic guidelines for high blood pressure and how such … Click to continue →

3 On-The-Go Bone-Smart Snacks With Dates


The holidays can be a challenging time when it comes to staying committed to your natural bone-building goals. During this busy time of year, it’s important to be prepared with nutrient-rich foods that you can just grab while on-the-go. So today we bring you three bone-healthy, pH-balanced easy-to-make recipes that are sure to please your palate and that you can … Click to continue →

Weekend Challenge: Lower Abdomen Toner


This weekend’s exercise is a simple leg lift that strengthens your lower abdominal muscles, but it’s unique in its method. It utilizes the hip flexors and lower back to work the hard-to-target muscles around the belly button. The Lower Abdomen Toner also helps to correct anterior pelvic tilt. Let’s start by taking a close look at the hip flexors and … Click to continue →

Save Our Bones Bulletin: Reclast Proven Ineffective, Potential New Class Of Osteoarthritis Drugs, Running One Minute A Day Increases Bone Density, And More


A new study has shown that an infusion of the bisphosphonate Reclast (zoledronate), prescribed as a stand-alone osteoporosis treatment and to offset the rapid bone loss that occurs after stopping treatment with Prolia (denosumab), doesn’t help to preserve bone mineral density. Savers know that osteoporosis drugs are neither effective nor safe, yet doctors continue to prescribe them in spite of … Click to continue →

How Much Protein Do You Need To Build Your Bones? (Plus The Best Ways To Get It)


There is an increasing body of scientific knowledge confirming that you can take nutritional steps to slow down the aging process while building your bones, including consuming enough quality protein in your diet. Today, you’ll get the details and strategies to increase your protein intake while maintaining the pH-balanced dietary plan that Savers have come to know as the key … Click to continue →

Femoral Head Builder And Core Toner


We hope that all Savers who celebrated Thanksgiving had a warm and wonderful holiday! The weekend after Thanksgiving marks a time of change for many people. As the holidays are “officially” underway, it’s important to not interrupt your exercise routine amidst all the hustle and bustle. So to help you stay motivated to continue exercising for your bones and overall … Click to continue →

How To Stop Mitochondrial Dysfunction: The Silent Bone Killer


Mitochondria are the power stations of the body. Present in just about every type of human cell, including bone, their optimal performance is linked to overall health and longevity. Not surprisingly, your bones are also impacted by mitochondrial health. Today we’ll dive into cell biology to gain an understanding of the function, and potential dysfunction, of mitochondria. We’ll cite several … Click to continue →

Weekend Challenge: Ankle And Foot Strengthener


A significant portion of your balancing ability depends on the strength and mobility of your feet and ankles. By mimicking real-life balance challenges, this weekend’s exercise targets the feet and ankles in their stabilizing role. Additionally, the Ankle And Foot Strengthener improves balance and shoulder mobility. We also bring you studies that show the importance of healthy and strong feet … Click to continue →

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