Weekend Challenge: Alkalizing Axial Aligner

weekend-challenge9 comments

It’s getting close to Halloween, and skeletons are beginning to show up everywhere! That’s pretty good timing, since the Alkalizing Axial Aligner targets a specific part of the skeleton - the axial skeleton. The ribs make up a significant part of this area, and in addition to other muscles, today’s exercise works the intercostal muscles between the ribs to align … Click to continue →

Save Our Bones Bulletin: Antidepressant Prescriptions At An All-Time High, Fosamax Promotes Bacterial Infection, Doctors Amazed By Study Results Of Popular Low-Dairy Diet, And More!

save-our-bones-bulletin32 comments

It’s time once again for the Save Our Bones Bulletin, a monthly post that keeps you up to date on the very latest osteoporosis news. September has seen some fascinating developments in several key areas relevant to osteoporosis: according to a brand-new study, the use of bone-damaging antidepressant drugs is on the rise (you’ll be shocked to learn why this … Click to continue →

3 Delicious pH-Balanced Breakfast And Snack Recipes With A 100% Alkalizing Cheese

3-delicious-ph-balanced-breakfasts18 comments

When you follow a bone-smart diet, you don’t have to give up all the delicious foods you love. Instead, you can swap out certain ingredients to create bone-healthy dishes that taste just as good as the less healthy versions – often, they taste even better! That’s the case with today’s scrumptious breakfast recipes. We’re going to take a boring, typically … Click to continue →

Weekend Challenge: Proprioception And Balance Improver

weekend-challenge7 comments

With this weekend’s move, both your brain and your body get a workout that improves balance and strength. You’ll be standing in one place throughout this exercise, so the Proprioception And Balance Improver is as convenient as it is effective. Proprioception refers to your body’s position in space and your awareness of it. That’s one way this move engages your … Click to continue →

Celebrity Chef Pete Evans Embroiled In Controversy Because He Gives Good Osteoporosis Advice

pete-evans-controversy30 comments

When a celebrity dares to speak out against the Establishment, more often than not, the Establishment strikes back. This is exactly what happened to famous Australian chef Pete Evans, who has ruffled the feathers of doctors and scientists for daring to suggest a drug-free, nutritional approach for osteoporosis. Chef Pete also endorses fluoride-free water and a Paleo-style diet, further inciting … Click to continue →

Which Kind Of Chocolate Is Scientifically Proven To Be Good For Your Bones And Your Health?

bone-healthy-chocolate21 comments

When cold weather sets in, there’s nothing like curling up with a cup of hot cocoa. But did you know that chocolate has a rich and intriguing history? As a matter of fact, the ancient Aztecs would say you’re drinking (or eating) money! From an ancient form of currency to modern recognition as a superfood, chocolate is a rich source … Click to continue →

Weekend Challenge: Multi-Tasking Osteogenic Loader

weekend-challenge30 comments

I’m quite sure you’ll love the Multi-Tasking Osteogenic Loader because it provides some of the same benefits as jogging or walking, but you can do it indoors in a small space. It’s perfect if you live in the Northern Hemisphere, where autumn is slowly but surely setting in. As its name implies, this weekend’s exercise provides osteogenic loading, which is … Click to continue →

Incredible! The U.S. Surgeon General And Save Our Bones Agree (Mostly)

us-surgeon-general-osteoporosis-report23 comments

Are you firm in your belief that healthy lifestyle changes, particularly nutrition and exercise, form the basis for reversing bone loss? If so, you’re in good company. Not only is this the “backbone” of the Save Our Bones philosophy and therefore the viewpoint of hundreds of thousands of Savers, but quite surprisingly, it’s also the clear and unwavering recommendation of … Click to continue →

Scientifically Proven: Carrots Effectively Reduce Hip Fracture Risk 

carrots-hip-fractures28 comments

Summer’s drawing to a close in the northern half of the globe, and while we have to bid farewell to swimming pools and water parks, we get to usher in a whole new season with its own activities and delicious foods. One of these foods is the humble carrot, a root vegetable that’s in season from October to April. Of … Click to continue →

Weekend Challenge: Isometric Femur, Abs And Glutes Strengthener

weekend-challenge13 comments

This weekend’s challenge is an isometric exercise that works your inner thighs, abs, and glutes, all while lying in bed. And the only thing you’ll need to target these key muscles is a pillow! Isometric exercises are a form of strength training that involves muscle contraction and resistance, but without movement. They don’t require any special equipment since your body … Click to continue →

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