Weekend Challenge: Motor Skills Improver


Parents delight in watching their babies learn their first motor skills. They eagerly anticipate the day their baby sits up, grasps an object, stands up, and walks. Over time, however, that baby (like all babies) reaches adulthood and begins the aging process, and the ability to perform gross motor skills like balance and coordination begins to decline...unless, of course, that … Click to continue →

Save Our Bones Bulletin: Bisphosphonate Boom In The UK, FDA Rejects Romosozumab, Soda Consumption Down In The U.S.


In this month’s Bulletin we bring you the latest updates on osteoporosis drugs in the UK and the US. The British National Institute for Care and Health Excellence (NICE) has recently expanded the bisphosphonate prescription guidelines, and as a result, these drugs will be prescribed more than ever. In the United States, the FDA encountered data about the risks of … Click to continue →

A Delicious Bone-Building Burrito: Each Ingredient Is A Rich Source Of Magnesium Or Manganese


Variety is the spice of life, and Savers know that bone-healthy nutrition does not have to be boring. That's why today we are bringing you one of our favorite recipes: Bone-Building Burritos. The legend of the beloved burrito has been shared by many, but if you have not heard it yet, here it is. In the early 1900s, during the … Click to continue →

Weekend Challenge: Shoulder Flexibility Booster


This weekend’s exercise focuses on shoulder flexibility. You might wonder why this is important. After all, aren’t strength, mobility, and stability more paramount, especially for fracture avoidance? In actuality, flexibility, strength, mobility, and stability all play into the big picture of bone health. Each one works in an orchestrated dynamic that promotes good posture, reliable balance, and fracture-resistant bones. Of … Click to continue →

3 Little-Known Evidence-Backed Bone Health Benefits Of Vitamin C


Today we’ll have a look at a three rarely discussed benefits of Vitamin C, or ascorbic acid, and examine how they improve bone health. That’s right, Vitamin C. Most people think that Vitamin D is the only crucial vitamin for building strong bones, because they’ve fallen prey to the oversimplified understanding of our biology taught by the Medical Establishment. So … Click to continue →

The Top 10 Bone-Healthy Foods that Have More Iron Than Meat


Bone health goes so much deeper than simply having strong bones. Deep within the bone, in the spongy tissue called the bone marrow, where the major components of your blood cells are made. One such blood cell developed in the bone marrow is the red blood cell or erythrocyte, which transports oxygen-rich blood to every organ and tissue in your … Click to continue →

Weekend Challenge: Femur And Leg Stepper


This weekend’s challenge strengthens the legs, improves balance, and enhances coordination. Because it works the thighs and targets the femora (thigh bones), it’s especially beneficial for those who have taken bisphosphonates such as Fosamax, Boniva, or Actonel in the past. These drugs have been shown to increase the risk of atypical femoral fractures because of their mechanism of action, as … Click to continue →

Elliptical Vs. Treadmill: Which Is Better For Your Bones?


Exercising regularly is essential to building new bone. It’s a foundational part of the Save Our Bones Program and one of the most important activities Savers use to reduce the risk of falls and fractures. As we’ve featured here before, running, jogging and walking are all excellent sources of bone- healthy weight-bearing exercise, but some days the weather just won’t … Click to continue →

Alert! The Medical Establishment’s Next Injectable Osteoporosis Drug May Become Reality Soon


The Medical Establishment is endlessly searching for quick-fix drug treatments that most of the time merely cover up symptoms. Nearly 60 percent of all Americans are currently taking a prescription medication. Equally concerning is the fact that one in five people are taking five or more prescription drugs, most of which can have serious side-effects. There are dozens of osteoporosis … Click to continue →

Weekend Challenge: Hip Mobility Enhancer And Core Strengthener


Today’s challenge is an effective exercise to help prevent and improve hip problems and build a strong, healthy pelvis. The Hip Mobility Enhancer And Core Strengthener improves pelvic mobility and flexibility, two very important aspects of bone health we’re going to discuss in this Weekend Challenge. Additionally, this exercise strengthens the core as well as the shoulders. When you perform … Click to continue →

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