Just-Published Study Shows Common Household Activities Cause Bone-Damaging Indoor Pollution


Air pollution. The words probably conjure an image of smokestacks belching toxic fumes skyward. However, a brand new study shows that the air inside your home can easily become polluted … Continue Reading →

Save Our Bones Bulletin: The Pursuit Of A Universal Flu Vaccine, Almost Half Of Americans Refuse To Get Flu Vaccine, FDA Ignores Health Risks Of New Osteoporosis Drug


In this month’s Bulletin we cover two pieces of news about the flu vaccine. One looks to the future of flu shots and the other examines the low rates of … Continue Reading →

Improve Your Posture, Increase Your Flexibility, And Protect Your Bones (This Stretch Will Get You Started)


Research has clearly proven the importance of exercise for bone health and overall wellbeing. Flexibility, however, doesn’t get as much attention. The risk of falls and fractures is significantly increased … Continue Reading →

2 Soups Made With Bone-Healthy Legume Superfoods


The label “superfood” is used to describe foods that contain an unusually high density of nutrients and offer a variety of remarkable health benefits. Legumes, which include peanuts, peas, beans, … Continue Reading →

8 Steps to Stop Overthinking And Reduce Stress That Can Damage Your Bones


The French philosopher René Descartes said, "I think, therefore I am." While this statement makes a whole lot of sense, some people often take thinking to an extreme. Worrying thoughts … Continue Reading →

These Commonly Prescribed Drugs Can Cause Parkinsonism, Increasing Risk Of Falls And Fractures. Are You Taking Them?


Savers are well versed in the dangers of osteoporosis drugs. They are ineffective and worse, they actually can cause fractures instead of preventing them. But osteoporosis drugs are not the … Continue Reading →

The Overall And Bone Health Benefits Of Caffeic Acid (And How To Best Consume It)


Science has shown that a diet rich in fruits and vegetables has many health benefits. In several plant foods, one source of those benefits is caffeic acid. This polyphenol is … Continue Reading →

3 Effective Lower Body Exercises To Boost Balance and Build Bone


Some people love to exercise, even competing in marathons well into their senior decades, or engaging in vigorous competitive sports. For others, getting up to change the channel instead of … Continue Reading →

3 Remarkable Cookie Recipes That Don’t Contain Sugar (And Are Gluten-Free)


It’s nice to indulge in sweet treats at any time of year, but they’re particularly comforting in the cold winter months. Add a hot cup of herbal tea or coffee, … Continue Reading →

Save Our Bones Bulletin: Sleep More To Eat Better, Bone Microarchitecture Shown As Best Predictor Of Fracture, Failed Obesity Drug Tries For A Second Act As An Osteoporosis Drug


In this month’s Bulletin, we’ll look at a study that found a surprising way to improve the quality of its participants’ diets. Next, we bring you the latest on how … Continue Reading →

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