6 Easy Ways To Increase Absorption Of Bone-Smart Nutrients From Foods


The bioavailability of a nutrient is the amount that is absorbed and utilized by your body. Foods contain a fairly consistent amount of nutrients, but their bioavailability varies depending on … Continue Reading →

Weekend Challenge: Frozen Shoulder Preventer And Reverser


This Weekend Challenge is a range-of-motion exercise that is instrumental in preventing and reversing “frozen shoulder,” a painful condition that can significantly impede your ability to exercise and perform everyday … Continue Reading →

Milk Thistle Is Highly Beneficial For Osteoporosis And Overall Health


A healthy liver is critical in the battle against bone loss. That’s because the main cause of reduced bone mass is the acidification of the body. When your pH balance … Continue Reading →

Prevent And Avoid Physical Frailty By Following This Study’s Protocols


One of the most frightening aspects of aging is the prospect of physical frailty and mental decline. Sadly, these outcomes are common among elderly people and often lead to disability, … Continue Reading →

Weekend Challenge: Plyometric Lower Body Toner


This Weekend Challenge takes an old concept - running in place - and merges it with plyometrics, a modern approach to exercise that includes short, intense bursts of movement alternating … Continue Reading →

Ellagic Acid: The Unsung Hero Of Bone Health


Polyphenols are the unsung heroes of bone health and overall health. These plant-derived compounds, mainly present in fruits, vegetables, and cereals, have a big impact on the bone building process. … Continue Reading →

Weekend Challenge: Lower Back And Core Strengthener


Your lower back and abdominals are important support muscles, providing stability to your torso, back, and hips. Toning them up with this weekend’s exercise increases bone strength in your lumbar … Continue Reading →

Why Bananas Should Be Your Go-To Fruit For Building Strong Bones


Today’s article details the many incredible properties of the banana. This grocery store staple is so readily available that it can be easy to take it for granted. Yet the … Continue Reading →

Weekend Challenge: Optimized Hip Builder


The Optimized Hip Builder is a low-impact exercise that increases strength and stability in the hip joints. It’s an excellent muscle builder, and you’ll definitely “feel it” after a few … Continue Reading →

Save Our Bones Bulletin: New Osteoporosis Drug From Squash, Big Pharma Courting Doctors, Fosamax Lawsuit Referred To SCOTUS By Solicitor General


In this month’s Save Our Bones Bulletin we cover three new developments relating to Big Pharma. First, we look at a new plant-derived compound that could potentially become the next … Continue Reading →

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