8 Morning Habits To Help You Build Stronger, Younger Bones


When you wake up in the morning are you setting yourself up for failure or success? The Save Institute’s holistic approach to strengthening bones and preventing fractures addresses the whole of the body, and supports your total wellness. This approach is far more impactful than a quick-fix drug, or a diet-fad, because it addresses and improves lifestyle every single day. … Click to continue →

These 7 Studies Will Change The Way You Think About Vitamin D


The name “Save Our Bones” surely makes you think that we are exclusively focused on bone health and natural solutions for osteoporosis and osteopenia. And that’s true. But, unlike the Medical Establishment, the health philosophy that I live by and share with you doesn’t sacrifice overall health and well-being for a single beneficial result. The best evidence that this holistic … Click to continue →

Weekend Challenge: Targeted Core Strengthener


Required for every movement of the torso, the core has been the focus of recent research that verifies its importance in such pertinent issues as balance, body weight distribution, avoiding falls, and psychological health. So this weekend, we’re going to focus on these central muscles (and to a lesser extent, the muscles of the upper legs) and delve into some … Click to continue →

Save Our Bones Bulletin: Grocery Shopping With Your Doctor; Fewer Osteoporosis Drug Sales Scare Big Pharma; Nuts Prescribed As Nutraceuticals; And Much More!


Spring is the time of year for new life, fresh awakenings, and good news. This month’s Bulletin is definitely aligned with the season, as we have a rare flowering of positive developments from the halls of the Medical Establishment. First, you’ll discover a growing trend of doctors prescribing food instead of drugs. Imagine that! They’re using nutrition to help the … Click to continue →

Positivity And Bone Health: Positive Expectations Have A Proven Impact On Reversing Osteoporosis


I often write about the interconnectivity of our body systems. For example, how the neurological system impacts the skeletal system and how your liver and kidneys affect your bone health . But amidst all of these physical systems concerned with the impact of outside stimuli, it’s easy to forget that the body has a control center with the power to … Click to continue →

Weekend Challenge: The 1 Minute FHP And Posture Corrector


What if I told you that it takes just one minute each morning to improve posture, boost self-confidence, reduce stress, increase energy levels, and more? It may sound too good to be true, but the latest research supports a strikingly wide range of benefits to improving your posture, which is the goal of this weekend’s exercise. The 1 Minute FHP … Click to continue →

Celebrate Spring With These Veggie-Filled Desserts You Can Enjoy Year-Round


When my children were young, I used to “sneak” vegetables into kid-friendly foods, including desserts. This might surprise you, but vegetables actually lend themselves beautifully to sweet treats like muffins, tarts, and other baked goods. All ages can celebrate the upcoming spring season with fresh, bone-nourishing veggies that are remarkably suited to dessert recipes, like the three I share in … Click to continue →

Alert! New Study Confirms That Bisphosphonates Cause Microcracks That Weaken Bones


A study has just been released that confirms what Savers have been warned about for years. I have written extensively about the dangers of the osteoporosis drugs developed, marketed and sold by the pharmaceutical industry. The harmful and paradoxical impact of these drugs on bones has been shown in the results of several experiments, and those findings are underscored and … Click to continue →

Weekend Challenge: High-Impact Femoral Neck And Leg Builder


For this weekend’s challenge, you’ll want to put on your dancing shoes! Actually, a good pair of athletic shoes will do just fine. But the hopping activity of this exercise feels like you’re dancing, and if you add music, it’s even more fun! The High-Impact Femoral Neck and Leg Builder is a high-impact exercise, so it’s scientifically proven to build … Click to continue →

Leucine: The Amino Acid Scientifically-Proven To Build Your Bones And Your Muscles


It may surprise you to learn that building muscle is an integral part of growing new bone and reversing osteoporosis and osteopenia. While you may recognize the essentiality of ingesting nutrients and antioxidants that build bone, alkalize the body and reduce inflammation, you may not realize that it’s equally vital to build muscles by exercising and getting enough protein. That’s … Click to continue →

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