Cashews: The Bone-Building “Non-Nut” That Contains 5 Foundation Supplements (Plus A Delicious, Easy Recipe)


Cashews are unique among nuts. They bear characteristics of both tree nuts and legumes, but they are not, botanically, either of these. They hang from fruits that look like pears but are actually a kind of apple, and the cashew is found outside the fruit, not in it! In fact, you’ll never see a cashew “in the shell,” and today … Click to continue →

6 Reasons Why Curiosity Is Important For Your Bone Health


Many great thinkers have argued that curiosity is the bedrock of all of human civilization. Our amazing natural tendency to ask why and how, and to seek those answers has lead to wonders both large and small. From the engineering feats of skyscrapers and space travel, to the technological marvels of the internet and artificial intelligence, science and everything it … Click to continue →

Weekend Challenge: Triceps And Core Strengthener


This weekend’s exercise targets the arms, and more specifically, the triceps. With hot weather on the way in the Northern Hemisphere, I’m quite sure you’ll appreciate triceps exercises to tone up your arms for summer. Strong arms are important for more than just looking good when wearing sleeveless tops; when it comes to fracture prevention, toned arm muscles help you … Click to continue →

Save Our Bones Bulletin: Enzyme Inhibitor Points To New Osteoporosis Drug, Daily Osteoporosis Injection Just Approved, Prescription Drug Spending Projected To Grow


In our technological age of instant gratification, many things are easy and immediate. You can order products to be delivered to your door by clicking a button; an app on your phone can tell you the weather right outside your window without you ever having to draw the curtains; and you can access all the information in the world by … Click to continue →

Weekend Challenge: Easy Forward Head Posture Corrector And Preventer


At the Save Institute we often get requests for exercises to correct the hunchbacked appearance that can occur after years of poor posture (particularly forward head posture, or FHP), and that’s what this weekend’s challenge addresses. FHP also increases your chance of losing your balance and falling, a fact that’s been scientifically proven. To overcome FHP and the poor posture … Click to continue →

You Won’t Believe What Soda Can Do To Your Bones And Your Health


Today we’re going to have a thorough look at a pervasive bone and general health damaging habit: drinking soda. Give this article a read, and if you’re still drinking it, see if it doesn’t provide the motivation to put down the pop and start reclaiming your healthiest self. Soda does damage to many systems of the body, including the skeletal … Click to continue →

Crave Cookies? These 3 PH-Balanced Recipes Contain A Powerful Bone-Building Ingredient


Who doesn’t love cookies? For many of us, cookies conjure up childhood memories and celebrations. Some families have a traditional cookie recipe that’s been passed down for generations. There’s no doubt that cookies are special, and taste best when shared! Of course, your typical cookie is high in sugar and other acidifying ingredients (such as high fructose corn syrup and … Click to continue →

Weekend Challenge: Standing Leg, Hip, And Shoulder Builder


Savers are surely aware that falling is a major cause of fractures, particularly in older people. But what may come as a surprise is the primary cause of seniors’ falls, a topic that until now, has been largely unexplored. When scientists studied the context and details involved in seniors’ falls, they discovered that there is far more at work than … Click to continue →

C-Reactive Protein: Fight Bone Loss By Keeping This Inflammation Marker Under Control


Did you know that May is National Osteoporosis Month? It’s not a designation that requires a change of pace at the Save Institute, because we are dedicated to naturally reverse and prevent osteoporosis year-round! But having a month dedicated to the topic of bone health and fracture risk is a good reminder that there is always more to learn, to … Click to continue →

9 Surprising Science-Based Health Benefits Of Honey


Long before mass-produced candy, people satisfied their sweet tooth with sweet, sticky honey. Of course, obtaining honey in those days was not simply a matter of purchasing a jar at a local health food store; honey had to be located and, whether wild or domestic, it had to be harvested with great care. That is why honey came to be … Click to continue →

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