Beyond Bone Health: Amazing Secrets Of The Save Our Bones 80/20 pH-Balanced Diet


An amino acid called methionine, found largely in animal protein, is a key player in the 80/20 pH balance. Too much can cause bone damage, yet a moderate amount is necessary for building strong bones. This ties in with the pH-balanced diet (80% alkalizing, 20% acidifying foods) at the heart of the Save Our Bones Program. In today’s post, we’re … Click to continue →

Weekend Challenge: Neck And Shoulders Aligner


This weekend, I’d like to open my heart to all mothers in the Save Our Bones community and wish them a very Happy Mother’s Day. I know from my own experience that we are often reluctant to devote time to ourselves. So I hope that you’ll celebrate the day and the decision you’ve made to take control of your bone … Click to continue →

Warning: 5 Bad Things That Happen To Your Bones And Body If You Stop Exercising


Exercising on a regular basis has a huge number of benefits for all body systems, including your bones. Many times, these benefits manifest immediately after you begin an exercise program. Unfortunately, the reverse is also true. When you stop exercising, a phenomenon called “detraining” occurs, where your body begins to lose the positive effects of exercise – sometimes very rapidly. … Click to continue →

6 Foods For Amazingly Strong Nails — Are You Eating Them?


Did you know that there’s a relationship between your fingernails and your bones? Believe it or not, they are so closely connected, that your fingernails actually give you a visual glimpse of the condition of your bones. Nutrition plays a very important role in strengthening both nails and bones, so today I’m going to share six delicious Foundation Foods that … Click to continue →

Weekend Challenge: The Balancing Split Squat


This weekend I share an exercise that strengthens your bones in key areas, such as the femur, pelvis, and more. It also improves balance, which obviously gets more important as we age. Speaking of aging, did you know that how you perceive your age plays a significant role in staying healthy in your later years? It’s been scientifically proven, and … Click to continue →

Can Calcium Cause Brain Lesions, Kidney Stones, And Heart Attacks?


If you’ve been diagnosed with osteoporosis or osteopenia, chances are you’re taking calcium supplements. But it turns out that taking the wrong kind can have serious health consequences. So today, I share with you three scientifically-proven facts about the very real dangers of calcium supplementation. And of course, I’ll show you how to supplement with calcium safely. Let’s start with … Click to continue →

Save Our Bones Bulletin: Statin Benefits Exaggerated, Osteoporosis Drugs Raise Mortality Risk, New Device Measures Bone Quality, And More!


Fraud and deception…early death…hand-held technology for measuring bone quality…this month’s Bulletin sounds a bit like a science fiction thriller! First, we cover how the public has been misled. A new study exposes the myth that statins improve cardiovascular health, and we also take a look at the rampant nature of research fraud. Next, I share another just-published study that uncovers … Click to continue →

Weekend Challenge: Whole Body Strengthener


This weekend’s challenge is a resistance exercise that involves the whole body. It’s designed to increase bone density in key areas, such as the hips, femur, shoulders, and ankles. The Whole Body Strengthener also targets the upper back to ensure good posture. Let’s begin with a look at the many muscles involved in this exercise. As the name implies, The … Click to continue →

3 Amazing Ways To Reverse The Bone Aging Process At The Cellular Level


Today we’re going to delve into a fascinating subject: epigenetics, the study of gene expression (active and inactive genes). You’ll learn about the process of methylation and how it contributes to the aging of your body, including your bones, because of its effects on your DNA. Most importantly, you’ll learn how to “turn it off” with three scientifically-proven yet simple … Click to continue →

4 Hushed-Up Ways GMOs Can Devastate Your Bones And Your Health


Chances are, you’re familiar with GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms) – crops that have been altered at the genetic level to exhibit certain characteristics, such as pesticide or herbicide resistance. Today I reveal four hushed-up ways that GMOs can damage your bones and your general health, all backed up by scientific studies. We’re also going to dig deep into Monsanto’s Roundup … Click to continue →

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