3 Astonishing Benefits Of Vitamin D (And How To Get The Right Amount)


Savers are aware that Vitamin D is important for bone health and immunity. But what you may not know is that this vitamin offers other incredible health benefits. So today we’re taking a closer look at this amazing vitamin. You’ll discover what few know: Vitamin D has much to offer, from cardiovascular health to improving mood. And we’ll also delve … Click to continue →

Weekend Challenge: Core And Rib Strengthener


This weekend, we’re going to focus on the upper body, core muscles, and posture from a new angle. I really like exercises that emphasize the core muscle groups, because a strong core builds strength and balance from the inside out. This promotes excellent posture, which in turn enhances breathing, opens the ribcage and chest, and aligns the thoracic vertebrae. Also, … Click to continue →

Try These 7 Teas That Help Repair Damaged Bones


This winter has brought record cold temperatures reaching all the way down to South Florida, so I’ve been drinking (and enjoying!) plenty of warming teas. For today’s post, I’ve hand-picked my favorite teas that are both delicious and bone-healthy. They have many overall health benefits, too – some are excellent for cardiovascular health, for example. And these teas can also … Click to continue →

Weekend Challenge: Thoracic Spine Strengthener


This weekend’s exercise, Thoracic Spine Strengthener, strengthens a deep muscle system of the back that’s crucial to achieving and maintaining proper posture. It also holds the vertebrae in place and prevents and corrects Forward Head Posture. When I practice this exercise I also notice that it relieves tension, so I know you’ll feel great after you try it. Let's get … Click to continue →

Awe, Laughter, And Dioxins: 3 Unusual Ways To Build Your Immunity And Your Bones


Savers are familiar with powerful immune-boosting and bone-building vitamins, such as Vitamin C, Vitamin D3, and other well-known nutrients. But in today’s post I reveal three unusual and fascinating ways to build immunity that also rejuvenate your bones. It’s so amazing how immunity and bone health are tied together! I’m quite sure that you’ll be surprised by these interesting connections. … Click to continue →

6 Easy Ways To Boost A Major Bone Matrix Component That Prevents Fractures (The Medical Establishment Completely Ignores This!)


When you think of improving your bone density, it might conjure up images of thick, hard bone with the strength and hardness of concrete. But picture dropping a concrete rod from a tall building – it will shatter. Now imagine dropping a thin, flexible twig from the same height. Bouncing is more likely than shattering! Osteoporosis drugs make your bones … Click to continue →

Weekend Challenge: Femur Strengthener And Coordination Enhancer


This weekend’s challenge focuses on the lower body, and like walking, it strengthens the bones in your legs, including the thighs (femurs). In addition, the Femur Strengthener And Coordination Enhancer targets the glutes and calf muscles, preventing falls and improving coordination. Also known as the Forward Reverse Lunge, this targeted move is perfect for those times when you can’t go … Click to continue →

3 Little-Known And Amazing Calcium Facts


Calcium’s important role in bone health is no secret, but today you’ll discover some seldom-mentioned functions of this fascinating mineral. Calcium plays many roles in the body that go beyond its status as the primary mineral in bone. From metabolism to muscle contraction, calcium’s functions go beyond bone health. Also, calcium is necessary for the differentiation and proliferation of osteoblasts, … Click to continue →

3 Bone-Rejuvenating Delicious Smoothies (They All Share A Surprising Natural Anti-Depressant)


Today’s post continues on the ever-relevant topic of stress and how to overcome it. But this time, we’re focusing on foods that help you control your stress and anxiety, so I’m thrilled to share three recipes for delicious smoothies that lift your mood and build your bones. Each recipe has one ingredient in common. It’s a Foundation Food that contains … Click to continue →

Weekend Challenge: Cervical Positioner


Today we’re going to focus on aligning the cervical (neck) vertebrae, an important concept nowadays since forward head posture (FHP) is so prevalent. As always, I have practiced this weekend’s exercise, and I can tell you that it feels wonderful! It aligns the head properly to correct and prevent the typical curved kyphotic posture that’s both unbecoming and bad for … Click to continue →

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