Meet Binosto: Fosamax’s Bubbly Twin - Save Our Bones

The new osteoporosis drug Binosto: It’s bubbly, strawberry flavored, and quickly dissolves in a half a glass of water. Drink it once a week, and you’ll get the same exact formula as good ole’ Fosamax – the best-selling osteoporosis drug – except that it’s more “delicious”.

Binosto has just been approved in the U.S. and Canada to treat osteoporosis in an easy-to-swallow buffered solution. Believe me, this is nothing to be cheerful about. Its effervescent formula is somewhat reminiscent of rat bait. All that's needed is an attractive and tasty “goodie” strategically placed in the trap – a treat that will make them forget the danger…

And forget the long list of adverse effects! Binosto is a sure bet for the Swiss and American companies that have partnered to create it and market it.

The medical establishment is delighted with this new development. Dr. Robert Recker, President of the National Osteoporosis Foundation comments that,

“Binosto provides an important new innovation for patients suffering with osteoporosis. Binosto offers those patients that struggle with taking tablets the opportunity to obtain the proven fracture prevention of alendronate in an easy-to-take, buffered solution.”1

Big Pharma Is Once Again Up to Its Old Tricks

You probably already know that Fosamax (alendronate sodium) is riddled with many side effects – some serious enough to warrant a black box warning in the drug’s label information. If you haven’t yet, I urge you to read about it here.

But in spite of this, Mainstream Medicine keeps looking the other way. And they keep insisting on searching for more ways to prescribe the same toxic and often dangerous drugs.

Don’t Fall for It!

One of my roles is to open your eyes and to help you see the truth behind the osteoporosis drug scam. As I’ve been saying all along, drugs are not the answer to solve osteoporosis. They only offer a temporary illusion that quickly dissipates with a hard landing; the realization that no drug can reverse osteoporosis for good.

But fortunately, there is an alternative. I’ve designed the Osteoporosis Reversal Program so you won’t have to take chances with your well-being while increasing your bone density.

My team recently updated the Real Life Results page with more success stories from our community. Take a look at these testimonials from people just like you. They’ve chosen to take control of their osteoporosis with the Osteoporosis Reversal Program, and have succeeded – often with minimal effort. They may have been a bit skeptical at first – but the results speak for themselves.

So don’t fear osteoporosis and the dangerous osteoporosis drugs. Mainstream Medicine ignores natural solutions that work. Don’t be like them! Join the thousands who have ignored the drugs with excellent results and who are now enjoying a vibrant osteoporosis-free life. You won’t regret it.

In good health,



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  1. Sally Harrison

    I want to start taking human grade diatomaceous earth for my bones but I have started to taking Binosto. Can I just stop taking Binosto and does anyone know how good DE is for bones

  2. Linda Conklin

    Can I get alternatives to bistro etc,?

  3. Birgit

    I resent went to see my doctor, she told me earlier, 5 months ago, that there is 3 levels of osteoporosis, mild, moderate and severe and told me mine was moderate. Then she put me on this drug ‘Risedronate’, one pill once a week and told me a little about it. I had faith and trust in her. I did not know much about this drug until I ACCIDENTLY saw your program on the computer and thought I better look it up, surely it was one of the kind you talked about Vivian, I got very concerned, then visited my doctor recently and I told her I want to get off this pill do to the serious side effects and I wanted to follow the natural way, yes she disagreed with me of course, even when my great nephew who is a pharmacuest agreed with me but, because of my age (79) it would take years before it would affect me and he felt it would be ok for me to take the drug. I never thought osteoporosis could be reversed, I am great-full that I happen to see your program and now will give it an honest try. Been on Risedronate for 5 month…

  4. AndreyEt

    Самые свежие новости города Винницы

  5. Diane Mikos

    Had a bone density test again and this time the spine area around hips was -3.7. she now tells me its time for meds. Wants me to take the generic for Fosomax or the other pill once monthly. I am petrified of the medication. What could you recommend for me. Please help what about seeing a bone doctor. She told me this is serious. I have been osteopenia for many years. Besides your book I am taking Citrical which she also told me I was hypercalcemia for years Then she tells me I have been ok. the condition went away on its own. Please advise me what to do. thanks Diane Mikos.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Hi Diane,
      I know it can be scary and confusing, but if you have the Program, you have all the information you need to make the decisions that are right for you. Remember, osteoporosis is not a disease. Believe in your bones and in yourself, and don’t let Mainstream Medicine skew your beliefs!

  6. DubbyMcstepstep

    Reminds me of those flashy infomercials by Wily Millions

    ” I want YOU to be as rich as I am!!! Let me show YOU the money for only $299.99″

  7. Kathleen Wendling

    What can you say about EVISTA??

    How do I get your answer??

    Please give good instructions. I have a MACINTOSH computer.


  8. John Trossbach

    I oredered your book several weeks ago and have not received it yet! I have taken Forteo and Foxamax for over 10 years and my bone density is -3.0! My two sisters both have Osteoporosis as well. I would like to try your program but need the information.


  9. Carole

    Hello Emanuel,
    You speak the Truth. I have been saying these things for years now and I am not a Scientist.
    Power to your elbow!

  10. Nancy Hadley

    I also thought medical scientists were in our corner trying their best to find cures,maybe they are but with osteoporosis it does’nt seem to have happened yet. i took Fosamax for years. Now,I think it’s good common sense that eating right,steady exercise, and taking care of your body with good balance in mind maybe our best bet,I’m trying it!

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA


  11. Ita

    Thanks for the warning.!! I will avoid that treatment..

  12. Joanne Moody


    I bought a book couple of weeks ago when you were having the sale, but I have not received it yet.

    Would you please check on it for me?

    Thank you.


  13. Ann Chambers

    Over the last couple of years I have been modifying my diet according to your Save Our Bones program…nothing too drastic…just a better acid-alkaline balance, i.e. more vegetables and a lot less meat…also no milk..switched to Blue Diamond original unsweetened almond milk. I was on Actonel for about 6 years, then Fosamax for 2 – during which time I acquired 2 or 3 compession fracture in my thoracic spine (from lifting heavy stuff while working in the garden). I stopped Fosamax in February 2010 after discovering your program. First bone scan after that was a very modest improvement -2.6 after being as low as -3.l. However a very recent scan shows me now in the osteopenia range – -2.2 and -l.9. I am 81 so don’t think you have to be young to take these steps to healthier bones! Thanks for all your work providing us with important information.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Dear Ann,

      Congratulations on reversing your osteoporosis, after Actonel and Fosamax (not surprisingly) failed to do what the Program and you have done!

      Thanks for sharing the great news with us.

      And keep up with the Program… Hugs to you – and to your now strong bones 🙂

  14. Shula

    Thanks for updating us, and constantly staying on top of things. Shula

  15. Doug

    If we submit a comment on one day and can’t get back until a couple of days latter to see if there is a comment, how do we find it?

  16. Anna

    Hi Vivian
    The Save our Bones programme has been unsuccessful for me when it comes to bone density. I have been following your programme for 2 years now and have been taking the Algeacal brand calcium tablets (4 a day) for 1 year. Two years ago my bone density test was -3.3 and now two years on my bone density test came back at -3.7. My doctor wants to put me on Prolia and HRT to build up the bone because of my worsening results. I feel very reluctant in using Prolia, but I’m concerned that if I don’t take something now that in the next two years till my next scan it will be worse.Do you have any extra advice, as your programme doesn’t seem to be working to well for me.

    • Lois Moore

      AlgeCal didn’t work for me, either. I’ve been on a vegan diet (no milk, no meat, no eggs–highly alkaline foods with lots of fresh fruits, lots of green leafy vegetables, no sugar, etc. etc.

      Since Algea Cal didn’t work, and since you do not address Syrontium Citrate ( not Relinate) I wonder what else to do?

      I have your old Save our Bones program, and have baeen following it carefully. . . . . . .

      What is next?

    • Doug

      Have you considered having a private phone consultation with Vivian?

      • Lois Moore

        I’d LOVE to have a private phone conversation with Vivian. How do I get past all the call screeners?


  17. Carolyn

    Vivian – I have been using the Osteoporosis Reversal Program for two years. My dexa scan dropped a bit, but I know it would have been worse if I hadn’t tried to follow the healthy lifestyle. My question is, have you ever heard of Osteodenx put out by Nikken? It is very expensive, but my aunt used it 6 years and reversed her osteoporosis. She also eats a healthy diet and is 88 years. My doctor seemed angry at me when I refused the fosamax. Two years before I had been through the scare tactics of her assistant. I do not trust the drugs, but I also don’t want to take a supplement that might not be good. Thank you for all of your research. I find the information very helpful.

  18. Feona

    Yet another attempt from Big Pharma to rake in the profits while poisoning us! Thank goodness I have a consultant who discusses ways of helping me rather than just shoving poison at me without listening to what I may think. She’s very interesteed to see how I do on your acid/alkaline food balance.

    I’m now happily eating a much better diet, thanks to your recommendations as outlined in your materials. I’ve also recently discovered that this type of diet is helpful for lowering high cholesterol, good heart health and treating IBS, as well as helping to reverse osteoporosis. I feel better than I have for years. It’s a no-brainer, isn’t it?

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      I know how that feels, because when I became my own guinea pig on the Program, I also noticed a huge change for the better, besides increasing my bone density.

      For our community it’s a “no-brainer”, as you write. But there are still many out there who think that the only way to be “healthy” and to reverse osteoporosis is by taking dangerous drugs… Let’s show them it’s not so!

  19. Renee

    I took actonal for four years, I did have a improved test after two
    Years being on it. Then when did my second scan my bones were bad
    I was not good about taking my calcium and vit d
    My scan again after another two years shows bad off.
    I have broken my right hip bad,
    I take my calcium and vit d now and a mulit vit.
    I can barely walk at times. My right leg is shorter by 5/8 was off 3 ”
    They had me do foreto which I did only 14 injections out of 56
    now they want me to do the shot prolia
    I’m so very scared that I will be a cripple I hurt in my back and knees
    I have a disc bulge and nerve damage

    • Rosemary

      The multi vitamin you take has synthetic vitamin A. It blocks absorption of vitamin D. Vit A in foods is ok, it’s the synthetic ingredients in vitamins that gives us problems. I’d stop taking the multi right away. The B6 in the multi vitamin could be too high a dose also. It should be a very low dose of maybe 10 mgs. Multi vitamins are dangerous for us to take.

  20. jean

    good morning vivian …
    i can only add that my life is so much better now with not taking any drugs for what was my oestoperosis…please note i refere to having the problem in past tents…i have re entered a positive input into my brain …have been off medication for some time …my last dexa scan showed an improvent although last year i did have a fractured wrist …i slipped on a wet floor …not recomended …it is just nice to know that we woman and men to have a saviour who imforms of what is good and what is not good for us …i personally feel much better by not taking drugs …even for my b/p when neccessary i take raw ginger …most efective for me …x

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Jean, it’s great news that your last DEXA scan showed an improvement without the osteoporosis medications 🙂

  21. Lisa Johnson Smirnova


    I have polyneuropathy, fibromyalgia, at the age of 13 I had spinal surgery L5, L4, and L3(deformed dics). I had a stroke patient at the age of 29.
    I do have osteopenia and have taken the seaweed calcium that you recommended.

    Recenty, I heard that I should take Relaxin Hormone to combat the fibromyalga. Do you agree that I should try this Hormone. Will it affect the Lumbar surgery (since Relaxin Hormone does affect the collagen).

    I am desperate to try anything to get over my illness.

    Best wishes, Lisa

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Lisa, I haven’t yet researched fibromyalgia… You might want to consult with a naturopathic doctor.

  22. Jean


  23. Ron

    Is the Supple product (at worth buying in combination with your program?

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Ron, Supple is for joint health.

  24. Mary Frost

    Vivian, thank you for the useful information. My bone density scan is coming up next week.. I have tried to follow your program and suggestion by eating good food and I do exercise as much as I can… I have bad knees, so in order for me to get my walking in I walk at Walmart or the Mall and push a cart and I do great…I do the wall push ups too…but most important, I think, is my diet is good and healthy…

    I am worried about my dexia scan next week and don’t want to be pushed into taking Prolia…I am going to refuse it, much to my doctors dismay…I am going to tell him, that if he can give me a natural alternative, I will follow that, like I do the Save Our Bones program…I know when I first took the Reclast injection, I did no reading on side effects and I suffered for months terrible flu and bronchitis…With Fosamax, I got an ulcer and felt terrible for quite some time..I would never recommend ANYONE taking Fosamax and am appaled that it is allowd on todays market…I think Doctors should be ashamed of themselves for even suggesting to patients to take the darn pill….

    All of your information has greatly helped me and broaden my horizons and good nutrition and exercise.. I am not an exercise nut, but I do have a fitness center membership that I use several times a week…

    Ploop, ploop, Fizz, Fizz, or what a relief it ISN”T…..No Binosto for me… LOL


    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Mary, don’t be worried about your DEXA scan. Remember that bone density is only one aspect of bone health. Mainstream medicine needs numbers as parameters for prescribing drugs. Bone health is best achieved by focusing on fracture prevention. Thick and old bones can – and will – break more easily than renewed and healthy bones that have good tensile strength.

      If you haven’t yet, check out this lighthearted explanation on bone remodeling:

      • Mary Frost

        Thank you, Vivian… I will let you know how my bone scan turns out…I am hoping for the best…


  25. cecile fazioli

    Hi Vivian, I really need your help, I follow your newsletter all the time,I’m 65 years old, and my doctors tell me, that I’m borderline and need to take fosomax, but I read so much about it, that I really don’t believe in this drug, but, since the past years, I’m in pain every day, I don’t know what it means pain free, I try to exercise 3 times a day, take calcium and vit. D, and try to eat a healthy diet,what is this Binosto, is this a natural drug, or prescription drug, I really need your advice, thanks again Cecile

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Cecile, Binosto is different way of delivering alendronate sodium, which is the generic formula of Fosamax. You can get lots of info about it here:(I also link to it in the Binosto blog post):

  26. Allison

    I have been with the program nearly two years. I have my bone density coming up soon. Alot of my friends at my gym refuse take that test because they know that the doctors try to scare you into taking those harmful drugs. They like me, are staying away from food additives, and eating healthy.
    Can a person maintain a healthy alkaline/acidity level with Juverderm injections to ease wrinkles? Many Thanks

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      It’s a great idea to stay away from food additives… Those are typically acidifying chemicals. Juvederm is made of hyaluronic acid, which occurs naturally in the body. The concern is over the inactive ingredients (if any) used in the formulation.

  27. Nu Ly

    Thank you for your information – The new osteoprosis drug Binosto – now, I avoid all the drugs.

    My friend had been taking “Foxamax” for ten years, she still not feel well, I advised her to stop it.
    She listened to the doctor to take an injection, I can do nothing.

    As I know, most people care their cholestrol levels, very little people know their ph levels, as me
    before. This is the great value of your book, thank you.

  28. Kim


    I don’t know what we would do without you!
    You are on top of and keeping all of us abreast of recent pharmasuetical
    creations. For their good health measures that they can profit from, but not so profitable to the consumer well being.

    God has most definitely put you at a calling to help so many.
    Thanks be to God for you and us.
    Kim, Ohio

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      I appreciate your kind words,Kim!

  29. Linda

    Oh, I just know my doctor is going to push this onto me my next visit. I can hear him already, “I am going to prescribe a new med for osteoporosis called Binosto, a weekly dose you take like you take like Alka Seltzer”. Me: “No thanks it’s still a harmful bisphosphonate”. Then the conversation will go downhill from there. I don’t understand how Big Pharma can successfully and “legally” poison us, while raking in big profits to do so.

  30. Emanuel van den Bemd ANZML Sc

    Not until it is realised that allopathy is a modern version of the age old quackery, that arephysicians are trained iatrogenic killers and that the common denatured diets ,medical drugs, vaccines and pollutants of all kinds including ionising radiation all work together to subject the masses the UN (United Nazi) organisations depopulation agenda 21 designed to weaken and cull the masses.The chronic degenerate disease epidemic will only escalate leading to the extinction of humanity.Osteoporosis is only one small aspect of a Global destruction that is deliberately being orchestrated by the Criminal Elite.

    Emanuel—— Medical Laboratoy Scientist .

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