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When your doctor wants to prescribe an osteoporosis medication such as Boniva, does he or she take the time to warn you about Boniva’s side effects? It’s always interesting to me the way some doctors tend to be so heavy-handed in prescribing medications for osteoporosis. Because they see osteoporosis as a disease, they want to ply their patients with the “cure,” and as soon as possible. This is not necessarily a bad motivation; but it gets tense when doctors don’t take the time to discuss side effects and won’t listen to their patients’ legitimate and well-researched concerns about the side effects of osteoporosis drugs like Boniva.

Yes, we’ve all seen Sally Field’s smiling face, touting the drug like it’s the best thing that ever happened to your bones; but if you’ve read my post, ‘Boniva: What if Sally Field Told the Truth?', then you are ahead of the game. Just because a celebrity endorses a product doesn’t make that product perfect, or even good for you!

The fact is, Boniva has some nasty side effects that bear pointing out and/or reiterating. I also want to take a look at the active chemical compound in Boniva.

First, the Bad News

There’s always bad news when it comes to the side effects of Boniva (and just about any drug intended to correct a problem that can be alleviated through natural means). You really don’t have to look far for some of these side effects and adverse reactions – they’re right on the label of the drug. Here are just some of them (there are too many to list all of them here):

  • Diarrhea
  • Tiredness
  • Upset stomach
  • Nausea
  • Pain in the back, leg, muscles, or joints
  • Flu-like symptoms

More severe possible side effects include:

  • Difficulty breathing
  • Pain in the eye
  • Severe stomach pain
  • Persistent heart burn
  • Vision changes
  • Symptoms of low calcium levels in the blood (such as muscle cramps and spasms)

These are bad enough, but there are more. Some side effects are more insidious. You have to dig a little deeper to find the long-term side effects that Boniva can cause. I’ve already done some digging and posted the results here, in ‘Osteoporosis Drugs: the Shocking Truth'. The evidence is clear: oral bisphosphonates like Boniva have the potential to cause great damage to your body, including your bones.

That’s right – Boniva, despite its name and reputation, can actually cause brittle, dry hardness in your bones. According to research, the femur seems to be the most susceptible to damage due to brittle hardness. The jaw bone becomes susceptible to damage in another way – ample research connects Boniva with osteonecrosis of the jaw (osteonecrosis is bone death), a nasty bacterial infection of the jaw bone.

Next, More Bad News

The active chemical compound in Boniva is a substance called Ibandronate Sodium. If you take Boniva out of the equation for a moment and just look at the chemical substance, you’ll find some rather alarming information. Because Boniva has cornered the market of Ibandronate Sodium so that it’s inevitably connected to the drug name, objective information on this chemical is hard to find. But sites like and simply present information on the identification and proper handling of chemicals, and Ibandronate Sodium is included in their list. While both sites note that Ibandronate Sodium is not officially classified as a “hazardous substance,” they point out first aid measures to be taken if the chemical is inhaled, touched, or swallowed. For instance, ClearSynth classifies Ibandronate Sodium as “harmful if swallowed” and advises that ingestion and inhalation be avoided. Lookchem advises washing Ibandronate Sodium off the skin with “soap and plenty of water,” and to use water to rinse the mouth of an unconscious person who has ingested it. Apparently, sites like these didn’t get the “hush-hush” memo from Boniva.

And Last, the Good News

There is good news! There’s good news even if you are taking Boniva already and suffering side effects. There’s good news if you’ve been diagnosed with osteoporosis and have reservations about taking the drug. The good news is this: there’s an all-natural program called Save Our Bones that is effective, safe, and scientifically proven. Regardless of where you are on your bone health journey – whether you’re focusing on prevention or reversing an existing condition – there’s no need to dread or suffer the side effects of drugs like Boniva. The Osteoporosis Reversal Program can help you avoid Boniva’s dangerous side effects and build and strengthen your bones naturally.

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  1. Carol

    I started this boniva 4 days ago .. omg I’m in so much pain its unbelievable..I get shooting pains to the point it almost makes me feel to fall down .wow i thought fosomax was bad. This is horrible now I’m stuck with this in my system 30 days or more.

  2. Lee59

    I was prescribed Boniva and took my first dose 48 hrs ago. The day I took it I had burning in my esophagus and indigestion, but I thought that wasn’t too bad considering all the side effects I read about. Well that was just the beginning, yesterday morning I woke up with severe back, chest and shoulder pain. It took the wind out of me and all I could do was sit in a recliner all day, I even had my husband help me with personal hygiene because I was incapable to do it myself. I woke up this morning after an agonizing night with little sleep, and I am back in the recliner. The pain is almost unbearable under my ribs, across my back and up my neck. I will not be taking another dose.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      I’m so sorry that you’re yet one more victim of osteoporosis drugs, and I hope your pain will subside very soon!

  3. Heather

    I have pain in my right knee and right thigh nuscles normally but it had been negligible to slight for awhile. Suddenly the pain in my knee and thigh were ecruciating plus I had a backache, headache and a very stiff neck. I was trying to figure out what I had done to cause this episode when I remembered I had taken Boniva the day before it started. I’m grateful to this website for the description of symptoms that people are enduring-all other information about it is really general and basically ussless. It’s been 8 days and my pain and tiredness are pretty much gone but the stiff neck is still pretty bad. This was my first dose and I will try another but meantime I want to get my supplements right too. I already take vit d but recently realized my diet doesn’t have enough calcium so I’ll add that. FYI Vit D is neccesary for more than calcium absorption and most people don’t get enough. There’s a NIH article on vit d deficiency that details all the functions of vit d if anybody’s interested.
    If these symptoms get a little better I plan to stay on boniva no longer than a year and then see if I can maintain any bone regeneration without it. Both options are scary!
    Has anyone thought about estrogen replacement therapy? I know it’s not in fashion these days, but lack of estrogen production is the primary cause of postmenopausal ostopenia and osteoporosis.
    Has anyone taken Fosomax and found it to have less side effects? Or is it the same?
    Again, thank u for the information here and the sharing of ideas which enable us to actually make informed decisions. Usually the only info our MDs have is provided by their pharmacy rep.

  4. Pam

    I took Boniva for approx 12 yrs. I have been off it for approx 3 yrs. I am now 64 yrs old. My teeth are falling out due to jawbone loss. I am in constant pain and may lose all my teeth and have to use dentures because implants are not feasible due to the jawbone loss. PLEASE find another way to increase bone density rather than take this poison

  5. Linda

    Has anyone had trouble with abdomen pain and constipation?

    • CLJ

      Yes, severe abdominal pain. Took my first pill yesterday morning and through the night and into this morning experience extreme difficulty.

  6. linda

    I too started taking Boniva for two months. I have pain in y hip, legs and buttocks, also have had severe indigestion, I will not taking this medicine again. I did not have any pain before I started this med. Will the pain go away?

  7. Catherine

    My bone DENSITY TEST didn’t come back to great. My doc said my percentage of getting a fracture is 70%. She gave me prescript for Boniva which I was going to start tomorrow, but reading all the comments, I’m kinda scared to take this. I’m 70 years old and want to live a while longer. Not to have to worry about all these bad things that could go wrong!

    • Ellen

      I’m 65, just took my first monthly dose. I had a normal reaction of flu like symptoms including extreme fatigue. Lasted for two days and now I’m completely fine. My doctor said it happens after the initial dose. The incidence of jaw and femur problems is way way less than the risk of fractures. My pharmacist scared me too, with anecdotal statements but I trust my doctor. I play tennis and take Pilates and I plan to do both for many more years.

  8. Mia

    I took Boniva and two days later l had servers stomach pain so badly.. l went to ER .

  9. Alison

    I took my first Boniva yesterday and all was well until that night. I felt bad, like I had the flu. I do not plan to take this again. I missed a day of work.
    My Dr wants me to take either reclast which is given once a year intravenous or prolia which is a shot twice a year. Anyone had experience with these?

    • Bubba

      I went thru 18 months, every 6 months, of Prolia injections. The side effects were horrendous! Best way to describe it is all the bones in my body felt broken. The pain lasted for 2-3 weeks, so many other side effects too. Now I’m on Boniva, first dose today. The side effects for me are nearly as bad, some worse, like an unhealthy amount of diarrhea. I have several serious diseases, all incurable, some treatable. With side effects like how I feel right now it’s difficult to imagine taking a second dose, unless this only lasts a couple days. I feel for everyone with osteoporosis, and dealing with these awful medications. You’d think “they” could get it right.

    • Kathy Sramek

      I got severe eczema on my hands from Prolia. Not taking Prolia anymore, but the side effects are still visible.

  10. Phyllis Palin

    My doc prescribed Bonevia and although I was skeptical, I decided to give it a try. The worst decision I have made. This is the worst medication on the market. The doctors must have stock and that is why they prescribe such a unhealthy medication. I am not only never taking this drug again, I am questioning my doctors recommendation of this drug. Stay away from this poisonous drug!!!!!

    • Denise Daves

      May I ask what type of problems have you experienced since you took the Boniva?

      • Joan Canizio

        I took first dose of Boniva a month ago, aches pains followed for 2weeks.Have now been experiencing aches pains & do not want to do 2nd dose.Is this still connected to first dose?

      • Connie

        I took Boniva for 6 months but sick from the very first day that I took it muscle joint bone pain I quit taking it and my back and bones are still aching and it’s been 4 months later I went from working 70 to 80 hours a week now I can barely make it 40 hours a week and all I do is sleep all weekend… I feel so bad.. I like I’m about to come down with the flu I just feel blah my ears hurt my neck hurts the middle of my back hurts my hips hurt my feet hurt so bad… the bones hurt… at work I use to walk anywhere from 5 or more miles a day no problems… now I can barely mOKake it a half a mile from the parking lot to my office… it feels like I have several broken bones in each of my feet…. in the bad thing is it’s been 4 months and I don’t feel better- I feel like I aged 10 to 15 years…. women-do not wait til your 65 to check your vitamin D3…. I could get on my soapbox and go on and on…. I have never taken any medications all my life I don’t know why I did it this time but I wish I wouldn’t have….blahhhhh

        • Jean W

          I took Boniva 2 months in a row and have severe joint, muscle, bone pain, ground pain.. it has been 5 weeks now and still no relief from the pain.. stopped Boniva but how long will this pain last??

        • Shirley Ivers

          i only took two Bonivas I have burning and itching in my back.
          i am active Yoga, dance class, stretching class they all help walking does not bother me but doing general housework kills.
          I have had this pain and itching for a couple months is there anything they can give to relieve this do you know.
          Ibuprofen helps for awhile but this pain is ridiculous.

      • Maryellen I Zakutansky

        I took my first Ibandronate Sodium 150 mg on July 1. The next day I started with pretty bad back pain. I have progressed to unruly bowel symptoms and pain under my ribs on the right side twisting around to my back. My stomach is also sour a good amount of the time. I have osteoporosis on all points of my bone density test. I exercise religiously and weight lift five days a week, I eat healthy and take supplements. My D levels are fine. Not sure what to do?!! I hate putting poison in my body. Anyone know whats up with the rib pain? Is my liver being damaged by this poison????

        • Shirley Ivers

          my ribs ache too does this ever end??

  11. Pat Samples

    I went on the oral form of Boniva 3 months ago. Since that time, I’ve developed terrible acid reflux, stomach pains, pain from my knees down to my feet, back pain, headaches and a all over bad feeling. Today, my dr took me off Boniva.

  12. Carole Wood

    I was taking shots of boniva every three months for over two years. I am older but always taken care of my teeth and they were nice went to six months checkups the whole nine yards I was eating licorice n pulled to bite it and out flew my tooth. I freaked out. Went to dentist he said my teeth were all getting loose. Then my fillings started coming out. Teeth started crumbling. Went to dr giving me boniva he said boniva had nothing to do with it. Smoking did. I have yet to see commercial starting smoking ruins your teeth. So now I have to come up with 2500 or more which I dont have. Does anyone have comments8

    • Denise

      I have a friend whose mother lost all of her keys that were otherwise healthy from taking Boniva also.

      • Denise

        I meant to say lost all of her teeth

  13. Carol

    I took my first dose on March 1st and feel sick in my stomach. I feel like I have the flu and feel horrible. I will not take another pill next month.

  14. Mary

    Several years ago I had five years on quarterly ibandronate having had compression fractures and lost seven inches height no fractures while on it and no significant side effects. After I came off it I broke my foot then had another compression fracture and ten days in a care home(horrid) . I’ve had fibromyalgia for some years. Back on ibandronate again, have just had my third quarterly infusion, felling rotten but don’t know if the fibro is a flare up or side effects of ibandronate, having read so many negative reviews of ibandronate I’m tempted to give it up. Is it aggravating the fibro? I take a lot of Healthspan supplements because I can’t have a proper balanced diet. My doctor told me that my ribs and pelvis almost meet due to the loss of height so have digestive problems. My lovely doctor told me he has my new body in the corner but he has run out of staples!!!!!

  15. Zivan

    I can’t help but think that all the negative side effects of Boniva I read here are the exception. I have been on it for two years and never had a single one of these side effects. My bone density DID however improve a lot.

    • Sally

      I don’t consider two fractured femurs “minor” side effects. You have been on it for two years – it takes up to five years for serious side effects to occur. This medication stays in the bones for 10 years. Your bone density will improve because it measures quantity and not quality of bone. Boniva works by keeping old bone and not allowing new bone to form. Write again in 3 more years. I wish you luck.

  16. Zivan

    I am a 61 year old male that has been diagnosed with Osteopenia. I’m active, exercise daily with weights and cardio, eat healthy and do all the right things. My calcium and vitamin D levels are fine.

    I started Boniva two years ago and my bone density scans show a significant improvement and I have had NO, repeat NO side effects.

    Look at it this way; what’s worse, the possibility of minor side effects (if any) above, or breaking your hip and spending the next six months in bed or a nursing facility?

    Please stop the scare tactics that are common on this site and take your medicine like I do and you will be better off.

    • Shirley Ivers

      the pain is real my friend some people do have legitimate side effects and I am one of them I will never ever take Boniva or any Fosomax Actonel or any of that for bone strength.
      Side effects maybe did not happen with you but did with me.
      And I do not think there is a magic pill or anything to get rid of these ridiculous side effects.

    • Ginny

      Not everyone has the same metabolism for chemicals and that is what Boniva is.
      One pill and I have muscle cramps and pains even in my ankles. Have to use a cane. This was prescribed because my bone scan showed some loss from the one I had a few years ago. Stains crippled me as well.
      A friend of mine who has osteoporosis was hospitalized from side effects of this drug. Good that it helps you.

  17. Shaikh Adnan

    Is any one can tell me my mother recently use bonviva injection last night ND now she have passed blood in stool in high amount? Is that bonviva side effect?

  18. Carol

    I took Fosamax for two months, and had severe joint pain and swelling in feet, knees, hips, and shoulders. My GYN said my bone density was not good. Went to my Primary doctor and he suggested Boniva. Took that for one month, with worse pain. I have been off all for two months. I have steriods and pain pills, but still have severe pain.

    • Mommy hana

      My doc prescribe me bonvina but my instinct doesnt allow me to take this medicine.
      I was diagnosed osteoprosis at the age of 44 after my total hysterectomy. All my body aching.

    • Marge Williams

      I took Boniva for a long period of time, about 5 years.. and now at age 85 I am having my teeth fall out! the ROOT of the tooth was GONE… UGH…

      • Zivan

        Please don’t blame your teeth issues on Boniva. At 85 losing your teeth is very common and certainly better than breaking your hip and the resulting morbidity rate on account of that!

  19. Sandra M

    My GYN and endocrinologist have been persistent for years to have me take Boniva or Prolia. 4/12/17 results have shown no improvement in osteoporosis in the spine and osteopenia of the hip. Reading these comments helps me to stand strong in my refusal of these drugs. Sorry that many of you had to experience so much pain but I thank you for sharing.

    • Susan

      My doctor and endocronogist has recommended Boniva to me as well. I am a very young in shape and active 55 year old women. I first tried fosamax and felt horrible then I tried ONE dose of Boniva and I had severe stomach issues for a week and now my chest bone area hurts badly. Ever since I took this horrible pill I am not myself!!!!! Now doctor is recommending the prolia shot but I am holding off on anything!!!! So upset!

      • Pam taylor

        I took my first pill on Wednesday and was in the er on Thursday with great pain in my stomach and mostly in my breast bone area and the ribs. It’s saturday and I’m still hurting there

        • Shirley Ivers

          how are you now?

          • Linda

            Anybody have trouble with constipation and abdomen pain?

  20. sandy gelman

    I was diagnosed with osteoporosis and went on Boniva, last scan showed it is now osteopenia. No side effects. Did any one have any favorable experiences

  21. Maggie

    I am 56 with the bones of someone in their 70’s! Took my first dose of Boniva yesterday 11-4-16 and by that night had chills so bad I could not sleep. Today I woke up aching all over including my head and just want to go back to bed, except I have too much to do so I am pushing through this. From what I have been reading symptoms can last up to 5 days. I keep telling my self that it’s only once a month, but I am not sure the debilitating side effects are worth it if they last more than a day……………….I think I’ll take my chances with osteoporosis!

    • Susan

      Feel the same way as you!!!! I took one dose and feel sick going on a week now. Before taking this horrid pill I was an active healthy and lett me add young 55 year ool! No thank you to this poison!!!!!

  22. Christine

    I had a mishap in July that resulted in 4 fractures to my left foot. At 51, my ortho doc ordered bone density tests, which diagnosed me with osteoporosis. He wanted me to begin taking boniva, which I did begin the first dose 11/1/16. By 5pm that evening, and still at work, my bowels turned to water. By the time I made it home, chills and a fever of 101 had set in. Everything ached, no matter how I moved. Just sitting in a chair hurt. Having my cat walk across my lap was agony. He barely weighs 5 lbs. I haven’t been able to eat since the day I took the pill. Each time I try, it never stays in my stomach. This Boniva is not something I can continue to take. I’ve lost two days work already and these symptoms are not abating. If I lose much more time off work, I’m gonna lose my job. There’s gotta be a better solution.

  23. Barbara

    I had osteopenia which progressed to osteoporosis while on Fosamax. Was switched to Boniva. I took my first dose am of 9/1/16. About 18 hrs, later I started having extreme muscle pain in both legs from hips to toes and severe joint pain in wrists, knees and ankles. I had swelling of wrists, fingers, knees and ankles. I took Motrin and Tramadol with no relief. I was only able to walk with the aid of two canes or a walker for the next two days as my ankles and feet were so swollen that I could not feel my feet and had no flexion of my ankles. I went into Urgent Care on 9/4/16 since I had had no relief. I wasn’t sure if the Boniva was to blame as I had only the one dose. As a retired RN I thought it could also be an atypical gout also. The PA agreed it was probably the Boniva but also wanted to rule out gout. With labs closed for the holiday weekend,she gave me a Solumedrol and Toradol injection for the inflammation. Within three hours I had some relief with the swelling starting to go down. Sixteen hours later I have more mobility of my feet and ankles with less redness and heat. I can feel my feet but they remain heavy and swollen. I am taking high dose Motrin until I can see my primary on 9/6. If it is the Boniva, I will refuse more doses as this is the worst pain I have ever had for three days straight. I have arthritis and fibromyalgia which probably doesn’t help.

    • Shirley Daigle

      Thank you for your comment . I was considering the injection but after reading your post am definitely not getting it as I too suffer arthritis and fibromyalgia . I can only imagine the pain you were feeling from this injection as the pain from fibromyalgia is horrible in and of itself . If you hear of anything other than these medications , please let me know at
      Hang in there and remember one day at a time . .

  24. Susie

    I have been taking Boniva 150mg for about 5 years. About every 3 months I have flu like symptoms for about 24 hours, ie high fever hip and leg pains. Since this doesn’t happen every month should I continue to take it or change medication? My Dr. has left the decision up to me. my calcium and vitamin D levels are normal but bone density scan showed osteopenia .

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      You’re doctor is right, Susie – it is up to you. 🙂 Whether or not you want to continue taking Boniva is a personal decision; but I can tell you that taking any bisphosphonate for more than 5 years is not recommended.

      • Adele

        I have been reading these comments – I too took boniva for 33 months (2yrs 9months). Stop taking when I had dental trouble. No doctor ever
        Spoke to me of the risks. I have been off them now for 9 years – healthy ish diet exercise- However I need a tooth extraction and I am worried – there’s a lot of data on the high and low risks… but no real data on how long in stays in your bones particular the jaw bones. Is there any evidence relating to this?
        Many Thanks – Adele H UK

  25. June Volpe

    Took Boniva Sun morning. By evening had horrible pain in my whole back and chest. When to work Monday still extreme pain Went home and went straight to bed. I had to get up to vomit (haven’t vomited in 25 years) and diarrhea – stomach cramps also. It”s Tuesday stayed home from work still stomach cramps. My doc says I should still take – omg I just can’t. She said my body will get used to it. I’m investigating other options –

    • Susan

      Omg I realize that you wrote this post 2 years ago but I took one dose of Boniva and first started with horrible stomache cramps then had severe pain in chest area and upper back. This medicine is poison. What did you end up doing and how long did it take for pain to go away?

  26. Lillie Rorie

    Horrible! Should be outlawed! Never had much sickees or any stomach problems. Now I have to make an appointment with a GI to check for ulcers! Did not lay down after taking, drank glass of water. There should be a skull and crossbones on the package!!!!!

    • Susan

      Same symptoms! Omg this stuff is poison. I am amazed at so many people experiencing what I did!!!!! I am so upset I put this poison in my body!!!!!

  27. Wendy b

    My doctor just called and wants me to start Boniva on Friday. After hearing from all of you, I’m going to pass. Id rather boost my calcium and vitamin D and give up my diet Pepsi than go through the pain that you guys have had to endure. Yipes. Do you all still exercise too. Maybe we need to eat more Kale. What do you think?

    • Talitha A.

      Hi Wendy b.

      I have been taking BONIVA for 3 months now. Saturday 5/14/16 (am)
      is the 3rd. BONIVA pill for me. This is the first time I have had any bad side effects, which are; (1) A very bad pain in my back that made it hard for me to walk. (2) A upset stomach (3) Very tried.

      I do plan on talking to my NP before I take my next month pill.

      You see, I have “OSTEOPORSIS” (very bad way)!
      I am in constant pain, all the time and I sure hope I can find something that will really help me (without) side affects.

      I wish you all the best Wendy! 🙂

      Talitha A.

      Dear Wendy b.

      I have been on Boniva for 3 months now. Saturday morning (5/14/2016) I took my Boniva pill and this is first time I have felt such bad pain in my lower back!….also the first time I felt sick to my stomach.
      I have “

  28. Nina

    I took my very first bonviva last Friday 19/2/2016 morning. Was fine until night time then started feeling flu like symptoms and chest pain/back pain, sleeping through the night was impossible and thought to go to hospital for ECG check thinking I have heart attack symptoms then luckily thought of the bonviva I took in the morning and got up and researched side effects of bonviva and that’s when I had my first shock of this medicine. I have osteopenia, Today 25th Feb im feeling a lot better So I must say that it had its toll on me for 5 consecutive days but I will continue to take it if side effects in my case last for 5 days only.

  29. kathy

    I have taken Boniva for 4 months. The day after I take it my left hand,fingers,and wrist swell up. My doctor said she has never heard of that. Has anyone else experienced this? The swelling gets worse everyday or about 3 days.

  30. Michele

    I was diagnosed with osteopenia and took Boniva (one pill a month) for five years. After five years my bone density scan revealed that the osteopenia reversed/improved and my GYN said I should stop the Boniva. My most recent scan, after being off the Bonita for 14 months, revealed that I now have osteoporosis. In my case, I had no negative side effects and the Boniva seemed to be effective.

  31. Cheryl

    I took Boniva for the first time this morning. When at work, I almost passed out! I started seeing a crystal star in my eye , which got bigger. It lasted about 1/2 an hour, then started feeling a little better. Anyone else have this experience? I’m not sure if I want to continue with Boniva!

  32. Sharon

    Wow…..weird and I’m going to email to doc. He said I shouldn’t have that much trouble. …..well here you try it. I have other problems too BUT I have never had this much PAIN…..except after my last cranial cervical fusion revision (CCF-R). But they don’t believe….it killing me….it feels like very slowly….and I can’t walk even to potty 20 feet away. I am sorry to read you other story of pain snd TROUBLE BUT I finally got Proof I’m NOT crazy And AM NOT MAKING PAIN UP.Thank you everyone for your stories to assure me that it is the med that is killing me.

    • Gloria

      I got very sick with Boniva. I was sick in bed for two whole weeks. I went to the emergency room and was given painkillers but my pain wouldn’t go away. I went to see my Pcp and Neurologist and no medicine could make the immense pain go away. I had excruciating pain on my neck, head, hips, fingers, elbows and in every bone in my body. I couldn’t sleep, sit, stand, bend squat. It was horrible. This is my third week since I last took this medication and I am finally feeling a little better but still having issues with my fingers and neck.

  33. Jeanne christensen

    I have had two infusions of Boniva. I have developed Melanoma on one arm. Squirm. cancer on one hand and last we had Squim. removed from my neck. What do I do now besides refusing my 3 rd infusion?
    Thank you

  34. Lisa

    I just took Boniva for the first time Sunday 7 26 2015 today is 7 28 2015.The first day was not bad, however yesterday the extreme joint pain started..I have not been in this much pain ever in my life.

  35. Kim

    I took one Boniva and the next day I was tired, hurting and really bad diaharea. And it has now been 3 days and still all the same problems and also really bad heartburn. Has anyone else had that and can anyone tell me how long this lasts and if there is anything out there to counteract this. Thank you

    • Judy Brown

      I took my first Boniva on Tuesday (it’s now Friday) and my body/back muscles have hurt ever since. I also have had a headache most of the time and have run a fever………
      they list flu-like symptoms every evening. But my worst complaint is knee pain. I do have a bad knee already but this has quadrupled the pain to the extent that I can’t walk without crying from pain. If the pill is strong enough to last for a month, do these horrible side effects last that long, too?

  36. Nancy

    Broken neck, C1,2. Having surgery March 5. Started Boniva on Thursday 2.12.15. 3 am 2.13.15 I awoke to intense pain, 8 out of 10. It hurt to breathe, wrapped around from front ribs to my back. Went to doctor, had x-rays, she thought compression fracture. None. 2.14.15 still 8 of 10, pain now localized to hips, elbows and hands. Taking pain med school and staying in bed. Now Sunday, 2.15.15 and finally feel human, 4 out of 10. Not sure I will take next months pill, is it worth the pain and 3 days of my life? Advice?

    • Mary

      This is what I have, the right side rib pain that wraps around to my back ribs too.!! I also had an x-Ray that says I am fine. Omg, it has been two and a half weeks and I am not fine, how long may I ask before your ribs didn’t hurt anymore? Thanks!

      • Pam taylor

        I know this is an old post but I’m just reading it because i have the exact same pain. Even in my breast bone in chest and severe bloating. Went to er to make sure i wasn’t having heart attack. And they Checked my lungs. Said all is good that it’s a side effect of the boniva. Never again

    • Dora

      I’m with you first day I felt fine woke you in sever pain all thur my chest middle back and hips . This is it for me. I’ll never take anymore . Been in bed are on the couch for 2 day and praying this soreness will just go away.

      • Twyla

        I experienced terrible reactions on my first dose of Boniva. Chest pain-horrible heartburn- sore throat-swollen esophagus- sore joints -etc. I suffered for 8 days. I decided to try to conquer the issues on my second dose. I ate at seven that morning. Took the pill st 10:00 that morning. Drank a whole bottle of water and kept drinking all day(9bottles). Then I ate bland around 6:00. Slept elevated. Did this for two days. I also did stretching exercises every morning (Pilates /reformer) I avoided severe joint pain by doing the exercises every morning for 8 days. I still had other little side effects but I could manage the little things. I will take my third dose next week. I hope it gets better each time because if it had not improved I would not be on it today. 8 days out of every month is too much time to lose feeling horrible.

  37. Linda

    I took Boniva for over 5 years because of osteopenia. In December 2012 I began having thigh pain. After 9 months of tests, seeing specialists, and finally seeing an orthopedic surgeon who knew the side effects of bisphosphonates, I was diagnosed with atypical fracture of the right femur. An IM rod was inserted in my right femur Sept 2013. I then developed a fractured left femur and had another rod inserted in my left femur in July 2014. I continued to have pain in the left leg and had to have the rod removed last Tuesday. I have been off the Boniva for almost 2 years so I am hoping my bones have started to regenerate because I am very nervous about refracturing the femur. I have refused further bone density tests because a} I will not change anything else I am doing for my bones (diet and supplements-I can’t exercise because of my legs) and b) the bone density is inaccurate-it measures quantity and not quality of bone. This medication has ruined my life. It makes me angry that it is still on the market and women are still being harmed.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Thank you for sharing your story, Linda, and I am sorry to hear about your fractures. But you have a great attitude, and you are on the path to bone health. Keep up the good work!

      • Nancy

        Thanks for sharing Linda, I am with you, No Boniva for me too! After reading what you have gone through, I feel fortunate I had such a intense reaction the first time I tried it.

        • Linda

          Thanks for the good wishes from both of you. I hope I am on the road to recovery. I still have pain in both legs but not constant and less intense. I have started mild exercises to help strengthen the bones. They say hindsight is 20/20. Looking back the terrible headaches, neck pain, leg pain, nausea, indigestion, chills and generally feeling ill were due to the Boniva but I didn’t connect it because it was “helping” me. (I’m a registered nurse so I should know better, right?) Also, I began having abnormal heartbeats so I was put on Toprol. I am weaning myself off of the Toprol and guess what– no abnormal heartbeats so far and my blood pressure is normal and stable. Just another “gift” from Boniva.

          • Kathy

            I took this medication 7years ago for about 1 year. Always on a Friday or Saturday. Three times I had the onset of the worst flu like symptoms EVER! The first time was on a Sunday. I woke up feeling weak and shaky but I went with my husband to the store anyway. Just as we were about to pay for our items, I felt really overheated and dizzy. I was going to either pass out or vomit.I rushed to the exit and only made it to the shopping carts outside. I collapsed on the filthy ground and just laid there. I couldn’t move. My husband had to drive the car up and carry me in. When we got home he had to support me to the house and into bed. I spent the rest of the day asleep with a fever. The next time this type of situation occurred was on a Monday. I awoke feeling achy but went to work anyway. I was shaky but still doing my physical job when all of a sudden that feeling of heat and shakiness returned. I felt again as if I was going to either pass out or vomit. My co-worker came into the restroom to check on me and I told her that I was really weak and could not move. My husband had to leave his job to come and pick me up. I had to be helped to the car and collapsed in the seat . He once again had to carry me inside to the bedroom where I spent all day and all night. The third and thankfully final time these same symptoms occurred were again on a Monday. I was at work again feeling shaky and weak. When the overheating and nausea hit me once again ,I rushed to the restroom and collapsed into a chair. My co worker once again came to my rescue. She called my husband and by the time he arrived I couldn’t even move or open my eyes. They brought the office rolling chair into the bathroom and placed me in it. They rolled me out to our car to my husband my eyes were closed the whole time. One of my friends was crying and saying that I was dying! He got me home and wanted to bring me to the emergency room. I said no. I was too weak. I would rather sleep. I was carried up to my bed with all my work clothes on and even still in my work boots. I slept for hours too weak to move. I woke up for 1 second hours later with the epiphany. I had taken Boniva. That was the only thing that had caused all of these symptoms and they all occurred within the same exact amount of time later that I had taken that drug. I applaud you all for letting the world know about how this drug-while beneficial for some who never had any side effects-has really impacted many others very negatively. Thank you so very much for helping me to realize that I really did experience hell after taking this drug. I wish you all the best! Kathy

  38. Jeniffer

    Hello! May be it helps you but I’ve just found cheap Boniva at–

  39. Jojocap

    Of course there are side effects But this drug arrested my osteopenia and being on anastrezole which leeches estrogen youve got to have something to counteract it. I have to say combined with vitamin d daily supplements i di feel bones are stringer than they were my bone scan a year and a half after stage 1 BC diagnosis csme back clean so ill stay on it But yes joint pain in knees and some tiredness are my side effects after more than a year. I hear that 2-3 years is greatest impact and after that side effects start to outweigh impact.
    It. By the way if u follow directions to the letter u may avoid the heartburn.

    Once it passes tour esophogous u should be ok if taking it correctly.

  40. Nancy Schmidt

    I was just diagnosed with osteoporosis 2 days ago and my doctor first prescribed alendronate or fosamax. I told her that my friends who took it had severe bone pain. She then told me to try Boniva instead. Now after reading all your helpful comments about Boniva’s side effects, the more I am resistant to take any meds for osteoporosis. Can just calcium and vitamin D not help at all ?

    • Mary

      My doctor prescribed Fosomax for me to take and I started feeling awful. I had pain all over and started feeling worse than I have ever felt in my life. I took it for 4 months and finally decided to not take it. I told my doctor and she said I could start Boniva and if Boniva caused my problems, she would give me a once yearly IV of another bone medication. I decided to not take anything that the doctor discussed because of the scary side effects. I decided to take liquid calcium and Strontium to help the calcium absorb well. I am still worried about me bones, but the side effects of the bone medication scare me more than anything. I’m still researching all options.

      • Davida Foley

        How often and how much strontium do you take? Also how much liquid calcium do you take and where do you get it. My doctor told me I needs Monica for moderate osteopenia but I’ve decided against it and will go the supplement route.

        • Davida Foley

          Word correct – should be boniva and not monica

      • elaine

        have you found anything else?

  41. Chris

    I’m a breast cancer survivor. Was on tamoxifen until full menopause occured. Now on anastrozole which is has caused rapid osteoporosis. My doc has given the option to stay on anastrozole and add Boniva or Femera or switch back to Tamoxifen. Which could compromise my cancer risks but she feels the bone density loss would correct itself. What’s a girl to do?

  42. sharif

    Severe lowback pain lasted for 10 days

  43. toni

    I noticed that my thigh has been hurting and after I tske it for thr month i’m v very much uncomfortable I ha ve been on it abouy 5 years is it time to stop?

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      It’s always a good time to stop Boniva in my opinion, Toni!

  44. Michelle Radin

    Is there anyone out there taking Boniva that has had a positive outcome and few side effects? I have just been prescribed Boniva and took one pill two days ago. I am on femera because I have positive estrogen receptors. I had a partial mastectomy on January 8th and have a great prognosis. I already have joint pain in my hands from the femera and don’t need any other pill to give me more joint pain. I also don’t want to take some home remedy that does absolutely nothing to help me. Please give me some advice.

  45. Jackie Waite

    I took Boniva YUK and after becoming aware of it’s hazards and how bad it was for me, I quit about a year ago. What concerns me is I have a pain behind my right eye. I’ve been checked out by a great eye doctor and even had a CAT scan, but all seems healthy. I just read in your post that Boniva can cause eye pain? Could this be the cause?? Please respond.

    • Kathy

      I have been on Boniva for a few years with no major side effects. A little joint pain but nothing severe. I started getting eye pain and stopped the drug. It’s been 3 months and I still have eye pain. Anyone know how long they eye pain will last?

    • debbie

      My sister just took her first dose and she is so sick, right side of body pain 9, muscle spasms, throat start closing, flu symptoms, head pains, thats not a good drug and my sister is still young so I can imagine what it does to older people.

  46. Cynthia Wilson

    At the website, there are over 1400 detailed patient reviews for BONIVA. The vast majority of the reviews are negative and give specific symptoms that were caused by BONIVA. With this number of negative ratings, one wonders why the FDA would allow this substance to be used as a medicine. And I really think this is just the tip of the iceberg. I took just ONE pill over a year ago and am still suffering the effects of this drug after a professional dietary detox and electrical stimulation to my joints, which was expensive and time consuming.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Cynthia, it’s sad but true that the FDA is just not objective when it comes to approving and marketing drugs. 🙁

  47. nancy freeman

    I took 2 doses of Boniva and had extreme hip and back pain. Ive been a nurse for 30+ yrs and would never recommend this med

    • Shirley Ivers

      I took two doses the pain is better but still have intense burning and itching crazy.
      Is there relief for this at any point?

  48. Guillermo

    Ibendonitry acid injected in the vein is safer?

  49. Kathleen Milam

    My doctor prescribed Boniva for me a few years ago and I took one dose. When I woke up 24 hours later, I couldn’t move. My body was racked in pain, even moving my eyelashes caused me pain. I couldn’t stand, sit down, lie down or walk without excruciating pain shooting all thru my upper body. My doctor thought I was having a heart attack but I wasn’t. He sent me to the emergency room (Methodist Hospital at the Houston Medical Center) and the attending doctor had never heard of Boniva! I should have asked for someone else right there. I was given a lot of tests, some morphine which allowed me to sleep for 30 minutes, then told I had Plurisy and sent home! I spent three weeks lying on the sofa because I couldn’t even get into my own bed. I craved the pain killers every four hours because it allowed me to get a little sleep. It only started getting better when I took anti-inflamatory medication. Eventually, I was able to move my fingers slightly and it took another three weeks for the medication to go thru my system. My husband and I thought I was going to be paralysed in pain for good at the beginning. Not a very nice thought. My doctor reported the effects Boniva and said someone should be contacting me. I never heard from anyone, not surprising. This was an experience I will never forget.

  50. sheila

    has anyone taking strontium . are there side effects. please advise

    • Mary

      I have been taking Strontium (made from sea weed) with my liquid calcium for about 2 months with no problem. I got the vitamin from Vitacost along with the liquid calcium. It is said to help the calcium absorb. I’m so happy to find this web page. I took Fosomax for 4 months and quit last week. In the last 2 weeks of taking it I started having bad body aches in my back, ribs and my index finger also swelled up. I decided that my quality of life was much worse taking this medication and I quit. I told my doctor and she said I could take Boniva. I read up on the side effects of Boniva and told my doctor I wasn’t going to take it or the alternative IV medication (once a year IV for bone loss) either. I’m so happy to read of other women with the same issues and decisions to quit these types of medications. I will continue to take my vitamin D, Calcium and Strontium and keep walking 4 miles a day. If anyone finds better solutions please post. I just feel that any medication that causes such side effects and pain isn’t good. (except for cancer medications )

    • Kay

      Been interested. Where do u get it?

      • Joyce

        Mary said she gets the liquid calcium and Strontium at Vitacost. I believe that is a website! My Gyn has been trying to talk me into get on some of these Osto mess for 3 yrs since Ivwas diagnosed with some ostopenia and also osteoporosis! I have refused 3 years and finally I subcumbed reluctantly! I took my first once a month pill of Boniva yesterday, 3/8/17 I did not sleep hardly any through the night! When I woke up groghly, I ached all over especially my hips where I have the issue! I refused to stay in bed as I have not had the flu in over 15 years and I do not take the flu shot! This is rediculoius to take a pill that gives you flu symptoms! I am drained but I keep dragging along today! I hope tomorrow is better! I got on this sight to see how long these symptoms last, but I see it varys! I am praying for these to be gone tonight and I am back to normal tomorrow!! My Dr is just going to try to talk me into taking something else when I call her!! She is very persistent! I did ask her once if she would take it if needed of course she gave me the pat answer of course she would! Wonder if she would continue if she had all the side effects! I take calcium by pill and also powder and did osteo exercises with video for 3 years but didn’t seem to help! I think I am going to just pray for healing! Much better than these osto meds!!!!

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