What's Behind The Sudden Decline In Osteoporosis Ads? - Save Our Bones

Did you notice that there are no Boniva ads on TV lately? In case you wonder why Sally Field’s career as its spokesperson has been suddenly “grounded”, I have the answer. You see, Boniva’s patent expired in March of this year, so the FDA immediately approved the generic version of the hugely popular osteoporosis drug.1

Now that doctors can prescribe the bisphosphonate ibandronate sodium instead of Boniva, the drug faces competition, so inevitably, sales will drop. In other words, Glaxo Smith Kline (GSK) and Roche no longer have a financial incentive to spend millions of dollars on marketing a drug that has competition. Big Pharma, aided by the monopoly granting agency known as the FDA, likes to give its undivided attention – and allocate huge funds – to…

Patentable Drugs

Boniva’s 2011 ad campaign cost $73 million, and sales came in at $489 million.2 Indeed, the numbers are big! So now GSK is hoping to launch eight major new drugs and vaccines in the next two years.3 Get ready for new TV and print ads, new celebrities recommending the drugs, and maybe even newly invented “diseases” to fit new “miracle drugs”.

Now that the generic version of Boniva has entered the market, chances are that ibandronate sodium will reach an even larger audience. This means that yet more unsuspecting osteoporosis patients will be …

Risking the Exact Same Side Effects

Like all bisphosphonates, ibandronate sodium has a long list of side effects, including the dreaded osteonecrosis of the jaw. Judging by Boniva’s ad campaign, you’d never think that so many life-changing side effects are linked to this drug.

That’s why I wrote a Boniva ad that tells the truth. If you haven’t yet, I urge you to watch it. And for a good laugh about this serious topic, watch this short Saturday Night Live skit about Boniva.

As the saying goes, most jokes state a bitter truth…

Till next time,


1 https://www.webmd.com/osteoporosis/news/20120319/fda-oks-generic-boniva-for-bone-loss
2 https://www.fiercepharma.com/story/roche-keeps-dtc-boniva-while-others-cut/2011-03-10
3 https://www.fiercebiotech.com/story/gsk-touts-its-late-stage-drug-pipeline/2012-07-25

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  1. Jean Greer

    i am 78 years old and recent bone density test shows I have osteopenia. I work out at gym 3days a week, but am reluctant to take boniva as I have a lot of dental work and mild gastritis. Took fosamax for 3 years, but quit in 2006 because of articles I read regarding drug. Would like to increase by bone density naturally if I can.

  2. Nancy Bohr

    I need all the help I can get. I’m taking Prolia and having multiple side effects.

  3. Mary Butler

    I am very concerned about starting Boniva – now sitting on my desk – (or any of the other bisphosphonates) but I have osteoporosis after 3 density tests in 6 years that shows the condition worsening (-2.8 spine, and – 2.6 hip) and doctors, even a woman specialist, a endocrinologist, are advising medication strongly. I read that the large majority of people who have negative side effects from the bisphosphonates are those who have had extractions or similar dental work while on it, or who have taken it while they have cancer and are in those treatments, and who take it intravenously. I have a clean dental slate, and no cancer. But, I am very confused as most people say “take it,” the odds are against me if I don’t. I am not sure I can change my diet as I eat very healthy, but what I want which likely includes foods that are acidic – have to look up which is which. I love cheese and milk but don’t really over do, also (mostly red) wine everyday. I am so suspicious of these drugs! I feel like doing nothing but continuing as I do, enjoying my foods and wine, and just being very careful not to fall or injure myself. I am 61 years old and very slim, but in good shape and health – just take walks and am otherwise active, a little weight lifting in a “bone builders” class. In this class are two women older than me who took Fosamax for several years with no issues. What to do??? Follow my instincts, or go on these scary meds….

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      You know your body better than anyone else, Mary. I always encourage the community to trust their instincts!

  4. Marilyn Simone

    I have not had a bone density test in several years. My doctor understands that I will not take any osteoporosis drugs so there is no point in spending the money for the test. My last test showed slight osteopenia so I don’t know if that has changed. I try to follow your program and feel confident that all will be well. I am 77 and a 7 year
    breast cancer survivor. Marilyn

  5. Louise

    Is it okay to take calcium with wheat germ? Usually I have kashi with ground flax seeds and wheat germ along with almond milk in the morning, and I take a calcium with it. And thank you so much for all your valuable information! I have helped many friends understand the importance of ph balance and the terrible effects of the osteoporosis drugs.

  6. Jane Johnson

    Great commercial–I could see it you explained it so well. I wish those of us in the know about saving our bones could have enough money to blanket the TV airwaves with some great, legal, advise about those harmful FDA approved awful damaging drugs.

    Let’s see now–a lady bought Boniva, damaged her bones and made the drug company richer; so, in the long run, she could deteriorate more! That really seems cruel to do that to people. Chances are most physicians who prescribe these drugs know what they are doing is not good for their patient. But, since it is a money mill, they do it anyway and they think that makes it okay. I say it is criminal!

  7. Carolyn

    Hi Vivian,

    Is it bad to eat Yogurt if you have osteoporosis? Isn’t it a milk product which is not good for your bones.

  8. Leslie (Ms. L.)

    Hi! Vivian,

    I Couldn’t Remember If You Said Anything About Asprin Being Good, Or Not Being Good For Your Bones. Which Is It? Thanks Again For ALL YOU DO!

    LOVE, LESLIE (Ms. L.)

  9. Barbara McColl

    Hi Vivien, and everyone.,

    I am pleased to say I came off Protelos 2 a good while ago now, and I have never felt better, the side effects (dementia type symptoms and pains in lower legs, to name a couple). I would never go on any of their drugs again, I was on actonel and got 5 small spine fractures. I am doing your special exercises Vivian and also trying to eat the balance of food every day. I am a very healthy eater anyway and do not eat meat. I have told the doctors I am on a natural programme and they have accepted it. Thank you.

  10. Jean Bennett

    I have been on Zometa for about 1 and 1/2 years, interveinous drip once a month. My daughter sent me your article, read it and e-mailed it to my Oncologist. The next day another daughter sent an article by Dr, Mercola on Menaquinone, natural bone builder. I sent this to my Oncologist and she called me and said she had no problem with me taking Menaquinone. I am 2years post breast surgery and very happy to go off Zometa. I also quit Tamoxifen after reading all the side effects, Is there anything that would substitute for Tamoxifen? (estrogen blocker) Thanks, Jean

  11. Anonymous

    Unfortunately, I am on Aredia, a bisphosphonate used for treating breast cancer that has metastasized to the bones. I wish I didn’t have to take it, but it is part of my cancer treatment. That being said, thank you for the very helpful information on bone health. I still follow your suggestions on proper diet and incorporate some of the bone-strengthening exercises you have shared with us. I have had minimal bone pain, and I do attribute this to incorporating your suggestions to maximize bone health. Any information or input from anyone in this community who deals with treating cancer that has metastized to the bones?

  12. Jan Scarr

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge. I have the Save Our Bones book and find it very helpful. I have osteoporosis as of this year’s bone density test. I am trying to get calcium from my food and 1000 D3 every day with a multi vitamin. I have kefir with strawberries, half cup of multi grain cheerios and some ground flax seed and all bran buds for breakfast, soup and salad and yogourt for lunch and 2 veg and rice and potato with small amount of meat or fish for dinner and fruit for dessert. I stopped taking calcium supplements when there was talk of concern for heart problems in the news. I was drinking soy milk with my cereal every day but stopped when the news indicated some concerns with breast cancer and ovarian cancer. I had a hysterectomy in 2011 with stage one cancer. I then tried almond milk and found that I may have an allergy to almonds. May try it again. Rice milk is also in the news because of the arsnic on the rice so finding my choices limited. I noticed some cereals in the U.S. have higher calcium levels but they are not available in Canada. I also have burning mouth syndrome and neuralgia after a tooth extraction so cannot drink citrus fortified orange juice. It makes my mouth worse. If you have any ideas or suggestions for getting additional calcium into my diet, it would be appreciated. I also exercise with weights to increase my bone density. Thank you Vivian and I look forward to hearing from you.

  13. Herminia

    Thankfully dear Vivian, about the good news: What’s Behind The Sudden
    Decline In Osteoporosis Adds???.Is fantastic!!.Blessing.Herminia

  14. Ann

    Recently had a bone density test and my T score was -3.2 of spine.
    Hips were normal. My doctor recommended that I take Prolia. I am 77, exercise at a gym and play doubles tennis twice a week. I have two bulging disk in my lower back but do not have back pain. My recent results were about the same as the results of test I had two years ago and have not taken any type of medication. What are your thoughts?

  15. Gloria Kelsey

    I followed your save the bone program and just had my yearly bone density test……Yea!!!!!!I no longer have osteo. Thanks again for your inspiration.. Your book is most helpful…..I was determined not to take biophosphates…..I have been smiling ever since I got my report……My Dr. was really surprised. He was shocked….Thank u

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Congratulations, Gloria!! I’m so proud of you! Keep following the Program and “shocking” doctors 🙂

    • Linda

      I dont know you….. but am SO happy for you! Thanks for your encouraging testimony.

  16. nancy

    What is your opinion of Goat cheeses and goat yogurt, Plain of course? And, how much should one have a day, to be of any significant help.
    I do have your book, Save Our Bones, and find it useful.

    I am 75, and have Multlple Sclerosis. I also am alergic to beef and cows milk, wheat, peanuts, iodine, molds, etc… I do tolerate goat productsrather well. I also try to have 8 ounces, of a very, green smoothie every day with 1/3 of a Banana, 1/4 of an avacado,and 1/2 of a pear with skin left on. I eat mostly raw fruits and vegetables. I never cook my greens any more and I never drink fruit juices. I prefer the fruit itself. One of my favorites is an organic Kiwi with it’s skin left on. I enjoy 1/2 cup of blackbeans every evening with my dinner. They not only help me to be regular but they help me to have a better night sleep. I use between 6,000 & 10,000 units of VitaminD3 liquid drops held under my tongue for 30 seconds every day for the last 3 years. I use 1/4 cup of each of the following; Pumpkin seeds, walnuts, sunflower seeds, almonds, and tahin, and coconut flour, distributed over a week. My diet includes Salmon, Lamb, Mison, some chicken or turkey, and eggs. I am fond of a;most all Vgetables and greens, and use tomatoes quite often. I think dried Mason Figs and dried turkish apricots are yummy. I use Spelt in moderation, I also use Millet bread in moderation.

    I have had Chimo Therapy for MS 12 years ago once every three months for 18 months. Then, again 7 years ago monthly for 6 months. At the same time and also monthly for over 14 years, Steroid infusions for MS. It has been 4-1/2 years since I have stopped all of these forms of treatment. I have been on the drug copaxone as daily injections for 6 years. This, I have stopped as of 6 weeks ago. I walk very little and use a mobility chair most of the time as I have a very long house to get through. I use a motorized bicycle for 30 minutes daily. I also have an exercise pool that I use 4 times a week. The steroid and Chimo were not good for my bones. I am considered a low border line risk for osteoperosis. I have refused any mor meications. I was given an infusion of bone medication when I had the steroids. It was to last a year.

    It is a challenge for me to eat the way I have chosen,daily, because I prepare most of my meals myself, due to the food alergies, so I like to keep it simple. I also live on a fixed limited income. I do take an occasional Calcium suppliment.

    Have you any suggestions on how I can improve my choices or routine?

  17. Margaret Jones

    Thank you so much for all the information you give. At 73 and a bone density test result indicating I’m in trouble, I need reliable advice and appreciate all you give. The meds I’ve tried gave me an upset stomach and I do not want to take them again. I have your book and am trying to follow the program. In fact, ordered a ocuple extra for others.

    My question is this: Is buttermilk (non fat variety)alkalizing like plain yogurt?

    Thanks and God bless!
    Margaret Jones

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Fermented unsweetened buttermilk is fine. Remember that traditional buttermilk is not fermented. Enjoy!

  18. Avis Mawson

    I voted for Bone Healthy Recipes but I would also like to have been able to vote twice – and my second vote would Osteoporosis Exercises – these are both important.

  19. Sari

    I post alkaline recipes on my blog every week. Check them out and let me know how you are doing.

    • Mary

      Hi Sari

      I just checked out your alkaline website and it is great. I would like to give you feedback on the recipes I try but there isn’t a ‘contact’ mentioned so how would you get feedback?

  20. margaret beer

    I am in the process of moving, so may need to sent you a new e-mail address when I change. At ny new address the gym has the vibration plates which vibrate vertically. so I will be using these and see if they help. I am not at all domesticated when it comes to cooking, so what I realy neeed is a shopping list and recepies of not too expensive food, Live on my own so it would be good if I couldmake use of everything bought, at the moment I do throw some things and find vegetable go off before Iget to use them. Going to try to find a farm shop for these. The veg in UK supermarkets looks good, but goes off in a couple of days. Thanks for all your advice, really interesting, i send it on to friends. Thank you so much Margaret Beer

    • LynnCS

      If you are adventurous, You might join many of us who eat a lot of raw foods. It saves me from things spoiling as I use a high powered blender to create all kinds of smoothies. My green smoothies might include healthy seeds such as chia and/or flax…Also a big handful of greens, an apple for health and taste, and lemon with peel, and a chunk of (or powder) ginger. It’s a great start to the day and often I throw in some greens/vegis that might be past great and they work well in the smoothie. I just started by searching “raw food.” Good luck on your move and with the food plan.

      • LynnCS

        Make sure there is plenty of healthy water in that too.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Good luck with your move, Margaret!

  21. irene

    I have not seen any Sally Field’s ads in years. Blythe Danner has gone
    off the air too. What happened to Prolia? Did the company not offer
    enough money to continue. I am sure PRolia is around you just do not see
    Blythe Danner plugging it.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Actually GSK bought the rights to market Prolia from Amgen for $120 million. So now GSK has the rights to the drug for Europe, Australia, New Zealand and Mexico. And Blythe Danner is still involved with Prolia, especially through the Act 2 Reduce Fractures™ campaign.

  22. Carol Grant

    Vivian, Thank you ever so much for introducing me to the Waterwise 8800 water distiller system!! It is working like a dream and the water is great…such an improvement over lugging water jugs.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      I’m so glad you enjoy your Waterwise distiller, Carol! I also love to not have to schlep the heavy water gallons 🙂

  23. Marion

    I am so grateful that my sisterfound yur web page for me and tho’ I tell her this she never looks at it for herself unless I really push her into the area.

    Keep up the good works Vivien I just love it.

    Thanks a illion Marion

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Great to have you in the community!

  24. Captain Yoda GranPoohBah Master Sensei

    Once bovine milk was linked as a large factor in actually causing osteo the educated and enlighten few have been working the streets with this information. I personally have over 250 grateful souls that have taken bovine mucus(milk) out of their diet.

    • Linda

      Is yogurt in the same catagory as milk??

      • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

        Linda, yogurt is fermented, so if you get it plain and unsweetened, unlike milk, yogurt is alkalizing.

        • Linda

          Thanks Vivian.. I havent gotten your book yet. I have followed Susan Browns better bones info but am thinking you may have more info for me. I will wait for your next sale.

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