The Hidden Truth About Natural Antibiotics - Save Our Bones

You’d think that as a host, you couldn’t possibly ignore hundreds of trillions of guests. Yet you might be doing just that, or worse, you might be unknowingly harming them.

I’m referring to your gut flora, those microscopic inhabitants that populate your intestines and outnumber your cells by a factor of 10. Even though they’re bacteria, don’t think of them as intruders. Quite to the contrary. These microorganisms are essential for good health, including your bone health.

Your Friendly Flora Plays a Role in Bone Health

This might surprise you. Vitamin K2 or menaquinones is synthesized by the gut flora.1 If you have the Osteoporosis Reversal Program, you already know the importance of Vitamin K – and especially of K2. Its beneficial effect on bone building has been amply supported by numerous studies.

Gut Microflora Perform a Myriad of Functions

They are involved in many aspects of your health, including:

  • Digestion and carbohydrate utilization
  • Protection from pathogenic bacteria
  • Optimal immune system function
  • Detoxification
  • Allergy prevention
  • Reducing inflammation

How to Become a Better Host

In view of their importance to our health, it is obviously desirable to maintain a good flora population. One good way is to eat prebiotics – foods rich in nutrients that feed the friendly bacteria. Artichokes, garlic, legumes, asparagus, bananas and dandelion greens are among the highest in prebiotics. And you can also consider taking some probiotic supplements, especially if in the past you were prescribed antibiotics.

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1 Conly JM, et al. “The contribution of vitamin K2 (menaquinones) produced by the intestinal microflora to human nutritional requirements for vitamin K. Am J Gastroenterol. 1994. Jun;89(6):915-23.

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  1. Barbara

    Hi Vivian, Thank you for your emails. I’m new to all this as I was only diagnosed in Jan with bad osteoporosis (-3.3 in the lumbar spine) following a bad fall last May and had to have a hip replacement.
    I am 57 yrs old of tall slight build and have always been active and healthy. It was then discovered that I am also coeliac (no symptoms)! so I haven’t been absorbing nutrients properly ever!
    I was then sent to a top specialist here in Ireland who prescribed Prolia. When I said I would prefer to try to help myself with diet she said I was too bad and if I didn’t take the Prolia I could order my wheelchair now! I was horrified and very scared. Then I didn’t know if I was more scared of taking the drug or not taking it and I’m still wondering. I started supplements and am now looking at an alkaline diet. I notice I seem to be extremely acidic in the morning so maybe I’m losing bone over night?! My measurements seem to fluctuate greatly during the day.
    I am considering starting your program and buying your cookery book but I don’t know if it will be of much use to me as i’ve now started a gluten free diet.
    My family are worried too and can’t understand why I don’t follow the specialist’s advice.
    I have started aerobics and walk regularly using ankle weights.
    The trouble is I don’t know if I’m continuing to get worse! When should I have another Dexa scan? I should mention the last one was done last Nov but I didn’t get the results till Jan!
    Scared, Barbara

  2. Mary

    Above, Vivian mentions Vitamin K2. I would also add to use the MK-7 form @ 100 mcg.

    The MK-4 form can be useful but it takes closer to 3,000 mcg for it to do very much.

    That information is especially relevant to Canadian residents since all vitamin K is limited to 100 mcg.

    UTI’s frequently respond to taking d-mannose when they are caused by e-coli. It is a different type of sugar that makes it impossible for the e-coli bacteria to stick so they get excreted. Even disbetics can take d-mannose.

  3. erica contreras b.

    necesito saber si en Chile esta publicado tu libro….lo necesito. gracias

  4. roland francis

    i am an asthmatic. do you have any information to help me breathe better?

    • Clinton

      I had breathing, joint problems and headaches until I quit drinking milk. A study of casein might be interesting to you…Clint

    • abdulmageed

      Please try to make experiments on:
      1- Fenugreek beans.
      2- Camel milk.
      They are good for bones.

  5. Carol

    Went to a urologist last week and have an kidney infection. I have been perscribed an antibotic. I never like to take medicine and have drank cranberry and cooked cranberries.
    Vivian can you please tell be should I get the perscription or do you have a na known natural cure.

    • Clinton

      It might help you to study up on colloidal silver.

  6. Ian

    Hi Linda
    u r right , l have been following Vivian for years now, recommended it to so many people , but, l (we) have never found the , clicking spot, that costs you so much money, l have downloaded a couple of gr8 ideas, BUT the rest has been free, what we receive on this site, helps so many, hope u find yr relief. Bye

  7. Leslie (Ms. L.)

    Hi! Vivian,


    LOVE, (MS. L.)

  8. deborah

    Dear Vivian, I am taking TrueOsteo. I am supposed to take 1200mg of calcium for my osteoporosis but TrueOsteo is under 800. It has 1000 of d3 so I don’t want to take more. I eat well. I am not 80/20. But I was 50/50 and I am now 60/40 and almost to 70/30. I drink a cup of almond milk every day too. Do you think the TrueOsteo is enough mgs.? Thank you!

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Deborah, the good news is that when you take organic calcium, it’s so bioavailable that you don’t need more than 800 mg 🙂 And keep up with the Program, you’ll get there… I know you will…

  9. Mary Anne

    Why, oh why are bananas so popular and are so in everything. If you are one of the few that is highly allergic to bananas (think dying if I have even one bite) even reading about eating them makes me nervous. Of course I haven’t had dairy for over 50 years or bananas for over 60 years. The last time I had a banana I almost died. Since that time I really have to watch if I’m going to be at a buffet luncheon or pot luck dinner. You would be surprised what people will put bananas in. I know docs always want their patients to eat bananas for potassium but oranges and potatoes have way more and are more “user friendly”. Keep up the good work and I know about antibiotics — allergic to most every one that they ever used on me and almost felt like I would never get it out of my system — no more will I be an experiment for doctors!

  10. Jackie Waite

    Had a carcinoma removed from the tip of my nose. Antibiotics needed in this case.

    • Clinton

      Study…No one needs to get cancer and chemotherapy is a shortcut to the grave. Often it destroys your pancreas and you die from that and your death certificate will not mention cancer. There are many cures for cancer and the internet is loaded with them. For a start, you might look up Dr. Otto Warburg…he discovered what cancer is back in the 1920’s and has been ignored and denigrated by the medical profession ever since.

  11. kate

    I am making and drinking fresh kefir every day to heal my bones.
    It heals damaged intestines which in my case caused bone loss through not being able to digest properly nutrients from my food.
    It is possible to buy bottled kefir, but sourcing and using kefir “grains” (look on the internet) for home-made kefir is better.

    • Bettie

      What is Kefir?

  12. eileen

    I asked previously if you could recommend a safe, natural, plant based calcium but have received no reply. Could someone give me advice on this please?

    • Sharon

      I am sold on coconut water for my daily Calcium, Magnesium, & a general health tonic !! Although not something I drink for the flavor, ZICO(100% natural) is the best tasting one I’ve found so far. An 8 oz. glass is a 43 calorie drink with natural Calcium 29mg, Magnesium 18mg, Potassium 495mg, natural sugar 10g, Phosphorus 12mg, 5 essential electrolytes, Total carbs 11g, 0 fat & protein I don’t know about you, but for that much bang for my buck I happily drink about 6 oz. 2x a day, & feel better for it!!

    • Clinton

      You probably already are getting enough calcium. To get it to go to the proper places takes magnesium and probably a few other nutrients.

    • Bettie

      I take AlgaeCal Vivian also recommends it.

    • Linda

      I’d also like to know the answer to this question.

    • liz

      I take trueosteo. Vivian recommends it here:

      • Mary Kay Rudeen

        I take TrueOsteo also. I have it shipped every month for no shipping charges..Liz, do you take extra magnesium with the TrueOsteo..not much in the calcium brand but the guy said because it is plant based, I do not need it? Is this True???

      • Mary Kay Rudeen

        I take TrueOsteo also..I have it shipped every month and they forgo the shipping fee. Liz do you take any extra magnesium with the TrueOsteo??

      • eileen

        Thank you Liz, I appreciate your reply

  13. Jean

    I guess we’ve all been prescribed antibiotics from time to time; I’ve been blessed, haven’t needed them much, and then mostly for UTIs. As Vivian says, sometimes they are necessary. But I’ve found that drinking cranberry juice daily (25+%, 10 oz) has kept me infection free for a year, so although many experts say cran juice doesn’t do the job, it seems to work for me. Just sayin’

    • Clinton

      It may pay you to study up on colloidal silver.

    • christina

      I have had a number of UTIs. And what worked for me was the CranActin from a health food store. Just unbelievable.

    • Sylvia

      I paid $40 (USD) for this about 4 years ago. It is worth every penny.(I see that it is currently available for $19.97 with useful bonus books.) I have been able to cure my UTIs without going on antibiotics with the “12 hour action plan”. Though time consuming, it was well worth the effort to alleviate the pain and not take antibiotics. – Barton Publishing Inc.
      (I am in no way associated with Barton Publishing)

    • Linda

      cranberries are acidic

  14. Clairelise

    Thanks for looking at that …………. 🙂

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