Is Exercise Bad For You? New Study Says Yes - Save Our Bones

Every once in a while, news from the medical establishment comes across my desk that makes me laugh.

Today I am writing about one such case.

A recently released study suggests that not everyone may benefit from regular exercise, and that for a small fragment of the population, exercise may actually increase diabetes and heart disease risk factors.1

The new study analyzed data on 1,687 adults, compiled from six previous studies, including the HERITAGE Family Study, the DREW Study and STRRIDE.

The researchers set their own arbitrary parameters to determine adverse responses in risk factors for blood pressure, HDL-cholesterol, triglycerides, and diabetes. Based on those, they found that around 11% of study participants had an adverse change in at least one risk factor, and that 7% had adverse effects in two or more risk factors. Both results can be applied to men and women, independently of their age and health status.

So What’s Wrong With This Picture?

At first glance, the study seems thorough and broad. After all, the researchers reviewed results of six large and well-known studies. But a closer look reveals that the study is flawed. Here’s just one example: STRRIDE, (Studies of a Targeted Risk Reduction Intervention through Defined Exercise) enrolled sedentary and overweight participants who could not change their diet during the study.2

Exercise is an extremely important component of health, but exercise alone is not a panacea. That’s because health is brought about when all necessary components are present. Diet and other lifestyle habits are of critical importance. In other words, isolating one component of health is not an accurate way to gage health.

The Reason Behind Unreason

“Physical activity level and cardiorespiratory fitness are strongly and inversely associated with the risk of cardiovascular-, metabolic-, and aging-related morbidities, as well as premature mortality.”1

This is the first sentence in the study’s Introduction, which means that the researchers acknowledge from the get-go that exercise helps health. But they are looking for the exception, so they can rattle first the media and then the public. Of course, the media loves controversy, and a headline such as “Exercise May Be Bad for You” can turn around everything the public believes to be true.

The message they want to convey is that there’s no clear path to health. That staying healthy and fit is a lot more complicated than just eating the right foods, exercising, and making some easy lifestyle changes.

Mainstream Medicine, aided by the media, would like you to think that without them you’d be lost; that you need their guidance, because health is complex and only they know what you should do. In other words, they want you to forego common sense and to never be sure about what to do to be healthy.

The Right Exercise for You

If you’re following the Osteoporosis Reversal Program, you know that bone health is a lot simpler than Mainstream Medicine would like you to believe. That easy changes in diet and lifestyle can reverse osteoporosis and make a huge difference in the way you feel.

The same applies to exercising to help you fight osteoporosis. With this in mind I created the Densercise eBook System, an effective and quick way to strengthen the most important muscles and bones in your body. Thanks to the Density Training Method, critical bones such as hips, spine, shoulders, femur, wrists, fibula, tibia, and more are targeted for fracture prevention.

So what could be easier than to Densercise only three times a week for just 15 minutes to achieve the strength and balance you need to prevent falls?

Densercise, in a Nutshell

  • All 52 Densercise moves are illustrated and include instructions so there’s no guess work and you can clearly follow along.
  • A complete, full-body exercise system for your bones.
  • It clearly walks you through a complete 4 week exercise schedule.
  • Thanks to the super-targeted Densercise moves along with the Density Training Method, you only need to practice the moves for 15 minutes a day.
  • Each day has 3 moves that target different muscles and bones.
  • Everyday is different so you never get bored with the same old routine.
  • The Densercise eBook features a variety of weight bearing, resistance, flexibility moves and more, making it the most complete bone exercise system to date.
  • Plus you’ll get instant access to the Densercise Online Video Collection. Each move is demonstrated on video making it even easier for you to get started.

And now, the Densercise eBook is available at 60% off the regular price. So get started today.


1 Bouchard C, Blair SN, Church TS, Earnest CP, Hagberg JM, et al. (2012) Adverse Metabolic Response to Regular Exercise: Is It a Rare or Common Occurrence? PLoS ONE 7(5): e37887. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0037887 ;

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  1. don

    Exercise in moderation can be beneficial for the mind more so than the body. Much more important than exercise is the food you eat. Not a single person has ever extended their lives by exercising. In fact professional athletes have the lowest life expectancy of all of us. On the other hand, Millions of people have extended their lives and the quality of it by eating the way we were meant to eat. Someone or something planted all the fruits and veggies in the dirt for a reason. It just so happens that these plants have every single nutrient humans need to exist and maintain good health. It is also a fact that the spread of infectious disease is the result of poor nutrition.

    Eat naturally and never do a pushup and you will live a long healthy life. Eat garbage and go to the gym 7 nights a week and you will eventually live a disease filled life. Eat naturally and exercise excessively and you will probably shorten your life.

  2. juvy

    Dearest Vivian,

    Thank you so much for you excellent info. I love love reading it.

    I wish you well as always.

    take care, love from,


  3. Joseph Lee

    Hi, Debbie,
    Sorry to hear about your loved ones. And congratulations on beating your breast cancer. That is a fantastic feat.
    I wonder if you would share your experience how you heal the cancer.
    A friend was recently diagnosed with stage 3 cancer, had one breast removed, and is undergoing chemo. I’m hoping your knowledge could assist her. For example, what foods to avoid, what medical treatment was done, what did you do, etc?
    Thanks in advance for your consideration.
    Joseph Lee

  4. Karen Stryker

    Mr. Arrogance, must not have been born in a family with high cholesterol or blood pressure problems. My younger brother was in his mid-50’s when he pumped iron to stay fit for his 18 yr younger wife, and had a stroke and was left with no peripheral vision. His depression, lose of his job due to his handicap, shortly thereafter caused his suicide. Yes pushing your body can be harmful to your health! This motivated me to write the book SILENT THINK TIME which was just published. By doing yoga, walking, and all of the physical and breathing exercises and silent meditation can make one recenter and rebalance ones thinking so they can be aware what their body truely needs, not just what physical appearance they are trying to duplicate from neighbor Mr. Jones. note:

  5. Fay

    Dear Vivian,
    I am quite confused about my vitamin C & mineral powder – it contains calcium ascorbate and calcium phosphate as well as magnesium, zinc and hesperidin which I have previously considered a good product but I am worried in case the calciums are the wrong kinds. I haven’t seen these mentioned anywhere in the Save Our Bones program and am a bit worried because I already have mild artery disease & don’t want to take the wrong kind of calcium. I would really appreciate your advice on this. Thank you for all your research.

  6. Leslie (Ms. L.)

    Hi! Vivian,

    I Eat Most Of The Things In The SAVE OUR BONES Program. I’m Not Gluten Free, Because It’s Hard To Follow When Most Of Your Family Isn’t! And The Same With Red Meats. Although I Don’t Eat Much Of It, And The Same With Pork. Because I Do Like Pork Tenderloins And Pork Chops Sometimes.

    I Really LOVE Your Articles, And I Thank You For ALL YOU DO!


    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Thanks for your kind words, Ms. L 🙂

  7. Jo Ann Hoppe

    What do you think of Strontium which has just come to the USA to help strengthen our bones. Dr. Oz suggested 680 mg of strontium a day at least four hours aftr you take your calcium to prevent interaction. It can reduce the risk of bone fractures by 33%. Do think this is safe. I now take Red Mineral Algae for my calcium.

  8. Vincent J. Giliberto

    Which is the better nutrient, Marine D-3 or Resverstrol? For financial reasons I can only take one or the other.

    • Vincent J. Giliberto

      For financial reasons I can only take Marine D-3 or Resveretrol. Which do you recommend?

  9. Joel M. Wilson

    Correct that: I WOULD be broke financially. Joel

  10. Joel M. Wilson

    If I took every prescription medication that has been suggested or outright prescribed to me, I would not be broke financially and probably in far worse health from all the side effects. Search the web for information about a prescription that has been prescribed to you, and very likely you will find right on the Mayo Clinic web itself that the research on that drug does not properly prove that the drug is an effective cure for your condition. On top of that, the Mayo Clinic website will give information about natural remedies or outright cures for your condition. That, together with Vivian’s web, is why I do not take Fosomax, testosterone creme, stress or anxiety relief pills, oral thrush pills. I eat large quantities of fresh fruits and vegetables each day, no red meat or pig meat, nor milk. My health? I can do two miles in 25 minutes on my treadmill, I only weigh 151 lbs at 5’10” and age 50, and my relaxed pulse is in the low 60’s and sometimes under that!
    Joel M. Wilson

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Way to go, Joel!

  11. Ann

    Hi – I was diagnosed with Celiac disease almost 2 yrs ago and immediately had a bone density test which said I had severe osteoporosis. I am 56yrs old. I also had been on Prilosec for 20 yrs for reflux. The reflux went away with the gluten free diet so I have been off the pills for 1.5 yrs. Every doctor I see wants me to go on Fosomex and I won’t. Do you think your program is enough? I read in your book that there are some severe cases that are exceptions.
    Thank you

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Ann, it’s great that you are no longer taking Prilosec. Now you are absorbing nutrients more efficiently. To answer your questions, the Osteoporosis Reversal Program is designed to reverse osteoporosis and to improve the quality of bones so they have the necessary tensile strength to prevent fractures.

  12. Eileen

    I agree that exercise is not the panacea for good health and that exercise alone may not reverse modern chronic diseases. The more I learn about health and wellness, the more complex the picture. Unfortunately, that is the message that mainstream media wants to convey: it is too complicated for anyone but the Big Western Medical Establishment; the “science” (actually psuedoscience) is too hard to understand. If you replace the word “science” with “pseudoscience” then I agree with Big Medicine — because it not only lacks scientific basis; much of it is based upon non-mammalian physiology. Much of it is in journal articles, published by Big Pharma, throwing big words around to obfuscate the truth.

    When I see articles like the one Vivian published, it makes me want to go back to the pre-internet “stone ages”. Like a lot of other studies published on the internet, this one is half true. What I do know about exercise is that what is suitable for a young person is not necessarily suitable for an older person. I noticed a previous post about yoga. My experience was exactly the opposite and is an example of a half-truth. Most likely the DVD did not mention that you must have a strong root chakra (perineum) to do yoga. The solution is actually very simple: Kagel exercises. The lack of publishing that type of information is pathetic and only confirms the notion that most things, especially information that is low cost or free, have an ulterior motive. What I would like to see is the ability of non-experts to freely exchange information with experts without having to pay for each useful word.

  13. Nu Ly

    I bought the Yoga CD just two months ago. To tell the true, it is good for
    the young, I can’t do it. I bought The 7-Day Back Pain Cure on May last
    year. I had download the Denser Exercise lasr year around Nov. I know all
    excercises are important, I only can do acording my ability.

    Vivian, I heardily thank you for all your recommendations, sometimes, I
    don’t know where I can get the information and advise, no computer skill,
    this e-mail, I learned from my grand-son, the little boy, I cancel the
    computer class in next month, because my high blood presure is not in a
    steady condition. Nu

  14. stephen n.

    The inter cartalidge on both of my knee’s is gone. Is there away to re
    build it naturely or is the only way is to have an operation to replace
    them. S.J.N.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Dear Stephen,

      Cartilage remodels like bone, albeit at a slower pace. Vitamin C supports cartilage health, and aloe vera greatly helps relief inflammation.

  15. Feona

    This kind of ‘expert’ survey makes me spitting mad! We have a similar case here in the UK, where it’s been reported that ‘exercise does not help depression’! Read on and what is actually being said is that people who take medication or have therapy AND take exercise don’t seem to benefit from the exercise. The whole point is that exercise INSTEAD OF medication and/or therapy does show better results, but the Big Pharma doesn’t want this to get about, obviously, as they would lose money if people stopped taking their pills. Ther’s no mention of the side effects of the medication in this so-called research, which would probably negate any beneficial effects of exercise from the start.

    • Debby Carr

      I exercise 5 to 6 times a week only 30 to 40 minutes at a time usually 3 days a week on my REBOUNDER which is excellent for your immune system and bones and The other days I Do 30 minutes of strenth training which is excellent for your bones. I’m 59 and am a size 4 and use to be a size 12 before I started watching my SUGAR intake and I do a lot of green juiceing. Oh yes I forgot to say I had stage 3 breast cancer when I was 45 and have lost both grandmothers to brest cancer and 2 Aunts one at 31 of brain tumor and my brother died when he was 8 of a brain tumor. I was 9 at the time,so I know changeing your
      eating habits works.

      • Joseph Lee

        Hi, Debbie,
        ( I’m resending this to Debbie Carr as I did not click on the “reply” button previously, I’m new to this, and thus not sure whether she’ll see my request. Sorry for the duplication, Everyone. )

        Sorry to hear about your loved ones. And congratulations on beating your breast cancer. That is a fantastic feat.
        I wonder if you would share your experience how you heal the cancer.
        A friend was recently diagnosed with stage 3 cancer, had one breast removed, and is undergoing chemo. I’m hoping your knowledge could assist her. For example, what foods to avoid, what medical treatment was done, what did you do, etc?
        Thanks in advance for your consideration.
        Joseph Lee

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