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A study published this month in the Science and Translational Medicine journal titled “First-in-Human Testing of a Wirelessly Controlled Drug Delivery Microchip” proudly announces success at delivering the osteoporosis drug Forteo (teriparatide) to post-menopausal women.1

The drug delivery can be either pre-programmed or triggered by remote control using a dedicated radio frequency. By replacing injectable drugs, this is viewed as an effective tool to increase patient compliance.

A pharmacy in a microchip!

Researchers for MicroCHIPS, Inc. Robert Langer and Michael Cima – both MIT professors – had been mulling this idea since the mid 1990’s. The four month-long clinical trial began on January 2011, when microchips with 20 doses of the drug Forteo (teriparatide) were implanted in eight Danish women. The size of a coin and wafer-thin, the device was implanted at a doctor’s office using local anesthesia.

In Langer’s own words,

”You could literally have a pharmacy on a chip.You can do remote control delivery, you can do pulsatile drug delivery, and you can deliver multiple drugs.”2

In my own words: “This is scary!” Not only because this technology basically leaves no choice to the patient, but also because of the choice of drug. In ‘The Forteo Mystery: What You Should Know About This Puzzling Drug', I write that the drug’s mechanism of action is not understood and that laboratory rats (but thankfully very few humans as of yet) developed osteosarcoma, a rare cancer and the worst potential side effect of this drug.

Technology and ethics aside, the question boils down to why is the mainstream scientific community ignoring the dangers of drugs. Can’t they see what’s really going on? Because this week there’s…

More bad news about the nefarious effects of prescription drugs

A study just published in the British Medical Journal concludes that taking only 18 sleeping pills a year increases the risk of death by 3.5 times as compared to not taking any.3

Commonly prescribed drugs such as Ambien, Lunesta, as well as barbiturates and sedative antihistamines were included in the study of 10,529 patients who took these drugs. Those who took more than 132 sleeping pills per year had a five-fold death risk increase and a 35% higher risk of cancer compared to the control group composed of 23,676 people.

These sad statistics are not due to pre-existing conditions. Quoting the actual published text,

“Results were robust within groups suffering each comorbidity, indicating that the death and cancer hazards associated with hypnotic drugs were not attributable to pre-existing disease.”3

And here’s what really surprised me. The researchers don’t end with the usual “more studies are needed to confirm this.”

Next, there’s more bad news about drugs, because a brand new study shows that…

Regular aspirin therapy greatly increases the risk of vision loss

A large study across Europe published on January 2012 in the Opthalmology journal found that two aspirins a day substantially increase the risk of wet macular degeneration, also known as aging macular disorder (AMD).4 More severe than dry macular degeneration, this condition is the number one cause of vision loss in adults over the age of 50.

Symptoms of advanced macular degeneration can end up in blindness. The disorder often starts with a dark area in the center of vision, resulting in difficulty reading, driving or performing other tasks, especially as the condition advances.

Dr. Paulus de Jong and team of the Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience and Academica Medical Center in Amsterdam conducted the study of 4,691 participants aged over 65 years. They also noted that,

“Frequent aspirin use was associated with early AMD and wet late AMD, and the ORs rose with increasing frequency of consumption.”4

But aspirin therapy seems to “recover” quickly from negative reports. Previous studies – vigorously disputed by some – have shown that aspirin regimens may carry more risks than rewards.

And now, I’d like to end with…

A BIG thank you…

For opening up your heart to my son Michael, who has Juvenile diabetes, and to me as well. I’ve received many emails, cards, and even books about diabetes from Save Our Bones community members. Michael and I thank you and are truly moved by how much our community cares.

Indeed, both types of diabetes are a challenging condition. So if you or someone you know is struggling with Type 2 diabetes, please check out The 30 Day Diabetes Cure (Tip: you can click the ‘Read this Report Instead' at the bottom right of the webpage to read the video transcript). It offers a natural, realistic, and scientifically backed solution based on easy and common-sense nutritional and lifestyle changes.

Stay healthy, naturally!


1 https://stm.sciencemag.org/content/early/2012/02/15/scitranslmed.3003276
2 https://www.pharmaceutical-technology.com/news/newsworlds-first-trial-on-drug-delivery-microchip-proves-successful/
3 https://bmjopen.bmj.com/content/2/1/e000850.short?g=w_open_current_tab
4 Paulus de Jong et al. “Associations between aspirin use and aging macula disorder. Opthalmology. Volume 119, Issue 1, pages 112-118. January 2012.

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  1. Suzanne

    I am a happy newcomer and have three questions:

    1) I’m lactose intolerant and also suffering from gluten allergy. What would you recommend instead of whey protein – post exercise and in general? Is soya protein OK? Any particular brand you would recommend?
    2) I’m very interested to find out more about melatonin and bone formation. Do you have any information or advice to share?
    3) I’m alo very interested to find out more about the use of essential oils and bone formation. Do you have any information or advice to share?
    Many thanks for your advice!

  2. juvy

    Thank you Vivian for the good information about osteoarthritis.But my problem is different. I have Rheumatoid Arthritis, which I believe it is not covered in your area of researched.

    If you have some suggestions of foods to eat and avoid it is very much welcome with thanks and very much appreciated.

    Even to the readers of this column who can help me about Rheumatoid Arthritis I would be very happy to recieve it with thanks and gratitude of course.

    kind regards,


  3. Avis Mawson

    I ordered a set of your books this morning. Although I already have one set when my sister comes she is interested so I thought would have a set on hand. Right now my lower back is bugging me so I’m trying to overcome that and with your instructive manuals I’m sure I shall win. Thanks Vivian.

  4. Ruthie simmons

    I can feel a big push coming from my doctor to do Reclast as I have osteoporois of the spine. I hope to stand my ground because of all of your information. Any comments would be appreciated. Thanks!

  5. Daphne

    Thank you so much for all your work!!I got your book save our bones,and follow it.Thanks again.Daphne

  6. gloria

    This is the first time I’ve heard of a microchip being used as a drug! I think this is terrible and should be banned. It’s all about money.
    Sorry to hear about your son. I’m sure he will receive the best care. Having a Mom who’s the best Nutritionist is a great Blessing!


  7. dolores muller

    Is Boniva a threat to my health?

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Hi Dolores – You can read my review of Boniva here:


      • Marie

        I’m so sorry to hear about your young son’s diabetis. Thankfully he has you for a Mom and with all your knowledge of natural healing he’s in good hands.

        My husband and I are in our late 60’s We were told by the doctor to take 2 baby aspirins a day to keep a healthy heart.
        I’ve started having eye issues( possible clacoma) and our wondering if it’s from years of taking aspirin. What do you think?

  8. Annamay Brown

    Thank you, again for the information. My daughter and I are studying the book, “The 30 Day Diabetes Cure”. Charlotte has already given up 2 Metformin pills a day, so she has proven that it works. My Doctor put me on NPH injections last year when I was forced to go off the pill (Avandia) which was banned by the WHO. The food industry has North Americans adicted to “sugar & salt”, which they put in all our processed food. To combat this epidemic, we will have to go back to what the Cavemen ate, natural and raw. When asked, “Do you eat any red meat at all?”, I answered,” yes, I eat Buffalo meat, because I know it has no pesticides or homones in it. We are going to go back to the old ways of producing food if we intend to survive. Keep up the good work, Vivianne,I believe in you.

  9. Stephanie

    Dear Vivien:

    Thank you for your fine articules which I read with great interest. Sorry to hear of your son with diabetes. My husband was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and controlls it with the right food. Thank you for all your hard work.

  10. elle

    I am going for a Osteoporosis Screening at Costco and the procedure only screens your foot. Have you heard of this type of screening and can it be compared to a dexa test I had 16 months ago? Thank You..

  11. Vicki

    Know anything about a bone density medication called Prolia? The website has a jaw bone death warning, like Biphosphonates, etc. Thanks.

  12. Tina

    Hi Vivianne, very distressing to hear of your son being diagnosed with diabetes! Here kids are screened at birth and if any diabetes is familial they immediately start them on a B vitamin, might pay to ring the Auckland Medical School in New Zealand that developed this research. It kept heaps of kids from actually getting diabetes and if they did got it later in life and in a light form! But if notit can lead to a healthier life style and managed fine, so don’t panic! I have friends that have diabetes and are happy, healthy and have children who all got the B vitamin regime and none developed it so far, 35 years in!

  13. Elaine Schaeffer

    Vivien, prayer to you and Michael. Diabetes is awful.I see so much with family, friends. Just catching up on email and reading this one last. Blessings to you and all who suffer with this illness.

  14. Margaret

    So sorry to hear about your son’s diabetes. Will be praying for both of you.

  15. Helen

    Thank you for the info, and all info you’ve been sending, Vivian. Best wishes to you and your son, Michael. Take care!

  16. Cheryl

    Hi Vivian – Didn’t know about your son until just now. He’s lucky to have such a caring mom who helps so many people. I know you’ll see to it that he’s on the best track possible for his health. My family and I will keep him in our thoughts.

  17. mary t ball

    So sorry to hear the news of your son Vivian. Hope you find some means of curing this awful disease for him. Your aricles are a mammoth Godsend to all of us lay people ….. so much information not normally passed on from GPs.
    Many many thanks. Mary.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Dearest Mary and Elizabeth – Thank you so much for the kind thoughts and prayers on behalf of Michael. It means more to me than I can say. 🙂

  18. Elizabeth M. Wright


  19. Anni

    Please help me. Our daughter (early 40’s) has been told by her dentist that the bone in her gums is shrinking and she needs very expensive treatment from a specialist. I immediately told her about SOB and that she should start your program immediately as the females in our family have bone density issues. I also question her dentist’s advice – but I would hate to be giving her incorrect information. Can SOB increase the bone density in her gums. It all seems logical to me.

    Thank you so much – I tell all my friends about SOB and urge them to start ASAP.


    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Hi Anni – I’m very sorry to hear about your daughter’s dental issues. Following the Osteoporosis Reversal Program could help, but I can’t say for certain that it would work in this case. Bone loss in teeth is independent from bone loss elsewhere in the body. The mouth is its own ‘ecosystem’ with bacteria, saliva, etc., and I haven’t researched dental bone loss in depth. I wish your daughter the best moving forward.

  20. Margaret

    Vivian, thanks for this info. This is about the effects of aspirin. I’m concerned about my husband, who takes aspirin daily. He has been diagnosed with Atrial Fibrillation. He was on Coumadin, then switched doctors. And his mom had Macular Degeneration. Do you have any suggestions?

    • Linda Flanigan

      Hi Margaret- I was diagnosed with AFib thre years ago(mine is considered intermittent) My Dr, wanted to put me on coumadin and I chose not to. I am on a betablocker (Atenol) and I also take COQ10 along with baby aspirin. However, please read Dr. Stephen Sinatra’s book (I found mine at Vitamin Cottage)He is a well known cardiologist in N.Y. and he recommends a very good regimen of COQ10, L.Caratine,and Ribose, I beleive for atrial fib. I just got the book and will ask my cardiologist this month about it when I go for my yearly. She had recommended taking COQ10 a year ago.Dr. Sinatra”s book covers everything regarding the heart and problems. I wish your husband good health. AFIB can be a little scary, but if he can control his blood pressure, avoid sodium (i no longer will eat chinese food, because I had an episode after that), excersize (walking) and keep his stress levels down, he will be fine.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Hi Margaret – The cautions about aspirin include all aspirin dosages (remember, the study on fracture healing found that dosage didn’t play an important role compared to length of therapy). You might want to consult with a naturopathic doctor or other alternative health practitioner about other natural and effective ways to prevent blood clots. Many herbs and vitamins have powerful blood thinning properties without the risk of synthetic drugs.

  21. Avis Mawson

    Sorry to hear about your son having diabetes but it is amazing how quickly youngsters adjust to it. I did get the book the 30 day cure. I am in the process of reading it and then I will try the things they recommend. I have found by taking 4 PGX tablets (2 in the morning and 2 in the evening at bedtime) it brings my blood sugar way down. It also makes me feel better. I don’t know if it works for everyone but my friend and I have found it to be very beneficial. We are both Diabetics II. Hope you son is in full control of his problem and will learn to live with it as we all have to.

    • Paula

      I have a question for Mavis… you can pass on my email to her…. How have you worked taking PGX at night? Did you snack with it? How did you work at taking it around medication time? I am diabetic too and have been taking PGX… but not such a high dose and not at night… I wondered if it would help the blood sugar readings in the morning… it is usually high and I’ve not found a solution…
      thanks Vivian for passing this on…

  22. Virginia

    My daughter was diagnosed with Juvenile Diabetes at the age of 13 (she is 51 now). While she was in the doctor’s office having the glucose tolerance test done, I was in the waiting room reading an article in a magazine written by a doctor. He said he noticed an upsurge in juvenile diabetes following mumps epidemics. It’s as though the pancreas, in trying to fight off the mumps virus, kills off its own insulin producing cells. As soon as I got home, I wrote a letter to that doctor and told him he had “hit the nail on the head.” My daughter had had a mumps-like virus a year or so before being diagnosed with diabetes. In 2004, she had kidney failure and fortunately, received a double organ transplant (kidney and pancreas) and is doing well. I thought you might be interested in the connection between mumps and the onset of juvenile diabetes. Best of luck to you and you son, Michael.

  23. olga

    Thank you for your great investigation. I am sorry not reading about Forteo.I got a bad experience; side effect was so bad;I got severe muscle pain.
    When I stopped the injection, the pain almost disappeared,

  24. Anita


    I contacted Eli Lilly, the company making Forteo about a year ago (4/2011) after my doctor recommended I take it. At that time, the Lilly rep told me that there HAVE been HUMAN cases of osteosarcoma in those taking Forteo. They would not give me the exact number of people that had contracted the cancer however. I elected, until given that information, not to take the drug.

    • irene

      You are smart not to take Forteo. You can tell a doctor there are known cases of osteosarcoma and they are in
      disbelief. The FDA is falling short of its responsibilities to the public. There are cases of people developing cancer after taking Forteo and family
      members cannot get the doctor to report it. My endo was shocked and told me doctors have a responsibility to report this information. They do not.

  25. Sandra

    Thank you for the great articles! And all the great comments. I am 67 and have good bone health. So far….but my oncologist wants to put me on a newer cancer drug, whose side effects include bone loss! Have been on Tamoxifen since 02/2009 after breast cancer. I’m in a quandary ….. Take it or not. I am very low risk for return of cancer.
    Pharmacological microchips!! That is truly scary! Think what could happen to our masses if we ever end up with a faciast type of government! Now ” big brother” would be doing more than just watching!
    Thanks Vivian for all your great info
    Sandra in Seattle

  26. Jean

    This is for Fortunato: Just below the “Save Our Bones” logo at the top of every article, there is a “Contact Us” site that you can click on for how to order without a charge card. You can send a check or money order to this address along with your order. That’s how I ordered the program, and there’s plenty of access to answer any other questions as well. Hope this helps!
    Like others, I am appalled at the arrogance of the idea of installing a chip in someone to deliver potentially dangerous medication, without the patient’s control. What are these scientists thinking!

  27. Linda

    You and Micheal are in my prayers. Finding out your child has a devastating disease is devastating. You have given so much to the community and we all thank you for the bottom of our hearts.

  28. Hester

    Hi Vivian – this article is very informative. Thank you so much for all your hard work and research that you have done. We appreciate it very much.

  29. Heidi Lamay

    Hi Vivian,

    I just read your comment about your son having Juvenile Diabetes. I have an 11 year old daughter who was diagnosed about a year ago. I have been on a quest to learn everything I can about how to help keep her in the “honeymoon” stage as long as possible so that her pancreas keeps working even a little. I bought the 30 day Diabetes cure book awhile ago because I knew that although I may not be able to “cure” her I could dratically reduce the amount of artificial insulin she uses. We have been very successful and her A1C is currently 6.2

    As always with Big Pharma making so much money off the disease, i am sure it will be concerned mothers like us who ultimately find the cure.

    I bought your Save Our Bones program because my Mom has Osteoporosis and I wanted to avoid developing it if I could. I really appreciate the work you are doing to help people recover their health. Keep speaking out on our behalf.

    Best Regards,


  30. M.Angie Absten RN

    I tell everyone I see about your site as just about anyone knows of someone with the osteo situation. Personally I do not have that problem but have found an antinflammatory that is safer in cat’s claw. I use 500 mg 2x/day for a L shoulder injury which includes nerve pain along my L arm and hand. I have found a new all natural help also in lamanine. I take a capsule in the am on an empty tummy with fluid. The usual discomfort is gone in ten to fifteen minutes. It lasts for me about eight to ten hours. It was developed as an anti cancer RX in 1928.The inoculate of a nine day old organic chicken egg. Freeze dried now, is also antidepressant and sleep and energy aid. mylifpharm.com/aabsten.

  31. Adele Zelenka

    Good morning Vivian – You and Michael are in my prayers. How diabetes happens in children is beyond me. I hope and pray that someday, research will find that it is preventable before the woman becomes pregnant!

    I’ve been on your Osteoporosis Reversal Program and find it quite uplifting. I was diagnosis last fall and the doctor’s nurse called me one morning and said I would have to go on Forteo. This made me very angry that a nurse would call me and tell me what I had to do. So, I went on the internet and found your program. It will be awhile before I can have the bone density test but I’m confident that I will have overcome this condition. My number was -2.5, I’m Scandinavian and have never been obeese so I fall into the catagory really well along with being post-menapausal and 70 years young.

    I then got my husband on the “30 Day Diabetes Cure” in February. (No easy task!) It goes nicely along with my program to save my bones. Except for the fact that more acidic foods are allowed right off the bat. It did help get through the first 10 days with no bread, wine, rice, fruit or pasta.

    He’s sticking with it since reading the book would scare anyone straight.He does not need to loose much weight but it is a very good sign when you are.

    People seem to think that they can cure anything they have with pills and would rather do that than be disciplined. I’m one of those people. Now, I have to also watch what I give to my grandchildren when they visit and love the sweet stuff and have some bad habits of not wanting any food unless they know that it is good and part of their usual repertoire. My mother would have never allowed me to say: “I don’t want any.”

    Thank you and I pray that your family’s good health will completely be restored! Shalom, Baruch Haba, Adele Zelenka

    • LynnCS

      Sweet stuff in my house is fresh fruit. Pineapple, banana, mango makes a beautiful bowl of fruit, or eaten out of hand. Kids love the sweet taste and come back for more. Gratefully we can eat all we want with no side effects. My granddaughter was diagnosed with Type I diabetes at 11 yrs old and is enjoying a happy life now at 20. I may not hear all that is happening, but I do know that she appreciates and prefers healthy natural foods. I believe you and I have helped. The main thing is getting enough fiber to offset any natural sugars. Low fat is essential. Thanks for all you do. Lynn

  32. irene

    I have not been on this site for awhile. Recently my mother’s vitamin dropped from 46.9 to 35. We tried liquid vitamin D and K and we feel that is why it dropped. The endocrinologist put her on 50,000 I.U of D and after
    two weeks we had some problems with constipation but week three was the clincher I took her off it. Things got better but I also took her off calcium 500 mgs. Her primary suggested we lower the dose to 5,000I.U. within 5 days prettty much the same symptoms plus now the diarrhea. When I start her up again, it will be on 2,000I.U. of D. I am concerned about kidney problems so I am watching her. I took 5,000I.U. of D because my D
    dropped to a low number and I was borderline defcient. After 21 days,I had
    stomach pains, sweating, hyperventilating,and diarrhea. Vitamin D can be a problem if you take too much and I want to warn people becareful, even under doctors orders it can hurt you.

  33. R Mackay

    Just wanted to thank you so much for this very valuable information. The remote control of delivering multiple drugs is very, very scary.

  34. pili

    Hi Vivianne
    First thank you very much for your information.
    Ive been taking Solaray 75 multis and minerals for a while now apart from a complex for bones .I wonder if it is safe to take b complex vitamins, especially vitamin b6 at 75mg for a long time.I have to say i have been much better since i take it, energy levels and my acid reflux got better as well.It gets very confusing, how do you know you are taking too much??
    Thank you for your support

    • Maureen Cooper

      Hi Pili
      Most B vitiamins are water soluble so it is actually very difficult to overdose. Some vitamin specialists such as Earl Mindell would recommend to have a vitamin free day once a week which should put your mind at rest.

  35. claire

    Vivien, I’ve recently completed a course as a Metamedicine Health Coach. One of the illnesses we looked at particularly was diabetes. According to this model there would have been a specific event that was dramatic, unexpected, experienced with some degree of isolation ( maybe he didn’t like to tell you about it, just kept it to himself or didn’t feel he had been understood)and where he felt powerless to deal with it – and this event would have set the disease process in motion. It might have been something which in our eyes would seem really small. It would have had something to do with resistance or fighting against something or somebody, or finding somebody or something scary or disgusting. Should this ring any bells with you or your son it would then be possible to work on removing the stress associated (maybe unconsciously) with the event and this would support all the wonderful work you’re doing with his diet.There are many approaches to reducing stress around the event – kinesiology, EFT, NLP, hypnosis, Matrix Reimprinting are just some I know about myself. All best wishes, Claire, Italy

  36. Eleni Fountoulaki

    Dear all,
    Its really very helfull for me this site. Thank you very much for sending me all this information.
    I would like to ask you few things. I was dignosed with osteopenia two years ago. Since then I am taking supplements of vitamin D and Ca the 1st year and the 2nd I am taking OSTEOGARD from LAMBERTS which contains Ca,vitamin D, vitamin K, Mg and Boron. This month I will repeat my bone scan as well as some haematological tests. My doctor advised me to take Evista drug. What is your opinion about that is it safe?
    Thank you very much for your time

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