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As so often happens with new osteoporosis drugs – and Reclast infusion is a fairly new treatment – the truth becomes shrouded as pharmaceutical companies make grabs for money, power, recognition, and more money. The humble osteoporosis patient gets lost in the proverbial shuffle. She hears the doctor’s diagnosis of osteoporosis as if it were a deadly disease, and she hears the doctor’s prescription for a drug that is supposed to help. She also hears how this new drug is superior to oral bisphosphonates, because this one is delivered directly into the bloodstream in the form of an infusion. This means no gastric side effects! And now the icing on the cake: she only has to take the Reclast infusion once a year, and the procedure takes only 15 minutes!

This patient may then mistakenly think that the problem of nasty side effects of osteoporosis drugs is solved. I hope this anonymous patient finds the Save Our Bones site in time, because the unfortunate truth is that Reclast infusion is a new treatment with an old story.

Infusion Confusion

Sadly, more than one case of Reclast infusion has resulted in deadly kidney failure, leaving hurt and confusion behind. Why didn’t the doctor warn them? Those who survive the horrible side effects of Reclast infusion are also left wondering why they weren’t warned of these possible side effects. They are also left with lasting side effects from renal toxicity.

What is causing all this confusion? It’s not only a lack of information; it’s also bad information. It’s the old story of osteoporosis drugs being touted as “the” cure for this “disease,” only to find out that horrible side effects are just around the corner. Why didn’t the doctor warn you? It’s entirely possible that he or she isn’t even aware of the risks. In fact, as I pointed out in this post, the FDA was being urged to tell Novartis, the maker of Reclast, to give proper warning information to those physicians who prescribe their drug.

The Old Story

Here are some things you may not have thought about in connection with Reclast infusion, this new treatment with an old story.

  • Reclast stays in your system for at least a year (hence the annual treatment). This means that you’re stuck with the drug and its side effects for as long as it’s in your system. If you experience unpleasant side effects, there’s no way to stop taking Reclast; it’s in your body for a year, doing its damage.
  • Renal failure as a result of Reclast infusion can quickly become fatal as doctors can’t remove the drug from your bloodstream.
  • There’s no accurate way to tell just how much Reclast is in your system before you receive your second dose the following year. For some patients, the second treatment is “too much” and the renal failure results from the toxic overload.

Too Much at Stake

There’s just too much at stake to even try Reclast infusion. It’s not just a question of brittle bones and the “usual” side effects of bisphosphonates; this treatment goes farther, delving into the dangerous territory of intentional toxicity to obtain an effect. This may be a fair trade off in life-threatening diseases, but it’s simply too great a risk for osteoporosis, which isn’t even a disease! It’s just a matter of healthful balance, and Save Our Bones can get you there. There’s nothing confusing about this science-backed program, and it’s totally risk-free (I even have a 365 days Money Back Guarantee). As I said in another post, the Osteoporosis Reversal Program is not just another natural treatment – it’s the treatment! It’s the only thing that really works because it restores your body to a place of balance.

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  1. Linda Newsom

    I had a reclast treatment two years ago I still suffer the consequences . I had my reclast treatment went home felt fine until the next morning I could not speak coherently or walk! My daughter called me she not live near me I gurgled could not talk the paramedics were called ! I have had significant memory loss as a consequence of taking that drug. Do not take this drug I was told it was very safe .

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      How frightening, Linda!

  2. Dexter


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  3. Susan

    After 4 fractures in my back over a 16 month period, after bottles of calcium and vitamins and gallons of milk, i am having Reclast infusion next week. I am 66 and have osteoporosis. Diagnosed last winter, after the last fractures. Braces that weigh a ton, no sleep , constant pain, norco pills, and the fear of more fractures, i decided why not. My doctor is very supportive and i have read horror stories AND success stories. I will try to let everyone here know how it goes…
    It has to be better than the fear of more fractures. I want to live again, actively and it’s time to trust the doctor. Time to move, walk, and not worry about the NEXT none break.
    God bless everyone.

    • Tamera

      I think you are exactly right! you know what you’re getting into. you’ve read all of the information. you know what you’re going to have to put up with if you don’t do something more then what you were doing. I wish you all the best & prayer up for you!!
      I cannot take the oral medicine for osteoporosis so this will be my third year of the reclast infusion. I’m supposed to go this month & haven’t decided yet if I’m going to or not. some of the stuff I’ve been reading is absolutely terrifying! But on the other hand I watched all my aunts and my great-aunt’s later in life with a lot of breaks & fractures. I’ll just have to pray a little more about it first before I decide.

      • Daisy Duck

        My doctor want to put on this. But my gut tell me not to. I have sic on both kidney’s . If I take this drug. My kidney will stop or I will die. I been doing my homework. On this. I keep coming up. So times doctor are wrong. Ion this stuff. I cant take med to go. I am 62 and I think stick my vita and Algae Cal again. for my bones. There other way help your bone.

        • Bee Coppola

          I am planning my second yearly “Reclast” infusion….I had no fractures in 2018, (spine in 2017 & ribs in 2016)….

          I too have thought a lot about this infusion and decided that
          over a million people from the (U.K.) have this and don’t know
          it!!!! It’s PAGET’S Disease of the bone…..
          I want to live more years free of broken limbs, I’m 75yrs old!
          What are your choices???????

  4. Angela Ross

    I’ve been reading so many negative and scary comments in this forum, and now I’m wondering if ANYONE has had a Reclast infusion WITHOUT any severe or long lasting side effects. Have any of you had a good experience with Reclast?? I just had my first infusion yesterday, and I do feel “flu-like” symptoms, such as body aches, some swelling and fogginess.
    I’m starting to regret getting this infusion, but I’d feel a little more encouraged, if I can hear from someone for whom the side effects disappeared in a few days. Please comment. Thanks

    • suzie b.

      I had my first bone scan when I turned 50 and was well into osteoporosis. I tried Boniva but it upset my stomach. I have had 7 years of Reclast infusions without any noticeable side effects.
      My bone scans showed no worsening for 5 years, then much worse recently. I just had my first Prolia injection today. No side effects. My mother had a hip fracture at age 72 and passed away from pneumonia within 10 days, due to being on hospice for early Alztimers.

    • BWRK

      I took reclast for a couple of years and didn’t need anymore until this year. You do get the aches ,etc just like you are but within the week they go away and I never had anymore side effects. So I think you will be fine. They say you need your dentist to release you for reclast.

      • Daisy Duck

        that funny .The doctor up in Nashville TN said you going have pull your teeth before we start. I wrote back to them I told I haven’t had teeth since was 15 yrs old. that when I lost mine. this might be a new drug but still have same side effect like the old drug. do your homework and ask people about this drug. before you take it.

    • Tamera

      My flu like symptoms only lasted a short time. Then the following year when I had it done I didn’t have all of the symptoms that I had the first time. They were less severe the second time around. I cannot take any of the oral medicine for my osteoporosis the reclast infusion was my last option and with everything I’m reading about the negative reviews its scaring me also!

    • Emily

      My doctor also wants me to have the infusions- I, however, have several friends who have had them. One had the flu like symptoms that lasted for a month but nothing afterwards. Another had no side effects and her bone density increased so well that the insurance wouldn’t pay for another infusion as they claimed she didn’t need it. My third friend had no side effects but no increase in bone density either. I, like you, and wondering.

      • Lynn

        I have had Reclast Infusions for 6 years now. No side effects, bones have improved and I am a Graves Disease survivor, had to have my Thyroid removed 7 years ago. I tried the oral medications and actually had my throat close up…………… Reclast was fine. We are all made difference your Dr should know you best!

      • Tamera

        I had the flu like symptoms my first time and a massive migraine lasted for about 3-4 days. The second time I had it done I didn’t have the flu like symptoms as severe and I was prepared for the migraine so I took my medicine 45 minutes before my appointment it did help. After all of the research I’ve been reading I’m very concerned about continuing it for this year because they say it causes kidney failure. I cannot take oral medications for my osteoporosis but I still don’t know if I’m going to continue the reclast infusion. do whatever you think is best for you.

    • Linda Rushton

      I have had reclast for 2years. Had no side affects. My bone density results have improved. Went from -2.2 to -2.0. Will stop injections and see if my improvement holds. Consider your options, and do what is best for you.

  5. Joyce

    After reading all these comments I’m was concerned, but now I’m terrified. I’m not going to take Reclast. This drug is too new and to few positive comments or results.
    What are my alternatives?

  6. T. Rodriguez

    My doctor is recommending Reclast infusion. I’m leary of this drug. I’m trying to obtain information from others about their experiences.

    • Tamera

      If you are able to take the oral medications for osteoporosis I would do that if it was me. I don’t have that choice so that’s the only reason I agreed to the reclast infusion. with all of the research I’ve done they say it causes kidney failure.

  7. Lil

    My mothers endocrinologist called me yesterday to say my mothers Deb a reports seem to say her bones are worse and now what to try the reclast. When I told my mother she admitted that she hadn’t been taking her Boniva. Should I cancel the reclast injection for her??? Ugh!

    • Tamera

      If I was able to take the Boniva I would not do the reclast infusion! The only reason I’m doing the reclass infusion is because I cannot take Boniva or any other oral medication for osteoporosis. Reclast infusion was my last resort and now I don’t know if I’m going to continue with it.

  8. Billieanne king

    I am 53 yrs old and have had osteoporosis since I was in my 40’s. I have tried all the different bisphastates from all the orals to giving myself injections of forteo! But my dexa scan continued to get worse! (High risk of fx! I was told that it was so bad that i could just walk across the room and my back or hip would break) So my Dr started me on Reclast infusions about 7 years ago! After the first two my dexa scan did not improve but held me steady. I decided not to do anymore b/c of the side effects! I would feel awful for weeks! So I rationale that if it wasn’t going to help then I didn’t need to take anymore infusions. But after skipping a couple years, my dexa scan became even worse! My mom has osteoporosis as well but she would not take the meds b/c of the side effects! She has had several fx’s and lives in constant pain and can barely get around! I choose not to live like that and started back on the Reclast infusions! I still have side effects. Usually for about 2-3 months afterwards, but last year after many family and friends prayed with/for me my side effects where very insignificant and only lasted about 10 days! I was given my annual infusion yesterday and my prayer is to do as well as last year! I have other many other health issues but I believe that God made mankind with the ability and intellect to create medicines that will cure/treat us! With that being said I believe that we research and when we do we will see a lot of good and bad information but then we need to pray over the med, the doctors and our own bodies and then we can make an informed decision as to whether we take that med or not! I also believe in taking vitamins and minerals that will help ease our pain/discomfort, eating healthy and exercising! We were all created differently and our bodies respond differently to medicines and even vitamins AND exercise! I guess what I’m trying to share with you is that you know your body better then anyone else INCLUDING your doctor! You have to do the research but the most important thing is to PRAY! Pray for where to start, pray for wisdom and understanding, pray for your doctor that he would be wise and have a compassionate heart and healing hands, pray for the doctors who discovers healing medicines and treatments for their wisdom, pray for YOUR medicine that it will work as it is suppose to and with thankfulness to have access to it, pray for healing! Sometimes we receive not because we ask not! I will pray over each of you that you find the healing that you so desperately desire just as I do!

    • Tamera

      That is where I am at right now is prayer!! I have not made up my mind yet I’m still praying about it. I cannot take oral medicine for osteoporosis. I have tried them. I have other medical conditions and the oral medicine for the osteoporosis was causing more trouble with my other conditions. I was diagnosed in my 30s I am 47 they told me about 8 years ago I’m looking at a major break in 10 years. this will be my third year doing the reclast infusion. I’m supposed to have it done this month. I haven’t decided yet because of all of the research saying that it destroys your kidneys. the flu symptoms & the headaches… things like that I can handle they don’t last very long. It’s the serious side effects that I’m not sure about. I just don’t want to go through what I’ve watched other family members go through later in life. Thank you because I just made up my mind!! I am going to do the reclast infusion. It would be different if I had another option but I do not. Don’t let all of the scary facts out there scare you into doing something without thinking it through. I was praying before I started writing this. I guess I just needed to read what I was writing and it was clear. I guess you could say it was right in front of my face LOL

      • patty

        I am preparing for my 3rd infusion of Reclast. The doctor’s office instructed my to drink tons of water prior to and during infusion and to take Ibuprofen or Tylenol ~ 1 hour before. Thank goodness, I have had NO side effects whatsoever. I am due for my Dexa scan, hopefully it will be improved.

  9. Philomena Mutphy

    I am do to start infusion on the 9th January. I took a tablet one a week for two months and last week I woke up in severe pain that lasted for the whole day my body was in such pain my body trembled. I made an appointment with GP and she told me to stop taking the tablet and made an appointment at the hospital for me. I am now scared after reading peoples comments. Has anybody had anything good to say about infusion and has it helped. Thanks.

    • Sara ONeal

      I have taken reclast infusion for three years and my osteoporosis improved after the first infusion. My doctor was very surprised at the results of the dexa scan after the first infusion. I had no side effects. I was supposed to take it in March but decided not to cause I was told you’re supposed to take it for three years, then take a year off. It is now May 16, I fell and broke my foot. I’m going to ask my doctor cause the only thing I see here are negative comments. I didn’t have any problems whatsoever so I’m going to ask my doctor if I have to be off reclast for a year or can I just get another infusion.

    • veronica

      I was very scared to take my Reclast infusion, but I am glad I did. No side effects whatsoever. I hydrated myself very well for 2 days beforehand and they ran the infusion over an hour. It is important to keep up with calcium and vitamin D intake that also support your bones. I walk about 6 miles daily and feel better when I do. You’ll be fine.

      • Carol

        I am going in for my annual bone density test on the 13th of Dec. Last year was my fifth year of the reclast infusion. I have improved every year with no side effects either. Am I lucky or not? My doctor has been satisfied with my improvement. Will see what this year brings. If I understood my doctor last year, 5 years is the max you can take the infusion. So don’t know what this year will bring.

  10. Peggy

    I had my first recast infusion this past August. No problems noted. But, now I have two joints that seem to be growing. The 2nd joint of the 2nd toe on my right foot. The other is the cv joint on my right shoulder. That one actually looks and feels like a spur?. Nothing like this is mentioned in side effects. Will be seeing my doc about it.

  11. Lisa

    I have had oestepenia for 20 years I did all I could to take care of myself with vitamins and exercise but still nothing helped, now I have osteoporosis and the pills make me so sick. I am now being scheduled for reclast after reading these stories I am terrified. I will be cancelling as well. I would like to know what is the alternative the doctor scared me about breaking a hip because that is where the osteoporosis is not sure what to do. Wondering if anyone has any suggestions so glad I saw this. Scary to know that my jaw bone can crack. Thank you for this site.

  12. Linda Bowling

    I am so glad I found this site. It is very enlightening. More than forty years ago, when I was about 27 y/o, I had a tubal ligation which was followed by a hysterectomy about three years later.. Was not on anything more than Primeran (sp) for a short time and was not really informed of any side effects or conditions that might show up. Over the years I tried to maintain a healthy life style (being married to a farmer kinda took care of that). But, as I aged my life changed and I was diagnosed with osteopenia. Then, I suffered a broken wrist and my surgeon said he had never seen bones like mine except in seventy y/o women. I was not even fifty y/o at this time. I had had numerous surgeries, procedures and treatments for everything from Asthma to chronic renal failure, diabetes, copd, gallbladder removal, knee surgery and on and on. Not once did anyone suggest I needed any type of bone density procedures. That is, until this past summer when my Dr. wanted to put me on FOSAMAX. I did get the RX filled but, after considering how much pain and suffering it caused my Mother, I contacted my Dr. and told her I was not going to use it because I already had all the possible side effects it MIGHT cause. Didn’t need to add to them. Besides that, she had never discussed the drug with me before hand. Then, a few days ago I was informed by my Dr.’s assistant that she was scheduling me for a calcium blood draw and then for an, “Infusion.” Still no one has offered any information on this procedure or even what drug will be used or how it will be administered. Even when I asked at the Dr.’s office no one could tell me anything. I am seriously considering cancelling the appointment until someone will take the time to talk to me about this. I don’t think I want to take a chance on ANY drug in this arena. I know this is a long read but I felt compelled to share my story with all the others who will understand. God bless you all.

    • Iva Bean

      Read your input — all meds so scary/ same my dr wanted me on fosmax but have already been down that road. and Prolia is suggested at this time. but — read a little on it and now I am scared of it. and reclast was mentioned. what did you decide to do.??

  13. Pat

    I have osteopenia and I am very active. I had two fractures related to activity (toe and hairline rib fx) and because of this, I was put on Reclast. I could not tolerate oral Fosamax. My first infusion was in 2015 and complicated by mild muscle achiness. My second infusion was given on May 25, 2016. Within 5-days of the infusion, I developed intense lower back and hip pain. It started as lower back stiffness but did not prohibit engaging in activities. I am an avid golfer, bicyclist, and walk 10-12 miles/day when I am not working ( usually 2-3 days per week). Since I developed this back and hip pain, I have been unable to perform by usual 12-hour shifts as a APRN-CNP, I cannot engage in physical activities as before and have spend most of my time at physical therapy and the chiropractor. I have had a complete medical examination including hip x-ray, lumbosacral x-ray, and MRI. This is not a herniated disc issue. I am improving albeit, very slowly. Although I cannot prove it, I am convinced this is related to the Reclast infusion. I will never receive another!

    • Angie

      Oh my Pat so sorry to hear this. I am an ARNP as well, and was just diagnosed with Osteoporosis. Initially prescribed Fortro right out of the gate. I refused. Saw Endo today who says no way to Forteo…that Recladt is the way to go….not feeling this either. Would love to speak with you.

  14. Mary

    It has now been four years since my last injection of Reclast and whatever the drug did to me has changed my life. I had three years of injections and It was after the third that all my problems started. I had the typical side effects the first two years [aches, pains and flu-like symptoms} but the third year was different. I immediately had severe bone pain and it continued on the next few days. On the third day I woke up to what I thought was a possible bug bite near my eye because the lid was swollen. Within a week I was at the eye doctor and was told that I had a drooping lid that it would need surgery. Unfortunately, I had the surgery to only have my eye continue to get worse. I had let the Dr. know that I did have the infusion of Reclast but he did not relate the two. When I finally realized that I needed a second opinion, it had been months later. My eye was now almost diagonally from the other. I was immediately sent to a specialist and was in surgery the next week. I had an orbital mass that was pushing my eye downwards. I was the Drs.sixth patient who had taken Reclast that this type of mass had formed. They could only remove a third because of how it wrapped around my eye. Since the eye problem I have been to every kind of Dr. that is associated with bone pain. I too was a very active person as many of you have said of yourselves. I do not drive so I walked wherever I needed to go. My life today….it is a struggle just to walk. I wake up all night looking just for a comfortable position just so I can sleep. I am exhausted all the time. Through some of my most recent bloodwork, they have discovered that my immune system is compromised and I don’t have some antibodies to fight certain sicknesses. I have an appointment with an immunologist in July. I know what the cause of all my problems are from. I know that there is not enough information about this terrible drug out there and what it can do to a person. I know that my life has changed drastically. It could have been the third injection was too much for my body and now I have to endure the side effects. I regret every day that I ever put that drug into my body. For those of you that it has helped, I am happy for you. For those of you who are where I am, my prayers for you.

    • Cricket

      Thank you ever so much for sharing your personal story with all of us!!!!!

      After reading the horror stories, I will not be doing this deadly infusion. I am going to read and follow the SAVE OUR BONES PROGRAM, and continue to do more research on natural alternatives.

      I bought a Cellerciser (Rebounder) and believe this will help immensely. Weightbearing exercises (walking) are also encouraged.

      May the Great Physician give us wisdom, knowledge, understanding, and discernment, in our quest – and heal us.

  15. to all

    had my first reclast infusion on june 2, 2016 nausea that evening, Friday morning next day nausea and slight fever felt tired, by that evening I could hardly walk. I suffer from chronic pain and fibromyalgia everday but I was almost crippled with pain. my joint swelled within hours I could hardly walk my knees swelled my wrist and hand joints ect. I was only warned of a fever after infusion they gave me a hand out. that also told other side effects but nothing prepared me for this. I have been sick for4 days I do not see it ending anytime soon. I had kidney failure several years ago, my dr. should have not recommended this.if I knew this would make me so sick and now reading all of ur info,s would u let a rattlesnake bite u if u had a choice I think not!

  16. Michelle

    I had my first (and last) reclast infusion in March 2014. Within hours I experienced full body muscle spasms, pain like I had never felt, and a sincere wish to die to just end it. And that was just the beginning. Now, I have been in and out of work for over 2 years, I have severe iron-anemia, the reaction triggered an autoimmune disorder, and I have had severe inflammation. I did not form short-term memories the first 3 or 4 months after this, and gained 70lbs within 8 weeks, and have struggled with it ever since. I can’t exercise because my body shuts down and I pass out. Even though technically out of my system, it actually has a half-life of up to 10 years.

    We have given up on pain management–it isn’t gonna happen–and we are concentrating on energy and endurance, clearing the acute depression, and eliminating the fatigue and mental fog. There is a light at the end of the tunnel–I will be able to go back to work eventually, but I will never get those 2 years back, and my health will never be the same.

    And EVERYONE went on about suing the company. Ha! 1. The Supreme Court has indemnified big pharma from suit if the drug is FDA approved and used for that approved treatment plan, and 2. no lawyer will touch it–they only want class action suits, which give them a lot of money, and the plaintiffs next to nothing, or they want to sue your doctor, which I absolutely would not do because my doctor is awesome.

    I am glad for the people it helps, and honestly, even if I had known the risks, I would have had it, because it is such a small percentage. But it would have been nice to have the choice. And I think the smaller percentage of people it kills via renal failure have families that would have liked that option, too.

  17. Begum

    Where we can get infuse this drug in ny queens area.

  18. Susan

    I had my first reclast infusion for hip osteoporosis Feb 29. It was fast and easy. I didn’t have any pain after. However a week later I had symptoms of what I thought was a urinary tract infection. I went to GP not knowing that it could be from reclast. No infection was found so I have appointment scheduled with a urologist next week. I started looking online now and see kidney problems could be a side effect. Needless to say I am now worried about my kidneys. I called endocrinologist who prescribed it and she said to come in on Monday for lab work. She said I was tested for kidney function before and usually those problems are with people who have kidney problems. I’m still worried because I’m having discomfort during urination. Except for a bone density test I didn’t know I had osteoporosis and now I’m worried about my kidneys. I won’t have another reclast infusion. But could I have kidney damage?

  19. Lynette wyllis

    I have been diagnosed with Osteopenia. I had gastric bypass surgery eight years ago. Because with this type of surgery, my body does not retain nutrients very well. My numbers have dropped rather drastically since the gastric bypass. Recast was highly recommended, so I had my first infusion last fall. I admit I did not research this and am now questioning my decision. I am not sure if I can build my bones up with nutritional eating. I have taken calcium for years, only to find out it has not done any good. Is Reclast my only option in the future?

    • Willis Hi I am in same case like you, I am talking. AlgaeCal Plus is very good for Osteoporosis. Thanks

      Hi .AlgaeCal Plus I hope it will help .

    • Tina

      I also had a gastic by-pass,about a year after I became bedridden. For several years, and thousands of different meds,they finely found out what was wrong with me. Fibro,osteoarthritis and scoliosis. It’s been 30 years,since I had a hysterectomy,I wonder if the hysterectomy,was the start of it all. And also wondering,should I get checked,for Osteopenia?

  20. Wanda

    I have taken reclast several years and I have limited kidney function. The first year it did put the Pagets of the bone in remission; however, if I had known about the kidney problem I wouldn’t have continued. Now I know, and it really didn’t do much good, because I broke my ankle and it was bad. I hope that my first broken bone will be my last. I am now taking 2400mg of a pure form of calcium called hydroxyapatite with collagen and magnesium. My bones healed quickly as a result with the help of 9 screws and two plates. My question is why has the drug company not been stopped as soon as the problem was discovered? Where are the lawyers with the class action law suite. I am now in treatment for my kidney/ bloodpressure problem. It seems that these the yin and yang of medicine. I will never take another treatment.

    • Hi!! Wanda

      Wanda You are correct about the Reclast injection. I am stop this. I am taking AlgaeCal Pus I hope it works. I have a question where do you bay the Calcium hydroxyapatite? Thanks

    • Michelle

      Oh–and as far as suing; most class actions against reclast are closed and lawyers are unwilling to take on a single case. My research and inquiries found they only wanted to sue my doctor–but it was not anything he did. I had no pre-existing condition. On the other hand, you did, so it may be different.

      My doctor no longer offers reclast to his patients.

    • Michelle

      With a known kidney issue you should not have even been a candidate for reclast–there is an established mortality rate in that population! Thank God you survived, but I would not push my luck. The minimal gains are not worth the risk to your life.

  21. Samantha davenport

    I am scheduled for infusions how to they give that, thru an Iv or shot. I am very concerned.

    • Samantha davenport

      What are some things I can do at home to help wth my bone lose? I have so many other health issues and I am only 51 and have a 10 year son at home that requires a lot of my attention. I feel like I have let him down. I need some encouragement.

      • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

        Nice to see you here, Samantha. 🙂 Please don’t be discouraged – you’ve come to the right place for information about Reclast or any other osteoporosis drug you’re concerned about! Armed with knowledge, you’ll feel much more confident and in control of your bone health.

        As far as infusions go, they are given intravenously.

        Keep learning, and don’t be afraid to take your bone health into your own hands! No one can “make” you take any drug. It’s your choice.

        • Lucy ball

          I was just diagnosed with osteoporosis, my dr. Wants me to take fosamax, once a week, because I Bin taking prednasodne, on and off fos a while it made my bones bridle, I still on them and will for a while longer, I don’t know what to do. Can you advise.

          • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

            Hi Lucy,
            You’ve already taken the first step – you’re here! That means you’re exploring all of your options before taking an osteoporosis drug. I want to encourage you to continue researching, learning, and gathering information so you can make the right choice for you.

  22. Virginia Reed

    I have written once, I am ready to talk to a reputable attoorney. They need to be paying my expenses I lost down to 93 pounds in one year yes I was eating I got deathly sick after my 3rd reclast infusion. I am a RN. I begged my Dr. and talked with others and they didn’t agree this was the problem. I am in and out of the hospital for TPN because medicare will not pay for me to have it at home. Now I have a J tube sewn in my jejum to tube feed my self at my expense because I can orally eat. I do not have one spot on me that I anm not in chronic pain all the time. It is time I atleast do something and every one out there that is suffering like I am speak ouk aganist these drug companies the usa does prote here and knows these S>E. I run off over 60 pages from CDC and it scared me join me please email me we can do this thank you

    • Andrea

      I had a Reclast infusion 3 months ago and I was very sick the next day for 3 weeks. I had visible hair loss, dry nails and xtra dry skin. My Rheumatologist denied that these side effects had snything to do with the infusion. He told me to go to s dermatologist ! I will never take an osteoporosis medicine sgsin. I’m ready for a big pharma, class action lawsuit for sure.

      • Michelle

        Good luck. I am 2 years in and still a mess. Not as bad as Virginia, but bad enough.

        When I looked into suing (at the suggestion of my doctor) I was told by several attorneys that there was a class action in progress but too late to join and that they would not take on big pharma on a single case due to a recently passed Supreme Court order that indemnified companies against damages if they had FDA approval. They would have been happy to sue my doctor, though. They may have been misleading me, purposely or no, but it is too late for me now.

        If you think you may want to sue, you need to be sure that you file before 18 months from the date of injury.

  23. Jeannie

    I was recently diagnosed with Mylodysplastic Syndrome, MDS. My doctors have been observing a decrease in my platelet count for 4-5 years now… I have looked at my bloodwork for the past 5 years and noticed that the big drop occurred after my first Reclast infusion… I went from counts of: 208,000 (2012) to 127,000 (2013) to 107,000 (6/14) to 87,000(7/14) to 68,000 (7/15). I have received the Reclast infusion for the past 4 years (for osteoporosis caused from taking Prednisone all my life for Asthma) I am 63 years old, have jogged and lifted weights for 40 years and eat a very healthy diet. I had no other side effects from the Reclast but I am concerned now with the low platelets/MDS. Could there be a connection? I am suppose to receive one last Reclast Infusion in August 2016 … should I even take it? Thank you for your response… my doctors are not very helpful…

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Jeannie, when it comes to osteoporosis drugs (or any drugs), there can be side effects that are not warned against. Every person’s body is different, so how a drug affects it will differ significantly between individuals. For more on this topic, and to help you make your decision, here is a post about various drugs and unexpected side effects that caused them to be pulled from the market:

  24. Linda

    After being diagnosed with osteoporosis at the age of 56 right after my father died of stomach cancer, I refused treatment with Fosamax and was told about Reclast and decided to have it instead even if I had to pay for it myself (turned out I didn’t) I had an infusion once a year for five years. I did not have one last year and this year will not have one because my osteoporosis has become osteoporena on my hips and my spine is healthy. I never had any side effects and was otherwise quite healthy. I am such a fan of this treatment I feel bad for anyone who cancels or refuses treatment with it because of something read on the internet. Do research and find the real statistics. I walk 3-4 miles every day for bone hearth. The dental thing was the only side effect I was ever concerned about but my dentist treated me with antibiotics each time I had a procedure and then I finally needed dentures so that risk vanished. I realize it is not for everyone but it sure beat fosomax in my case. And this year for the first time in many years I broke no bones

    • Susan

      I fractured my T2, T5, T7 and T 11… two fractures each time, a year apart. Life is not fun when you have to lay on a broken back for mri, ct scans or wear a brace 24 7… and norcos make me sick. I found out i have osteoporosis at 66. 8 years ago i had my L4-5 fused because of an injury at work. My doctors tried everything except infusion. That is next week. I look forward to it because i have pain all day every day. I have had kyphroplasty and vertabrplasty. Temporary fixes. I used to be very active and i mean VERY!
      I am ready to take that chance because I’ve exhausted all other options..
      Give me the infusion! ORAL did nothing for my bones. I will take the flu like symptoms, aches and fever over another fracture any day…
      God will see more thru this.

    • Linda

      Thank you so much for your comments Linda ! I agree with you, I too have had no side effects except for feeling a bit achy for a day or two after my infusion. I am due to have my second annual infusion today !

      I am a very fit and active 58 year old who cycles, walks and kayaks ! I also work a very physical job in a vineyard. Eclast works for me and I am grateful we have this annual treatment for Osteoporosis.

  25. Ilene Kastner

    I have gotten three Reclast infusions in the last 4 years. (Dr suggested I take one year’s vacation from it) I no longer have osteoporosis as per my bone density test three weeks ago, at the beginning of September, 2015. I now have osteopenia that is still a worry but less than osteoporosis. I will take another Reclast infusion next month. I have had absolutely no side effects from Reclast.

  26. Catherine Fuller

    I am scheduled for a Reclast infusion this coming Tuesday, September 29, 2015. I’ve had osteoporosis since I was 40. I believed it was hereditary. My mother, my Aunt, my Grandmother. All four of my younger siblings
    Angels seem to guide me, in my Life. I finally decided to research this drug infusion, and I’m so very Grateful that I was directed to do so! I will be CANCELLING my appointment with the ” bag of pain and horror”. I have had Fosamax, and all the others shoved at me for years. I tried Fosamax for 30 days had so many very unpleasant side effects that I DC’D it. Against Dr. advisement. My Mother took Fosamax for more than 20 years. And many injections of assorted “bone building” chemicals that also contained Salmon and gold. None of which helped her. It SEEMED to, according to her “test results”. But, sadly, the last few years of her life were a living hell. Poor woman! She would bend over to pick something up, and a rib would snap. Reach up, have her collarbone fracture. Colle fracture.(wrist) Hip fracture. And before that one healed, the other hip fractured. Her bones were quite literally disintegrating. It was horrific to witness, such a horribly cruel unfair repayment for faith in her Doctor and the FDA.

    Mother had to live in a Nursing facility because she became a “lift patient”, and I could no longer care for her alone.
    Her bones, which originally appeared to be building in density actually became extremely brittle. Her bones were disintegrating. When I voiced my “theory” to her physicians, they looked at me as if I belonged in a psych ward. Facts don’t lie. And the fact was that Her pain level was way off the charts. I could not even hold her hand and softly squeeze it in reassurance because such a simple action on my part caused her excruciating pain. No quality of life whatsoever. Hospice couldn’t give her enough morphine to ease her pain. There wasn’t enough. She had to endure this for 3 yrars. Her Kidneys were greatly affected, she incurred heart damage.
    God save us ALL from the FDA and these “bone building” drugs.
    There IS a better way. I will find it, and I will begin HERE. I’ve nothing to lose, as I incurred a mid-back compression fracture a year ago, and have Spondylolisthesis, non-existent discs between 3 & 4,and a 45 year ongoing history of severe varicose veins, recurring phlebitis and DVT’s,
    I am going to immerse myself Into Viviane Goldschmidt’s Bone Building Program!
    I’ll be writing again, In a year, to.let all interested know how it’s working for me.
    Green Blessings to All!
    Catherine Fuller
    Certified Medicinal Herbalist and Nutritionist

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Thank you so much for sharing that, Catherine. I am so very sorry to hear about your mother’s experience, but impressed with your insight about what the drugs actually do – appear to build bone, but actually make it more brittle. I wish you great success on the Program and in your research!

  27. Joii

    Well I was just told that I should get recast..I already refused dodo max…then tried it for about July then I read the insert n saw..if u have esophagus problems u shouldn’t take it..I stopped immediately..then I had a bone density test was like -3 I think n she said she wanted me to do the re clasp..not on there freaking dime..I have always excercized n take calcium n d…I do everything right for 40 years…will not do it…I don’t think anyone should put poison pill n there bodies…the big pharmaceutical companies DONT care

    • Joii

      Sorry about the typos

  28. Sophie

    I went for a 2nd opinion and a trusted physician has prescribed reclast and I’m scheduled for my first infusoin next week. I’m healthy otherwise and now am wondering if I take the chance on it?

    • Christine

      SOPHIE….how did your infusion go? I am still wavering on doing it. I have had 4 different docs tell me to do it. My OP doc, endo doc, Gastro doc, and Family doc all said to do it. Curious how you are doing. Thanks ahead….Christine

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      The decision is yours, Sophie – but I encourage you to keep researching so you can make an informed decision about your infusion next week. 🙂

  29. NIkita

    I have to step up as a success story, because the only people who leave comments on these sites are those who have negative feedback. I had a Reclast infusion because I take Arimidex for early stage ERPR+ breast cancer. I had some pain the morning after, but Tylenol relieved it and I have had no problems since. I am a runner and feel much stronger with fewer aches and pains than I had before Reclast. As a side note, I have no other health issues, and most should consider how your previous health conditions and lifestyle contribute to side effects.

    • Cheryl Furler

      After reading all of this I ambeside myself ! I was told to have the recast, I am 58 with RA. And now this. I have avoided taking methotrexate for the past 5 yrs. my DEXA score was -3.1. I have no clue which way to go!

  30. Sandy

    I had a Reclast infusion in March of 2015 and I’ve had problems ever since then. Breathing problems, neck and back pain and internal shakes. I know it’s from the Reclast. Why do doctors recommend this. My doctor can’t believe the side effects I’m having. I’m so sorry I took the drug. It’s horrible.

  31. Brian

    I’m only 52 and after breaking my foot found that I have osteporosis and my T-Scores are -3 and -3.5… I’m overwhelmed trying to find the right thing to do. I told my Doctor no Fosamax, that was the first drug they wanted me to try. Now I’m considering the reclast infusion. I want to build my bone mass back to a normal range, is that even possible? Can natural methods really help as much as medications? I’m lost in a google sea of information and dis-information but trying to inform myself as much as possible.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Hi Brian,
      I am glad you’ve found the “Saver” community, and you’re obviously not afraid to ask questions and do your own research! You asked: “Can natural methods really help as much as medications?” Actually, the Save Our Bones approach is more along the lines of “natural methods help *instead* of medications.” You see, medications don’t really “help” the condition at all. At best, they manage symptoms; but there is always a price to pay. Keep reading the free information on this site, and keep asking questions!

      • Mila

        My Dr, who I trust, tols me that naturopathic treatments definitely will not rebuild the bone density. I could not tolerate the Fosomac or Atonol. Reclast is considered safer tha Prolia but I dont know if i should take anything at all???

        • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

          No one can make you take any drug you’re not comfortable taking, Mila. I encourage you to do your research, gather as much information as you can, and be confident in your decision. 🙂

  32. Marlene

    Just reading through these comments makes me very skeptical. I do trust my Dr. completely….he has recommended the Reclast treatment since my last DX Scan showed -6. Now reading of all the side effects I’m concerned as to what I should do. I have Celiac Disease and certainly don’t need anything to give me more complications wth that. For my age I have a fair amount of energy, work full time, and try to keep up at home. When I read about loss of jaw bone health, chills, headaches, overall aching bones…..I don’t need this. Any suggestions?

    • PJ

      I have Celiac Disease also, was not diagnosed until after my second Recast treatment. Never showed any reactions from first injection. Shorty after second injection, I started getting nauseous daily, back pain, had to have my 6th jaw surgery for TMJ related problems apparently made worse by the Recast. I developed strange skin rashes, got sick everytime I eat, chronic back and joint pain, tender spots all over my body, severe brain fogs, forgetfulness, insomnia and the list goes on. Eventually I lost my job and have been unable to find anything permanent because of all the days I can’t remember how to do my job (payroll specialist/accounting)). Eventually the doctor ordered blood tests for gluten, and endoscope and was diagnosed with Celiac Disease and I was put on a gluten free diet. As you probably already know Celiac Disease and osteoporosis go hand in hand. I wish they could have diagnosed this year’s ago before my bones got so weak and thin instead of having to live with all the symptoms of the disease and being made to feel like a crazy person. As long as I follow my diet, I eat lots of fresh vegetables and organic meats, I do OK. As far as the fatigue & pain, still there, still getting worse. I am debating the 4th treatment, I really don’t think I can stand another because each treatment causes a flare up of symptoms that stay with me. If I had it to do over, I would not have started treatments. I truly believe that was the beginning of the end for me. I am 62 now and beginning to think I will never get to have a job or live a normal life again.

  33. Nancy Connor

    My husband who has a family history of Osteoprosis and suffered from it himselt too the infusion for 3 years in a row with no side effects he is 81. Now the bone density test showed he no longer needs the treatment and will test him again year after next. Amazing results.

  34. Mina

    I had a fracture for no apparent reason. I had the Reclast infusion 2 days ago and Have had no after affects. The nurse that gave the injection said “it goes directly into the blood stream flushes and immediately starts working, flushing out the nutracid (sp) and replacing it.” I was told to take 16 Oz of water (I drank more than that). Was warned about the kidneys, told to take pain medication for symptoms. Was told the affects would be immodestly recognized.
    I still have pain in my back, but no less or more than before. Overall I feel better.
    If I had to choose between afraid to move and the injection
    , the choice was not hard to make.

  35. Carol S.

    On June 2, 2014 I had an infusion of Reclast at 11 am. By 8pm that same evening, I started feeling bone pain followed by nausea and later vomiting to the point where I could not even keep down water. I began to feel chills and tried soaking in a bath of hot water thinking that the warmth could also make my bones feel better, but it did not. As the night progressed, the nausea got worse, and I was in such severe pain that my ribs felt bruised, and I could only take shallow breaths because the pain was so great in my chest when air enter my lungs that it felt like the muscles wear ripping off my ribs, my lower abdomen felt as if it were filled with rocks, and every joint, muscle, and bone was in pain. Needless to say I did not get any sleep and the following morning I contacted the medical professional who administered the Reclast. She instructed me to contact my doctor who ordered the Reclast, which I did do, and the doctor recommended I go to the ER. I was so weak at this point that I could not even lift my purse, and had to have a wheelchair to transport me from the car to the ER. In the ER, my blood pressure was taken and it had dropped to 81 over 57. The ER staff administered 3 IV drips, anti-nausea medicine, and pain pills. I had three preheated blankets on me, but could not stop shivering from feeling cold in my body, and at the same time burning in my head. They x-rayed my chest and abdomen, as well as administered two EKGs. After 6 hours in the ER, the ER doctor was considering admitting me, but when my blood pressure finally elevated to a normal level, she cleared me to go home, which I was happy to do so that I could warm my bones in a hot bath. I left the hospital with medicine for nausea, the same that they give to chemotherapy patients. I spent the following day in bed, in pain, unable to stand fully erect to walk to the bathroom, and needed assistance to turn in bed, and to sit up to get out of bed. It was the worst pain I have ever felt in my life. I have limited movement in my neck, my jaw hurts, my face hurts, my ribs hurt, and I am worried about what long term effects I may now have because of what I thought was a good thing to do for my bones.

    • Joan M

      I had Reclast in July of 2014 and had the same experience. I went to the ER the same night as the infusion and was admitted to the hospital. No one seemed to recognize the symptoms of the infusion even after I told them I had had a Reclast infusion. They called my Dr. He said he was surprised as he had never heard of the sever side effects I was experiencing. But you and I know that Reclast is not for us! I will not be taking another infusion of any type. Hope you are feeling better now.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Carol, my heart aches for you! What a terrible experience. Remember, though, that your body is made for health, not sickness! You don’t ever have to take Reclast again, or any other osteoporosis drug for that matter! Now you can focus on nurturing your body and your bones, and giving your body what it needs to heal and, ultimately, rid itself of the Reclast. Hang in there and take care of yourself!

  36. Terese

    I had Prolia six months ago and had no problem. I am in getting recast right now and am pretty sure I will do just fine. I have had a -4 on my bone density for about 4 years now and am a high risk for bone cancer. So I will do what I have to do to build my bone density. All drugs have side effects it’s the positives you never hear about. I will come back to post after my next bone density test to let you know if this did any good. If not I may not get another done.

  37. Denise

    My infusion is monthly. I just completed my first one on Monday. After reading about the possible side effects, I am more than concerned about having them especially monthly. My diagnosis i metastasized breast to bone cancer. Are there other options available for me?

  38. pat rosinbaum

    please advise i have serere conspitation problem and sure don’t need any more kidney problems. i have to get up at least three times a night.
    please advise what I should do.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      I am so sorry you’re experiencing that issue, Pat! It sounds very uncomfortable. I suggest you talk to your doctor about this if it’s persistent.


    I just had a reclast infusion and did not no of the side effects. I am not sure I will continue next year with another infusion. Thanks for the information

  40. myrna konikow

    i am petrified to take this medicatin my bone scan was not that bad

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Remember, Myrna – it’s your health and your decision! You don’t have to take the osteoporosis drugs if you do not want to.

  41. Jackie

    Recently I was diagnosed with osteopenia and osteoporosis, I was recommended to receive this IV or injection, I am very concerned and really have a bad feeling about it, I have a major medical history,, So at this time I am unsure what to do, I am sooo skeptical about the serious side affects, My neuro said I am that 1% , I don’t want fractures. What do I do?

    • Delores

      One of the potential side effects of Reclast is bone death in your jaw. If the bone dies in your jaw, there is no remedy and it is a nasty thing to have according to my dental hygenist. I have had two Reclast injections and will never have another. Before I had the first one, I talked to my dentist who had no info nor did my doctor re bone death. They simply did not have enough informatin to guide me. I have bad teeth with multiple crowns, and implant, etc. If I have to have an invasive procedure done, I fear this problem. When I went for the first infusion, I just went to a lab. By the time I went for the second infusion, I was directed to the oncology area where they give you chemo. I learned that, although this is a lighter dose, this is the same type drug used in chemo. This is just one more problem with the drug.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Jackie, the decision is up to you – but you are already on the right track, because you’re here! That means you’re doing your research, and whatever decision you make will be an informed one. Please feel free to continue reading the information on this site, and if you like, sign up to receive regular newsletters and updates via e-mail. Remember, your body was made for health – you just have to give it what it needs! 🙂

  42. R Greenfield

    I’m scheduled for Reclast infusion and am considering cancelling appt.Am apprehensive about possible Renal damage.

    • Linda

      Mine is scheduled for tomorrow but I think I will cancel scared to death

  43. Barbara Filteau

    I bought your book 3 yrs ago and made a lot of changes in my life. I eat healthy and have been doing weight bearing exercise for 20 years now not to mention growing up I was always either on roller skates or a bicycle and walked everywhere. As an adult I hit the treadmill every morning and walk during my breaks at work. I was diagnosed with osteo penia at the age of 50 and every bone density test I’ve done since then is worse. MY doctor told me yesterday that my bones are now as bad as they can get and for a 60 yr old woman there are only 3 percent of women my age with bones as bad as mine. He doesn’t usually suggest treatment for women under 70 but with my results and the medical history of my mother her wants me to go on Reclast. I feel sick to my stomach about this. I don’t even like to take a Tylenol unless I absolutely have to! Tests show that my bone turn over is twice as fast as it should be at this point in my life. I’ve tried every thing but I refuse to take a drug that can harm me and make me worse then I am. Any suggestions? I need help!

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Barbara, just remember – it’s your decision! No one can “make” you take any drug you don’t want to take. I encourage you to develop your own “bone health philosophy” to help you in your decision. Have you seen this most recent post? It will guide you in doing just that!

  44. sidney easterling

    Is there anyone out there who has had the reclast infusion that is doing well? My last DXA scan results were; -3.5 and my doctor is having a fit to put me on Prolia or Reclast. HELP!

    • Joan

      I have had at least three iv,s of reclast. no really bad side effects. One or two days of tired and achy.but that wax it will do it agsin

    • Vera Hall

      I took Reclast in 20012 the first time no problem . No bone ache or all the other problems some people wrote. I took Reclast again in November 2015 and again no problem. I will take it again if I have to.

    • Susan

      When I was 56 I was diagnosed with osteoporosis in 2011. I do not remember the number, just that the results were high risk of fracture. My gynecologist wanted me to try Prolia. While waiting for approval from my insurance company I got a personal trainer and begin weight lifting and a calcium and diet regimen. A year later, after the insurance company refused to approve Prolia, I had another dexa scan and my results were worse and my dr recommended Reclast. I had the infusion in March of 2012 and it was one of the worst experiences of my life, I was sick, headache, bone pain, chills, fever and I felt like I was 100 years old for 4 days. I swore I would NEVER do that again. I continued on my diet, calcium and exercise routine. I just had my dexa scan on Saturday and my results were shocking. All the areas of osteoporosis, hip, spine and femoral head and now borderline osteopenia -1.06 to -1.46. I will not take another infusion but I am hoping to hold my results where they are now. So that was my experience. I hope it helps.

      • Christine

        SUsan: do you think the Reclast infusion improved your bone density or the exercise regimen you got on? Hard to tell, huh? I am wavering on the Reclast Infusions….I read good things and bad things…..My head is spinning….

    • Gail Bollard

      I had Reclast in January 2013. My only side effect was pain in my jaw, towards the back. I took a couple of pain pills and after a day or so it was fine. I had no other side effects. I have a nearly lifelong complicated medical history. I am a type one diabetic of 45 years. I have hypothyroidism, I have PAD, anemia of chronic disease and arthritis in my knees and tailbone. I am not sure if that makes a difference or not.

  45. p cunningham


    • Patti

      My femur then shattered and yrs later still in horrible pain after 2 surgeries reclast posioning 3 yrs later Without pain meds I could not leave my bed Gov does like opioids i don’t get high Differentiate between Chronic pain sufferers and people wanting to get high Don’t treat me like a lowlife addict Reclast took my life away haven’t seen my 2 yr old grandson in 7 months Please don’t torture me pain is unbearable thanks to reclast and huge rod screws stents front hip to knee I need pain relief or I will never be able to leave my bed Torturing horrible chronic pain is inhuman Im not an addict I don’t get high there’s a difference

  46. lynn

    I had the reclasp infusion done 6/12. I Was in server pain,fever,detached from life,kidney failure, was admitted to ER 24 after receiving the infusion. They didnt know how to treat me. Pain meds and much fluids to try to flush/dilute the drug. I have confusion and dizziness also til this day. I wasnt warned. I was given a side effects sheet. Cont. headaches!!!! Hope some reads this and dosent decide to get infusion.

  47. Christina

    I took reclast and I now have ONJ! I don’t see how Save The Bones will help now! I researched, prayed, and decided the chances of getting ONJ WERE SO RARE! I was wrong and now I’m suffering. I am at a loss as to what to do!

    • da costa

      whats mean onj ?

  48. Heather

    Thanks for this enlightening discussion – natural methods are always better than treatment with drugs!

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