Bone Health Quiz: What’s Your Bone Health Philosophy? - Save Our Bones

Today, I want to discuss something very important with you that has an impact on everything you do for your bones. It’s about your bone health philosophy.

What is a bone health philosophy? Simply put, it’s the “anchor” that determines the way you wish to reverse osteoporosis and osteopenia. It also means that you understand exactly why you are following or not following the Medical Establishment’s protocol, and being sure of your reasons.

Why Do I Need It?

I am going to be very straightforward here: a bone health philosophy is absolutely crucial to your bone health success. Here’s why:

  • You may have doubts along the way.
  • Your bone scan scores may not improve as fast as you’d like, which could cause you to question your decision about your osteoporosis treatment.
  • Family and friends may criticize you for your decision to view osteoporosis in an alternative light. They may not understand why you don’t consider osteoporosis a disease and criticize you for not following “doctor’s orders.”
  • Alternatively, family and friends with a more natural view may criticize your decision to follow the medical protocol.
  • People may consider you unqualified to make your own health decisions, and sew self-doubt with their criticisms and comments.
  • Others may come to you in admiration, wanting to know your “secret.” What will you tell them?
  • If you’re taking a “try and see” approach to natural or conventional treatment, you might start wondering if it’s really working. Plus you could be under pressure from your doctor to take the osteoporosis drugs.
  • When you hear about new osteoporosis treatments and drugs, you might find yourself thinking that this latest medication could be safer and better.

Your bone health philosophy will give you confidence and purpose. It’s your foundation to steady you and keep you on the path when you encounter scenarios like the ones above.

How Do You Formulate Your Bone Health Philosophy?

Maybe you don’t have a bone health philosophy yet. Or maybe you have a vague idea about your reasons for going the natural route or for taking osteoporosis drugs. Either way, you need to solidify your approach to bone health.

So I’ve put together 7 simple questions to help you know where you stand. Let’s get started!

Question #1: Do I believe that my bones, when given the nutrients and exercise they need, can get stronger and healthier without drugs?

Before you answer, get some facts:

Question #2: Am I aware of what osteoporosis drugs are really made of?

Before you answer, get some facts:

Question #3: What is my understanding of the relationship between Big Pharma, the Medical Establishment, and government regulators?

Before you answer get some facts:

Question #4: Am I afraid of drug side effects, and if so, do I know what side effects are associated with the most popular osteoporosis drugs?

Before you answer, get some facts:

Question #5: How would I feel if my friends, family, and doctor asked me if I’m taking my prescription drugs? Would I be uncomfortable “standing up to them” and saying that I’ve chosen to manage my osteoporosis without drugs? Conversely, how would I feel if I told them that I’ve chosen to take osteoporosis drugs?

Before you answer, get some facts:

Question #6: Could I explain in a few words why bone density is not as important as bone quality? Would I be able to explain briefly why I believe osteoporosis is not a disease, and that osteopenia is an invented condition?

Before you answer, get some facts:

Question #7: Can I face my future knowing that I am in full control of my bone health? Or would I be more comfortable delegating that responsibility to my doctor?

Before you answer, get some facts:

Your Bone Health Philosophy

Now that you’ve answered these questions, I hope that you have a clearer vision of the path you wish to take for your bone health. So follow your decision with confidence and pride, with the knowledge that you’re in full control of your bone health.

And remember, believe in your bones and believe in yourself!

Till next time,

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  1. Sherrine

    Vivian, I’m getting nervous. I read your book and followed the program as much as I could. I do have quite a few serious illnesses that I do have to take medications for but I did get off Prilosec so that was a plus. Anyway, I had a moderate case of osteoporosis two years ago and now I have a severe case. I’ve been trying to figure out why I’m losing density so quickly and have found out I have three diseases that can affect my bones…diabetes, Crohn’s disease, and ankylosing spondylitis which is a disease of the spine related to rheumatoid arthritis.

    I do not want to take osteoporosis medication but such a loss in such a short period of time, after following this wonderful program is frightening me. I agree with what you are saying but because of my health it doesn’t seem to be working for me. I’ve been toying with the idea of using Evista. It’s the only one of the osteoporosis drugs I would even consider but I get a knot in my stomach when I think about doing this. I’m only 66 years old, too. There is longevity in my family and I’ve never heard of anyone breaking a bone which is excellent but I also haven’t heard of anyone having as many illnesses as I do. I’m open for suggestions because I don’t know what to do next. Thank you in advance.


    • Angie Absten

      Dear Lady,

      We have a have been so mislead to believe that man made lab created chemicals could help replace the nutrients so deficient in many diets. That is the emphasis of this website which I as an RN recommend to many folks. Only natural nutritional medicine is able to help you & most of your willing compatriots. I am so sorry so many have been conned by big pharma. Blessings to you & yours & look at natural antiinflams.

  2. Colette johnson

    Vivian, my last cholesterol test came back with the LDL at 222 and my dr wants it to be under 70 since I have had a quadruple bypass. I have tried 12-15 diff statin drugs and have had several bad side effects and now he wants me to take a new one to try called Livulo (Pitavastatin). It comes in 1 mg, 2 mg and 3mg. He said I should try the 1 mg and after 6 wks take another blood test to see if the LDL is down. All the other readings in my blood test are good except for the LDL. Should I try this one and then go back to your program?

    • Angie Absten RN

      Please refuse to take any new drugs all more dangerous than older ones. Fiber is a much better option . Lots of organic veges especially cruciferous & or at least triple fiber twice /day. Blessings for a better healthier life.

  3. pamela

    Vivian, you are correct that osteopenia and osteporosis are totally fabricated new-age terms!! Both my Grandmothers lived to be almost 90 years, never broke a bone, were never in a hospital, never drove a car, and both ATE REAL FOOD WHICH WAS NOT FULL OF CHEMICALS + PRESERVATIVES. I know this because I ate at their houses frequently. Many women did not know their Grandparents and eat this crap today which is supposed to be food. WE KNOW THE TRUTH!

  4. Donna

    I see that you say Advil stops bone growth? Is it OK to take ibuprofen? It really helps with my pain. I fell, broke my foot and ankle and hurt my back a little. If not, what do you recommend? Thanks, Donna, age 66

    • Angie Absten RN

      Please consider a natural anti inflame as their are about 12 possibilities & several combos. These provide benefits to immunity & do not irritate systems as chemical drugs threaten. Blessings for your better health.

  5. Bernie Tyndall

    I am totally opposed to perscription drugs as I believe they only mask the problem.Love to purchase but owing to lack of funds now unable to and they do not seem to have it a any libiary in Australia
    Thank you

    • Angie Absten RN

      So right a lot maybe found online. Many natural and herbal options are healthy choices & help several symptoms instead of terrible side effects. Wishing you the very best of health.

  6. DonnaBelle

    I also declined to take Actenol when my doctor prescribed it. I took the Actenol tablet one week and it was so over powering that I quit. I took Vivian`s advise and started checking my diet to get added foods to strengthen my bones and have been drinking only Almond milk and I also cook with it. I generally get the store brand one that has 40 calories, 60 calories or 90 calories. I alternate between the 40 and 60 calories. The taste is delicious. I am Lactose intolerant so have to stay clear of dairy products. Eat mostly Cheddar, Swiss or provolone cheese and yogurt. It does not bother me. I can eat only lactose free ice cream. Vivian your messages and recipes have been so helpful. I drink filtered water completely now. I have a pitcher in my refrigerator and have added one in my kitchen faucet. My doctor prescribed more calcium so I take 1800 mg a day.
    Just yesterday, my neighbor said a British Doc reported that taking too much calcium will be harmful to our bones. Is this a new theory Vivian? I do feel stronger and from doing your exercises. I have another year before I can take a new scan. My calcium report this month was good.

    • Angie Absten RN

      Make sure calcium citrate easier to absorb & no more than 500 mg at one dose. Also need a micro mineral formula as vit D3 is not sufficient. Also sun a better source of D.

  7. Audrey

    My company just went through a buyout and my health insurance is with a different company. The bone scan I had this year was from a different machine (scan) from the previous years and it showed that I had lost bone in my hips where the scan from the previous years had shown that I my bone density was increasing. Someone told me that different scans can show as much as a 20% difference. Do you know if this is true? I was so disappointed with my results this year. I had expected to see an improvement.

  8. Valerie

    what do you know about bioidentical hormone replacement therapy BHRT?

  9. Krishna Naidoo

    Do not have any problems with my bones.I found your articles interesting that is why ireceive your emailes.Thank you Krishna

  10. Leslie (Ms. L. Carmel)

    Hi! Vivian,


    Take Care, And Stay Well!


  11. Pearl

    I was diagnosed with osteoporosis 14 months ago after i had a crushed vertabrae (which i had for 3 months before I was sent for xrays)I was given fosamax which made me very ill so i refused anything more.
    Just recently I had another bone scan which shows I deteriated 1 point, & the Doc now wants me to have Prolia injections, again i have refused as my body seems to be super sensitive to drugs & I think if I get ill with this one I will be ill for 6 months.
    I was wondering if anyone can tell me if the loss is considered large or minor, I went from -3.3 to -3.4 in just over a year, & I wondered if what I was doing ie. exercises/weight lifting had actually slowed it down. I can’t seem to talk to Doc i have now, she just wants to write a script.
    I have just received my “save our bones book” in the mail this morning & will be avidly reading it, I also have the problem of having to be gluten/lactose & fodmap free, so it narrows my diet down an awful lot.

  12. joyce cormack

    I also take thyroxine due to bad test scores of my thyroid. Doc says I must replace thyroid activity or my thyroid will die and so will I.
    I take no bone density drugs and never will; but am distressed at the bad bone effects of thyroid medication.
    I feel that I must take thyroid replacement, but cannot afford to lose any more bone ???????????

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Joyce, if you require medication to regulate your thyroid levels, so as long as you have regular check-ups to insure that you’re not taking too large a dose of the medication, hypo or hyper thyroidism should not affect your bone health. 🙂

  13. Janet McGinnis

    I stopped Fosamax in Nov. 2010..shortly after that I ran across Save Our Bones….it seemed very logical so after reading the book I started trying to follow it….I have not done it perfectly and I started taking Calcium Citrate with Vit. D prescribed by my doctor….whatever I have been able to do is helping… 2013 Dexascan showed 13% increase in spine area and 5.7% on hip….however, the radiologist wrote on bottom of report that more arthritis perhaps had skewed the reading….I am accepting this report as great because at least I did not lose…..I truly believe the information in Save Our Bones is good for our health in general and I will keep on doing it…..I am reading more and more information that speaks of the PH Balance so it is starting to catch on….and I tell others about it….Thanks so much for all the information…..I have a lot of faith in the program…..Janet

    • Pearl

      Thankyou, this helps so much, i have only just received my book so have to read it first before i can start.

  14. Brian Toms 42 Magpie Drive Murray Bridge South Australia

    Im 85-87 My Spine is eaten away from top to bottom cant walk much if i try im in great pain so im passed it unless you know something if i sit down lay down im at peace Thanks Brian

    • Sandra Marshall

      Vitamin D, Vitamin D, Vitamin D (at least 1,000 mg a day) also a bottle of liquid Silica Gel every week ,satchets of gelatine and strontium every other day. I have 13 spinal fractures and after 8 years of pain my spine is now stronger and bones are healing. Hope this helps you

      • A.P.

        Sandra Marshall,
        Do you mean IU instead of mg? I think one can easily make a mistake regarding the units,talking about vitamin D(microgram, milligram and IU).Also there is a difference if we talk about D3 or D2. I don`t know where the safe upper limit for D3 or D2 is, but at least 1,000 mg of D3 would be too much.
        Best wishes from A.P.

  15. Bettye Douglas

    I was diagnosed as having osteoporosis about 6 years ago. I was prescribed Fosomax with Vit. D. After 4 year’s using Fosomax and later a generic of it plus supplemental Calcium plus Vitamin D. The annual screening indicated no change. My new PCP doctor then recommended Prolia.
    I have recently been retested. I really feel no difference! The cost of this treatment is horrendous. And through all of this, I’ve never felt a problem!!

  16. margaret woodbridge

    dear vivian
    my problem is with my bone health and my teeth. Recently 2 large fillings fell out of double teeth, do you think this has any connection with the fact that I have been taking warfarin for the past year? If so how can I help the situation, regards, margaret

  17. Helen

    I just got the results of the first bone scan done in five years. Since that time, I discovered you and your incredible Osteoporosis Reversal Program. I’ve tried to follow your wisdom in adhering to an organic, alkaline diet rich in minerals, avoiding pesticides and chemicals, drinking pure water, and getting plenty of exercise and sleep. Results: increases are 6.3%, 16.2%, 7.2%, and 8.6% in various places in the spine, neck, and left femur. Tears are in my eyes as I write this. THANK YOU, VIVIAN!! The diagnosis of osteoporosis was given to me nearly 20 years ago, with the comment that I’d be in a wheelchair 15 years from then. Not now, not ever, thanks to you!!

    • Pearl

      That’s wonderful Helen, thanks for sharing, you have just given me hope.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Wow, Helen! That’s wonderful news! It’s stories like these that inspire me to keep researching and providing the community with as much information as possible. But ultimately, it’s what you, the individuals, do with the information that makes the difference. Way to go!

  18. Lorraine

    I don’t take anything that my doctor tells me, I have just changed my diet and eat all the things you suggest, plus eat an 80% raw diet and no meat. I try to eat many, many greens per day and a very good variety of fruits and vegetables. I am not even worried about getting a bone scan anymore, because I feel in my heart that I am doing fine. I know that I feel about 20 years younger now and have no pain. I had to have back surgery because if it collapsing, and now it is healed enough that I have started a dance class 4 times a week and some good long walks. I also do some weight bearing exercises. It is too bad I didn’t know more about this earlier in my life to help prevent the bone loss. We certainly can’t listen to the media!

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Good for you, Lorraine – it’s wonderful that you’ve found simple, healthy ways to feel better and make your bones stronger. 🙂

  19. Janet Matthews

    I was diagnosed with ‘osteoporosis ‘around six years ago. I was prescribed bisphosphonate tablets to take weekly, whic did not agree with me, I began to feel ill and aching, developed all sorts of skin problems and my hair began to fall out. My doctor changed the prescription to a different tablet with little change in the results, I was also offered a monthly dosage. Then my dentist suggested that this was not the way to go. In discussion with my doctor he said that his view was that he. Would not take these drugs himself. By this time I had begun researching, and purchased the save our bones program. I have changed to a bone healthy diet and try to have a more active lifestyle, having ceased taking the tablets I felt much better. I did have an Appointment with a consultant who also respected and supported my decision not to take these drugs.
    I had never broken a bone, until this year when I suffered a cracked ankle. Due to a skiing accident. But 7 weeks on I have it see s made a good recovery, the bone seems to have healed well and very rapidly, I can only put this down to my bone healthy diet, and taking supplements. I have not been sent for a rescan to assess bone density, my doctors view of these seems to be somewhat sceptical. But this may just be that he prioritises other treatments for more serious conditions, NHS in the UK! He suggests that bone density changes are just part of natural ageing and suggests looking at diet and exercise. I hope he is right. Looking at trying to find a source of natural calcium supplement in UK. Organic calcium doesn’t appear to be available in stores here, and I am suspicious of Internet advertising. Thanks for the support.:)

  20. Pushpa Duraiswamy

    Dear Vivian,

    I am 81 yrs old and have been diagnosed with Osteoporosis. Can you please let me know on ways to reverse (despite my age and condition)? If not, what can I do from deteriorating? I walk for an hour every day, I do breathing exercises, stretch and perform some physiotherapist recommended exercises. Please provide any insight such as changing diet plans or drinking more cold press juices, etc. to help me with my condition. Thanks. – Pushpa

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Pushpa, you’ve come to the right place! The Osteoporosis Reversal Program provides just the information you’re talking about. 🙂 You can also glean a great deal from this website – feel free to use the Search feature at the top of the page to research specific topics of interest, or just click around! I’m glad you “stopped by”. 🙂

  21. Jan Toohey

    Vivian, Please know I believe every word of your book that I purchased 4 days ago. The book is on my iPhone, iPad and Mac. Each day I go back & refer to it. I immediately stopped taking Fosamax of which I have been on for 2 years. Before that I did Reclast for 2 years. It did nothing. Before that I took Boniva for at least 5 years, Now I have osteonecrosis of the left jaw. I take Advil only, but it feels like an ear ache all the time.
    Jan T age 69 in Todos Santos, Mx.

    • Pam Slocum

      Advil has known properties in it that stops bone growth. We want our bones to grow so please find something else that won’t effect bone growth.

  22. j. smith

    Can you publish recipes to help us follow a better bone healthy diet please?

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      J, hang in there! A recipe book is in the works. 🙂 In addition, the Recipe Sampler in the Osteoporosis Reversal Program provides lots of recipes and ideas for delicious, bone-building dishes. Feel free to seach the site, too – many posts include recipes. 🙂

  23. Jan Diamond

    What is your impression of the med. called EVISTA? My Doctor has prescribed it for Osteopenia?

  24. Terry

    I’m going to digest and think this through very carefully. I believe that the body knows what is best for the body. Nutrients are it’s life. I do have a doctor that is pushing me to get the shots if my scan is not improved by “more than a couple of points” next time. The thing is…his drugs weren’t doing anything and a couple of point is a couple of points!!! I’m going to stand my ground but with your information I can do it with more knowledge and give sound reasons without getting flustered talking with him. Thank you….you’re the best!!

    • Pam Slocum

      I changed doctors because of the push of drugs. I refuse to take them.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Great attitude, Terry! And I really appreciate your kind words 🙂

  25. Ita

    thank you,Ita.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      You’re welcome!

  26. Rudi CUSMANO

    Hi Vivian,

    I do not take drugs of any kind since 2001 (with one single exception for
    a minor cardiac problem which I have forgotten since).
    My bone loss has been not significant so far and I pay a lot of attention
    to your indications while being extra-cautious with a lot of advertisers on your same field.

    Kind regards

  27. SILMY

    Vivian, I believe you completely, and am taking the supplemets you suggest. Please give me more advice – my back pain is still not gone, and I HATE taking the PAIN KILLERS!!!
    SIMY 85 years old, in Hongkong

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      I share your opinion of pain killers, Silmy. Maybe you’ve tried this already, but if you haven’t, I suggest you find a good chiropractor to help you with the back pain. And remember, the body always seeks health 🙂

  28. Sylvia Fernandes

    I would like to share a bone-healthy recipee called Coconut Green Chutney which can be used as a spread for sandwiches.
    1 bunch corriander leaves
    2 garlic pods
    2 green chillies
    1 cup freshly ground coconut
    2 cloves (optional)
    1/2 tsp slimtevia or two to 3 pieces seedless Dates chopped (for a slightly sweet taste)
    1/4 tsp fennel seeds
    Grind all the above ingredients together with a little water till smooth.
    Apply this paste on brown slices, place sliced cucumber and tomato and relish the sandwich.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Sylvia, thanks for sharing this recipe with us!

  29. mrs sandra sullivan

    had a dexta scan 4 yrs ago I am border line, taking thyroxine as had thyroid removed they say its medication that’s thinning bones but I refused drugs have another scan next yr they say if its worse must take these drugs not happy about it

    • Carolann

      I would be so grateful if someone might be able to give some general advice on having to take thyroxine (removal) because I had to have a hip replacement 3 years ago due to a drastic reduction in bone from my hips. I was never informed about side effects of taking thyroxine, no-one mentioned calcium. Eventually my doc prescribed Adcal but I read so many negative reports I would not take it. I obviously should take a calcium supplement and I also live in UK so I would need to be able to buy it here. Hopefully calcium suppements won’t interfere or make worse high cholestrol (which is often linked to thyroid troubles). Thanks also for the wonderfully inspiring stores,

    • Marilou J. Regacho

      My question – I had been taking thyrax since my thyroid operation (removal) 5 years ago…as prescribed by my doctor. I learned that it also thins bones thus I am an osteoporotic now. What shall I take instead of thyrax so as not to further damage my bones? thank you More blessings!

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