Save Our Bones Bulletin: Bone Density Assessment Device Gets FDA Approval; Gene Manipulating Osteoporosis Drug In Development; Researchers Repurpose Malaria Drug For Osteoporosis - Save Our Bones

This month’s bulletin brings news of an onslaught of new medical devices and drugs targeting osteoporosis.

First, we’ll discuss OsteoSight, a tool recently approved by the FDA designed to diagnose osteoporosis.

Then we’ll examine the development of a gene-manipulating drug that claims to increase bone mass.

Finally, you’ll learn about Big Pharma’s latest attempt to repurpose an existing drug– this time using artificial intelligence.

Automated X-Ray Assessment Tool Gets FDA Approval

A new medical device called OsteoSight has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). OsteoSight is a tool that assesses X-rays to estimate bone-mineral density.

According to Naitive Technologies, the developer of OsteoSight, the tool also generates an osteoporosis classification in line with the World Health Organization’s (WHO) guidelines.

Relevant Excerpt

“While treatments exist that can help slow the progression of bone loss, the biggest challenge we face is the persistent underdiagnosis of osteoporosis and low bone density,” said Robert Pignolo, M.D., Ph.D., a professor of Medicine, Geriatric Medicine and Gerontology at the Mayo Clinic and member of the Scientific Advisory Board of Naitive Technologies.

Patients are still being diagnosed after a fracture, instead of during a period of timely intervention. By screening patients who are having routine X-rays, we have a real opportunity to identify early bone loss and osteoporosis and prevent fractures.”1

Those familiar with how osteoporosis was first reclassified as a disease will recall the role that medical devices played in creating a market for osteoporosis drugs.

A tool designed to evaluate bone loss and the risk of fracture could be used to recommend non-pharmaceutical interventions. However, it is far more likely it will be leveraged by Big Pharma to sell more of their dangerous and ineffective osteoporosis drugs.

Furthermore, this device will likely continue the unscientific trend of overemphasizing the role of bone mineral density in bone health and fracture prevention.


A new medical device called OsteoSight assesses X-rays to estimate bone mineral density. The device-makers' stated goal is to increase osteoporosis diagnoses. This will likely translate into more prescriptions for osteoporosis drugs.

New Osteoporosis Drug Manipulates Gene Receptors

Scientists at Florida International University (FIU) are developing a new osteoporosis drug applying a tried and failed approach: gene manipulation. The drug they are developing would be taken orally and would increase bone growth by activating a gene responsible for bone creation.

The compound developed by the research team targets a hormone receptor called relaxin family peptide receptor 2 (RXFP2).

Relevant Excerpt

“The team first had to pinpoint the right chemical compound to activate the receptor. The NCATS team used robots to screen for small molecules among more than 80,000 different compounds. Chemists then tested hundreds more variations until they found the right match. It was like a key fitting a lock. When they tested it on mouse models in the lab, they saw an improvement in bone density.

“This opens up a new area of study to allow for clinical application to prevent or reverse osteoporosis,” said Maria Esteban Lopez, who worked with Agoulnik on this research as an FIU biomedical sciences Ph.D.candidate.”2

Simplifying a drug’s administration doesn’t make it safer. If this new drug resembles existing osteoporosis drugs, it will prove less effective than non-pharmaceutical interventions. Unlike changes to diet and exercise, a new drug could cause terrible side effects.

We have been tracking the development of this drug and will continue to do so as human trials begin. Meanwhile, Savers already have the safest and most effective strategy for preventing and reversing osteoporosis: diet, exercise, and bone-healthy lifestyle choices.


Drug developers at Florida International University (FIU) are creating a new oral osteoporosis drug that aims to increase bone mass by activating a gene responsible for bone development. Their studies on rats showed improvement in bone density, but the drug hasn't yet been tested in humans.

Malaria Drug Repurposed Into Osteoporosis Drug

Researchers at China’s Peking University International Cancer Institute used an artificial intelligence (AI) machine learning model to discover alternative applications for existing drugs. The result is a new osteoporosis drug that may soon make its way to the market.

The AI algorithm identified a malaria drug that impacts bone development by altering gene expression.

The drug is called dihydroartemisinin (DHA), and it impacts bone by increasing the differentiation of bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells (BMMSCs) into osteoblasts. Osteoblasts are the cells responsible for building new bone.

Relevant Excerpt

“To evaluate the drug’s effects on bone, the researchers gave mice with osteoporosis extracts of the drug orally each day for six weeks. By the end of the period, they had lost less bone and had healthier bone structure than untreated mice.

Next, to improve delivery to the BMMSCs, the researchers packaged DHA into nanoparticles called MSN-ALN, which had been specially designed to target bone. This treatment was injected into mice with osteoporosis, this time once a week for eight weeks.

At the end of the study period, the animals’ bones were of nearly the same quality as healthy controls and looked much better than untreated mice with osteoporosis.“3

Big Pharma frequently repurposes drugs to maximize their profits, so this reinvention of a malaria drug comes as no surprise. The health consequences of manipulating bone marrow stem cells in this way are unknown.

Human trials will begin to reveal the negative effects of this genetic manipulation, but if the drug makes it to market, other ill effects will likely emerge over time. Big Pharma has a history of hiding and denying the worst side effects of their products.


Researchers from China’s Peking University International Cancer Institute used an artificial intelligence (AI) machine learning model to identify an existing malaria drug that they aim to repurpose into an osteoporosis drug.

What This Means To You

Stay vigilant and stick to tried and true, safe, and effective approaches to preventing and reversing osteoporosis. Don’t be lured by false promises of quick fixes and miracle cures.

The Osteoporosis Reversal Program offers an honest and science-based approach to improving the health and strength of your bones. When you use the natural systems that govern your body to improve your health, those changes are lasting.

By adopting a different lifestyle you can live a fuller life and with enhanced confidence and independence beyond what you thought is achievable.





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  1. Gwin Richter

    Hello Vivian – I am hoping to get an opinion from you. I know you have recommended True Osteo in the past and I am taking that. However there is lots of advertising about AlgaeCal which looks really good, and there are other brands too. I am sure you might not want to publicly discuss them all but any advice you could give would be appreciated. Thank You ~gwin

  2. Ita

    Thank you, Ita.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      You’re welcome, Ita!

  3. Jenny Fulton

    I am excited about the development of Osteosight. Low bone density is very underdiagnosed and this will hopefully give more young people the chance to take control of their bone health. Yes, medications will be recommended, but for those who do their homework, they will have the chance to change their lifestyle and diet at a younger age and hopefully avoid ever having osteoporosis. I encouraged my 35 yr old daughter to have a Dexa scan and fortunately her doctor ordered it. She has osteopenia, but she now has the opportunity to make the changes necessary to avoid having osteoporosis like I do.
    With all we know about low bone density, it is beyond my comprehension why the NOF does not recommend a DEXA scan at age 18, when you are still in the bone building phase of your life and can make the most difference.
    This new machine can be used for good too!

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Thanks for chiming in, Jenny!

  4. Luc

    Thanks again for such clear explanations! Indeed the human body and those of animals as well are much more complex than can be even imagined. So your approach is very wise as it takes into account the whole being not targeting a single element. I see by example genetic engineering as like throwing a radio in a car through an opened window in the aim that it would put itself in the right place. Worst than a shot in the dark.
    I keep admiring your very wise common sense.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Indeed, at the Save Institute we take an integrative approach to health 🙂 And I appreciate your kind words, Luc

  5. Randi Stirn

    Please let your readers know more about Bone Balance! It is apparently approved in Europe! Your opinion please! Thank you!

    • Jackie

      Hi. Where can I find your comments on Bone Balance you gave to Lorraine. I would like to read them. Thank you!

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Randi, please check out my answer to Lorraine about Bone Balance.

  6. Yvonne Hudson

    Anyone serious about finding a method to keep their bones strong and healthy, must access the information in the SaveOurBones Program. Without a doubt, Vivian Goldschmidt is offering us the best route to healthy bones. I am so glad I found her. You will be too. Thank you, Dr Goldschmidt. Btw, she tells me she is not a doctor!!! I say, “You are to me!” 🤗💗

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Dear Yvonne,
      Lol 🙂 It’s my pleasure! And I thank you for your kind words!

  7. glennelle R clyburn

    I want a copy of the receipe book mail to me. I don’t want to down load it off computer.

    • Save Institute Customer Support

      Dear Glennelle,

      Bone Appetit is only available in digital format. We’re sorry you don’t favor that, but the good news is that you can download it once and then print it. Let us know if you need more help with this. We’re delighted to walk you through that process.
      In excellent health,

      Customer Support

  8. Joy Markman

    Fractured the top of my fimah near the hip, & had 2 hav an big op, which the Dr. Says will take 3/4 months 2 heal, however, if the bones don’t knit by next month, Dr says a hip replacement – I am devastated, as this accident ant1 wood hav broken their fimah, as I stepped back on the pavement as a huge truck cam 2wards me, & fell ever a concrete slave put out on the pavement 2 prevent cars coming on the pavement – this has changed my life Vivian, as I followed yr eating plan, & exercised every day – terrible accident – I am now home from hospital & step-down, & with the help of my husband who is now my carer, manage 2 cook a little, & always hav fresh green salad & lovely mixture of vegetables etc in my fridge – I just carry on with yr eating plan Vivian, plus do my physio exercises, wal I inside with a walker & walk up steps & down steps. & go for walks with my crutches – pls G-d I will not need a hip replacement later!
    Thk u Vivian 4 all yr advice & help, ( I fight with all the Dr’s), & think u r the greatest!!
    I will let u know how I progress!
    2 u & yr team hav a wonderful Xmas & Happy New Year, & hope u enjoyed Hannukkah this year!

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Dear Joy,
      I’m so sorry about your accident and I thank you for your kind words. I wish you a speedy recovery and let’s hope you won’t need a hip replacement. Stay in touch and happy holidays!

  9. Lorraine

    Good morning

    I am a bone saver member living in the UK.
    I have been purchasing a formula called Bone Balance which is proven to help osteoporosis & osteopenia. It is totally natural. The formula was produced and marketed by Dr Neil Dorwood. I take I scoup of powder in water once daily. Do you know of this formula and please return your thoughts on its effectiveness.

    Kind regards

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