Save Our Bones Bulletin: Just Discovered Stem Cells Grow Bone, Non-GMO Verified Food Sales Surge, Brand-New Study Shows Happiness Affects Bone Density, And More! - Save Our Bones

In this week’s Bulletin, you’ll discover brand-new research on a specific stem cell that actually regenerates bone.

You’ll also be very encouraged about the huge jump in sales of non-GMO verified foods.

And last but not least, you’ll be amazed to learn that the level of happiness and satisfaction with your life has an impact on your bone density.

Let’s get started with today’s bulletin!

Brand New Study: Stem Cells Actually Regenerate Bone

In an intriguing new study, scientists have found a stem cell that regenerates bone cells in mice. The implications for human bone cells are promising.

Relevant Excerpt:

“According to recent research, a stem cell with the ability to regenerate both bone and cartilage has been pinpointed in the bone marrow of mice. The cells, known as osteochondroreticular (OCR) stem cells, were discovered by researchers at Columbia University Medical Center (CUMC) by tracking a protein expressed by the cells. A CUMC news release states that using this marker, researchers found that OCR cells self-renew and generate key bone and cartilage cells, including osteoblasts and chondrocytes.

The release notes that the researchers believe OCR stem cells will be found in human bone tissue, as mice and humans have similar bone biology. Further study, they say, could offer greater insight into how to prevent and treat osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, or bone fractures.” 1

Predictably, the study leader, Timothy C. Wang, is hopeful that “drugs or other therapies can be developed to stimulate the production of OCR stem cells and improve the body’s ability to repair bone injury—a process that declines significantly in old age.” 1

It truly saddens me when I see such promising research being immediately considered for developing new osteoporosis drugs. If OCR cells are found in human bone tissue, I would love to see research conducted on what nutrients boost OCR production, or what toxins and substances inhibit OCR activity.

There’s a world of fascinating discoveries that could be built on the foundation of this research, but sadly, I don’t imagine we’ll see many studies that take such an approach.

Sales Of Non-GMO Verified Foods Double In Just One Year

GMO stands for genetically-modified organism, and is generally used in reference to foods that have been altered at the genetic level. Serious health concerns over GMO foods has grown significantly over the last few years, resulting in quite a boost in non-GMO verified food sales.

Relevant Excerpt:

“Verified GMO-free food sales were $3 billion in 2013 and were $8.5 billion in 2014! Not only that, organic food sales overall are projected to grow another 14% by 2018, and this is a modest estimate according to The United States Organic Food Market Forecast & Opportunities.

This is no surprise, as the term ‘non-GMO’ was expected to surpass even ‘organic’ as a buzz word in 2014 when it came to food sales. One study published by Progressive Grocer showed that consumers want Non-GMO now even more than ‘organic.’ This ought to give Monsanto, Dow, Syngenta, and the huge food corporations a run for their suicide-seed money: A staggering 80% of consumers sought out non-GMO products in their survey. The non-GMO issue has emerged as a consumer hot-button.” 2

The modern definition of genetic modification goes much farther than simply selective breeding, which has been done for centuries. Today’s meaning of the term denotes something much more disturbing: the direct, artificial manipulation of a plant’s genetic material that bypasses the normal methods of natural genetic material exchange (such as pollination).

Today, plant genes can be modified to resist certain herbicides so farmers can spray their fields to kill weeds without killing their GMO crops; or plants are genetically modified to contain “built-in pesticides” to resist insect pests.

The consequences of such modifications are only beginning to be discovered, and the picture is not a pretty one. For starters, GMO foods have been shown to affect bone density and harm internal organs, such as the liver and kidneys.

This is all the more reason to detoxify your liver and kidneys periodically, especially if you’ve eaten GMO foods in the past.

Clearly, consumers are learning quickly, and knowledge has the power to change things. As more and more people get informed about the true nature of GMO foods, they are “speaking” with their wallets, changing for the better the way our food is produced.

Brand-New Study: Life Satisfaction Improves Bone Health

Savers are aware of the importance of personal happiness when it comes to bone health. This is why the Osteoporosis Reversal Program addresses the whole person. And now, cutting-edge research confirms this – the more satisfied you are with your life, the better your bone density.

Relevant Excerpt:

“The study participants responded to mail surveys and took part in bone density measurements. The present sub-study included 2,167 women who underwent bone density measurements in 1999, and out of these women, 1,147 took part in follow-up measurements ten years later, in 2009.

Life satisfaction was assessed by four questions relating to the study participants’ interest in and easiness of life, happiness, and loneliness. Based on the answers, the study participants were divided into three groups: the satisfied, the middle group, and the unsatisfied.

During the 10-year follow-up, the bone density of all study participants weakened by an average of 4%; however, the difference between the satisfied and the unsatisfied was as much as 52%.” 3

The study falls short of explaining why, exactly, this correlation between bone health and satisfaction exists. But as Savers know, it has to do with the effect of cortisol on bone density.

Cortisol is the “stress hormone,” which your body produces when you’re under chronic stress (depression, anxiety, general unhappiness, etc. all fit into the category of “stress”). Cortisol is acidifying, and damages bone by reducing intestinal absorption of calcium and by robbing bone cells of potassium.

The Osteoporosis Reversal Program devotes an entire chapter to achieving personal happiness, and exercise is an important component of that. The Program tackles bone density from all angles, leaving no stone unturned on the quest to stop and reverse bone loss.

Exercise Overcomes Depression

According to a study published in the Journal of Biobehavioral Medicine, regular exercise relieved depression as effectively as medication. 4

One group exercised only, another group exercised and took medication, and a third group took medication only.

Not only did the exercise-only group fare just as well as the other two groups, but amazingly, when participants were evaluated 6 months after the study was over, the exercise-only group had the lowest rate of relapse – only 8% (compared to 38% relapse among the medication group, and 31% of the exercise + medication group). 4

Exercise Addresses The Whole Person

As I mentioned above, the Osteoporosis Reversal Program leaves no stone unturned, giving you nutritional and lifestyle guidelines for strong, youthful bones.

And when I created the Densercise™ Epidensity Training System, I recognized the multifaceted benefits that exercise provides when you’re reversing osteoporosis without drugs.

Save Our Bones is much more than just about your bones – it’s about you!

Till next time,


1 “Stem Cells’ Ability to Regenerate Bone, Cartilage in Mice May Offer Insight into OA, Osteoporosis.” Physical Therapy Products. January 19, 2015. Web.

2 Sarich, Christina. “GMO-Free Food Sales Explode Amid Public Awareness.” Natural Society. January 5, 2015. Web.

3 “Senior women happy with life less likely to suffer osteoporosis.” Senior Journal. January 13, 2015. Web.

4 Babyak, Michael, et al. “Exercise Treatment for Major Depression: Maintenance of Therapeutic Benefit at 10 Months.” Journal of Biobehavioral Medicine. 2000. 62: 633-638. Web.

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  1. Carolyn

    Thank God for Vivian!!! All the research she does helps keep our bones alive and well, we just need to follow through on our part….Thank you Vivian!

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      You are very welcome, Carolyn! I thank you, too, for being a member of the Save Our Bones community.

  2. shula

    How long will it take to implement the cell-stem study to human beings? How much will it cost?

  3. Hope

    Hi Vivian and all of your readers..Well I have some great news for all of U.. in regard to stem cells and regenerating bone..!! Long story short ..I fell and fractured my hip/..femor..badly. had rod & screws put in immediatly after. My Orth trauma surgeon then noticed a few months later that I had a NON UNION break. in other words the bone died, There are only 3 Drs in the United States that do this procedure. I had it perfomed on me >>..last Dec. 2013****. IT’S CALLED THE “HERNIGOU PROCEDURE” It’s done in Europe all the time.. I had it done at hospital in New York City, N.Y. Dr removes MY OWN stem cells and bone marrow from MY pelvis bone then mixes with human growth hormones then injects it into me where my bone had died.. WELL THE BONE GREW BACK AS OF LAST MAY 2014!!! I NEVER TOOK ANY OF THE OSTEOPOROSIS DRUGS & NEVER WILL.. I AM GLAD I AGREED TO HAVING THIS PROCEDURE DONE.AS IT DID WORK FOR ME..!! 🙂 ~ Hope

    • Treehouse in paradise.

      Would love you to post the Dr. and Hospital’s names. Thank you so much for posting this invaluable information.

      Thank you, Vivian also, for consistently giving us this up to date research info. Lynn

      • hope

        Hi Treehouse.. I will ask my Orthopedic sugeon if he wouldn’t mind If I was to put his name on here..I just don’t feel comfortable to do that without his OK… But I guess I can tell you that he is at New York Presbyterian Hospital & Hospital for Special Surgery in New York City, N.Y. [both hospitals] good luck..**.Also Vivian.. I appreciate all of your bone tips..& I also have osteoporosis. So i need your info that U offer. Thx.

      • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

        You are welcome, Lynn. For more detailed information such as the researcher’s names and so forth, just scroll to the bottom of the article where the references are listed. There you’ll see links where you can learn more. 🙂

  4. Jean

    It Prolia shot every six months safe? I have osteopororius of spine.

  5. Marion

    YES WONDERFUL Thank you Marion

  6. Mary Bussone

    I’ve attempted to order the Power ($67) Program a few times and since I’ve not received a confirmation, I’m not certain if it was placed. I don’t want to get charged more than once so I spoke with someone who could not hep me.

    • Customer Support

      Hi Mary,
      Please check your inbox for a message from Customer Service. 🙂

  7. Suzy

    Just a word of caution… For some people, any stem-cell research will be seen as immoral because it involves the destruction of human embryos. I know this isn’t true for everyone, but some may find this new research to be abhorrent and indefensible no matter how much “good” will come out of it. Just fyi…

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Hi Suzy,
      Actually, stem cells exist in other areas of the adult human body, such as the bone marrow. In this study, mouse mouse bone marrow was used. 🙂

      • Suzy

        Thank you for adding that, Vivian. Plus, I was only speaking of embryonic stem-cell research, so what you and others have shared is quite different. Thanks for adding that comment! I appreciate your dedication to our bones! 🙂

  8. Jean

    I’ve been trying to get an answer on this for some time: reading the blogs here, it becomes apparent that it’s difficult to get enough Magnesium in one’s diet. Also, most readily available deodorants are full of undesirable chemicals. Somewhere along the line, I read that Milk of Magnesia makes an acceptable deodorant. I’ve been using undiluted M of M as an underarm deodorant for some time now, and I’m wondering if this also contributes to my “dietary” level of Magnesium by absorption through the skin. Or is it not a good idea to begin with? Works fine for me though.

  9. L.D.

    Hello All, Vivian, I’m hoping you or someone you know has told you the latest on GMO. An apple that wont turn brown when cut. For goodness sake, what in the world is wrong with the way we’ve been preventing that? Lemon juice has worked just fine. When will this complete disregard of nature end?

    • Sharon

      I just read the article about the GMO apple that has been approved (won’t turn when you slice it). We all have to demand that foods, etc. are clearly marked that are GMO. And while I’m on the soap box, I’m tired of reading ingredients that I can’t pronounce on all kinds of product labels (like applying ‘petroleum’ to our skin – who knew?). In the past we had simple items to purchase. Now it’s like Pandora’s box. Vivian, thanks for opening discussions at your Site! Knowledge is power.

  10. mary

    Of course there’ll be little research into stem cell bone regeneration because how then will big drug companies make their money?

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Exactly, Mary!

  11. Joanna Molloy

    Why can’t Vivian start a campaign for the further research she suggests, based on the new research she has described?
    I live in the UK and don’t have the training in this field to do anything – apart from recommennding Vivian’s

  12. Betty

    Thank you for this informatiion. So grateful that you have resources that are tracking the latest research about bone health etc. We are very fortunate to have this resource you have provided. Hopefully other scientists on the nutritional side of health will be able to track that possibility in this newest release on stem cells.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      You are welcome, Betty, and I hope you’ll stay tuned. 🙂

  13. Pearl

    Thankyou Vivian for the information, it helps to keep me on track.
    I have been eating mostly organic for a couple of years now so I can avoid GMOs, & sadly I see today that America has just approved 2 types of gmo apples, really, all the gmo is about is world control, control/own all the food, & they control the whole world, that’s why they try to make it illegal to grow ordinary seeds.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Thankfully, consumers are able to change things with their food-buying choices!

  14. Mike Ellery

    I am a victim of the bisphosphonate hoax…i took 2 oral forms for 3 years.I have been off it for 7 years so i hope that if i need oral surgery,the bone turnover rate will be good enough to allow it.The doctors didnt mention the side effect of osteonecrosis when they prescribed the first fosamax pills.A few years back one of my crowns was acting up and the oral surgeon did the telopeptide test and found i was stil not turning over bone enough so he wouldnt do the crown work….even chided me for taking such a dangerous drug.Luckily,my crown pain subsided.But,its acting up again,so will take the test again.HOPE IM LUCKY….thanks big pharma.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Good for you for doing your research and getting off of the Fosamax! Your body is designed for health, and you are on the right track for bone rejuvenation. Hang in there, and keep nourishing your bones!

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