The Simple Secret To A Lifetime Of Healthy Bones - Save Our Bones

In today’s article, I’m going to let you in on a big secret. I’m pretty sure that once you’ll read it, it will amaze you. Because it’s really easy and anyone can do it.

It’s about a simple way to make sure you’ll have healthy bones for a lifetime, in contrast to the prescription drug solutions offered by the Medical Establishment that only give short-term results – if any.

And it doesn’t involve any overwhelming changes in your diet and lifestyle.

I’m really excited to share this with you, so let’s get right to it!

Big Pharma Is Always Searching For The “Magic Pill” To Treat Osteoporosis

…but let’s face it: they’re failing big time! So while the Medical Establishment keeps focusing on new prescription drugs, they fail to realize that reversing osteoporosis for a lifetime of healthy bones is easy, and it doesn’t require drugs. That’s the secret they don’t want you to know, of course.

So what do you have to do to achieve long-lasting bone health? First, you have to look at the big picture, but instead of getting overwhelmed, you must also…

Understand The Importance Of Small Changes…

Have you ever found yourself in a bad place, and wondered how in the world you got there? It was likely the result of a series of many choices and decisions, most of them too small to factor into your consciousness at the time they were made. The little things went unnoticed or ignored, and suddenly you find that you have a problem in your hands.

The good news is that this exact same process works even better in reverse. And you can make major positive improvements with changes so small and simple that you don’t really feel like you’re changing anything.

Let me share with you an inspirational story that illustrates how well this works.

The Amazing Success Of The British Cycling Team

When David Brailsford became the manager of Team Sky (Great Britain’s team of professional cyclists), no British team had ever won the Tour de France. So he applied a simple yet brilliant strategy for getting Team Sky prepped to win.

You might think that all he did was have them train for extra-long hours, eat a super-nutritious diet, and get fitted with the perfect bicycle seat. But he went further. Brailsford implemented changes that were almost imperceptible.

His goal was a 1% change in every aspect of cycling, including details that would seem irrelevant, such as testing massage gels and hand-washing to stay healthy. Brailsford and Team Sky searched and found tiny, 1% improvements in a myriad of things. The goal was to win the Tour de France in 5 years.

All of these little changes added up faster than anyone expected, and guess what? Team Sky won the Tour de France in only 3 years!

Implementing 1% Changes For Your Bone Health

Herein lies the secret to a lifetime of healthy bones: small, incremental changes you can make in many aspects of your lifestyle and diet that can have a huge effect on your bones as they keep adding up.

The changes don’t have to be drastic or big, but like saving pennies, if you apply these changes to enough areas for enough time, the dividends are huge.

You don’t have to take an “all or nothing” approach to increasing your bone density and reversing osteoporosis. You can start small and reap big rewards.

Eight Tips So You Can Get Started Right Away:

1. Start Small

As mentioned earlier, choose something small you can do today regarding your bone health. It can be as simple as changing your mindset about osteoporosis drugs by considering one truth about bone health daily. This way, you’ll build your bone health philosophy, which is a very helpful foundation from which to advance. Or maybe exercise once a week for 10 minutes, eat an alkalizing snack once a day, or add a new bone-healthy food to your grocery list each week. You see, small changes make it so much easier to start, because they won’t overwhelm you!

2. Sustain The Change

If you’re making small changes, you can sustain them much more easily than if you make one huge change all at once. For example, say you want to do more weight-bearing exercises for your bones. If you commit to working out at a gym every day for an hour, you may have trouble maintaining that. Chances are your schedule might get in the way, and you’ll feel tired out after a week. But if you decide to spend 15 minutes only three times a week exercising for your bones, you can easily maintain that commitment.

3. Inspiration For More Change – Learn To Trust Yourself

As you find the little changes easy and doable, you’ll feel inspired to take on another small change. Maybe you’ll start going out for walks on a regular basis or you’ll eat only 100% alkalizing snacks a few times a week. You’ll begin to find that you can trust yourself not to fail.

4. Form Habits With Regularity (Embrace The New Normal)

As you incorporate a small change, it becomes habitual. The “new normal” now includes this daily habit, and it eventually becomes effortless. It’s just part of your normal lifestyle, which is exactly the point!

5. Tie Habits To Consistent Triggers

As you incorporate these small changes, it helps to tie them to consistent triggers. Maybe one of your small changes is a set of bone density exercises daily. If you haven’t exercised for a while, you could start with sit-down exercises and, if you’re in the car a lot, use things like red lights or landmarks for triggers. In the home or office, you could simply use sitting down at your desk as a cue to do a sit-down exercise.

6. Prepare For Disruptions

The truth is, no matter how much you’ve tied your habits to triggers and associations, you’re going to experience variations and disruptions in routines and schedules. Accept this fact now and plan for it, so you don’t get thrown off and give up your good habits. Decide now how you’ll deal with vacations, visitors, holidays, and so forth. By thinking ahead, you’ll easily handle the upheavals in diet and daily routine that inevitably come along.

7. Step Outside Yourself

When you develop new habits, even if you do so with small, easy changes, you’re going to run into temptations to “cheat.” For example, you may want to reduce the amount of sugar you consume, since it’s been proven to harm bones. Chances are, you will run into cravings, but if you can mentally step outside of yourself and observe your behavior, it can give you time to assess the situation and talk yourself out of indulging the craving. You can learn to watch your craving rather than acting on it. This is a mental exercise that can be learned to become a positive habit – the craving itself can be your trigger.

8. Let Go Of Wanting It All, Right Now

This is very important: have patience, and know that every positive move you do builds up a future with healthier and stronger bones. Remember that this is all about building incremental changes so they culminate in a big and positive change: a lifestyle that maintains healthy bones for life.

These changes are like little stones built into a magnificent building. You add one stone at a time, and since the stones are little, they’re easy to lift and place. You can take plenty of time to place them just right. Maybe you’ll lift and place one stone a day, then two, then three.

And that’s how a sturdy building emerges. You could have skipped all those steps and thrown a pre-fab building together overnight, but it would be flimsy. The small stones placed carefully and deliberately form a much more stable and enduring structure.

Getting Started

You can easily apply the concept of small, easy changes as you begin your journey to healthier and stronger bones with Osteoporosis Reversal Program by your side, guiding you every step of the way.

And leaving no stone unturned, I’ve created the Save Our Bones Calendar to help you get started so you can achieve a lifetime of healthy bones. The Calendar is built on the concept of making small gradual changes and reaping huge rewards.

Yes, You CAN Do It!

Remember, you are more than capable of adopting a lifestyle that will give you healthy bones for a lifetime.

If it seems a bit overwhelming, take a step back and remember the Tour de France story, where tiny 1% improvements made all the difference in a huge way. Others have done it – so if you don’t have the Osteoporosis Reversal Program yet, now it’s your turn!

Till next time,

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  1. Ahmad

    you shouldnt sthitgraen your hair so muh if you want to grow it out, obviously using the flat iron damages your hair. to help your hair grow take vitamen E every other day. if you wanna grow it out have it TRIMMED about an inch every 2-3 or months. doesnt have to be expensive, just ask for a wash and cutt, blow dry is what makes hair cutts expensive. make sure you keep the split ends off because if u dont your hair will stop there until its trimmed

  2. Elena

    I have a sensitive stomach. Which multivitamin would you recommend I’m taking true osteo

  3. nell vanwyck

    Is the supplentment tablets you recommened “true Osteo” enough or do i need more tablet as well, my t is -3 in the spine and hip.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Nell, no supplement can provide all the nutrients you need to build healthy bones! So I recommend you take a good multivitamin with magnesium in addition to the TrueOsteo. And eat well! 🙂

  4. Leslie (Ms. L. Carmel)

    Good Afternoon Vivian,

    I Want To Get The “Save Our Bones” Program, But Right Now My Family Is Negative On It.

    But I Will Keep Trying To Turn Them Around. Because I Would Really Like To Try Your Program!

    Until Next Time – Take Good Care Of Yourself, And Stay Well.


  5. mary ann gehr

    I have purchased the 2008-2010 edition of the Save Our bones Program along with bone appetite, blender magic, 30 day meal planner and densercise. Now I’ve discovered that there is a new edition out which includes several supplementary booklets such as a 30 day planner to get started properly in the program, doctor dialogues, etc. Is it possible to order these materials separately as I obviously don’t require another Save Our bones Program book?
    Thank you.

  6. Evelyn Schupp

    Since February I have been taking AdvaCal 1000 with D3 for my osteopenia and I am anxious to see if this is helping me that I will have Bone Density test next year.

  7. Olivia

    An amusing foot note to the Team Sky Cyling was when the manager had to speak to the press about how the British team had become so unbeatable in the Olympics and he felt that he did not want to tell his rivals what he had implemented. He told the press that the sectret was in ‘our perfectly round wheels’! Their rivals swollowed this ‘red herring’ and went back to their wheels to try to get them to be more round!!!! The French are very keen cyclists so they took the bate first. (Sorry, if there are any French reading this!)

    Thank you for all your encouragement with our bones and I am not going back to Fosomax or any other medication even though my doctor does push such things.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Interesting, Olivia! It’s also possible that he wanted to keep it secret because he feared no one would believe that something so small could make such a big change! 🙂

  8. Micky

    Hi Vivian and everyone,
    I was told at a sales meeting several years ago that if you do some thing 25 times, it then becomes a habit.

    Thanks again for all your information.

    Kind regards

  9. Julie

    Thanks for the article. I used this approach a few years ago when I needed to lose weight. I started to make small changes instead of going on a strict diet. I didn’t even weigh myself, but went on how my clothes fitted. It worked.
    I think the secret is that, once you are used to them, you stick with those small changes, and add a few more, instead of dropping the lot! This applies to anything, healthy bones or weight loss.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      You are so right, Julie – add a few more changes after you get used to the first ones, and you’ll have a bone-healthy lifestyle before you know it!

  10. Marion

    I read the questions about TrueOsteo, whether they contain lead or not. Is it true that they have lead? Is another organic one such as Algaecal or Esorb safer?

    • Pam

      I have to take nexium for my Barretts condition. Will I still be able to do your program with good results? Have you had this situation with other clients. Thought I would inquire before I ordered all the materials?

  11. Marlene Villar

    Hello Vivian,
    Thank you very much for all the encouraging and
    uplifting emails that you are sending to us.
    I truly appreciated your hard work and effort for sharing
    what is best for us.
    May GOD bless you abundantly and your family.
    Take care always, Marlene

  12. Carole

    Vivian – thanks for this.
    I am poorly at the moment – at times it seems such a long haul….!
    This has reminded me to be patient and tiny gentle positive steps forward are really giant steps for my future health.

  13. Marcella DROESCHER

    Me t-score is -3.6…….my hips are -4.8. And ..0.6increase in density of the spine…and a -3.6 decrease since 2007. -4.8 decrease in hip and 9.2 decrease since 2007. Encourage me… So depressed….
    How about coral calcium?

  14. Rose

    I was on forteo for 2 years bone density increased the first year, but at the end of second it dropped, despite doing everything right as I thought. I am off this treatment now. I was on nexium 40mgs at the time, which dr said this was causing the calcium to drop. I have reduced this medication to 10mgs and trying to stop it completely,this was given for hiatus hernia.Have you any views on this drug or feedback from patients.I take calchewd3 twice daily, and taking a more alkaline diet.Im due dexa scan in six months. My bone markers have greatly improved, Would love your opinion Vivan, kind regards

    • Betty

      Forteo was the drug of choice (and a very costly one too) that I was recommended but declined. Sorry to hear of your bone density disappointment. I too take an acid reflux pill every day 40 mg and my specialist said bone loss is minimal but I have heard otherwise and my density is in severe category. I have tried reducing mine and going off the med. but symptoms too severe. I wish you well in your efforts to stop taking it but you have to be concerned about danger to your esophagus etc.

      • Berniece

        Try an apple before you go to bed to reduce reflux instead of nexium.
        Don’t know why but it works for me.

  15. Jeny Houston

    I’ve posted this before but not had a reply so here goes again! Ihave read that power plate vibration exercisers can help improve bone density. Is there any proof of this? If so, can anyone recommend a particular mavhine? Thanks!

    • Sylvia

      Good information about the low intensity vibration machine at:

      • Jeny Houston

        Thanks Sylvia

  16. Damaris

    I have osteoporosis severe, I was taking omeprasole, now I know that that medication affect my bones, I have hyperparathyroidism and low in Vit D’ I am taking 20 minutes of sun every day, etc. . I’m eating helthy (alkaline food) I’m doing excercise etc. Is there something natural that I can take for my health in addition of all these stuf.

  17. Betty

    Thanks Vivian for reminding us about the small habits we can include to increase our success for stronger bones. Certainly though for the British Team these were in addition to disciplined demanding practices on a consistent basis and I wasn’t sure how massage gel and hand washing applied (making sure it was alkaline???). For me it is still a challenge to incorporate enough alkalinity in to my diet and exercise as much as I would like to do while at the same time trying to gain weight.. Then it seems there are many who eat as they wish and still have good bones. Fortunately for me I love veg and fruit and other alkaline food so it is not a sacrifice. I appreciate being part of this forum and for your conscientious leadership of the SOB’s community.

  18. Loretta

    Thanks for these practical tips. A great reminder how easily we can incorporate good health habits in SMALL steps for BIG results. I’m printing this post out to keep handy.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Great idea, Loretta. 🙂

  19. Margaret bowerman

    Thanks so much for looking after the bones, great stuff, but can I ask icannot exercise greatly, ihave eds syndrome problem with collagen , I know that collagen is very important, should I be doing anything else for my bones? thanking you margann222

  20. Crete Sham

    Thanks for always encouraging us. Thanks for the simple tips. I do get many setbacks , for various reasons, but I know there are others like me, so we must never give up!
    Thanks again for understanding and helping . God bless you, Vivian

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      You are welcome, Crete! I thank you for your positive attitude and honest feedback. 🙂

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