Study: This Works Better Than Osteoporosis Drugs - Save Our Bones

More often than not, valuable discoveries are simply used to create new patentable drugs. Meanwhile, natural products that can solve the problem without any side effects are blatantly ignored.

Here’s a perfect example. Scientists have confirmed that a group of immune system proteins, known as RANK L, activate immune cells and convert them into osteoclasts – cells that remove bone. This discovery has brought about the relatively new osteoporosis drug Prolia (denosumab), a twice yearly injectable drug that blocks the effects of RANK L. Prolia has its own list of nasty and sometimes dangerous side effects, so if you haven’t yet, I urge you to read ‘Prolia (Denosumab): My Review' to get all the details.

Complicate… Then Medicate

RANK L is also switched “on” by inflammatory cytokines, including IL-6 which is abundant in patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis. It causes bone loss in RA patients and it is often also present in healthy individuals, accelerating bone loss which can lead to osteoporosis. IL-6 shares a binding site with RANK L, so when IL-6 is activated, so is RANK L.1

On the surface and without taking into account its side effects, Prolia could sound like a logical solution to bone-damaging inflammation and osteoclast activation.

But what if I told you that long before Prolia was invented, researchers at the Department of Experimental Medicine and Oncology at the University of Turin in Italy have shown that RANK L could be appropriately moderated by simply taking Omega-3 supplements?2 Did the medical establishment “forget” about this study? The answer is quite obvious, I think… Omega-3 fatty acids cannot be patented.

Omega-3: Better Than Osteoporosis Drugs!

If you have the Osteoporosis Reversal Program, you know that in it I explain that Omega-3 fatty acids increase calcium and Vitamin D absorption and prevent excessive bone turnover, thus helping reduce bone loss.

I also write that Omega-3 is an excellent natural anti-inflammatory. Most Omega-3 supplements are made with fish oil, and I in the Program I warn of potential contaminants and toxins.

Till next time,


1 Matsusaka T et al. “Transcription factors NF-IL6 and NF-kappa B synergistically activate transcription of the inflammatory cytoknes, interleukin 6 and interleukin 8.” Proceeding of National Academy of Science, Vol. 90, pp. 10193- 10197, Nov. 1993.
2 Camandola S. et al. “Nuclear factor kB is activated by arachidonic acid but not by eicosapentaenoic acid.” Biochem Biophys Res Commun. 13;229(2):643-7. Dec. 1996.

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  1. patty

    would you recommend New Chapter Bone Health Vitamin?

  2. Shelley

    Vivian – Your program is so appreciated; however, you make many supplement recommendations and offer no guidance on which companies or products are safest to use. As you know, many contain health-robbing metals and other fillers, including magnesium stearate, and gelatin capsules which are not good for our bodies. Please offer this information to your following. I am certain many, like myself, have spent countless dollars on disappointing supplements. Thank you for being a trusted source of help for us. Shelley

  3. Carl

    I just ordered the marine D3 and recieved it within 3 days. I was amazed how fast it came right in the mailbox. I got the buy 5 bottles and get two free deal. I started taking it today and am excited to get some health benefits out of it.

  4. Rosemary Lambert

    Thanks for writing about magnesium’s importance. Question: I’ve started to use a magnesium spray because my stomach cramps if I take it by mouth. Can the spray be effective for bone loss if absorbed thru the skin? Seems to help somewhat with my muscle aches.

    Hope to hear from you Vivian on this question!

  5. Sue Lloyd

    After reading about Marine D3 on your website, I went on to order the product through Nugenics Marine D3. This was on May 7, 2012. They immediately charged my credit card – even though I found out 3 weeks later that the product was “backordered.” Since that time they have given me nothing but dissatifaction. Calling customer service does no good. Neither does emailing them. Supposedly they received the backordered product and it was mailed out on June 14. I still have seen nothing. I am pretty sure this is a SCAM. I don’t know what to do to get my money back. I spent $199.75 for nothing but frustration. I would not advertise this company – I don’t believe they even have a product – they are just taking people’s money.

    • Doug Ordway

      I also ordered the $199 shipment of Marine D3 on 11-17-12 and did not receive it. My calls to their customer service department end with being put on hold for longer than 5 minutes and then a disconnect.

    • ken teeden

      contact the FTC federal trade commission

  6. Lise

    I also ordered Marine D3 over 1 month ago now and have not received it yet. I called and they said that they ran out and were expecting a shipment in 2 weeks. They also said that I am on the list for this shipment.
    I hope I get it because I already paid 147.75 Canadian for it.
    Vivian, can you check for us since you recommended this product.
    I just tried the phone # 6 times now and the line is always busy. I am concerned that we might have lost our money with this marine D3.
    please help.

  7. Esther Lindquist

    Thanks for all the good information you give out Vivian. I want to comment about Omega 3. I am with a company called Sisel International and I use their products. Top of the line,I had broke my hip in 2008 and the surgeon put me on Fosamax. I got the side effects but did not realize it for a few months then had the doctor switch me to another and it was that other one can’t recall the name now but you have talked about it also. Anyway I got the same side effects and so I stopped it also. Now for the last 3-1/2 years I have not had any drugs and am on the supplements of Vit.D3,Omega 3plus and a FuCoyDon liquid (sea plant)and eating the bone builder foods. I am 82 years young and still going strong!

  8. Juanita Fogelman

    I ordered your Marine D and it never arrived. When I called the customer service I waited 7 minutes for an operator and then hung up. How can you push a product that has this kind of service?

    • Customer Support

      Hi Juanita, Catherine, and Lise,

      I’ve personally contacted them directly on your behalf and demanded that they resolve your issue. I’m so sorry you had this terrible experience with that company. We’re not happy to hear all these complaints to say the least. You should be hearing from them very soon. And if you don’t please let us know.

      Save Our Bones Support

    • Catherine

      I also ordered the Marine D and paid the shipping
      charges over a month ago and have not received the
      product and do not even have a ph. no. where I can
      check on this. Is this a legitimate company?

      • Lise

        The phone # is 866-464-7692

      • Lise

        I also ordered Marine D3 over 1 month ago now and have not received it yet. I called and they said that they ran out and were expecting a shipment in 2 weeks. They also said that I am on the list for this shipment.
        I hope I get it because i already paid for it.
        Vivian, can you check for us since you recommended this product.

      • Catherine

        Could anybody please send me the ph. no.
        for this Marine D. company as I have no way
        to contact them (having lost the no.) and my product has never arrived (had paid for
        the shipping charges).

        Thank you.

        • Bonnie

          I just received my third order of Marine D-3. They actually said it would take 7-10 days, but we received it in about 3 days. We haven’t had any delivery problems. Try this number: 1-800 772-4794.

        • Lise

          I just called the ordering center and told them about the problem we are having and they gave me the customer service 3 which is 1-877-229-2642 and it is still busy. I called them again and they said that there was a problem with the line. He took my phone # and email adress and they will contact me. I told him that I wasn’t the only one who haven’t received this marine D3 and he asssured me that the company is legitimate and not to worry .
          So I will let you know when I hear more about it.

  9. Rosemary

    I take coromega squeeze packets. They taste good too. They say their tests show better absorption then fish oil. It’s heart healthy and if it adds to calcium absorption too, then all the better.

  10. Nu Ly

    Thank you very much for all you do, I do use Omega-3 for 10 years,1000 mg,
    only one per day, is it enough or not? should I take two? please advise.

  11. Leslie (Ms. L.)

    Hi! Vivian,

    I Might Have Asked You These Questions Before, But I Don’t Think You Sent Me An Answers To Them!

    Anyway, Should I Stop Taking Calcium And Joint Supplements?
    Actually I Have Already Stopped Taking Joint Supplements, But I DO Still Take Calcium!

    And I Thank You VERY MUCH For ALL YOU DO!


  12. Carol P

    My question to you Vivian is if I order the Marine D-3, to you still have to supplement it with 1,500 mg of Calcium Citrate per day? Thanks.

  13. Shula

    This is a very helpful information. Many Thanks – Shula

  14. veronika cox

    thanks for information over the years ihave tried a lot of things here we have in australia but i find im taking krill oil its for the heart and arthrihtis itseams to work ok im using less pain killers ibuprofen said i have to order from vitacost usa here in australia the costs for that krill oil is very expensive like all our things here. thanks veronika cox australia

  15. Linda

    I agree Dr. Susan Brown has been a big help with women’s issues. I subscribed to her emails some time ago. I prefer Vivian’s subscription as this site concentrates more on the bone issues. I meant no disrespect. And I agree too that I may have overlooked the “excessive” part. Slow but sure regrowth is better than the effects of the osteo drugs any day!

  16. Avis Mawson

    I’m feeling quite good but as I’ve told you before I am a diabetic. I do have problems with my knees and my toes. I am on vitain D3 among other things and I feel things have improved. Thank you for your help along the way – I have found you suggesions very good. Thank you. Avis

  17. Keith Davis

    How do you rate Vit.K2 in your bone rebuilding program?

  18. Lin

    Thanks for keeping us updated. Have you addressed using potassium citrate er
    (10 MEQ TB) to help?

  19. Irma Moreno

    Vivian I am actually taking omega 3 vitamin; with the high prices on food, I can not afford to buy fish; I hope I am in the right track.

  20. Adenine

    Hello Susan,
    I do use MarinD3 and I am enjoying is okay if you can buy, and if you can not then do not buy.
    Nobody will ever force you to buy,or they do is encourage you,you can read about them and stick to what you believe in,and at times you are told of foods to take that can be of help too.
    So please leave Vivan alone,just enjoy her write ups they do a lot of help.

  21. Andrea

    We all do receive much helpful advice, information and encouragement from this site and everything is free of charge to us…not so with Vivian as it is expensive in both time and money for her to maintain a site like this. Vivian is not forcing us to purchase anything against our will. We can refrain from clicking on the suggested links and so easily ignore other items that do not interest us and get a lot of benefit from using the site.

  22. Monique

    Hi Viviane,
    Thank you very much for sharing with us your precious info about health. I have the SAVE OUR BONES PROGRAM and I am trying to follow your advices: no more use of tape water and many other things. I am in Toronto city of the province of Ontario, Canada, and have some difficulty finding the reliable organic fruits and vegetables. If you have anybody that can help me in that matter I would appreciate it.
    Furthemore, I like the info sent regarding MARINE D3, But, I do not take anything from sea source animal without scales and flippers. unfortunately, the most powerful source of Omega 3 is in a mollusk. Can you tell me, beside Marine D3, which other best source of Omega 3 as supplement I can take.
    Thank you in advance.

    Best regards,

  23. Ann

    Vivian, I have been told that Krill oil is better for you than Omega-3.
    What are your comments on this?

  24. Mary Anderson

    Dear Vivian:

    I have been given my first injection of Prolia in January and it was against my wishes because of what I have read. My doctor insists it is great and since I have been recovering from a broken hip (in December), it was a very interesting conversation with him before getting the injection. I am concerned because he is insisting I get it again in 6 months. What do I do? I realize you can’t make the decision for me but I am in doubt of it. I don’t know how to approach the subject since he was so very insistent I get it the first time. I truly appreciate all the information you have made possible for your readers.

    Mary Anderson


  25. lana

    I have been taking Omega3 in a form of prescription fish oil or over the counter fish oil or Flaxseed oil. I noticed increased nosebleeds. Is this common with taking Omega3? My understanding that it thins the blood. I stopped taking Omega 3s and the nosebleeds became much, much less frequent.

  26. Rose

    Thanks so much for this article on Prolia. My doctor tries, every 6 months when I go for my checkup, to put me BACK on an Osteo medication, having been taken off 3 of them because of complications, etc. Just last week, he mentioned another one. Am sure it will show up on your reports.

  27. Donna

    I have been taking one softgel of Ubiquinol (100 mg) daily per recommendation from your program. Would the Marine-D3 replace the Ubiquinol or should it be taken in addition to it?

  28. Aaron

    Hi, Linda, I am not an expert – just an interested viewer of Vivian’s blog; but isn’t the adjective, “excessive” the key word here? I would guess that bone turnover must be balanced, and not skewed too much in either direction. Though it might be an over-simplification, osteoporosis seems to be due mainly from “excessive bone turnover” pathologically favoring calcium loss from bone. So, omega-3 fatty acids to the rescue! They compensate by pushing in the opposite direction by marshaling calcium and vitamin D3, which work together to build or maintain healthy bone tissue.

  29. Mary

    Vivian, I had my check up yesterday at the medical doctor.. He canceled my dexa scan, for now, so that we can try some treatment. He wants me to take Strontium, nightly without food on an empty stomach and I have a script for Miacalcim nasal spray, which is not filled yet….I am sorta confused about when to take the Strontium on an empty stomach at night, but I thought maybe it would be alright to take it before supper and not eat in the afternoon???? I looked at at the reviews for Strontium, and they all looked pretty good….I am worried about a nasal spray as I am prone to sinus infections and to be honest, scared to death of the osteoporosis meds…. I did mention to the doctor about me exercising and trying to eat the right kinds of food, but he claims it is good that I am exercising and eating right, but that it is not enough….I take D-3, 2000 mg. daily, he stopped the Osteo Bi-flex and wants me to continue with the MSM, which works wonderful for me….I also take Caltrate…


    • Nannywiz

      I am on calcitonin salmon nasal spray since last Oct. I have no problems with it and hope to get another scan this year and see if it has helped any. No side effects except my throat feels alittle stuffy at times. It’s like having a gob of something you want to spit out, I do lots of times. There are no hard side effects. Have heard this was a pain medciation before it was turned into a nasal spray. They are coming out with this in pill form I was told, next year. I won’t take any of the strong drugs all of the doctors try to get you on, even my cancer doctor tried to tell me to take the lst. a year shot. I have read and read about the effects on some people and glad I didn’t take it. Good luck to you. Have heard lots of people take the strongium. Good luck nannywiz

  30. Kaye Bowman


    I just started taking Vitamin D-3. I was taking D-2 at 50,000 IUs/weekly per my doctor’s instructions.

    The Vitamin D-3 I am taking now is 10,000IUs/daily. Is this too much? What should my daily be if I am taking too much per day. My DEXA scans last year show I have −1 in the spine, hip is normal and left arm is normal. I was told I have osteopenia.

    I was told to take 1,500 mg of Calcium Citrate/daily at night without food. Thanks for teaching me to take my Calcium in 500 mg increments throughout the day WITH food!

    • Esther Lindquist

      I have heard we need to be careful…we can take too much Vit.D. I had read that you could take up to 2000 IUs a day if you were a certain age or older. I do not recall the age right now but I was 81 at the time.So I bought a bottle with 1000 IU’s in each tablet and took them for about 2weeks. I then started having pains in my fingers and my little fingers started getting a bump on the last joint at the tip of each one. So I immediately stopped taking that much and now only take one tablet every other day. When these are gone I am switching to this supplement companies product that really is working for me. He has combined vit K2,Vit.D & magnesium.

      • Esther Lindquist


  31. YL

    Can you recommend an equivalent kosher supplement.

  32. mary o mahony

    I would like to get some marine D.,Why does it not state the cost of shipping abroad, ie europe etc. I recently bought SUPPLEMENTS 99dollars shipping turned out to be 40 dollars and tax was another 40 euro. whats the story? HOW can i find out the total cost before ordering?. Many thanks. Mary

    • Jane

      It’s around $9 to ship to Europe. I ordered some because I trust Vivian. Whether she makes money out of this or not I don’t care as she has helped me look at my health and Osteoporosis in a completely different (and better!) way.

      • Jane

        Sorry, it’s actually $19.99 to ship Europe but there would be no tax on supplements.

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