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When you’re diagnosed with osteoporosis or osteopenia, all kinds of questions and concerns go through your mind. You might be afraid of fractures, of developing a “hunchback”, or you might dread the possibility of “shrinking”.

Thankfully, while the fear is very real, these are not inevitable consequences of osteoporosis.

Today we’ll look at three ways you can apply this approach to prevent an issue that is of great concern among many in our community: height loss.

What Causes Height Loss?

The main reason people “shrink” has to do with their spine. You see, the spine is made up of vertebrae, and between each pair of vertebrae there is a gel-like disc that cushions the space between the bones. This water-based gel tends to “dry up” and get thinner with age, but it’s not aging that’s the true culprit: rather, it’s lack of movement.

As we age, we tend to become less active for a variety of reasons. In addition, misalignment of the vertebrae at any age prohibits normal movement of the spine, causing the discs to shrink.

The effect is cyclic – once the discs lose water, the spine can become stiff, inflamed, and painful, making movement and activity even more difficult. So you move less, creating more degeneration of the discs.

Dowager’s Hump

When the vertebrae in the upper back bend forward abnormally, sometimes as a result of osteoporosis, the condition is known as Dowager’s Hump (also called Kyphosis). Like height loss, this condition is correctible through posture awareness and specific exercises.

There’s even more to height loss than this. In fact…

Height Loss Can Indicate Vertebral Fractures

French researchers conducted an in-depth study that explored height loss. What they discovered was disturbing: “We found that the risk of an existing vertebral fracture was significantly higher among patients with a height loss of at least 4 cm,”1 said head researcher Dr. Karine Briot.

And that’s not all…

Height Loss is Also an Indicator of Future Hip Fracture

In a population study that ran from 1948 to 2005, a connection was found between height loss and the incidence of hip fracture:

“Given that most hip fractures occur in elderly persons, a key finding is that this recent height loss, even after adjusting for age, indicates increased risk for hip fracture.”2

And 97% of the hip fractures in the study were due to falls. It stands to reason, then, that whatever forces are at work to cause loss of height are also influencing bone density. This makes sense, when you consider the importance of exercise and movement in preventing bone loss.

Take Action to Prevent Height Loss

Here are three simple and effective ways you can prevent loss of height.

#1 – Give Your Bones the Nutrients They Need

There are key nutrients that help build and nourish bone, and these are the Foundation Supplements described in the Osteoporosis Reversal Program. While it’s important to eat a pH-balanced diet composed of nutritious Foundation Foods as described in the Program, the fact is, you just can’t get all of your nutrients from food in this day and age. The soil has become depleted and the result is nutrient-deficient crops. And food loses nutrients during long transport times from farm to store to table.

So supplementing is as important as eating the right foods. If you have the Osteoporosis Reversal Program, you will know exactly what nutrients are necessary to nourish your bones, and how much of each one you need. There are quite a few of them; here we’ll cover the basics.

  • Calcium is “the” supplement associated with osteoporosis, and for good reason. It’s one of the primary minerals that make up bone, playing a crucial role in the formation and maintenance of your skeleton. Eating calcium-rich foods is a great start, and supplementing with an organic, plant-based form of calcium (not calcium citrate or calcium carbonate, which are basically ground-up rocks and not easily absorbed by the body) ensures that your bones have the calcium they need to stay strong and tall.

    Foundation Foods high in calcium:

    Sesame seeds
    Greens (mustard, collard, kale, spinach, etc.)
    Lima beans

    How much calcium do you need? Quality trumps quantity here. As I write in the Osteoporosis Reversal Program, “You should not take more than 500 mg of calcium at one time since that’s the maximum absorbable quantity. It is therefore best to spread the calcium intake throughout the day, preferably at mealtimes.”

  • Vitamin D is unique among vitamins for two main reasons: your body can synthesize it from the sunlight, and it’s also a hormone. It has few dietary sources, and the foods that do contain Vitamin D are acidifying. Vitamin D’s role in bone health has been well-documented over the years, but there has been some confusion as to how to meet daily requirements of this vitamin.

    The best way to get the D you need is to spend 20 to 30 minutes a day in the sunshine without sunscreen. In addition, a supplement of 400 IUs daily (600 IUs for those over the age of 70) of D3 is recommended, with higher doses indicated for those in sunshine-poor areas.

  • Vitamin C is associated with acidity, which is understandable – it’s basically ascorbic acid. But Vitamin C does not create an acidic condition in the body. In fact, it’s vital to the health of your bones, strengthening and building the collagen matrix that binds bones together. It works synergistically with Vitamin D, and studies have shown that bone loss is accelerated when people are deficient in both C and D as compared to Vitamin D deficiency alone.3

    Like Vitamin D, Vitamin C also has a dual role – it’s an antioxidant as well as a vitamin, helping to prevent oxidative damage to your bones.

    Foundation Foods high in Vitamin C:

    Citrus fruits
    Bell peppers

While the US RDA of Vitamin C is 60 mg, I recommend at least 500 mg. In the Osteoporosis Reversal Program I also give you the exact dosages for other supplements that differ from the mainstream RDA..

#2 – Stand Straight and Watch Your Posture

Your mom was right – stand up straight! It’s so easy to let yourself slouch whether you’re walking or standing, especially when you feel tired. But did you know that good posture actually builds and strengthens the muscles around your spine and other areas of your body? These are the muscles that hold you up, so you become less tired the more you practice good posture.

Your back naturally has 3 main curves: an inward curve at the bottom of your neck, an outward curve where your upper back begins, and another inward curve at your lower back. To maintain these natural curves, implement these key posture points when standing:

  • Shoulders should be held back but relaxed.
  • Tuck in your tummy – imagine gently pulling your navel toward your lower back.
  • Don’t stand on one foot. Instead, balance your weight evenly on both feet.
  • Your hands should hang naturally by your sides.
  • Knees should be supple, not locked out.

When sitting, keep these points in mind:

  • Rest both feet on the floor.
  • Make sure your knees and hips are level – use props if necessary.
  • Imagine the top of your head going up toward the ceiling. This will stretch your spine upward.
  • Allow your back to be straight but comfortable.
  • Again, shoulders should be relaxed and held back slightly.

Consider setting up a mirror or mirrors where you spend a lot of time sitting or standing. Take a moment throughout the day to see if you’re practicing good posture.

#3 – Exercise to Strengthen Bones and Muscles

“Savers” are familiar with the importance of exercise to strengthen bones. Exercise also helps your posture by strengthening specific muscle groups that support your back, neck, shoulders, and head.

The Densercise eBook System includes weight-bearing, resistance, and postural exercises. Described below is a postural exercise from the Densercise system called Flying Snow Angels, which is specifically designed to improve posture and strengthen the muscles of the upper back and shoulders. Here’s how to do it:

Flying Snow Angels

Lie on your belly on the floor. Place a rolled towel under your forehead and a pillow under the hips for cushion. Arms should be resting by your sides. Slowly slide arms overhead as if you were making a snow angel. Lift arms off the floor slightly by squeezing shoulder blades together. Do not lift from the shoulders. Do 6 repetitions, then rest for at least 10 seconds. After resting, it is not necessary to start from the original position. Just let your arms relax overhead while you rest. Repeat this pattern until the 5 minutes are up.

Build Your Bones AND Improve Your Posture

The Densercise eBook System offers many simple yet highly effective exercises to build your bones and improve your posture. The moves are designed to increase bone strength, density, and flexibility, and to tone and strengthen supporting muscle groups that hold your spine, shoulders, and head in the proper position.

As you can see, there’s nothing to be afraid of when it comes to osteoporosis or osteopenia. You just need to know what actions to take that will keep your whole body healthy , strong, and youthful.

Till next time,


1 Briot et al. “Accuracy of patient-reported height loss and risk factors for height loss among postmenopausal women.” Canadian Medical Association Journal, 2010; DOI: 10.1503/cmaj.090710
2 Hannan, Marian T. et al. “Height loss predicts subsequent hip fracture in men and women of the Framingham Study.” Journal of Bone and Mineral Research. 22 Dec. 2011. DOI: 10.1002/jbmr.557. Web.
3 Segeev I N, Arkhapchev Y P, Spirichev V B. “Ascorbic Acid Effects on Vitamin D Hormone Metabolism and Binding in Guinea Pigs.” The Journal of Nutrition. 120:1185-1190, 1990.

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    My own explorations into the issue of sun exposure, as well as personal experience with what my doctors have advised would indicate that 30 minutes a day exposure to sunlight without sunscreen is not a reasonable figure.According to the NIH, “In very fair-skinned people, UV radiation starts becoming harmful after about 5 to 10 minutes. The table below shows the maximum amount of time people with different types of skin can expose untanned and unprotected skin to the sun per day without getting a sunburn.”

    Furthermore, the Skin Cancer Foundation indicates that using sunscreen does not interfere with the synthesis of vitamin D. For people with pale skin types, this would actually be a dangerous level of exposure. For someone like myself, with cutaneous lupus, no exposure to sun is acceptable. I also have multiple sclerosis, and vitamin D3 is considered essential to prevent relapses and reduce the progression of MS. My neurologist, as well as the MS Society, recommend 10 minutes a day of sun exposure. Dermatologists generally tend, in accordance with the NIH, to recommend no more than 10 minutes a day of sun exposure without sunscreen for people with pale skin.

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    Then there are the importance of magnesium, copper/zinc, lysine, and gelatin and collagen, ( watch out, most collagen supplements leave out collagen type 2, I don’t know why or how)

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      You’re right – Vitamin K is very important for bone health! You’ll find lots of information on both K1 and K2 if you search this site. Here’s a link to get you started:

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    F. How does EZorb Calcium compare with coral, or algae based calcium?

    Coral and algae (seaweed) based products are composed of calcium carbonate, the very same inorganic calcium compound found in oyster shells, common rocks and limestone deposits. From a scientific point of view, there is hardly any difference between coral calcium, algae calcium, and other once-popular traditional calcium supplements G.

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    Traditional calcium supplements also suppress the body’s ability to absorb magnesium. In the pH environment of the small intestine, inorganic minerals tend to attach themselves to one another and to precipitate magma, which renders the minerals impossible to absorb. Therefore, inorganic calcium supplements dramatically reduce magnesium absorption, necessitating the use of magnesium supplements for those taking inorganic calcium.

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    Very little of traditional calcium supplements can be absorbed in the pH medium of the small intestine. With the help of Vitamin D, their absorption rate increases slightly.

    Traditional calcium supplements also suppress the body’s ability to absorb magnesium. In the pH environment of the small intestine, inorganic minerals tend to attach themselves to one another and to precipitate magma, which renders the minerals impossible to absorb. Therefore, inorganic calcium supplements dramatically reduce magnesium absorption, necessitating the use of magnesium supplements for those taking inorganic calcium.

    EZorb Calcium, on the other hand, does not need participation of Vitamin D for better absorption. Calcium aspartate anhydrous (CalAA) is absorbed in its molecular form therefore does not need Vitamin D as a carrier to help penetrate the mucous membrane.

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      Oh my, Ruth! What a harrowing experience! I am so glad you are okay – and that your bones survived with flying colors. Amazing!

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    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Judy, most cases of arthritis are the result of (or aggravated by) too much acid accumulation in the body. Even though the Osteoporosis Reversal Program is specifically for bone health, reducing acid residue and bringing the proper acid/alkaline balance to the body is precisely what the Osteoporosis Reversal Program is designed to do. 🙂

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      I’m glad you noticed your posture so early, Evelyn! There is plenty of time to take action and improve your spine’s strength. 🙂

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    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      I am so glad you joined us, Pearl! Remember that the Osteoporosis Reversal Program is not a replacement for fracture care – make sure you stay in touch with your doctor as you heal.

      Did you know that not all fractures are an indicator of osteoporosis? You might like to read this article:

      I wish you a speedy recovery!

      • Pearl

        Thanyou vivian, I have not had much help from my doctors, i was in excruciating pain for 3 months before I was sent for an xray that found the damage, & I was then sent for a bone scan, prior to that the Doc had sent me to the physio for weekly treatments which was a very painfull experience I would not want to repeat. I have just had my second bone scan & it says my spine is now -3.4 only 1 point worse than my first a year ago, but I am still refusing drugs as my system is very sensitive, which as how i come to be here. 🙂

  58. justa


  59. Jessie Neagle

    I am grateful for your article. About 20 years ago I shrank from 5’7″ to 5’3″, although my bone loss was not critical. I am now 80 and it is time to reassess.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Glad you’re here, Jessie. 🙂

  60. Lilo

    Dear Vivian,

    thanks for this report. I have your Saveourbones program. I am 75 years young and have already a Dewar’s Hump and I am unable to lie flat on my back, have to put a pillow under my head/shoulder. I have no money to buy your Densercise @book so I am asking you if you can send me via email excercises I can do to maybe(?) correct the Dewar’s Hump? I also lost already 7cm om hight.
    As always I love your writings and information on bones.

    • Customer Support

      Lilo, please pay us a visit in Customer Support – just click on the smiley face icon at the top of the page, send us an e-mail, and we can help you with your questions. 🙂

  61. Ed Murfin

    All useful info on height loss. I’ve lost six inches since diagnosis – mainly due to lumbar vertebrae fractures. I can never recover height lost that way, but I hope that, by using an inversion table regularly, I can restore maybe a couple of inches via the intra-vertebral discs improved blood supply et al. Hip/rib contact is now permanent, and until a strategy to reduce rib fracture risk from normal trunk bending and rotation is in place, I can’t yet start using the inversion table. Am getting there on that basis and the incidence of ‘accidental’ lower rib fracture from twisting and bending is much lower in recent months. The occasional 10 minute session on the table has been revealing. While only partially inverted, at around 45 degrees from vertical, the gap between hip and lower ribs increases from zero to about a palm’s width – which did impress me, and encourages the belief that regular use will bring genuine height increase eventually. Worth thinking about to anyone already experiencing height loss. Keep up the good work, Vivian xxx

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Good work on your part, too, Murfin! I am impressed with such well-read community members who share their research with everyone. 🙂

      • Ruth

        I need help on my height, I want to increase, my height gets me worried at times, I can’t even mingle with some of my friends, I feel so ashame of my height.please help with with what I can do about my height.thanks.

  62. Annabelle

    Am also grateful.

  63. Mary


    Thank you. Once again you have touched on an issue that was bothering me, height loss. Now I know what to do to keep my height and posture.


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