Vivian Answers Day #22: Inaccuracy of DXA Scans, Distilled Water, Severe Fosamax Side Effects, Calcified Plaque, GERD, And More! - Save Our Bones

Question & Answer #1

I have read that DXA scan equipment varies from one machine to another, thus the author recommended staying with the same location (hospital) for each scan. Is this true? I recently changed location and my DXA scan reading was lower than before.


Dear George,

The average variation between machines is at around 2 to 4%. Remember, that’s an average. In the Osteoporosis Reversal Program I give an example between two popular brands of machines that has been documented at 6% in a hip DXA scan. For that reason I recommend using the same equipment brand.

The variations occur due to the secret algorithmic programs that each manufacturer uses; sort of their own proprietary software. So we don't have a unified program.

And as you read, there is a study that shows discrepancies between the SAME brand of machines, but depending on their geographical location!1

As if this were not enough, it's pretty easy to fool the machine, because it does not measure volume, but only the darkness of a shadow. So because the X-ray beam doesn’t have to travel as far to get through the bones of a smaller person than a taller and larger person, the machine will interpret that the lighter shadow means thinner bones.

Meanwhile, the smaller person could have more calcium in the bones and more resilient and healthy bones. The DXA scanner cannot detect this! In other words, DXA scans measure quantity of bone rather than quality of bone.

The bottom line is that DXA scans are valuable to observe changes for the better or for the worse. We can't get an exact measure.

So don’t let this cast a shadow on your bone health!

Question & Answer #2

I just moved from a house with a yard to a small apartment, so I had to give up my herb garden and also my huge aloe plant. I cooked with my organic herbs and made smoothies with the aloe. I miss my aloe plant so much, especially since it seems to be the only thing that helps me eliminate my heartburn that I got from taking Fosamax for six years. Help!


Dear Jenny,

I know how you feel, especially since I really enjoy my aloe plant also. If you have enough light in your apartment, you may be able to grow a small aloe plant in a pot.

Question & Answer #3

Is it possible that only taking one Fosamax, which made me feel very unwell within one hour, could affect me for months…today I am going for a heart check after I was admitted with chest pains – feeling bloated and dizzy. I was in great shape till I took that pill.


Dear Mary,

I’m so sorry that you are yet one more victim of the osteoporosis drugs! If you have the Osteoporosis Reversal Program, you know that until very recently, these chemicals were mainly used as corrosion inhibitors, scaling agents, and as components for the textile, fertilizer, and oil industry. Interestingly, the medical and scientific establishment doesn’t even bother to keep this as a secret.

You can read here the actual description of bisphosphonates as written by Dr. Fleisch, the Swiss researcher whose work led to the discovery of bisphosphonates to be used as osteoporosis drugs.

Now to answer your question, as you describe, side effects of Fosamax can mimic heart problems and even a heart attack, and can also cause heart problems, including atrial fibrillation.

It is quite rare for this to happen after one dose, but we each have our own “weakest link”. So while I have no way of knowing if your symptoms were caused by the drug, you might have a low tolerance to ingesting those kinds of chemicals. The good news is that if the problems were caused by Fosamax, the drug that did not attach itself to bone will leave your body in a few months.

To your quick recovery and to your natural bone health!

Question & Answer #4

A major medical clinic in the U. S. A. wrote in a study that distilled water is acidic. (I believe it was the Mayo Clinic.) Is this true?


Dear Bobbie,

As I wrote in the Missing Link, one of the supplemental reports that's included with the Osteoporosis Reversal Program, the pH of distilled water is at around 5.4. So it is acidic. However, distilled water, especially if you add a few drops of lemon juice, is alkaline forming.

Here’s a short excerpt of my detailed analysis of distilled water:

“All water, including distilled water, is made of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom, so it is electrically neutral. However, the negative and positive charges are unevenly distributed. The electronic (negative) charge is concentrated at the oxygen end of the molecule. This ever-so-slight charge imbalance coupled with the highest level of purity found in distilled water helps create an alkaline environment, even though distilled water does test acidic for its pH.

The unencumbered and subtle negative charge in distilled water attracts the positively charged acidic waste products and helps flush them out of the body. Perhaps that is why another common myth about drinking distilled water is that it causes essential minerals to leach out of the body, but nothing could be further from the truth.”

From a chemical standpoint, distilled water is pure H2O, the way water is meant to be, like rain water (pure H2O minus pollutants in the atmosphere, more abundant today than in ancient times when people used to collect rain water for drinking).

It is therefore logical to conclude that distilled water is more beneficial than water that contains inorganic minerals. You see, we have ample opportunities to get plenty of organic minerals from the foods we eat and from organic supplements. Water is not intended to be a source of nutrients, although the Medical Establishment thinks otherwise and applauds the toxic fluoride “supplementation” in tap water.

So eat, drink (distilled water), and be merry.

Question & Answer #5

Until I bought your book I was taking 2,000 mg of calcium carbonate every day because my doctor told me to take a lot of calcium. I switched to the type of calcium you recommend and now I take a lot less, but I’m really worried because I’ve read that calcium can cause heart attacks. Am I at risk?


Dear Christine,

I understand that you’re worried. Unfortunately doctors are quick to prescribe drugs and often give wrong nutritional advice. In my blog post titled ‘Calcium and Heart Attack Alert: My Take', I explain in great detail this controversial topic. If you haven’t yet, I urge you to read it.

Keep asking questions!


1 Rencken ML et al. “In vitro comparability of dual energy X-ray absorptiometry (DXA) bone densitometers.” Calcif Tissue Int. 1991 Apr;48(4):245-8.

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  1. Nancy S. Smith

    I bought the Save Our Bones book more than three years ago after I had taken once a day Fosamax for ten years and was told by a doctor that that was too long to have taken osteoporosis meds! My T-score increased this last two year DEXA scan and I panicked as I had the first time I learned I had osteoporosis and am so grateful I am back on the email list and reading my book for recipes, exercises and advice. Hoping to improve my score in the next two years following declining a rheumatologist’s flippant recommendation to take TYMLOS, a new medication that requires a shot in the stomach everyday for 18 months. Thank you, Vivian Goldsmith, for helping me be smarter about my health!

  2. Wendy

    How do I interpret a DXA score of -2.6 as a 79 year old women who is 4’11”? I have read that -2.5 basis for diagnosing osteoporosis is based on people of average height.

  3. June Schafer

    What Calcium do you recommend?
    Thank you

    • judy

      I’ve been following vivian for years now. she recommends TrueOsteo. However, the label in the back is somewhat confusing to me. Do i take two capsules or four?

  4. Mary Ann Smerud

    I need to purchase a water distiller machine. You mentioned a machine in one of your daily letters. Can you give me details and where to purchase it?


  5. Mari

    I have two crush fractures in my spine, discovered on a chest X-ray. The report suggested osteopoenia. My bone density scans (two in the past 6 years) show I am well within the normal range, but the doc thinks we should ignore these results and start drug treatment anyway. I have declined to start drugs when my bone density is fine – but what can I do to repair the fractures and prevent the spine deteriorating further? And how did I get these fractures anyway?

    • eartha newsong

      Interesting forum

  6. Flora

    Are there any cold cereals that you can recommend. I have your book and have used some recpies. But when I don’t have time is there a cold cereal that is alright to use with fruit, yogart, nuts, and seeds and almomd milk on them?

    • Faye Gawlay

      I heard that Vit A palmitate in almond milk is bad for the bones..It is in most of our milk products…was using almond milk but no more…Cannot believe what they put in our food…

  7. Janice

    I have a Waterwise distiller and love it. It’s so easy to use and the water is delicious, especially when it’s kept in the refrig and cold. Since you have mentioned that distilled water is acidic but especially if you add a few drops of lemon juice, is alkaline forming, I would like to know if the few drops are added to one cup. If you added the lemon juice to one cup, how much would you suggest I add to my one gallon of Waterwise distilled water?

  8. Esther

    Is it safer to drink distilled water which comes in plastic bottles than tap water? There are so many toxins in products that are packaged in plastic?

  9. matilda adjei

    Can i use the raw aloe vera to make smoothies with other fruits if so is it the liquid ot use the whole plant

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Hi Matilda! You can slit the aloe leaf lengthwise with a sharp knife and scrape out the gel. Then you can put the gel in the smoothie. 🙂

  10. Linda

    I would really like to get all the info. But, I can’t afford it! I do not take any of the”drugs” had a bad reaction to it. My density came out 1% in my L1-L4. I work 3 jobs. Pt., so far I have had no problems

  11. Erin

    I am a 53 year old small framed Caucasian woman. Do you even recommend getting a Dexa Scan?

  12. Nancy

    I had a bone scan dr. Said my bones were off the chart the wrong way,said to get fusion of Reclast ,I’m really scared to do this,what your thought on this??I suffer from high blood presser..diabetic..Can this drug cause kidneys problem??
    Thank you Nancy

  13. Shammi

    I’m enjoying randieg your poetry. I’ve been a fan of Charles Bukowski for some time GOOD NIGHT really touched me. Thanks for baring your soul. Do you know SELF-PORTRAIT by David Whyte. I love the last line; I have heard, in that fierce embrace, even the gods speak of God. Powerful stuff.Dave Benneman AKA Eerie

  14. Charles Sager

    My understanding is that distilled water is demineralized. Don’t our bones need the essential minerals and micro-particles found in purified but not distilled water?

  15. Joy

    September 6.2012

    Good news today Vivian. The specialist,Dr.Adachi, at the Osteoporosis Clinic at St. Joseph’s hospital in Hamilton ON, told me today that I no longer have osteoporosis. Hip reading is +2.1. He attributes the improvement to the natural strontium supplement I have been taking. Wants me to continue.


    • Dora

      Hi, Joy,

      Good to see your new numbers. What type of natural strontium supplement are you taking? What about calcium? I assume you are taking both.

      Thanks and keep doing what you’re doing!


    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Congratulations, Joy! And keep up with the Program 🙂




  17. sunita mehra

    is it risky to take soy protein?????

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Sunita, whey protein is a better choice. Read this:

      • Bettie

        I cannot take Whey Protein due to Hashimoto’s Disease. My dr. said to use an all vegetable product to make shakes with. I can’t find one. Does anyone know where you can get this?

  18. Nu Ly

    I want to take the BMD scan, and see how my bones are going? But the doctor advised me, “ if nothing particular, it is better later.” So I have to wait. Thank you for your 5 answers.

  19. Yvette

    I was diagnosed Osteoporosis an 1 December 2010, had an accident,had a Surgery, tha´s when the Doctors found out.
    Started to treat myself with Homeophatic Remedies,Alkaline Diet, supplements Cal/Mag, D3, Natto or K2. Before the acciden t happend I bought myself a maschine which was designed in Germany(where I live) for the treatment of Osteoporosis called OS-Flow, I also had a Rebounder, I got those thig for prevetion. But sinc ethe accident I could not use them, since I have metall in teh foot.
    On my way to recovery, form the accident, since I could not take meds I needed an alternate pain killer one of teh thing I started to use were magnets, I got into the research of this, and found some interesting thigs, Acordingly to the Magnetic Tretment Experts, Like Dr.William Philpott just to name one, Osteoporosis is reversable with magnetic therapy.
    Apparently they know this since NASA started treating their Cosmonauts, that came back with severe Osteoporosis,do you remember the photos of the Cosmonauts after comming back they were all sitting in wheelchairs, looking weak and all dissapeard for treatment??? well they had severe Osteoporosis so one of the first thigs NASA started was with Rebounders, gets a higer G-(Gravity) on the body, which they lack, up in there, but that was not enough so they put them on Magnets and that did the magic.
    so nowadays they even have some Magnets with them in theri suits and some pulsed-magnetic devices.
    So the word spread, to some Doc.and Scientists.And some started to treat their Patients with Magnets.
    Some developed Magnetig Gridd Bed Pads to put under or over the Matress, theres a company in the USA that sells them,and claims succes in one year sleeping on 20 Gauss, (this MagneticBed Mat is on top of teh Matress)they have a warranty with money back, if after one year your,Osteoporosis is not reversed.
    So I did one thing since being in Germany, I thought this has to be build, here too, but differently)
    My best pal is a carpenter, I designed the Magnetic Bed Grid that goes under the matress, and creates up to 20-40 Gauss USING ONLY NEGATIVE POLE SIDE OF THE MAGNETS! taht´s very important to know!!! above the Matress going up till about almost one foot, which means it penaetrates the whole body.(Philpott uses this to treat stuborn Cancer)
    So since about 3 monts I am sleeping with this under my matress.
    I feel slight changes in my body, sleep better too.
    in one year going to testmy bones.
    I have designed the Magnetic Bed Grid in such a way that its going to be portable it can be send to anywhere, and two people who are able to pick up about 35 Kilos can build it under the existing Bed.(whatch out that stuff weights 180 kilos)since I had the PLAN to sell them to other people who have the same problem.
    So I am sleeping on the first model.
    Those living in USA can get somethig simillar there.
    You can also use Pulsed Magnetic Devices, I found one that´s really good and not expensive.
    I use Osmosis water which I alkalize.
    the moment I get the metall out of my foot I´ll start using the Os-Flow machine and my rebounder, can hardly wait since I was almost one year in a wheelchair.started walking without help a month ago, this can only be the MagnetGrd Bed Pad, sinc eI havent change anythng else.

    • Ellen

      Well done, that sounds great and very inspiring.
      Thank you

  20. Rosetta Hodge

    I was taking fosamax for 5or6 years, started having problems. I quit taking the fosamax. I have your book Save our Bones. My doctor wanted me to get the shots. I said no. Six weeks ago I fell and fractured my hip. I am getting along good ,then I fell during my exercises for my hip.I got ahairline crack on rib678. I`m really worried now.They said Iimproved so fast they said it was do to my walking every day for two miles. I`m very active. Do you know anything about the spray you put in your nose? They want me to try it
    Thank you Rosetta

  21. Grace

    I purchase Alkaline water from my local Health Food Store. Am I wasting my money?
    what are some advantages it has over that of Reverse Osmossis water?

    • heloisa piccinelli

      Hi Vivian,
      I have osteoporosis and today I bought 1 bottle of New Chapter “Bone Strength” take care. It is a organic cal/mag., Vit. D3 and Natural K2 Complex. It has mag., Vit k2, K1, D3, etc. Serving size 3 tablets ( 3000mg). Isn’t too much to take 3 pills daily, since it has 3000 mg? Isn’t suppose to be 1500 mg/day?


      • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

        Hello Heloisa!

        Interestingly, the amount of calcium is not nearly as important as we have been led to believe.

        The RDA of calcium is 800 to 1,200 mg per day, but the actual dosage is not nearly as important as the absorbability of the calcium. And when you look at the dosage, be sure to note the amount of elemental calcium. That’s the actual amount of usable calcium you are getting. For example, one calcium supplement may show 1,190 mg from calcium citrate and 1,087 mg from calcium malate. But the total amount actually breaks down to 500 mg of elemental calcium, which is all your body can absorb at one time anyway.

        I hope this helps answer your question! Have a wonderful week.

      • heloisa piccinelli

        Hi Vivian, I see the questions, but I can’t see your answers. Am I on the wrong page?


  22. Diane

    I took Fosamax over ten years and my doctor suggested the medical vacation from the drug. Then I learned about Save Our Bones. My concern is bone loss in my lower jaw. My teeth are cleaned every three months as preventive maintenance. Any other suggestions?

    • Evelyn

      This is of interest to me because I took Actonel for a short time and it made me sick every time I took it. I went to have a tooth pulled and would have to sign a waiver in case my jaw bone disintegrated and I had to have it removed and have bone graft and facial reconstruction. It is the same with Fosamax and all the meds in this group, I’m told. I don’t know why Drs.
      prescribe this stuff to us. I didn’t get the tooth pulled; instead I got a root canal and crown to the tune of $1800.

  23. Chris

    Before you drink distilled water, expose it for at least 10 minutes to beautiful music or write “Thankyou” on the bottle.
    As experiments have shown: After such a treatment the distilled water regenerates the ability to form beautiful cristals when frozen, which is not the case without.
    Get more information at
    or in the beautiful books of Masuro Emoto.

  24. Cora

    Using the Save Our Bones program for 3 years..This post pretty much sums up my situation as well, except for the dystonia.
    I deal with IBS (mostly under control)
    and Neurofibromatosis type 2 (regular MRIs)
    Doctor was concerned about weight loss and after performing many tests, I was informed that ALL my numbers and digestive organs are fine, telling me it’s probably my diet.
    Seems there are not enough calories in the 80/20 portions. I am so light-weight that it’s hard to keep my balance when the Phoenix wind blows.
    Chuckle. I gotta figure out what to do to help with weight-gaining and protect my bones at the same time.
    Any of you folks posting here have suggestions?

    • Patricia Morine

      Sounds like me. I have been guten free for 2 years and this helped a lot. To gain weight my Physicians recommended more protein to 150 GM per day. Qualtiy Whey protein in the form of shakes. Eating more frequest meals. Making sure the meals are balanced. Include 7-8 veggies and fruits/day. Consider seeing a nutritionist. Have I gained weight – 3 lb ha ha

  25. bernardus witjes

    is not acepted vivian i made one from the bottom of mine hart as i know it vivian i wil write you a letter bernardus

  26. bernardus witjes

    hi vivian ,i have been drinking for 55 years, rain water, i have about 50 thousant gallons at mine property in tanks ,like distelatewater , you must also take your daily calsium ,we were not told wenh we were young ,nou we are older and created mine ostioporoses and mine dear doctor created for me fosamex,? and lost mine uper front theeth ,or most of them, nou wearing dentures , i also was told life was not mend to be easy ,vivian were were you wenh i needed you so muthc ,as a poor needed migrant, from holland[nederland , to australia but we stil love you vivian to make people understand life is easyer to day becouse of you vivian BERNARDUS

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Thanks for your kind words, Bernardus!

  27. Tara

    Have you heard of a Calcium suppliment called Algaecal? It is taken from the sea and is suppose to be more natural.

    • Pepu

      Is Distilled water without Fluoride as I am alireglc to Fluoride.I also would like to purchase a Distilled water holder/filter to put in my fridge where I can just pour out my drinking water whenever I like!Do you sell these? If so, how much are they? Thank you

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Tara, I’ve written about organic calcium containing Algaecal here:

  28. Cindy

    I am hearing about bio-identical hormones and that they may be helpful for the bones, along with other benefits. Vivian, have you done any research or answered as a question the topic of bio-identical hormones? Thank you.

  29. Faith

    Please, can you recommend an oral chelation product?

  30. Greg

    Hello Vivian…. I’m a water treatment specialist. I’ve been drinking R.O. water & distilled waters for years now. While single distilled water is better than, let’s say… most all filtered waters, it still can carry disease markers in it. So, I’ve gone a step further and now use a distilled water that’s been distilled some 100X. What’s taken place is.. the hydrogen bond angle of the water compared to tap water, has changed from 4degrees to 14degrees. That difference has a significant health effect on the human body. While ordinary distilled water has a H bond angle of around 2degrees, the improved version of a 14degree H bond angle does wonders in cell hydration and much more.
    Personally, I use ‘Marine Grade’ Coral Calcium. Its utilization by the body is some 70%+ compared to carbonate, at only 1% and citrate @ 3%. Of course, I take it @ a 2 to 1 ratio with vit. D ( Vit.D3) seems to be a better form. I grew up on milk but, don’t like ultra-pasteurization process they use now, nor the hormones or any ‘additives’. Milk isn’t just milk anymore. I stay away from SOY milk [.] Got a ‘bone’ to pick with it…. pun intended. Thanx for being there.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Thanks for sharing this interesting info, Greg!

    • Aaron

      Hi, Greg, please tell me more about the angles you say are in the water. It seems to me to be far different from all known scientific data about water molecules. Do you have access to published articles on the subject?

    • Leonard Green

      Hi Greg,
      Thank you for information.
      Where did you find 100x distilled water? How to get it?
      Why do you use Coral calcium? There is a lot of negative information of it
      What form of Mg do you use?

  31. Shula

    Thanks, Shula.

  32. Bobbee

    Hello Vivian, My concern is that I’ve been on Fosamax for many years, due to having Osteoporsis, and I had a bone density test about a year ago, and it showed that my bones actually improved and I now only have Osteopenia, but since I’ve been on it so long, and hearing all the bad things about Fosamax, I decided to stop taking it anyway. About 2 yrs. ago, I have developed post nasal drip, and having to constantly clear my throat, almost 24 hrs. a day. I had many tests done, and tried every antihistimine on the shelf, including nasal sprays etc. & nothing has worked. I was wondering, could Foxamax be the culprit all this time, and actually cause this PND?

  33. Barbara Lipscomb

    Have your book and after a few months feel the best I have felt in a long time. Thank you. BL

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Way to go, Barbara! And remember this equation:

      Healthy Bones = Healthy You

      • Annuashok

        Genial, mein Freund! Daran kann ich erkennen das du alle sekcanhrn uberschritten hast, um n set zu machen, wo dir egal ist was andere daruber denken, und einfach und allein deinem musik geschmack nachgehst, 5 stars!!! also bist du gerade vom home dj zum kunstler promoviert worden Perfecter mix zum aufwachen, kann ich nur weiter empfehlen.. Weiter so . EL Ramirez

  34. Goldie

    Thanks for ? and answers. May I ask your advice please, I have plenty of
    Limes in the garden and they are plentyful in the Island but NO lemons
    would it be O.K to use that in my drinking water. I have to use tap water
    but it is filtered then I boil it. Is that a good idea.
    Until your next session.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Goldie, lemons have a more ionic effect on water than limes.

  35. Leonard Green

    Hi Vivian,
    Many people expessed concern of the distilled water in gallons.
    It looks like reverse osmosis water with lemon would be more safe choice.
    Many people use alkiline drops sold by many companies. There are other modern methods to alkilize water which could be better then using dead distilled water and reverse osmosis. Note: International Committee do not allow using distilled water as drinking one (nobody there talked about adding smth to it)
    Do you use old fashion information? I have read about distilled water with lemon more that 20 years ago

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      It’s not old-fashioned, Leonard. It’s true and tested! Distilled water is pure and healthy.

      • Leonard Green

        Thank you Vivian for response,
        We’ve gotten information from Greg who uses
        100x distilled water on some scientific basis. Where did he get it? He is talking of some harm of the ordinary distilled water. Could you please clarify?
        What about Coral Calcium?
        Can Kefir, yougurt from ultra-pasteurized
        milk deliver calcium to bones?

        • Leonard Green

          Dear Vivian, one more question. You mentioned at your book that Ca and Mg work together. Does it mean that I should take them at the same time? I actually need to take them at different time of the day.
          Does it make any difference?
          Thank you a lot for being with us

  36. Terri

    Hello Vivian,
    Good to hear your comments regarding taking the Aloe Vera, I read some of the comments from the company and agree with what they say but I have to disagree with the way this Aloe Vera product is consumed in a tablet form. I have been taking a live Aloe Vera of inner leaf gel from Forever Living products and rate it the best. It is in a liquid form and only the inner leaf which is where the medicinal properties are which is only 1% of the whole plant, the 99% is discarded, 3% of natural stabalisation of vitamins and minerals is added, so, a very high quality. If you have time, please take a look at our company, let me know what you think?
    Terri Crooks. UK

  37. mary t ball

    A lot of people now believe Big Pharma is not about treating and curing ills and ailments it’s about making MONEY first and foremost!

    • Mary L. Thompson

      I had a bone density test about 1 year 1/2 ago at VRA,,…,My bone density was a loss of 65% bone mass , I was in terrible pain, severe pain, I was in wheel chair & walker, finally about some time on was able to get on Forteo, an injection every day I give myself.. to help repair my bone mass… it is a long journey, first on was on Prolia a injection, every sives Mary L. YT months, it was stronger then Forteo & very expensive for me,,,,getting better one day at a time…….I was taking actol, that was no good at all, for many years for my bones,,,very bad,,,,,,for me it was……Mary …Lou Thompson,, God Bless y’all…. with progress…………….<3

  38. S. S. Vasom, Ph.D.


    As someone else mentioned, I also got 5 questions and not 10. And, when I clicked on two items in your reply to someone regarding chelation, etc., the screen went grey and I could not even write this note. I had to come close everything and reopen your email.


  39. Sunny Alexander

    I had a recent DXA. The radiologist came out with fear in his eyes. I have a spinal curvature and the scan does not read the DXA accurately. It showed a spinal t score of -.09 and a Z score of 1.3. He recommended a full set of x-rays of my spine. (Which I am not doing) My hip indicates osteopenia with minor changes from the last scan, two years ago. What is the accuracy of the spinal scan? I am more curious than anything, since I’m not going to take any drugs.

  40. patricia

    I prefer lime juice over lemon….are the health benefits the same ??

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      See my answer to Goldie, Patricia.

  41. jeanette barnett

    I want to drink the distilled water you suggest; but not certain the large jugs sold at the grocery store are for drinking. Shouldn’t the label say “drinking” on it? How can I be certain I’m getting distilled drinking water?

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Yes, you should make sure it’s made for drinking, not so much because of the water, but more so because of the quality of the container.

  42. Janet

    I have read where hormones are good for bones. Do you have any advice about natural hormones? If so what are the names?


  43. Lynn

    Excuse the error, the last post should read “gyn” exam, as in gynecological!

  44. Lynn

    I recently went for my annual gym exam, she asked about changes in my health, & I told her I had been diagnosed with osteoporosis. She asked what I was taking, and I told her that I was addressing it with diet and exercise (I am now reading my Save Our Bones program, and am starting to incorporate the principles into my life). The doctor looked at me as if I had sprouted another head, and did not respond. I will be changing doctors.

    I am somewhat concerned about the chelation mentioned in question #5, as some research I have read shows that the very potent drugs used cannot discriminate between calcium deposits and the calcium in bone and tissues.

  45. Teresa Meany

    I only got 5 questions and answers! YOu said 10! Thanks

  46. Leslie (Ms. L.)

    Hi! Vivian,

    Thank You VERY MUCH For ALL YOU DO!


  47. Connie

    I am very thin, I have osteoporosis, and I have much trouble maintaining my weight. My doc says I am mostly healthy, but coping with dystonia burns a lot of calories. I read your book, and I want to follow the program, however when I follow it, I lose weight. Do you have any advice for women like me?

  48. Jackie Waite

    Hi Vivian: I didn’t like what I read about drinking distilled water but felt better about reverse osmosis water. I buy 3 gallons at a time and keep in the kitchen in a nice container. What is the major difference between distilled and osmosis? Thanks.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Distilled water is collected when water is heated to high temps so it evaporates. The evaporated product is pure H2O, which is then condensed in a separate container. All the dirt and chemical residue is left behind in the container that was heated. Reverse osmosis water is filtered through membranes. The problem with that is if those membranes are not cleaned and replaced often, since they get dirty and could get contaminated. That defeats the whole purpose of water purification, pretty much.

  49. Josie Blackford

    Dear Vivian, About four years ago I took actonel for a period of two years. When I called my doctor and told him the systems I was having he told me to stop taking actonel.
    It was to late. I now have acid reflex, hital herna, and
    panaic attacks, along with atrial fibrillatiton. Three weeks ago my heart rate went down to 30 beats and now I have a pacemaker. This is so sad for me and my life has really changed. I have told the doctors that actonel has caused me all these problems and they tell me I am wrong.
    I have your book Save our Bones Program. Is there anything
    that I can do to improve my life. I am so sorry that I didn’t have all this information before taking actonel. Can
    doctor’s be stopped from taking these terrible medications?
    I did not know that actonel could effect my heart like it has,until I read your answers to questions that people have sent in to you. Right now I am taking metoprolol and Digoxin. I am concerned as to what will happen to me after taking these pills after a long period. The doctor’s just tell me that I worry to much and want to give me more medicaton for the worry. This a terrible merry go round.
    Please give me any information you have. Thank you Josie Blackford

    • Kaye

      I am sorry to hear about your experience. I was on Actonel for only a few months. I was pressured into taking it by my doctor. It wasn’t long before symptoms started to occur – too many to mention. Some of the worst – I started having chest, my heart felt like it was flopping around in my chest, I sometime felt like passing out, and I started having panic attacks. I was going to quit my job and give up my retirement because my health was falling apart!!! You know your body better than your doctors. If they don’t listen to you, get another doctor. I quit taking it and feel 90 to 95 percent better. Hopefully, you will get better and get better advice from doctors in the future. Take care.

  50. shirley

    have been on prednisone for years. am trying to wean off of it and am down to 2.5 twice a day. can i still save my bones? (i have osteoporosis) or is it too late?

  51. Ellen f Watson

    I am very concerned about the long term effects of omeprazole, which I have been taking for a number of year following a diagnosis of Barrett’s Esophogus. I am afraid not to treat it.

    I do have osteoporosis. I am 69 years old, eat really well, exercise and am other wise in good health.

    What are your thoughts?

    • june mathers

      I am also taking omeprazole, for anxiety coursed by actonal, any help to get off it? I no longer take actonal, thanks to Vivian

    • Judy

      Hi Ellen,
      If you really want to try with the natural way for stopping acid reflux. Here is the remedy, it really works.
      2 or 3 stalks of carrots, 1 big apple and 1 small piece of fresh Ginger( about 2 inches long and 1 inch wide) making it to a 8 oz. Juice, drink it right after the acid reflux attack. You can continue drink it for few days. Since these are all natural foods and no pills, it’s worth to give it try with no harm.

    • blanche

      I cured all my acid reflux problems in 2 or 3 months with 2 daily TwinLab enzyme tablets, papaya tables whenever necessary and spoonful or 2 daily of organice aloe gel.
      It only gets worse with all those prescribed medicines.
      Best wishes.

      • blanche

        Correction: I meant papaya tablets!

  52. Elaine Schaeffer

    wow, how different folks are. I decided to real what you had to offer after i read the information on the fosmax sheet itself and was satified with my choice after reading your information. Do not know who is right but i guess we will find out when all is said and done. I am stil doing well with out meds at the age of 69. I will do aloe but not the brand you mention as have not seen it have tried a new on from a herb store. Wishing everone good health.

  53. Helen Thompson

    I ordered Save our Bones…total waste of money…bone density is worse than ever and I am back on Actonel…every site Vivian sends you to is for something FREE when you pay so much…after I received the book now she wants to sell me Densercise…waste of money..listen to your doctors, I wish I had!!!

    • Carole

      Hello Helen,
      I am so sorry about you results but as Vivian points out people vary both in needs and in the way the body responds to certain things, as everyone is different. We live in a world of variables and our bodies are like this too so we have to find what suits. It has nothing to do with Vivian giving the wrong advice or anything else but has completely to do with how our bodies respond to things externally and internally and it is for us to discover what works. There is no magic pill as you will know, but as far as doctors are concerned I read a great deal of people being afraid of what their doctor may think! It is not up to their doctor it is solely up to the individual to access the information and decide if there is any wisdom in their advice then either act upon it or reject it. Please people stop putting doctors on some sort of pedestal. I read a report recently which stated that most doctors and nurses opt for alternative therapies when they require treatment for an ailment. What does that tell you? They are just people like you and me who happened to study the body and probably far too many pharmaceuticals instead of architecture or driving a train, and while some are excellent there are also some who should have chosen to study another subject!

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Helen, of course (and thankfully!) we are free to do as we deem best for our bone health. There’s a lot more to bone health than density, as I’ve mentioned countless times. Indeed, the Osteoporosis Reversal Program is not for everyone. Those who believe that synthetic (and toxic) drugs are the answer to bone health, should not get the Program. Bone health is about not fracturing bones. Measuring density is the way by which brainwashed doctors erroneously “measure” your bone health.

  54. Helen Thompson

    I tried to follow this program…am back on Actonel and hoping for some improvement as my bone density is now very severe..every site Vivian refers you to offers something FREE for a price…all a scam…go back to your doctors and listen to them.

    • Kaye

      Sorry about your experience with the program. But in my case, I wish I had not listened to my doctor! She pressured me into taking Actonel despite my urging for her to work with me to develop a diet and exercise program to strengthen my bones. She acted like I was foolish and told me I would end up in a nursing home. I truly believe that had I continued taking Actonel, I would have ended up in an urn on my fireplace mantel. The dizziness, chest pains, vision loss, panic attacks, unsightly brown blotches on my skin, horrific urinary track infection that took two rounds of antibiotics to cure, leg cramps…… were bad enough. When I got uncontrollable bloody diahrrea – I knew I wasn’t just getting symptoms of getting older – something was terribly wrong. I got on the internet and started reading experiences of other people that were prescribed Actonel and found that my symptoms were common in others. Fortunately, I did not get the terrible leg and back pains some people do. I got off the drug and am mostly symptom free except for an occasional chest pain. My mother and aunts do have debilitating leg and back pains and I can’t help but wonder if they are not caused by drugs they have taken. If you can take Actonel and it doesn’t wreck your health, more power to you. But what Vivian recommends is a healthy diet and life style. She provides an enormous amount of information for people to use in order to make decisions about their health – unlike most doctors I have been to who charge a lot but don’t listen to you or have time to explain things to you. Even if you take Actonel, knowing what to eat and what exercises are good for you makes sense. But don’t assume everyone else can or should take these drugs.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Helen, see my reply to you above.

  55. Grace

    you stated that there was a short section( ?chapter) of Save our Bones Program available on request, free of charge- but when I tried to request it a form came up demanding i pay for it or at leaST PAY TO JOIN THE TWEET PAGE( OR WHATEVER) . when I tried to comply I was sent another form with a lot of writing but not relevant to what i had asked for- Obviously you do not send things free- if that is correct please do not say that you will and so get folks hope up when nothing will happen that will be of real help.,

    • Customer Support

      Grace, not only is the sample chapter available for free. The Natural Bone Building Handbook is also available and is 100% free. And there’s absolutely no charge for joining Vivian’s email list. Thousands have already received their free Handbook, and you should too!

  56. Veronica

    Hi Vivian, Question, I have been told that crushed raw egg shell and lemon juice can increase your bone density, Have you ha any experience with this ???? would appreciate your feed back. Many Thanks Veronica

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Yuk! Egg shells are made of inorganic calcium… and who would want to eat that anyways?

  57. Liz Finch

    It is so good that you have made us aware of the undesirability of therapy such as taking Fosamax. Are there undesirable consequences of taking Evista? I understand this is a different category of medication. Many thanks for all your help, Vivian.

    • Joanne Borkman

      I, too, have been asked to take E-vista by my doctor since I voiced my opinion about Fosamax and refused to take it again. I would like to know if E-vista could be better than fosamax because my bone density has gotten worse. I now have osteoporosis and need to do something that can help. I have had to take prednizone on several occasions, knowing that it contributes to my bone problem. I try to walk each day and exersize when possible, but I never seem to do either as often as I would like. I, also, have your Save My Bones program. I start out watching the acidic and alkalizing content of what I eat, but after frequent visitors (which are family and I’m glad to have) I get back into cooking what folks ask for and running them around town and to theme parks etc. Will E-vista help my osteoporsis?

  58. Nancy Hughes

    Thank you Vivian and your team for all your superb advice.Although my Dexa scan has reached -3.4 i am determined to carry on following “Save our bones” program and refuse to take these biophosphonate drugs.Have been advised by my doctor to start taking Srontium but having read up on it I refuse it too.My doctor will not be too pleased with me but it’s my choice.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Yes, Nancy. It’s most certainly your choice 🙂

  59. H Stone

    The published comments re Q1 answers Re: Distilled Water urgently need amendment, pure distilled water should exactly have a pH of 6.8 any lower pH reading means it is acidic due to some type of contamination.

    Ordinary tap water, but minus the chlorine and fluoride, arsenic, mercury, aluminum salts and all organic pollutants, is what the body needs as a number of important minerals are present in the water that the body requires daily. Among the important minerals, the major component minerals would be: sodium carbonate, or bicarbonate which buffers the water and our blood plasma, potassium, calcium, magnesium, strontium, the lesser components but equally important would be boron, silica, iodine, a number of other metal ions including iron, zinc, and copper. These minerals are predominantly found in basic tap waters

    Studies focussing on the alkalinity of water for bone density confirm the ability of distilled water to steadily leach minerals from our bodies whereas alkaline waters supply and or replace the minerals we require to maintain a healthy body, the skeleton included. The residents of Okinawa have derived much benefit from the waters flowing through old coral deposits those waters being basic that is above pH7 but also rich in calcium and other sea minerals the body requires, incidentally this type of water significantly increases life expectancy.

    An alkaline water system would therefore deliver those minerals the body requires but venting all the acidic compounds and minerals in the acidic waste water. Alkaline water delivers real benefit to our bodies both in charge and in mineralogy, Im not an agent for any Alkaline system but people living in hard water areas always have better teeth than those where more acidic waters predominate, something worth consideration.

    • Carole

      Hello Stone,
      Thanks for all the information. I value this from everyone incidentally-thanks everyone who contribute as this helps everyone else.
      I live in Scotland and the water here is sooo chlorinated that when you run the tap sometimes you smell the most awful bleach aroma, and in England the water is thick with Fluoride, so I would never ever contemplate drinking any of Britains tap water straight from the tap without at least a filter. I suppose it all depends on where you live as to where you are being poisoned the most, but we have a saying which is ‘Each to their own’, meaning each person must judge for themselves.
      Thanks again for your content!

      • Bee

        We do not have fluoride added to our tap water in England!!

  60. Kathy Wong

    I was taking Fosamax for 2 months and then switched to Protaxos. After taking Protaxos for 2 months now, I feel nauseated all the time and have no energy and appetite. I just bought this book but do not know how to follow it to the point that it can really help me and I can stop taking the medication. Can you give me some advise.

    • Health Babe at 78

      Reading your comments scare me. Get off all precriptions and live naturally. Take a lot of vitamins including Calcium, but be sure and take Vitamin B-6 with it. Necessary for absorbtion. Learn about vitamins and minerals. Don’t count on getting them from today’s foods that have so many chemicals spread over them, they are hardly edible. Buy organic. If not, grow your own. Check labels and stay away from processed foods and fake sugars. They will kill you. A few tomato, squash, pepper and bean plants will give you enough to last all year. Buy some fruit trees. Just about every fruit will freeze, including oranges if you peel them and freeze them separately.

    • Susan

      I’m not Vivian, but you have to get off that poison and start eating according to the plan in the book. It will take time, but it is a start in the right direction to healthier bones, and hopefully you will begin to feel better. Who wants to live with nausea?

      • Carole

        I totally agree Susan,
        and who wants to eat a compressed tablet made of the same substance as a washing powder? You may as well swallow dirty socks at the same time!

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