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Question & Answer #1

Does coffee really cause trouble with your bones? How much can cause trouble?


Dear Ladonna,

Great question, because most of us love coffee. In fact, I have devoted an entire blog post to discuss coffee and bone health. If you haven't yet read it, I urge you to do so. It's titled “Drink this, Not That For Better Bone Health”, and to not leave your question unanswered today, I've copied a couple of my recommendations from it:

“Add a dose of alkalinity

Just as I suggest balancing a pasta meal with alkalizing vegetables, balance your tea or coffee with the addition of alkalizing foods. A simple way to do this is by adding almond or soy milk to your coffee, or lemon to your tea. And have your favorite alkalizing snack with either beverage. I know some of you may wonder why you can’t just take a calcium supplement with your coffee or tea to offset the acidifying effects. That won’t work because the beverage gets to your blood stream before the calcium. But you can definitely increase your alkalizing reserves by adding alkalizing snacks, if not with your beverage of choice, then shortly before or after.

Mix it with chicory

If you brew your own coffee, try cutting the amount of coffee grounds in half and replacing them with ground chicory root. If you’re hesitant to try this, you could start by adding a much smaller amount of chicory and building from there.”

These are just a small portion of my advice on drinking coffee without compromising your bone health. To read all my recommendations about coffee, simply go to the article in this blog.

Stay alert!


Question & Answer #2

Could I substitute honey for stevia?

Stevia doesn’t agree with me.


Dear Connie,

Stevia is an excellent plant-derived natural sweetener of ancient origins. The natives in Paraguay have used it for hundreds of years. If you already have the Osteoporosis Reversal Program, you surely know that unlike sugar and artificial sweeteners, stevia is alkalizing, making it a bone-smart sweetener.

Honey is also alkalizing, so to answer your question, you can most certainly replace stevia for honey. Try to purchase only 100% pure honey, and you might also want to look into getting it organic. The best way to store honey is in an airtight container so that it is not exposed to moisture from the air, and if you make sure to keep it in a cool place, even if not refrigerated, you won't have to worry about changes in texture and flavor.

Wishing you a “sweet” New Year,


Question & Answer #3

Is there any information on EVISTA as a supplement to help bones?


Dear Alice,

It is very kind of you to call Evista (raloxifene hydrochloride) a bone “supplement”. Plain and simple, Evista is far from being a supplement; it is a synthetic chemical known as a selective estrogen receptor modulator (SERM). It is supposed to have the ability to act like estrogen in some tissues but not in others.

I write a lot more details about this drug in the Osteoporosis Reversal Program, including a list of quite nefarious side effects, such as dangerous blood clots and stroke, to name a few. In view of this serious risk, it clearly makes more sense to improve your bone health with natural solutions as presented in the program.

To your health!


Question & Answer #4

Is there anything I can do to counteract the effects of the two doses of Boniva that I took a year ago?


Dear Gloria,

Even though Boniva (ibandronate) and all bisphosphonate drugs attach themselves to bone, the two doses you took are quite negligible. You can read exactly what happens in the body with these drugs in a blog post I wrote titled “Stop Taking Osteoporosis Drugs? It's Never Too Late…” and how they get released and finally removed from the body.

And to make sure you get rid of all the drug residue you might have, you can follow my easy detox plan called the Osteoporosis Fresh Start Cleanse: The Seven Day Osteoporosis Drug Cleanse. In it I give you clear and simple steps to flush the drugs and toxins out, to alkalize your pH, and supercharge your bone health in only seven days. And as a huge bonus, you'll feel better than ever. I do it twice a year, even though I never took osteoporosis drugs.

To our “cleaner” future!


Question & Answer #5

After diagnosis of osteoporosis, my doc gave me Actonel, which I took ONE TIME then stopped. Also taking big doses of Vit. D. I am a runner, healthy eater….live in sunshine 365. I cannot think of anything that would take away additional bone, but I want to know anything I can do to ADD. Please advise!!


Dear Ricci,

You are on the right track, but let us analyze the term “healthy eater”. To some, it means consuming just the right amount of calories while disregarding the quality of foods. To others, it means eating enough protein and little carbohydrates, no matter the chemicals or processing in their foods. Bone-smart nutrition, on the other hand, is best described as a balancing act between acidifying and alkalizing foods while also placing special emphasis on nutrient-rich foods that nourish your bones.

It's really easy, and in the Osteoporosis Reversal Program I remove all the guesswork. Plus no foods are off limits, so you can enjoy your favorite dishes while helping your bones.

Keep up your good habits and enjoy the sunshine,


Question & Answer #6

I am 80yrs old, gave up bone meds taken for 10 yrs but cannot eat fruits & veggies for more than a few days without diarrhea. Can you help me?


Dear Jerry,

Besides their delicious flavor and alkalizing bone-healthy qualities, fruits and vegetables are rich in nutrients, including valuable antioxidants. There are several steps you can take to slowly introduce these foods without causing digestive disruptions. The goal is to make it as easy as possible to digest them, so as to cause the least amount of inflammatory reactions. Experimenting is the key, until you find what works for you.

For example, you should chew very well to aid in the digestion and breakdown of these fiber-rich foods. You can also try to take digestive enzymes before a meal, plus consider eating plain unsweetened yogurt to increase your “friendly flora” intestinal population. At first you can make purees of peeled fruits and veggies, and even lightly cook them or steam them.

Enjoy your meals and have a healthy year,


Question & Answer #7

Vivian can you give more advice to the many men who are afflicted with Osteopenia and Osteoporosis, for vastly different reasons than Women?

For example some men have back or other injuries and have limited options when it comes to exercise. Also some men have low Testosterone levels.

Can you provide more specific advice for men where it will differ to the advice you provide women?


Dear Maurice,

I'm glad you are bringing up this very important yet neglected topic. In fact, in 2008 the American College of Physicians has issued new guidelines to bring awareness about osteoporosis in men. And of course, there is a section in the Osteoporosis Reversal Program exclusively dedicated to osteoporosis in men.

Both Primary and Secondary osteoporosis often overlap each other, but the latter is typically caused by low testosterone levels, long-term corticosteroids, and alcoholism. However, the metabolic requirements of bone are equal for men and women, which makes the Osteoporosis Reversal Program – and all the recommendations in it – equally applicable regardless of gender.

I wish you great success with your bone density improvement, Maurice, and the same applies to all the natural “bone health warriors” in our community!

All the best,


Question & Answer #8

I am 54 and have been diagnosed with osteoporosis. My T-Scores have not changed a lot since 2004, when I went through menopause – here are the current ones: L1-L4 -2.6, Neck Left -2.3, Neck Right -2.1, Total Left -2.4, Total Right -2.5. I took Fosamax for 4 years and it didn’t help so I stopped taking it over a year ago. I eat well, exercise and take supplements but I did drink a lot of coffee for years and both of my parents had osteoporosis. My doctor is recommending Forteo injections now. She said that I am very young to have scores this low. Another doctor told me that since my scores have been stable since 2004, I should do nothing. I would really appreciate your advice. Thanks.


Dear Kathy,

Your T-scores are barely at the osteopenia/osteoporosis boundary, so my first recommendation is to change your doctors. Forteo injections carry many negative potential health consequences – even bone cancer found in laboratory rats – besides the huge financial burden depending on your insurance. And doing nothing is not good either…

Here's my advice to you: if you haven't yet, go through the Natural Bone Building Handbook. You can get it here. Then try the Osteoporosis Reversal Program to accelerate your bone growth and know exactly what to do step-by-step. With the program, you have no risk of dangerous side effects and what could be better than to start the new year with a natural bone health plan that is scientifically designed to increase your bone density?

To your bone health success!


Question & Answer #9

If yogurt is ok, how’s frozen yogurt if it is natural and contains the yogurt properties such as Edy’s or Publix brand?


Dear Evelyn,

Frozen yogurt is a better choice than ice cream if it contains live and active cultures, so you have to check out the label to make sure. Believe it or not, most”friendly” probiotic bacteria survive the freezing temperatures by going into a dormant state. Once they are warmed back to body temperature, the cultures become active again.

Another important factor is to remember that frozen yogurt is sweet, which means there is either sugar or other sweeteners added to it, thus making it an acidifying food. And assuming the brand you buy doesn't have other additives or colorants, I would consider frozen yogurt as a treat to enjoy sporadically, while you can have plenty of plain unsweetened yogurt anytime.

One of my favorite alkalizing snacks is plain yogurt with sliced strawberries, bananas, sprinkled with sliced almonds and a little honey.



Question & Answer #10

After taking Actonel for 1 yr, I began having a problem swallowing. My Dr. said it had nothing to do with Actonel and to continue taking it, putting me on the one a month pill. I made the decision to stop taking and will never take it again. My fracture risk is 10-20 %. Will walking and eating properly help reduce this risk, or at least maintain the risk at this level?


Dear Rita,

You made the right decision about stopping Actonel. Not so long ago researchers have found that bisphosphonate drugs double the risk of esophageal cancer. You can read my blog post on this (not so surprising) discovery by searching the title “Alert: Bisphosphonates Double the Risk of Esophageal Cancer”.

Walking and “eating properly” is a great idea to help your bones, but there are many other easy things you could do, as I clearly explain in the Osteoporosis Reversal Program. For example, in addition to walking you can also do bone-healthy exercises for just a few minutes a day that will greatly help reduce fracture risk. Also, “eating properly” is a very broad statement because what you need is the right nutrition to help your bones and increase your bone density. The program has everything you need to help your bones and to help you live your life to the fullest without worrying about your bones.

To a healthy and happy New Year!

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  1. David

    I’m so confused about plain natural yoghurt, I thought I read in another article to avoid it for bone health, but here it’s okay?

  2. Kristina Wilson

    The expansion in your bone thickness originates from the way that the medication hindered bone resorption (decimation). Bones are always being redesigned, so some bone material is crushed and some are revamped. When we are youthful and sound, both procedures happen, yet the arrangement of bones is quicker than the demolition.
    Be that as it may, the annihilation is critical in light of the fact that we are continually changing and there is requirement for our issues that remains to be worked out in like manner. The medication represses resorption, then arrangement of bone is speedier, yet tragically not where it ought to.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Great explanation, Kristina!

  3. Connie

    I read the comment from another “Connie” who could not take Stevia. I, too, cannot take Stevia as, just like the artificial sweeteners, it gives me migranes. So please, how much honey is the equivalent of Stevia, and what is liquefied honey? Thanks and I’m loving that new cookbook I just got from y’all. Connie in Dothan, AL

  4. Georgia

    Hi Vivian,
    I am 60 years old, and when I was about 50, after menopause my doctor sent me for a bone scan. At that time I was told I was in the beginning stages of osteoporosis. My mother had it. He put me on Actonel which made me feel so awful I stopped after a couple of months, and haven’t been on any drugs since. I have just had a scan, and since the prior one 4-5 years ago, my bone density has improved by 5%…with no drugs at all!
    It seems hard for some of those in the medical profession to believe this improvement with no drugs, and to what I attribute it to, exercise (mostly walking) and trying to eat balanced meals.
    I have read your book and find all your e-mail tips so helpful, they have helped me to change my diet and adjust it as I can with my diabetes type 2. I have managed to not have to take drugs for that either and am thankful for information such as yours to help me and all of us take care of ourselves.

  5. christine cooke

    I have looked everywhere for some organic plant derived calcium, and the only place I have found it is when I searched the internet and found a place which ships it from the USA to me here in Australia. However the company claim that if you have osteoporosis then I should take the algaecal (organic calcium) with strontium. Vivian, could you please tell me if I should or should I simply purchase the Algaecal as this should be all I need?

    • Alison

      Hi Christine,

      I have read several places that if you take calcium and strontium together, only the calcium will be absobed. The absorption mechanism is the same for both and for whatever reason, calicum blocks the strontium absorption. Apparently that’s why it’s best to take strontium two hours after and two hours before eating.


  6. Janice Feisthamel

    I have been on Boniva for 3 yrs now and have had no good results to show for it. I have recently contacted a holistic advisor, who runs his own health food store about my osteoporosis, to see if he could help me. I am now on a series of minerals, vitamins, and suppliments, all geared to help alleviate my osteoporosis. I was on the program for 1 month, before I went in for my bone density test and found out I had improved somewhat. I am also following an alkaline diet, using both Vivian’s suggestions and his. They are pretty much the same diet, so feel confident that I am doing the right thing. My doctor was not happy with my changing things, and I told him this was my body and I had to decide what was best for it from now on. Consequently, he is no longer my doctor, which is a good thing. I am very happy to know that I never have to take Boniva again, and that I can undo the damage to my body through the minerals and vitamins, and most important, the diet. Thanks for your help, Vivian.
    Jan F

  7. Kathy D

    Hi Vivian,
    Would like to know if Pepcid depletes calcium and other medications.
    Thank you Kathy D.

  8. Eva

    is rice milk ok as you mentioned almond and soy milk as alkalining

  9. bea mowry

    dear vivian i am new tosave our bones what is your blog post i see you mention it often i am going to try save our thank you bea

  10. ARLENE

    Dear Vivian,
    I followed your 80/20 diet the best I could. I had been on Actonal for seven years and its been thee years since I have sopped taking it (had jaw problems). I had a bone density test in October and was happy to say that I went from osteoporosis back to mild osteopenia.
    However, in late November I suffered with a compression fracture of the T-12 spine which was finally diagnosed with an x-ray. My doctor prescribed Miacalcin (calcitonin-salmon) to help speed up the healing of the fracture. I have been using this for almost a month now. He claimed that this was not one of the biophosphinate family and indicated he would like me to continue it’s use.
    My fracture is unexplainable and I would prefer not taking this new drug much longer. what do you think of my situation?

    • pat hannisch

      just looking for the reply!

  11. Katherine Kubik

    want to know how I can check my urine for acidicity

  12. karen

    Thx so much for your good work and advice! I don’t recall seeing you mention the Knox “Nutra Joint” drink mixes in your information. Could you tell me what you think of those? (Gelatin with lots of supplements.) Seems like a good idea to me and I mix a glass on occasion. Would do so regularly if you said it was an OK thing to do.)

    Many thanks! KC

  13. Linda

    I read all of the comments. These contributors have provided some valuable information. Thank you to all of you. It’s like being in class helping each other learn. And most of all, thank you to you Dr. Goldschmidt.

  14. Sue W.

    I am getting most of my daily calcium from food (fortified orange juice, almond milk, plain yogurt, veggies, etc.) Is it necessary to also take calcium supplements if I am getting 1200 mg/day from food? I take D3, a multivitamin, and extra magnesium. I have calcium supplements which I take when I don’t get enough from food alone (and if I remember).
    Thanks for your advice and Happy New Year.

  15. Irina

    Happy New Year, dear Vivian!

    Thank you for all your answers, they are very informative.

    I am 66. I was diagnosed with osteoporosis. My doctor gave me fosamax, which I refused to take. I am following your PH diet instead.

    Another test showed that my heart arteries are calcified. I read in the Internet that my condition may be caused by too much calcium and insufficient magnesium in my blood. They say it is possible to reverse my condition by taking only magnesium and vitamin D without Calcium for 3 months. Do you think I should do that? What do you think about calcium-magnesium balance? Please advise!

    Thank you very much,

    • Lyle Silversmith

      I believe you should get a copy of your last blood test and see if you calcium-magnesium ratio is in the proper proportion. Ideally, they should both be exactly average of the “normal” parameters listed on the report, although each labortory sets their own parameters. Adjust your supplementation based upon what your blood test results show.

  16. Nancy

    Just wanted to know if you do in person consultations. I live in Hollywood.

  17. Mary Anderson

    Your articles are very helpful. Even though I have not heard from you about my situation, in previous questions, I find the information you offer is a great help to my everyday living habits.

  18. Irma

    Happy New Year Vivian; thank you for answering all those questions, they are very informative.

  19. Anna

    Thank you Vivian for all the information you pass on so frequently – your comments, as well as everyone else’s -are so helpful and interesting! For about 2 years I’ve been using a Juvent 1000 vibrating platform hoping it will help my osteopoenia – does anyone out there have any experience of its benefits? Trying to supplement my increasingly thin spine it with diet and excercise.

  20. Ruthi

    To Gloria who asked what she could do to “counteract” the effects of taking 2 Boniva a year ago . . . I’d like a better answer. I was given Fosamax for 3-1/2 months, 10 months ago. I am still suffering with severe muscle/joint pain. It just hurts to move. My Doctor had me take numerous lab tests for any muscle/inflammation/disease and all came back normal. I eat well, exercise as I can and take a multi-vitamin, calcium/D and Omega 3 Fish Oil. I am basically healthy and I take no other medications. I’m 73 years old and would like a better quality of life. This type of drug should be taken off the market !!

  21. Garlyn

    Are Goji berries an acidity like cranberries and blueberries?

  22. Sheila Smith

    I have a supplement to Prevention magazine where they have stated that adding Strontium to your diet plays a major role in bone strengh. What do you say? They say that you can get different brands at health food stores.

    • Alison

      If you take strontium with food it is unlikely to be absorbed.

  23. Pres

    I really hope distilled water helps. The study’s have proven for men that a long stride when walking those of us that have this gait live a extra 20 years. 
    In reality it is the styrene and chemicals used in manufacturing prosthetics and stealth aircraft that has taken it’s toll on all of us. 
    I ramble however think about this I wonder all this talk of distiller water leaching stuff yeah like 1963 my ironing steam iron should of disappeared. Oh yeah and the car battery’s too. We like our Corvette’s and Harley’s…! So does industry! My orthopod said the problem for me was my gene’s. I was adopted how does he know this. I bet our DNA is a radio and transmitter with God before my Jeans. Thank’s for tsa I know it works…

    • Phil

      Thanks for your thoughts about long strides for a long life. A radio and transmitter with God before your jeans? Prosthetics? Stealth aircraft? Is your source for all this insight Fox News?

  24. Debbie Moore

    A happy New Year to everyone from Australia..let’s hope we all benefit from the Osteoporosis Reversal Program & have a healthy 2011.

  25. shirley Steinman

    I have stopped taking actonel over 1 year ago, after being on it for at least 8-9 years!! My Bone Density is no better, in fact worse in the last
    2 years. I was told that I have very severe osteoporosis and I am now
    waiting 4 more months to take another one to compare. I am totally at
    a loss as to what to do. I take my calcium and D3(2000) daily, eat healthy in my estimation, meaning fresh veggies, fish, meat, fowl, lots of fruit, yoghurt, raisins, nuts kamut products, you name it, I am 72 ,my weight is just right for my height and build and I have active all my life, but now I am almost afraid to run, jump, dance etc,for fear of breaking a bone. I try to walk at least 3-4 miles daily, weather permitting, I live in cold Canada, not enough sunshine. I am thinking of buying a lite lamp, not too familiar with it yet, but I do not get
    any sunshine in my apartment all winter long! Any advice will be welcome.

    • Karen

      Hi Shirley,

      In my experience and education, I’ve learned that resistance weight training is an excellent avenue to build bone density. Walking is good, but does not build bone density. Resistance training will not only build denser bones, but it will also contribute to building stronger muscles, and strong muscles and muscle mass burns more calories. For more information, please visit http://www.bodybyscience.net/home. I found this site (and the Body By Science book) incredibly helpful in my education process concerning resistance training, which I love to do and has helped me immensely!

      Good luck,

      Karen, a fellow Canadian

      • Bill Seabrook

        Thanks, Vivian, for all your good advice. My endocrinologist recommends light alcohol consumption for my osteoporosis, like one glass of wine on Wednesday and one on Saturday – no more.

        What is your opinion on the effect, good or bad, of alcohol on osteoporosis?

  26. Tricia VanReenan

    Your question and answer sessions are very helpful and appreciated.

    My question:
    Would rice milk be in the same category as soy or almond?


  27. Margaret Sharpe

    Hi there. It seems many of those who send queries have doctors who don’t think outside the box. My senior GP, when I told him I’d stopped osteoporosis medicine, said ‘good thing’.

    By the way it has taken six months for my bowel motions to return to normal, but even days after stopping the medication (Protos at the time) that was improved a bit.

    I will have another bone density check in January. One of my GPs commented last time I had the lowest bone density she’d ever seen in a spine. Nonetheless, my brother and I did the local Wilderness Walk over three days (the usual time) with packs of 16 kg plus, and dropping over 3000 feet in the first day from subalpine New England National Park to suptropical. Dorrigo National Park. No ill effects.

  28. paula blake

    I drink raw milk from an amish farm. I do add chocolate to make chocolate. I drink a coupld glasses a week, but have stopped coffee. Do you think I am OK here. I read where raw milk is alkaline?

  29. Veronica

    Thank you so much for sharing great information to us.

  30. LESLIE

    Hi! Vivian,


    LOVE, MS. L.

  31. bea mowry

    is it alright to drink veight juice for your eight alkalizing food and can i have anything between meals.thank you bea

  32. Vana Greenberg

    I take an infusion of Reclast once a year though I have Osteoporosis which is now Osteopenia
    What is your opinion of this ? Have fallen several times No fracture.

  33. Tricia

    On a hair anaiysis I was found to be low on magnesium, in spite of taking a supplement. Two questions:
    Is there a magnesium supplement equivalent to Algaecal for calcium?
    On ingestion how long does it take for a mineral such as magnesium to manifest itself in a hair sample?

    • michele flynn

      Natural Vitality sells a product called Natural Calm. It is a powdered magnesium that mixes in to water or fruit juice. There is also Ionic Fizz which has vit. C, calcium, lots of magnesium, and other bone nutrients. You’ll know you’re getting plenty of magesium if you get the shits.

  34. Jim MacInnis

    I have been taking Boniva for almost 2 yrs, but have stopped 2 mos ago. I see My Dr next month and was going to ask him for and RX for Fosteum, not sure if he will give me one, he may want me to continue on Boniva, what is your suggestion. Thanks. PS Iam an 83yr old man.

  35. Mary Beth

    Regarding Jerry’s question about getting back to eating fresh produce, would it help to juice the vegetables and fruits? Juicing would remove all the fiber, yet retain all the nutrients.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Mary Beth, juicing is a fine idea but not a replacement for meals. Also, it is important to be aware of the fruits used for juicing precisely because the fiber is broken apart, so the sugars concentrate much more in the juice.

  36. Robert Warren

    Took myself off Actonel after 7years & T score was -3.5. Was suffering from irregular heart beat. This has improved & do not have it as often though the Dr. insists it has nothing to do with it & that I should go back on it.
    Thanks Vivian for your great info.
    PS I am 88 years old

  37. paula

    Vivian, my MD has recently suggested that I start taking Nasal Calcitonin for my osteopenia. I have not seen any information on this drug when you have listed the others that are not safe to take…Fosamax, etc. Please advise as I need your advice before starting with this med. Thank you…Paula

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Paula, calcitonin is a synthetic version of a hormone present in mammals, birds, and fish, and in conjunction with the parathyroid hormone, calcitonin plays a role in the control of blood calcium levels.

      As is the case with the mysterious injectable drug Forteo (and you can read my blog post on that), this nasal spray is not well understood… even its manufacturer acknowledges this. And there are plenty of side effects attached to this seemingly benign drug. You can get all the info on salmon calcitonin (and the rest of them) in the free Natural Bone Building Guide 🙂

    • Joyce Foust

      I took this nasal spray that you describe–after the 3rd day I had severe kidney problems and lots of pain and soreness. I quit using the spray. I went to a different Dr. who confirmed my problem was definitely from using the spray. It was a whole month before I was free from pain every time I went to the bathroom.

  38. Rosemary

    I’ve read commentary not too long ago about why they think people living in Japan have stronger bones then we do even though their bones are somewhat thinner then ours.

    They attribute that to the people there drinking green tea. They might not add flouride to the water there as we do. Since reading that, I’ve been drinking organic green tea imported from Japan. Plus, I use filtered drinking water, hoping that takes the flouride out of our water. The loose green tea leafs from Japan are delicious, and so green. The only thing that would make it more nutritious would be to add lemon, but that ruins the taste of the tea. A little lemon water after drinking the tea would probably be better and get the job done of bringing out all the nutrition in the tea.

    • Isabella

      In Vivian’s book ” save our Bones Program”, green tea is listed as an acidifying Beverage. It’s no good to drink too much of it,better still balance it out with alkalizing food.

  39. Erlinda Siatron

    The doctors lessened the required intake of calcium from 1800 mg to 1500 mg. I think the doctors are not well informed as you are. I have a family of physicians and all of them refused me as their patient. Thanks to you Vivian for the good work. I follow all your recommendations and used your book as my reference. I had a fall several times and thanks God that I did not have fractures. I eat a lot of veggies and eat fruits and lessened my intake of beef. My problem is I have high cholesterol and high blood pressure.
    I refused to take medication. I watched my diet and exercise daily. I have this problem 20 years ago and I am still alive and I feel I am 50 years old. My friends thought that iam in my 50’s but in reality I am 69 years old.
    Your book is very useful to me.

  40. Alyce C

    Vivian, thank you for all the research you did and do. I love to read each of the e-mails I receive and find them very beneficial.
    I am 73 and have osteoporosis. I also was on Fosamax, but stopped taking it when I had chest pains.
    I also have asthma and my question is: Is it safe for me to continue using albuterol sulfate inhalation aerosol as needed. I also take singular every morning. I have difficulty breathing on cold, damp days.
    Thank You

    • Jeane Sanders

      Am 70 years old and have the same situation with asthma and abuterol, so would like a response to this question. I’ve been diagnosed with severe osteoporosis and will not take doctor recommended drugs — instead I do your recommended exercises and eat and drink correctly. Have high blood pressure and have to take 10 mg. Norvasc daily just to stay in the pre-hypertense range. Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you.

      • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

        Alyce and Jean, you can’t take any chances with your breathing problems. Sometimes asthma symptoms can be exacerbated by hidden food allergies, the most common ones being relatively “modern” foods that are a product of agriculture (corn, potatoes, wheat, etc.). You might want to try removing one of these and see if your symptoms improve. And since you are taking the asthma drugs, make sure you stay alkaline.

        • Linda


  41. Elizabeth

    I was on Actonel for a while and my doctor switched me to Novo Risedonate/risedronate sodium(a non-hormonal drug).I took it for a while but stopped since I am not sure that it is a good product to take. Has anyone else tried this product ? thanks

  42. patty densmore

    would eating a banana with my coffee help nutralize the acidity in the coffee?

    Thanks for your bone health advise.

    • Kathy

      To make a more alkalizing coffee, try Trader Joe’s New Orleans coffee. It’s only 60% coffee, 40% chicory (which is alkalizing). Throw in some soy milk and you’ve got a neutral drink that tastes pretty good!

    • mary

      I don’t know the answer, but, would LOVE to know the answer!

      • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

        Check out my blog post on coffee to get all the answers!

  43. Susan Murillo

    I got the program and have actually lost weight, and I love it if only for that; feel great. My question is on the water. I am hauling distilled water from Whole Foods, which is a hassle, but worth it. Don’t currently have a filtered shower head because I won’t give up taking baths, a small luxury. Haven’t purchased the natural toiletries, etc., because all this gets real expensive to replace all that. Fruits and vegetables cost more than meat. I am on no drugs whatsoever, just follow the eating plan and the vitamins and excercise. Do you think I can still receive some bone benefit just from that?

    • Geri

      Distilled water is acidic. It is better to drink alkaline water or purified water. The average tap water ph factor is neutral but there are residues from the pipes and residual chemicals. If you invest in a water machine you can drink alkaline water and or purified water-both are chem. free. I have spent a lot of time investigating water. I am a college fitness instructor. I purchased a water machine i could afford, and I have saved money this year by not buying water in plastic bottles. A physician friend of mine told me about the “Athena” alkaline water machine. It is wonderful! If you are interested you can go to http://www.ionways.com/bodyofwater thats where I got my machine. You can buy an electric or non electric. I have both. I use one for travel. Be well. Geri

    • Nancy

      Are you buying the distilled water in plastic bottles? I wonder if the chemicals in the plastic negate the benefits of the distilled water??


    My blood presure reading was 140/80 wich it was high by my DR. I like to know what causes high blood pressure and what I can do without taking medication…I like to know if I could follow a diet to lower it…..Thank you ELSIE

    • Katie

      Hi Elsie, just to reassure you 140/80 is NOT a particularly high BP reading – especially as a one-off. The 140 (systolic) is a little above normal but can be accounted for by anxiety in the Doctor’s office! Try taking your BP again in a Drug Store like Bartell’s at a time when you are relaxed and stress-free and compare. Age also affects BP (BP tends to increase a little as time goes by) but you do not mention how old you are. I feel your doctor is erring a little on the side of caution here…

  45. dixie warner

    Vivian….I’m taking calcium&vitamin D.(bone health liquid) 1000mg. calcium,1000IU Vit. D lactose free. Is this helpful?

  46. Cindy sussman

    I have a question-if we alkalinize our diet, won’t we decrease the amount of calcium we absorb? I don’t make stomach acid at all and have a malabsorption problem.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Cindy, alkalizing your blood is not related to the amount of stomach acid produced for digestion. But not having enough stomach acid does hinder the digestive process, making it more difficult to attain an alkaline pH. And good levels of stomach acid are also necessary to absorb many important nutrients. And also, blood pH does matter as it relates to calcium retention.

  47. Kathryn McIntee

    I am enjoying all the tips, to help our bones they are invaluable, I do have a recouring problem of a snap mussel on right and left side of my breast bones, Is this part of my problem, I am seeing a homeopathick doctor who is helping me.

  48. Susan Thomas

    Thank you so much for your research and program; I’ve purchased your book and found it very helpful. I’ve stopped taking Boniva and am adjusting my diet as much as possible to incorporate your suggestions.

    One question, though. My T-scores improved greatly while on Boniva for three years. If the drug simply causes a retention of old bone and prohibits osteoblast activity, how is the increased T-score explained?

    Thank you for keeping us informed!

    • Luc Chene

      The increase in your bone density comes from the fact that the drug inhibited bone resorption (destruction). Bones are constantly being remodeled, so some bone material is destroyed and some are rebuilt. When we are young and healthy, both processes occur, but the formation of bones is faster than the destruction.
      But the destruction is important because we are always changing and there is need for our bones to adjust accordingly. The drug inhibits resorption, then formation of bone is faster, but unfortunately not where it should.

  49. Nancy

    Hi Vivian, regarding the digestive enzymes you recommended in #6 above, the TCM practitioner I see for acupuncture suggested I take probiotics with enzymes for bone health. Fruits and veggies do not cause me stomach upset. From a bone health perspective, do you think there is any advantage to taking these? P.S. I purchased the Osteoporosis Reversal Program a few months ago and feel it is the best money I ever spent on my health. Thank you.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Nancy, there is no need to take digestive enzymes to promote bone health, unless you experience digestive issues. But always remember to chew your food well 🙂

  50. joyce

    My T-Score is -3.1 and I have been walking a mile 4 days a week with 1 lb. weights around my ankles, besides doing yoga two days a week, I feel great, but want my bones to get stronger. I bought yuor program. My Dr. Endocrinologistthinks i will injure myself & wants me to be careful with yoga & not weights while i walk. I disagreee with him. What do you think? I am 61, look & feel 40 yrs old.

  51. Elaine Schaeffer

    glad to see question about men. going to today with a friend and getting a third opinion about take fasomax generic and this just due to the interaction of getting to the doctor who can help with back trouble. at age 70 i realy hope he does not start it but will see. ty

    • Susy

      Do not let doctors who are often not “in the know” persuade you to take Fosamax, Boniva,Actonel, or any other bisphosphonate. They are terribly dangerous drugs with life-altering side effects, increasing the likelihood of esophageal cancer and jaw-bone breakdown. I took Fosamax for years (advised by a doctor for osteopenia–NEVER Start it for this level of bone loss, research now says.) I had a complete fracture in both of my femurs and am still in therapy after 3 years, trying to walk again! And the medicine did NOTHING in the long run. Protect yourself and listen to the researchers who are now aware of what these drugs do to the rest of your body!

      • Nancy

        I took actonel for about 8 years. I changed docs several times during that period due to changes in insurance plans. Every doc I saw insisted I continue on Actonel (I wasn’t experiencing any side effects) – until I went to a new, very young gyn this past June. He told me to stop it immediately and explained why it is so bad. I was stunned but followed his advice. I started researching osteo drugs and natural methods and discovered Vivian’s program.

        • Trudy

          I was in the same situation. Fortunately, I did my own research, ditched Actonel & bought Vivian’s book. I hope for better T-scores in my next bone density test.

  52. Barbara Guthrie

    Have a happy New Year! As usual your answers are direct and succinct giving lots of information and it is good to read them – I have your book but your answers act also as reminders. Barbara

    • Lilo

      Dear Vivian,

      I bought the “Save our Bones” Program a few months back. I have a question: I have osteoporosis and osteoarthritis. My doctor says “your bones are like glass”!! My spine is very curved and bending forward. The space between the individual discs is abiut 2mm, except at the lower bakc where it is a little less than 1cm. I can hardly stand or walk, but would like to do some excercices. I have a trampoline – can I use this?
      Love to hear your respionse.
      from sunny South Africxa

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