Weekend News: August 10, 2013 - Save Our Bones

Osteoporosis News:

A Missouri woman, Joan Adams, has filed a lawsuit against Genentech, the manufacturer of Boniva. Her argument is that the drug-maker knew of the serious side effects that can arise due to suppressed bone turnover and failed to issue a warning about Boniva’s dangerous potential side effects (only partial article available):

Missouri woman sues Boniva over bone-thinning side effects

Despite trial results for Amgen’s injectable experimental drug showing freakishly rapid yet very short-term and temporary bone density increases, the next phase of human trials is set to begin. The drug known as AMG 785 inhibits sclerostin, a protein in osteocytes that down-regulates osteoblast-mediated bone formation:

Phase III trials are set for Antisclerostin Therapy AMG 785

Health Canada announced that it is pulling calcitonin nasal spray off the market due to an increased cancer risk. Health authorities point out that the cancer risk outweighs any “benefits” of the drug, but the injectable form will still be available with a prominent cancer warning and stricter limitations on the duration of treatment:

Cancer risk incites Canada to pull calcitonin nasal spray from the market

Got milk? Not as many people do, according to the latest news from the American dairy industry, prompting a startling statement from a top dairy executive:

Milk consumption at its lowest point since World War II

Blast from the Past

Last August, I shared some secrets to finding happiness, and how negative emotions are bad for your bones:

3 Happiness Secrets That Also Help Your Bones

I also clarified a ridiculously confusing study about eggs:

Could Eating Eggs Be As Bad As Smoking? My Answer

Weekend Watching

And speaking of things that make you happy, here’s a sweet video of sleepy baby animals that’s bound to make you smile (and it may even make you a wee bit sleepy):

I’d love to know your thoughts. As always, please feel free to leave a comment below.

Till next time,

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  1. shula


  2. barb Montgomery

    Loved the video clip on the sleepy animals. Thanks for the laugh.

  3. carol Gentile

    Early July I ordered the exercise book….27.00 was taken from my credit
    card but I have not received the book…..????? Please check this problem
    out and email me …..really want the book….thx

    • Customer Support

      Dear Carol,

      So sorry that this has happened! Please send us as email to:


      or click the “smiley face” at the top right of this page,

      and we’ll immediately take care of this situation.

      Save Our Bones Customer Support

  4. Marilyn Webb

    Vivian, After reading “Osteoporosis Reversal Program”, I took myself off Evista. I told my doctor about it and he did not fuss at me, he respects my feelings. He told me to continue my calcium and Vitamin D. I just had a Dexa scan and I have Osteopenia in my hips and Osteoporosis in my spine. I am trying very hard to eat lots of vegetables and fruit and exercise and walk every day. I will let you know in two years what my next Dexa scan shows. In your book you list Spelt flour as alkaline and acidity. What do you mean by this? I am so thankful for your book. Keep up the good work. Marilyn

  5. Denise Houde

    tHANK YOU SO MUCH Vivian for all the information….I STOPED TAKING Actonel for my bones without telling my doctor because after reading the side effect I realized that wasn’t good for me..my next appointement is this week,I will tell him everthing…let you know what happened….thank you again

    • E. Minor

      I am now 71. About ten years ago after being diagnosed with osteopenia, I was put on Evista and left there for about 7 or 8 years, even after switching doctors. After finding out my bone density increase was very minimal and never actually having a discussion that led anywhere, I took myself off. I informed my present physician that I was no longer on it. After my newest Dexa Scan with him, I was now deemed to have “osteoporosis” and immediately prescribed Actonel. I filled the prescription and knew that I did not want to take this medication. I exacerbated my anxiety disorder with thoughts of how to tell my doctor I did not want to be on any more of these meds. With fear of risking that my physician might not want to keep me as a patient if I refused, I was plotting to tell him that I had actually taken the meds but had to stop because of discomfort, as I actually do have GERDS.
      While sitting on the table waiting for him at the next visit, he came in and his first comments were “You’re not still taking the Actonel, are you?” I’m thinking to myself, “I haven’t even had a chance to bring the subject up.” He went on that he wanted me to stop taking it, that he had been reading a lot about “these meds,” and “I’m not liking what I’m learning about the effects.” He then went on to put me on what he considered a correct amount of Calcium with with D3, what I had been taking all along. I never mentioned the information I had gotten from Save our Bones, though I have not followed it in its totality. I am so grateful that my doctor, after having prescribed this medication about two months prior and dismissing my suggestion about Calcium and Vitamin D as not enough, immediately did an about-face and did not allow the pharmaceutical companies to blind him.
      I considered this a miracle, especially since I did not have to play games with my doctor as I feel he is a great physician in most aspects. I exercise regularly (including Zumba Gold) at my community center and try to eat foods considered to be good for my bones, and realize that I will have some bone degeneration just because I am aging.

      • Pearl

        How wonderful that a Doctor has “woken up”, now if a few more around the world would do that things may change for the better. Trouble is i feel many GPs are to busy to actually read the research & just go by all the very fancy advertising by the drug companys who stand to make big $s. After 1 bad reaction to the first drug they gave me I have refused any more & the Doc’s just don’t say anything much about to me.

  6. Betty Barrett`

    Adorable. Made me smile. Your suggestions make so much sense.

  7. Jo Colling

    Most enjoyable.

  8. Karen

    Loved the video! One of my dogs does the barking and running in her sleep too. Has never slept walked though.
    The kitty and it’s mom was really cute.
    I’ve been taking calcitonin for a few months. The article doesn’t state what kind of cancer or how long they’ve been using it.
    I will stop using mine though. But would like more facts.

  9. Sue

    Loved the sleeping animals but the last one made me very sad–it totally reminded me of the seizures our beagle had on and off for 1 year before his passing :(.

  10. Crete Sham

    Dear Vivian, thanks for all the latest info on those awful drugs, and for the good news about sage. The animal video is delightful. I have recently received a copy of your Program from my daughter in the USA!! I am thrilled to bits, as I haven’t been able to afford it.Wow! – love – Crete

  11. PJ Burland

    I have been taking calcitonin and was told that there was no side effects
    to this drug. Something told me to stop taking it and then I’ve been reading about the risk of cancer. I have been on it for 4 or 5 years and want to know how high my risk is. You have not said how long a person has to be on it. I have tried everything out there with no changes to my bones.

  12. Bev

    Oh my, I loved the sleeping animal video, Viv, they are so adorable! Thank you for giving me a happy smile, a laugh, and for showing just how loving they are. Got a kick out of that dog who must have been having a dream about running, scared himself silly! I want to share them with others who also love animals. Where did you find them? Bless you once again for all the wonderful work you do. Personally, I would NEVER take any of those drugs. My doc wanted me to take the Reclast, even sent me to a “specalist” who mentioned some of the side effects, jaw probs, etc., but “assured” me I would be ok. Well, NO WAY was I going to listen to her either. I’m approaching 81, have multiple myeloma, peripheral neuropathy, other issues, but still keeping on natural rememedies as long as possible. Thanks to you, and to myself for being a curious person who reads. Let me know if I can help any others gain the attitude I have. “Attitude, not aptitude, determine one’s altitude.” Love you, Bev

    • Pearl

      Hi Bev, you will find these video clips on You Tube.
      just play the video above & when it starts to play you will find a little button down the bottom on the right hand side that says ” YouTube ” just click on that & it will take you to the youtube site, there you will find the links for sharing it, plus heaps of others.

  13. mary macgregor

    Sweet Video!!!!Thanks for all your great information.

  14. katie

    Thanks for regular updates – appreciated :)!
    About two weeks ago now I got up at night to visit the wee girls room, missed my way, and fell headlong down a half flight of stairs. I am battered and bruised (ouchy!) but miraculously no bones were broken, which I consider nothing short of a miracle. My last dexa scan showed an improvement in my spine but a slight deterioration in my hips (so that all my scores are now the same). I can only imagine that following Vivian’s recommended regime (as nearly as I can)) certainly has merit! But I do NOT recommend anyone else put it to such a test!! Thanks again, Vivian!

  15. Ruth

    that was well worth watching and so funny!! thank you for showing it!

  16. Annette

    Hi Vivian,
    I read your book Save our Bones but I didn’t read anything about thyroid removal. Does the info in the book relate to me? I had a benign tumor on my thyroid about 19 years ago and have been taking thyroid pills to replace it. Every 2 years I have a blood test and my doctor readjusts the meds. Now he tells me I have osteoporosis and wants me to take the shot Prolia. He also reduces the meds . I now get 50mcg. I don’t think that’s enough. I don’t feel right. I think I have a hormone inbalance. I also have a cyst on my left side of my throat. I am trying to follow your advice and I am not taking the shot but I don’t know what to do.

  17. Carmel

    From all the research that I have read on cooking oils, olive oil is not recommended as a cooking oil. (becomes a trans fat)It’s only to be used at the end of cooking process if to be used. What are your comments to that?
    Carmel reference: Udo Urasmus- “Fats That Heal, Fats That Kill”.

  18. Pearl

    That is very interesting, thankyou Vivian.
    Perhaps sale of milk is dropping because more people are waking up to the dangers of GMO’s & are trying to avoid some it.

  19. Sabra Mayfield

    Loved the video, it is beyond cute!!! Also, thank you for all your important information. It is much appreciated!!

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      You are welcome, Sabra!

  20. Bernadette

    Hi Vivian, I just about read everything about osteoporosis. I just want to know do you need hormone replacement to rebuild bones? I take vitamins and exercise and all my T-scores stayed the same for 2yrs. Thankyou Bernadette

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Actually, Bernadette, I do not recommend hormone replacement therapy, and here’s why: certain hormones naturally dwindle as we age, and our bodies are equipped to remain healthy without interfering with normal biological cycles. 🙂

  21. J Robinson

    What a great video.All so cute little ones, until they grow up.

  22. jean

    I was prescribed initially Fosamax and Actonel then Boniva with each one I was having numerous side effects, the Boniva was the injection l every three months side effects got much worse could hardly walk in a straight line and haven’t had any medication since 2008. Some months ago I had a bad fall and didn’t break any bones but am following your Advice Vivien so that must be working as I was told by the consultant that if I fell I would break my bones, we proved him wrong Vivien. JEAN xxxx

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      I am so sorry you experienced those issues after taking Boniva, Jean! But I am so glad to hear you are making your own health decisions and moving forward without drugs. And that’s excellent news about the fracture-free fall! 🙂

  23. vida

    Thanks Vivian,
    I am very happy to get all info from You. I translate all into lithuanian. I was watching wideo with my dog,-nice Bavarian Mountain Hound. Thanks

  24. Diane lehane

    Hiya I’ve been diagnosed with osteopenia in the spine and originally they wanted me to take the powered drugs I did this for a spell but then stopped it another two years on and suffering with autoimune condition yet another bone scan still osteopomia showing now want me take add cal both vitamin d my vitamin d level came back at 51 are they on the right track I’ve lost all faith thanks Diane

    • Dorothy Cooper

      I loved the video, I have a tiny little Boston Terrier girl, and I can’t imagine not having her in my life.

      Thank you for all the wonderful information. I continue to exercise and follow your eating plan. My bone density wasn’t as good as I had hoped last year and my doctor wanted me to go back on Fosamax. I told him I did that for 15 years, and wasn’t about to start it again. I’m hoping my bone density will be improved in 2014.

      Thank you,


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