Choosing A Natural Osteoporosis Therapy? You Are Not Alone - Save Our Bones

If you feel alienated and ‘on your own’ because you are considering or are already following an alternative treatment for osteoporosis or osteopenia, I have great news for you: you are definitely not alone.

You see, I know firsthand that it’s not easy to turn away from your doctor’s mainstream treatment recommendations. And sometimes, it can feel as though you are swimming upstream, against the tide… in a cold and dark ocean.

I know it because I felt the same way during my quest for the truth about osteoporosis.

But even though there were times when I thought I might drown, I never sank to the bottom. And each time I found new knowledge, I gained momentum and rose to the surface with even more energy than before.

Each piece of information I gathered, gave me the strength I needed to pursue my goal and to finish my endeavor.

I kept reminding myself that pioneers are often ridiculed and ignored… that new discoveries are usually not readily accepted by the mainstream establishment.

And after putting my research into use, I finally solved my own osteoporosis problem and my bone density results increased by a whopping 20%.

When you realize that you're part of a community that is growing by leaps and bounds, it becomes easier to decide against taking osteoporosis drugs and to follow alternative solutions.

Alternative therapies are used by a majority of adults over 50

CAM – short for Complementary and Alternative Medicine – is best described as a variety of medical and health care systems, practices, and products not considered to be part of mainstream medicine. Diet-based therapies and natural supplements are a very popular form of CAM. Of course, the Osteoporosis Reversal Program is a perfect example of a CAM therapy.

While there is little or no mention of CAM in the media or at your doctor’s office, it is rapidly gaining ground in the US. “Millions of Americans every year are turning to Complementary and Alternative Medicine,” says Richard L. Nahin, Ph.D.

Dr. Nahin was involved in a survey that shows startling results: 38 percent of American adults use CAM in one form or another (Barnes, PM; Bloom, B; Nahin, R. CDC National Health Statistics Report #12. CAM Use Among Adults and Children: United States, 2007. December 2008).

Surprisingly, those aged 50 to 59 are the most prevalent medical “adventurers” in the US. In fact, almost two-thirds of adults 50 and older use some form of CAM. (Barnes P, Powell-Griner E, McFann K, Nahin R., CDC Advance Data Report #343. Complementary and Alternative Medicine Use Among Adults: United States, May 2004).

So if until now you thought that you are part of a minority group, you can rest assured that that's not the case.

Alternative Medicine now taught at Medical Schools

A well-known market principle is that demand for a certain product will sooner or later bring about a supply of that product. Fortunately, this also applies to CAM, and it is quite possibly the reason why a variety of alternative medicine courses are popping up in medical colleges throughout the United States.

Further supporting this important development, the curriculum director of the University of Minnesota’s alternative medicine department, Mary Jo Kreitzer, comments that “Consumers are demanding it (alternative therapies)… You could say that in that respect, we are advocates.”

And when several students attending Medical School at the University of Minnesota were interviewed by an Associated Press writer in 2007, they expressed their delight at having the opportunity to learn about alternative medicine and said they would be more willing to recommend a variety of CAM therapies.

This is a welcome change in the natural therapy arena, especially since researchers document that when patients tell doctors about their CAM use, most of the time physicians brush off the topic (Corbin Winslow L., Shapiro H., “Physicians want education about complementary and alternative medicine to enhance communication with their patients.” Archives of Internal Medicine, 2002 May 27).

This might be explained by a survey of doctors that confirms they feel unqualified to discuss CAM, mainly due to a lack of training in that area of treatment (Milden S.P., Stokols D. “Physicians’ attitudes and practices regarding Complementary and Alternative Medicine.” Behavioral Medicine, Summer 2004).

As the CAM trend continues to expand in the future, doctors will have to keep up with the latest alternative methods or be ready see their patient base shrink.

Small steps in the right direction

Even though many medical schools have elective classes on CAM therapies, students are not openly encouraged to enroll in those courses. For example, a spokeswoman for Harvard University said that Harvard does not advocate alternative medicine. This statement gives us a clear indication that the medical establishment, while recognizing that there is a growing need for doctors to learn about alternative therapies, is still unconvinced of its benefits.

The Save Our Bones community

And now, you and I are really part of something special. I’m talking about this natural osteoporosis community that we’re a part of. Did you know that an average of 16,100 osteoporosis ‘truth-seekers’ just like you are joining us every week?

It’s true. An average of 2,300 fellow ‘osteoporosis conquerors’ just like you and me are joining us EVERY day!

And at the time I’m writing this, tens of thousands of you have used the Osteoporosis Reversal Program to naturally conquer osteoporosis and osteopenia and increase your bone density naturally.

So when you wish to tackle osteoporosis without taking the commonly prescribed drugs, your knowledge-based convictions play a crucial role. Like millions of others, you can establish an open dialogue with your doctor, discuss what he or she recommends with the understanding that there are natural alternatives to the mainstream treatment.

And remember this: you are not alone.

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  1. Mary g

    Vivia n,
    I stopped taking Fosamax about 4 or 5 years ago. I told my doctor about a year later that I had stopped it and she said my bones would disintegrate and I would end of a crippled old lady. I have Graves disease and was diagnosed with osteoporosis. I finally had another bone density test done this month and thanks to following your protocol my levels are now in the osteopenia range. What a relief. Thank you so much. I am 68 years old.

  2. Walter O. Lituan

    Dear Vivian, have you heard of a herbal product from Indonisia SEHAT BADAN? We had been sharing this product to our close friends and relatives here in Iligan City, Province of Lanao del Norte in Mindanao, Philippines suffering from osteoporosis, gout, and Arthritis problem for quit sometime now. I found it very effective and has quick response in one to two days even on severe cases of arthritic condition. I found this product truly have amazing results as a herbal supplement. The main ingredients are two variety of japanese black pepper, curcuma longa and ginger & other undeclared herbal material. I suspect that the producer of this product perhaps found a very quick and effective combination of herbs that resulted to a quick response to the users. I had been a networker of forever Living products and others health networking company in the past but I had never seen a product as effective as this one. I am only sharing this knowledge to you of what I had encountered recently because I think it is somewhat related to the issue of Ostheoporosis we had been discussing here. I leave this for your comment. Sincerely Yours, Walter O. Lituan, Philippines

  3. Mary Ann


    I thank you for your continued support and encouragement.
    Every day I learn more about CAM. I honestly believe
    getting back to nature will make us healthier.

  4. Cecila

    Thank for keeping encouraging us, Vivian. I find you site because I knew that there is a natural remedy, but just did not know exacly where and what to do. I knew the drags are poisons for more than 30years ago.I read a book ritten more than 150years ago called The Ministery of Healling, by EG whitte, that set my mind on the right path. Wonderful book sill very relevant today. So I never took a tablet in my life for hadakes or anything. I always treat myself naturally, but now turning 51, the doctors told me that I have no choice exept to take the prescription they gave me. Smilling I left the room and went home to find for myself. That is how I find you. I find out the mistakes I did and I am trying to corect them, and I know that by God’s grace I will be OK. thanks a lot Vivian for your reaserch and care. Worm Regard, Cecilia

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Cecilia, you are most welcome. Your positive attitude is wonderful. Keep it up and please keep contributing!

  5. Ivy Chang

    I have used natural and CAM and was the primary reason to sign on for this newsletter. Vivian, another reason doctors are hesitant to provide CAM information is that U.S. drug companies are powerful and will prevent this information from reaching the medical profession and medical students. These companies don’t want to lose business. If more people seek natural therapy in the future, pharmaceutical companies will have to acknowledge that.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      A good point, Ivy – very insightful!

  6. Brian

    Hi Vivian

    Thank you for all your emails. I am 87years old and fortunately do not
    suffer from osteoporosis or osteoarthritis. However I do look forward
    to your articles in case I should need your help one of these fine days.


  7. gloria

    Hi vivian I have been taking caltrate with d3 and i wanted to know if
    this is a good calcium supplemt, i wanted to know if there is a better
    supplememt i should take for my bones.

    • LaDonna

      My doctor recommended I take Citracal D3 (calcium citrate) because it is more absorbable and you can take with or without food. My doctor also recommended an additional 2000 mg of Vit D3 supplements. Actually, I take 4000 mg of Vit D3 supplements because I do have osteoporosis. The key intaking all supplements is to spread them out during the day. For instance, I take one Citracal D3 plus one 1000 mg of Vit D at breakfast; again at lunch, another at dinner and another at bedtime.

  8. Alistair McFarlane

    Healthy bones are not much use without healthy cartilage at their ends. I read a recent claim that strontium can help to preserve the cartilage too. It claimed that this was the first medication to help the cartilage – this I do not believe, for surely glucosamine came first. They do not explain why strontium might help, but I wonder if strengthening the bone also helps to support the cartilage in some way.

    • anberiya

      I have bought the book. I am looking for a pill or two which contains all the foundation foods you have mentioned= thanks you Anberiya

  9. Bill D

    I prefer the term ‘alternative healthcare’ to ‘alternative medicine’ because medicine is so often problematic. I suppose many actually use ‘medicine’in this connection in the sense of ‘healthcare’ anyway.

    • George

      Hola, definitivamente la oirsopotoses ya es una enfermedad curable, avances cientedficos dentro del plano de la biotecnologeda lo demuestran. Existe un Calcio capaz de revertir este mal en tan sf3lo seis meses de tratamiento, con gusto les dos informacif3n a las personas interesadas y que padezcan de este mal. (

  10. Eve

    If we ignore our doctor’s recommendations and go down the alternative route, will it negate our travel insurance?

  11. Kim Stowe

    After 28 years of no diagnosis (all in my head) & mis diagnosis of fibromyalgia,I Have been Diagnosed with Scoliosis.Its in the Moderate to severe range now.Can This Bone Rebuilding Program do any thing on reversal on this or only to slow it down?Also When I try to do some mild stretching or light exercise like walking its uncomfortable & it rebounds on me.Any Help Or Suggestions would be appreciated.I’m desperate.At Present I’m not Taking arthritis or osteoporosis medications.i’m trying to add foods & Tips from your Emails.I Know I need to Purchase your program,but I cant afford it,but then again I cant afford not to.Hopefuuly soon I can.please reply.T
    hank you Kim

    • Sina

      I, too have a severe case of scoliosis. I had it since I was young, but didn’t know about it until I was rear-ended in 1990,(about 48 yrs. old). Went to a Chiropractor and was doing O.K. Insurance ran out and can’t afford to go any more especially since I am retired. I was told that an acupuncturist might help, but then again, very expensive. My insurance doesn’t cover it. I’m in a lot of discomfort at times. Any suggestions?

      Thank you.

    • Shirley

      How enjoyable is a pill? Wouldn’t you rather eat some chicken, sweet potato, a good salad with fresh tomatoes and crunchy cucumber? Eat the food you enjoy, Take the vitamins (pills you enjoy) Good health to you.

      Have you downloaded the free Bone Building Handbook? That’s a good start while you save up for the book

  12. Swapan Kumar Roy

    I am not suffering with osteoporosis, so I do not require any treatment. I am interested to know the way to ward of it.

  13. Rick M

    I have prostate cancer that has migrated to some of my bones. Recently I began using several drops of food grade h202 in water 3 times daily. Within 2 or 3 weeks, I took off my catheter, and all seems normal in that area, except for form occasional pain. However, it seems to cause a little pain in my bones as it kills cancer cells. Along with that, my doctor gave me a prescription of doxycycline (a form of tetracycline) which has an affinity for attaching calcium to bone. I bee that soon, with this treatment, and diets, I will soon be well of bone cancer. I have your book. Thanks for all your help.

  14. Dee

    Hi Vivian, Thank you for all your informative information as well as the Restore Video. I am curious to know what is your current bone density?

  15. Marianne

    Hi Vivian,
    I have been reading the information on your website and mostly recently the restore video. I understand how you feel on the drugs that doctors prescribe for osteoporosis, however, I’d like to understand your thoughts on homeopathic medicine and herbals supplements.

    I’ve been reading about a dietary supplement called Drs Best Strontium Bone Maker (to build bone density) taken with Silica Complex (for bone flexibility), and OSS Regen drops (Homeopathic – to build bone density).

    I would appreciate if you could let me know your thoughts on the above supplements, and how it differs from your bone program.


  16. bert rosen

    vivian Ever hear of once a year prolia? your thoughts please. thanks. bert

  17. Nancy McManus

    I have been on your email for severeal months and look forward to and read
    them all. You confirm what I was already on to and graciously share information that ecouraged my decision to not take doctors advice. Thank you for your unselfish research and caring for the health of others.

  18. Cindy

    Just broke a crown off below gum line it has to be cut out thanks to Fosomax, Atonel, and Boniva (started taking in 2006) will have to wait until December 1 2011 to have it removed due the healing of the jaw. I quit taking Boniva, September 2011 do not plan to take any more of this type of medications. I am also telling any and everyone to stop taking this poison. It is killing us women and making the drug company richer at our expense. The worse thing is most of the doctors think we are crazy even to question their decision on any of the drugs they try to force on us as if we are a puppets that are required to adhere to their knowledge.

    • janet

      I stopped taking biphosphonates early this year and have to be very careful with my teeth! One at the bottom has moved! I’m having a daily yogart, Calin as it has all the vitamin D you need! I don’t normally have milk only soya, so I hope this is OK! I also stopped all my prescribed medication, like prednisalone in March, but by now don’t feel any worse for it! I’m gradually getting better!

  19. Josy

    This is a question: I am 64 years old. I bought your book and agree with it when the patient is healthy. For years I have been living with a condition called Sheehan Syndrone. As substitutes, I need Hydrocortisone and thyroid medicine. For a number of years I have taken Evista for my bones.I have osteoporosis. My health depends on medicine, so is it wise for me to discontinue Evista? A specialist even recommended Fosamax which I refused to take. Please advise!

  20. Betty

    I’m sure this is a good product, but due to the
    med’s that I’m on, I’m not allowed to take any
    thing with herbs in it, so if that’s included in
    this product, then I can’t even try this…

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Betty, the Osteoporosis Reversal Program consists of a printed manual and several related reports and checklists. We don’t currently sell any supplements or herbal products, and you wouldn’t have to take any herbs in order to follow the program. You can get more info about the program and what’s included here:

      • Maxine Hirschel

        Just left doctor’s office & everything was great.Lower cholestrol, lower blood pressure,goodreport on tryglirates. I mentioned that I have been eating bananas regularly and disclaimed it as a benefit . Said it did not improve anything, just had potassium. We argued and I gave up.Have given up 99% of meat,cheese,cookies added fruits and veggies, thanks to you.This April I will be 83 years and have broken my back 2x in one year. Still painful on and off. Sometimes I can walk just fine…Many thanks Maxine

  21. Carmen

    Yo quiero comprar el libro de bolsillo
    me gustaria saber cuanto vale en pesos chilenos
    y como lo puedo pagar ya que yo uso solamente dinero no tengo otro medio para pagar

    esperando respuesta lo mas pronto posible gracias

    • Carmen



  22. Joyce Maxwell

    I have recently started receiving some new emails about caring for your back. PLEASE DO NOT SHARE MY EMAIL WITH ANYONE. Thank you, Joyce Maxwell

  23. Linda Lee

    I am following your diet and supplement program but my doctor wants me to take evista for at least one year. What do you think. I am so confused. I have already broken a rib and have no idea how. Need some feedback. Thanks and may God, love , peace and harmony be with you always, Linda

  24. Mary Lou

    I am 62 years old and 6 years ago was diagnosed with Osteopenia. I did take fosamax for 2 years and Boneva for 4 years. Last July I stopped taking Boneva even though my Doctor said I should stay on it. He recommended I take Evista if I did not want to take Boneva any longer and I told him I did not want to take anything other than Vitamins.

    I was having issues with digestion and constipation and decided it was time to stop this medication. I only wish I would have never taken this medicine. As you know when you go to the doctor they say if you don”t take this you could break a hip some day. Since My mom and her mom both broke their hips they told me I was at high risk.

    I had a bone density test last week and was given the T-scores the Report read patient has a longer than normal hip axis length which increases risk of hip fracture. Patient is considered to have low bone density with high risk of fractures.

    I was taking two calcium Citrate and a One a Day Multi Vitamin and the person who did my bone density said to take only one Calcium Citrate along with my multi vitamin and to have a yogart at lunch time and that would be enough calcium. She said recent studies show that woman should stay under 2,000 for calcium intake. Is this good advice? Would appreciate your input.

    I do have your book and do eat alot of fruit, veg. and fish and do combine the foods I eat following Sherry Burrisca’s
    cookbook which is alot like your food combinations.


    Mary Lou

  25. Valerie

    Dear Vivian,
    I am so happy to hear that alternative medicine is being taught ar Medical Schools, it’s about time. I’m a firm believer that God put all the different plants on this earth for a reason. I think we should all have a choice between natural
    remedies or the meds the doctors try to force on us. I have been trying real hard to follow your plan, eating lots of fruit and vegetables. My husband was craving steak the other night, I took one bite and didn’t want anymore and realized I haven’t missed it.
    I also enjoyed your article on natural pain killers etc. I will definitely look into that. Thank you Vivian for all your e-mails. Valerie

  26. Tanya

    I wonder what our ancestors (women) ate to keep their bones strong. Of course I’m sure that they drank milk which is a no no now but it probably wasn’t full of hormones as milk today is. And I think that pioneeer women did a lot of heavy lifting chores on a daily basis thus making their bones stronger.
    My physsicianbless him is only doing what he’s been taught but every week there is sone other drug becoming a law suit deal, some of which I have had to take, ugh! will the circle ever be unbroken? 🙂

  27. beryl

    Hi Vivan
    Very informative article, I have already on alternative natural remedies for my back injury., I know only to well the drawbacks if taking prescription drugs. I was on naproxen for 4 months early on this year, nearly killed me , never again will allow myself to be given them again

  28. kashala Hill

    Summer Greetings, I appreciate and enjoy reading your articles. I have celiac disease, which was undiagnosed for over 30 years and that -i.e malabsorption, is the cause of the osteoporosis I have. I have not been able to take any of the prescribed medications, except for one IV a couple of years ago which seems to have helped.
    So my challenge is to heal my gut so that I will absorb nutrients. I teach yoga and do get exercise; am very careful about my diet, regarding not eating gluten, minimal dairy, minimal fresh fruits and vegetables.
    Nonetheless, I am grateful for your information for all of us. Thanks, kashala

  29. Rosemary

    Can one increase bone density if taking the anticoagulant Warfarin?

  30. Elizabeth Leech

    Thank you for the encouraging article. I have stopped telling my friends I chose not to take meds and they think I’m crazy. I am looking forward to buying the program next month. Thanks again!

  31. Carole

    My doctor constantly remines me to take calcium. In the past year I decided to make a sincere effort to take the 1200 MGs of calcium daily. I had heart palpitations and skipped-beats after I adhered to daily calcium. So much so that my Dr refered me to a cariologist for stress test and 24-hour heart monitor. But, I stopped taking calcium carbonate & citrate a month before the tests. No more evidence of the heart problems. Now I take a good quality multi vitamin & organic calcium derived from plant material. In my case the heart problems stopped when I stopped the carbonate/citrate calcium.

    • LynnCS

      Would love to know the name of your wonderful find. Organic plant based calcium is certainly exciting to hear about and would be wonderful to try. Thanks, Lynn

    • barbie

      what kind & name of calcium are you taking ?

  32. Mary Blomberg

    I’m trying hard to keep to the save my bones diet. Is there some kind of instrument that I can buy to measure my PH value?

    all the best

  33. Ellen Schamberger

    Vivin, thank you for your E-M. Info is very interesting. Happy Easter

  34. kate kantor

    HI there Vivian
    It’s great to read about your research and results.
    I have been diagnosed with osteoporosis for 15 years now.
    Was taking herbal supplements/ phyto oestrogenic chinese herbs with some success but now ,becoming menopausal , they don’t seem to be working anymore. My last bone density reading was -2.7 and -2.6. My doctor wants me to wear a patch of Estalis Sequi- is it composed of biphosphonates? I can’t find that in the list of ingredients. I am 46.
    thanks so much

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Hi Kate,

      Estalis Sequi is a hormone replacement (HRT) patch. It’s not a bisphosphonate. The active ingredients are oestradiol (an estrogen replacement) and NETA (a progesterone). Your doctor or pharmacist should have this information – it’s important to get the details from your health practitioner before taking any medication.

      You’ll find my thoughts on hormone replacement therapy in this blog post: Osteopenia and Hormone Replacement Therapy

  35. androulla

    can you please tell me is Calcichew-D3 Forte a good thing to take. or should i take Cal Apatite Forte? thanks Androulla.

  36. Kathy D

    Hi Vivian I read somewhere that the calcium you take is called
    LifeStream Natural Calcium Where can I purchase it.
    Thanks Kathy D.

  37. bobbi

    do you know the program Women to Women program– which is about saving our bones….it offers a pill pack plus other products and advice on making our bones stronger….

  38. Mark

    Thanks, Vivian, for the timely posting. I am seeing my doctor for the first time since he gave me the diagnosis of osteoporosis and a prescription for Actonel (which I have NOT used). You’ve given me the courage to face him tomorrow with confidence.

  39. Arlene Stevens

    Thanks for the encouraging remarks it’s always nice to know your not alone. Arlene

  40. nicky blunt

    the book is v helpful ..mainly have it to help my mother of 100 and a friend who aches here and there..SierraSil helped him immensely..swelling and pain gone and amazing mobility now and guidance on alkaline foods from your book..and having a lemon drink probably changes the enviroment in the stomach after an acidifying meal..

  41. liz

    i got a shock when i read all about fosamax i broke a bone in my leg sept09 .when i read vivians report early this year i never took fosamax since i feel ok without drugs i get a little stiff but i push my self to get up and go i do now take pro-argi good for for circulation any comments on this product? liz

  42. Bo Stevens

    encouraging – I have found the majority of doctors have complete faith in drugs for everything and wont consider anything else. In fact, they are downright beligerant toward the patient who thinks otherwise. However, we all know that if they dont come up to scratch and be educated in “new natural alternatives, their patients, as you said, will dwindle considerably.

  43. viv

    Glad to hear thereseems to be a shift by some doctors towards open mindedness for other possibilities , i think it means it will catch on in uk, in time to come then.

  44. paula Blake

    Colleges are not advocating cam because it does not financially benefit them. Big pharma supports the curriculum and also purchases the profs. with endowed chairs, so cam is left by the wayside. Of course this is not common knowledge, but $$ always talks in the $$ hungry Universities.

  45. Judy

    Hi Vivian, Can you make a list available of the right foods to be eating starting with Banana’s, pink grapefruit, onions etc? It would be very helpful. I would love to hang it on my refrigerator. Thank you

  46. Doreen

    I have stopped taking osteoporosis medication and informed my Doctor who was very helpful. I have changed my diet in favour of foods helpfull to my bones and do take a lot from your websight. I will be purchasing your book.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      That’s great, Doreen! I look forward to hearing about your progress.

  47. Marta

    Thank you Vivian for your encouragement. I really needed it. After finding your program and purchasing it this past summer I discontinued taking Boniva. I did not suffer from any side effects that I am aware of but after reading your articles I was horrified at what these drugs were doing to my bones. I am doing my best to follow the diet and exercise program. I am also taking a soy protein supplement called Reliv which is supposed to improve bone health. I have heard reports of people completly reversing their osteoporsis after using this natural product. I’ll let you know how everything turns out next summer when I have my next bone scan. I am hoping and praying for a real turn around.

  48. Betty Scott

    It is encouraging to read your letters and comments about Osteoporosis. I am being forced to use Forteo at this point in my life and have refused. I am actually afraid to use those drugs now because I realize they make a persons bones “brittle” and easier to break. I have also been talking to my doctor about seeing a osteopath. What is your view on Osteopaths Vivian? Thanks for your comments.

  49. catherine smith

    Vivian,Thank you, for all the e-mails.I do appreciate the comments and your advice. It is all,very helpful.Just can’t afford your book, as much as I would like it.All of the info.,we do get, is very helpful.I am greatfull to you.


  50. Ty Peavley

    only 40 & have osteoprosis but do not like the rx or inj meds on the market. I am broke so money is an issue but need to stop bone loss & build them again, at 40 I need a miracle.

  51. Denise

    Hi, I should like to know how to follow the comments when I return to the site. The comments seem to disappear and I can only find the topic of the day.

  52. Vivian Vass

    Dear Beverley,
    I read your article with interest because I have been in great dillema whether to take the strontium ranelate that my endocrinologist prescribed or not. She informed me that it may have side effects such as nausea and diarrhea. Strontium ranelate is the synthetic form which Vivian mentions in her book and does not condone.
    Can you please tell me which form you took and found beneficial. Did you take natural strontium from the health shop or did you take strontium ranelate called Protos (drug).
    I would so appreciate your reply as I am so torn which way to go.
    Thank you

  53. mary aldenton

    Do not give up!! My GP has started to send me the laters medical journal articles regarding natural bone health after I told her about the Save Our Bones community – and we are going to discuss the natural diet and exercise options at our next appointment – an open minded GP who listens and treats me as an intelligent person who is able to assess information in order to make a decision – what a relief!! So keep on track everyone – we are ‘not of the flock’ as Richard Bach would say. No to dangerous drugs!Don’t be frightened, be empowered! I am begining to sound like a suffragette! Thanks Vivian x

    • nancy

      Mary u are so lucky to find a dr who will listen to you and be cocerned about you.Please let me know what is said because I am in the same situtation, but my dr doesn’t believe in anything natural.
      Thanks so much…..

  54. Nura

    hi vivan, every information is useful to me so I thank you for that. for your information Dr. Nahin Richard is my Doctor and I ALWAYS compare his advice to saveourbones program and the idea is the same. bye and have fun.

  55. patricia downes

    Hi I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis a couple of years ago but have got steadily worse my hands are terribly painful especially my right one and now my neck is bad the doctor said I have degenerate discs I am in pain all day from the minute I wake up even when I go loo in the night I would just like some pain releif for while. I take alendronic acid once a wk 2 pregabalin tablets once a day and co-dydromal I am finding it harder to do household jobs I am 67yrs wish someone could help me. thanks pat

    • Paulette Fey

      I have osteoporosis and arthritis. Turmeric supplements work very well for me to eliminate pain.

  56. Addy

    Does the program include anything besides the right nutrition and exercise? If so, I’m interested. I have been diagnosed with osteoporosis several years ago and am constantly badgered to take those drugs you talk about. Please let me know if there is something I am missing in my pursuit to improve my bone density. Thanks

  57. William

    Hi Vivian

    Another great article. I do not have the problem of thinking I face this alone. Unfortunately many people have this problem. My problem is figuring out why I have it. I am a Heavy equipment mechanic and breaking a bone due to Osteoporosis can destroy my career. I work hard and have had the diet you describe for decades. I have taken suppliments for years but I am afraid because of the lack of nutrients in our food I have not been taking enough suppliments. I am changing that as we speak but I do not think the daily recommended dose is enough but I also do not know how much is too much!!! Alternative medicine has been around for centuries in certain cultures but most of us are too full of our selves to reconize something that has been staring us in the face since the begining of time. Nature has provided us with everything we need to cure everything we could possably have. We are just too stupid to figure it out. With people like you we might just have a chance. Keep up the fight.


  58. Ms. L. Carmel

    Hi! Vivian

    Your Talks Always Seem To Make Me Feel Much Better About What Life Has Delt Me. So I Thank You Very Much For Lifting My Spirits.

    LOVE, MS. L.

  59. nora

    Thank you for your dedication to help women with osteoporosis. I would appreciate very much if you can send information to share with Hispanic community. I am working also to help them, but I need information in Spanish.
    Thank you and God bless you.

  60. nora

    I would like to know how long does it take to increase my bone density. I have been vegeterian for almost 40 years but I have a sedentary life, nevertheless I teach other people about diet and life style, especially now that i have osteoporosis in my back.I wAS not taking calcium and vitamins suplements. I notice that my nails are still very weak. Also two years ago I realized that I have deficiency in vitamin D.But I have not drank coffee, sodas, not lot of sugar , no meats, plenty fruits, vegetables, no alcohol, I have lived a healthy life, I don´t understand why I have osteoporosis, maybe lack of exercise. I have a sister, she has drunk , no exercise, no vegeterian and no osteoporosis….Why? I really would like an answer. it is also truth that due to diets,maybe I did not eat enough calcium but I ate lot of brocoli ….well I do not understand.

  61. Cresencia V. Agustin

    I got your book and thank you for all your valuable research that you share with individuals that have osteoporosis. I declined all the drugs that the doctor prescribed to me.I am inclined of doing the alternative way to avoid all the side effects of these dangerous drugs.I am trying my best to eat alkaline foods to improve my ph balance. Thank you for continuing to send those e-mails to me. Cres

  62. Pam

    What are your thoughts on bio-identical hormone therapy?

  63. Pam

    I have been told I lose too much calcium through my urine. I have been prescribed hydrochlorothiazide because one of the side effects is calcium retention. There seems to be a lot of side effects, so what is your take on this. Is there something I can do to stop the calcium loss?

  64. Audrey

    Please comment on Fosteum (prescription). If you have already please send me the link

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Hi Audrey,

      I don’t recommend Fosteum, due to the fact that one of its main ingredients is soy-derived genistein, which is a phytoestrogen.

  65. Janet Jenkins


    Thanks for all your emails. Since i can’t afford your book, I try to read all the emails to gather information I don’t know and practice. Ive been an exerciser with and without weights for about 30 years. Your emails and those on this comment page have given me information I am trying to use. I took Actenol weekly for about 5 years. Dr took me off because it didn’t improve my bone density, it only slowly decreased. I still have osteopenia. I found your web site when I was looking for the side affects of Reclast, which i was thinking about taking. I didn’t click on the Reclast info. I noticed your site. Increase Your Bone dedsity without drugs.
    Thank you for all the information you give out on these emails.

    Will have my next bone density test next spring, 2011. Hope it shows a positive results

    Thanks you

    Janet J.

    • Mary Numbers

      Vivian, thanks for your book and emails. I was diagnosed with osteopenia 15 years ago and have been on Fosamax for that length of time. In Feb ’10 I stopped. My dr. now is recommending a Reclast infusion once a year. I have had one fall and broken wrist 3 yrs. ago. My bone scan T score in 3/10 was -1.9 in spine and -2.2 in hip. I take calcium, Vit D and do weight-bearing exercise. Do you think I should consider the Reclast? Mary

      • l.jenkins

        any infor/comments on OSTIVONE
        capsules would it be any help
        for my chonic osteoporosis

  66. Madelyn Guthrie

    Thank you for all the good information. I have
    read your book and am working out recipes to follow. My exercise program has been hampered
    due to a problem with my foot. I had been walking a mile a day and hope to get back to the exercise program and using weights.

    Madelyn Guthrie

  67. Nu Ly

    I enjoy to read your E-mail. I am starting the program now, but I find it difficult to do as the meals. Breakfast is O.k. lunch and dinner I hardly to arrange it, what food can replace the rice?

    • Sue W.

      I have recently switched from rice to quinoa, which is alkalizing. My family now prefers it to rice. Give it a try!

      • Sandy

        It is even better with lemon or lime juice and some olive oil and a little salt. Delicious warm or as a cold salad.

        • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

          That sounds absolutely yummy, Sandy!

  68. Kathy

    Hi and thank you for all of your research. I hope my question is pertinent to all and worth answering because I would love to know if we can fool an acidic meal by having a glass of lemon water (how much lemon juice?) or by taking a certain amount of vinegar in water. I find it difficult to always meet the proper ratio three times a day and would love to know if we can get around that on occasion.
    Thank you, Kathy

    • Geraldine

      Try Gin instead- it probably works just as well

  69. laura m. holder

    i am taking the program now

  70. Anna Aronovitch

    It does feel comforting to know that so many women like myself are involved in alternative therapy for osteoporosis. Any longitudinal studies done on effectiveness of people following the Osteoporosis Reversal Program?.

  71. Margaret Wilkins

    Thanks Vivian for the e-mail I know I am probably alot better off than most. I don`t have a regular DR. But I am doing fine without one.I have your Book + follow that as well as I can. All the best to you …… Sincerely Marg Wilkins

  72. Denise R. Sanders

    Hi Julie, Thank you very much for this information, as it is exactly what you said; knowledge! THe more information I have, the more I find myself using diet and specific exercises to help myself! I do value you information because all of the above must be treated together. I ate a banana for part of my breakfast this morning for example. Thanks again for helping me to learn! Sincerely, Denise Sanders

  73. DELIA

    Dear Vivian,

    Thank you for all the knowledges you have been sharing me. I’ve always had some
    doubts with mainstream medicine after learning
    about short and long term side effects of drugs
    when I was in nursing school. Now I’m totally
    for natural alternative medicine [as long as it works]especially after reading Kevin Trudeau’s
    book NATURAL CURES and the scam between the FDA,
    FTC, food and pharmaceutical companies. Why is
    it that just about everyone has high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, cancer,
    osteoporoses, etc., this can’t be all genes.
    By the way, my daughter is going to school for
    naturopathic medicine at National University
    of Naturopathic medicine in Lombard Illinois.

    THANK YOU, Delia

  74. Janice Feisthamel

    Hi Vivian,
    I haven’t commented much since I got your book, but I am very interested in the info in your book. I have been told by Dr’s to “watch my diet”. but none of them ever mentioned the 3 “baddies”,Caffeine, Sugar, & Sodium, in fact, they never told me anything about my diet. I am still doing the Boniva every 3 months, and gave my Doctor until December to see if there is any change in my T scores. Then I will tell him I am quitting the drugs. My family has asked me to try it, so am trying to appease them at the moment. Meanwhile, I will try to continue watching my diet, because it can’t do anything but help me

  75. Aileen TYLER

    Want to write this for Beverley Nelson (posted November 2009 mentioning Strontium). If you take strontium the bone density reading will be a false high – as strontium shows up as denser than calcium on a scan. Beverley needs to get an expert to unravel her scores and take the extra density of the strontium into account, before she can say definitively exactly how much her density reading has improved.

  76. dj puff, Rockford MI

    Looking for all the information I can that connects osteoprosis with jawbone loss, dental failures. I was on prednisone for 15 months as treatment for Ulcerative Colitis and prior to the treatment with the drug I had full dentals xrays taken and 2 times durring the 15 months of treatment and now again 12 months after the suspension of the prednisone. I had 3 crushed vertebrate that were treated before the GP acknowledged that maybe I should have been put on supplimental calcium and vitamin D. I was taking Iron tablets for the low hemoglobyn……..sure wish he and GI would have considered the calcium loss from prednisone, I would be two inches taller now and maybe would not have lost 5 crowns on my teeth. Please respond with solid medical data on osteoporosis/dental research.


  77. Luella Robinson

    GREAT !!! I am trying to follow the program.

    Do you have an exercise progam I can follow? If so, please send me a copy.


    luella Robinson

    • nancy brainerd

      Would also like to know what exercises are good for our bones. Thank you so very much for all your good tips.
      I am 76 years old-my doctor put me on Fosomax because my T scores were a little low-the Fosomax caused bad heartburn and I found out that I have a hiatal hernia-possibly caused by the Fosomax so I am now on Prilosec which weakens the bones-what a ridiculous viscous cycle-would have been better to do nothing.

    • Joetta Robeson

      What supplements should I be taking for osteoporosis? I have big
      knots on my finger joints where they are fused together. They really
      hurt when the barometric pressure changes before a coming rain.

  78. Luella Robinson

    Great!!!!!! Vivian. what did youdo to get your bone density to increase 20%? I am trying very hard to improve mine. But, I don’t fully understand your program.

    • nora

      I also would like to know how long did it take to increase the bone density in 20%? I would like to receive the exercise program, I am doing diet, and suplements but my fault is no exercise…..

    • susan goodrich

      I was on actonel, fosamax and boniva. They all made mre sick and boniva gave me heartburn and jaw problems, I now take only calciu8m supplement an d fosteum/ What should I do?

  79. Pat

    With our politicians thinking this medical reform will help everyone benefit but unfortunately this will never happen until ALL medical practices include natural instead of toxic pharmaceuticals.
    We need to pressure them into including natural healing and treatment to be taught and utilized to help people and to control the spending. The public body can lobby for reform just like the pharmaceuticals who only profit from it not like the population will benefit is achieving the best health care for all.
    Thanks Vivian

    • nora

      I agree 100%

    • JeanneBean

      best idea yet. I am with you on that one. jm

  80. Diana

    Wish this could be accessed on Facebook.


    I have been diagnosed with osteoporosis. I exercise and practise yoga twice a week, in fact yoga for 30 years. I have tried all the meds given and fortunately, have had allergic reactions. My M.D. suggested I take strontium citrate 227 mg 2 day in a.m. 1/2 hr. before breakfast. I hasten to add that I am 78, 5 ft.6, weight 135…and active. I do ache all the time.Take multi vit. Vit. C, D, calcium, magnesiun, selenium, fish oil and B12.Your comments, PLEASE. Thank you Bubbi in Connecticut.

  82. lois everett

    What is osteopenia?
    I am presently taking Alendronate sodium 70mg. weekly. The first 24 hrs after taking it – I feel like some one is shooting darts at me, from my calves to my jaws, and my feet and hands get puffy. by the 6th day I feel ok and it is time to take another pill. How is this helping me????

    • gloria

      Alendronates will not help you. I was on Actonel,Fosamax and Boniva which are all the same. They made mw very sick and had to stop taking them.
      I’m much better now

  83. Gabriella Brandeal

    I am legal guardian for my Down Syndrome cousin who has osteoporosis. I opted not to give her Reclast after reading about The recently aired ABC (US) News discussion of the fractures associated with Fosamax and biosphosphonates. She can’t exercise (walk) and lives in a group home. The RN is concerned as well as the primary care doctor but I feel that the chemical in Reclast is so bad that I am going to try to do as many of the natural things as I can for her.I am opened to ideas. I am so glad I found your site, Vivian.

  84. myrtle barker



  85. Elizabeth McCord

    I am taking Cal Mag Bone Health (New Chapter Organics). I have stopped taking Actonel, which I have been on for 3 to 3 years. Is this a good supplement?

  86. Andrea

    Can anyone help, or heard of this? idiopathic hypercalciuria… I spill calcium in my urine which depletes my bone stores. I am 47 with a t score of -2.6 in my back. The treatment is thiazide but my blood pressure is too low/normal for this. What to do??
    I eat a very good diet with low sodium and animal protein, lots of fresh fruits & veges.

  87. Rodi

    I took Fosomax from 2001 – 2009, not realizing that I should not have exceeded 5 years. I did change locations, but interstingly no doctor picked up on how long I had been taking Fosomax. It was not until I saw a gynocologist, who made me aware. Well, I am on my own now, taking Calcium supplements, lifting weights 2 – 3 times per week, walking my dog twice a day and doing exercises that were prescribed for the osteoperosis back in 2001.

    • Trish

      Rodi, I did`nt know that either and have also been taking Alendronate for more than 5 years, but just before Christmas I was getting heart palpations, and so went off it and now my paplations have gone after 2 months. Will not go on it again. I am not sure if I should take Calcium now or wait for 3 months and continue taking just the Magnesium I think I got this from Vivian saveourbones but can`t check it because her supplements and oxident sites are not working, I have been waiting for some weeks for them to be repaired. Andy advice on this. Trish

  88. Belinda Colvin

    Vivian, I am enjoying everything and doing my best. I did receive the main book but never received all of the other pamphlets. I don’t know if this is the right spot to address this. Thank you for looking into this. Belinda Colvin, 70966 Sunrise Drive, Edwardsburg, Michigan

    • Trish

      Belinda, I also purchased vivians advice and received the book. But I think the other information comes via the computer, the only problem is that the supplements and the oxidant pages are not working because there is supposed to be work being done on them, but that was some weeks ago. Sooooooooooooo Iam left in limbo.

    • James Gleason The same James [JIM] yes

      I quit Fosamax in February 2008, and followed your advice.I AM NOWTAKING “Bone Health take care. I am now building my bone from the center out! The amazed. The exercises are good long with your help in correct meals. Thanks Vivian. Jim

      • nancy

        what did you mean by bone health take care.

      • nora

        Would you please tell me where do you find a good calcium?

  89. Grace Robinson

    Vivian, I tried to get your survey. For some reason, I cannot get a site when the address is in the body of the e-mail. I would like to take the survey. Could you send it as an attachment?


    • Trish

      I also cannot get to the supplement and oxidant page from vivian`s emil`s I wonder if any of the other sites are working. Will now go and have a look.

  90. Harry

    Hi Vivian,
    I would suggest that Mary Taranto find other doctors, or go to a specialist for clot information. I also have had 3 blood clots in my legs & they were caused by insufficient anti-thrombin factor 5, & all 3 originated in my groin area. I’m looking for compounds that re-activates anti-clotting factors. I know of no research in this area of medicine.
    Comments please.

  91. Rosemarie

    Thanks for all of the information. I am going to use it and find the right treatment for me instead of the harmful drugs that doctors want to put you on.

  92. Gayle Everett

    Hi Vivian

    Is calcium citrate better for me than calcium carbonate. I also have rheumatoid arthritis

    • Sue W.

      I recently asked my pharmacist what the difference was between calcium citrate and calcium carbonate and she said “calcium carbonate is constipating”. I switched to calcium citrate and no more problem with that!

  93. Mary Taranto

    So far from what I have read from your information to me on email is that among one of the side effects of the Biophospates in all of the drugs given for osteoporosis are blood clots. Of all the literature I have read, that was not included in any of them. Two of my Doctors had not hear of that either. Digestive disorders, rashes, headaches to name a few but not blood clots. Can you verify that for me so that I can print it out and give it to the Dr.because I am dead set against taking Fosamax again or the IV of Reclast even though it bypasses the digestive tract. I have had 3 blood clots of which no one has a clue as to why. I would appreciate some more detail for me if possible. Thank you. I thoroughly enjoy your website.
    Mary Taranto

  94. Beverley Barrett

    Vivian you are my lifesaver. I won’t know results for a year but I am very happy with the knowledge you have shared with me through your program. I am choosing my foods very carefully and feel great with my more alkaline less acidic results. I am eating the same healthy foods that I did before, but now I am combining them in the balanced way. Your suggestions are is easy to follow and the wisdom you give are worth the price of your program. I appreciate the knowledge to take control myself using my foods only, and I know that I cannot tolerate the drugs offered by my doctor. Your solution is perfect for me. Thank-you, Vivian, for being there for me. I truly appreciate the natural approach.

  95. Ed Penner

    I don’t have osteoporosis, but I have some degenerative discs in my back so I can’t work anymore. I was on celebrex but now I only take glucosamine and condroiten with Msm plus tylenol 3. I live on the northern west coast so the cold rainy weather bothers me a bit in winter, but I prefer to stay off the chemical drugs. I find a lot of inspiration in your posts thanks Ed

  96. Marva Traxler

    Dear Vivian,
    Because of my curviture of the spine, I am getting so if I walk any distance at all, I have such a hard time breathing. I try to exercise regularly. Do you think there is any hope for me even doing natural. I don’t take any prescription drugs. I just take calcium and magnesium(balanced). and vitamins.
    I took that reclaspt the doctor ordered and didn’t know until after I took it, the nurse said there was 17% chemotherepy in it.I’ll never take it again. I haven’t felt real good for a long time since I took, and feel that is the reason. I tried to order your book one day, but I never got it, but I didn’t get charged for it either..

  97. Claudia Willams

    I find it very interesting that countries with a low Ca+ diet have a lower incidence of osteoporosis. Does too much Ca+ block Magnesium? Do dairy product raise pH and,therefore,Ca+ in our bones?

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA


      The correct ca/mg ratio is 2:1. Dairy products lower the pH (the lower the number the more acidic the pH).

  98. Pauline

    Have you heard of AlgaeCal for Osteoporosis?

    I am trying to decide on taking this or not.

    What is your opinion……


    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Yes, AlgaeCal is an excellent source of organic calcium. I recommend it.

      • nora

        Where can I buy it? Please, I need a good resource of calcium.

  99. Elaine

    I have tried the osteoporosis “pills” plus the nasal spray and had side effects from all. I wasn’t on any of them for very long. The Reclast was not recommended because of all the bad side effects from it. So I was given the advice of just “loading” up on the special vitamins etc. My problem is I am also gluten intolerent so I have to watch the ingredients in everything. I have your program and appreciate the e-mails. Hoping for improvement.

    • Suzanne Cranston

      Elaine- my husband is also gluten intolerant- huge issue- if you go to the health food store for your vitamins and supplements, you’ll find a bunch that are aware of the allergy issues and list all the “inactive” ingredients, and pride themselves on being free of gluten, corn, soy, yeast, etc….

  100. jeanne arden

    dear vivian- I am taking vitaminB complex100 which is 100mgs of the Bvitamins. should I start muyself on the ind,B vitamins—B12 and B3? an answer would b e it that I am no taking pills anymore. Jeanne

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