3 Secrets To Making Your Bone Health Changes Effortless And Everlasting - Save Our Bones

Eight years ago, when I began following my own natural bone building protocol which would later becomes the Osteoporosis Reversal Program, I had to change several old habits. I quickly realized that even small changes required more than just dedication.

I decided to delve into the science of habits to discover techniques that would help make these changes effortless and permanent. That’s when I discovered three techniques that must be followed if we want to implement changes easily and in a lasting way.

So if you’re skeptical of your ability to make lifestyle changes that will lead to healthier bones, I have good news for you today: you can rise to the occasion and form new, bone-healthy habits that will last a lifetime! It’s just a matter of knowing and applying the three techniques I’m about share with you.

The Science Of Learning New Habits

In a fascinating study, which involved 96 participants, scientists discovered something that flies in the face of conventional wisdom. Their research showed that integrating a new habit into a person’s daily life, whether easy or difficult, took between 18 and 254 days – an average of 66 days.1 That dispels the misconception that positive personal change is impossible.

So be patient with yourself if you don’t see your new habit becoming automatic in just a few weeks. It may take a bit longer, and that’s okay. The study notes that:

“Performing the behaviour more consistently was associated with better model fit,”1

Yet they also observed that:

“Missing one opportunity to perform the behaviour did not materially affect the habit formation process.”1

In other words, persistence is vital for success, but missing the mark once in a while won’t completely derail your efforts. Don’t give up just because you missed one of your exercise days, for example, or ate mostly acidifying foods one day. Just try again, and the majority of the time you’ll be performing your desired behavior.

Let’s talk some more about how you can succeed in making positive changes.

Three Steps To Habit Formation

Here are three key mindsets to help you form new habits and keep them long-term.

Secret #1: You Must Desire It

If you don’t have a true desire to make beneficial changes to your behavior, doubts and discouragements will creep in and derail your efforts.

Here’s the bottom line: if you want to see results, you need to develop a basic desire to improve. To do this, first determine why you want to form the new habit. If you don’t even know why you’re doing something, you’ll lose motivation.

The Osteoporosis Reversal Program is designed to inspire you with scientific knowledge and information, so you know exactly why improving your bone health without drugs is so important. If you’re confident that your choices are founded on scientific facts, it’s much easier to remain firm in your desire to change.

Secret #2: Know The Consequences Of Resisting Change

If you feel like giving up, remind yourself of the consequences of not following through with your intended change. For example, it may seem like too much trouble to follow the 80/20 plan (80% alkalizing foods, 20% acidifying) and to include as many Foundation Foods as possible. So you feel like giving up and just eating whatever.

Of course, it’s okay to ‘cheat’ every once in a while, but when it comes to every day habits, stop and think for a moment of the consequences of giving up.

If you choose to forego the nutritional way to better bone health, the only other options are to do nothing or take osteoporosis drugs. Doing nothing means you’re just going to stay on the downward spiral toward unhealthy bones, and as for osteoporosis drugs, there are all kinds of reasons to shun these toxic substances.

Simply remind yourself of just what will happen if you don’t choose the “road less traveled.” You’ll end up on the conventional road, which leads to poor health and the risk of dangerous drug side effects.

Secret #3: Find A Positive Image To Move Toward

When you’re determined to change certain habits, you have to create a positive image of yourself in the future as a healthy and successful at achieving optimal bone health.

This is how it works. Visualize the outcome you desire, and make it as concrete and clear as possible.

For example, you might visualize yourself going to the doctor and getting a DXA scan, and the doctor coming into the room to announce better scores. Or you might develop an image of you doing bone density exercises and feeling more energized, and then enjoying your favorite activity with this newfound energy.

You can even visualize your bones getting stronger, more flexible, and denser as you eat the right foods with Foundation Supplements to nourish your bones. These are just a few examples of many.

Then summarize your vision in a few sentences or words that you can post around your home or office to remind you of what you’re working for. You might write, “Better bone scan results” or “energy to enjoy grandkids.” A photograph or picture that typifies your vision can add even more motivation.

A strong positive vision is crucial for sticking with these daily changes long enough for them to become permanent habits.
In other words, forming new habits really comes down to implementing and repeating small changes every day.

A Small Effort Now Will Reap Big Dividends In The Future

When you consider that these small changes stay with you for the rest of your life, learning new habits is a pretty small investment for such a great return.

And here’s something really inspiring: as you form these bone-healthy habits, you’re taking control of your own health. This is one of the main reasons why I am so passionate about researching natural ways to fight osteoporosis – I love sharing information that frees you from being held captive by Big Pharma and the Medical Establishment.

So remember, you are the expert on your own health, and you have the power to form habits that will lead to strong bones for the rest of your life. Now that’s inspiring!

Till next time,

1 Lally, Philippa, et al. “How are habits formed: Modelling habit formation in the real world.” European Journal of Social Psychology. October 2010. Vol. 40, issue 6, pp 998-1009. Web. https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1002/ejsp.674/abstract

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  8. Marlene Villar

    Good morning Vivian,
    An excellent information and reminder to all of us.
    Thank you very much Vivian for sharing always an
    encouraging e-mails as well as from others. I truly
    appreciate your desire and effort to help and to reach
    out to all of us, especially equipping us with knowledge
    but it is up to us to make those changes.
    Have a wonderful day and take care always.

  9. Virginia

    Over the week-end I ordered your book and look forward to receiving it. The dentist saw my bone loss from my xrays. My doctor has scheduled a bone density scan but the first day available is 9/25 so I have over a month to wait for it. I tried to order the TrueOsteo calcium that you recommended. Their 800 number isn’t working and hasn’t been working from at least Saturday, 8/16. I’ve looked to see if there was something else available and there is AlgaeCal. Is it equally as good? I haven’t tried to call them. I wanted to know of your recommendation first. I can order the TrueOsteo on line but it made me feel uncomfortable when their telephone number wasn’t working. I wanted to be sure they would cover their money back guarantee since it will be a few days over the 30 day period for their guarantee. As long as it works, there is no problem, but I’m so new to this, I don’t know what is good advise and good products and what isn’t. There is soooo much material out there on bones and not all of it is accurate.
    Thank you,

  10. Elize Barkhuizen

    After I have been following the “Save our bones” program for a year my T scores are better. I am sooooo happy. I went from osteoporosis back to osteopenia. I will never stop with this program. Thank you very much for your regular posts. I do not believe in medication, rather doing the right things and eat healthy food.


  11. arthur

    Do I recall correctly, that you said eating
    prunes will help build bones

    Thank you for your outstanding teaching

  12. Pip

    Vivian your exercise program is great.
    But avoiding dairy is flawed.
    I have consulted a prominent nutritionist here in Australia and she says ” your body will pull calcium and other minerals to maintain blood pH. To prevent this, eating more plant food is crucial as it supplies the nutrients and alkalising effect…..hence if you eat meat you need to balance with lots of plant food.
    Dairy foods are an important source of calcium in our diets and while you can live without it, and some have to for allergy reasons, for most of us they are excellent foods. The research for dairy is strong although there are also genetic differences.
    I don’t subscribe to an anti-dairy perspective.”

  13. ELSIE

    Thank you so much for your eay exercie forbone health, I am doing and following now the walking on my hands and feet/toes walking from one room to the living room and and hallway and back , going backaeards , did not measure, but as long as tolerable, when tired I stopped. Also the one butt almost agains the wall and feet straight and opening to V position, just easy to do. I have just have my birthday Aug 3rd, 76 years young no priscription whatsoever, only supplements and following your program, I am AIM Companies distributor, makers of Barley Life, Just Carrots and Redibeets, I use their products for my supplements, I am also a Young Living Essential Oils , Distributor so I Therapeutic Oils for all my health uses, esp the Raindrop Technique Oils, for the spine from the atlas to the cocyx rubbing lightly or massaging softly, Almost a vegetarian, eat just eggs, and Alaskan WiId sockeye salmon and butter from organic and pasture green feed cow, no cheese. Thanks for the important info from you can add to my lifestyle living to have a healthy, strong and vibrant life. Also I have a ZAAZ 20K for my home exercise Whole body vibration and I am planning to get an Elliptical exercise if it wiil help the spine since the spine and the pelvic bone and the legs holds the body. Again thanks so much.

  14. George

    Thank you for being faithful and sending us updates on how to stay healthy etc. I am a stroke victim and doing exercise for me is almost out of the question. All of your challenges have encouraged me to keep working on staying on track. You are a jewel.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Thank you for your kind words, George! It warms my heart to know you have found encouragement in these weekly challenges. I wish you well on your road to recovery!

  15. Customer Support

    Just a friendly reminder to those who have questions on topics other than those covered in the blog post – feel free to use our handy and effective Search feature to find Vivian’s articles on a given topic. Simply type in your subject of interest – for example, “yogurt” or “calcium” – and you’ll immediately see a list of all the posts Vivian has written on that topic. 🙂

  16. jackie

    Thank you so much for all this information Vivian. It’s so comforting to know osteoporosis is reversible.
    Can you neutralize an acid food with vegetables? For example I eat 3 boiled eggs for breakfast with 1 cup of steamed spinach, broccoli, brussel sprouts, chard, kale. and I have a slice of homemade rye bread toast. I hope this is ok. Thanks.

  17. Pam

    Hi Vivian,
    I too really appreciate all your messages. I’ve been following your program for awhile. Have had a few “good” falls – skiing, riding my bicycle etc – and have had no trouble. Would you re post your recipe for the natural sunscreen. I can’t find it and I fry if I’m in the sun too long without something. I don’t turn red until I’m out of the sun for several hours so I can’t even tell when I’m burning. Thank you for all you do and pass on to all of us.

  18. Grace Daniel -Kalio

    Thank you so much for secret number one
    I think that the most important factor. Knowing that we must desire to do something positive to help us live longer and healthier. Thanks a million

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      I agree, Grace – the first step is very important! If you don’t truly desire to make a change, then the next 2 steps aren’t as effective. 🙂

  19. marjorie mize

    i really enjoy reading your informations about save bones i learn better and take care of my healthy bone oh yeah it is not easy but we must overcome negative i can eat anything i want but i must watch my weight make sure i eat the right foods but i can eat anything like the vegetable, dairy, and meat and fishes as i cook all balances to keep up building the supportive bone as long as i can i love your program that keep informations i realize how marvelous all of you work on researching and find out many answers we all who have the problem with bones must try our best to nuturiate our bones bones are so happy thank you alot bunches oxxo

  20. Connie

    I so appreciate your weekly contact and guidance! I do spread the word about your program. I think secret #4 could be, *gather encouragement from someone who knows and cares very much*. Please explain again, sometime, why canned vegetables are acidifying. I am a teacher and used to love to pop a small can of veg to eat while I worked at my desk at lunch.

  21. Marissa

    So True !!!
    Thank you so much Vivian for giving us practical suggestions to clarify our intent.
    Actions will naturally follow through.
    May our journey to have stronger bones be filled with inspiration, happiness and excitement.
    Blessings to All XO

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      You’re welcome, Marissa! And you’re so right about actions naturally following a positive mindset. 🙂

  22. Jane

    Thanks Vivian! Your words of wisdom are just what I need at the moment to kick-start me into action – I’ve been putting off exercising until ‘tomorrow’ but I know I must start TODAY. I’m very lucky to have found your site – your emails are always helpful.

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Good for you, Jane! I am so glad you’re inspired and ready to take your health into your own hands. 🙂 Have a great week full of “todays”!

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