9 Easy Tricks To Drink More Water... And Nourish Your Bones - Save Our Bones

It’s surprisingly easy to become dehydrated, especially during cold weather when you don’t feel thirsty. And you may not realize that dehydration actually damages your bones. Plus it can also make you feel tired, give you headaches, heart palpitations, and more.

To stay properly hydrated, you need to drink water before you feel thirsty.

Today’s nine tricks will help remind you to give your bones and your body the necessary hydration. You'll be surprised at how easy and super-effective they are!

Drinking Enough Water Prevents Bone Loss

All cellular functions, including bone remodeling, require water. Without adequate water, the body goes into a state of dehydration, and the worst part is that you may not even realize it. In response to the stress caused by dehydration, the endocrine system produces cortisol and other stress hormones, which accelerate bone loss.

What Kind Of Water Should You Drink?

As Savers know, fluoridated water is terrible for bones. Distilled water is not only fluoride-free; it’s the purest and cleanest water you can find.

There is a widely-held misconception that distilled water leaches minerals from the bones, but it’s not so. In fact, in addition to helping create an alkaline environment in the body (even though distilled water has a slightly acidic pH), distilled water helps transport organic minerals and vitamins into your cells where they belong. As I write in the Osteoporosis Hydration Protocol, the report on water included with your order of the Osteoporosis Reversal Program:

“When you consume excessive amounts of inorganic minerals from the water you drink, your body cannot rid itself of them fast enough, so they end up as unwelcome deposits scattered throughout your body. In fact, scientific studies have shown that minerals contained in spring water, mineral water, and in tap water are poorly absorbed and mostly rejected by cellular tissue sites. That’s because usable minerals do not pass through cell walls; they must be actively transported by the body’s metabolic processes.”

I recommend adding a few drops of fresh lemon juice to water, because “distilled water with lemon juice cleanses your body of acidic residue and because of its negative electrical charge drags out toxins via the urine.” (The Osteoporosis Reversal Program)

So it’s clear that to build healthy bones, you must have adequate water, and it must be pure, clean, and fluoride-free.

Now as you follow these easy tips, you’ll hopefully make a habit of staying well hydrated, so let’s get started!

1. Set Reminders That Work For You

Place sticky notes in strategic areas where you spend most of your time during the day. Here are more ideas:

  • Set your cell phone to chime at intervals to remind you to grab a drink.
  • Use your computer’s electronic sticky notes on your desktop.
  • If you have an online calendar or schedule reminder, set it to provide reminders throughout the day.

2. Add A Hint Of Flavor

I love adding a little flavor variety to my water now and then. I infuse it with sliced fruits and vegetables and whole herbs. The basic idea is to put these food items into a pitcher of water, and then refrigerate it. I use a glass pitcher, but you can also do this with individual glasses of water.

Here are some delicious flavor combinations:

  • Lemon, cucumber, and mint
  • Strawberry and basil
  • Watermelon, cantaloupe, and strawberry
  • Kiwi and pineapple
  • Raspberry and blueberry
  • Orange, lemon, and grapefruit

You can also make ice cubes with these flavor kicks.

3. Make Your Own Bone-Healthy Sodas

There’s no doubt that sodas and soft drinks are bad for your bones. First of all, dark-colored colas are full of phosphoric acid, which literally eats your bones away. No matter what flavor or color they are, all sodas contain sugar or artificial sweeteners, both of which are very acidifying. Not to mention the artificial flavors and colors…

So why not make your own homemade sodas?

4. Drink Before Meals

Sipping water throughout the day (rather than taking in large amounts infrequently) is a good habit to get into, but so is drinking a full glass before a meal. Not only does this help you digest better and prevent overeating, it’s also a handy way to remember to drink more water – you’re simply adding a habit to something you already do regularly (eat meals).

5. Keep Water Next To Your Bed

Keeping water by your bed at night means you’ll have a ready source of water so you can hydrate if you wake up during the night.

6. Eat Lots Of Water-Rich Fruits And Vegetables

Some foods are one of the best sources of pure water. The list below shows foods that have the highest water content, and all but one of them are alkalizing Foundation Foods in the Osteoporosis Reversal Program.

7. Have Plenty Of Soup

If you love soup as much as I do, you’ll be glad to have another reason to have more of it. Soup is very nourishing and hydrating, and it’s easy to make delicious soups that are alkalizing to help your bones stray strong and resilient.

To make it simpler for you, Bone Appétit, the companion cookbook to the Osteoporosis Reversal Program, features no fewer than 26 soup recipes, many of them 100% alkalizing.

8. Keep Water Nearby During Workouts…And Far Away When You’re Sitting Still

It’s important to make sure you stay hydrated during exercise. That’s why when I practice the bone-building exercises in Densercise, I keep a glass of distilled water close by. That way I can stay hydrated without interrupting my workout.

But there’s a time when I keep my water far away from me, though. When I am sitting at my computer working, I make a point of keeping my glass of water in another room. This forces me to stand up and move periodically, and I take the opportunity to stretch and do a few exercises on my way to get a drink.

If you work outside the home, you can keep a container of water in the office break room, or make periodic trips to the water cooler.

9. Make Sure You Have An Ample Supply Of Water At Home

Nothing will sabotage your water-drinking efforts like not having enough fluoride-free bone-healthy water on hand.

Staying hydrated is crucial to your bone health. And now you have many ways to help your bones get the water they need to stay strong and fracture-free.

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  1. Vincent

    Dear Vivian:

    Can I replace the morning lemon juice and water with sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) and water; and, how much should I use for 8oz (I would think a small pinch would be plenty)? And a tip: To prevent a sore throat water distillers should be washed out daily since there is no chlorene to kill the bugs. Thank you for making this information available! You have contributed to the health of the country and lowered health costs.

  2. Ralph

    Seeing people carring water everywhere they go is extremly amusing to me and to see the water piled rafter high in the stores is alarming. The trash from bottled water is also alarming and a terrible waste. Water from the tap in most communities is safe and contains few contaminates, I don’t drink water much during the day even playing golf in summer. My family is after me to drink more water or I will get dehidrated. and shorten my life. They may be right but my wife who is 89 is a good example of a water drinker but not in access. I just had my semi annual health exam and every thing was normal except my colestral was low, I drink about 3 glasses or less a day. She feeds me a balanced diet and we do play golf and ball room dance a couple of times a month. I will be 91 my next birthday. How much water should I be drinking to be healthy and lengthen my life to a dear old age ?

  3. Dee

    Hi Vivian, Good information as always. I enjoy cucumber and lemon and I will try pineapple and kiwi. However I am still cold and need a hot drink. Any suggestions?

    • Andha

      Be careful tikang medical advice from Yahoo Answers.Some of the answers to your last question were bizarre, especially the one about masturbation causing torsion of the testis.One testis larger than the other may be a result of mumps, but you should seek proper medical advice about this in your case.Sperm count tests involve examining a fresh semen sample. They are not expensive as tests go, but obviously require some privacy to produce. Talk to your doctor about this.

  4. Linda

    I agree hydration is good for bone and overall health. However, distilled water can flush out toxins but it can also flush out minerals such as potassium, calcium and magnesium. The rapid loss of these minerals can cause heartbeat irregularities and high blood pressure. Distilled water can be used for detoxification but should not be used as everyday drinking water.

  5. shirley


    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      You are welcome, Shirley! I do not have a particular brand of distilled bottled water that I recommend, but I do suggest buying distilled water in BPA-free plastic containers. 🙂

      • Carolyn

        I have been drinking distilled water for about a month now at your recommendation. But reading about the acidity and other effects of drinking distilled water on a daily basis, I am wondering what’s right.

        This article is titled, “Early Death Comes From Drinking Distilled Water” YIKES!


  6. Maureen grant

    I have a rainwater tank (metal) and I purify it with “Aqua.sil” http://www.reachforlife.com.au (Hydrogen Peroxide and Complex Silver Ions) recommends 1 to 2 ml per litre.

  7. Barbara Grant

    Where I live, lemons get very expensive, especially at certain times of the year. I do buy fresh lemons, and in fact begin every day with a mug of hot water and the juice of half a lemon. But I also buy bottles of organic lemon juice, and wonder whether this is just as good for me as fresh lemon juice.

  8. shula

    Thanks for the fruit-ideas

  9. Leslie Fearing

    Regarding sodas, what about the Zevia brand? They are sweetened entirely with Stevia and the dark sodas do not contain phosphoric acid, just citric acid and tartaric acid. Might be a good recommendation for the article. Thanks for all the great information you share!

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Yes, I have heard of Zevia, Leslie! The dark sodas do contain caramel color, but the clear ones do not. 🙂

  10. Leslie (Ms. L. Carmel)

    Hi! Vivian,

    As Always, You Give Us Wonderful Information On How To Save Our Bones! And This Article Is No Exception!
    Thank You Very Much For All You Do For All Of Us.


  11. Linda

    A friend once told me “Every time you pee, drink a glass of water.”

  12. Joyce M

    Where do I find answers to prior questions asked here and on the “ASK VIVIAN’ sessions?? Do you have an Archive File to access this information??

    • Customer Support

      Joyce, the best way to locate answers to specific questions and such is to do a key word search. Just type it in to the Search box at the top of the page. 🙂

  13. Shirley

    My husband is not convinced he should drink disstilled water, but he is very thoughtful to make sure I don,t run uot of it. Also he buys Almond milk when I need it. I don’t have to remind him. He;s the main shpper because I don’t drive.



  15. Evelyn Levine


    I drink the alkaline balanced water Evamor. Is that OK for my bones are do I need to change?

  16. Nancy

    Reverse osmosis removes flouride and carrying those heavy cases of water to the car are good weight bearing excerise!

    • Ana


  17. Lynda

    Thanks for more ideas! What about apples and oranges? I eat a apple and a orange everyday. I eat a orange or juice it , instead of the store bought product. Because all labels on all juices have too much sugar added. Low sodium V8 is also great when your on the go and not at home to make it fresh I think packing your lunch before work with fruits and veggies etc, helps you when all the office ladies are going to local fast food places for lunch. Healthy choices, Better Health, Better LIFE!!!

  18. Rebeca

    Does reverse osmosis get rid of fluoride and other chemicals in the water? Is it ok to drink the water?

  19. Trudy

    Unfortunately, the water we drink in Australia, and we drink a lot because of our heat, contains fluoride – everywhere, at school, water fountains, taps etc. The authorities/doctors/dentists here are convinced that fluoride is good for your teeth, prevents cavities, therefore they don’t listen to reason and the latest research. We always lag at least 10 years behind the ‘real world’/research. By the time they realize, it will be too late to undo the damage. Where can I buy distilled water? I always add lemon to my (tap) water in the morning to cleanse my body, but obviously that is not enough being tap water. Pls. advise!

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Trudy, if you prefer not to distill your own water, a good compromise is to purchase distilled water in BPA-free plastic jugs. 🙂

    • Pearl

      Can you get a rainwater tank Trudy.
      I have rainwater, the tank is used just for drinking water & cooking, tastes much better than the scheme.
      There is a movement getting going in W.A. to try to get the flouride banned here, I’m hoping they succeed, if your in another state, search around & see if anyone is trying to do anything about it, then you can help, even if it’s only to sign petitions & get it shared around so more sign it.
      The only distilled water I know of to buy is the stuff you get at woolies & coles in the laundry section, you use for steam irons & things, but it comes in plastic bottles, which puts me right off that, I try to avoid plastic, don’t like stuff thats been sitting around in plastic.

  20. Christine

    I live in the UK where distilled water is only sold in garages and I wouldn’t want to drink it from that source. My kitchen is very small so a home water distiller is out of the question. However, I drink bottled spring water with added lemon juice. I bought your book “Save our Bones” and follow it as closely as I can and, with drinking spring water,
    my recent dexa scan showed a reduction in my osteoporosis. I would really like to reverse it altogether. Incidentally, love your new exercise and have been doing it since receiving the instructions. Thanks Vivian.

    • a

      you can get distilled water from a chemist

  21. L.D.

    Great ideas, I’m sending them along to my friends and family. Some already have the Save our Bones program and especially those who dont will benefit by this information… Thanks so much Vivian!!!!

  22. Yuleen Jacobson

    Thank you for al the wonderful information we receive. I would like to know if drinking boiled water is beneficial or should I filter the water to remove the fluoride?

    • Vivian Goldschmidt, MA

      Boiling does not get rid of fluoride or other chemicals, Yuleen! Distillation and reverse osmosis are the best reliable way to get rid of fluoride. 🙂

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