Calcium And Osteoporosis

Q:  I am interested in your answers on calcium.  I've had back trouble for several years and just had my 3rd back surgery.  After my bone density test, my doctor … Continue Reading →

Not All Doctors Are Created Equal

Q:  I appreciate your desire to help others with osteoporosis and the spectrum of bone loss. It is such an important issue! My question is, why do you have to … Continue Reading →

Milk And Osteoporosis

Q:  I really disagree that milk is acidic. Perhaps other dairy products are but not milk unless it is going bad.  Usually it is very close to neutral and my … Continue Reading →

How Much Sunshine Is Needed For Your Bones?

Q: Regarding sunshine and vitamin D... just how much skin needs to be exposed in the 20 minutes a week for the sun’s rays to give you the amount of vitamin … Continue Reading →

The Difference Between Osteoporosis And Osteoarthritis

Q:  It is actually osteoarthritis that I have been diagnosed in the lumbar spine area. What's the difference between osteoporosis and osteoarthritis? A:  Osteoarthritis is an inflammatory and painful condition … Continue Reading →

What's The Proper Calcium Balance?

Q:  I came across a web site where they suggest 1 part calcium to 1.2 parts magnesium (250 mg calcuim - 300 mg magnesium) do you agree with this? A: … Continue Reading →

Is Organic Really Better?

Q:  Speaking of organic, is it really, truly better than ordinary? If so, then why? I'm so cynical these days, I don't know what to think. A: Organic foods are "better" … Continue Reading →

Osteopenia And Hormone Replacement Therapy

Q:  I am 60 and past menopause and did not do the HRT.   You have never mentioned Hormone balancing.  I have an alternative medicine MD that I can visit regarding … Continue Reading →

Is Didrocal The Same As Fosamax?

Q:  I was a user of Fosamax for about three years but I hated taking it and now I'm sure I will not continue using this product. Do you know … Continue Reading →

What About Ipriflavone As Part Of An Osteoporosis Diet?

Q:  I have bought and read your book and found it to be most helpful. Do you think just by changing diet and taking no supplements I can halt or … Continue Reading →

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